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High-quality switch cabinets Value Nutrition

Plant Control System

for efficient production plants.

“Our needs-based
switch cabinets and high-quality
built-in equipment enable our
customers to rely on the dependable
and long-term functioning of the
plant control system at all times.”

High-quality switch cabinets are the basis for effective High-quality cabinet systems from Rittal or Lohmeier are
and long-lasting plant control system functioning. used exclusively, as is built-in equipment available around
Bühler switch cabinets represent state-of-the-art the world from leading manufacturers such as Siemens,
technology and comply with the current standards Schneider, Wago or ABB. The built-in equipment is ins-
EN IEC 61439 (switch cabinets) and EN 60204-1 (guideli- talled according to its thermal specifications, thus exten-
nes for plants and machines). Highly qualified planners ding its lifetime. The design of the cabinets provides
develop custom switch cabinet solutions and hygienic enough space to easily accommodate optional equipment.
designs for our customers' specific requirements.

Maximum availability and efficiency

in electrical installation
The interior of the Bühler switch cabinets features a clearly The benefits at a glance
structured design and straightforward inscription of the – The highest level of quality in the cabinet and built-in
devices and the motors. Important operating elements equipment
such as motor circuit-breakers or power supply units are – Available around the world
readily accessible. They come pre-equipped with practical – Uniform system
cable entries for process cables. – Low maintenance costs
– Fewer sources of disturbances due to simple wiring
Custom switch cabinets.
For increased efficiency and operational safety.

Schneider Wago
TeSysU motor starters Intelligent I/O modules
from 0.15 – 15 kW

Profibus & Profinet Siemens

More rapid information Powerful connection
exchange between modules between
PLC and consumers PLC and hardware

Custom switch cabinet solutions with high-quality built-in equipment from leading manufacturers

Powerful TeSysU technology from Schneider the programmed control process and to the hardware.
The previously used motor contactor combination from All modules are also available at short notice and ensure
Schütz for controlling the motors has been replaced by the reliable and safe operation throughout the entire lifetime
TeSysU solution from Schneider. The motor starter is appli- of the switch cabinet.
cable for motors from 0.15 – 15  kW. This enables us to
meet our high demands regarding quality, functionality Communication via Profibus or Profinet
and dependability as well as the wants and needs of our Communication with the consumers in the switch cabinet
customers to the fullest extent. In addition, the switch cabi- is conducted via Profibus or Profinet. This allows much
nets can be more easily and efficiently produced thanks to information to be bundled and exchanged via a single
their compact design and simplified assembly. connection between PLC and the consumers. Compared
Flyer Switch cabinet en 12/15 ZACC

to Profibus, communication via Profinet enables integrati-

Intelligent input/output modules from Wago or on in a plant's local computer network, while maintaining
Siemens a higher level of performance as well as convenient data
Powerful I/O modules are an important requirement for exchange and handling. The connections are implemented
smooth communication between the PLC and the available with standard RJ45 connectors and sockets.
hardware. For sending and receiving the necessary signals,
Bühler employs intelligent modules as the connection to

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