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Defenses of Boston
Regular Army Permanent Station
38th Infantry Fort Warren
22nd Infantry Fort Jay, NY

2nd Cavalry Fort Ethan Allen, VT

7th CAC Cpy Ft. Banks, MA

9th CAC Cpy (M) Ft. Warren, MA
46th CAC Cpy Ft. Strong, ma
51st CAC Cpy Ft. Rodman, MA
83rd CAC Cpy Ft. Strong, MA
96th CAC Cpy Ft. Revere, MA
120th CAC Cpy (M) Ft. Strong, MA
141st CAC Cpy (M) Ft. Strong, MA
151st CAC Cpy Ft. Andrews, MA
152nd CAC Cpy Ft. Banks, MA
153rd CAC Cpy Ft. Andrews, MA
10th CAC Band Ft. Warren, MA

Field Hospital No. 6

Ambulance Co. No. 6
Co. D, 1st Engineer Bat.

Other Installations
-Boston Depot
-Watertown Arsenal

Massachusetts Volunteer Militia

1st Brigade
-2nd Mass Infantry Springfield
-6th Mass Infantry Concord
2nd Brigade
-5th Mass Infantry Charlestown
-8th Mass Infantry Marblehead
-9th Mass Infantry Boston
1st Cavalry Squadron
-HQ Boston
-Tp A Boston
-Tp B Boston
-Tp C Cambridge
-Tp D Boston

1st Field Artillery Battalion

-HQ Boston
-Bty A Boston
-Bty B Worcester
-BTY C Lawrence

HQ CAC Boston
Mass CAC Band Boston
1st CAC Cpy Boston
2nd CAC Cpy Boston
3rd CAC Cpy Boston
4th CAC Cpy New Bedford
5th CAC Cpy Chelsea
6th CAC Cpy Cambridge
7th CAC Cpy Boston
8th CAC Cpy Boston
9th CAC Cpy Taunton
10th CAC Cpy Brockton
11th CAC Cpy Boston
12th CAC Cpy Fall River

Field Hospital No. 1

Ambulance Co. 1
Co. 1, Signal Corps
1st Corps of Cadets Boston (4 Cpys)
2nd Corps of Cadets Salem (4 Cpys)

Defenses of Portland, Maine

1st CAC Cpy Ft. McKinley, ME
5th CAC Cpy Ft. Williams, ME
24th CAC Cpy Ft. Preble, ME
49TH CAC Cpy Ft. Williams, me
50th CAC Cpy Ft. Levett, ME
51st CAC Cpy Ft. McKinley, ME
89th CAC Cpy Ft. Williams, ME
154th CAC Cpy (M) Ft. McKinley, ME
155th CAC Cpy (M) Ft. Williams, ME
2nd CAC Band Ft. Williams, ME

Maine National Guard

Medical Det. 1 Waterville
Medical Det. 2 Norway

HQ CAC Portland
Maine CAC Band Portland
1st CAC Cpy Portland
2nd CAC Cpy Portland
3rd CAC Cpy Auburn
4th CAC Cpy Bath
5th CAC Cpy Portland
6th CAC Cpy Sanford
7th CAC Cpy Biddeford
8th CAC Cpy Lewiston
9th CAC Cpy Lewiston
10th CAC Cpy Brockton
12th CAC Cpy Westbrook

2nd Maine Infantry Houlton

Regular Army
156th CAC Cpy (M) Ft. Constitution, NH
Gen. Royal T. Frank

Medical Det. 1 Concord
Medical Det. 2 Manchester
Co. A, Signal Corps Milford
Troop A, NH Cavalry Peterborough

NH CAC HQ Portsmouth
1st CAC Cpy Portsmouth
2nd CAC Cpy Laconia
3rd CAC Cpy Exeter
4th CAC Cpy Dover

1st NH Infantry Concord

Vermont National Guard

1st VT Infantry
1st VT Cavalry Sqd (Four troops)

Medical Det. No. 1

Defenses of Rhode Island

Regular Army
14th CAC CPY (M) Ft. Greble
97th CAC CPY Ft. Adams
102nd CAC CPY Ft. Adams
109th CAC CPY Ft. greble
110th CAC CPY Ft. Greble
117th CAC CPY Ft. Adams
129th CAC CPY FT. Adams
113th CAC CPY Ft. Adams

Rhode Island National Guard

1st RI Cavalry (3 Troops)

Light Battery A (Field Artillery)

1-17th CAC CPY

Medical Det. 1

Rhode Island Volunteers

1st Rhode Island Light Infantry (4 Companies)
Kentish Guards

Newport Artillery Company (1 battery)

United Train of Artillery (Two batteries)
Bristol Train of Artillery (3 batteries)
Kentish Artillery (1 battery)
Warren Artillery (1 battery)
Connecticut National Guard
1st CT Infantry
2nd CT Infantry
1st Seperate CT Infantry Company (Colored)

Troop A, (1st Governor�s Horse Guard)

Troop B, (2nd Governor�s Horse Guard)
Troop C, (Mounted Infantry)*

Battery A, Field Artillery

1st, 3rd-14th CAC Cpy

Field Hospital No. 1

Ambulance Co. No. 1
1st Co., Signal Corps

1st Ohio Field Artillery Battalion (4B)

6th Ohio Infantry
9th Ohio Seperate Infantry Battalion (Colored)
1st Ohio Ambulance Company
Richmond Light Infantry Blues Battalion
2nd Virginia Infantry
1st Virginia Field Artillery Battalion (3b)
3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry Squadron (4T)
Pennsylvania Corps of Engineers (2Cpy)

2nd Pennsylvania Brigade

-10th PA Infantry
-16th PA Infantry
-18th PA Infantry

Troop A, Maryland Cavalry

5th Maryland Infantry
First Separate Company of Maryland Infantry (colored)