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Page 3
Haifa-born AI wins debate
● In the debate over the virtues of dia. Both sides delivered a four-min-
artificial intelligence, get ready for the ute opening statement, a four-minute
machines to start chiming in. rebuttal, and a two-minute summary
On Monday, IBM’s new artificial in- in their arguments for each topic.
telligence system engaged in the first Project Debater delivered its open-
live public debate between a machine ing argument in support of govern-
and human debaters. It was two Is- ment-subsidized space exploration
raeli student debating champions and fetching evidence from its massive
it demonstrated a computer’s ability database, comprising mainly news
to deliver persuasive arguments on articles and journals. After listen-
complex topics in real time. ing to Ovadia’s opposing argument,
The system, named Project De- the computer delivered a rebuttal
bater, was unveiled at IBM’s Wat- speech. After closing summaries from
son West site in San Francisco. The each side, results from a snap poll
arguments were about whether showed that the majority of audience
governments should subsidize space members thought Project Debater
exploration and whether the use of enriched their knowledge more than ered at its start. ons on Jeopardy in 2011. But debat-
telemedicine should be increased. its human opponent had. So who won the debates? The crowd ing is a different form of competition,
Preparation for Project Debater The second debate, between the judged that the AI system outper- because language and persuasive-
began six years ago at IBM’s Haifa computer and Israeli debate ex- formed the human debaters in its abil- ness matter.
research lab, but Noam Slonim, an pert Dan Zafir, was about wheth- ity to use a wide range of information Project Debater’s ability to absorb
IBM researcher who created Project er we should increase the use in its arguments, but that the people massive and diverse sets of informa-
Debater, said the AI system only got of telemedicine . had the edge when it came to delivery. tion and perspectives to help people
good enough to debate people two IBM said that Project Debater had Project Debater is the latest AI in- build persuasive arguments and make
years ago. not been trained on the topics and novation from IBM, whose Deep Blue well-informed decisions is new terri-
During the first debate, the com- the debates were unscripted, except system took on chess world cham- tory for AI, IBM’s director of research,
puter was pitted against 2016 Israeli for the jokes which were added dur- pion Garry Kasparov in 1997 and Arvind Krishna, said.
national debate champion Noa Ova- ing the debates and greetings deliv- whose Watson beat human champi- ISRAEL21C.ORG

Knesset spreads Shabbat spirit

● In Israel, a day of rest is no longer and Miki Zohar of Likud, was passed
reserved for the strictly religious. unanimously on Monday.
The Knesset approved a law The two lawmakers explained
that lets employees ask for that some observe Shabbat
a day off on Shabbat — traditions such as a Friday
even if they are not night dinner without
religiously observant. observing the letter
The Work and of religious law and
Rest Hours law had should be allowed a
required employees break from work.
of any religion to Those employed
prove that they were in jobs that involve
religiously observant in public health or safety still
order to take off work for their cannot refuse to work on their

Jews separated from families during

day of rest. sabbath, whether or not they
The new legislation, proposed are observant.

the Holocaust condemn border policy

by Aliza Lavie of the Yesh Atid party JTA WIRE SERVICE

● A group representing children hidden adding that many children separated

during the Holocaust slammed the U.S. from their parents during the Holocaust
Candlelighting: Friday, June 22, 8:14 p.m. border policy of separating families still had not overcome the trauma.
seeking asylum. “Most hidden children are now in their
Shabbat ends: Saturday, June 23, 9:22 p.m.
“Separation of the family for us is late 70s, 80s, and they still think about it,
probably the worst thing that ever hap- and it still hurts, it still aches,” she said.
PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT: (USPS 275-700 ISN 0021-6747) is pub- pened to us,” said Rachelle Goldstein, The new policy dictates that every
CONTENTS lished weekly on Fridays with an additional edition every October,
by the New Jersey Jewish Media Group, 1086 Teaneck Road, who was separated from her parents migrant who crosses the United States
Teaneck, NJ 07666. Periodicals postage paid at Hackensack, NJ and in Belgium when she wasn’t even 3 border illegally will be prosecuted and
NOSHES ...............................................................4 additional offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to New
years old. detained. Since children cannot be
BRIEFLY LOCAL .............................................. 15 Jersey Jewish Media Group, 1086 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666.
ROCKLAND ......................................................16 Subscription price is $30.00 per year. Out-of-state subscriptions are Goldstein, the co-director of the Hid- prosecuted with adults, they are reclas-
COVER STORY ................................................. 18
$45.00, Foreign countries subscriptions are $75.00. den Child Foundation, and her husband, sified as unaccompanied minors and
JEWISH WORLD ............................................20 The appearance of an advertisement in The Jewish Standard does Jack, who also was separated from his taken away.
not constitute a kashrut endorsement. The publishing of a paid
OPINION ........................................................... 26 political advertisement does not constitute an endorsement of any
parents as a child, appear in a video A broad spectrum of Jewish groups
D’VAR TORAH ................................................. 31 candidate political party or political position by the newspaper or the Anti-Defamation League released have spoken out against the policy,
THE FRAZZLED HOUSEWIFE ................... 32 any employees.
on Tuesday. along with many other religious organi-
CROSSWORD PUZZLE ................................ 32 The Jewish Standard assumes no responsibility to return unsolic- “When you take a child away from zations.
ited editorial or graphic materials. All rights in letters and unsolic-
ARTS & CULTURE .......................................... 33 the parents, from the home, from ev- “It’s wrong, it’s wrong,” Goldstein
ited editorial, and graphic material will be treated as uncondition-
CALENDAR ......................................................34 ally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and subject erything that they know, they are never said. “How can this happen in the
OBITUARIES .................................................... 37 to JEWISH STANDARD’s unrestricted right to edit and to comment
the same,” Goldstein said in the video, 21st century?” JTA WIRE SERVICE
CLASSIFIEDS .................................................. 38 editorially. Nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without
written permission from the publisher. © 2018
REAL ESTATE...................................................41
“Ummm sorry David Brooks ‘religious
bisexuality’ is when you start having crushes on
girls in your religious high school at 14 but feel
too weird to say anything about it to
anyone besides your diary for like 8 years.”
A dino tale, — Forward columnist Talia Lavin writing on Twitter after New York Times
a mensch’s tale, columnist David Brooks declared himself a “religious bisexual” for embracing
and a late note both Judaism and Christianity

“Jurassic Park: co-starred in the first two the same name. I know
Fallen Kingdom” “Jurassic” pics, has a small that Shapiro’s mother
is the fourth but important cameo. The isn’t Jewish. Her father
sequel since “Jurassic script was co-written by probably is Jewish. As
Park,” the blockbuster COLIN TREVORROW, 41. with most newcomers,
1992 STEVEN SPIEL- Advance reviews are bio details are scanty,
BERG film that posited great for “Won’t You Be My and right now, I have no
that dinosaurs could be Neighbor?” a documentary idea how she identifies in
brought back from about the beloved chil- a religious/ethnic sense.
extinction by using their dren’s program host Fred “Hereditary’s” director
ancient DNA. The Rogers (1928-2003). Mr. and writer, ARI ASTER,
premise was interesting, Rogers’ children’s program a Brooklyn native, is
but what knocked began in Pittsburgh in 1954, known for going out on
everyone’s socks off as its star simultaneously Ted Levine Jeff Goldblum Colin Trevorrow the edge cinematically.
were the astonishing took theology classes at a His 2011 short fictional
computer generated spe- nearby Presbyterian semi- film, “The Strange Thing
cial effects — CGI — that nary. He was ordained in About the Johnsons,”
made the dinosaurs 1963. He always intended was about a model black
come alive on the to incorporate his religious family marred by one
big screen. training into his TV host- nasty secret: molesta-
Reviews for “Fallen” ing skills. tion was going on. The
are mixed at best, but In the Feb. 1, 2017, issue film got good reviews.
many are like this BBC of the “Canadian Jewish Still, Aster, about 30, had
review: “The plot might News” there is an article to respond to questions
be ludicrous and the CGI by MICHAEL TAUBE about about how a white, Jew-
below par, but the latest some of Mr. Rogers’ Jewish ish guy could write and
dinosaur blockbuster is connections. Summarized, direct such a film. He re-
good old-fashioned sum- here, are three of the big- plied that race had little
mer entertainment.” gest. Taube’s article was Alex Wolff Lindsay Mendez Justin Peck to do with the story.
As the last sequel prompted by an award
ended, the island theme (“Pursuer of Peace”) given and even spins a dreidel. listings or make a mental her daughter’s family
Mea culpa
park where the dinosaurs in 2014 by Pittsburgh Con- Had I checked
(3) HEDDA SHERPAN, the note to see it when it be- begins to unravel cryptic
lived has been destroyed gregation Rodef Shalom to further, I would
granddaughter of a Ho- gins streaming.) and increasingly terrify-
and the dinosaurs fend Mr. Rogers’ widow. have found out
locaust survivor, was one I didn’t cover the June ing secrets about their
for themselves in the (1) Rogers’ book, “The that LINDSAY MENDEZ,
of his program’s longest- 8 opening of “Heredi- ancestry. As they find
jungle. As the new film Giving Box: Create a Tradi- 35, who won the Tony for
serving staff members tary.” (My column that out more about their lin-
opens, a long-dormant tion of Giving with Your featured actress in a
— she was associate week was all about eage, they try to outrun
volcano on the island Children” (2000), was musical (“Carousel”), is
director and producer. In ROSEANNE BARR.) Well, a sinister fate that seems
comes to life, threaten- inspired by the Jewish the daughter of a Jewish
October 2016, she said: “Hereditary” got great to be inherited. ALEX
ing to make dinos extinct tradition of the tzeda- mother and a Mexican-
“I had such great respect reviews and now is turn- WOLFF, 20, plays one of
again. The effort to save kah box, which promotes American non-Jewish
for [Rogers’] wisdom and ing into the mini-block- Ellen’s sons.
them is led by charac- savings and philanthropy. father. Since the Tonys, I
his commitment to serve buster of the summer Milly Shapiro plays
ters played by Chris Pratt (2) A prominent “Happy dug out that JUSTIN
children and families in an and the season’s must- Ellen’s daughter. Shap-
and Bryce Dallas How- Chanukah” banner appears PECK, 30, who won the
authentic and meaning- see thriller/horror film. iro, 18, is making her film
ard. The supporting cast early in the 1977 prime-time choreography Tony (also
ful way — so I wanted to It’s probably still playing debut. She won a special
includes TED LEVINE, special “Christmastime with for “Carousel”), has a
do my very best.” (Open- near you. Tony in 2012 for originat-
61 (“Monk”). JEFF Mr. Rogers.” Later on, Rog- Jewish father and a
ing dates vary a great Basic plot: when El- ing the role of Matilda in
GOLDBLUM, 65, who ers talks about Chanukah non-Jewish mother.
deal. Check local theater len (Toni Collette) dies, the Broadway musical of

California-based Nate Bloom can be reached at

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Independent and Assisted Living
is Waiting for you...
At the Lester Senior Housing
Community, you’ll find all the warmth
of home with hotel-style amenities,
luxurious surroundings and services
that support healthy minds and bodies.

Our residents enjoy:

• Delicious glatt kosher dining. Prepared
under the Supervision of the Vaad
HaRabonim of MetroWest NJ

• Cultural, social and educational programs

including: Engaging social events with
musical entertainment, yoga and zumba
classes, stimulating lectures, balance and
mindfulness guided imagery relaxation
techniques, and much more.

• On-site medical/health care/rehabilitative


We also offer supportive, individualized dementia care

in our beautiful, intimate Memory Care Suite.

Memory Care Suite Open House

Sunday, June 24, (12:00-4:00 p.m.)
Come meet our wonderful caring staff and enjoy some light refreshments,
as you tour our beautiful assisted living community and Memory Care Suite.
For more information contact David Rozen at 973-929-2725

The Lester Senior Housing Community

903-905 Route 10 East, Whippany, NJ • 973-929-2725
All Faiths and Beliefs Welcome
Owned and Managed by the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey


A federal case
Justice department joins Chabad zoning fight against Woodcliff Lake
LARRY YUDELSON required within our Borough borders.”

“We are confident that both Valley
alley Chabad in Woodcliff Lake, Chabad as well as the Justice Department
which just celebrated its 18th will conclude that the evidence supports
anniversary, has been trying non-discriminatory actions of the Bor-
to expand for years. After its ough and the Zoning Board,” the email
request for a zoning variance was voted concluded.
down in 2016, it filed suit against the Bor- For its part, however, the Justice
ough of Woodcliff Lake. The case, in federal Department has, in its filing, already
court, has been proceeding slowly. The two reached a conclusion.
sides are now in the discovery process. Its suit alleges that Woodcliff Lake has
Now, that legal battle has been joined by “prevented Valley Chabad from purchas-
a higher authority. ing alternative sites in the Borough over
Last week, the Justice Department an eight-year period, and then denied
announced that it had filed its own suit Valley Chabad’s efforts to expand on its
against the Borough of Woodcliff Lake for current site, thus imposing a substantial
illegally blocking Chabad’s plans for growth. burden on its religious exercise,” in viola-
“We allege that over an eight-year period tion of RLUIPA.
the town stopped every effort by the group The Justice Department alleges that the
to purchase an alternative worship site, and borough has been motivated by religious
then denied it permission to expand on its animus against Chabad.
property,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions “In the early 2000s, the Valley Chabad
told the Orthodox Union Advocacy Cen- community, through conversations Attorney General Jeff Sessions tells the Orthodox Union Advocacy Center’s
ter’s Annual Leadership Mission last week, between Rabbi Drizin and a Borough offi- Annual Leadership Mission that the Justice Department will sue Woodcliff
announcing the case. The case was filed cial, became aware of concerns that its pres- Lake for denying a variance to Valley Chabad.
under the 2000 Religious Land Use and ence would transform the Borough into a
Institutionalized Persons Act. town similar to Monsey, New York,” the fed- townhomes on those properties.” requested by Valley Chabad in its vari-
Mr. Sessions told the group that he was eral suit alleges. “The Borough official asked The seller then canceled the contract, ance application do not present a threat
a senator when the law was passed. “I Rabbi Drizin for a letter that would explain the borough passed an ordinance permit- to any compelling governmental interest
remember that Congress heard testimony how Valley Chabad differed from the reli- ting townhouses, and townhouses were of the Borough.
that although Jews make up two percent gious community in Monsey.” built on the properties. “The Zoning Board did not use the
of the population, they made up more that In 2013, Valley Chabad entered a con- least restrictive means of addressing its
20 percent of all reported zoning decisions. tract to buy another property. “We are purported concerns about traffic, park-
Sadly, that has not changed much. About 15 Woodcliff Lake residents and we do ing, erosion, flooding, and other sup-
percent of our open RLUIPA investigations not want the character of the town to posed impacts when it denied Valley
involve synagogues,” he said. The Justice change,” is how one council member Chabad’s variance application.
The lawsuit, like the private suit responded to news of the planned pur- “ The Zoning B oard could have
that preceded it, alleges that Woodcliff Department chase. The council voted to acquire the approved Valley Chabad’s variance appli-
Lake repeatedly interfered with Valley alleges that the property and eventually did acquire it. cation with conditions that addressed
Chabad’s efforts to expand both by sabo- For its part, the town denies this alleged the Borough’s purported concerns about
taging efforts to buy new properties and borough has series of events. traffic, parking, erosion, flooding, and
refusing to allow zoning variances to been motivated “There is no evidence to support the other supposed impacts, but did not do
expand on its present property.. claim that Borough officials did anything to so,” the federal lawsuit alleges.
Woodcliff Lake, for its part, denies that by religious interfere in the attempts by Valley Chabad The borough attorney disagreed: “The
there is any animus against Chabad. animus against to purchase other properties,” Mr. Dario, issue before us is not one of religious dis-
“The Borough of Woodcliff Lake has in the borough’s attorney, wrote. “In fact, crimination, but is strictly a matter of build-
the past and will continue to welcome peo- Chabad. the Borough has attempted to assist Valley ing size, in that Valley Chabad continues to
ple of all faiths, including Valley Chabad,” Chabad by identifying other larger plots demand the construction of a 17,000 sq.
Ronald Dario, the town’s attorney, wrote in In 2006, according to the suit, Valley that can easily accommodate their needs. foot facility with seating for 400 plus con-
an email to the Jewish Standard. Chabad had contracted to purchase a larger For reasons unknown to the Borough, Val- gregants, on a single family home plot. The
“We have in the past and will continue property in Woodcliff Lake. Then a member ley Chabad has walked away from other Borough’s Zoning Ordinance requires a
to cooperate with any investigation into of the Borough Council raised the idea of projects and failed to entertain the idea of three acre minimum for such a facility. The
the Borough’s policies and procedures. purchasing the property through eminent building on approved locations within the proposed Chabad location is for a property
We maintain that our Borough is non- domain. Valley Chabad canceled the con- Borough, which were in conformity with of less than half the required size. The fact
discriminatory and welcoming for people tract; Woodcliff Lake acquired the property. the Borough’s land use regulations.” that the zoning application required two
of all faiths. In 2011, Valley Chabad was in negotia- However, the federal law suit contends dozen variances shows how ill suited the
“Lastly, we are saddened by the response tions with the owners of three adjacent that Chabad sought the necessary zon- property is for their proposed use.”
of the Valley Chabad in their choice to take properties. After it entered a contract ing variances to expand on their present What’s the likely impact of the federal
this action against our quiet New Jersey to purchase one of them, the lawsuit property. government joining in the law suit?
town, comprised of hard-working people contends that “the Borough expressed After several hearings, and revisions to “Usually it’s an eye-opener for the munic-
of all faiths, that welcomed them into our interest in creating a zoning overlay that their plans, their request to expand was ipality,” Eric Rassbach said. Mr. Rassbach
community. We merely requested that they would include the County Road Prop- unanimously rejected by the Zoning Board. is vice president and senior counsel at the
conform to the rules and regulations as erties and permit the development of But, the lawsuit argues, “The variances SEE FEDERAL CASE PAGE 14


In season and in Seasons.
the freshest summer produce including:

only the best for

Grandma’s Famous
c h e r r y pi e -

s h n es s
F r e


ll r
S um me



When history is in your house

Family members can trace their yichus with pride
LOIS GOLDRICH Schechter] wanted him to have it,” Mr. Rous said. He is

proud of his grandfather, and he calls the pen — and all
hat must it feel like to open a history book that it represents — “priceless.” He said he recently visited
and read about your grandfather? Or to a silversmith to have a yad inserted into the end of the
take out a book on Jewish history from the pen, which used to hold the quill. “Now I can use it to read
library and realize that it was written by Torah,” he said.
your uncle? Ms. Rous said that his grandfather’s cemetery plot is adja-
Longtime Teaneck resident Bernard Rous can tell us what cent to — possibly at the foot of — Schechter’s plot at Mount
it feels like. His grandfather, Rabbi Elias Louis Solomon, was Hebron Cemetery in Flushing, Queens. “The positioning
an early leader of the Conservative movement — he was was deliberate,” he said. “He did it out of affection.” Indeed,
ordained by Solomon Schechter at the Jewish Theological Rabbi Solomon, who remained devoted to his mentor, deliv-
Seminary in 1904 — as well as a co-founder of United Syna- ered Schechter’s eulogy when his mentor died.
gogue. His Uncle Sol, Rabbi Solomon Grayzel, headed the Rabbi Elias Solomon was born in Vilna as Eliahu Eliezer
Jewish Publication Society and was deemed an authority in ben Shlomo. He immigrated to the United States in 1888
the field of Jewish history. after sojourns in England, Cyprus, and Palestine. Before he
Mr. Rous, an accomplished Torah reader at Teaneck’s was ordained at JTS, he earned a bachelor’s degree from
Congregation Beth Sholom, said he doesn’t know if Jewish City College in New York. After ordination, he headed the
knowledge is genetic or not, “but I think if there are koha- Barnert Memorial Hebrew School in Paterson, was the
nim or levi’im or rabbis in your family tree, it will show up religious leader of Congregations Beth Mordechai in Perth
somewhere.” Amboy and Kehillath Israel in the Bronx, was
In addition to yichus, Rous has stories — and at least one associate rabbi of Kehillath Jeshurun in Man-
souvenir. He owns a filigreed silver quill pen that was pre- hattan, and finally because rabbi of Sha’arei
sented to Solomon Schechter by Dr. Yaakov Nacht on behalf Zedek on New York’s Upper West Side, where
of the Zionist Faction. Exactly what the Zionist Faction is he remained until his death. (The boundar-
remains a mystery, but ies between the newly established Conserva-
that is what was engraved tive movement and the Orthodox world were
on one side of a little knife porous then, so he was able to move between Rabbi Elias Solomon and his wife
screwed into the top of the them with ease.) Libby at their summer place in
pen, presumably to sharpen He was an early president of the United Syna- the Catskills. Inset, Bernard Rous
the quill. The other side of gogue; during his tenure the Women’s League
the quill sharpener reads and the Young People’s League were estab- “read and write a bit. It’s where I got
“‘lo b’chail, v’lo b’co’ach, lished, the United Synagogue Recorder was inspired.”
kee eem b’ruach’ — Ot zic- launched, and plans were made to build the His uncle, as it happened, “had a
aron l’ven erainu, gebor Yeshurun Synagogue in Jerusalem. He remained the organi- reputation for being irascible and short-tempered, but with
ha-ayt, chacham, v’sofer” zation’s honorary lifetime president. In addition, he served me he was the most patient person in the world. Because of
— “‘Not by might and not by as president of the JTS Alumni Association, the predecessor that, when I became bar mitzvah, it stuck with me. I learned
power but by spirit’ — A sign of the Rabbinical Assembly. how to read Torah and I still do.” Later, working with Can-
of remembrance to a son of He also held many roles on the national Jewish stage, tor Kurt Silberman at Temple Emanu-El in Englewood, he
our city, a hero of the pen, a including leadership roles with the America Pro-Falasha learned even more. His family moved to Englewood when
sage, and a writer.” Committee, the American Biblical Encyclopedia, and the he was 2, and he was raised there. His father, Arthur Rous,
“I don’t know if the Zion- Jewish Braille Society of America. was “totally secular. He rarely stepped into shul.”
ist Faction deliberately left Ms. Rous knows all this. But this also was his grandfather, But his mother, the rabbi’s daughter, was another story.
the yud off ‘b’ruchi (my the man who headed the Shabbat dinners and seders at his Dr. Grayzel, who was married to Sophie, Mr. Rous’ moth-
spirit)’ in the quote from New York home for the extended family and who — with er’s sister, also was a JTS graduate. He was born in Minsk, the
Zecharia above, but it is def- Mr. Rous’ uncles, aunts, and parents — “bought a place in youngest of 13 children. “By the time he was born, he was
initely missing,” Mr. Rous the Catskills in Tannersville, New York” (which he called already an uncle,” Mr. Rous said, adding that according to
said. “the other side of the Borscht Belt”). “Every summer, when one story, his nieces and nephew dangled their baby uncle
Mathilde Schechter pre- school was out, from June until the fall, I spent summers on their knees.
sented the pen to Elias Sol- with my grandfather and uncle.” “He was a rabbi for a short time in New Jersey,” Mr. Rous
The silver pen with omon when her husband His uncle — that’s historian Solomon Grayzel — “took a continued. “He was not a patient man and pastoral activities
a yad inserted at the died in 1915. “Mathilde shine to me, and on Shabbat afternoon, after attending shul, didn’t suit his character. He was a scholar and a historian. In
tip was presented to gave it to my grandfa- we would study and he would teach me.” They learned addition to his well-known textbook ‘A History of the Jews,’,
Solomon Schechter. ther because [Solomon Pirke Avot, and Uncle Sol also taught his young nephew to SEE HISTORY PAGE 14

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Jewish Center of Teaneck
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Monday, June 25, 2018
6:15 p.m.
Join us to celebrate

Sigi Laster Avi & Ginnine Fried

Guest of Honor Distinguished Community
Service Award Recipients
The Jewish Center of Teaneck is also celebrating
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Jewish Center of Teaneck

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This student shows creative app-titude


n the first day of the 2018
Apple Worldwide Developers
Conference in San Jose, 5,350
attendees sat down to lunch.
Exactly two of those meals were kosher
by request.
Ordering a kosher lunch wasn’t the only
way in which 18-year-old Aryeh Greenberg
of Teaneck stood out from the crowd at
WWDC, held from June 4 to 8. He also was
one of only 350 applicants to be awarded a
scholarship to the annual event. The other
5,000 tickets — which cost $1,599 apiece —
are granted by lottery.
In fact, it was the second year in a row
that Mr. Greenberg won a scholarship enti-
tling him to a free WWDC ticket, free lodg-
ing, and a free one-year Apple developer
Nobody knows exactly how many stu-
dents over 13 years old vied for the schol-
arship by submitting an original three-
minute interactive scene on Apple’s Swift
Playground (they’re judged on the basis of
technical accomplishment and creativity
of ideas) and answering written
questions. Rumor has it that the
acceptance rate is between 5 and
15 percent.
“I’ve always been a diehard
Apple fan,” Mr. Greenberg said,
perhaps stating the obvious. “Any-
one who knows a lot about Apple Aryeh Greenberg of Teaneck outside the San Jose Convention Center during
wants to go to this conference.” Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Inset, Greenberg in a selfie with
WWDC is where Apple announces Apple chief Tim Cook.
new product releases and updates
for the coming year. Mostly, how- gratefully that Mr. Greenberg had found with ready-to-heat kosher meals; Apple
ever, the conference is a wonder- a genuine mistake in the product docu- only provided lunch.
land for Apple developers from mentation having to do with setting the The young developer, a regular
across the globe. Mr. Greenberg friction of an animated object. attendee of the teen minyan at Congre-
roomed with a 22-year-old Bra- “I love programming and creating in gation Rinat Yisrael in Teaneck, prayed
zilian participant in a dorm at general,” Mr. Greenberg said. “I have on his own each day of the conference.
San Jose State University, about a remote-control airplanes I built with Rather than a kippah, he opted to cover
15-minute walk from the San Jose my own hands. But it’s more expen- his head with an Apple hat, though offi-
Convention Center. sive to make an object. Building some- cials asked him to remove it for public-
“My favorite thing at this event thing virtual is low cost, and you don’t ity photos.
is just talking to the people there,” need a physical workshop.” The publicity truly paid off. On June 2,
he said. “The first day, they brought Earlier this year, Mr. Greenberg Apple featured apps from WWDC 2018
the scholarship winners to Apple’s was captain of the software group of scholarship winners in a special editorial
new headquarters and had an orienta- for developing apps. They may ask the the Lionotics 2 robotics team from the piece in the Today tab of the iOS 11 App
tion for us. We went into Steve Jobs The- engineer for help with a problem they’ve Yeshiva University High School for Boys Store. “I got 6,000 downloads of my app
ater for lectures and they gave us free encountered or point out a possible bug. (Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy) from that,” Mr. Greenberg reported.
AirPods, the wireless earbuds that cost He actually did both in his conversa- who made history as the first yeshiva Mr. Greenberg graduated from high
$160.” He took this opportunity to snap a tion with the engineer behind SpriteKit, high school team ever to qualify for the school on June 11. This summer, he will
selfie with Apple Chief Executive Officer a graphics rendering and animation infra- FIRST Tech Challenge East Region Super- intern as an iOS developer at EventMate,
Tim Cook. structure for animating textured images. Regional Championship. a startup in SoHo. He then will fly to
“Aside from that, the whole conference Mr. Greenberg had used SpriteKit to As a senior, he didn’t miss any school to Israel for a gap-year program at Yeshivat
is sessions and labs,” he continued. “Ses- create his scholarship entry, a short game attend the WWDC because classes already Eretz HaTzvi in Jerusalem.
sions are classes of about 1,000 people featuring an animated Apple Car with a had finished for the semester. Last year, he “My main takeaway from WWDC was a
each, where a team of engineers speaks. bobblehead Tim Cook on top, in which the not only missed classes but also some final lot of new connections,” he said. “I spoke
The coolest part of the event by far is the player uses special features of the Apple exams, with the permission of his parents to a couple of engineers about machine
labs, where you speak to Apple engineers Car to accomplish feats from climbing a and the administration. learning, something I’ll get more into in
one-on-one as long as you want.” wall (level 1) to launching the car to Pluto To get to the conference on time, Mr. the future. And I got to play SwiftShot, a
Mr. Greenberg explained that partici- using built-in rocket thrusters (level 4). Greenberg spent the Shabbat before it in very cool new augmented-reality game.
pants choose which engineers to approach The SpriteKit engineer showed Mr. San Francisco, with Rabbi Joel Landau I’m looking into making an augmented
by checking the schedule to find out who Greenberg something he had been doing and his family, and he headed to San Jose reality multiplayer game; I’m updating
made the particular software they’re using incorrectly, but also acknowledged on Saturday night. He’d come stocked up my Mac right now to start working on it.”


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Beginner Canasta
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Beginner Mah Jongg Have You Planned Your Trip to Princeton

with stacy budKofsKy @ Best Summer? The Princeton University Art Museum is one of the finest
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challenging, yet surprisingly easy to
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Kaplen JCC on the Palisades taub campus | 411 e clinton ave, tenafly, nJ 07670 | 201.569.7900 |

Reading clothing
Local artists exhibit at show where modesty drapes the discussion

odesty — tzniut, to call it by
its Hebrew name — is a spiri-
tual value by which all Jews
are supposed to guide them-
selves (although it is a value that generally
the Orthodox world stresses more than lib-
eral Jews do).
Modesty — tznius, to call it by its more
down-home Yiddish name — is a practical
regulation that governs what Orthodox
women wear, and how they present them-
selves physically in the world.
The Jewish Art Salon has put together
an exhibit called “The Invisible Jew,” in
which 38 artists from around the country,
the continent, Israel, and the world exam-
ine, as the long subtitle tells us, “the lack
of representation of women in Orthodox
media, the circumstances that allowed it,
its consequences, and related issues.”
The exhibit will be in Red Bank (see box),
but two of those 38 artists, Miriam Stern and
Joel Silverstein, are from Bergen County.
“I’ve been doing work around this
issue since the early 1990s,” Ms. Stern
said. She lives in Teaneck, grew up Ortho-
dox, and dislikes labels but now belongs
to both an Orthodox and a Conservative
shul — and is married to an Orthodox
rabbi, Dr. Michael Chernick, so her cre-
dentials are unassailable. “The first show
that I had was at Yeshiva University, and
it was about wigs and covering the body “Tznius Police” by Miriam Stern
(and I give YU credit for exhibiting it).”
But Ms. Stern makes clear that her work “The name of the piece was ‘Double found photographs of some famous “I think that true modesty doesn’t
is not about passing judgment on the Exposure.’ The question was whether (and famously scantily dressed) sing- demand that you walk around hunched
way modesty is defined or enforced — or she was modest. In my opinion, she isn’t ers, actors, and other celebrities. She over, trying not to be seen,” she added.
about anything else, for that matter. “I modest in either.” Even in the side where made a piece called “Tznius Police”; in “And modesty also affects speech. Mod-
just ask questions,” she said. “I don’t ever she’s wearing a long skirt, “she still is that work, “I used a marker to mark out esty is a big thing. It’s so much more than
say that this is wrong or stupid. That is sitting there with her legs spread,” Ms. which parts of their bodies shouldn’t be the length of a skirt or a neckline. That’s
not at all the point. The point is to think Stern said. seen,” she said. just one small aspect of modesty and it
about what it means to be modest. “It’s about who you are and how you “Your attitude, the truth about who should be individually decided.
“Is it just about the length of your sleeve, present yourself,” she continued. “It you are,” is the thing that other peo- “My point is that we should not just look
or does it have other layers of meaning?” is not just how many inches below the ple can see the most clearly. There are
Ms. Sterns remembers a piece that she elbow your sleeve is. women, powerful women, whose power
did in the mid-90s. It shows Drew Barry- “A big part of that exhibit was about can come through to observers no matter
more “sitting in a very provocative way, married women covering their hair, what they wear.”
with her legs stretched out. On the other about the choice between a wig as Look, for example, at the series about
side of the painting, it showed her sitting opposed to a kerchief or a hat,” she said. Beyoncé. If you were to cut out Beyoncé”
in the same way, but with her legs covered In 2015, the artist Jim Shaw put up an — that is, cut out the figure in Ms. Stern’s
up by a long skirt. exhibition in Mass MOCA, the contem- artwork, paper doll-style — “and put
porary art museum in North Adams. “It on the modest clothes” — paper-doll
Who: The Jewish Art Salon, which had nothing to do with tzniut, or with Beyonce’s Miriam Stern-created clothing
includes artists Miriam Stern of Teaneck women, but he used crazy wigs,” Ms. — “I don’t think that she’d be in any way
and Joel Silverstein of Mahwah Stern said. “They were outrageous. I took anyone other than Beyoncé. It’s the way
What: Offers an exhibit, “The Invisible photos of the wigs, and then I revisited she’s standing, and the way she just is.
Jew” the idea of using these crazy, crazy wigs, “It’s about the superficiality of judging
Where: Detour Galley, 24 Clay St., and then I realized that I should revisit clothes,” she said.
Red Bank the part about clothing also.” “If you think that modesty is a value that
When: The exhibit runs from June The wigs’ flamboyant fabulous- should be elevated, both for Jews and for
24 to July 12; the opening reception ness inspired Ms. Stern. She looked non-Jews, it is important to think not only
is June 24 from 3 to 5 p.m. Hours are at the divide between the outrageous- about the items of clothing you are wear-
Tuesday through Saturday, 9 to 5, by ness of pop stars and the behavior ing but how you carry yourself and how
appointment. Call (732) 704-3115. expected of Orthodox women. So she you present yourself to the world. “Tamar” by Joel Silverstein


Local More than 410,000 likes.

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“Paper Dolls” by Miriam Stern

million 100% 2
at someone’s outside, and judge them that way. It’s
scholarships granted GREAT LOCATIONS in
like the old cliché — don’t judge a book by its cover —
in 2016-18 BROOKLYN & NYC
but the cover also is important. But it’s only one small of our students want to
aspect of the book. change the world
“It’s a very fine line, modesty,” she added. “I
really want people to ask the question about what
these rules — it’s not Jewish law, but rules — really
mean? What are they really trying to do?
“In my 1995 show, I covered a woman from her
neck to the floor in a skintight dress. She is all cov-
ered up, but is that modest?”
Looking to change the world? Get started today, at Touro.
Joel Silverstein of Mahwah is represented in the
exhibit by a painting of Tamar, the young twice-wid-
owed woman who had to seduce her father-in-law
and risk death for harlotry to be able to claim the
honor that rightfully should have been hers. “It’s a Interested in a communal position or opening your own practice?
favorite painting of mine for a number of reasons,”
Earning a Master’s in Social Work can help you move ahead!
Mr. Silverstein said. First, it’s because the model for
that piece was his wife, Julie Seidman. Our knowledgable faculty, warm, personal atmosphere and challenging curriculum
Secondly, and perhaps more relevantly for every-
one who is related neither to Mr. Silverstein nor to give our graduates the tools and skills to advance their current career,
his wife, Mr. Silverstein loves the painting for the
pursue a second career —or discover a new calling.
insights it has given him into various parts of the Jew-
ish community.
“To Orthodox Jews, Tamar is a heroine,” he said.
“Through having sex with Judah, our ancestor, she Nationally Recognized Accreditation by Council on Social Work Education
became the ancestor of David and Isaiah and Jere-
miah and the future messiah. She has all that locked
down. And she is a heroine because through her will
alone, she pinned down the rules.”
But for secular Jews, he continued, “she is a vic-
tim, like a child bride in India. She did the best she
could under the circumstances. She played her hand Alan Singer, PhD, LMSW | | 347.532.6348
well,” and she got God to give her a child, but still Miriam Turk, LCSW | | 646.630.1471
she’d remain a victim. It’s good that she got to have
an heir, but it is a mark of shame that she had to do
that, and that she had to get pregnant to prove her
What does Mr. Silverstein think? “I feel like I have NEW! ASK ABOUT OUR SUNDAY-ONLY FLEX PROGRAM
a shul of my own,” he said, because he thinks parts of Men’s | Women’s | Coed Classes Available |
both arguments about Tamar are right. “On the one
hand, I do believe that it is special to be the ancestor
of David and the Messiah. On the other hand, then Touro is an equal opportunity institution. For Touro’s complete Non-Discrimination Statement, visit

you have to sleep with your father-in-law.”



Federal Case a long time usually doesn’t have a problem. The mosque In his remarks to the Orthodox Union, Mr. Sessions
FROM PAGE 6 that just moved in has more issues,” he said. A few years announced a new program, the Place to Worship Initia-
Becket Fund, a nonprofit organization specializing in liti- back, the Becket Fund fought for an Albanian mosque tive, which aims to raise awareness about the legal rights
gating religious liberty claims — including zoning matters. in Wayne. of religious institutions under RLUIPA.
“Sometimes you see the municipality say, ‘We were Does a court case guarantee victory? “I am hopeful that, as more people learn their rights,
wrong, we’ll stop that.’ Others view it as this grave insult “They can go either way,” Mr. Rassbach said. “It they will speak out where discrimination exists and pre-
to their dignity and really entrench themselves in their depends a lot on the facts. They tend to be very fact- vent further discrimination from happening,” Mr. Ses-
position,” he said. intensive cases. Sometimes the defendant can say, ‘We sions said.
Mr. Rassbach said RLUIPA cases “come up pretty much can’t allow this for X, Y, and Z reasons’ and they can put Mr. Rassbach said that such education “might head off
anywhere there’s a religious group that’s not as popular forth a decent reason. The local government is put to its a lot of these disputes early on.”
as other groups. The sort of church that has been there proof. It can’t just speculate.” “A lot of these localities do not realize they are bound
by this federal civil rights statute and treat religious
institutions like they do a lot of land use applicants. In a
lot of municipalities, there are some people who enjoy
the power of being able to say no to particular land use
applicants. They’re very unused to seeing this sort of
federal statute come in and say you have to treat this
as something that is specially protected as opposed to a
convenience store,” Mr. Rassbach said.

he wrote a very interesting volume called ‘The Church
and the Jews in the 13th Century.’”
The book, dealing in large part with papal pro-
nouncements that critically altered Christian-Jewish
relationships, required research in the Vatican. “He was
the first Jew allowed into the Vatican Library to study
papal bulls,” Mr. Rous said. “They were all in Latin.” His
mother, Vivian, who had gotten her master’s in Latin at
Hunter College and lived until the age of 102, was able to
help him with some of his research.
Mr. Rous said that his family’s published bios don’t
always match the stories he heard over the years. He
remembers his grandfather — he was 11 when the rabbi
died, in 1956. For example, the Virtual Jewish Library
reports that Rabbi Solomon was born in 1879, but Mr.
Rous thought it was 1878. In addition, “they say he immi-
grated to the U.S. with his family. I believe he came alone
as a young boy to meet his older brothers or uncles.” At
any rate, none of those hardcopy versions record the
more personal family stories.
For example, Mr. Rous said, “When he came on a
boat from Palestine to New York, someone gave him a
banana. He didn’t know what it was. So he ate it — with
the skin.” Another story presaged his grandfather’s
move away from Orthodoxy. “He must have known he
wasn’t going to be so Orthodox,” Mr. Rous said. “When
he arrived at Ellis Island, just coming off the boat, he cut
off his payes.” And he wasn’t old-fashioned. “He had two
daughters, my mother and my aunt. Both had college
What else does Mr. Rous remember? He recalls that
his grandfather always said “Guten Shabbes” twice in a
row; that “Grandma Libby,” his grandfather Rabbi Elias
Solomon’s wife, was very short, warm, and jolly. Despite
her autocratic tendencies, we really loved her.”
Mr. Rous, now retired from his position as director of
publications for the Association of Computing Machin-
ery, has much to occupy him, in addition to Torah read-
ing. He and his wife, Sue Grand, maintain a large and
lovely garden. “Sue is a psychologist,” he said. “Her office
faces the garden. She said it’s part of her clients’ therapy.”
A self-taught artist, he also has a studio in his backyard
and is filling up its walls with his drawings and paintings.
Reflecting once more on his pen, Mr. Rous said it
is priceless not only because it is elegant and old, but
also because “It’s like a piece of history. It connects my
grandfather to Solomon Schechter and the Zionist Fac-
tion and the early years of the Conservative movement.
It’s an entire period of history.”


Briefly Local

Wayne shul
adorns its
new doors
Rabbi Meeka Simerly, the leader of


Temple Beth Tikvah in Wayne, hangs
and blesses a new mezuzah on the
doorpost of new doors in the front of
the sanctuary.
Founding and charter members at the celebration included, from left, Irene
Reiss, Helga Bodeen, Lola and Henry Weber, Albert Nahum, and Elaine Adler.

JCCP/CBT annual dinner marks

60 years since groundbreaking
About 125 guests celebrated the 60th among the speakers. Mayor LaBarbiera
anniversary of the groundbreaking of included his appreciation to the shul for
the Jewish Community Center of Para- its help in the recent tragedy involving
mus, now known as the JCC/Congrega- the Eastbrook Middle School. Henry
tion Beth Tikvah. Weber, the shul’s first president, read
Shul pre sident Howard L eop - the speech he gave 60 years before,
old, Rabbi Arthur Weiner, and Para- when the ground was broken for con-
mus Mayor Richard LaBarbiera were struction of the JCCP.

Fred Nagler, principal and director of the Bergen County High School of Jewish
Studies, sixth from right, attends the NAACCHHS meeting.

BCHSJS principal meets peers
at conference of Jewish educators
Fred Nagler recently attended the North the discussion and made suggestions
American Association of Community
and C ongre gational Hebrew High
on how to enhance school programs.
Other sessions included “Managing Teen
NCJW Jersey Hills section
Schools conference in Louisville, Ky. The Stress,” “Preparing Students for College,” installs a slate of new officers
conference focused on understanding “Mussar for Teens,” and online courses
today’s Jewish teens. David Bryfman for Jewish teens. The Jersey Hills section of the National Council of Jewish Women installed its
of the Jewish Education Project led officers on May 24. From left, Jane Levine, Ina Pearlman Laman, Lori Daugh-
erty, Linda Schlagel, Elaine Meyer, Arlene Bernhardt, Sylvia Krauss, Vicki Mono-
loy, Helen Grabman, Susan Amsterdam, Gladys Jacobs, section president Eileen
Janowsky, Leona Sesholtz, Joan Donow, Linda Cohen, and Harriet Berger.

Temple Emeth hosts pride Shabbat

O n F r i d a y, J u n e 8 ,
Teaneck’s Temple Emeth
held it Pride Shabbat ser-
vice. Bianca Chanel Mayes,
Garden State Equality’s
health and wellness coor-

dinator, was the guest

speaker. She advocates for
the health of the lesbian,
gay, bisexual, and trans-
gender community.
Temple Emeth View- Dr. Daniel Feuer, left, with Drs. David Wisotsky and Lynn Sugarman,
points programming cel- Naomi Feuer, Representative Mark Meadows, and his wife, Debbie.
ebrates diversity of the
Jewish community and its
programs help educate
Karen Rappaport, left, chair of Emeth’s Viewpoints Norpac schedules meeting
people about interfaith,
Committee, Bianca Chanel Mayes, and Rabbi Steven
with North Carolina congressman
LGBT, and interracial Naomi and Dr. Daniel Feuer and Drs. Lynn Sugarman and David Wisotsky will host a
issues. Norpac pro-Israel meeting for Congressman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) on Sunday, June
24, at 9 a.m., in Englewood. Meeting chairs also include Drs. Esther and Ben Chouake.
For information, call (201) 788-5133 or email


Suffern student receives doctorate
during JTS graduation ceremonies
Nehama Rose Benmosche of Suffern also were presented to innovative leaders
was among the graduates at the including Tovah Feldshuh, the actress
Jewish Theologic al Seminary ’s 124th and performer; Rabbi Rachel Cowan, an
commencement ceremony; she received a innovator in the field of Jewish spirituality;
Ph.D. from the William Davidson Graduate Felice Gaer of Paramus, director of the AJC’s
School of Jewish Education. Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of
JTS Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen gave the Human Rights; and Dr. Jonathan D. Sarna,
commencement address. Honorary degrees the Joseph H. and Belle R. Braun professor
of American Jewish history at Brandeis.
Taken at the JTS graduation. ELLEN DUBIN


The Most Exciting

New Retirement Community
Is Coming to Rockland County.

Brightview is bringing
carefree, resort-style living –
Call Cindy or Dorothy
with no large entrance fee –
to Rockland County. to schedule your visit.
845.203.2338 Nine of the 10 students who participated in Rockland Community College’s
Brightview Lake Tappan offers
first alternative graduation with RCC’s president, Dr. Michael Baston. Seated,
access to tri-state shopping, from left, Faiz Al-Garadi, Yakov Aronowitz, Dr. Baston, Shmaya Honickman,

L ’ Shana
culture, entertainment, and and Reva Efroymson. Standing Alyza Lampert, Seth Spiegel, Nashi Fuchs,

L ’ Shana
endless on-site opportunities David Adams, and Malka Kirschner.
for a rewarding retirement.
College holds first alternative
Reserve your apartment
now to enjoy exceptional 61 Hunt Road • Orangeburg, NY 10962
graduation for Jewish students
When Hillel of Rockland directors
Rabbi Dov and Shevy Oliver learned that
families observing Shavuot a chance to
celebrate their milestone. Nearly 150
Rockland Community College’s com- people, including family, community
savings. On the Reservoir mencement was scheduled for Shavuot, members, college trustees, administra- they suggested to senior college officials tors, and faculty, attended the alterna-
Wishing you a sweetyou
Wishing newa sweet
year. new year. that the college hold an alternative grad-
uation ceremony to allow students and
tive ceremony on May 24 in the RCC Stu-
dent Union.
Independent Living
Jamie and • Assisted
Steven DranowLiving • Dementia
• Larry Care• Harvey Schwartz
A. Model
Gregg Brunwasser Jamie and Steven
• Michael Dranow •General
L. Rosenthal, Larry A.Manager
Model • Harvey Schwartz
Gregg Brunwasser • Michael L. Rosenthal, General Manager
As your local Dignity Memorial® providers, we wish you the best this Rosh Hashanah. More than 410,000 likes.
As your local Dignity Memorial ®
providers, we wish you the best this Rosh Hashanah.

Like us
We reaffirm our commitment of service to the Jewish community.
We reaffirm our commitment of service to the Jewish community.
June 22 ................................................
Hellman-Garlick Memorial 8:14 Chapel
Hellman MemorialHellmanChapels Memorial Chapels Hellman-Garlick Memorial Chapel
15 State Street
• Spring ................................................
Valley, NY 10977 1300 Pleasantville Rd. • Briarcliff
914-762-5501 8:13
6 ....................................................
845-356-8600 845-356-8600
15 State Street • Spring Valley, NY 10977 1300 Pleasantville NY
Manor, Rd. •10510
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510
on Facebook.
July 13 .................................................. 8:10
Our affiliate Jewish Memorials of Rockland a complete full service monument and inscription provider.
Our affiliate Jewish Memorials of Rockland a complete full service monument and inscription provider.
Large display on premises. 845-425-2256
Large display on premises. 845-425-2256
Hellman Memorial Chapels
15 State Street • Spring Valley, NY 10977 845-356-8600


BVK • SCI • #9a • JobBVK • SCI • #9a

No 025012 • JobHashanah
• Rosh No 025012
5” x Hashanah ad •• 5”
5” • 8/18/05 V2x•5”
ir • 8/18/05 • V2 • ir

Workshop features
tolerance curriculum
The Holocaust Museum & Center for Tolerance and Edu-
cation is offering a workshop on the Teaching Tolerance
Curriculum, a collection of K-12 literacy-based anti-bias
social-justice resources at Rockland Community College.
The resources are linked to the Common Core English
language arts and literacy standards and to the Teaching
Tolerance social justice standards. The August 21 work-
Bridget Gabbe Richard Kline Jana Robbins Jordan Sobel shop is hosted by the Holocaust Museum & Center for
Tolerance and Education and will be led by experts from
‘Clever Little Lies’ to play at Penguin Rep Teaching Tolerance.
Registration includes light breakfast and lunch. To regis-
Penguin Rep Theatre, the award-winning professional The cast, under the direction of Thomas Caruso, ter, email Abigail E. Miller at
Equity theatre under the leadership of founding artistic includes Bridget Gabbe as Jane, Richard Kline as Bill Sr.,
director Joe Brancato and executive director Andrew M. Jana Robbins as Alice, and Jordan Sobel as Billy.
Horn, presents “Clever Little Lies.” The comedy by Joe The Penguin Rep Theatre is in historic Stony Point
DiPietro, the Tony Award-winning author of “Memphis” in Rockland County. For tickets or information, go to
and “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change,” runs or call (845) 786-2873. Community garage sale
from June 29 to July 22 in Stony Point, New York. A community garage sale will be held on two Sundays —
July 15 and August 12 — in the parking lot at the Nanuet
Hebrew Center in New City, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The shul is at 411 South Little Tor Road (just off exit
Jewish summer education courses scheduled 10 of the Palisades Parkway) in New City. Vendors and
others are welcome to rent a parking lot space to sell
The Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland County month, “Hollywood and the Evolving American Jewish their wares for $25 per day. Vendors can bring their own
offers summer Midreshet classes in the adult education Identity” with Rabbi Brian Leiken, on four Thursdays, table(s) or rent one for $5 per day. Profits by vendors are
center, 450 West Nyack Road. beginning July 5 at 11 a.m. theirs to keep, or at their option, they can donate a por-
Courses include “(Israeli) Rabbis in the News” on Thurs- For information, call (845) 362-4200, ext. 130, or go to tion of it to Nanuet Hebrew Center. For information call
day, June 28 at 11 a.m., with Sharon Halper, and next the shul office at (845) 708-9181 or go to

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5/16/2018 2018 PM17
Cover Story

Lily Cohen of Englewood, right foreground, and other members of the dance company perform at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades.

Gotta dance
Kaplen JCC’s youthful performers span all ages and styles
LOIS GOLDRICH students come from Tenafly, Closter, and have the kids understand that dance is to to baseball,” she said. “But my daughter

Englewood, and some take six or seven be shared.” The Israel parade is just one will be dancing.”
ily Cohen of Englewood jazz- classes a week. And if the preponderance example. JCC dancers have visited the Jew- She has been teaching dance since
danced up Fifth Avenue dur- of students are female, there are never- ish Home in Manhattan, the Actors Fund 2000, and became the JCC dance direc-
ing this year’s Celebrate Israel theless plenty of boys who dance there as Home in Englewood, and Mt. Sinai Chil- tor in 2009. Her program is special, she
parade, joining the many thou- well, many in hip-hop, and some in lyri- dren’s Hospital. said, “because the main thing is that our
sands of Israel supporters who turned out cal dance. “We talk to the kids about what we’re five teachers truly care about the health
to wish Israel a happy 70th birthday. Can 18-month-olds dance? The toddlers doing and what we can bring to an audi- and well-being of every single kid. That
“We danced all the way along the route,” do ballerina turns in their baby ballet class, ence,” she said, adding that “art is an doesn’t happen at other dance schools.”
said 11-year-old Lily, a student at Ben Porat Ms. Carolan said. “They’re just adorable. I essential part of life. It brings out the In fact, she said, the school provides a ser-
Yosef Yeshiva Day School in Paramus and love it.” Dance offerings for children a bit beauty, allowing the child to shine with vice that goes beyond dance. In between
a member of the dance company at the older “run the gamut, with classes in bal- both inner and outer beauty.”  Next Janu- school, dance, and homework, “there’s
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly. “I let, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, and hip-hop. ary, the company will visit Disneyworld, not always a chance for parents to jump
love Israel and I love to dance, so this was Many students do more than one kind doing jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, and contem- in” and offer the immediate help a child
two of my favorite things together.” of dancing.” porary dance. Students perform a ballet may need. That’s a gap the school can fill.
And, she added, “There was a lot Ms. Carolan’s goals for her students every year — they danced “Swan Lake” “We’re paying attention,” Ms. Carolan said.
of cheering.” extend far beyond any one performance. this year — and all 400 participate at the Tzipora Cohen, the JCC’s chief market-
“It was the first JCC group ever to dance “The most important thing is the joy of annual dance recital, held this year on ing officer and Lily’s mother, echoed that
all the way down the parade route,” said dancing — to flat out love what they do June 10. sentiment. “It’s very welcoming,” she
Allyson Carolan of Dumont, the direc- and do what they love and share it with Ms. Carolan, who holds a fine arts said. “They do a great job building the girls
tor of the JCC dance program. “It was all the community.  If you can walk, you can degree in musical theater from the Hartt up. It’s got a different kind of atmosphere
14 blocks — pretty terrific. Crowds were dance. If you’re enjoying what you’re School at the University of Hartford, has — you feel they care about each individual
screaming, clapping, and cheering.” doing, we can make it work.” studied various styles of dance from the girl. Being a shomer Shabbat family, we
According to Ms. Carolan, who has Dance is a performing art as well as a time she was 2 years old, including each of know they’ll never schedule a competi-
headed the JCC’s dance program for the way of becoming involved in the wider the styles she teaches at the JCC. She spent tion on Friday or do something on Shab-
past nine years, some  425 students — rang- community, she added. “The company several years performing professionally, bat. We can participate fully.”
ing from 18 months to 16 years old — are children dance in mitzvah-based perfor- “before settling down and having babies” Lily has participated “in all different
now taking classes spanning all styles of mances all over the area. It’s really impor- (she has two boys and one girl). “My boys types of dances for competitions,” mostly
dance, from ballet to hip-hop. Most of the tant to give back to the community and did hip-hop for a while, before moving on held at dance schools, she said, and “I did


Cover Story

professional dancer, said she always looks

forward to the next class. “You can appre-
ciate being on the team,” she said. “It feels
very special. I’ve met so many people. It’s
fun to hang out with my dance friends.”
Fourteen-year-old dancer Sharon Mor
lives in Tenafly and attends Tenafly Middle
School. She has been dancing at the JCC
since she was 2. “I’ve done almost every
type of dance, but my favorite is lyrical, a
mix of ballet and jazz,” she said. “It’s soft
and nice.”
Sharon said that she had a great time
dancing down Fifth Avenue at the Israel Hip-hop appeals to these two boys in the dance program.
parade. “I enjoyed that a lot,” she said. “It
was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and
I wouldn’t have had it without the JCC.”
Sharon Mor of Tenafly has been As part of the company, she has partici-
dancing at the Kaplen JCC since she pated in several mitzvah visits. “I’ve been
was 2. to nursing homes, Mt. Sinai Children’s
hospital, and the JCC special needs pro-
good. Last year for the competition I got gram. We danced with the people there,
to do hip-hop.” Company members are and had a blast.”
required to study ballet or lyrical dance, Sharon continues to love dance, but she
and choose one other kind of dance. Lily’s has come to see it as a hobby, although she
favorite style is tap. would like to incorporate it into whatever
Lily said that she practices “all the time she does. For example, she said, “I’d like
at home. It’s worth it. The dance company to bring dance into a whole new world,
is so amazing. Not only does it build skills, like medicine.” This year, she studied lyri-
but we really come together as an incred- cal dance and jazz, and she enjoyed it a
ible group. There are kids from all differ- lot. “Dancing is a big part of my life,” she
ent communities and schools.” said. “I can’t imagine life without it. One
“It’s inspirational,” her mother added. year I did gymnastics, but then I went back
“They’re great with the girls, teaching to dance.”
them how to be mature young women, Why does she give it her all? “It allows The baby ballet class brings out the Lily Cohen accepts a bouquet after a
how to conduct themselves.” The teach- the dancers to have freedom. You feel at best in this toddler. recital at the JCC.
ers, she said, act like team coaches, “like home. When you dance in front of teach-
you’d see in basketball. You want to work ers or peers, you have the feeling that you And then there is that “warm feeling” and it was so much fun. We were learn-
hard for them. You watch the dancers’ gave them the message” you were trying she gets at the JCC. “I’ve grown up there,” ing together.”
confidence skyrocket. They’re not scared to send. she said. “I’m always welcome. You build To learn more about the Kaplen JCC on
to perform.” Fo r S h a r o n , d a n c e i s a f o r m a connection,” you grow close to the other the Palisades dance program, go to jccotp.
Lily, who said she would like to be a of communication. students you dance with. “I did a duet org/dance.

A contingent of dancers from the Kaplen JCC step up Fifth Avenue during this year’s Celebrate Israel parade.


Jewish World

In Tel Aviv’s African neighborhood,

asylum seekers strive for normal life
BEN SALES “In Sudan, before, in Libya, we all
worked in pizza,” said Al-Aldoum, 47. “I
TEL AVIV — The Sudanese pizza restau- came here and there was no pizza. We
rant is nearly empty on this weekday after- worked with meat. Now we work with
noon, but that doesn’t seem to bother its pizza and meat, beans, lentils, poultry — in
owner, Yakoub Al-Aldoum, who happily every form. We make a little money here, a
cooks goulash in a small, square kitchen. little money there.”
Pizza, his specialty, will go into the oven Adjacent to the restaurant is a bar that’s
in the evening, Al-Aldoum assures me easy to miss from the street. Its entrance
repeatedly. He makes a regular crust with is through a blue metal gate, cordoned
tomato sauce, then covers it with Suda- off by a tarp and barbed wire. The only
nese staples like beans and lentils, or beef way to know it’s there is from a rectangu-
or tuna. lar sign above the gate showing a smiling
Al-Aldoum picked up pizza baking in a woman exhaling smoke from a hookah.
large restaurant in his home country of The entrance leads into a dim courtyard
Sudan, then took the craft with him to covered by a tent.
Libya when he fled, seeking asylum. A few African men are sitting on plastic
Eleven years ago he arrived in Israel. armchairs drinking coffee and smoking
Like tens of thousands of other African hookahs , while a handful of others sit at
asylum seekers, he settled in the South Tel a table with a red-and-white checkered
Aviv neighborhood of Neve Shaanan, next tablecloth. Everyone is watching three TV
to the city’s grimy bus station, and found screens showing, respectively, a pro wres-
work in restaurants. He draws Sudanese tling match, a soccer game, and an action Eli Shirazi, who has owned a shoe store on Neve Shaanan Street for 45 years,
customers, but also neighboring Eritreans, movie that looks like “Top Gun” but isn’t. bemoans the decline in foot traffic. He says Israelis are afraid to come to the
local Israelis, and others. Photos are not allowed. The owners do neighborhood.  PHOTOS BY BEN SALES



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won awards from the Academy of Magic, the Society of American Magicians and the International Magician’s Society. Summer Concert Series.


Jewish World Sandi M. Malkin, LL C
Interior Designer
(former interior designer of model
rooms for NY’s #1 Dept. Store)

not give interviews. For a totally new look using

Openness and suspicion, multiculturalism and your furniture or starting anew.
insularity. These are two of the many contradictions
that define Neve Shaanan, Tel Aviv’s diverse, under- Staging also available
privileged and vibrant neighborhood of asylum seek-
ers, Filipino foreign workers, working-class Israelis, 973-535-9192
and others.
It is at once an intricate tapestry of cultures and a
labyrinth of competing identities. It is the hotbed of
a years-long political and social fight that has torn
Israel apart.
Neve Shaanan is also a neighborhood where many
residents wake up in the morning, work all day, eat a
quick meal, and go to sleep.
“I do see and hear: ‘You’re like this, Sudanese
are like this, Eritreans are like this,’” said Abdelaziz
Muhammad, a Sudanese restaurant owner who
arrived in Israel in 2008, referring to racism against
Africans. “But I don’t see any problems here. We get
along. South Tel Aviv is a nice neighborhood.”
If Israelis hear about Neve Shaanan, it’s probably
because of the debate over African asylum seekers
that has occupied the country for years. By 2012,
more than 60,000 people, mostly from Eritrea and
Sudan, had entered Israel illegally through its border
with E�ypt. They say they are refugees seeking asylum
from war and brutal dictatorships at home. But the
Israeli government contends that they are economic
migrants seeking jobs and a better life in a devel-
oped country.
Since 2012, the Israeli government has tried to keep
out asylum seekers and remove those already in Israel.
It has erected a fence on its southern border, placed
thousands of asylum seekers in a detention facility in
southern Israel, offered incentives for them to leave, Tel Aviv
and tried to negotiate deals with third-party countries
to absorb them. By 2018, about 37,000 asylum seekers
remained in Israel.
This year, the government struck a deal with the
United Nations to transfer half of the asylum seekers Welcome.
to other developed countries while affording the other
half legal status in Israel. But Prime Minister Benja- Welcome to the heart of cyber security.
min Netanyahu abruptly backed out of the deal amid
objections from Israeli residents of South Tel Aviv, who
have portrayed the asylum seekers as a threat to their
To prevention, to resilience, to defense.
safety and their culture.
The changes in the neighborhood have been jar-
Welcome to being one step ahead of the bad guys.
ring to some of the older Jewish residents who have
seen groups of young Sudanese and Eritrean men Learn how you can support Israel’s Cyber Security:
move into apartments once occupied by Jewish fami-
lies like theirs. Ayala Sinvani, who has lived in the area
for four decades, acknowledged that it’s always been a
bad neighborhood, but said the new arrivals have dis-
rupted the rhythm of life with loud music and unruli-
ness in public. She feels that the government, which
never paid much attention to South Tel Aviv, has aban-
doned it.
“There were always problems, but we managed to
raise the standard of the neighborhood,” she said. “We
were told everything was going to be OK. It was all lies.
We want to go back to our normal life.”
Eli Shirazi, who has owned a storefront shoe shop A M E R I C A N F R I E N D S
on Neve Shaanan Street for 45 years, laments the drop
in business he’s seen since both malls and asylum
seekers began arriving in Israel.
Israelis, he said, are afraid to come to the
Be Part of the Next Big Idea | TAU Global Campaign
SEE ASYLUM PAGE 22 (212) 742-9070 @globaltau @telavivuni
Jewish World

Asylum is different than that of the Eritrean and Suda- to shut down. A
FROM PAGE 21 nese. He feels a sense of belonging in a Jewish large, relatively
neighborhood now. He accused asylum country, while he says that for them, Israel is well-maintained
seekers of “craziness,” though police statis- just a place they have been able to stay. park is across the
tics show that the local foreign-born popula- “For us, there was someone who took care street from the
tion has a below-average crime rate. of us the right way, not like them,” said Shi- bus station, where
Although foreign residents, mostly Afri- razi, 74. “They have care, but we had a home children play on
can asylum seekers, make up a majority of here. We were coming to the land of Israel a swing set and
residents of Neve Shaanan and its surround- to stay.” drug addicts lay by
ing area, they accounted for less than a third Neve Shaanan exists in the shadow of Tel the curb.
of the crime rate from 2015 to 2017. Police Aviv’s Central Bus Station, a concrete behe- The main pedes-
have also beefed up their presence there. moth that seems like it was designed by M.C. trian avenue, Neve
The station responsible for Neve Shaanan’s Escher on an off day. The neighborhood’s Shaanan Street,
area grew from eight police officers in 2010 streets are shaped in semicircles, intended is a row of stores:
to nearly 200 last year — plus 50 border to look like a menorah on the map, and com- There are Suda-
police officers. bine small storefronts with crowded, dilapi- nese and Eritrean
Shirazi, like his African neighbors, is an dated apartment buildings and some new restaurants selling
immigrant. He came from Iran with his fam- gentrified developments. staples from their
ily in 1958, when he was 14. He still longs for They are also dotted with unlicensed home countries.
his boyhood home — “You don’t forget the bars like the one next to the pizza place, Next to them are
place,” Shirazi said — but added his situation called hamaras, that police have been trying barbers, cloth- Yakoub Al-Aldoum cooks goulash in his restaurant
ing shops, phone kitchen. He opened up a fusion Sudanese-pizza place to
shops, and shoe diversify the neighborhood’s offerings.
stores. There are
also some places to send money abroad. throughout the years, a disadvantaged
Brightview. A few stores are owned by old-time population remained here,” said David

Bright Life! Israeli locals, but in the evenings it’s

largely populated by African locals.
According to Tel Aviv’s official statis-
Cohen, a guide who does historical and
culinary tours of Neve Shaanan. “By
the ‘60s this was one of the most severe
tics, Neve Shaanan has about 5,000 resi- neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. Many of the
dents — part of a larger South Tel Aviv apartments were empty, without rent-
district with a population of 30,000. ers. A lot of businesses closed, and that
But the real number is much higher. An drew a lot of crime organizations.”
Israeli Knesset report from 2016 said It was still a bad neighborhood in
that anywhere between almost 15,000 the early 2000s when asylum seekers
and 30,000 African asylum seekers live began arriving from Africa. Because
in South Tel Aviv — most of them in and Neve Shaanan was next to the bus sta-
around Neve Shaanan. tion and so neglected — with abandoned
“The neighborhood is very crowded,” apartments and few police patrolling the
Discover exceptional senior living said Haim Goren, who has lived in Neve streets — it was an easy place for illegal
Shaanan for 11 years. “It’s a neighbor- immigrants to settle. Asylum seekers
for Mom and Dad hood where 20,000 people live, where filled the neighborhood as more than
30 years ago it was 5,000. There’s fric-
• Respectful, customized care tion when you have tons of people on a
small land area.”
• Cultural and social events The neighborhood was founded in
Inspiring • Experienced associates
1921 by another set of refugees — Jews

fleeing anti-Semitic violence in the adja-
Bright • Luxury amenities cent Jaffa. Funded by foreign Jewish phi-
lanthropy, they eventually built a row
for All Our • Gourmet meals of orchards that supplied Europe with
fresh Jaffa oranges. In the 1920s, Tel Aviv

Residents • Specialized dementia incorporated the neighborhood and

established its central bus station there
care neighborhood in the 1940s, filling the streets with noise
and pollution, and driving out anyone
who could afford to move. So another
Call Richard and Lindsay to set of refugees — recent immigrants to
schedule your personal visit. the new Jewish state — filled it up.
It was known, however, as the shoe
district. In the era before ubiquitous
55 Hudson Avenue • Tenafly, NJ 07670 malls, Neve Shaanan Street was where Teklit Michael is an Eritrean activist you went to buy footwear. who has become a spokesman for
“It was a disadvantaged population the community.

WE OFFER REPAIRS 1245 Teaneck Rd.

We want your business and we go the extra
TALLESIM CLEANED • SPECIAL SHABBOS RUSH SERVICE mile to make you a regular customer 837-8700
Jewish World

40,000 came between 2010 and 2012. fellow asylum seekers secure their rights.
Many spent their first few nights sleep- “You don’t know what’s going to happen
ing in Levinsky Park next to the bus sta- the day after right now. You have to live as
tion, then moved into small apartments you can, to be safe for the day.”
where eight or 10 people slept on mat- Last month, Michael was denied a
tresses. Because the asylum seekers have checkbook by his Israeli bank.
few rights in Israel, they are prone to African residents all said the same thing.
exploitation by landlords charging high They wake up early to go to service jobs —
rents and demanding payments in cash. in restaurant kitchens, as busboys, factory
They have also consistently faced rac- workers or street cleaners — then come
ism from locals as well as national poli- back at night, eat, have a cup of coffee or
ticians. In 2012, a mob attacked African a smoke, then go to sleep. There are a few
residents of South Tel Aviv. Miri Regev, people making noise on the street, but life in
now Israel’s culture minister, called them the neighborhood is quiet. Because the pop-
a “cancer” (she later apologized). Official ulation is largely single men, many of them
government documents refer to them as spend their evenings eating with friends in
“infiltrators.” restaurants, maybe watching a European
The neighborhood has changed drasti- soccer match, before retiring to bed.
cally with the influx of Africans, although Kids attend public school — one of the
even longtime residents can’t always few guaranteed rights that Israel affords
agree how. Ayala Sinvani complained asylum seekers — and younger children Shops like these around Neve Shaanan sell ceremonial dress for festivals such as
both that the African population was often spend their days in unlicensed weddings. Much of the clothing is white with embroideries.
made up of young rowdy men — and that day care in people’s apartments. After
too many African children are crowding dark, the playground in Levinsky Park is Muhammad, the restaurateur, said he will go to a hamara bar for some coffee and
local schools. crowded with children as their parents has a reliable crowd of 25 or 30 guys who hookah for a half-hour or so. Then to bed.
“We are not living here, we are surviv- relax on benches and picnic tables. sit at his rectangular tables each night. “I just like my work,” he said. “I come
ing,” said Teklit Michael, an Eritrean asy- On weekends, many Eritreans will go Most come in the evening, before he closes from home to my place and then go back
lum seeker who came to Israel in 2008 and to church. The churches, like many of at 9:30, and will eat his menu based on home. I have nothing else to do. I don’t
has since become an activist, serving as a the neighborhood’s establishments, are Sudanese kisra bread or asida, a doughy know anything else.”
spokesman for his community and helping often unzoned. dish served with tomato sauce. Then some JTA WIRE SERVICE

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Jewish World

Jewish activists are helping families

separated at the border
BEN SALES “Even the older kids, talking about some-

thing that’s upsetting, they can play with
hen Mary McCabe explains that and it helps them be less upset,” she
America’s immigration said of the water toy. “If they can play and
courts to children who have have something they’re fiddling with, it can
been separated from their be easier to talk sometimes.”
parents, she tries to make it interactive. HIAS Pennsylvania is one of the Jewish
She draws a sketch of a courtroom and groups actively aiding families that have
asks kids to identify the figures in the room been separated at the southern U.S. border
— like the judge or the lawyers — and where under a new government policy dictating
they sit. For younger ones, ages 6 or 7, she that every illegal migrant who crosses the
brings a box of crayons and a sketchpad for United States border will be prosecuted and
doodling. Older kids sometimes play with detained. Since children cannot be pros-
a toy that drips colored oil into water. Any- ecuted with adults, they are reclassified as


thing to give them a little diversion from her unaccompanied minors and taken away,
discussing why they are apart from their par- either to mass children’s shelters or foster
ents — and what happens next. homes. More than 2,300 children have been
“I’ll bring along art supplies that they can separated from their parents, according to
use so when we talk, they don’t have to stare The New York Times.
at me and talk. They can talk while they Critics of the policy say forcibly separating
color,” said McCabe, an immigration attor- parents and children indefinitely is trauma-
ney with HIAS Pennsylvania, an indepen- tizing and draconian. Government officials A boy from Honduras is shown being taken into custody by U.S. Border
dent Jewish refugee aid organization that’s — like President Donald Trump and Attorney Patrol agents near the U.S.-Mexico border near Mission, Texas, June 12, 2018.
a separate partner of the national agency General Jeff Sessions — say it’s a necessary
HIAS. measure to enforce border security. On Tuesday, Sessions called compari- an open letter to Sessions decrying the
sons of family separation to Nazi actions policy, saying it “undermines the values
“a real exaggeration.” of our nation and jeopardizes the safety
McCabe and her colleagues have coun- and well-being of thousands of people.”
seled a dozen separated children now “I haven’t seen anything like this in
living in a shelter in Pennsylvania about this field since the first executive order
their legal rights, the process of seeking came out,” said Mark Hetfield, presi-
asylum and how they may be able to see dent of the national HIAS organization,
their parents again. She has counseled referring to the January 2017 travel ban
children ranging in age from 6 to 15. on seven Muslim countries. Nearly all
“One 7-year-old girl said, ‘My mom major American Jewish groups opposed
can’t talk to me, she doesn’t have a that policy as well.
phone now, she can’t talk to me,’” Rothschild, a Democrat, said that
McCabe recalled. “Some of the older because family separation is a result of
ones are also really suffering.... They federal policy, there is not much he can
were fleeing gang or domestic violence, do directly as Tucson’s mayor to hinder
and they often came with their parent it. But he signed a joint letter this month
because their parent was also afraid. A with the mayors of Los Angeles, Houston
lot of times the older kid is afraid the par- and Albuquerque, New Mexico, calling
ent will be deported.” the policy “cruel,” “morally reprehen-
A broad spectrum of Jewish groups sible” and “utterly inconsistent with our
have spoken out against the policy, along values of decency and compassion.”
with many other religious organizations. Although Arizona as a state has a his-
Some Jews, on the southern border and tory of strict immigration legislation,
elsewhere, are working to provide physi- Rothschild says his constituents largely
cal or legal assistance to migrants, or to oppose the family separation policy.
organize other local Jews to speak up. “We have a community where so
“Obviously Jews had a history of immi- many people have friends, family and
gration and of moving when sometimes relatives who live on both sides of the
they haven’t wanted to, and having to border,” he said. “In Tucson, the over-
find places where they’re welcome,” whelming consensus is that these are
Mayor Jonathan Rothschild of Tucson, bad policies.”
Arizona, told JTA. His city is 60 miles One of Rothschild’s constituents is
from the border. Alma Hernandez, a Mexican-American
“There’s also a moral faith that follows Jewish woman running this year for the
religion,” the Jewish lawmaker said. “You Arizona House of Representatives. Her-
can’t but have your stomach turned by nandez, 24, resigned as the coordinator
the stories that we hear.” of Tucson’s Jewish Community Rela-
Last week, 28 Jewish groups — includ- tions Council to run for office. This year,
ing, in a rare show of unanimity, the perceiving a lack of progressive politi-
leadership of all four major American cal action from the established Jewish
Jewish religious movements — signed community, she co-founded the activist


Congratulations to Grandma’s Gang
Jewish World on their many achievements over the past year
your valuable furs,
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from heat, humidity &
Aviv: On graduating from Shulamith School for Girls as Valedictorian moths in our state of
Raz: On mastering the Moroccan trope for his bar mitzvah the art COLD STORAGE
Kaylah: On becoming a bat mitzvah in Jerusalem
Tali: On her wonderful performance in Peter Pan • Great Remodeling
Micah: On being selected to lead the final Kabbalat Shabbat service • Shearing Old Furs
at CESJDS • Generous Trade-In
Daniel: On receiving his siddur this year Values
Kobe: On his piano and violin recitals and for winning a chess trophy
Doron: On performing so enthusiastically at his JCC Early Childhood Closter Furs
program graduation
Ma’ayan: For completing pre-K and learning so many new things & Fashions
570 Piermont Rd.
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Alma Hernandez, a Mexican-American Jew and

daughter of immigrants, is running for the Ari- The finest selection of
zona House of Representatives and founded a
progressive Jewish group in Tucson. Italian designer men’s
group Tucson Jews for Justice, which plans to partici-
& boy’s suits, sport jackets,
pate in rallies against the separation policy and other pants, shirts, ties,
“These are people who are our neighbors. It’s a little shoes & accessories
frustrating right now,” Hernandez said. at discount prices.
Not all local activism in the protection of immigrants
involves working against the government. Bob Fein-
man, a New York City transplant and retired longtime
broadcaster on Tuscon’s Spanish-language radio, is
vice chair of Humane Borders, which places water
tanks near the border so that migrants don’t die of
dehydration after they cross over.
The group works with border security forces to
ensure that its tanks can be installed and maintained
in the most useful locations. Humane Borders also Visit the
urges families south of the border not to cross illegally SHOES
due to the dangers that may await them in the United Boy’s Store
States — including family separation.
Speaking personally, Feinman said he is “shocked
at Emporio
beyond belief” by the policy.
“We can agree to disagree with them on certain mat-
ters and still save lives,” he said.
Regarding potential migrants, he added, “We beg
and plead with them to talk people out of crossing
the border illegally. The stories they get about how
easy it is are false. We try to convey to them that it is
not worth the risk, whether it’s over a regular border
crossing or through the desert.”
McCabe said that she understands the decision to
take the risk to cross the border after hearing stories
of the gangs and violence that threaten families in Cen-
tral America. While she is not Jewish, she says work-
ing for a Jewish organization has made her even more
aware of the need to provide a safe haven to families
seeking asylum.
“What happened in the 1930s and ‘40s has had
an impact on our asylum system,” she said. “That’s
partly why we have this asylum system. The Jewish BORO PARK: FLATBUSH: LONG ISLAND: LAKEWOOD: TEANECK:
community cares that people who are being targeted 5020 13th Avenue 1505 Coney Island Ave. 467 Central Avenue 1700 Madison Ave. 215 W. Englewood Ave.
for persecution have a way to be safe because people 718.972.4665 718.676.7706 516.295.5006 732.987.9480 201.530.7300
died. I feel like I’m just stating the obvious.” Sunday & Legal Holidays 10-6 Sunday & Legal Holidays 10-6 Sunday & Legal Holidays 10-6 Sunday & Legal Holidays 10-6 Mon-Thurs 10-9
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Taking children

The difference between

from their parents Obama’s Iran deal and
I Trump’s Singapore summit
’ve been thinking about the southern border don’t have to imagine
Kindertransport a lot lately. it either, because they are living it.

In 2013 I interviewed Sig Sil- I know that we need immigration
ber of Paterson, who then was policies. We can’t let everyone in. But resident Trump has come under a because North Korea built its nuclear arsenal
a successful, well-rooted, and happy I also know that most, by far most, of lot of criticism for his summit with with fewer centrifuges.
patent attorney with an engineering the people who come to our southern Kim Jong-un at Singapore. Oppo- Trump, in his negotiations with Kim,
degree from MIT, a thriving family, and border are looking to escape the vio- nents of the president say that he demanded, and Kim signed, a declaration
a flourishing legal practice in Clifton. lence and fear and degrading poverty did exactly with Kim what Obama did with agreeing to the complete denuclearization of
He also was a man whose mother of their lives. They are not at all unlike Iran. He legitimized a rogue regime in order to the Korean Peninsula.
had put him, his older brother, and our ancestors; all were drawn by the get rid of their nukes. So why did Republicans I recognize that this agreement is thus far
their baby sister on the Kindertrans- vision of the Lady in the harbor, with condemn Obama and praise Trump? meaningfulness, as it has no details or timeta-
port. He never saw his mother again; her torch shining on them. They were I’m not here to get political on this issue. bles. But at the very least its focus is on North
he and his siblings battled the trauma drawn by our talk of life and hope and Ensuring rogue regimes don’t have nukes is Korea completely dismantling every vestige of
of that separation for all of their lives. prosperity and vast open spaces. Of way too important for it to be a partisan. And its nuclear program, as opposed to Iran, which
Mr. Silber’s struggles seem to have amber waves of grain. amid my praise for the president for bringing was allowed to remain nuclear.
been successful, but he was quite clear There are other questions about North Korea to the negotiating Obama lifted all the major
about the toll they took on him, about immigration, even if they pale in com- table — startling in itself — I con- sanctions against Iran and
how that separation from his mother, parison to what we’re doing with par- fess to a strong distaste for see- saved its economy from total
and the other separations over the ents and children. ing a tin-pot brutal dictator like implosion through multibillion-
course of the next decade that took We need immigrants. Kim being elevated to a place of dollar deals that were imme-
him from home to home as the needs As much as we (we not being all of global importance. diately inked in the wake of
of the people caring for him and the us, needless to say) talk about how But let’s point out some of Obama’s disastrous deal.
bureaucracies that lost and then found immigrants take Americans’ jobs, the major differences between The Trump administration
him changed him, made it harder and unemployment is low now, and the Obama’s Iran deal and Trump’s has said that even in the wake
harder for him to attach to new people. jobs immigrants take are the ones North Korea summit. of the summit in Singapore no
He stayed in Paterson long after he Americans don’t want. They’re day First, Obama negotiated with Rabbi sanctions will be lifted.
could have left, and everyone like him laborers. They’re the guys on bikes Iran even while it incessantly Shmuley Finally, and most importantly,
socioeconomically had left, he told with big bags of food, most visible threatened a targeted genocide Boteach Obama’s Iranian deal allowed for
me, because that’s where he ended up when it’s roasting hot or pouring rain of an ethnic group consisting of sunset clauses that would give
in this country, and “I wanted to put and their lucky customers don’t want six million people, in this case, the Iranians the capacity and the
down roots.” to go out, so they do. They’re the peo- the Jews of Israel. He never once warned Iran right to produce an unlimited number of nukes
He was one of the very lucky ones. ple who kill cows and then butcher that it must stop its promises to annihilate the when the deal ended in over a decade.
His sister, who had been seven months them. (Remember Aaron Rubashkin, Jews or he’d withdraw from the negotiations. Trump’s discussions with Kim involved
old when her mother had to give her the Agriprocessors owner whose That was not true of Trump and Kim. As North Korea getting rid of its nukes and
up, never flourished, and died young. sentence President Trump com- soon as Kim’s government started sounding nuclear program completely and utterly.
That’s not surprising. The kind of muted? His slaughterhouse, in Iowa belligerent and attacking Vice President Pence, Now, let’s recognize that North Korea
trauma that comes from the sepa- — not exactly right over the border — Trump canceled the summit. is a rogue regime and Kim is a tyrant. I
ration from a parent can actively employed many undocumented for- It was only when Kim stopped the belligerent hated seeing people cheer a murderer on
reroute a young person’s brain, sci- eign workers. That’s because almost talk that Trump agreed to the meeting. the streets of Singapore and Kim being
entists warn us. no Americans want to work in such The Obama administration gave the Iranians afforded all the trappings of a legitimate
I’ve often imagined what it must places — and the ones who do, the $150 billion — a large chunk in untraceable cash world leader. I hated seeing him portrayed
have felt like for parents who had to ones who want to kill, are the ones — and even admitted that some of the money — however temporarily — as an equal to the
put their children on the Kindertrans- we really have to look out for.) will probably go to terrorism. Trump didn’t leader of the free world and the earth’s fore-
port, but then I make myself stop. It’s At this point, there is neither cour- give Kim a nickel. At least not yet, and we hope most democratic republic. Having said that,
not possible to imagine that level of age nor novelty in speaking out against it will remain that way. if Trump succeeds in getting Kim to volun-
fear and pain, and if it were possible it the remarkably cruel and profoundly Obama legitimized Iran’s nuclear program tarily give up all his nukes, that will be a tre-
would be devastating. un-Jewish policy that has American and allowed for 6,000 centrifuges to continue mendous accomplishment for world peace
We are so very lucky not to have to immigrant officials taking children to spin as part of the deal. This is significant and the summit will have been a success. It
imagine that. away from their parents. But until that
But the parents who are bringing practice is ended, every single one of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is the author of 32 books, including his new book, “Lust for Love,”
their children up to the United States’ us who has a voice must raise it. -JP co-authored with Pamela Anderson. Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley.

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would, of course, be even better if

there were regime change in North
to kill Jews during the invasion of
the Soviet Union in June 1941. Ulti- Dear graduates: As you
Korea. But for now, Trump’s goal
of ridding North Korea of dooms-
mately, these mobile killing units
would murder an estimated 1.4 leave home, celebrate —
day weapons remains laudable and
worthy, if indeed he can achieve it.
million Jews.
The next stage in the genocide but be aware of the risks

But there must be timetables on was tested on September 3, 1941,
these negotiations and Kim cannot when 600 Soviet prisoners of war ear High School Senior: some other institute of higher
be allowed to drag out the negotia- and 260 ill or weak prisoners at As I sat down to write learning, there will be moments
tions indefinitely. a concentration camp in Poland this article, I was just when you will wish you were back
For me, the most embarrass- known as Auschwitz were herded days away from attend- home, surrounded by your family.
ing thing about Obama’s nuclear into an experimental gas chamber. ing my first significant graduation as There will be times when you will
deal was how he had no problems The Germans filled the room with a father. be stressed out because you had a
negotiating with a regime that was crystalline hydrogen cyanide gas, True, it was an elementary school tough day, you are missing a sim-
promising weekly to destroy Israel an insecticide with the commer- graduation and not a high school cha back home, you are dealing
and kill all its citizens. Genocidal cial name Zyklon B. The test was one, but those milestone moments with unresolved issues that have
incitement is expressly prohibited “successful” and the gas chamber at any age prompt parents to think Rabbi Zvi been tucked away in the back cor-
by the 1948 U.N. Anti-Genocide was used for mass murder starting about the words of wisdom they Gluck ners of your mind for years, or
convention, to which the United in January 1942. want to offer their kids at this cru- you are trying to find your place
State is a signatory. A few weeks earlier, the Nazis cial juncture in their lives. So I come in an unfamiliar social scene and
There is good reason for this. had tested another method for to you today not wearing my Amudim hat, but as a wondering why on earth you ever thought
Genocidal rhetoric is the first step gassing prisoners at Chelmno, a dad, albeit one who knows more than most about spending a year away from home would be a
in genocidal implementation. camp 30 miles northwest of Lodz. the challenges teens face today. good idea.
World War II began on Septem- Prisoners there were forced into As you got ready to don your cap and gown At moments like that, when you are feeling
ber 1, 1939, with the German inva- vans with tubes directing the car- (or maybe just a suit and tie) you were no lost and vulnerable, escaping reality by get-
sion of Poland. Shortly afterward, bon monoxide from the exhaust doubt excitedly looking towards the opportuni- ting drunk or high might seem like an excel-
Heinrich Himmler, the head of the pipe into the area where they were ties that lie ahead. For many of you that means lent idea.
Gestapo and the SS, created spe- trapped. Three vans used to kill leaving home for the first time as you write the Or consider this scenario. You are away in
cial mobile killing units within the more than 150,000 people in less next chapter of your educational career and, school and have really clicked with your new
SS, the Einsatzgruppen, respon- than three years drove and emp- quite possibly for the first time ever, being friends. They are fun, they really get you, and
sible for liquidating all political tied the victims into mass graves. responsible for yourselves. Some of those deci- now that they are far away from their par-
enemies of the Reich. They were So, the Holocaust had begun, sions that lie ahead may be as simple as where ents’ watchful eyes, they know how to party
placed under the command of his and the extermination of the Jews to spend Shabbos or whether or not to go out like nobody’s business. While you undoubt-
deputy, Reinhardt Heydrich. On was already in full swing, when for dinner with your friends, while others may edly are mature enough to realize that they are
September 21, 1939, Heydrich sent Heydrich invited 14 high-ranking involve far more serious matters that can have clearly overindulging, you really want to fit in
a secret memo to the chiefs of the Nazi Party and government lead- devastating consequences. And with your par- and be one of the gang, and you may find your-
Einsatzgruppen. It is a remarkable ers to the SS-owned villa at Wann- ents many, many miles away, this time you will self wondering if bingeing on alcohol, smok-
document that makes clear that a see, a suburb of Berlin. It was not be the one determining what your next move ing some weed, or experimenting with pills is
conference in Berlin that day dis- referred to as the Wannsee Con- will be. really such a big deal.
cussed the solution to the Jewish ference, that is name given to it I am telling you right now, that it is. Going
question and the importance of later, and we only know of its exis- down any of those roads could potentially set
keeping the plans for implement- tence because one of the 30 copies you on an extremely dangerous path, one that
ing it secret. The memo euphe- (marked number 16 of 30) believed could have devastating consequences. Addiction
mistically refers to the “final aim” to have been distributed to the As with so many can have lifelong consequences.
of the Nazis, which he says would participants and other parties was Fatal ones, too.
take some time, and the stages found in 1947 by American war other challenges Finding yourself as you are now, on the cusp
necessary for fulfilling it in the crimes investigators in the files of in life, it helps to of adulthood, it’s time to realize that life is full
short term. the German Foreign Office. It was of unexpected surprises and not all of them
The “first prerequisite,” which at this conference that the compre- be prepared for are pleasant. There are times when the going is
Heydrich said should “be carried hensive arrangements for the final what is heading going to be way more than tough, and you just
out with all speed,” was the “con- solution of the Jewish question was don’t know how you are going to get through
centration of the Jews from the decided upon. your way, so that the day. Turning to drugs or alcohol to numb
countryside into the larger cities.” And my point? when you hit one the pain might seem like a good idea, but noth-
If an explanation for this action was Genocide does not happen all at ing could be further from the truth. Whether
needed, he wrote, they were to say once, but piecemeal. Often, it is a of those inevitable you are 18 or 81, numbing the pain doesn’t
“that Jews have most influentially case of trial and error and of the bumps in the road, solve anything. It is a temporary escape, and
participated in guerrilla attacks and governments implementing the once your poison of choice wears off, the pain
plundering actions.” Foreshadow- genocide testing public response, you know how to still is going to be there. Worse yet, you will
ing future plans, Heydrich said to probing world opinion and oppo- deal with it. have created an even larger problem for your-
create “as few concentration points sition, and actual methods of mur- self, because when future difficulties crop up,
as possible…so as to facilitate sub- der. Which is why genocides must drugs or alcohol will seem like the easy answer,
sequent measures,” and to choose be resisted just as soon as they are As with so many other challenges in life, it and before you know it, you can get caught up
locations along railroad lines. The mentioned or discussed. helps to be prepared for what is heading your in the vicious cycle of addiction, one that has
memo also uses the word “ghetto,” It was in this crucial matter that way, so that when you hit one of those inevita- taken all too many young lives in recent years.
which may be the earliest reference President Obama failed so miser- ble bumps in the road, and I promise you, you And while we are discussing sensitive sub-
to the German plan to confine Jews ably when he refused to call out will, you know how to deal with it. Whether jects, there is one more that I need to address.
to ghettos. Iran for its promises of total Jewish you are heading off to yeshiva, seminary, or SEE GRADUATES PAGE 29
Two years later, the implemen- extermination.
tation of the radical solution to And it is a lesson President
The opinions expressed in this section are those of the authors, not necessarily those of
the Jewish question to accomplish Trump must take with him should
the newspaper’s editors, publishers, or other staffers. We welcome letters to the editor.
the “final aim” began when the Kim Jong-un return to any kind of
Einsatzgruppen were assigned threats against any other nation. Send them to



Of children and parents This past Shabbat, at our

shul, in light of the summit
must be found, and this is
never a simple task. And yet

with North Korea, I spoke of any society that tears children
n dozens of occasions, the never to be reunited, is something that we, the evils of communism, an from the arms of parents,
Torah instructs us to dem- as Jewish people, described by our Sages as ideology responsible for the that instructs guards in these
onstrate compassion for the rachmanim bnei rachmanim, “compassion- deaths of tens of millions of detention centers not to pick
widow, the orphan, and the ate people, the children of compassionate people, at minimum, over up or hold these children to
ger, the stranger, or, as often rabbinically people,” can never accept. We, who read of the course of the last century. comfort them, let alone one,
interpreted, the convert. Moreover, the Jacob’s decades of torment when Joseph is I lamented how, in contrast such as ours, that once was
Torah, in mandating this additional level of ripped away from him, could not but recoil to the brave and courageous Rabbi Daniel proud to take in the poor
care and compassion, roots this mandate at this policy. stand that our government Fridman and huddled masses fleeing
in our historical experience as strangers in Both my wife and I had grandparents who took in its policies toward evil dictatorships all over the
the land of Egypt. Our own national story endured brutal separation from their own the Soviet Union, especially, world, has lost its way.
must, the Torah teaches us, make us more parents during the Holocaust, and our own the Jackson-Vanik amendment, the human In our polarized climate, there are those
concerned for other oppressed or vulnera- familial narrative shapes our worldview to rights of the suffering, often starving, peo- who will willfully conflate a basic sense of
ble groups, and not, as some espouse, con- this day. Two years ago, on Yom HaShoah, ple of North Korea were completely absent morality and humanity with partisanship.
cerned only with our own suffering. I heard a lecture from Frieda Laub, a child from these discussions. And yet we know better. There is noth-
As such, we must abhor the current prac- survivor of the Holocaust, who told our I might have also mentioned, in that ing partisan, or political, about decrying
tice of separating children from their parents group that when she was separated from context, the systematic practice in com- brutality.
on the southern border of the United States. her mother at the age of six, and spent the munist countries of separating children To conclude with the words of Republi-
Every administration has both the right rest of the war hiding in a pigsty, she began from their parents, of breaking down the can former First Lady Laura Bush, “I appre-
and the duty to devise an immigration pol- each day with a Yiddish prayer, “Hashem, family unit. The parent-child relationship ciate the need to enforce and protect our
icy that balances sovereignty, security, and please let me see my mother again.” is a sacred one. The undying love a parent international boundaries, but this zero-tol-
compassion, in accordance with our history It is particularly painful to me that one of feels for a child is the very basis of all other erance policy is cruel. It is immoral.
as a nation of immigrants. And yet, in this the primary architects and vocal defenders social structures, such as community, and “And it breaks my heart.”
complex equation, some practices are sim- of this so called zero-tolerance policy of sepa- nationhood.
ply beyond the pale: ripping children out rating children from parents, according to Immigration policy is complex, as stated Daniel Fridman is the rabbi of the Jewish
of the arms of their parents, in some cases, media reports, is a member of our own faith. above. A balance between competing values Center of Teaneck.

Holocaust comparisons muddy the immigration debate

et me start by stating what should claim, we will process it, and I will review administration insist there is are uncomfortable with the
be obvious: Holocaust compari- the situation and make a decision. no such policy, others insist use of ‘concentration camps’
sons are lazy and more often Let’s start with the word “exaggeration.” it is a necessary policy, others to describe the horrific treat-
than not hysterical. They dimin- If a wife accuses her husband of adultery, — namely Sessions — defend it ment of undocumented immi-
ish Nazism and genocide by making them and he replies “You’re exaggerating,” I’m on biblical grounds and still grants bc it feels like an exploi-
synonyms for “very bad things.” You may pretty sure this marriage can’t be saved. others — namely, the presi- tation of their trauma from
regard the Trump administration’s zero-tol- “Exaggeration” suggests you are overdoing dent — say they hate the pol- genocide, IT’S NOT BECAUSE
erance stance at the border, and its policy it, but there’s, you know, a continuum. icy but lie about their own THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT
of separating parents and children, as inhu- It gets weirder when you finish Sessions’ ability to rescind it. Confused WHAT’S HAPPENING.”
mane and un-American. But if you think thought for him after he says “they were and indefensible policy leads Andrew Exactly.
that’s Nazism, you don’t know Nazism. keeping [people] from leaving the coun- to confused and indefensible Silow-Carroll Responsible Jewish groups
But wow, how weird was Attorney Gen- try.” As opposed to what: “We are trying thinking and rhetoric. guard against loose Holocaust
eral Jeff Sessions’ reply when Laura Ingra- to keep them out”? That’s the difference It also leads opponents to analogies not because they
ham asked him about the Nazi comparisons? between the Nuremberg Laws and our overdo it. A detention center or shelter is want to claim all the world’s suffering for
Here’s the June 18 exchange on Fox immigration policy? You can almost hear not a concentration camp, as upsetting as themselves, but because they believe dis-
News’ “The Ingraham Angle”: the thought process as, “Yes, we both had it is to see children and adults separated tinctions matter. And they fear that if you
Ingraham: This is how your opponents, problems with alien populations. But ours into facilities that include chain-link hold- can prove that something isn’t Nazism,
[Attorney] General Sessions, are dema- is ethically defensible because they aren’t ing areas. Wikipedia has even included the then hey, it might not be all bad. But as
goguing this issue. … Nazi Germany, con- our citizens.” It’s telling that it’s the first U.S. Customs and Border Protection facili- Oluo continues, “We don’t actually have to
centration camps, human rights viola- distinction he can think of. ties on a list of concentration and intern- invoke the deep trauma of Jewish people in
tions. Laura Bush has weighed in. Michelle If somebody compared something I did ment camps. But these centers are troubling order to point out that separating families is
Obama, Rosalynn Carter, you’ve got all of to the Nazis, I hope in outrage I would and cruel on their own terms. Putting them wrong and putting people in cages is wrong.
the first ladies, going back to Eleanor Roo- jump right to the heart of Nazism: “The on the same list as Auschwitz and Sachsen- It is outrageous on its own. It should be
sevelt, she’s apparently weighed in as well. Nazis’ aim was to harness all the power hausen only diverts the conversation — and enough to force us into action on its own.”
General Sessions, what’s going on here? of the state to industrial-scale murder and actually gives the purveyors and defenders So Jeff Sessions is right: “[T]his is a seri-
Sessions: Well, it’s a real exaggeration, of the destruction of an entire race. Unless of a bad policy, a la Ingraham, the opportu- ous matter. We need to think it through,
course. In Nazi Germany, they were keep- you are actually talking about genocide, nity to claim hurt and insult. be rational and thoughtful about it.” Being
ing the Jews from leaving the country. But it’s demagoguery to compare any policy Holocaust analogies also force Jews to rational is putting our immigration pol-
this is a serious matter. We need to think it with which you disagree to Nazism.” become language police over a policy icy in proper historical and political per-
through, be rational and thoughtful about I hope I wouldn’t narrowly parse what I most seem to abhor. Nearly 30 Jewish spective. And being serious is listening to
it. We want to allow asylum for people and the Nazis do and don’t have in common. groups have signed a letter asking the gov- your critics and taking responsibility for
who qualify for it, but people who want I don’t believe Sessions is soft on Nazism. ernment to suspend its family separation the actions you and your colleagues have
economic migration for their personal The problem here is defending what more policy, including representatives of all the ordered and defended.
financial benefit, and what they think is and more people on both sides of the aisle major Jewish denominations. As author
their families’ benefit, is not a basis for a insist is an indefensible policy. And it’s what Ijeoma Oluo put it so succinctly on Twit- Andrew Silow-Carroll is editor of the Jewish
claim of asylum. But they can make that happens when some members of your own ter, “Hey, if Jewish people say that they Telegraphic Agency. He lives in Teaneck.



No, Rabbi Boteach, and an education center where visitors from all over the are exercise, diet, stress and smoking. The evils of the
Trump’s not good for Jews region will come and with the use of augmented reality, latter have been well documented. But the issue of stress
In reference to Rabbi Boteach’s June 8 column, “Is be able to learn, explore, question, and discover infor- has been overlooked and poorly understood. So, Dr. A
Trump good for the Jews? It’s an easy yes” — yes, I mation about the holocaust. failed to include it in his instructions to our dear Rabbi.
believe the U.S. embassy should be in Israel’s capital, As mentioned in the article, we are not trying to build There are two kinds of stress. One is the momen-
Jerusalem. I hail Nikki Haley for her unwavering support a new museum but on the exterior part of the project, tary effect of being blindsided by something extremely
for Israel in the United Nations. But other than that, say- we will have a reading rail that when you point a smart unpleasant such as a car accident, or getting a phone
ing Trump is good for Jews is despicable. phone or tablet to specific markers, the app will bring call at 5 am in the morning that your mother’s house
Using the shortcomings of biblical characters as an you to a web page that explains that concept or histori- has a burglar alarm (that happened to me recently). The
excuse for Trump’s outright immoral behavior is ridicu- cal fact or question. We want visitors to ask questions other kind of stress is long-term and environmental. It
lous. We Jews are moral people (though there are excep- and explore the answers. We want this to be the place involves your lifestyle, your occupation, and the circum-
tions — Bernie Madoff, Trump’s mentor Roy Cohen, where schools, shuls, churches, and other groups come stances of family life.
among others). Our Torah exhorts us to be kind to oth- to learn about the Shoah and while they are here, they When, for example, you find yourself in a troubled
ers, to be honorable, and to take care of God’s creation. will be able to learn about the plight of enslaved Africans work environment, when you worry about keeping
Trump is in no way honorable or kind, nor does he across the Municipal Green and visa versa. your job, when keeping your job requires you to live
care about God’s creation, our planet, as demonstrated The other parts of the memorial will be a central sculp- with great stress, all of this can have a profound impact
by his withdrawal from Paris climate accord. He has ture which will be determined by a competition of designers on cardiac function. A significant fraction of myocardial
cheated his workers, cheated students, abused women and architects as well as a memorial wall where community infarctions (aka “heart attacks”) are triggered by stress.
and the disabled. He violates our Constitution. He lines members can memorialize the names of family members I believe that our sages recognized this reality in two
his pockets, using his office for himself and family. He who were killed in the Holocaust. To make it more region- ways. The observance of Shabbat is all about re-charging
supports bigots and despots, has fanned racism, and centric, there will be testimonials and artifacts from local our emotional batteries. We extract ourselves from ordi-
may very well have committed treason. Most recently survivors accessible in the library along with a multi-level nary life and enter a different time and space. Stress is
has shown no humanity by separating children from curriculum that we will design in cooperation with other removed, at least for a day each week.
their parents at the border. To use Congresswoman Pelo- holocaust educational organizations. The other mechanism that copes with stress is daily
si’s word, this is “barbaric.” His policies hurt the poor. Donations to help this become a reality can be made prayer. When we engage with the divine, when we daven
This list could be greatly expanded. at the Amidah or sing Psalms, when we pray for shalom,
As a Jew, I find it offensive to be linked to Trump! Steve Fox - co-chair we are administering an antidote to the toxins of daily
Ilana Kantey Northern New Jersey Holocaust life. Some of us are fortunate enough to do this one, two
Fort Lee Memorial & Education Center or even three times a day. Personally, I find wrapping
[understanding.jpg] myself in a tallit every morning creates a powerful feel-
Awaiting the rabbi’s next column ing of calmness and serenity.
I await, with bated breath, a column by “America’s More on healthy living For others, meditation, yoga, walking, gardening or
Rabbi” Shmuley Boteach condemning Donald Trumps’s Rabbi Engelmayer has, as usual, written an instructive just reading a good book can produce the same result.
policy of separating children from parents at the Mex- piece on how to live a good life ( “Healthy living, the Talk therapy (chatting with a friend) is another way to
ican border. Hopefully, Sheldon Adelson will give the Torah way,” June 15.) In it, he cites seven guidelines vent pressure. Dr. Z’s favorite stress reduction method
good rabbi permission to take a stand against this that his physician (Doc A, we know who you are) has is long distance running and exercise, which also
immoral practice. given him. They are all excellent and we should fol- achieves stress reduction, over and above the obvious
Gerald Fischer low them. But he has left out one more, which might physical benefits of making the human machine hum
trump all the others. like a Swiss clock.
Teaneck Holocaust memorial Full disclosure. I spent the better part of my professional So, to my dear rabbi: Don’t forget about stress. And,
will be a gateway to learning life in the healthcare industry. Along the way, I met a num- by all means, do something about it. We should all
I was pleased to see coverage of the proposed Holocaust ber of experts in cardiology. One, who shall be known as examine what produces stress in our lives – and beyond
memorial and the proposed memorial for enslaved Afri- Dr. Z, stands out. Among other things, he was the head of compensating for it (with prayer, meditation etc.), seek
cans in last week’s paper. I feel that a few things were cardiology at Yale University medical school. ways to reduce it.
not fully fleshed out. From the perspective of the Holo- Dr. Z counseled that good heart health is always about Eric Weis
caust project, we are planning for this be a memorial risk factor reduction. Among the primary risk factors Wayne, NJ

important it is to deal with unresolved issues like these of the Atlantic and our caseworkers are ready to help
Graduates now, before you choose a spouse and start a family of 24/7m in Israel at 02-374-0175, 516-636-0175 or help@
your own because, as with so many other situations in, and in the United States at call (201) 464-
For a variety of reasons, people who were abused as life, burying serious problems is a recipe for disaster 8000 or email
children often are afraid to speak up while they are liv- because they only come back to haunt you somewhere Mazel tov on this wonderful accomplishment and
ing at home, and over the past few years we have seen down the road. hatzlacha raba in your upcoming studies. I can’t wait to
many young adults who go away to Israel or anywhere So as you finish up your last finals and get ready to hear great things from you in the future.
else for a year finally seeking the help they need, now close the book on high school, I ask you to take these Best Wishes,
that they are in a safe environment. If you have an inci- fatherly thoughts to heart. Zvi Gluck
dent in your past that needs to be addressed, or there is Choose wisely when it comes to making new friends.
something going on in your school or in your life right Be prepared for the fact that some days are going to be Rabbi Zvi Gluck is the director of Amudim, an
now that sets off alarm bells, seek out someone you trust hard, and have solutions prepared to deal with them. organization dedicated to helping abuse victims
and tell them that you need their help. Or you can call Listen to those voices in your head that tell you that and those suffering with addiction within the Jewish
Amudim’s Israel office, which was created to deal with indulging in certain behaviors is not a good idea. Know community, and he has been involved in crisis
exactly these situations. who the trusted adults are in your school and speak to intervention and management for the past 18 years.
Know that far from feeling embarrassment or shame them if you need someone to pick you up when you’re Amudim has established a presence in Teaneck. For more
for things that may have taken place that were beyond feeling low or have unresolved issues that you need to information go to, call (201) 464-8000,
your control, dealing with them head on is an act of discuss. And if you find yourself in need of more serious or email
incredible bravery. I cannot emphasize enough just how help, know that Amudim is there for you on both sides


Jewish World

Slaves’ exodus celebrated in New York

with a ground-breaking Juneteenth seder
STEVEN DAVIDSON as its backdrop as the seder began as so

many have — with the traditional Hebrew
hose who first sang “Go Down prayer to light candles, and the She-
Moses” did not need reminding hecheyanu blessing, recited to celebrate
of what slavery was like in Egypt. special occasions.
Their Moses was in fact alive, This seder, however, beyond provid-
and her name was Harriet Tubman. The ing feminine and humanist prayer alter-
water they waded into was not the Red Sea, natives, would offer many blessings for
but streams and rivers that allegedly threw those that came before them — stretching
the slave owners’ dogs off their tracks. back to Africa.
African-American liberation and the “We memorialize the ending of chattel
Exodus story are uniquely connected in slavery in the way we remember our lib-
spiritual inspiration and in embodying eration from Egypt because ritual is a form
resilience, yet never before have the sto- of collective, embodied memory,” read
ries been brought together and blended black Jewish activist Koach Frazier from
like they were at the Juneteenth seder the Juneteenth haggadah, which he co-
— the first of its kind — in New York City authored. “We embody our experiences
last week. as both slaves and people on a journey
Organized by New York City’s Jews For towards liberation.”
Racial and Economic Justice ( JFREJ), the Elijah and Miriam’s cup honored ances- Attendees at the Juneteenth seder put on by JFREJ, held alongside the East
June 14 seder utilized the rituals and tra- tors in the pan-African tradition. Frazier River in New York City on June 14, 2018.  RAFAEL SHIMUNOV

ditions of Passover to celebrate “June- led the kiddush over the traditional four
teenth,” the liberation of African-Ameri- cups of wine, celebrating black forebears unfolding over several hundred years. Pharaoh and carry him to Batya. Water to
can slaves announced on June 19, 1865 in that fought for freedom like Frederick Ma nishtana, the seder asked next — why swallow up Pharaoh’s pursuing armies and
Galveston, Texas. Douglas, Fannie Lou Hamer, James Bald- is tonight different from all other nights? oceans to hold the nations of kidnapped
“We came together not just as black win, Audre Lord, and Sammy Davis, Jr. “This night is different because we take Africans destroyed by the Middle passage.
Jews or Jews of color, but with the entire “Our tradition tells us: ‘B’chol dor vador time for ourselves to revel in the liberation The currents that bore Robert Smalls to
community,” said the charismatic Yehu- chayav adam lirot et atzmo k’ilu hu yatza that is our birthright,” read JFREJ orga- freedom, and the undertow that forced
dah Webster, who co-founded JFREJ’s mimitzrayim,” the haggadah continued. nizer Leo Ferguson. He directed everyone the last breath from Emmett Till.”
Jews of Color caucus and was the seder’s “In every generation, each person must to ask among themselves what “a future Weaving these traditions and stories
MC of sorts. “We know that all of our lib- see themselves as if they had come out of of joy, freedom and collective liberation together was a powerful experience for
eration is tied together.” [slavery in] Egypt.” look[s] like,” pausing for individual con- many.
templation and group discussions. “I love Passover,” said Leo Ferguson.
A haggadah unlike any other The seder plate As the seder neared its conclusion, its “It’s my favorite Jewish holiday and it feels
JFREJ’s Jews of Color caucus led approxi- The Juneteenth seder plate recreated the narrative focused squarely on modern- very meaningful. But in a funny way, this
mately 200 people — black, white, Jew- traditional Passover symbols using culi- day injustices oppressing the black com- is the Passover that I think I always wished
ish, and non-Jewish — in a seder of their nary traditions of the American South munity. Reading from the haggadah, Rabbi to have — the music that was being played,
own design. The Juneteenth haggadah and Caribbean, emphasizing red foods as Barat Ellman addressed Jewish complicity the people around me, this is what I always
provided the blessings, rituals, and imag- is customary on Juneteenth to symbolize in and benefiting from white supremacy, longed for as a young person.”
ery of Passover that all Jews are familiar “ingenuity and resilience in bondage.” calling to begin black reparations in the For those in the black Jewish commu-
with, but with the content itself radically On this unique Seder plate, the z’roa form of divestments from oppressive sys- nity, the Juneteenth seder affirmed a more
reimagined. took the form of beets, a vegetarian sub- tems like mass incarceration and the New whole identity — and the perseverance it
The East River of Manhattan served stitute for the Passover shank bone. Okra, York Police Department. has required, past and present — among
the green vegetable brought over from Victoria Davis, the sister of Delrawn overlapping and separate communities.
West Africa to the American South, served Small, who was killed by an off-duty New “This was a chance to experiment with
as the karpas, or greens. York police officer during a road rage inci- something new,” said Ferguson. “When
Black eyed peas, which represents the dent last year, spoke earlier at the seder you look at the rate of young people leav-
new year in American Southern tradition, about her family’s struggle for justice. The ing Jewish institutional life, it feels like
was beitzah, the egg. Hot red pepper — officer remains on the NYPD payroll. such an important thing to realize that
what else? — induced maror’s bitter tears if we are to have a future as a commu-
of slavery. The baked sweet potato was Uniting a community nity that is multiracial and multiethnic,
charoset for its hardiness, and there wasn’t of many histories it reflects the way that young people are
matzah but cornbread: the poor bread that Frazier, who will begin studies at Recon- growing up with different identities.”
Southern slaves were able to make. structionist Rabbinical College in the Frazier said that through shared narra-
fall, led this eclectic congregation in the tives, this Juneteenth seder could trans-
Telling stories Hebrew blessings over the (corn)bread form what these identities fundamentally
past, present and future and wine (hibiscus tea) before the break mean.
“Tonight, we will hear stories of our ances- for the meal. “Freedom and liberation is a part of my
tors’ journey to freedom, like we hear As the sun set, and with the East River story as a black person, as a Jewish person,
every Passover,” announced Frazier. breeze sweeping across the crowd, soul as a black Jewish person,” said Frazier.
The Maggid, or story-telling portion of musician Ashley Philips concluded the “When we hear those stories, we envision
the seder, was carried out in the African- seder by leading an emotional rendition what it is like to be free, what it smells like,
American tradition of oral story-telling. of “Wade in the Water.” what it feels like. It is a recreation of Pass-
Yehuda Webster speaks at the June- Accompanied by the beat of a drum, “Water to speed our escape from Mitz- over. Just like on Passover, we are doing it
teenth seder put on by JFREJ, held these ancestral stories took everyone rayim [Egypt], halt our escapes from the today so that we can live in that liberation
alongside the East River in New York from Africa to slavery and eventually cotton fields,” read this first Juneteenth — rather than living in oppression.”
City on June 14, 2018.  RAFAEL SHIMUNOV liberation, an exodus story of its own haggadah. “Water to deliver Moses to  TIMES OF ISRAEL


D’var Torah
Chukat: Mourning for Miriam

arashat Chukat recounts one of and Aaron’s sister, died The death of Miriam at (m/r/y/m)” — a supportive and nurturing
the most dramatic and tragic and was buried in Kadesh. Kadesh no doubt left the peo- presence. The Hebrew word merivah (m/r/
episodes in Moses’ and Aaron’s Immediately thereafter, ple with a spiritual and emo- y/v/h) also calls forth the similar m/r/y of
tenures as leaders of the nation there was no water and the tional vacuum just as the loss Miriam and ha-morim. We may deduce that
of Israel. nation quarreled with their of “Miriam’s well” led to their the contentiousness of the people at mei
When the Israelites arrive at Kadesh in leaders. A midrash notes physical thirst. This was a merivah (m/r/y/v/h), and Moses’ dramatic
the fortieth year of their journey through that (although unstated in moment in which Moses and response in which he calls them ha-morim
the wilderness, the people complain of a the text) there is a connec- Aaron had the opportunity (m/r/y/m), were related to the recent loss of
lack of water. God commands Moses and tion between these events. to supply not only water but their beloved Miriam (m/r/y/m).
Aaron to gather the nation around a rock, The rabbis infer that it was Dean Rachel an extra dose of empathy — to The thirst of the nation of Israel at Kadesh,
speak to the rock before the people and in Miriam’s merit that a Friedman share their personal grief with which immediately followed the death of
bring forth water from the rock. Moses miraculous well followed Lamdeinu, a center the people, to rally the people Miriam the prophetess, was a moment of
for adult learning
draws water from the rock but something the people throughout their in Teaneck,
in a show of caring and unity. both physical and emotional emptiness
goes awry in the execution. Perhaps it is journeys in the wilderness, Orthodox Instead, Moses and Aaron flee for the people of Israel. But it was also an
in the angry words that he utters to the providing a plentiful supply the people to the ohel moed opportunity for Israel’s leaders to sanctify
nation or perhaps it is the fact that he of water, only to disappear or tent of meeting. Further- God’s name and solidify their connection to
strikes the rock, although not explicitly when Miriam died. more, God commands Moses and Aaron to the grieving nation. Sanctifying God’s name
commanded to do so by God. Surely, the loss of the prophetess Miriam speak in unison to the rock before the peo- is often about mediating miracles, but it
Whatever the exact cause, God declares caused not only physical thirst but great ple, presumably to announce the upcoming may also be about offering words of conso-
that Moses and Aaron have failed to sanc- grief to her family and nation. Piecing miracle. Instead, Moses speaks alone to the lation. It is ironic that the word Kadesh, the
tify God’s name before the nation of Israel. together the disparate references to Mir- people before the rock and his words con- location of Israel’s thirst and complaints in
As a result, they lose their privilege to lead iam in the Torah, we conclude that Miriam vey anger and frustration. Moses declares, Parashat Chukat, contains the same Hebrew
the people into the Promised Land. The was a woman of the people — a woman “shimu-na ha-morim; ha-min ha-sela ha-zeh letters — k/d/sh — as the word kadosh which
location becomes known as mei merivah who stood for and sustained all of the peo- notzi lakhem mayim?” “Listen now, O reb- means holy or sacred. Sadly, the waters of
— or waters of contention — reflecting the ple. She is Moses’ sister who watches him els, shall we bring forth water for you from Kadesh are remembered as mei merivah or
strife of the people. from a distance at the Nile River in a bas- this rock!?!” waters of contention, rather than as waters
What was so egregious about Moses’ and ket and arranges for his adoption by the It is striking that the Hebrew word for reb- of sanctification.
Aaron’s conduct that their punishment is daughter of Pharaoh. She leads the women els used by Moses is morim spelled m/r/y/m May it be our goal as Jews and human
the denial of the culmination of their life’s in song and dance at the crossing of the — the exact spelling in Hebrew of the name beings to address moments of challenge
work? Was it the slight transgression of Red Sea, celebrating the divine miracle of Miriam (m/r/y/m) — his recently deceased with acts of caring and words of comfort.
God’s precise instructions? Or did the epi- redemption and including the women as sister whose demise introduces the story May we strive to transform waters of con-
sode demonstrate the need for a new kind partners in that redemption. It is not sur- of mei merivah. The Torah uses words with tention into waters of unity and holiness.
of leadership? prising that when Miriam is afflicted with similar sounds and letters in order to con- Shabbat shalom.
I suggest a reading of the mei meri- leprosy for her criticism of Moses’ taking a vey subtle, textual messages. When Moses
vah episode based on its literary context Cushite woman (Bemidbar 12), the people utters, “listen rebels — ha-morim (m/r/y/m),” Dean Rachel Friedman is the founder of
and language. The Torah introduces the do not continue their journey until Miriam we are reminded that Moses and the peo- Lamdeinu, a center for Torah study in
story by telling us that Miriam, Moses’ returns to the camp. ple had just suffered the loss of “Miriam Teaneck.

BRIEFS Teams display unity after

scrapping Jerusalem game
Israeli envoy wrote Trump No UN construction in The Israeli-American Council’s Las Vegas branch held a
Jerusalem without Israel’s friendly match with its Argentinian counterpart in a display
speech to AIPAC, book claims of unity and friendship following the cancellation of an Israeli-
Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer permission Argentinian soccer match in Jerusalem earlier this month.
wrote a speech that then-presidential candidate Don- The Jerusalem District Court required the United Nations The June 9 friendly match in Jerusalem was canceled by
ald Trump delivered at the American-Israel Political last week to freeze all new construction projects at the the Argentinians after a campaign of death threats, harass-
Action Committee in 2016, a new book claims. UNTSO’s Armon HaNatziv compound. ment and other provocations targeting Argentinian soccer
In Born Trump, which launches on Tuesday, journal- In March 2017, a lawsuit submitted by Regavim — an superstar Lionel Messi.
ist Emily Jane Fox claims that Dermer essentially dic- Israeli NGO that monitors and pursues legal action in The match in Las Vegas, which was organized and spon-
tated the speech to Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. the Israeli courts against any construction lacking Israeli sored by Meir Cohen, president of the Las Vegas Sportspark
The speech was unusual in that Trump read it off a permits — revealed that the United Nations had commit- and Las Vegas Indoor Soccer, and Fernando Sabbadini,
teleprompter, rather than extemporizing as he did in ted numerous violations of Israel’s building and con- leader of the Argentinian-American soccer club, sought
most public appearances. struction laws in the Armon HaNatziv compound, and to counter that negative BDS-driven campaign through a
According to Fox, before the event Dermer held an had illegally seized dozens of dunams of state-owned friendly soccer game on June 17.
hour-long phone conversation with Kushner about land beyond the area set aside for the treaty-monitoring The event featured the singing of the Israeli, Argentinian,
the United Nations position on Israel, Iran, and other body’s use. and American national anthems; the flying of those nations’
issues important to Israel and to the audience, who The state’s attorney admitted that extensive illegal flags throughout the venue; games to engage the audience;
were expected to be paying close attention to the construction had been carried out at the site and made a and the presentation of a “community spirit trophy” to the
speech. commitment to engage the United Nations in diplomatic Israeli team, which won the match 6-3.
Fox writes that for Kushner, who at the time was try- negotiations aimed at creating a system for coordination “I hope our next game can be in Jerusalem,” said Sab-
ing to put together an overall Middle East policy for the regarding construction at the site. Regavim notes that badini. “And I hope the following game can be in Buenos
Trump campaign, the conversation with Dermer “was the diplomatic channel was opened more than a year Aires,” replied Cohen. He continued, “Soccer is the people’s
like getting your hands on the answer key the night ago with no end in sight: The sides do not appear to be game … it is an international language that we will continue
before the final exam.” JNS.ORG close to agreement. JNS.ORG to speak without fear.” JNS.ORG


Kosher Crossword
The Frazzled Housewife

Kid-watching as sport

eople-watching please have a napkin?”
is a very enjoy- the father asked. “Can you
able pastime. please take your scream-
But the best ing child somewhere else?
kind of people-watching We are trying to set up and
is the kind when you are your adorable kid is being
observing parents and sort of a distraction. You
their children but they know, with the blood and
don’t think anyone else is screaming and all that.” No,
watching them. For sure Banji I didn’t say that, silly goose.
you have been witness to Ganchrow But why were they so sur-
a fight between a mother prised when he did run into
and her daughter in the the table?
dress department of some store. Or a Here is a piece of advice. Don’t bring a
mother running after her toddler when 3-year-old to graduation!
he is only wearing one shoe. And pos- Yes, I am judging, but I can do that if
sibly no pants. I never brought a 3-year-old to gradu-
As the observer, you get a chuckle ation. Just like I can judge moms who
out of the situation — unless it hits too
close to home. And then you might
start to cry. In any event, last week, at a
graduation, does not matter which one,
some friends and I decided to observe After an in-depth
from afar, just to see how parents really
parent when there are so many people wipe of the nose,
around that they think no one is judging one cookie is
their parenting skills.
On the tables were cups of candy, touched, then
cookies, and fruit. another, then
Let’s see what happens.
1. Dipped fruit
1. Admits Three little boys start sticking their another, and
6. Dealer’s bane
10. Bad dreidel spin
2. Qualifying clause
3. Bat goo
hands in the cups of candy, put some in finally, a winner
their mouths, decide, “Naa, we don’t like
14. Former town employee
15. Inflatable things
4. “The”, to Éponine
5. ___ Pesach (busy day) this,” and spit it out and put it back in the is selected! He
16. One of four notable animals in 6. Yonah and Yaakov, e.g. cup. What does the mother do? Nothing! takes a bite and
She has her back turned and is having
Parashat Shemini
17. One who might have been offended by
7. From the top
8. Make a stink? a lovely conversation with someone she … nope, let’s put
the menu of 61-Across
20. Day before
9. CBS spinoff
10. “The West Wing” actor
probably doesn’t even like. that one back.
21. Britain’s last King Henry 11. Muslim’s journey Now these little gems decide to try
22. “Fannie” follower 12. Cause of an explosion? the cookies. After an in-depth wipe of
23. He played Bean, Button, and Black 13. Like a marriage during sheva brachot the nose, one cookie is touched, then nurse in public and moms who send
25. Midwestern city where 61-Across 18. Ocasek and others another, then another, and finally, a their kids to school the minute they are
occurred 19. Skateboarding apparel brand
winner is selected! He takes a bite and … in the recovery room.
30. Autocratic Russian rule 24. Braid or plait, e.g.
32. Batteries for remotes, perhaps 26. Notable idol nope, let’s put that one back. What does So watching all these things happen
33. Pal 27. Start of many an Arab name the mother do? Nothing! Now she is talk- was very humorous to us, again, because
34. Dermatology issues 28. Rabbi Yaakov ben Asher, AKA The ___ ing to someone else who she probably these weren’t our children. When your
35. Kind of tree 29. Israel’s protection: Abbr. doesn’t like! This is a fun activity. children get older, there is a whole new
36. Make like Doc Paskowitz 31. Book end?
Oh wait, these little guys are thirsty. set of things to worry about, which have
37. Menu item at 61-Across 35. Elrond, e.g.
41. They made a 42-Down obsolete 36. Curry’s are often far out Let’s see what happens when they go nothing to do with if they touch a cookie
44. Female warrior in two “Thor” movies 38. The ones that got away to the drink table. Don’t lift that bottle and don’t take it, or eat a piece of candy
45. Carlo, of Monaco 39. Place for VIPs? of soda, it’s too heavy for you, little guy! and put it back in the cup.
49. Aloof 40. Text message, formally and briefly Nope, we are going to lift it and proceed Though I really hope my boys aren’t
50. Dells, for short 41. Be into
to pour it in the cup, on the table, and doing that anymore, but with boys, ya
51. Nor’___ 42. See 41-Across
53. What many attendees at 61-Across 43. Colorful rug then on the floor. What does the mother never know.
were doing 46. Poseidon, to the Romans do? Do I really need to tell you? And even though I really wanted to go
56. Quick card game 47. Cut in thirds Now before graduation, when the over to the mom and give her the used
57. Jean who was the abba of Dada 48. Jamaica ___ (Queens neighborhood) room was being set up and everyone candy and “nose-covered” cookies, I
58. Blackens, in a way 50. Run well, as an engine
not setting up was supposed to be at the decided to keep my mouth shut (sur-
60. Org. that will check you out after you 51. Pave the way for
check in? 52. Indian city often used in crosswords actual graduation, there was a mom, prising, right?) And let the kids enjoy
61. Historic Hebrew Union College event 54. One of a notable seven from Israel dad, and little boy running around the their newfound freedom amongst all the
that occured on July 11, 1883 55. Home of the world’s first ghetto room. The little boy was screaming, adults. Because it is best to stay a kid for
66. Equal 59. Social climber, often the parents were chasing after him, it as long as humanly possible and that is
67. Little brook 61. Medicinal amt.
was tons of fun. Well, for me anyway, the truth. And even a real judge will tell
68. 1/8 cup 62. Habayit preceder
69. Cowboys and Indians, e.g. 63. Melodramatic, in slang because it wasn’t my kid. But then the you that…
70. Hog hang out 64. Like many an action star little cutie ran right into the edge of the
71. Schrute Farms vegetable 65. ““___ pasa?”” table because the parents were just let- Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck is trying to
ting him do whatever he wanted, and figure out how to pack her kids for camp
The solution to last week’s puzzle is on page 39 he started screaming at the top of his when no one will give her a straight
lungs, and there was blood. “Can we answer about anything.


Arts & Culture
Dreaming of America
Camryn Manheim matches the words and emtions to immigration

Ellis Island cast of actors, from left, Lesley Fera, Samantha Sloyan, Kira Sternbach, Camryn
Manheim, Barry Bostwick, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, and Michael Nouri on stage for Pacific
Symphony’s “Ellis Island: The Dream of America” by composer Peter Boyer. JOSHUA SUDOCK

CURT SCHLEIER interpret them, and bring them to life. coming from a family of immigrants. those words coming from poor immigrant

Although it probably isn’t surprising “They gave me that passage and asked children in a new land.”
amryn Manheim held it together, to people familiar with Boyer’s work, if I would be comfortable reading it. I She pauses for a second before
but viewers of the latest install- the three elements of “Ellis Island” are loved it. I loved being able to tell a story continuing: “I’m getting emotional just
ment of PBS’s magnificent Great exceptionally well integrated; like a so emotional with the backdrop of a thinking about it now.”
Performances series may not. perfectly machined motor, the pieces fit symphony. Manheim’s maternal grandparents came
The latest installment of the long- together smoothly. Equally impressive “I remember, we all got together the through Ellis Island. “Their names are
running series is a presentation of are the comments of these immigrants, day of the performance and waited in the probably displayed on the wall there,” she
Peter Boyer’s “Ellis Island: The Dream essentially uneducated people, proving wings. We walked out one by one, and it said. She was born in Caldwell and raised
of America,” a multimedia Grammy- you don’t need schooling to acquire was just a tidal wave of emotions. I can’t in a very secular — as she calls it, Jew-ish —
nominated composition that is among wisdom and common sense. really explain it to you, because I never family on the West Coast.
the most popular contemporary classical None more so than Manheim’s felt anything like it before: the power of Ironically, she and her siblings (she has
pieces in the symphonic repertoire. Katherine Beychok, who came to America a sister and brother) are more observant
It’s performed by the Pacific Symphony from Russia in 1910, when she was just 10 now. All their children (including her son
of Orange County, Calif., as part of its years old. Milo, an actor) became bar mitzvah, a
American Composers Festival, and is being “Hunger was a guest in everybody’s fact she attributes to the more welcoming
broadcast by PBS now in part to celebrate house,” she told the Oral History project. synagogues that have sprung up.
June as Immigrant Heritage Month. “The majority of the people were hungry “We were able to find a community
Boyer wrote “Ellis Island” in 2002. It is all the time. The only time there was relief in keeping with our beliefs and our
a work that soars to powerful crescendos from out poverty was on the Sabbath. The connection to Judaism,” she said.
and descends to emotionally resonating men came home from whatever they were Manheim has won many awards as
muted sections. On its own, it is a uniquely doing, studying or working for a living, and an actress (both a Golden Globe and
moving experience But the music is part of they put on whatever better clothes they an Emmy) but probably she still is best
a greater whole. had and got ready for the Sabbath. They known for her role as Ellanor Frutt on
Boyer uses archival photos flashed on went to shul, to synagogue, and when they “The Practice.” Today she spends much
a screen behind the orchestra and text came home, and that was the time we had of her time giving keynote addresses at
from the Ellis Island Oral History Project a big meal.” various Jewish federation functions and
to illustrate the experiences of seven Beychok’s father came to the States first, is involved in Bet Tzedek Legal Service,
immigrants who arrived in the United and when she landed, “this man came which provides pro bono assistance to
States between 1910 and 1940. forward, and he was beautiful. I didn’t people in need.
The immigrants chosen are know he was my father. I fell in love with “I talk about philanthropy and tikkun
representative of the immigrant influx him and he with me.” olam and basically thank the federation
during the three-decade period: Italian, In a telephone interview, Manheim Camryn Manheim performs the words for its amazing service to our community,”
Irish, and Jewish. Barry Bostwick, explained: “I was just asked if I could read of Russian immigrant Katherine she said. “There are so many wonderful
Michael Nouri, Lesley Fera, Lucas Near- the script and of course reading those Beychok in Pacific Symphony’s “Ellis stories. We just laugh and cry together.”
Verbrugghe, Samantha Sloyan, Kira beautiful firsthand accounts of going Island: The Dream of America” by Great Performances “Ellis Island: The
Sternbach, and Manheim do not so much through Ellis Island filled with fear and composer Peter Boyer. Dream of America” airs on Friday, June 29
recite the words, but re-enact them, hope and optimism, all that spoke to me, JOSHUA SUDOCK at 10 p.m. on PBS.


Shabbat in Fort Lee:
Friday  Congregation Beth Israel
JUNE 22 of the Palisades hosts
its annual Independence
Shabbat in Closter: Weekend barbecue, 6
Temple Beth El installs p.m. 1585 Center Ave.
its new board at Reservations, (201) 945-
services, 6:30 p.m.; a 7310 or
barbecue follows. 221
Schraalenburgh Road.
(201) 768-5112.


Shabbat in Teaneck:
drive at
The Jewish Center of
Teaneck holds its annual
Keter Torah
graduation kiddush The Children’s Clothing
after services, honoring Drive/Gemach will collect
alumni of nursery, pre-K, children’s clothing, shoes,
kindergarten, elementary,
and coats on Sunday, July
middle, and high school,
college, or graduate 1, and on Monday, July 2, at
school. Sponsorships Congregation Keter Torah’s
welcome. 70 Sterling main ballroom in Teaneck.
Place. (201) 833-0515, or
Donations must be in very
good condition, and sized
Women’s Philanthropy of the Jewish Federation of Northern
Shabbat in Jersey
City: Congregation
JUNE New Jersey welcomes New York Times bestselling author Jenna
for newborns through
teens. The drive benefits

27 Blum, who will discuss her new book, “The Lost Family,” at JFNNJ
B’nai Jacob holds
Shabbat yoga services community members.
at Hamilton House, 10:30 headquarters in Paramus, 7:30 p.m. The sisterhoods of Temple Beth It would be helpful for
a.m. 255 Brunswick St.; Sholom of Pascack Valley in Park Ridge, Temple Emanuel of the donors to sort the clothing,
building entrance on 10th
Street where free parking
Pascack Valley in Woodcliff Lake, and Women of Chai of Temple Beth Tikvah of bag it by age and gender,
is available. Rabbi Aaron Wayne co-sponsor the talk with the federation. Admission includes the book, and label it. Do not leave
Katz, (201) 435-5725 or wine, cheese, and desserts. 50 Eisenhower Drive. (201) 820-3906 or bags outside the shul. Volunteers also are
Women’s song circle in needed to help sort and
Teaneck: Join a z’mirot House in Marlboro, N.Y., Paramus/Congregation then pack the clothing

song circle, for women 1:30 p.m. Free tour of Monday  Beth Tikvah, 11:30 a.m. from July 1 to 11, as well

only, at the Jewish Center the Gomez Mill House Kosher lunch and music
of Teaneck, 5-6 p.m. Use follows. Refreshments. JUNE 25 by Moshe Katzburg. East as to work during the
the ramp entrance on The Gomez Foundation 304 Midland Ave. Shari shopping days, which
70 Sterling Place. Email for Mill House works to Lunch and learn: Rabbi Brodsky, (201) 837-9090, are July 4 to 10. Shoppers
WomensZmirot+owner@ preserve the 300 year- Aaron Katz leads a lunch ext. 237 or sharib@
discussion on current can choose private or old Gomez Mill House,
the oldest standing topics at Congregation small group appointment
B’nai Jacob in Jersey times. No appointment
Sunday  Jewish dwelling in North
America. 11 Mill House City, noon. $10. 176 West Friday  is needed on the last two
JUNE 24 Road, off Route 9W, Sophia Agranovich Side Ave. (201) 435-5725 JUNE 29 days — Monday, July 9, 6-8
Marlboro, N.Y. or
(845) 236-3126 or Music in Paterson: Shabbat in Paramus: p.m., and Tuesday, July Award-winning
virtuoso pianist Sophia
Wednesday  The JCC of Paramus/ 10, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Congregation Beth Suggested prices are $1
Dance music in Franklin Agranovich returns to the Tikvah hosts an open-
Lakes: Temple Emanuel Lambert Castle Concert
per item; funds are donated
house dinner for
of North Jersey shows series at Lambert Café Europa in prospective religious to Yad Leah. Leftover cloth-
Gomez Mill House a video of a recorded Castle, 5 p.m. 3 Valley Paramus: Café Europa, school families and ing will be sent to Israel
concert with popular Road. Limited seating. a social program
Music in the Hudson their children, 4 to 13 through Yad Leah. To make
Valley: Singers/ dance band music from (973) 247-0085 or sponsored by Jewish years old, 6 p.m. East
the Roaring Twenties, Family & Children’s an appointment to shop
songwriters, Lydia Adams 304 Midland Ave.
Davis, Pat Lamanna, and 2 p.m. Refreshments Services of Northern NJ Free, but reservations or for information, email
Jim Pospisil perform and ice cream. 558 High for Holocaust survivors, required. (201) 262-7733, childrensclothingdrive@
Mountain Road. (201) with funding from the email eduDirector@
handcrafted historical
Claims Conference,
ballads at the Gomez 560-0200 or www.tenjfl., or www.
Foundation for Mill org. meets at the JCC of



JCC to screen short films Teaneck joins AARP network

The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in award-winning short films, curated from of age-friendly communities
Tenafly hosts the “37th Short Film Con- the top global film festivals, including Teaneck announced this week that it American suburbs, Teaneck is a town
cert,” from the prize-winning short film “The Suitor,” “The Drive,” and “Pickle.” has joined a global alliance working to whose homes, streets, and public spaces
exhibition Asbury Shorts, on Tuesday, For information, call Michele at (201) 408- improve the lives of older residents. The were designed primarily with an eye
June 26, at 7:30 p.m. It is a collection of 1496 or go to township is the first Bergen County com- toward the families with young children
munity, and only the third in New Jersey, who moved here in droves in the 1950s
to join the AARP’s Age-Friendly Network and 60s. And like most American sub-
of States and Cities. urbs, Teaneck is seeing its population
Teaneck’s entry into the network age rapidly, with nearly 17 percent of the
was celebrated at a June 14 recep- township’s 40,000 residents now over 65.
tion attended by Mayor Mohammed The concern in Teaneck and elsewhere
Hameeduddin, Township Manager Wil- is that — without a concerted effort to
liam Broughton, state AARP leadership, create more walkable streets, affordable
and representatives of the nearly three- housing, accessible transportation, and
year-old Age-Friendly Teaneck initiative. targeted services — older residents with
“You can tell a lot about a community physical challenges will live more isolated
by the way they care for people who are lives or feel compelled to move away.
aging in the community,” said Brough- The number of communities in the
ton, adding that he is looking forward to AARP network has doubled in the past
the additional resources that will come year, said state AARP Director Stepha-

from the alliance with the AARP and the nie Hunsinger, before presenting the
more than 260 communities around the mayor with a certificate commemorating
country that have also joined. The town- Teaneck’s membership in the network.
ship and Age-Friendly Teaneck initia- In addition to gaining access to aging
tive have worked together on a number experts and other professional resources,
Sacha Horter and Tilda Cobham-Hervey in “The Suitor”  of efforts, from pledging to make streets participating communities can share ideas
more pedestrian-friendly to disseminat- and strategies, Hunsinger said. “They can
ing a resource guide and promoting key talk about what worked and best prac-
services to older adults. tices, and also about what didn’t work.”
The mayor said that he and the rest AARP surveys show that vast percentages
Conversation with an Israeli teen of the township council are committed
to addressing challenges faced by older
of older adults would prefer to remain liv-
ing in their communities as they age.
An Israeli teen who participated in Open NJ, formerly the Bergen County YJCC. adults and would welcome any sugges- Launched in early 2016 with funding
Hearts, Open Homes two years ago, will OHOH is a program that provides respite tions on how to assist elderly residents and organizational support from the
be at Temple Beth Or in Washington and comfort to disadvantaged Israeli who don’t have families nearby or other Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation,
Township on Tuesday, June 26, at noon. teens victimized by terror and war. They needed support. Age-Friendly Teaneck has already been
She lives near the border of Gaza and will stay with local Bergen County host fami- “As mayor, I have seen that even working in partnership with other local
talk about the current situation in Israel. lies during the summer. something like getting your snow shov- communities with similar organizations.
The program is sponsored by the For information, or eled becomes a big deal for older resi- To learn more about Age-Friendly
Jewish Community Center of Northern register at dents,” Hameeduddin said. Like most Teaneck, visit

Act Now Foundation helps residents

Meditation retreat in Tenafly understand and prevent Alzheimer’s
Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco indicate that the disorder may rank third,
Mark Van Buren, a yoga, meditation and has announced that representatives from just behind heart disease and cancer, as a
mindful living trainer, leads a “Meditation the Act Now Foundation — a grassroots cause of death for older people.
Retreat” on Sunday, July 15, at the Kaplen nonprofit that works to educate people Alzheimer’s is the most common cause
JCC on the Palisades, beginning at 12:30 about Alzheimer’s disease — will be at the of dementia among older adults. Demen-
p.m. The guided, half-day silent retreat county’s Division of Senior Services on the tia is the loss of cognitive functioning —
will teach participants how to incorpo- second floor at One Bergen County Plaza thinking, remembering and reasoning —
rate meditation into their daily routines. every Tuesday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and behavioral abilities to such an extent
Van Buren will explore meditation in all to provide local residents with informa- that it interferes with a person’s daily life
forms, including sitting, walking, journal- tion on how to detect, prevent, and treat and activities. Dementia ranges in sever-
ing, meditative dance, and quietly lying on Alzheimer’s disease. ity from the mildest stage, when it is just
the floor. He also will share core teachings “More than five million Americans beginning to affect a person’s functioning,
and how to attain restorative results. across the country suffer from Alzheimer’s to the most severe stage, when the person
“Meditation provides a way to find deep disease,” Tedesco said. “By bringing the Act must depend completely on others for
inner peace, mindfulness and calm,” he Now Foundation to One Bergen County basic activities of daily living.
said. “It also helps people develop concen- Plaza on a weekly basis, we will be able to The Act Now Foundation connects
tration, clarity and a sense of emotional help more residents better understand this people to vital community resources and
positivity — something we can all benefit debilitating disease and provide them with information on aging and dementia while

from.” the necessary information and services for also developing innovative approaches to
Pre-registration required at early detection and prevention.” aging issues.
meditation. According to the National Institute on Bergen County residents interested in
For more information, call Hagit Tal Aging, Alzheimer’s is currently ranked scheduling an appointment with a repre-
at (201) 408-1477 or email her at htal@ as the sixth leading cause of death in sentative from the Act Now Foundation Participating at a JCC yoga class. the United States. But recent estimates can call (201) 336.-7400.


Jewish World

Psychology association faces pressure to boycott Israel

of the Israeli government,” said the same hotel was organized
DEBRA NUSSBAUM COHEN Irwin Hoffman, a Chicago psy- by leaders of the U.S.-Pales-

chologist who is also a member tine Mental Health Network.
s its name suggests, relation- of Jewish Voice for Peace. “The It attracted about 100 people,
ships are key to members of contention isn’t with every who filled a small conference
the International Association Israeli individual but proximity room and overflowed into
of Relational Psychoanalysts to dehumanizing I think geno- the hallway.
and Psychotherapists. cidal behavior which makes it “IARPP tried to intimidate
But there is one relationship some mem- politically destructive for the us and undermine our effort,”
bers want to sever: the one between the organization” to meet there. said Christine Schmidt, an
organization and Israel. Hoffman, 75, has not visited IARPP member, psychoanalyst
At its 2018 conference, held June 14-17 Israel since he was in college in Brooklyn and an organizer of
at a Midtown Manhattan hotel, a vocal and will not attend the confer- the parallel gathering. “There
minority of the association’s 2,200 mem- ence in Tel Aviv. He would not is significant interest in talk-
bers objected to next year’s gathering be permitted in Israel, he says, ing about Palestinian human
being held in Tel Aviv, with some pledg- because of his involvement with rights among IARPP mem-
ing to boycott it. The 100 people or so JVP. Having the conference there bers, and a lot of anger about
who attended a concurrent meeting in the “normalizes Israeli business as the censorship and shutdown
same hotel titled Voices of Palestine sug- usual,” he said. that have happened” at this
gested the objections aren’t marginal. “You wouldn’t have this meet- year’s conference.
To be sure, the IARPP is a relatively ing next to a concentration camp “People I know in Palestine
small professional organization — it is in Germany,” Hoffman said. Lewis Aron, left, founding IARPP president, and Steven have had family members mur-
dwarfed by the American Psychological The topic of holding the con- Kuchuck, the current president, at the group’s 2018 con- dered and have been forced to
Association’s nearly 116,000 members, for ference in Israel has been heated ference in New York City.  DEBRA NUSSBAUM COHEN stand naked in the street,” said
instance — but this marks the first time that since it was proposed over a year Elizabeth Berger, a child psy-
boycotting Israel has become an issue out- ago, according to Kuchuck, a psychothera- and has written about Israel’s founding as chiatrist on the steering committee of the
side of academic and church groups and pist and psychoanalyst in New York City. the Nakba, or “disaster,” and a “stubborn U.S.-Palestine Mental Health Network,
the corporate world, according to people “We can only have conferences in cities trauma” for Palestinians. who also organized the parallel gathering
closely observing the Boycott, Divestment, with a lot of IARPP members and active Some IARPP members are refusing to at the IARPP conference.
and Sanctions, or BDS, movement. leadership,” he said. attend next year’s conference in an unof- “These atrocities occur on a policy-based
Backed by the pro-BDS group Jewish Other conferences have taken place in ficial boycott. wide scale which is denied,” Berger, who is
Voice for Peace, objectors and two dozen Australia, Rome, and Chile. Kuchuck said Limor Kaufman, an Israeli therapist liv- Jewish and not an IARPP member, told JTA.
Palestinian mental health professionals, only Israel has been controversial. ing and practicing in New York, said that “There’s a whole world of clinicians who
plus an Israel-based group called Psycho- Lewis Aron, IARPP’s founding president she knows colleagues who say they won’t live in the Middle East and [BDS] activists
active, sent letters to IARPP’s board asking and the director of New York University’s go, though they are all engaged in “a pro- who will be deprived of participation. It is
that the conference location be changed. A postdoctoral program in psychotherapy ductive, open dialogue” about it. for this reason that the State of Israel cannot
petition made the same point. and psychoanalysis, said “there aren’t a lot “I don’t support a boycott. It alienates be a platform for scholarly debate.”
Some communications asked that the of objections to having it in the U.S. despite the very people who need support, human The idea that those who oppose having
conference be moved to Cyprus or Jor- the Trump administration’s policies.” rights workers and the people in favor of a the conference in Tel Aviv would not be
dan. Another proposal was that it be held Kuchuck said Israel’s IARPP chapter two state solution,” she said. permitted entry to Israel because of the
in Nazareth, an Arab city inside Israel until recently was the second largest out- “Most members of the Israel chapter Israeli government’s BDS blacklist is incor-
proper, or on the border between east- side the United States with 160 members. are very liberal. There is also so much rect, said one expert.
ern and western Jerusalem, so the con- Australia’s chapter now has 170 members. misinformation about the Israel-Palestin- “Everyone’s protesting that they’ll be
ference would contribute to the Palestin- The organization’s popularity in Israel is ian conflict” among those favoring boy- barred. But I’ve had conversations with
ian economy. rooted by its people’s fondness for psycho- cott, Kaufman said. “They think Israel is the ministry on this issue and it’s not mem-
The IARPP declined to change the loca- analysis and psychoanalytically oriented this humongous superpower. It’s hard to bers, it is leaders” of BDS advocacy groups
tion from Tel Aviv. therapies, said Aron, offering that it was understand Israel’s vulnerability.” who would be stopped, said Kenneth
“The Board engaged in an open and frequently said that immigrants to Israel Whether there will be a wider official Waltzer, executive director of the Aca-
deliberative process before deciding to arrived “from Europe with Marx in one boycott is not yet clear. demic Engagement Network, an organiza-
hold the conference in Israel,” Steven hand and Freud in the other.” “It will depend to a large degree on what tion of university professors that opposes
Kuchuck, IARPP’s president, wrote in a “Analysts are active in the media, and a our Palestinian colleagues ask of us,” said boycotts of Israel and advocates for aca-
recent letter to members. “If we chose our good number have columns and write for an Israeli therapist in private practice in demic freedom.
conference locations by judging the politi- the general press,” he told JTA. “Analytic Tel Aviv who describes herself as an anti- Co-chairs of the Tel Aviv conference next
cal decisions of national governments, books commonly appear in the windows occupation activist and BDS proponent. year already are starting to coordinate
we might well have a hard time finding of bookstores.” “We may attend and facilitate workshops entry permits for mental health profes-
an ideal setting that would fit everyone’s Israeli accents were heard virtually on the occupation, or only come to the sionals from the west bank and overseas
preferences and values. To allow our orga- everywhere at the Roosevelt Hotel confer- opening to relay the message from the Pal- who want to attend but might otherwise
nization to single out one country for a ence, which was titled “Hope and Dread: estinian colleagues. This is not yet known.” face difficulty, Kuchuck told JTA. There
boycott would be to practice the politics of Therapists and Patients in an Uncertain The therapist did not want to be named, will also be pre-conference opportunities
exclusion. Boycotts will not help us fulfill World.” Israeli therapists spoke on many of saying it is dangerous to identify as a BDS for participants to visit the west bank and
our central mission: promoting values that the panel discussions and frequently asked activist in Israel. checkpoints and dialogue with Palestin-
are integral to the creative development of questions as audience members. “We want to protest the normalization ians, he said.
relational psychoanalysis.” The conflict was addressed directly and of the occupation and the increasing vio- The last time an IARPP conference
Now those objecting to having a con- indirectly in a few of the sessions, includ- lence happening now,” she said, referring was held in Israel was a decade ago and
ference in Israel are accusing the rela- ing one on Sunday morning titled “Bridg- to the number of Palestinians injured and included similar activities.
tional psychology group of “silencing pro- ing a Sea of Fire.” Panelists included killed during at times violent demonstra- “People went home with a much richer
tests” and “responding like an arm of the American Jewish and Israeli psychother- tions at Gaza’s border with Israel. understanding of how complicated the sit-
Israeli government.” apists, as well as Manal abu Haq, who The Voices on Palestine meeting held at uation there is,” Kuchuck said.
Meeting in Israel is “implicit support works in eastern Jerusalem and Ramla the same time as the IARPP conference in  JTA WIRE SERVICE]


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of sites with an impressive 1,500 reports published to date. • Prepaid funerals and all medicaid funeral benefits honored
When Rabbi Shmuel Halpert, outgoing Knesset mem- Schapira is proud that his organization has built an “Always within a family’s financial means”
ber of the charedi party Agudat Yisrael, invited Rabbi infrastructure that European governments recognize as 13-01 Broadway (Route 4 West) · Fair Lawn, NJ
Isaac Schapira to a meeting in July 2011, Schapira’s “professional and economically efficient.” For instance, Richard Louis - Manager George Louis - Founder
life changed forever. He was convinced that he had to ESJF has obtained governmental funding from the fed- NJ Lic. No. 3088 1924-1996
improve the situation for Jewish cemeteries worldwide, eral government of Germany. In Israel, Schapira has man-
which were suffering from disrepair, neglect, and van- aged to assemble an impressive coalition of supporters,
dalism from outside communities. including Yossi Beilin, former Knesset and senior Cabi-
Schapira describes Halpert as a pioneer in fighting for net member, who has held such government positions as
the rescue of Jewish cemeteries. “I don’t know who will Minister of Justice and Minister of Religious Affairs. Beilin
continue this fight. I think you and your connections are has served as a board member since 2013. He is actively
best-suited for it. Just dive in!” said Halpert. involved in working with international governments to
And so, Schapira did just that. “It spoke to me. It help secure financial resources. JNS

broke my heart.”
He has used resources, connections, bridge-building The Christopher Family
skills, determination and values that he learned from his
late father, Rabbi Avraham Schapira (Knesset member serving the Jewish community
from the Agudat Israel party and chairman of the Knes- since 1900
Paterson Monument Co.
set Finance Committee) to found the European Jewish
Cemeteries Initiative.
The ESJF was founded in 2015 to begin the process of MAIN BRANCH
physically protecting Jewish burial sites in Central and East- Paterson, NJ 07502 Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
ern Europe, particularly in places where Jewish communi- 317 Totowa Ave. 681 Rt. 23 S.
973-942-0727 Fax 973-942-2537 973-835-0394 Fax 973-835-0395
ties were wiped out during the Holocaust. ESJF has so far
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201-313-6956 CHHA to care for elderly. Live-in or
• Apartments • Advertise on 201-836-8148 NO JOB IS TOO SMALL!
live-out. Pleasant! 12 years experi- 201-314-9592 201-358-1700 · Lic. #12285
CAREGIVER, CHHA with 5 yrs ex-
ence! References! Drives/own car!
Homes • Offices
Experienced • References
this page.
perience seeking FT live-in posi-
tion. Call Agnes 267-210-6113 201-679-5081 201-837-8818

Antiques Help Wanted

Music Teacher - full or P/T for September — Small

Sterling Associates Auctions Hebrew Day school, Oakland, NJ. Pre K-8. Requirements:
Looking for a dynamic, experienced Judaic studies
Kindergarten teacher who will bring creativity, love
of teaching, and professionalism to join our early
spoken Hebrew, teaching degree or related experience,
SEEKING CONSIGNMENT AND OUT RIGHT PURCHASES keyboarding and choral music, whole school performance childhood department.
Applicants should have a positive “can do” attitude,
Sculpture • Paintings • Porcelain • Silver and presentations experience, interpersonal strengths. Salary
high level of energy and possess strong instructional,
commensurate with degree and experience. Resume to
Jewelry • Furniture • Etc.
classroom management, and communication skills.
Job duties include: planning curriculum within a
TOP CASH PRICES PAID Early Childhood Teachers - Community Jewish Day
School in Northwest Bergen County seeks experienced early
co-teaching supportive team, assessing the needs
of individual children, implementing differentiated
201-768-1140 • childhood teachers and assistants for 2018-2019 School Year.
instruction, supporting the whole child, and working
cooperatively with parents as partners. Knowledge of Jewish holidays and Hebrew fluency a plus. Please send resume to Shani Norman at
70 Herbert Avenue, Closter, N.J. 07642 Please send your resume to:



The Moriah School, a coed Jewish Day School in Englewood,

Antiques NJ seeks a part-time Lower School Jewish Studies teacher
and long term Jewish Studies substitutes for both the lower
and middle school grades to start at the end of August.

Antiques Wanted We pay cash for Lower School teacher with broad knowledge of Jewish texts,
exhibiting strong skills in classroom management, student
Antique Furniture engagement, differentiated instruction, and technology
integration. This candidate should be one that collaborates
WE BUY Modern Furniture well with other staff members and motivates students
academically and spiritually, while serving as a strong role
Modern Art model.

• Oil Paintings • Silver Lower School candidates should submit cover letter and
Paintings resume to Odelia Danishefsky at
• Bronzes • Porcelain
Bronzes ❖ Silver Middle School long term Jewish Studies substitutes should
• Oriental Rugs • Furniture Chinese Porcelain & Art
submit their resumes to Tzipporah Boim at
• Marble Sculpture • Jewelry Men’s & Women’s Watches
• Tiffany Items • Chandeliers Top Dollar for any kind of
• Chinese Art • Bric-A-Brac Jewelry, including costume
Call us.
Tyler Antiques ANS A We are waiting for your
• Established by Bubbe in 1940! •
Over 25 years courteous service to tri-state area
We come to you ❖ Free Appraisals
classified ad! Shommer 201-837-8818
Call Us! Shabbas
201-894-4770 201-861-7770 ❖ 201-951-6224
Shomer Shabbos

Home improvements rooFing



Home Repair Service


Carpentry Painting
Shingles | Flat | Slate Being hungry affects your
Englewood area
appearance, how you act.
Bathrooms Drains/Pumps
Plumbing Maintenence
Tiles/Grout Hardwood Floors Call Pete McDonnell
When I’m hungry, I’m not in the
General Repairs “
NO JOB IS TOO SMALL Free Estimates
24 Hour x 5 1/2 Emergency Services
Shomer Shabbat

Free Estimates 36 yrs exp
NJHIC# 13VH07259700 mood for anything.



Estimates CO. Repairs
201-487-5050 83 FIRST STREET

Solution to last week’s puzzle. This week’s puzzle is

on page 32.

Inspired by Jewish values and ideals, MAZON is a national advocacy

organization working to end hunger among people of all faiths and
backgrounds in the United States and Israel.

PARTY Help us end hunger.

PLANNER Please donate today.

Jewish Music with an Edge

Ari Greene · 201-837-6158 10850 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 400, Los Angeles CA 90024
(800) 813-0557 |


Jewish World

How a biracial Orthodox rabbi is using his background

to create a unique community in Brooklyn
rabbi-in-residence for Be’chol Lashon, an
JOSEFIN DOLSTEN organization that promotes Jewish diver-
sity, and Hazon, a Jewish environmental
NEW YORK — Growing up in the Ortho- group. He was invited to attend the ROI
dox community of Monsey, New York, as Summit, a gathering of young Jewish inno-
the son of an African-American mother vators in Jerusalem in June. He also plays
who converted to Judaism and a white the guitar and sings in Zayah, a musical
Ashkenazi father who became religious collective he founded that plays Jewish-
later in life, Isaiah Rothstein knows what inspired rock and reggae.
it’s like not to fit in. The New York hamlet Rothstein also strives to be inclusive of
is known for its large chasidic Jewish popu- any rituals performed at events. He will
lation and over 95 percent of its residents perform kiddush or Havdalah, for exam-
are white. ple, but then invite anyone else, including
Rothstein, who is light skinned and says women, to make their own blessings after-
he tends to “pass for white,” remembers ward. There are different interpretations
the unwanted attention he got in school about women performing such rituals,
because of his family background. with most Orthodox Jews believing that a
“When I would walk in with my woman cannot fulfill the Jewish legal obli-
mom I would get all these stares, but gations reserved for men.
when I walked in with my dad I didn’t,” Though there may be ritual elements
he recalled. like these at the Union Street Sanctuary, it
Though his family was affiliated with the does not host services and is not intended
Chabad chasidic movement, he often felt to replace the function of a synagogue,
like an outsider as a person of color. Rothstein said.
“I often joke that it’s a very diverse place “We see ourselves as filling that gap
if you’re Ashkenazi and Orthodox,” Roth- Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein wants people of all backgrounds to feel welcome in his between social programming devoid of
stein, 29, said of his hometown in an inter- Brooklyn community.  JOSEFIN DOLSTEN spirituality and religion,” he said. “We
view with JTA last month. want to include our ancestral texts of
But the challenges he faced as a child in are Orthodox. know if I believe in God?’ Always. ‘Am I Judaism, we want to include that spiritu-
insular Monsey also motivated Rothstein One of Rothstein’s goals is to create an welcome if I am a person of color? Am I ality, but we do it in a way that doesn’t do
to help create a different Jewish commu- inclusive place for people regardless of welcome if my gender identity, my sexual the same things that maybe a synagogue
nity for others. their ethnic or racial background, religious identity [is a certain way]?’ Our motto is all would do.”
Rothstein, who today identifies as beliefs, sexual orientation, or other things are welcome, always,” he said. Rothstein estimated that approximately
Modern Orthodox and was ordained as a that could make them feel like outsiders in The programming and its attendees 200 people have attended events since its
rabbi by Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac other Jewish communities. reflect that attitude, Rothstein said. founding in August.
Elchanan Theological Seminary, founded “Everything about how I was raised led Attendees at a recent barbecue event He hopes that with Union Street Sanctu-
Union Street Sanctuary in Brooklyn last me to my work on some level,” he said included Jews across the spectrum, from ary, he can help more Jews find a home.
August. He previously was a co-founder of over smoothies at a juice bar in Lower haredi Orthodox to unaffiliated, as well Rothstein felt like an outsider based on his
the Beis Community, a progressive Ortho- Manhattan’s Financial District. as Jews of varying racial and ethnic back- racial background, but said that many oth-
dox community in Washington Heights. The shared motto of the Union Street grounds and ages, he said. The Union Street ers feel similarly for other reasons.
Though the Beis Community is a syna- Sanctuary and the Beis Community — Sanctuary hosts meet-ups for Jews of color. “I think it is something that is rampant
gogue, the Union Street Sanctuary is a “All are welcome, always” — exemplifies “Being welcoming isn’t just what we try in the Jewish world today of people not
social organization only, hosting events that commitment. to do in our programs, it’s what we are as being able to have a solid sense that they
such as Shabbat dinners, barbecues, “When we say it out loud at events, an organization,” Rothstein said. are truly a part of the community,” he said.
and open mic nights. Most attendees there’s like ‘Yeah, but am I welcome if I’m In addition to his work at the Union “It can be based on not just fitting into the
are millennials and about 60 percent female?’ Always. ‘Am I welcome if I don’t Street Sanctuary, Rothstein also serves as classic mold.”  JTA WIRE SERVICE


Former Israeli minister spied for Iran

Former Israeli minister and Knesset mem- According to the Israeli Shin Bet secu- covert activity, authorities allege. Segev maintained contacts with Israeli
ber Gonen Segev has been arrested and rity service, the investigation into Segev The former Israeli politician, who citizens in the foreign affairs and secu-
charged for spying for Iran, the Israeli gov- revealed that he was an active agent for served in the Knesset from 1992-1996, rity fields. Segev worked to put some of
ernment has revealed. Iranian intelligence. Israeli authorities including as a minister of energy and infra- these Israeli citizens in contact with Ira-
Segev, a disgraced former politician who said that Segev had made contact in 2012 structure, allegedly transferred his Iranian nian intelligence agents by misleading
had been previously convicted for drug with elements from the Iranian Embassy handlers information on the Jewish state’s the former and presenting the latter as
smuggling and fraud and had been living in Nigeria, subsequently visiting Iran twice energy economy and security sites, as well innocent Iranian businessmen,” the Shin
in Nigeria in recent years, was arrested by to meet with his handlers. as diplomatic and security personnel and Bet said.
Israeli authorities last month after being Segev also met with his Iranian handlers buildings. Segev is reportedly currently being held
denied entry by Equatorial Guinea due to at various hotels and apartments around “In order to perform the missions that at a Shin Bet facility.
his criminal record. the world that he assumed were used for he had been assigned by his handlers,  JNS.ORG


 Real Estate & Business

Holy Name opens wound-healing institute

Chronic wounds affect 6.7 million people in the United plastic surgeons, vascular surgeons, orthopedic surgeons,
States, and the incidence is expected to rise at a rate of podiatrists and infectious disease physicians — all in the
2 percent annually over the next decade. In response to same location,” said Dr. Stavros Christoudias, medical direc-
the increasing demand, Holy Name Medical Center has tor at the Holy Name Institute for Wound Healing. The insti-
announced the opening of its Institute for Wound Healing tute has partnered with Healogics, Inc. to join their network
at 699 Teaneck Road in Teaneck. of nearly 800 centers nationwide. Healogics is headquar-
The institute offers advanced care in the treatment of tered in Jacksonville, Florida, and utilizes an evidence-based
nonhealing chronic wounds and their related conditions approach to advanced wound care.
and diseases. An aging population and increasing rates of Leading-edge treatments at the institute include
diabetes, obesity, and the late effects of radiation therapy negative pressure wound therapy, bioengineered tis-
contribute to the chronic wound epidemic. Untreated, sues, biosynthetic dressings, and growth factor thera-
chronic wounds can lead to diminished quality of life and pies. The institute also offers hyperbaric oxygen ther-
possibly amputation of the affected limb. apy, which works by infusing the wound with 100
“We are thrilled to offer this comprehensive new service percent oxygen at elevated pressures to help spur healing.
Sous chef Michael Segro, executive chef Vince that focuses on all aspects of wound care and treatment. In For more information on The Holy Name Institute for
Timony, Teaneck Rotary board of directors mem- contrast to most wound centers that employ general wound Wound Healing, call (201) 277-6038 or visit HolyName.
ber Liz Santos, and Teaneck Rotary president specialists, we offer consultations with board-certified org/WoundHealing.
Janice Preschel

Chef takes honors

at Taste of Teaneck PARAMUS
Vince Timony, executive chef at Five Star Premier BANK OWNED SUNDAY, JUNE 24
Residences of Teaneck, was recently presented with FIXER UPPER
a plaque for preparing the best overall food at the 7th 282 Elm Ave. $469,000 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Annual Taste of Teaneck on May 7. Timony competed OPPORTUNITY Charm Dutch Col. 75' x 150' Prop. Flowering Gardens. Cov Front
$ 415,000 Porch, LR/Fplc, Formal DR/Built-ins, Gorgeous Vaulted Ceil Fam Rm/
with 22 of the best local chefs who served their special-
ties at the event. Skylights open to Grnt Island Kit, Screened Porch. 4 (2nd Flr) BRs, 2
Full Baths. Huge Walk-up 3rd Flr. EZ to Cedar Ln.
Timony has worked at Five Star Premier for the past
GARDEN STATE HOMES 1043 Wilson Ave. $594,900 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
three years and enjoys interacting with the residents at
25 Broadway, Elmwood Park, NJ One of a Kind Eng Tudor. Stunning LR/Fplc, FDR, Gorgeous Mod Kit/
the senior community. Southwest grilled shrimp and
avocado salad was the dish cooked up for this event, a Martin H. Basner, Realtor Associate Bkfst Rm. 5 BRs, 4.5 Bths. Fin Bsmt. 2 Car Gar.
(Office) 201-794-7050 · (Cell) 201-819-2623 1193 E Laurelton Pkwy. $669,000 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
family recipe shared by one of the residents to which
Timony added his touch. Fabulous Contemp. Move-in Cond. Lg LR open to Formal DR, Ultra
Timony has honed his craft over the years, having Isle Grnt Kit, Skylighted Great Rm. 3 BRs, 3 Full Baths. Grnd Flr
Game Rm+2 Ofcs. 2 Car Gar. C/A/C. Prime W Eglwd Area.
been a restaurant entrepreneur and working in several
local, upscale restaurants, including The River Palm 197 Griggs Ave. $599,000 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
and The Estate at Florentine Gardens. Stunning Eng Tudor. Beaut Updated. Ent Hall leads to Lg LR/Flr to
Ceil Windows & Fplc. Ultra Designer Isle Kit/Quartz Cntrs, DR, 3 BRs,
5 Gorgeous Bath Units. Ceramic Tiled Bsmt. 2 Car Gar. Multi-zone
C/A/C. Deep 115' Prop.
963 Lincoln Pl. $665,000 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Let Us Finance Your 396 Forest Avenue, Paramus NJ 07652 Storybook Eng Tudor. Gorgeous Inlaid Oak Flrs. Ent Hall, Grand LR/

House Purchase Restricted affordable housing -1 bedroom

apartment for rent on a first come, first serve basis.
Stone Fplc, Sunlit Library, Lg Formal DR, Den, Ultra Designer Kit/
Butler Pantry. Master Suite/New Bth+ 3 more BRs. 2.5 Bths Total.
Spectacular Blue Stone Walkways & Landscaping. 2 Car Gar.
• Direct lender Balance of applicants will be placed on
293 Glen Ct. $734,900 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
• 2 to 3 day approval a waiting list for the next available unit. Sunlit, Sprawling Bi-Lev. C. Club Area. 2 Story Ent, Grand LR,
Formal DR, Ultra Isle Kit/Deck. 5 BRs, 3 New Bths incl Master
• Closings within 30 days The following amenities are included in the rent:
• All utilities (except phone) Suite. Lg Fam Rm, New Roof/Siding/Windws/Cent Air. 3 Zone H/W
• Northern NJ Appraisers • Breakfast and dinner prepared by a chef -
Heat. 2 Car Gar.

• FHA loans w/55% debt ratio prepared meals are included in the monthly fee
• Housekeeping & linen change service
• Credit scores as low as 580 • Scheduled transportation
• Staff on site 24 hours
• Emergency 911 response system
The rent range for a one-person household is
$2,556.00-$3,408.00 with a minimum gross
household income of $38,340.00-$51,120.00
The rent range for a two-person household is
$2,920.00-$3,627.00 with a minimum gross
Larry DeNike Daniel M. Shlufman household income of $43,800.00-$54,400.00
President Managing Director ALL CLOSE TO NY BUS / HOUSES OF WORSHIP /
MLO #58058 MLO #6706 Applications are available by emailing HIGHWAYS / SHOPS / SCHOOLS or picked up For Our Full Inventory including
Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm at Details & Pictures, Visit our Website
Classic Mortgage, LLC Paramus Affordable Housing
Serving NY, NJ & CT 105 N. Farview Avenue, Paramus
25 E. Spring Valley Ave., Ste 100, Maywood, NJ If assistance is required in completing the application, (201) 837-8800
201-368-3140 MLS you may request an appointment with the Administrative #31149 Agent, Diane Gloria, by calling 201-265-2100 ext. 2220


Real Estate & Business

A fast track to colonoscopy Learn how to manage your chronic

Valley-Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer gastroenterologist and chair of gastroen- condition and live a healthy life
Care has made it easier and more afford- terolo�y for Valley Medical Group. “It is The Valley Hospital will host a free com- and live a healthier life. Learn about
able to schedule a colonoscopy to screen recommended that all men and women at munity health program, Promoting the importance of regular monitoring
for colorectal cancer. average risk for colorectal cancer undergo Healthy Living, on Tuesday, July 10 from and timely medical treatment and take
Valley’s Fast Track Screening Colonos- a screening colonoscopy beginning at age 7 to 8:30Making yourRidgewood
p.m. at The real estate dreams come
Library, true
a comprehensive look at strategies to
copy streamlines the process by eliminat- 50 or at age 45 for African-Americans due Is our passion
125 N. Maple Ave., Ridgewood. and our mission!
cope with and combat your condition,
ing the need for patients to meet with a to higher risk factors.” *ENGLEWOOD
Living with a chronic SHOWCASE*
disease can pose including how to incorporate healthy
gastroenterologist for a pre-procedure Patients must meet certain criteria to significant challenges, but learning how HEADER]
[TO BE CENTERED UNDER changes, such as improving your diet,
consultation; they simply come in on the quality for a Fast Track Screening, which (Please make
to take proactive steps photos
to manageas large
your asinto
you lifestyle.
day of their procedure. The hope is that include being in overall good health with care can help you take charge of your This program is part of this year’s
by making colonoscopy more accessible no significant medical problems or symp- health and improve your quality of life. Ridgewood Summer Health Series, a
and affordable, more patients will opt to toms of colon cancer. Each patient will Chronic diseases such asAND
HEADERS diabetes,
FOOTERS:partnership between The Valley Hos-
be screened. receive an initial consultation by phone hypertension, high cholesterol, and pital and Ridgewood Public Library to
“Screening is one of the best tools we with the program’s nurse navigator, who stroke are quite common. Indeed, in bring residents up-to-the-minute health
have in the fight against colon cancer,” will determine his or her eligibility. Once the United States, close to half of all and wellness education events for the
said Dr. Haleh Pazwash, a board-certified the patient is deemed eligible, he or she adults have at least one chronic medi- whole family.
gastroenterologist and director of gastro- will be scheduled for the procedure with a
cal condition. If not properly managed, There is no fee to attend this program
enterolo�y in the Department of Medicine Valley gastroenterologist or colorectal sur- these conditions can often lead to seri- but registration is required. For more
at The Valley Hospital. “If detected early, geon based on a health insurance match ous complications. information or to register, please call
colon cancer is highly curable, resulting in and availability, and will receive instruc- Join Dr. Seena Shekari to explore 1-800-VALLEY 1 (1-800-825-5391) or visit
a five-year survival rate of 90 percent.” tions and a prescription for preparatory ways to actively manage your condition
“Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the colon-cleansing agents.
number of people afflicted with colorectal For more information and to find out
cancer through the use of screening colo- if you are a candidate for a Fast Track Philips buys Israeli cardiac imaging
noscopy, and, thus, save more lives,” said Colonoscopy, call Leslie Ringelstein at
Dr. Mitchell J. Rubinoff, a board-certified (201) 389-0808. company EPD Solutions
Amsterdam-based consumer electronics
#10 - JUST SOLD! “As part of Philips, we will be able to
giant Royal Philips has announced it will grow EPD and help many electrophysiol-
acquire cardiac imaging company EPD ogists and patients worldwide, as we aim
Solutions of Caesarea for €250 million to reduce procedure costs, simplify nav-

SELLING YOUR HOME? ($294 million) and milestone payments.

EPD and its employees will become part
of Philips’ Image-Guided Therapy busi-
igation and treatment, and ultimately
improve procedure efficacy,” said EPD
founder Dr. Shlomo Ben-Haim.
ness unit. Ben-Haim is a cardiologist, serial
EPD’s Cardiac Mapping and Naviga- entrepreneur and medical-device inven-
tion System received CE mark
#11 - approval
SOLD! tor who sold his Biosense company to
in February 2018. The system helps elec- Johnson & Johnson in 1997 for $427 mil-
trophysiologists navigate the heart by lion. J&J combined Biosense’s 3D cardiac
generating an accurate 3D map, while mapping and navigation technolo�y
imaging and pinpointing the exact loca- with its Webster catheter and renamed
tion and orientation of catheters in the the company Biosense-Webster, now the
heart during diagnostic and therapeutic market leader in cardiac navigation and
procedures for cardiac arrhythmias. atrial fibrillation ablation. Ben-Haim also
EPD’s technolo�y “has the potential to sold X-Technologies to Guidant in 2003.
address the key unmet need #12of- real-time
SOLD! EPD is part of Ben-Haim’s Hobart
therapy assessment, which is one of the Group of companies, which develops
more significant limitations of the cur- and commercializes medical technolo-
rent standard of care,” said Royal Philips gies to meet significant unmet needs.
CEO Frans van Houten. ISRAEL21C.ORG

Jimmy J
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