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General question to ask :

a. What is the rating 60 hz or 50 hz.

b. Power of burner
c. Size
d. Flame length
e. Input gas train
f. Blower type and assembly, power:
g. Total cost
h. Outlet :
i. Digital monitoring system.
j. Warranty.

Specification you require:

1. Power output maximum: 230 KW.

2. Turn doen ratio 10:1
3. 60hz
4. Bower power output : 300 W
5. Gas burner or diesel burner or both
6. Gas train: Available basic pressure gauge and regulator for gas control. Digital control is better.
7. Workable pressure range:
8. Flame length must be 80 cm. and velocity must be approx. 60 m/s
9. Low NOX emission
10. Auto adjustable air to fuel ratio.

Companies providing Burner;

2. Baltur :
a. Burner size : Compact
b. All sizes available
c. Place : Italy
d. Contact : Saudi Arabia :Near malaz- World trading Services 055 77 0 88 61
e. Company Alka boilers: alka boiler is the agency for baltur. Sent an email regarding. the
f. 5050 SAR ------- Syed haroon: 0506478988
3. Haucks Burner :
a. Rating : 3/5
b. Burner size : 750000 availabe
c. Burner name: PBG 750 meets all the desired requirement
d. Place: Canada.
e. Quoted : 8000 dollars (approx. )
4. Eclipse Company :
a. Therm air burner : maxon 408 model
b. Capacity : 880,000 Btu/hr.
5. Balicituari :
a. Quoted: NBFN burner package with 6700 Euro (28700 SAR) burner package with
thermocouple and electrical component.

6. Selas company also has burner : Pyronic burner .

Got a quote for XDF burners dual fuel. Mr. Girish from India is Selas representative. Burner
suggested is XDF16 burner. .
Details :
a. The burner is both oil and gas fired. It is modular burner, attached with a blower
b. It will come with a pressure regulator, oil pump set, oil filter, Main oil Valve, oil air ratio
c. Air pressure in OAR is 6580 pascal.
d. Another set for gas train will be there.
e. Lastly a control panel will be available. To control all the parts.
f. Plug and play.
g. Quote still awaiting.
7. Oxilon :
a. Company burner : has packaged burner
b. Quotation awaiting: Ph number L
c. 9904628455 Shiv Prasad
d. Location : India
8. Weishaupt: Mr. Tariq is sending the details for the burner probably by today.

Fans and air blower:

1. Saudi Fan Industries: 0539176052 Jai krishn.