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Unit Reading V
Vocabulary Grammar
Introduction Countable/uncountable nouns
Describing quantities
Parts of speech
p 4-5 Confusing words
1 Fame & Fortune Reach for the Stars! Fame-related words Present Simple and Present Continuous
All you need is love Word formation Stative verbs
p 6-15 Phrasal verbs Direct and indirect objects

2 History Portrait of a journalist History-related words Past Simple and Past Continuous
Skara Brae – A window on the past Collocations Used to and would
p 16-25 Prepositions Used to, get used to, be used to

Review 1 p 26-27 Vocabulary & Grammar / Solve it!

3 Leisure Active Youth Blog Leisure-related words Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect
Go with the flow on the Zambezi Word formation Continuous
Phrasal verbs Relative clauses
p 28-37 Too and enough

4 Town & Country Country life Place-related words Past Perfect Continuous
Wildlife in the city Collocations Past Perfect Simple and Past Perfect Continuous
p 38-47 Prepositions Articles

Review 2 p 48-49 Vocabulary & Grammar / Quiz time!

5 Journeys Book reviews Travel-related words Future Simple, be going to, Future Continuous
Exploring your limits Word formation Future Perfect Simple and Future Perfect
Phrasal verbs Continuous
p 50-59 Future tenses: review
6 Health & Fitness The Activity Pyramid Health-related words Modals 1: can, could, be able to, would, have to,
What’s that you’re eating? Collocations must, needn’t
Prepositions Modals 2: may, might, should, ought to
p 60-69 Modals 3: perfect forms

Review 3 p 70-71 Vocabulary & Grammar / Strange but true!

7 Planet Earth Planet Earth Quiz Space and environment- Zero, first and second conditionals
Photovoltaic energy related words Third conditional, wishes, if only
Word formation Conditionals with modal verbs
p 72-81 Phrasal verbs

8 Technology E-waste – a global problem Technology-related Gerunds and infinitives

Biomimetics words Clauses of purpose
Collocations Causative form
p 82-91 Prepositions

Review 4 p 92-93 Vocabulary & Grammar / Quiz time!

9 Training & Employment An email Job-related words Reported speech 1: statements
It’s research, but not as we know it Word building Reported speech 2: questions, commands, requests
p 94-103 Phrasal verbs Reporting verbs

10 Emergency Services The firefighters’ weekly log Emergency services and Passive: present, past & future
Hurricane Katrina: the ruin of New crime-related words Passive: gerunds, infinitives, modals
Orleans Collocations Even though, although, despite, in spite of
p 104-113 Prepositions

Review 5 p 114-115 Vocabulary & Grammar / Strange but true!

11 Music & Fashion Coco Before Chanel Music and fashion- Adjectives; Comparison of adjectives
Greek Beat related words Adverbs of manner, place, time and degree; Comparison
Word building of adverbs
p 116-125 Phrasal verbs Adjectives ending in –ing/-ed; Adjectives and infinitives

12 Mysteries Kids on the Case Mystery-related words Pronouns: reflexive, indefinite and possessive
Secrets of the sand: The Dabous Collocations Review of tenses
p 126-135 Giraffes Prepositions So, such

Review 6 p 136-137 Vocabulary & Grammar / Quiz time!

National Geographic DVD Worksheets p 138-149

Irregular verbs p 150-151
Listening Speaking Writing

Change words in bold Talk about a famous person Write about a famous person
Tick correct pictures Talking about people: describe pictures of famous people; talk about being famous Register
Multiple choice Ask and answer questions about museums Write about a museum visit
Complete notes Opening discussions, Explaining choices: discuss options for learning about history Topic sentences and supporting ideas

Number pictures Interview about hobbies and pastimes Write an interview about hobbies
Right or wrong? Speculating: describe pictures of people doing their hobbies; talk about which Editing
one appeals to you Email

Multiple matching Ask and answer questions about your area Write about places
Tick correct boxes Justifying choices: discuss options for facilities in your area Narrative tenses

Complete a table Ask and answer questions about a journey Write an interview about a journey
Multiple matching Balancing arguments: describe pictures of ways of travelling; talk about means Adjectives
of transport Email of invitation

Number issues Talk about making your lifestyle healthier Write a short text about lifestyles
Tick correct pictures Agreeing, Disagreeing, Conceding a point: discuss options for a healthier Capturing and keeping readers’ interest
lifestyle Magazine article

Tick correct boxes Talk about a country Write a fact sheet about a country
Complete notes Predicting; describe pictures of environmental problems; talk about what we Linking words and phrases 1
can do for the environment Report

Change words in Ask and answer questions about gadgets Write an advert for a gadget
bold Giving advice: discuss technology in young people’s lives Linking words and phrases 2
Tick correct boxes Email of complaint

Circle correct words Talk about careers Write about your future career
Right or wrong? Talking about work, Job titles: describe pictures showing different working Writing successful stories
conditions Story
Multiple choice Talk about pictures showing emergency situations/crimes Write a short article about an emergency
Multiple matching Giving your opinions, Presenting arguments: discuss adolescent crime situation
Who, what, where, when, how and why
Newspaper article

Number pictures Talk about clothes and accessories Write a description of you’re partner’s
Complete notes Describing people (Feelings, size, clothes and appearance): describe pictures clothes
showing people; discuss young people’s attitude to appearance
pp Expressing positive and negative ideas

Circle correct words Talk about mysteries, myths and legends Write a short story about a mystery,
Tick correct pictures Expressing preferences and opinions: discuss suitable
able mysteries myth or legend
for the school magazine Qualifiers
Email about a strange event