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Business Process Maps

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise

Financials and Supply Chain
Management 9.0

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January 2010
Business Process Maps for PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials and Supply Chain Management 9.0
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PeopleSoft Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning

Design Product
Engineer Development

Planner Plan

Planner Plan



Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 3

PeopleSoft Enterprise Manage Demand Plan

Create Create
Demand Demand Inventory
Planner Plan Policy Plan

Enterprise Development

Supply Plan


Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 4

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Demand Plan

Enterprise Development ND_LIST_CREATE ND_LIST_GET ):
): Creates demand Demand list interlink
list object query

Process forecast items

Adjustment Workbench
Mass Change Specification
Import internal demand Mass Change
history Merge
Identify unit of Build Reconciliation Workbench
measure details Define Internal Specifications
Units of
Define Internal Copy Internal Specifications
Conversions Load Process seasonality details
Groups Maintain Import Controls Define Profiles
Review Demand History Generate Profiles
Reconciliation Workbench Review forecast information
Inquiry Display Templates Process deletions
Create forecast items
Analyze Forecast Forecast Views
Forecaster Process event details
Create calendars Forecast Items Calculation Codes
Define forecast views Identify control Forecast Item Descriptions Define Types Commit forecast
Patterns Identify Import Adjustment History User Data Codes
Set up and Define User Data Codes groups Rebuild Caption/Description Define Expense Codes Define Publish Specification Need to
Structure units of measure internal sales Load Data Store Archive forecast view Collaborate Forecast Forecast Items Create Inventory
define No Copy User Data Codes Define Create Forecast Items Neither Process? Define Structure Publish Forecast process Yes
Weight Profiles or adjustment history or external Load Data Store Archive Forecast View Event Comparison Control Groups Policy Plan
security? Define Forecast Views Copy Maintain Forecast Items Define Weight Estimates Review Published Forecast deletions?
Change Weight Profiles reasons? data? Event Profitability Life Profiles
Copy Forecast View Structure Where Used Define Calculation Codes Calculate Period Weights Forecast Data Update
Copy Weight Profiles Life Profiles Calendars
Refresh Specifications Reapply Weights
Function Audits Work Queue Specification
Execute Refresh
Import external data by Smart View Specifications Work Queue Alerts
Yes amending staged data, defining Launch Smart View
external specifications and Process life profiles
loading Define
Define demand planning security Define adjustment No
Adjustment Forecast Adjustments Recalculate Weights
features reasons External
Demand Reasons Forecast Items Calculate Forecasts
Users by Forecast View Adjustment Reasons
Identify user preferences Demand History
Planner Forecast Views by User
and session controls User Period
Set Adjustment History Usage
User Preferences Define External Specifications Process dynamic
Adjustment Display Templates
Setup Session Control Load views
Adjustment Template Users
Setup Session Groups Create
Work Queue Messages
Restore Archived Forecast View Populate
Authorize Roles Release


Process calculations
Summarization Specification
Proration Specification
Cross View Specification
Cross View
Mid Period Forecast
Period End Forecast
User Adjusted Forecast Details
Reconciliation Specification
Forecast Reconciliation

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 5

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Inventory Policy Plan

Demand Create Demand

Planner Plan


Define calendar details Define inventory policy items or

Create user data codes
Authorize users access to Patterns populate and/or refresh policies
Create user- and policy sets Identify control groups Load external
policies and policy items Calendar Structure with Inventory data Define units of Define inventory policy
preference details Define User Data Codes Define inventory policy
Users by Policy Set Weight Profiles Define Policy Items measure external specifications
for individual users Copy User Data Codes Copy data
Policy Sets by User Change Calendar Define Cost Summary Groups Conversions Define External Specifications
User Preferences Define Policy Sets Update/Inherit Import/Load Data
Authorize Roles Weights Populate from Inventory
Copy Policy Sets
Copy Weight Profiles Refresh from Inventory Process required
Review policy information such deletions
as inventory policy field Policy Sets
groupings, order quantities, Policy Control Groups
Create time-phased and Commit and publish policy Cost Summary Groups
Load the Define and run investment and carrying costs,
static inventory policies Define Publish Specification User Data Codes
operational data Review work queue "what if" scenarios and report specifications Policies Process
Modify? No for all items associated Yes Publish Policy Yes
store Work Queue Workbench for inventory items Inquiry Templates approved? deletions? Calendars
Inventory with a policy set Review Published Policy Work Queue
Load Data Store Simulate Policy Policy Items
Planner Generate Policy Inventory Policy Update Specifications
Cost Summary Groups
Smart View Specification Work Queue Alerts
Launch Smart View Policy Items
Operator Defaults

Review and modify

inventory data after loading
into staging tables
Amend Staged Data

Manage Supply


Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 6

PeopleSoft Enterprise Manage Supply Plan

Enterprise Development

Planner Plan

Define Create Refine

Supply Supply Supply
Supply Plan
Model Plan Plan


Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 7

PeopleSoft Enterprise Define Supply Model

Enterprise Development

Define transfer overrides to Assign a priority ranking

fulfill InterUnit transfers based on the demand
Transfer Attributes source
Demand Priority Rules

Assign ship to codes for item-

vendor-location combinations Define individual Load sourcing automatically or
Item Ship to Locations responsible for items or define the default for sourcing
products Create options manually and review
Create Supply
Planner Code Sourcing sourcing information, if needed
Templates Define Sourcing Templates
Establish or override current Generate Sourcing Templates
transfer information between Review Sourcing Information
two business units Define display
Default Transfer Definitions templates and row
Actions to types for workbenches Action to
take? and inquiries take?
Display Templates
Review general attributes for an Display Row Types
Item Attributes Define resource default
Identify inventory
calendar and daily hours,
and manufacturing Including
Action to aggregate resource Review bill of material,
business units forecast
Supply take? Establish information routings, and where
Business Unit items? Determine items to include
Determine when purchasing and Manufacturing Work Centers resources are used, if
Planner Groups in aggregate forecast
Resources and Manufacturing Calendars needed
inventory business units are Aggregate Items
open for shipping or receiving Create Routings Work Center Calendars Review Bills of Material
Bills of Material Routings
Closure Calendars
Closure Calendars
Define how much of a Planner Code
product forecast quantity
Yes Action? should be directed to a
Define sourcing/production inventory business unit
options Forecast Percentages
Define Production Options
Autocreate Production Options
Copy Production Options
Review Production Options Determine breakdown
Review Component/Output Mix structure to allocate among
different items
Planning Bills of Material

Load sourcing automatically or

define the default for sourcing
options manually and review
sourcing information, if needed
Define Sourcing Templates
Generate Sourcing Templates
Review Sourcing Information

Demand Manage Demand


Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 8

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Supply Plan

EIP Name: EIP Description:

PLANNING_CREATE_SETTING This interlink creates export

Define Supply PLANNING_EXPORT_SETTINGS This Interlink sets the value



PLANNING_OBJECT_REMOVE Removes object from pl server

Update operational PLANNING_OBJECT_REMOVE2 Remove Planning Object

datastore with
transactions PLANNING_ORDER_HEADERS_GET scheduled or planned order hdr
Load Data Store
PLANNING_PLANNEDPO_DELETE delete planned purchase order

PLANNING_PLANNEDPO_DELIV_DT_CH change plannedPO delivery date


PLANNING_PO_DELIVERY_DT_CHANGE Change scheduled PO deliv date

Process runs Refine Supply PLANNING_PO_LINE_DELIVERY_GET get scheduled PO task

automatically? Plan
PLANNING_PO_OPTIONS_GET get a list of po options

PLANNING_SCORECARD_AGGCAP_GET Aggregate Capacity Scorecard


Control and test problem PLANNING_SCORECARD_CREATE Creates Scorecard Object

Supply Define item controls to instance parameters
Planner Create report to PLANNING_SCORECARD_EXCSTCK_GET Excess Stock Details
include in plan associated with a planning Investigate/
determine errors within
Planning Instances engine and start or stop an refine plan
the planning model PLANNING_SCORECARD_FENCES_GET Early/Late fences
Planning Cycle engine details?
Inconsistency Report
Load Planning Instance Planning Engines
Planning Engine Domains PLANNING_SCORECARD_FORECST_GET Forecast Fulfillment details
Define material planning
No Material options and run solver PLANNING_SCORECARD_PRMDATE_GET Get Promise Date violation dtl
Initiate Material Solver


Refine Define feasible solver which
Manually will resolve material and PLANNING_SCORECARD_SFTYSTK_GET Safety Stock Details
Supply Need to Run Solvers Yes Solver type? Feasible
select solvers? capacity infeasible tasks
Initiate Feasible Solver PLANNING_SCORECARD_TRANSFR_GET Transfer Shipment Constraints

PLANNING_SHIP_TASKNAME_GET Get the Shipment task name.

Define solver to guide multisite PLANNING_SPREADSHEET_CREATE Creates the Spreadsheet object

Enterprise supply and demand plan
Initiate Enterprise Solver PLANNING_SPREADSHEET_GET Gets Spreadsheet Details

PLANNING_SUPPLY_LIST_CREATE Creates the supply list object

No PLANNING_SUPPLY_LIST_GET Business interlink query

PLANNING_TASK_FROZN_FLG_CHANGE change task's frozen flag

PLANNING_TASK_STATUS_TO_CANCEL Change task's status to cancel

PLANNING_TASK_STATUS_TO_OPEN Change a task's status to open

PLANNING_TASKID_DISPNAME_GET Get the task display name

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 9

PeopleSoft Enterprise Refine Supply Plan

Review set-up details

Mass Maintenance
Review Business Units
Review Business Unit Calendars

Review manufacturing details

Work Centers
Review Bills of Material
Review Routings

Review sourcing details

Sourcing Templates
Create Investigate/Refine Unit Transfer Options
Supply Plan Plan Details Item Transfer Options
Production Options
Purchase Options

Review forecasting details Manage problem instance

Review Planning BOMs transactions, if needed
Review Aggregate Demand Items Copy Planning Instance
Review Demand Calendar Weights Delete Planning Instance
Actual Forecasts Review Planning Instances
Net Forecasts Reset Planning Instance Locks

Review inventory details

Planned Transfers
Stock Requests
Extra Demand
Planner Process Runs Review order details
Automatically/ Sales Orders/Quotes
Solvers Identified Buying Agreement

Review production control details

Planned Production

Review purchasing details

Purchase Orders
Planned Purchase Orders
Closed Purchase Order


Analyze planning information

Rescheduled Supply/Demand
Forecast Fulfillment Review and adjust material plan
Analyze solver run Review and adjust capacity plan Extract information and initiate Create supply plan reports
Demand Violations information
and review errors Review procurement plan to resolve overloaded capacity Investigate forecast consumption Planning Updates Report
Planning Report Material Plan Workbench Deploy Supply
and exceptions Buyer Workbench problems plan No Initiate Forecast Consumption Run solvers? No Review Planning Useup
Planned Slow Moving Inventory Material Plan Detail Plan
Violations Review Buyer Purchases Capacity Plan Workbench details? Extract Demand Violations Planning Useup Report
Excess Stock Review Material Plan Summary
Exceptions Review Capacity Plan Summary Extract Pegging Information Reset Post Locks
Projected Stock Out Review Material Plan Detail
Planning Reschedule
Detail Resources

Yes, Need to Create Supply

Run Solvers Plan

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 10

PeopleSoft Enterprise Deploy Supply Plan

New Suppliers Provide

(Strategic requirements for Source Suppliers
Sourcing) sourcing Procurement

Review and approve planning

updates and errors How to
Review Purchasing Post Errors source?
Approve Purchasing Updates
Commit purchase orders
Pre-Determined Load purchase order requests
and change orders
Suppliers and changes into purchasing Review and confirm
Calculate Purchase Orders
(PO PO Auto Sourcing applied changes
Create Purchase Orders
Sourcing) Request PO Stage Load Review Change Requests
Sourcing Workbench
Change Purchase Orders
Change Purchase Orders

Commit fulfillment
Select planning Review and approve inventory
Type of requests, or changes to Review errors as a result of
Refine Supply updates and Review billing planning updates and errors
updates to Inventory interunit transfer orders the apply process
Plan approval options activity Review Inventory Post Errors
commit ? and stock requests Review Apply Inventory Errors
Post Updates Approve Inventory Updates
Apply Inventory Updates

Supply Review sales orders,

Planner quotes, buying agreements Update sales
Order Approve due date
updates and errors orders, as
Management changes
Review Post Errors needed
Review Updates

Review and approve planning Commit changes to

Production updates and errors existing production and
Control Review Production Post Errors add new production
Approve Production Updates Apply Production Updates

Create supply plan reports

Planning Updates Report
Planning Review Planning Useup
Planning Useup Report
Reset Post Locks


Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 11

PeopleSoft Enterprise Marketing

Manager Strategy

Recruit and
Channel Acquire Partners

Customers or
Analyst Partners

Marketing Measure
Plan Execute
Program Programs Programs
Manager Performance

Sales Manage
Manager Promotions



Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 12

PeopleSoft Enterprise Manage Promotions

Marketing Define Marketing

Manager Plan

Manager Funding



Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 13

PeopleSoft Enterprise Manage Promotion Funding

Marketing Marketing

Define accrual Accrue budgeted amounts for Review budgeted Monitor funds
Approve funds
Accrual periods and rates fund amounts amounts spending
Maintain Funds
Maintain Funds Update Accrual/Financial Info Maintain Funds Maintain Funds
Select customers Select products to
Alternate Navigation Define overall
to associate with associate with the Method
Select Process plan details
the fund fund used?
Promotions Management Center Maintain Funds
Maintain Funds Maintain Funds

Allocate budget
Top Down
Maintain Funds

Allocate fund budget to

individual customers
Sales Agent Maintain Funds


Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 14

PeopleSoft Enterprise Sales

Enterprise Marketing Order Fulfillment

Manage Sales Manage Customer Manage Sales

Sales Manager Organization Portfolio Performance

Channel Manage Partners

Manage Sales

Sales Agent

Pursue Leads and

Propose Solution

Customer Accept Solution

Capture Order

Create Sales

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 15

PeopleSoft Enterprise Capture Order

Choose Self-
Review Personal Select Products
Visit Retailer Accept Solution Service
Information via Self-Service


Contact the
Call Center

Update Partner
Capture Customer/
Records, if acting
CRM Account Select Products Submit Order
on behalf of a

Review and/or
Call Center
CRM Update Order
Agent Information


SCM Create Customer Create Order Add Additional

Verify Credit
Information Information Charges

Sales Associate Manage Counter Review Sales and

Sales Reconcile Cash

Capture Partner
Select Valid Submit Partner
Partner Products Order
Partner Sales
Representative Review and/or
Update Partner Change Existing Order Details
Order Information

Sales Manager Manage Sales


Enterprise Order Fulfillment

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 16

PeopleSoft Enterprise Manage Counter Sales

Visit Retailer
Paid in full?
Accept receipt Yes
Customer and take
Go to store and Choose to
Found product purchased
receive product keep?
Found product, in catalog or out goods, if
take to counter of stock and appropriate No
Request refund
to purchase wishes to
of deposit



Copy existing sales quotes Agree on price for order and

Copy Copy Copy Sales Orders and identify adjustment reason code Cancel line on order or entire
existing quote Quotes (H) Sales Order Price Adj Reason (H) order and receive warning that
or create deposit exists
new? Wish to Correct cash drawer receipts Create/Update Counter Sale
Need to correct
No, Request Quote purchase or Yes Yes after receipt printed Create/Update Counter Sale (H)
Select valid credit card to use receipt?
New order? Correct Cash Drawer Receipts
for payment and/or deposit
Request Identify quote information for Go To: Verify Credit
Cash Drawer Receipt
Quote sold to customer
No Negotiate Credit Card Selection (H)
Create/Update Quote (H)
price based on Pick Up
No End Process Calculate refund and determine
quote from other Credit Card(s)
Add new Create customer for short term source? Identify cash received and how it will be paid out Review Sales and
Purchase Create receipt and provide to
customer Yes purposes Yes calculate cash returned, if any Customer Deposits Reconcile Cash
or Order customer Notify customer
quickly? Create/Update Counter Sale and give to customer Customer Deposit Refund (H)
Yes Cash Drawer Receipt of product
Cash Drawer Receipt
Copy existing sales orders and Create/Update Counter Sale arrival
Cash Create/Update Counter Sale
print pick list, if needed Identify payment method or Create/Update Counter Sale (H)
Copy Create/Update Counter Sale (H)
Copy Sales Orders and Quotes combination of payment methods
(H) Create/Update Counter Sale
Create/Update Counter Sale (H) Verify check amount is same as
or Order Will customer Check Place order on hold and
Copy existing No price and/or deposit
No, Purchase or Order be able to pick up Yes No, Place identify reason
or create new? Identify customer, product, price Cash Drawer Receipt Proceed?
the purchase? on Hold Create/Update Counter
and create order, including pick Create/Update Counter Sale
New list if needed Create/Update Counter Sale (H)
Greet customer Create/Update Counter Sale
Type of
and determine Create/Update Counter Sale (H) On Account
Add full purchase amount and/or
Validate customer
deposit to customer’s account Cancel order
credit information
Receive Cash Drawer Receipt No, Cancel Create/Update
Yes returned goods Create/Update Counter Sale Counter Sale
Counter Sale
Return Item from customer Create/Update Counter Sale (H)
No Yes Identify deposit required,
No Collect calculate deposit amount
Received deposit? Create/Update Counter Sale
goods? Create/Update Counter Sale (H)
Offer fulfillment Offer Accepted
Review returned material alternatives? Substitute Alternate?
Sales Associate authorizations associated with
Sales Order RMA Reference (H)
Identify customer, product, price
and create order to fill store
Backorder supply
Create/Update Counter Sale
Create/Update Counter Sale (H)

Identify customer, product, price

and create order for non-stock
Create/Update Counter Sale Adjust margins for Reserve order, reserve
Create/Update Counter Sale (H) sales orders lot, allocate stock
Adjust Margins Create/Update Counter
Identify customer, product, price Sale
Special Out and create order for special out Identify sales order import and Identify sales order letter of
Optional Items
of Country of country order export shipment details credit requirements Yes Soft reserve?
actions? delivered?
Order Create/Update Counter Sale Sales Order Import/Export (H) Sales Order Letter of Credit (H)
Create/Update Counter Sale (H) Select claimback
contract and attach
to order Create "soft" reservation,
Calculate freight and
Create/Update calculate shipment dates
Counter Sale Yes and schedule
Create requisition, purchase Create/Update Counter
Create/Update Counter
order or InterUnit transfer Determine Payment Sale
No Create/Update Counter Sale
Alternative source been
Sources or ordered, in
Supply production or in No
Yes Tag product on requisition,
Go To Procurement and
purchase order, InterUnit
How to ship? Direct Ship Materials Management to ship
transfer or production ID
product directly to customer
Create/Update Counter Sale

Manage Sales
Sales Manager Performance

Enterprise Receipt
Order Fulfillment

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 17

PeopleSoft Enterprise Review Sales and Reconcile Cash

Print bank deposit

Review sales orders by bill slip Go To Cash
to customer Print Bank Deposit Management
Sales Orders by Bill-To (H) Slip

Count all cash received and

Manage Counter prepare to reconcile cash Review cash drawer receipts
Sales Associate Review?
Sales drawer Cash Drawer Receipt Inquiry
Reconcile Cash Drawer

Load receipts into

Review sales order by sold payment staging
to customer tables
Sales Order by Sold-To (H) Process Cash
Drawer Receipts

Manage Sales

Order Fulfillment

Sales Manager

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 18

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Order Information

Place order on hold and
identify reason Proceed No,
End Process Retrieve order status
Apply/Release Order Hold with order? reject
Real Time Response
Apply/Release Credit Hold
Contact Call

Send order status
Identify customer Async/batch
Qualify Lead Copy large sales orders
credit card information Copy
Leads Evaluated Create/Update Order or lines into a new sales Reserve order
Note: An order can be Yes large Yes
order Create/Update Order
placed on hold at any orders?
point during this process. Sales Order/Quote Copy

Reserve lot and

Add Additional
Place order on hold and No allocate stock
Propose Charges
Opportunity Credit Card Payment No, Place identify reason Lot Allocation
Closed Check simple
Solution on Hold Apply/Release Order Hold availability of items
Apply/Release Credit Hold Review or update Create/Update Order
Identify product and
buying agreement Place Action Items Action to Identify items
No quantity information Yes
usage, etc. on hold? required? available? take? available for promise
Alternate Navigation - Create/Update Order
Create/Update Order Create/Update Order
Select process
Call Center Propose Product(s) CSR Desktop
Identify sold to/bill to
Payment Credit
Validate customer
What to
customer information credit information Proceed? Yes Adjust margins for
Agent Solution Selected Account Balance (H) method? Payment review? sales orders
Create/Update Order Create/Update Order Calculate shipment
Advanced Product Search (H) Adjust Margins Create "soft"
Payment History (H) Review order dates and create Go To: Order Fulfillment/
reservation of item
information shipment schedule Deliver Goods
Create/Update Order
Create/Update Order Create/Update Order

Cancel order Select claimback No

No, Cancel contract and attach to No
Create/Update Order Direct
order if more than one Performs a Financial Sanctions Review that can Receipt
Apply deposit applies or if one,
Execute Customer Deposit Review estimated potentially screen all Orders, Stock Requests,
Create/Update Order system applies Tag product on Adjust margins for
Campaigns Called and actual shipment Customers and Invoices against all installed Financial sales orders
automatically Sanctions Lists requisition, purchase
information Adjust Margins
Claimback Contract order, InterUnit transfer Need to?
Create/Update Order Go To Procurement and
or production ID
Alternate Yes Create/Update Order How to ship? Direct Ship Materials Management to ship
Alternate product directly to customer
source been
Perform Financial products or Alternate
Product ordered, in Select claimback
Execute sanctions Review to alternate Sources
Order production or contract and attach
Campaigns Installed screen against installed sources?
Needed Product in transit? No to order
Products Sanctions Lists Create requisition,
Catalog Claimback Contract
Screen for Denied Parties purchase order or
Alternate InterUnit transfer
Products Create/Update Order
Quote Created,
Create Completed,
Quote or Order Created Review list of
from alternate products
Buying Agreement Create/Update Order

Sales Agent Create self-service sales Go To:

order Order Fulfillment/
Express Order Add/Edit Confirm Sales Order

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 19

PeopleSoft Enterprise Add Additional Charges

Send cancel notification


freight information and receive Minimum Selling Price & Review order totals Verify
Margin Requirements Met Create/Update Order Credit
calculated freight charges

Create Order Calculate freight Calculate tax Requirements Yes

Information Create/Update Order Create/Update Order met?

Minimum Selling Price & Proceed

Place on hold
Margin Requirements with No, reject End Process
Create/Update Order
Not Met order?


taxable information to Vertex and
receive calculated taxes


taxable information to Taxware and
receive calculated taxes
Call Center

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 20

PeopleSoft Enterprise Verify Credit

Validate customer
No credit information
Create/Update Order

Place order on hold

Create/Update Order

Add Additional Credit card

Charges payment?


Yes, Authorized credit card information and Cancel order
in "Real Time" receive authorization Create/Update Order
Real-Time Response

Call Center
Agent Proceed with order
Create/Update Order
Yes Authorized?

Load staging table

Load credit card information
No, Not Review status of pending or with credit card
from the staging table to
Authorized failed transactions information
interface table
in "Real Time" Identify Pending Transactions Request Credit Card
Load Credit Card Interface


credit card information and
receive authorization
Real-Time Response

Manage Sales


Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 21

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Contract

Customer Solution

Define Contract
Define Terms and Capture Contract
Milestones and
Conditions Pricing


Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 22

PeopleSoft Enterprise Define Terms and Conditions

Customer Accept Solution

Respond to Field Service (PC_TIER_TEMPLATE_CI):
creating a contract Tiered pricing templates

Navigation Assistance -
Select process
Contracts Center

Include special payment Select products with

Define general contract
Type of terms and notes, if assigned price types for
Standard information
contract? needed contract
General Information
Special Payment Terms General Information

Capture Contract
Define government Include special payment Select products with No
contracting terms and fee terms and notes, if assigned price types for
types, if needed needed contract
General Information Special Payment Terms General Information
Administrator Include special payment Select products with
Define general contract Create bill, revenue, and renewal
Federal Reimbursable terms and notes, if assigned price types for
information plan from template
Agreement needed contract
General Information Yes Revenue/Billing Plan Template
Special Payment Terms General Information
Billing Plan Detail Templates
Renewal Templates

Include special payment Select products with

Define general contract
terms and notes, if assigned price types for
Internal information
needed contract
General Information
Special Payment Terms General Information

EIP (CA_RATE_CI): Used by EIP (CA_HDR_CI): Used by
Used by Grants, Proposal by Grants, Proposal by Grants, Proposal Used by Grants, Proposal Used by Grants, Proposal Used by Grants, Proposal
Grants, Proposal Management Grants, Proposal Management
Management and Staffing to Management and Staffing to Management and Staffing to Management and Staffing to Management and Staffing to Management and Staffing to
and Staffing to create "behind and Staffing to create "behind
create "behind the scenes" create "behind the scenes" create "behind the scenes" create "behind the scenes" create "behind the scenes" create "behind the scenes"
the scenes" contract the scenes" contract
contract contract contract contract contract contract

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 23

PeopleSoft Enterprise Capture Contract Pricing

Associate Add transaction and

Rate contract with line limits and
with or without projects and withholding Calculate pricing
Fee Type activities Contract Terms
Contract Terms Transaction Limits
EIP (XXXX to Project
Costing): Calculate
price using Project

Define progress
Associate contract
payments and
with projects and Progress
Amount Yes liquidation rates for a
activities payments?
government contract
Contract Terms



Allocate amounts for contracts

Associate contract
Price type or amendments and mark
Define Terms and Percent or Project with projects and
based on Yes allocation complete
Conditions Amount reporting? activities
product? Amount Allocation
Contract Terms
Amendment Amount Allocation
Administrator EIP
Calculate pricing

Go To: Order Fulfillment

Recurring Calculate pricing
to manage sales contract

Calculate pricing

Associate Add transaction and

contract with line limits and Define Contract
Rate projects and withholding Calculate pricing Milestones and
activities Contract Terms Plans
Contract Terms Transaction Limits
EIP (XXXX to Project
Costing): Calculate
price using Project

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 24

PeopleSoft Enterprise Define Contract Milestones and Plans


Select template for billing plan Select lines and prepaids Define direct invoice and
Create billing plan
Summarization Template to associate with plan preapproval options
Templates? Yes Define Billing Plan
Revenue/Billing Plan Template Define Billing Plan Define Billing Plan
Billing Assign Billing Plan
Billing Plan Detail Templates Assign Billing Plan Assign Billing Plan

To Billing

Define contract milestones

and milestone conditions
Create Milestones

Establish prepaid Define prepaid utilization

balances rules for each prepay
Prepaid Balances Prepaid Utilization Rules

Define the contract support

Support Teams

Administrator Associate notes or documents
Capture Contract Documents
if need
Pricing Assign Documents to Line
Contract Notes
Go To:
No Order Fulfillment, Manage
Sales Contract
Define renewal dates
Select template for Create renewal
and price
Templates? Yes renewal plan schedule
Renewal Templates Plan
Assign Cycles

Identify existing sales order to

associated to contract
Contract Sales Order
To Order Management


Review and update accounting

Contract distributions Create revenue Select lines to associate
Select template for
Financial Fixed Fee Acctg Distribution recognition plans with plan
Templates? Yes revenue plan
Fixed Fee Disc/Surch Acct Dist Define Revenue Plan Define Revenue Plan
Administrator Revenue Plan Template
As Incurred Acct Distribution Assign Revenue Plan Assign Revenue Plan
Prepaid Balances

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 25

PeopleSoft Enterprise Order Management: Propose Solution

Create Proposal
Pursue Leads and Create National
for Professional Plan Engagements
Opportunities Allowance

Sales Agent Analyze Past Approve the
Promotions Promotion
Manage Sales
Accounts Create Customer-
Specific Promotion

Update Partner
Capture Customer/
Records, if acting Develop and
Account Select Products Finalize Quote
on behalf of a Deliver Proposal

Determine if?

CRM Order Review and/or

Capture Update Quote
Implemented Information

Call Center Agent

Create Customer Create Sales
Information Quote

Decide how
implemented? SCM Order
Management Determine if?

Create Buying

Claimback Wholesale/
Create Claimback
Contract Distribution
Administrator Industry

Enterprise Order Fulfillment

Capture Partner Develop and

Select Valid Finalize Partner
Customer/Account Deliver Partner
Partner Products Quote
Information Proposal

Partner Sales
Review and/or
Update Partner
Quote Information

Contact Accept
Customer Call Center Solution

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 26

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Customer Information

Contact Call

Identify summary Identify vendor name

Update/ Review or update
Review messages about the information from a Update Dun & Bradstreet Identify name for EFT and bank and ID Identify details about
Qualify Lead review information for the
corporate tree Dun and Bradstreet information for customer account information Vendor Information reimbursable agreements
Evaluated customer corporate customer
Leads Corporate Tree Messages credit report Dun & Bradstreet Lookup/Order Electronic File Transfer Name Reimbursable Agreements
details? Corporate Customer Tree
Dun and Bradstreet MICR Information

Propose Product(s)
Solution Selected

Create customer and Cite any follow-up Identify any review that is Perform keyword
Identify Update conversation Identify notes about the call Create Order
contact information required needed search
Abbreviated conversation information Select Conversations to Review Information
Propose Opportunity using an abbreviated Define Follow-Up Action Need Supervisor Review Associate Keywords
Format details? Update Conversations
Solution Closed format
Quick Customer Create

Alternate Navigation -
Campaign Select process Capture Order
and Waves Customer Activities Center Format?
Initiated Order Management Center
CSR Desktop
Identify general customer information
General Information Review Customer/
Call Center customer Contact
Customer alternate (H)
Agent information? Create Quote
Product Information Customer Attachments (H) Information
Execute Identify general Customer Freight Carriers (H) Created
Order Regular Action to
Campaigns contact information Customer Hierarchy (H)
Needed Format take?
Contact Information Customer Messages (H)
Customer Product Aliases (H)
Customer Product Catalogs (H)
Customer Region Codes (H) Review/update standard Review/update standard Review notes and messages
Review the amount of Review or update Create custom note
Customer Ship Date Exceptions (H) attachment or create messages or create Bill To Annotations (H)
Execute Customer credit available to the standard notes Notes
custom attachment custom message Ship To Annotations (H)
Campaigns Called customer Notes
Attachments Messages Sold To Annotations (H)
Credit Available

Create Quote
Quote Completed

Create various customer related reports

Create Contacts By Unit
Quote Contacts By SetID
Customers By Unit
Customers By SetID
Sold To Customer Master
Sold To Cust Relationships
Sales Order Ship To Customer Master
Create Created from Ship To Cust Relationships
Quote Buying Ship Date Exceptions

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 27

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Sales Quote

Contact Call Quote

Center Requested

Review customer
Review customer Review history of Review customer Review customer deposits and
Review attachments Review customer Review customer
address customer notes related to a refunds Review credit card history
customer quote associated with a credit details messages
information purchases sales quote Customer Deposits Review Credit Card History
info? sales quote Credit Available Messages
Addresses Purchase History Notes hidden-Customer Deposit Refund

Qualify Lead
Leads Evaluated

Review customer notes related to a sales quote


Identify sold to Calculate shipment Review product

Propose Review and update Review product Review product
Product(s) customer info, product dates and create Review product kit messages Review product
requested information Review alternate attachment
Solution Selected info, and quantity info shipment schedule information associated with notes information
Create/Update Quote product info? information information
Create/Update Quote Create/Update Quote Product Kits specific product ID Notes
Alternates Attachments
Call Center
Agent EIP
Ready for
Send electronic copy of
Sales Quote to an External

Review customer
Review order Review order
and order
What to Review order information according to information according
Execute Campaign and summary
review? summary info? Bill To & PO to Sold To & PO
Waves Initiated information
Campaigns Summary by Bill -To/PO Summary by Sold To

Create report
Review quote listing quotes by Print sales quote
reports? business unit Print Quote
Quote Register
Yes, Provide for Approval

Receive and
Customer Accept
review quote Approve quote

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 28

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Buying Agreement

Agreement No, Changes Requested

Review buying agreements
Contact Buying Review quote Create and print
Agreement and for a Sold To customer or
Call Agreement information status report
quote? customer group
Center Needed Identify details for buying Customer Quotes Agreement Status
Customer Buying Agreement
agreement releases
Schedule Releases (H)

What to
No review?
Create Contact Identify agreement details
Quotes Information Create or update Header Competitor (H)
Needed Identify buying Identify products
No Buying buying agreement Header Note (H) Calculate rebates and Verify rebate and Load rebate and penalties to
Add detailed agreement covered by buying Scheduled Define rebates
Agreement information Yes Yes Header Attachment (H) Yes penalties penalties interface
info? details agreement terms established? and penalties?
in Place Create/Update Buying Line Competitor (H) Calculate Rebates/Penalties Verify Rebates/Penalties Load Rebates/Penalties Intrfc
Header (H) Line (H) Review line details
Agreement Line Note (H) Review order activity Review the activity
Line Attachment (H) of a buying
against a buying for lines on a
Summary Info? agreement
agreement buying agreement
Line Usage
Buying Buying Agreement Usage Line Summary
Call Center agreement?
Request process to Provide agreement
Buying Agreement Agreement Yes, Renew
refresh valid buying No to customer and
Agreement near Not Nearing Buying
agreements obtain approvals
Qualify Exists expiration? Expiration Agreement
Lead Refresh Prompt Table
Leads Evaluated

Nearing Create sales order
Propose Product(s) Expiration How to online for Sold To
Solution Selected Review? No create Online customers
order? Convert Agreement by

Create report to notify

customer of expiration Identify expiration date
and close buying Create sales orders
and offer renewal End
agreement from buying
Execute Campaign and Close Buying Agreement Batch agreements
Agreement Renewal
Waves Convert Agreements
Campaigns Initiated to Orders

Receive and Accept
No, Expire or
review Renew Receive and Solution
Customer renewal agreement?
Cancel Buying
review agreement

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 29

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Claimback Contracts

Provide agreed
Manufacturer upon price for

Calculate amount Identify customer,

Identify VAT Review audit trail of
Wholesale/ needed to earn quantity, dates, Identify line details
information, if changes to contract, Approve contract
Distribution expected margin and amounts, percentages for contract
applicable if necessary Claimback Contract
Industry create contract for and settlement methods Claimback Contract
Claimback claimback Claimback Contract
Claimback Contract Claimback Contract

Enterprise Order Fulfillment

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 30

PeopleSoft Enterprise Plan Engagements

Create project scenarios

Perform what-if analysis Create project estimates for
Create Proposal and opportunities
Pipeline Report scenarios
for Professional My Opportunities
Sales Agent Services Create Opportunity
Proposals Report Define Status
Resource Report Approve Project Estimates
Create Scenario

Accept Solution

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 31

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Proposal for Professional Services

Pursue Leads and

Sales Agent Opportunities Plan Engagements

System will create project,

Create project resource list
activity, and project team Assign Resources
Maintain Proposal
and establish roles in to Project
Maintain Version Est. Detail
project team

Define roles for project Adjust bill rates by
activities, determine quantity, percentage, fixed amount,
Establish or update Define or update flat rate, etc.
review standard rates, and Ready to
proposal and Decide if proposal projects Maintain Proposal
estimate time and expenses create project from
version need to? and activities Maintain Version Est. Detail Create or update
Maintain Proposal proposal? Yes Create rate
Maintain Proposal Maintain Proposal No Create contract project, activities,
Maintain Version Estimate templates
Maintain Version Est. Detail Review time and expenses Maintain Proposal and teams
Need to Maintain Proposal
Maintain Proposal Maintain Proposal
adjust? No
Maintain Version Est. Detail No No
Proposal Alternate Navigation: Analyze total rates
Planner Manage proposals, versions, Maintain Proposal
Copy version Provide contract,
contracts, projects, and reports Create budget
information Review presale project, and budget Manage Sales
Proposal Management Center lines
Copy Proposal Capture transactions project and add information Contract
Review and Need to Create project resource list Team members perform Maintain Proposal
Need to Maintain Proposal Submit proposal for Create projects associated with project and Ready to additional projects Maintain Proposal
select version initiate pre-spending if not already created project tasks
copy or add approval Yes and activities activities finalize Yes and activities, if
No My Proposals to capture Maintain Proposal Maintain Proposal
version? My Proposals Maintain Proposal Maintain Proposal sale? needed
Need to Proposal Inquiry transactions? Maintain Version Est. Detail Maintain Version Est. Detail
Maintain Version Est. Detail My Proposals
Add version markup overall Maintain Proposal
Maintain Proposal expenses?
Markup time or
expenses Identify negotiation details, if
My Proposals needed Manage Project
Maintain Proposal Portfolio
Maintain Version Est. Detail

Review proposed
Review revenue expected time and expenses
by proposal over time for a proposal;
Assess resources
Receive and period and create pipeline create proposal
needed for
review proposal reports including report including Need to make
My Proposals confidence percentage, external fixed fee changes? Go To: Plan
Project Proposal Inquiry customer name, and and external
Resource Demand
Manager Report
status report itemized
Revenue Pipeline Report internal
Proposal Reports

Identify areas of concern

Change My Proposals
Maintain Proposal

Customer proposal and Decide Accept proposal and
review if want Accept provide notification
My Proposals to... My Proposals
Proposal Inquiry Maintain Proposal

Reject End Process

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 32

PeopleSoft Enterprise Promotions: Propose Solution

Create Proposal
Pursue Leads and Create National
for Professional Plan Engagements
Opportunities Allowance

Sales Agent Analyze Past Approve the
Promotions Promotion
Manage Sales
Accounts Create Customer-
Specific Promotion

Update Partner
Capture Customer/
Records, if acting Develop and
Account Select Products Finalize Quote
on behalf of a Deliver Proposal

Determine if?

CRM Order Review and/or

Capture Update Quote
Implemented Information

Call Center Agent

Create Customer Create Sales
Information Quote

Decide how
implemented? SCM Order
Management Determine if?

Create Buying

Claimback Wholesale/
Create Claimback
Contract Distribution
Administrator Industry

Enterprise Order Fulfillment

Capture Partner Develop and

Select Valid Finalize Partner
Customer/Account Deliver Partner
Partner Products Quote
Information Proposal

Partner Sales
Review and/or
Update Partner
Quote Information

Contact Accept
Customer Call Center Solution

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 33

PeopleSoft Enterprise Analyze Past Promotions

Define details for Define custom formulas to

checkbook associate with checkbook
analysis definitions
Define Checkbook Define Checkbook Formulas Create
National National

Review past promotions

Planned vs. Actual Analyze fund spending
Manage Review consumption/ Review shipment history
Customize Maintain Consumption Data Maintain Funds Promotion
Promotion (CPG and MFG Industries) No syndicated information Review Checkbook
analysis? Review Checkbook Maintain Fund Accruals/ Type?
Funding Maintain Consumption Data Promotional Activity
Promotional Activity Budget
Promotion Activity (H)
Sales Agent
Sends and receives the Customer-Specific Customer-Specific
Default Checkbook ID and Promotion
Checkbook filter values for a
SETID and UserID

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 34

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create National Allowance

Define customers Identify products Define national Identify the fund used
Define general info,
who will be offered associated with the allowance discount Identify to fund the national
Analyze Past promotion dates, and Approve the
the promotion national allowance details fund for Yes allowance discounts
Promotions performance dates Promotion
Create National Create National Create National discounts? Create National
Create National Allowance
Allowance Allowance Allowance Allowance

Sales Agent


Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 35

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Customer-Specific Promotion

Identify promotion
and customer to
be copied
Create Customer-
Specific Promo

Review metrics
Define general info, Define merchandising
Define customer Identify products and Identify the fund associated with
promotion dates, and activities that a Identify potential
who will be offered prices associated used to fund the promotion and
performance dates for customer must perform pricing scenarios
Copy one customer- specific with customer- customer promotion Accept perform "what-if"
No No customer- specific to receive the and run simulation Yes
existing? promotion specific promotion discounts pricing? analysis
Analyze Past promotion promotion Simulate Pricing
Create Customer- Create Customer- Create Customer- Create Customer-
Promotions Create Customer- Create Customer- Price by IBU (H)
Specific Promo Specific Promo Specific Promo Specific Promo
Specific Promo Specific Promo
Planned vs. Actual

One Copy existing No

Customer- customer promotion
Decide if... existing from Yes
Specific Copy Customer
Promotion Promotions

Sales Agent Yes

Approve the
Yes Promotion

Define general Define customers Define merchandising Identify the fund used
Identify products associated Changes
Multiple information, promotion who will be offered activities that a customer to fund multiple
Copy with multiple customer- needed by
Customer- dates, and customer-specific must perform to receive customer-specific
existing from No specific promotion customer, No
Specific performance dates promotion the promotion promotions
batch? Create Multiple Customer including price
Promotions Create Multiple Create Multiple Create Multiple Customer Create Multiple
Promo updates
Customer Promo Customer Promo Promo Customer Promo

Copy existing
Yes promotion
Copy Customer

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 36

PeopleSoft Enterprise Approve the Promotion

Provide off-invoice and billback

Create promotional discounts to Order
National National Management and create price
Allowance Allowance rules to be applied as price
adjustments during order creation
Send Promo Prices to Pricing

Sales Agent Review national allowances

Create and customer promotions
Customer-specific or Provide promotion
Customer- and submit for approval Promotion
multiple customer information to Demand
Specific Promotion Calendar type?
promotion Planning to adjust forecast,
Promotion National Allowances
Customer Promotions as needed
Promotion Forecast

Create promotion
contract report to Change status to
present to customer, customer approved
as needed Customer Promotions
Promotion Contract

Order Fulfillment

Review and approve

Sales National Allowances
Manager Customer Promotions

Customer promotion

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 37

PeopleSoft Enterprise Order Fulfillment

Procurement and
Enterprise Sales Field Service Support

Request Field Service

Request Support
Receive Product Return Product Return Product
Inquire About Account
Accept Product

Receive and Pay Inquire about

Invoice Account

Manage Sales

Process Claims for


Authorize Return
Manage Sales

Invoice Customer

Manage Customer
Accounts Process Customer
Receivable Relationship

Agent Deliver Goods

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 38

PeopleSoft Enterprise Manage Sales Contracts

Enterprise Sales

Billing Manage Contract

Invoice Customer
Specialist Billing

Financial Manage Contract

Maintain Contract Renew Contract

Review Contract


Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 39

PeopleSoft Enterprise Manage Contract Billing

Enterprise Sales

Contract Maintain Contract


Review and adjust

Prepare progress Calculate progress
billing including
Progress payment payment costs and Review costs and
Navigation Assistance - reversals Is price change
Amount No payments for Yes worksheet for fixed prices as of a contract fixed price
Select process Reverse Contract required?
government? billing given date Review Costs
Review Contract Summary Events
Worksheets Accumulate Costs
My Contracts Plans

Yes No
Select customer's
Review existing billing plans name and address
Billing Management Yes
Amend pricing
Define Billing Plan

Are changes EIP

to plan (CA_AMEND_PRICE_CI):
warranted? Calculate pricing for
Review pending
updated information
contract billing
Events Review and adjust
Milestones billing including
Plans Need
Amount reversals Is price change
As Incurred No further No
or Percent Reverse Contract required?

Billing Yes
Amend pricing

(CA_AMEND_PRICE_CI): Provide As-Incurred billing
Calculate pricing for information to Billing through
updated information Rate
the Billing Interface
Process As Incurred Billing

Provide recurring billing Is

Review limits and Type of EIP (CA_XXXXXX):
Are Recurring info to Billing trhough the manual Invoice
prepaid balances billing? Yes Approve transactions of
Rate prepaids or limits No Maintain Contract Billing Interface processing Customer
Limit Amount Billing Worksheet in Billing
adequate? Process Recurirng Billing needed?
Prepaid Management

Yes Provide other billing methods to
Billing through the Billing
Review recurring Amount
Recurring bill plans Process Other Billing Methods
Define Billing Plan

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 40

PeopleSoft Enterprise Maintain Contract

Enterprise Sales

Review changes
Request Request EIP
and accept or EIP (BILLABLE
Changes to changes (PENDIING_ACTIVITY):
update TRANSACTIONS): Write
Contract Message inquries about
billable transactions to
Customer any pending activity on an
Billing Interface
Purchase new prepaid
or change limit
amount, if needed

Offer Different

Review contract/amendment
Manage information Provide notification to
Project Contracts customer that contract
is reaching limit Receive
Amendments Decide Establish prepaid Define prepaid utilization
maximum or prepaid decision or Establish Renew
Attachments if want balances rules for each prepaid
balances are low changes from Prepaids Contracts
Documents - General (H) to? Prepaid Balances Prepaid Utilization Rules
Document -Lines (H)
Add Notes (H)
Contract Line Details (H) Yes,
Review milestones Customer Accept
Order Review Milestones Update contract progress Changes
Fulfillment activity? Milestone Management Update Milestone Cond Status Review and update Any Incorporate changes
Update Milestones (H) Process Milestones limits
Contract Inquire Contract Milestones (H) Process Project Progress
Capture changes contract line
into contract
Limit Amount Amendment Details amounts Process
Administrator Milestone Conditions (H) Process Limits Decide
if need to notify changed? Amendments
Update Milestone Conditions (H) Milestone Conditions (H) Yes, Project Manager Execute Projects
Maintain Specific Milestone (H) customer or Project
Review billed events and Review and update Manager
prepaid balances Yes
activities Need to review?
Projects/Activities Prepaid Balances
Field Prepaid Management EIP Allocate the amended
Service No
Review billing information (CA_AMEND_PRICE_CI): amounts and discounts
Bills Calculate pricing for Amendment Amount
updated information Allocation
Review reimbursable
Reimbursable Agreements

Billing Manage Contract

Specialist Billing

Contract Manage Contract

Financial Revenue

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 41

PeopleSoft Enterprise Manage Contract Revenue

Enterprise Sales

Contract Maintain
Administrator Contract

Amount Is manual Create fixed fee accounting

(Government) processing No entries
or Amount/Percent needed? Process Fixed Fee Revenue

Review existing EIP

revenue plans (CA_ACCTG_LN_PC):
action? Yes Create deferred revenue
Revenue Management Publish Project
entries Accounting Lines
Process Deferred Revenue Reverse the accounting
Yes entries for contract lines
Does or the entire contract for
deferred revenue revenue and/or deferred
exist? revenue Review limits for rate-based
Reverse Contract contract lines and/or release
Review pending Plans
revenue information No transactions over line limit
Are changes Events EIP
Contract Plans Review and Manage Limits
to the plan No Is revenue? Milestones (AAA_AAA_AAA):
Events Review recognized revenue, Calls Business
Financial warranted? Create contract revenue journal entries and revenue
Decide Decide
Milestones Is manual Update accounting Are Existing if need to No if forecast Yes Analysis Modeler
Administrator As Incurred accounting entries Capture history Redistribute fixed fee revenue
Rate processing Yes entries adjustments change factors current
Process Fixed Fee Revenue Transactions Fixed Fee Jrnl Acctg Lines accounting lines
needed? Retrieve GL Updates needed?
Process As Incurred Revenue As Incurred Jrnl Acctg Lines Redistribute Fixed Fee
Yes History
(CA_LOAD_UPDATE): Select existing Review and analyze Decide
Retrieve and update forecast or create
Update the revenue No Redistribute as-incurred revenue No forecasted revenue if need
Capture eligible transactions for Forecast Needed forecast for new Yes
plan and preview the accounting lines Forecast Interactive Reports to?
Transactions revenue recognition contracts
revenue Redistribute As Incurred
Preview Revenue Create Forecast
Create as incurred accounting
Define Revenue Plan entries
Process As Incurred Revenue Define factors
Create revenue
Reconcile revenue and billing and that impact
Decide New forecast
Redistribute create summary forecast
if need Process Forecast
Revenue Reconcile Revenue to Billing Create Forecast
Create Reconciliation Summary

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 42

PeopleSoft Enterprise Renew Contract

Need to merge
Sales Agent renewal with
current sales

Propose changes
to renewal

Receive and
Customer review renewal Accept renewal
notification of
related contract
action taken

Choose not to
renew contract

Contract Approve renewal cycle

Approval Renewal Cycle

Send renewal
notification to Proposed Changes
Maintain Contract Rejected Customer's Manual or
customer Reprice
Renewal Action? No automatic Manual
Accepted renewal

Proposed EIP Enterprise Pricer
Expiration or renewal Notify changes Approve renewal
Customer accepted? No manually
date reached
Renewal Cycle
Opportunity Automatic
Review upcoming Review and update Identify reason and Allow contract line Need to
and past due plan, dates, and place on hold or when Decide to expire at end Yes No reprice?
Allow to Pursue
renewals price for each cycle hold issue resolved, if need date and update
Expire Opportunity
Renewal Plan release hold to? renewal plan
Contract Management Cycle Cycle Plan
Update renewal cycle
and verify pricing Manual or Review renewable
EIP (CA_XXXX): Send Renew amount, if needed automatic Manual contract lines
hold reason to Billing Contract Lines renewal? Review Renewals

Approve renewals automatically

automatic repricing done
Provide Quote for Process Renewals
Propose Solution
Contract Renewal

EIP Enterprise Pricer

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 43

PeopleSoft Enterprise Review Contract Information

Enterprise Sales

Review contract/amendment
Documents - General (H)
Document -Lines (H)
Add Notes (H)
Contract Line Details (H)

Review milestones
Update Milestones (H)
Inquire Contract Milestones (H) End Process
Milestone Conditions (H)
Update Milestone Conditions (H)
Contract Maintain Specific Milestone (H)

Review billed events and


Review billing information


Review reimbursable
Reimbursable Agreement

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 44

PeopleSoft Enterprise Manage Sales Orders

Go To:
Sales Procurement and
Enterprise Materials

Sales Confirm Sales Track or Change Close and Analyze

Representative Order Pending Order Orders

Claimback Create Claims for

Contract Claimback

Inventory Agent Deliver Goods

Billing Invoice Customer


Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 45

PeopleSoft Enterprise Confirm Sales Order

Enterprise Sales

Sales Track or Change

Representative Pending Order

Inventory Agent Deliver Goods

Billing Invoice Customer


Review change request Apply changes to

Alternate Navigation - Is Is order is a
and correct as needed change request and Ready to Provide non-stock schedules
Select process No info is valid Yes change Yes Yes
Identify Order Changes complete complete? Non-Stock to billing
CSR Desktop for order? request?
Source Code Exclusions Order Completion Schedules Mark Lines for Billing
Account Balance (H)
to Billing Process Mark Lines for Billing
Advanced Product Search (H) EIP
Process OM Billing
Payment History (H) (FREIGHT_CALC)
Validate customer's net price
Check for price Send freight information and
against system calculated price
Correct exceptions as Review results of EDI discrepancies, if receive calculated freight
for order and recalculate prices,
Review staging details needed order change Price needed charges
No if needed
Header Header transactions Update Price Costs Captured for
Request Price Check- EDI/XML Execute Project
Receive Line Line View Order Change Discrepancies Complete order and Procuring Goods
Reprice Order Manage Sales
electronic orders Schedule Need to Schedule Results distribute Order Re-priced
Electronic or Order
Electronic and changes Address correct staging Yes Address Order Completion Demand
Process Staged Note tables? Note EIP
Orders/RFQs User Defined Reference User Defined Reference (FREIGHT_CANCEL)
Option Header Option Header Validate customer Send cancel notification
Customer Sales Option Detail Option Detail Action credit information
Credit Check if need
No Apply/Release Credit
Representative Correct Order/RFQ Errors needed? to?
Hold Create demand to provide to
Fulfill Stock EIP
manufacturing and planning
Delete staging tables Release Demand to Inventory
Send taxable information to
unable to correct Place sales order on hold Vertex and receive calculated
Delete Staging Tables Load staging table
and identify reason taxes
Review and/or correct pending with credit card Load credit card information
Credit Card Apply/Release Order Hold
credit card transactions information for authorization EIP (SALES_ORDER_
Processing Order Hold Workbench
Identify Pending Transactions Request Credit Card Load Credit Card Interface ACKNOWLEDGEMENT):
Review the order Send electronic copy of Sales
Manual Process
Create/Update Order EIP
Create and send Order to an External Source
Cancel order electronic copy of Send taxable information to
Create/Update Order sales order
EIP Taxware and receive
Send credit card information and receive Sales Order change notice
receive authorization to and from an External source

Customer confirmation of

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 46

PeopleSoft Enterprise Track or Change Pending Orders

Inquire about Receive

Customer pending order or information and
request changes request changes

Sales Confirm Sales

Representative Order

Invoice Customer

Inventory Agent Deliver Goods

Make changes to order line

Track order Change or schedule and system
Track information Order Info verifies change is allowed
Track Order Create/Update Sales Order
SCM Order Management sends SCM Inventory sends CRM Order And/or?
all sales order line statuses to Capture and FieldService notification Identify, change, and/or
Calculate Calculate rebates and
CRM Order Capture that sales orders have been shipped; approve sales rebate and Provide rebate information
Rebates and penalties
sends only shipped line statuses penalties Request Sales Rebate Interface
Penalties Request Sales Rebates
Identify Sales Rebate Info

Review product information

Attachments Manage Customer
Messages Financial Relationship
Product Notes
Information Product Kits Cancel orders and
Kit Availability system verifies
Review order shipping and Price and Availability change is allowed
Receive inquiry or changes Create/Update Order
summary information Item/Product Availability
about pending order and
Customer Sales Shipments by Header Price Rule Usage (H)
system verifies change is
Representative Shipments by Line
allowed Order
Need to review? Shipments by Schedule
CSR Desktop Information Activate or release hold
Account Balance (H) status Create demand to provide to
Summary by Bill -To/PO Review customer
Advanced Product Search (H) Hold Apply/Release Credit Hold manufacturing and planning
Summary by Sold To attachments
Payment History (H) Apply/Release Order Hold Release Demand to Inventory
Financial Sanctions Addresses
Order Hold Workbench
Credit Available
Messages Create schedule changes to Review the results
Notes Delete selected
many orders at once and of the schedule
Review Credit Card History Mass Change results
system verifies change is mass change End Process
Purchase History Schedules Delete Schedule
allowed View Schedule
Change Results
Update Schedules Change Results
Create sales order
Print Sales Order
Sales Order Register
Reports Reprice order
Order Changes Reprice
Orders on Hold Reprice Order
Order Backlog
Overdue Shipments

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 47

PeopleSoft Enterprise Close and Analyze Orders

Review the cube, manipulate

Create customer forecasts information, create graphs and
Create cube for Analyze sales
for bookings and sales charts, review margin
analysis order data
Forecast Sales Bookings No information for customers, End Process
Build Analysis Sales Analysis
customer groups, sales
Cube Report (H)
regions, products and rank the
Customer Sales Retrieve commission Assign commission percentage
Close sales order Profitability most profitable products
percentages to order
Representative Update Commission Information Update Commission Information
Close Order report?

Yes Create Product Profitability

report to review impact on
Create product forecasts profitability, margins and
Forecast Products revenue
Product Profitability Report

Inventory Agent

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 48

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Claims for Claimback

Inventory Agent Deliver Goods

Create claimback Review and manage

claims to submit to claims that system has
vendor created automatically
Accrue Revenue/ Claims Management
Create Claims Workbench

Claimback Review contract Create

Contract order, shipment, and claims or
claim activity accrue
Administrator Claimback Contract revenue?

Calculate accrued Review claimback Review accrued

Periodically Accrue revenue and pass to accrued revenue Go To Financial revenue posted to
Claimback Related General Ledger transactions No Control and Reporting to General Ledger
Revenue Accrue Revenue/ Claimback Accrual post transactions GL Accrued
Create Claims Inquiry Revenue

Procurement and
Enterprise Materials

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 49

PeopleSoft Enterprise Process Claims for Promotions

Enterprise Sales

Sales Payments and
Provide Claim for Report Promotion
Representative Payment Liability
Create Claims

Invoice Customer

Billing Specialist

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 50

PeopleSoft Enterprise Authorize Payments and Create Claims

Sales Sales

verification of
Customer performance

Lump Sum
Record proof of
Create payment authorizations
Automatic performance
Update Accrual/Financial Info
Authorize Payments

Receive verification of
performance for Type of
billback or lump sum authorization?
payment info
Create claim
information for
Consumption Many
or purchasing Create Customer
based? Claim

Sales Create claim

Identify incurred and actual Record proof of performance Number
Representative Consumption redeemed units and authorize billback and
of promotions for
information for
Process Claim for
exceptions No One single promotion
Specify Consumption Actuals lump sum payments customer Payment
necessary? Authorize
Authorize Payments to pay?


Create payment
Authorize Payments

Promotions Approve claims

Approval Approve exception(s) against authorized
Authority Authorize Payments payments
Authorize Payments

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PeopleSoft Enterprise Process Claim for Payment

Provide claims to
Billing and Payables Customer Requires Settle Supplier
Payments and
Send Claims to Billing Check or Field Draft Invoices
Create Claims
and AP
Representative Settle Supplier Review details
Invoices against a given
Promotional Activity

Analyze fund and

Verify claims were
Update checkbook values promotion activity
processed correctly
Update Accrual/Financial Info Review Checkbook
Customer Claims
Planned vs. Actual

Customer Requires
Credit or Deduction


Billing Specialist

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 52

PeopleSoft Enterprise Report Promotion Liability

Identify need to
Sales Review promotion-
determine what money
Accounting related accrual
Representative Provide Claim is owed, but not yet Create GL transactions
Capture Capture Entries Ready
transactions posted to
for Payment paid (This is a periodic Update Accrual/Financial Info Transactions Transactions for Review
Created the GL
snapshot - usually
GL Accruals

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 53

PeopleSoft Enterprise Deliver Goods

Sales Manage Sales

Representative Order

Receive Product

Specialist Invoice Customer

Schedule Routes Pick, Pack and

and Build Loads Ship Goods

Reserve and
Allocate Stock

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 54

PeopleSoft Enterprise Schedule Routes and Build Loads

Establish and maintain

route schedules
Maintain Route Calendar

Close all
Action needed transportation
Capture Pick, Pack, and
(at any point in routes exceeding
Order Ship Goods
process)? closing times
Close Routes

Inventory Agent
Associate Assign customers
transportation Assign or locations to
Define transportation
routes with carrier transportation routes transportation
route groups
and shipment to group route and define
Create Route Groups
method Assign Route Group sequence
Create Route Codes Assign Route Stop

Combine order
lines to create load
for shipping to
Manage Loads

Sales Manage Sales

Representative Order

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 55

PeopleSoft Enterprise Reserve and Allocate Stock

Order Receive notification of inventory
Representative reservation from external source

Inventory Create manual approval

Approval for stock requests
Approve Stock Request

Balances Review demand lines in error and
Procure Goods
Create new stock request or Checked correct, if needed, in order to fulfill
Stock Request System creates
update request not reserved Correct Demand Errors
Needed demand line
Create/Update Stock Request Balances
Assign quantity available to
Create stock request to reserve, selected order lines manually
pick, and ship item, create and print Go To: Invoice Material Stock Reservations (H)
Express shipping documents and deplete on Customer and Receive
hand quantities in one step Product
Express Issue
Review and update
groups of orders
Analyze shortages Maintain Stock Requests
and manage Pegging
Check inventory balances Shortage required?
Manage Planning Review and approve Apply approved planning
Receive Planning requests Review planning exception Item/Product Availability Shortages Workbench
Demand Request changes to transfers and recommendations to Yes Review and modify order
and review exceptions messages and errors Inventory Status
Planning Sent stock requests inventory lines not reserved
Review Apply Planning Errors Review Planning Post Errors Inventory by Item
Approve Planning Updates Apply Planning Updates Inventory by Lot Update Unreserved Orders
Inventory by Area
Inventory by Location Respond to
Item Balance by All Units inventory Link or peg supply in
Inventory to demand on Cancel, apply holds, or
Item Balance by Unit condition? Note: When the Autopick
order, review and/or release holds for material
Item Balance by Location Pegging process is selected it will
create report stock requests
InterUnit Stock Status Required reserve and pick, and when the
Workbench Cancel/Hold Stock Requests
Negative Balances Autoship process is selected the
Procure Goods Stock Request Received Inquiry process will reserve, confirm
Inventory Agent No Negative Balances WF (H)
Stock Avail Tree Page (H) Pegging Exception Report (pick), and ship automatically in
Inventory Unit Tree Panel (H) one step. Review availability of items
Pick, Pack and
for InterUnit transfer
Ship Goods
InterUnit Stock Level
Create material Action
Reserve reservation Soft required to
Yes Backorders? No
Materials Reserve Materials Process Reservation? manage
Identify controlled Fulfillment Workbench requests? Review soft-reserved, lot-
From: "Replenish Depleted Inventory" Manual item quantity to allocated, or promised
Manage Lot allocation
Receive Stock Request approval No Yes include in specific Transfer order lines
Inventory needed?
from Par Replenishment required? lot Interunit Yes Reserved Material Stock
Allocate Lots Manufacture
Create MSR for interunit Production
Create/Update Stock Requests Keep in back order status until
Fulfillment Workbench items received; reserve Review status of order
Issue items to work order Procure
Go To: "Pick, Pack and Procure Goods materials Stock Requests
without pick plan Items
Issue to Work Orders Ship Goods" Reserve Materials Process
Asset Lifecycle No Fulfillment Workbench
Management/ Go To: Asset Lifecycle
Use pick plan? Go To: "Receive and Review rules for reservation
Maintain Management
Print material picking Inspect Items" and backorder processing
Assets Yes
instructions for pulling stock Reservation/Backorder Rules
from shop floor for
maintenance work orders
Create Work Order Pick Plan
Refresh kit inventory
requirements for orders
Kit Re-Explode Process

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 56

PeopleSoft Enterprise Pick, Pack and Ship Goods

Customer Receive Product Publish Project
Accounting Lines

Invoice Customer

Schedule front-end shipping

and ship from unreserved Create ASN (advance EIP
Yes stock shipping notification) and (ADVANCED_SHIPPING_NOTICE):
Front-end Shipping Requests provide to customer Send the advanced shipping notice to
Fulfillment Workbench Fulfillment Workbench appropriate parties
Create bills of lading
Reserve and
and export documents
Allocate Stock
Load Export Doc Table EIP
Yes Send notification of expected internal receipt
Send transportation load
to appropriate parties
details to external sources Create foreign or Print domestic and EIP (INTERUNIT_EXPECTED_RECEIPT):
Front-End Define standard notes to
Ship? domestic bills of export bills of Send notification of expected interunit
print on bills of lading
lading lading receipt to appropriate parties
Create Bill of Lading Notes
Create adjustments to Build Bill of Lading Bill of Lading (Message or Flat File)
Decrease on-hand
picked vs. shipped
Soft balance and prepare
No No quantities in batch Transfer forecast and
reservation? items to be shipped
Schedule Routes processing inventory data into
Picking Shortage Report Consolidate bills of
and Build Loads Quantity Adjustment EIP Print shipping system tables
lading to shipping Define complete Specify parameters to Upload Forecasts
manifest group of forecast obtain forecast set
: Receive notification of serial Shipping Manifest
Build Shipping Manifest data for analysis info
number from external source
Create allocations Forecast Sets Create Item Forecasts
Allocation Download demand
Yes Yes Order Release EIP history for a 3rd party Manage Demand
needed? Print Export Pro Forma Print orders and
Request (INVENTORY_PICKING): forecasting application Planning
Ship orders, adjust report for export, import order lines shipped Review shipping information
Send material pick and Create or Create by ship ID Download Forecasts
EIP (INVENTORY_SHIP_CNTR): balances, calculate freight duty clearance Fulfillment Status
receive feedback update Online and/or print Shipping
Receive notification of assigned online and manage load Export Pro Forma Shipping Backlogs
Inventory Ship shipments
shipping container from external Shipping/Issues
documents? Print packing slips for Document Deplete on hand Shipping Container Hierarchy
Maintain Ship stock from Decide End
Agent No source confirmed stock
warehouse to fulfill
Shipped quantities
if need
Shipping Serials
Shipping IDs requests reports? Deplete On InterUnit Stock Status
orders Create report on to?
Packing Slip Hand Quantity Kit Re-Explode Results
EIP (FREIGHT_CALC): Send Create North American orders shipped but Financial Sanctions
Print material picking Confirm pick plan and Decide not invoiced
freight information and Free Trade Agreement
instructions for pulling Physically Verify information to adjust adjust balances at method? Defer Invoicing
Ship or receive calculation of freight origin certificate Create automatic
stock from shop floor pick item for the pick plan location level
pack? charges NAFTA Cert of Origin Go To: Manage invoices and provide
Order Release shipment Material Picking Feedback Picking Confirmation Create documentation for
Request Process EIP Inventory confirmation to Billing
(FREIGHT_CANCEL) Canadian customs Interface
Define container attributes Review or change invoice Ship and Invoice
Send cancel notification
and pack stock into information on a Canada Customs Invoice
Pack container shipping container Create documentation
EIP Load transfer
Define Shipping Container already packed for U.S. origin
(TMS_LOAD_NOTIFICATION_RES order data from Restart Transfer Order
EIP Packing Session Ship Container Detail Schedule shipping certification
P): Acknowledge TMS notification Background Calculate freight shipping table to Billing Load if terminated
(SHIPPING_NOTIFICATION): fulfillment requests U.S. Certificate of Origin
Freight Calculation Billing Interface InterUnit Bill Load Restart
Receive confirmation of a Shipping Requests Create export declaration
Process InterUnit Bill Load
shipment from external sources Fulfillment Workbench documentation
Shipper’s Export Declaration
Create shipping excise invoices, Cancel request for transfer
Receive load notification from TMS
EIP reports and apply taxes for India in transit
(SHIPPING_NOTIFICATION): Shipping Excise Invoice Cancel InterUnit Transfers
Receive notification of Shipping Excise Invoice Report
shipment Tax Applicability

Perform financial
Yes, Ship from Reserved State Screen for Denied Parties

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 57

PeopleSoft Enterprise Invoice Customer

Receive and Pay

Customer Invoice

Manage Sales

Process Claims for

Sales Promotions

Authorize Return

Contract Manage Sales

Administrator Contract

Make Billing

Receive and
Create RMA
Validate Bill
Create Bill
Information Finalize and Print Record Invoice
Specialist Manually (One- Customer Invoice Activity

Create Billing
Options for
Consolidated or
Installment Bills

Inventory Agent Deliver Goods

Process Customer
Receivable Payments

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 58

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create RMA Adjustments

Customer Sales


Receive and
Review staged return activity Create return bill information
Validate Bill
Review RMA Adjustment Activity Create RMA Adjustment Invoices

Billing Specialist

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 59

PeopleSoft Enterprise Receive and Validate Bill Information


Contract Manage Sales Billing Source Synchronization Billing Source Synchronization Billing Type Synchronization Billing Type Synchronization
Contract (Field Service and Support) (Field Service and Support)
Administrator (Field Service and Support) (Field Service and Support)

Sales Order

Sales Process Claims for

Representative Promotions

Authorize Return

Inventory Agent Deliver Goods

Create Bill
Manually (One-
Yes Time)

Review, update and approve Manual bill?

proposed billing activity
Billing No
Update Billing Worksheet
Activity Finalize and Print
Process Worksheet Approval
Customer Invoice
Review interface activity Process Worksheet Delete
in staging area and
correct errors
Correct Interface Errors Review billing data
Contracts originating in Contracts or
Review VAT Errors Authorization
or Projects Projects Errors?
Review VAT Errors Needed?
Billing Review Contract/Project
Billing Specialist Yes Review completed Billing
Create RMA Vat interface transactions
Adjustments Errors? Review Interface Completions
No Review and report letter of
Apply Excise/Sales
Grants credit summary for Grants Yes
tax defaults
No Review info? Billing billing activity
Run Excise/Sales Create report listing
Tax Defaults Letter of Credit Summary
interface lines, activities
and transactions
Create Billing Intrfc Report
Convert billing
Review and update pending
Receive information from activity into bill Apply valued added
billing interface structure tax defaults
Review Pending Transactions Yes
Process Billing Interface Update Pending Apply VAT Defaults Review credit card
Update Pending Transactions
Transactions transactions
Credit Card Transactions (H)

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 60

PeopleSoft Enterprise Make Billing Adjustments

Receive and Pay Receive reprinted

Customer Invoice invoice

Reprint invoices for consolidated

invoices, if needed
Reprint Invoices

Action? Reprint invoices for non-

consolidated invoices, if needed
Reprint Invoices

Search for
invoiced bills or bill
lines and update
Bills Invoiced
Lines Invoiced


Receive request from (BI_EIP360_RSP):
Billing CRM to search for Provide customer
Specialist customer related related billing
invoiced information information to CRM

Search for non-

Make adjustments to
invoiced bills or bill Provide billing adjustments to
entire bills or bill lines Project or
lines and update Projects and Contracts
Adjust Entire Bill Contract Related
Bills Not Invoiced Update Contract/Projects Data
Adjust Selected Bill Lines
Lines Not Invoiced

Review history of
adjustments for bills
or lines
Adjustment History
Review Line History

Change summarization
template Finalize and Print
Correct Summarization Customer Invoice

Go To: Manage
Contract Sales Contract

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 61

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Bill Information Manually (One-Time)


Send taxable information to Send taxable information to
Vertex and receive calculated Taxware and receive
taxes calculated taxes

Add or remove links to Review bill Validate bill, calculate taxes,

Create express bill
supporting documents for summary and and print proforma bill Review printed
Express online quickly
invoice calculate taxes Print Pro Forma proforma invoice
Express Billing
Supporting Documentation Bill Summary Print Consolidated Pro Forma

Receive and No Type? Send GEO codes to Vertex Send GEO codes to Send taxable information to Send taxable information to
Validate Bill for tax calculation Taxware for tax calculation Vertex and receive Taxware and receive
Information calculated taxes calculated taxes

Add or remove links to

Create standard
supporting documents for
Billing Standard bill
Specialist Standard Billing
Supporting Documentation

Copy existing?
Service Order Yes

Send GEO codes to Vertex Send GEO codes to Taxware
for tax calculation for tax calculation
Copy single bill or groups
Source and
of bills
Define Bill Copy Group Finalize and Print
Suppliers Updates? No
Define Copy Group Details Customer Invoice
Copy Bill Group
Copy Single Bill

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 62

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Billing Options for Recurring, Consolidated or Installment Bills

Create installment bill Create Bill

schedules for template Create installment bills Information
invoices Create Installment Bills Manually (One-
Installment Bill Schedules Time)

Specialist Create schedules for
Need to Create Create recurring bills
Action? recurring bill templates Decision
billing options Create Recurring Bills
Recurring Bill Schedules

Create consolidated bill Define bills associated

header with consolidated bill Finalize and Print
Create Consolidated header Customer Invoice
Header Attach and Detach Bills

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 63

PeopleSoft Enterprise Finalize and Print Customer Invoice

Create Bill Update bill status EIP (VERTEX_CALCTAX): EIP (TAXWARE_CALCTAX):

Information Change Status of Bills Send taxable information to Send taxable information to
Manually (One- Vertex and receive Taxware and receive
Time) calculated taxes calculated taxes

Perform Financial
Sanctions review
Receive and Create proforma invoice and
Screen for Denied Parties Add or remove links to Create Bill
Validate Bill print details or summarized
supporting documents for Review proforma Information
Information invoice
invoice invoices Manually (One-
Print Pro Forma
Supporting Documentation Time)
Proforma Print Consolidated Pro Forma

Type of
Make Billing
Finalize multiple invoices in a
single action and print details Provide invoice information to
or summarized invoices Manage Sales
Final Projects and Contracts
Single Action Invoice Contract
Update Contract/Projects Data
Single Action Consolidation
Create Billing Single Action
Options for Job
Recurring, Type of Yes
Consolidated or processing?
Installment Bills Review progress or
Finalize non-consolidated Add or remove links to
processing errors Provide invoice or an email Contract/
Individual Steps invoices and print details supporting documents for
Review Invoice Errors notification to customers Project
Billing Non-Consolidated or summarized views invoice
In Progress Log Request Invoice Notification related?
Finalize and Print Invoices Supporting Documentation
Specialist Financial Sanctions


Send taxable information to Send taxable information to CRM to search for Provide customer
Provide invoice to customers of
Vertex and receive calculated Taxware and receive customer related related billing
taxes calculated taxes invoiced information information to CRM

Finalize consolidated invoices

Individual Steps and print details or
Consolidated summarized views No
Finalize and Print Invoices
Finalize non-consolidated
Review history of credit card
invoices and print details
Yes transactions
Non-Consolidated or summarized views
Review CC Transaction History
Finalize and Print Invoices
Review and update pending Consolidated Record Invoice
Credit Card Transmit credit card transactions Activity
credit card transactions Review? No or Non-
Processing Request Credit Card Processing
Review Pending CC Transaction Consolidated?
Finalize consolidated
Review prior credit card Consolidated invoices and print details
Yes transaction activity or summarized views
EIP (CREDITCARD_TRANSACTION): Review Prior Card Transaction Finalize and Print Invoices
Credit Card Integration - Business Interlink

Receive and Pay

Customer Invoice

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 64

PeopleSoft Enterprise Record Invoice Activity

Re-create various reports

Create AR Pending Item Report
Finalize and Print Review bill and
accounting No GL Accounting Entries
Customer Invoice details for a
entries? AP Voucher Entries
selected bill
Summary Consol AR Pending Item Report
Details Consol GL Accounting Entries
Send invoice
information to Projects
and Contracts Manage Contracts
View bill summary or detail
Review installment bill Update Contract/
information in Euro currency
schedule in bill currency Projects Data
Bill Summary (Euro Currency) (H)
Installment Bill Schedule
Detailed Bill (Euro Currency) (H)
Review account entries
created by unbilled Send consolidated or
revenue accrual or GL non-consolidated
load process View bill summary or detail invoice information to
Review recurring billing
Create pending items Additional information in base currency Reproduce A/P for interunit billing Settle Supplier
Review Entries By Invoice schedules Action?
Create accounting entries Check non- for Receivables for review? Bill Summary (Base Currency) (H) reports? (Non-Consolidated) Invoices
Convert non-consolidated Initiate preload Recurring Bill Schedule
for non-consolidated consolidated invoices non-consolidated bills Detailed Bill (Base Currency) (H) Load Invoices to AP
bill amounts to additional process for selected
billing and review GL against budget Load Invoices to AR (Consolidated)
currencies non-consolidated bills Correct transaction Review billing and accounting
Review and correct report Request Budget Check Load Invoices to AP
Convert Currency Amounts Pre-Load Process data errors found in Review account entries by entry reports Consolidate
invalid entry type Create Accounting Entries Pass budget Consolidate
preload process Review? General Ledger journal ID Salary Detail or non- Yes or non- Review? Review bills
and reason values check? View installment bill schedule in
Correct Staged Review Entries By Journal GL Accounting Entries consolidated? consolidated? attached to
Correct Entry Type base or euro currency
Convert consolidated bill Initiate preload Acctg Errors Create accounting entries Consol GL Accounting Entries particular
Billing Check consolidated Create pending items Installment Bill Sched (Base) (H)
amounts to additional process for selected for consolidated billing consolidated bill Create accumulate Review results of Compare balances
Specialist No invoices against budget for Receivables for Installment Bill Sched (Euro) (H)
currencies consolidated bills and review GL report Attached Bills balances based on balance to date with ceiling
Request Budget Check No consolidated bills
Convert Currency Amounts Pre-Load Process Create Accounting Entries rules accumulation values
Load Invoices to AR
Calculate Balances Review Balances Compare Balances
Create salary detail report Review bills attached to
for Grants billing activity Correct errors in List summary of
consolidated bill in base or euro
Financial Control and Reporting/ Salary Detail budget check pending items by
No Capture Transactions to record Correct Budget group identifier
Accrue unbilled Review Attached Bills (Base) (H)
entries in GL Check Errors AR Pending Items
activity? Review Attached Bills (Euro) (H)
Debits or Review results of balance
Create accrual Credits accumulation in base currency
entries for unbilled and compare with ceiling values
consolidated View documents Review Balances (Base)(H)
Yes invoices associated to invoice Compare Balances (Base)(H)
Consolidated Bills View Supporting
Documentation End
Base or Euro?
Create report listing Review results of balance
Yes Consolidated? Reports? Yes accrued bill lines accumulation in euro currency
Bill Lines Accrued Report and compare with ceiling values
Create report of Review Balances (Euro)(H)
Create accrual entries invoice activity Compare Balances (Euro)(H)
for unbilled individual Invoice Register
invoices Consolidated Register
Non-Consolidated Bills Create report listing lines
unavailable for accrual
Lines Not Ready to
Accrue Rpt

Receivable Process Customer

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 65

PeopleSoft Enterprise Receive and Pay Invoice

Make Billing
Inquiry Needed


Receive Product Receive Invoice Ready to Pay Pay Invoice

Specialist Invoice Customer

Process Customer


Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 66

PeopleSoft Enterprise Receive Invoice

Specialist Customer

Review list of bills and/

or search for bills

Search and/or review

consolidated bills
Consolidated Bills

Review account
balances and search
and/or review balance
details Make Billing
Inquiry Needed
Account Balance Inquiry
Receive Balance Detail
Receive notification of
Review info? Decide if?
Product electronic invoice
Customer Search and/or review Ready to Pay
Payment History

Update profile, if
My Preferences

Receive hard copy Review Make

invoice invoice payment

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 67

PeopleSoft Enterprise Make Billing Inquiry

Send email and/

or request copy
of invoice
Contact Us

Receive Inquiry
Customer Invoice Needed
Action taken? Action taken?

Place call to
inquire about
invoice or Billing
account Adjustments Invoice Customer

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 68

PeopleSoft Enterprise Pay Invoice

Review direct
Identify or verify
debit payment
credit card
Make information
Payment Cart
Billing Payment Cart
Select invoices Review payment Submit payment External process
for payment details Action? payment Payment Cart
Payment Cart Payment Cart Payment Cart

Review pre- Review credit

Customer established direct card transaction
Receive debit account results
Ready to Pay How to pay? Payment Cart Payment Cart

Create manual
payment (check or

Receive Create and submit
payments payment file

Payment Routed Directly to Vendor

Process Customer
Receivable Khaki shading
indicates self-service
Specialist Self Service Activity
Component Name

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 69

PeopleSoft Enterprise Process Customer Payments

Receive and Pay

Customer Provide

Specialist Invoice Customer

Receive Payments Apply Payments

Create Receivable Process Direct

Items Debits

Instruct Bank to Manage Customer

Accounts Process Drafts Withdraw Payment Financial
Receivable Amounts Relationship

Process Credit
Card Payments

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 70

PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Receivable Items

Billing Invoice Customer


Debits or
Debits or Credits
from Payables
or External
Identify control totals
Identify action for group of
for a group of pending Identify individual
How to pending items
items pending item
create pending Online Group Entry
Group Entry information
items? Large Group Unpost pending item
Large Group Single Item
Overdue Charge Items transactions
Overdue Charge Items
Group Search for Unpost
Online Group
External Group
EIP Overdue Charge Group
(DC_PENDITEM_CI): Pending Unpost Group
Load pending item
information from
external sources Create pending item reports
Update customer balance and
Accounting Entries
post accounting entries Correct pending item
Acctg Entries-Point in Time
Request Receivables Update Review posting results for posting errors
Electronic Group Control-Point in Time Need to
Request Entry Event Processor pending items Online Items
Group Control by Entry Date change pending No
Request Revaluation All Items w/ Detail External Items
Item Detail item action?
Request Aging Process Single Item w/ Detail Overdue Charge Items
Item Detail-Point in Time
Job Message Log Summary Unpost
Pending Item-Point in Time
Accounts Pending Item by Entry Date
Update Pagelet Statistics
Specialist Correct revenue estimates
Review pending item
information errors
All Items Create Transactions
Review and/or Single Item Review Transactions by Item
update control totals Review individual Billings by Origin Identify action for group Review Trans by Activity
Yes Correct Transactions
for a group of pending item Billings by Unit of external pending items
pending items information Any Item Group Group Entry Budget Check Transactions
Group Entry Single Item Group Not Set To Post Large Group
Large Group Groups Set To Post
Group Status Reclassify AR entries, if needed
Conversations Reclassify AR entries
Pending Item Status Reclassify Direct Jrnal entries
Reclassify Open item
Identify action for the group of
pending items including
Average Bad Debt Identify groups and review
Aging Days Sales balance, post, create accounting
Time to Write-off by Online Pending Items
Summary Outstanding entries, or delete
Resolve Customer External Pending Items Review revaluation and
Online Pending Items
Overdue Charge Pending Items unrealized gains or losses
External Pending Items If Revalued in AR
Overdue Charge Pending Items Review Receivables Revaluation
Unreal Gain Doubtful Items
Deduction by Deduction by Outstanding Past Due
Amount Reason Balances Balances

Sales New/ Manage Customer
Customer Write-off
Existing Financial Relationship
Sales Trends

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 71

PeopleSoft Enterprise Process Direct Debits

Cancel direct debit(s)

Cancel Direct Debits

Review direct debit

information, if needed
All Direct Debits
Create direct debit Review, update and/or
Direct Debits by Unit Need to
worksheet approve items
Group Status cancel?
Create Direct Debits Update Direct Debits
Groups Not Set to Post
Direct Debits Set to Post
Update customer balance
Review posting results for
Request Receivables Update
direct debits items
Request Entry Event Processor Unpost direct debit
All Items
No Request Revaluation transactions
All Items w/ Detail
Request Aging Process Pending Unpost Group
Single Item
Job Message Log Summary
Single Item w/ Detail
Update Pagelet Statistics

Correct direct debit posting

Direct Debit
Accounts Direct Debit Acctg Entries

Correct revenue estimates

Create Transactions
Review Transactions by Item
Review Trans by Activity
Correct Transactions
Budget Check Transactions

Review revaluation and

unrealized gains or losses
If Revalued in AR Review Receivables
Unreal Gain Doubtful Items

Instruct Bank to Withdraw

Payment Amounts

Customer Receive and Pay


Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 72

PeopleSoft Enterprise Process Drafts

Identify all posted open

Vendor items with draft payment
Initiated method Review draft information,
Vendor Drafts All Drafts
Create report to Draft Inquiry
provide to Create remittance Draft by Unit
How to Type of customer/vendor worksheet Group Status
Manual and obtain Create Worksheet Groups Not Set To Post
create draft? draft?
approvals Update Worksheet Drafts Set to Post
Draft Documents Item Activity from Draft
Draft Statistics
Identify items to be paid by Conversations
Customer draft
Initiated Customer Drafts
Multiple Customer Drafts


Create reports for Drafts Update customer balance

Review posting results for
Load electronic EFT Accounting Entries Request Receivables Update
drafts items Unpost draft transactions
file from customer Approve drafts Bank Remit Exception Report Request Entry Event Processor
Is status pre- All Items Group Search for Unpost
Electronic Drafts Yes Create Worksheet Dishonor Activity Request Revaluation
approved? All Items w/ Detail Draft Group
Inbound Bank EFT Update Worksheet Draft Reports Request Aging Process
Accounts Single Item Pending Unpost Group
File Draft Statement Job Message Log Summary
Single Item w/ Detail
Receivable Remittance/Discount Form Update Pagelet Statistics
Identify drafts as collateral Correct draft posting errors
or transfer drafts Draft
No Draft Accounting Entries
Draft Collateral
Endorse Draft Unpost

Correct revenue estimates

Create Transactions
Review Transactions by Item
Review Trans by Activity
Correct Transactions
Budget Check Transactions

Review revaluation and

unrealized gains or losses
If Revalued in AR Review Receivables
Unreal Gain Doubtful Items

Instruct Bank to Withdraw

Payment Amounts

Copyright © 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 73

PeopleSoft Enterprise Process Credit Card Payments

Update customer balance

Review and Request Receivables Update Unpost credit card payment
Finalize credit Review posting results for
Notification from Create credit card update credit Request Entry Event Processor transactions
card worksheet pending items
Credit Card worksheet card worksheet Request Revaluation Group Search for Unpost
Finalize All Items w/ Detail
Company Create Worksheet Update Request Aging Process Pending Unpost Group
Worksheet Single Item w/ Detail
Worksheet Job Message Log Summary Payment Group
Update Pagelet Statistics

Review posting results for

updated items Correct credit card payment
Process credit card All Items posting errors
payments to close items All Items w/ Detail Unpost
Credit Card WorkBench Single Item Payment
Process Credit Cards Single Item w/ Detail

Specialist Correct revenue estimates
Review posting results for
updated pending items
Create Transactions
Report On
Review Transactions by Item
Review Trans by Activity
Receivables Activity Report
Correct Transactions
Receivables 1099-c Report
Budget Check Transactions

If Revalued in AR

Payment Routed
Directly to Vendor

Review revaluation and unrealized

Manage Customer gains or losses
Financial Relationship Review Receivables Revaluation
Unreal Gain Doubtful Items

Receive and
Pay Invoice

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PeopleSoft Enterprise Receive Payments

Customer Payment

EIP (AR25001 and AR_PAYLOAD): EIP (FIN2025.SQR): Creates flat file
Bank electronic
Load payment information containing direct debit information

Review control End Process EIP (AR_CRM_REQUEST): Delete payments

totals for lockbox Receive request from CRM
Yes deposit for payments made by
Load cash drawer business unit Correct payments
Review Deposit
Load payment payments, compare Information Delete remittance
information from bank control vs. calculated Need information
statements and external totals and counts, to verify Create or modify direct
Electronic Delete
sources review errors, match control EIP (AR_CRM_RESPONSE): accounting entries
Load Bank Statements remittance and cash totals? Provide response message to Journal Entry Drill Down
Retrieve Lockbox Files Process Payment CRM for payments made by Create Accounting Entries
Interface Decide business unit Modify Accounting Entries
Review and correct
No If need duplicate payments
to... Correct Duplicate
Receive info from Excel Payments Review cash received
Request Excel Edit
Excel spreadsheet and By Bank Account
AE process
Spreadsheet correct errors in tables By Unit
Excel Edit Request
Excel Error Correction

Create and review accounting

Type of Verify regular deposit is Review deposit
Identify deposit Identify customer entries for cash received
payment? balanced and request information including
Regular information and and item Create Accounting Entries
posting action incomplete deposits Action?
Payments control totals information Review Accounting Entries
Regular Deposit All Deposits
Regular Deposit Regular Deposit By Bank Account
Balancing Incomplete Deposits
By Unit
Is payment
Accounts Manual info sufficient to
Receivable Entry apply at same
Specialist time?
Verify express
Identify express Identify customer and item deposit is balanced
Update customer balance Review posting results for
Express deposit information information and identify and request posting
Request Receivables Update payments Unpost payment
Payments and control totals payment application action
Request Entry Event Processor Payment Group-Single Item transactions
Express Deposit Express Deposit Express Deposit
Request Revaluation Payment Group-All Items Group Search for Unpost
Request Aging Process Item Activity From Payment Payment Group
Job Message Log Summary Item w/ Accounting Entries Pending Unpost Group
Update Pagelet Statistics Items w/ Accounting Entries

Correct payment
posting errors

If Revalued in AR
Correct revenue estimates
Create Transactions
Review Transactions by Item
Review Trans by Activity
Correct Transactions
Review revaluation and unrealized Budget Check Transactions
Apply gains or losses
Payments Review Receivables Revaluation
Unreal Gain Doubtful Items

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PeopleSoft Enterprise Apply Payments


Identify action
Create payment
How to apply Update worksheet for worksheet
Worksheet worksheet
payment? Update Worksheet Finalize
Create Worksheet

Payment Worksheet
Update customer balance Review posting results for
Review status of payments
Apply payments Request Receivables Update payments Unpost payment
All Payments
based on algorithm Request Entry Event Processor Payment Group-Single Item transactions
Incomplete Payments
definitions Request Revaluation Payment Group-All Items Group Search for Unpost
Payment Set To Post
Request Payment Request Aging Process Item Activity From Payment Payment Group
Deposit Accounting Entries
Predictor Job Message Log Summary Item w/ Accounting Entries Unpost Group
Payment Status
Update Pagelet Statistics Items w/ Accounting Entries

Correct payment posting


Correct revenue estimates

Create Transactions
Review Transactions by Item
Review Trans by Activity
Accounts Correct Transactions
Receivable Budget Check Transactions Create AR reports
Specialist Accounting Entries
Acctg Entries-Point in Time
Deposit Control-Point in Time
Deposit Control by Entry Date
Payment Detail
Payment Detail-Point in Time
Payment Predictor Detail
Payment Predictor Summary
EIP Payment Summary
(PAYMENT_TERMS_FULLS Payment Summary-Point in Time
YNC): Payment Terms full Unmatched MICR Identifiers
sync message from
Receivables Component

Archive receivables information

Item Candidate Report
EIP Manage
Payment Candidate Report
Pending Candidate Report
Payment Terms full sync Financial
Statement Candidate Report
message from Receivables Relationship
Direct Debit Candidate Report
Component Action List Candidate Report

If Revalued in AR
Receives EDI info into AR
Review revaluation and unrealized
gains or losses
Review Receivables Revaluation
Unreal Gain Doubtful Items

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PeopleSoft Enterprise Instruct Bank to Withdraw Payment Amount

Review posting results for

pending items
All Items w/ Detail
Provide instructions for Cancel electronic Single Item w/ Detail
direct debit and request fund transfer file
Process Direct Cancel direct
electronic fund transfer Yes for direct debit End Process
Debits debit?
Create Cover Sheet created in error Review posting results for Unpost bank to withdraw
Create EFT File Cancel EFT Files updated items payment amount
All Items transactions
All Items w/ Detail Group Search for Unpost
Single Item Pending Unpost Group
Single Item w/ Detail Unpost

Update customer balance

Receive direct debit inbound Review posting results for
Request Receivables Update
bank file, confirmation and drafts items Correct bank to withdraw
Request Entry Event Processor
create exception report All Items payment amount posting
Request Revaluation And/or?
Receive Bank EFT File All Items w/ Detail errors
Request Aging Process
Receive Bank Confirmation Single Item Unpost
Job Message Log Summary
Bank Remit Exception Report Single Item w/ Detail
Update Pagelet Statistics
Receivable Identify draft to void and Review posting results for
Void mark ready for posting updated pending items Correct revenue estimates
Specialist Draft Create Worksheet Report On errors
Update Worksheet Receivables(SF220-9) Create Transactions
Receivables Activity Report Review Transactions by Item
Create and/or update Provide instructions for Cancel electronic Receivables 1099-c Report Review Trans by Activity
worksheet and mark drafts and request fund transfer file Correct Transactions
Process Drafts drafts for remittance electronic fund transfer Cancel draft? Yes for drafts created End Process Identify draft to dishonor Budget Check Transactions
Create Worksheet Create Cover Sheet in error Dishonor mark ready for posting
No Review posting results for
Update Worksheet Create EFT File Cancel EFT Files Draft Create Worksheet
direct debits items
Update Worksheet
All Items
All Items w/ Detail
Single Item
Approve items and mark Single Item w/ Detail
Decide If Revalued
Receive bank confirmation Cancel for cancellation
if need in AR
Receive Bank Confirmation Remittance Create Worksheet
Update Worksheet

Review revaluation and unrealized

gains or losses
No Review Receivables Revaluation
Unreal Gain Doubtful Items

Manage Customer
Financial Relationship

Provide Provide
Receive Receive
Bank confirmation of confirmation of
instructions instructions
actions taken actions taken

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PeopleSoft Enterprise Authorize Return

Customer Return Product

Customer Create Return

Review RMA and
Sales Authorization (OM)
Shipping Details

Billing Invoice Customer


Manage Inventory


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PeopleSoft Enterprise Create Return Material Authorization (OM)

Return codes and the terms of the return are set-up during implementation.

Based on the return code, the RMA will automatically initiate the creation of a
replacement order for the goods being returned.

Also based on the return code, the RMA will automatically initiate the creation
Customer of a credit memo for the customer returning merchandise

Return item to
Receive printed
designated Manage Inventory
copy of RMA

Print RMA

Create RMA using RMA

Customer Create/Update RMA
Order No, Return Authorization Created Review RMA and
Decide replacement? Shipping Details
how to create?

Create RMA from

customer history Go To: "Create
Customer Shipment Sales Order"

Note: If materials are

transferred within your
Billing business based on internal
Specialist Invoice
orders, you can use RMAs to
facilitate return of the stock.

Management and

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PeopleSoft Enterprise Review RMA and Shipping Details

Request process to
identify overdue RMAs
Overdue RMAs

Request process to
identify RMA details
RMA Register

Review RMA customer

address information
Customer Addresses
Customer Sales Create Return Material
Review? End
Representative Authorization (OM)

Review header
shipment history
OM Shipment History -

Review line shipment

OM Shipment History -

Review schedule
shipment history
OM Shipment History -

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PeopleSoft Enterprise Manage Customer Financial Relationship

Customer Inquire about


Process Customer Analyze Correspond with

Payments Receivables Customer

Match Debits/
Credits, Write-offs
and Refunds

Process Refund

Transfer Items

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PeopleSoft Enterprise Analyze Receivables

Review customer account information

Account Overview
Customer Activity
Payment History
Outstanding Payments
Credit Card Details
Customer Aging
Breakdown Balances Transfer Items
Customer Pending Items
Credit Profile
Customer History Change discount,
Assign a reason for the
Customer Drafts payment or draft options;
change Match Debits/
Dun and Bradstreet indicate dispute,
Process Update Reference Reason Credits, Write-offs
Dun & Bradstreet Lookup/Order collections or deductions
Customer Update Delinquency and Refunds
Corporate Tree Profile View/Update Item Details
Payments Information
Corporate Tree Messages Installment Payments (H)
Build Aging Analysis Cube

Review individual item Update items

information Monitor actions and conditions
Split an exception item
Correspond with Decide View/Update Item Details Action and notify owners
into multiple lines
Customer action? Item Billing Data required? Owner Action List
Item Split
EE Journal Entries Action Reassignment
Memo Status Change Report Condition Monitor
Condition Status by Owner Rpt
Change values for Action Status by Owner Rpt
Track correspondence and selected lines or multiple Action Detail (H)
interactions lines at once Future Actions (H)
Item Action (H) Review group related information
Review Statements Item List Match Group Activities
Accounts Review Last Statements Mass Change Process Item Activity from a Group
Review Overdue Charges Item Activity from a Payment
Receivable Review Last Overdue Charges Review status of pending items Item Activity from a Draft
Specialist Item Dunning Status and refunds
Item Dunning History Pending Item Status
History of Letters Payment Status
Last Letter Refund Status
Item Activity Summary Create balances and cash
AR/AP Balance by Customer
AR/AP Balance by SetID
Create aging reports Cash Forecast
Aging Detail by Tree Rpt
Aging Detail by Unit Rpt
Check Daily Decide if
Aging Summary by Tree Rpt
Activity need to?
Aging Summary by Unit Rpt
Aging by Chartfield Rpt Review business unit related
Aging by Reason Rpt information
Out of Balance Customers
Unit Activities
Unit Aging
Unit Cash
Unit Drafts
Unit History
Create business unit activity reports
Business Unit Activity
Business Unit Activity-PIT
Create customer and contact
reports, if needed
EIP Contacts by SetID
(DNB_REQUEST_ Contacts by Unit
MESSAGE): Dun Customers by SetID
SAGE): Dun & Refer delinquent accounts
& Bradstreet Customers by Unit
Bradstreet Reply Select Referral Items
Create Adjustment File
Create Referral File
Process Receipts
DMS Customer

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PeopleSoft Enterprise Correspond with Customer

Customer Inquire

Receive Track conversations

customer Contact customer Update Contacts
response and Decide action? and obtain status View/Update Conversation
take appropriate on balance due Conversations List Self-serv (H)
action Conversation Detail Self-serv (H)

Follow-up with customer on

account status
Search by Keyword
Provide follow-up
Follow-Up Action Needed
letter to customer
Customer Follow-Up Letter