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Science Student League

National Challenge for Category 1

Marks: 100
Time: 1 Hr
Date: ___ /___ /___
Seat No:
Name of the Student : _________________________________________________
Class & Division : _________________________________________________
Name & Place of the School : _________________________________________________
State : _________________________________________________
Centre : _________________________________________________
Parent's Mobile No. : _________________________________________________
E-mail : _________________________________________________

 Please write your name and registration number very clearly.
 The students should keep the time schedule of the written rounds strictly
according to the directions of the teacher.
 Use pencil/ball point pen for answering.


 Match the Following ___________

 Missing Letters ___________

 Unscramble ___________

 True or False ___________

 Multiple Choice Questions ___________

Total = __________

I. Match the following and write the answers in the blanks given below. [Marks: 10]
Column A Column B
1. Bug A. Fork
2. Mouse B. Pen
3. Goat C. Rug
4. Hen D. House
5. Stork E. Coat
(1)____, (2)____, (3)____, (4)____, (5)____

Column A Column B
A. Floppy disk


C. CD drive

D. Webcam

E. Pen drive

(1)____, (2)____, (3)____, (4)____, (5)____

II. Complete the given words by filling the missing letters. [Marks: 10]

1. Fill in the missing letter to find the a farm animal

D ____ C ____

2. Fill in the missing letter to find the slowest animal
S ____ ____ I ____

3. Fill in the missing letter to find the largest bird

O ____ T ____ ____ C ____

4. Fill in the missing letter to find a pet

T ____ ____ T ____ ____

5. Fill in the missing letter to find the smallest bird

H ____ M ____ ____ N ____ B ____ ____ D

6. The old nickname "iron horse" is given to this vehicle.

T ___ ___ I ___

7. In or to a foreign country that is beyond or across the sea.

O ____ ____ R ____ ____ A ____

8. A place which is the goal of a journey or to which something is sent.

D ____ ____ T ____ ____ ____ T ____ ____ N

9. To leave a place especially to start a journey.

D ____ ____ A ____ T

10. Helicopters remain in one place in the air.

H ____ V ____ ____

III. Unscramble the below–given words. [Marks: 10]

1. Unscramble the word to find the name 3. Unscramble the word to find the name
of the animal. of the animal.

NESAK ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

LOW ____ ____ ____
4. Unscramble the word to find the name
2. Unscramble the word to find the name
of the animal.
of the animal.

REDE ____ ____ ____ ____

ACT ____ ____ ____

5. Unscramble the word to find the name 8. To travel on a boat or a ship to a number
of the animal. of places as a vacation
ICRESU ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

9. A person who is traveling from one

ART ____ ____ ____ place to another in a car, bus, train, ship,
airplane, etc., and who is not driving or
6. To come to or reach a place after working on it.
traveling. SAEGNRPSE ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
IAERVR ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

7. A special day of celebration or a day 10. A piece of paper that allows you to see a
when most people do not have to work. show, participate in an event, travel on a
YALHIDO ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ vehicle, etc.
____ IETCTK ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

V. Write True or False. [Marks: 10]

1. Our eyes are covered with eyelids. ____________

2. Cow, buffalo and goat are milk giving animals. ____________

3. We must use both sides of the paper for writing. ____________

4. A zebra is used to carry loads. ____________

5. We live on the earth. ____________

6. Home is the first page of any website. ____________

7. Computer can run without operating system. ____________

8. Charles Babbage is known as the father of computers. ____________

9. You need not save your files before closing them. ____________

10. Collection of 1024 Bytes is 1KB. ____________

III. Multiple Choice Questions: Choose the correct answer. [Marks: 60]

1. A place that a user can create to store 10. The underwater tunnel is known as
files (a) Runnel (b) Chunnel
(a) Cursor (b) Text (c) Funnel (d) All of above
(c) Boot (d) Folder
11. The first bicycles were powered by:
2. A lightweight narrow boat, typically (a) Using foot pedals
pointed at both ends and open on top is (b) Using a steel bar
called as _____________. (c) Pushing the feet against the ground
(a) Ship (b) Submarine (d) Using air pressure
(c) Canoe (d) Plane
12. Gorillas eat ____________.
3. What is the sheep’s hair called? (a) Plants
((a) Feather (b) Wool (b) Other animals
(c) Fur (d) Scales (c) Both plants & animals
(d) Insects
4. Which of the following boat does not run
on human power? 13. Which vehicle is capable of travelling
(a) Kayaks (b) Canoes over land, water, mud or ice and other
(c) Gondolas (d) Speed boats surfaces?
(a) Aeroplane (b) Helicopter
5. Which of the following is a program? (c) Hovercraft (d) Space shuttle
(a) Software
(b) Set of instructions 14. Google and Bing are examples of:
(c) Type of software (a) Search engine
(d) Hardware device (b) Research websites
(c) Online books
6. CPU stands for (d) Software
(a) CD-run on memory
(b) Call powers up 15. Which of the following is the largest
(c) Central processing unit unit?
(d) Create programs user (a) Data (b) Field
(c) Record (d) Database file
7. What helps fishes to swim?
(a) Fins (b) Gills 16. What is similar to a copy machine, except
(c) Lungs (d) Scales that it creates a digital copy of the
document instead of a paper copy?
8. The ant smells with its ___________. (a) A copy machine
(a) Feelers (b) Nose (b) A scanner
(c) Legs (d) None of these (c) A typewriter
(d) A website
9. What is data?
(a) Processed information 17. What material is used to make raincoats?
(b) Collection of information (a) Plastic (b) Wool
(c) Output (c) Cotton (d) Leather
(d) Only numbers
18. Oceans carry ____________. 27. ____________ helps us to move our head.
(a) Honey (b) Cloud (a) Shoulder (b) Hand
(c) Water (d) Air (c) Neck (d) Hair

19. Which truck tips at the back to discharge 28. The fastest means of transport is
the load? ______________.
(a) Car carrying truck (a) Cycle (c) Bullock cart
(b) Tipper truck (b) Aero plane (d) Bus
(c) Tanker
(d) Lorry 29. The primary device that a computer uses
to store information is called _______.
20. Things like coal, vehicles and animals are (a) Monitor (b) Keyboard
transported by ________________ (c) Desk (d) Hard disk
(a) Rickshaw
(c) Tongas 30. Teeth should be brushed ____________
(b) Passenger trains times a day.
(d) Goods trains (a) Three (b) Two
(c) One (d) Five
21. ____________ is the uppermost part of our
body. 31. The main body of ship or boat is called as
(a) Mouth (b) Arms ____________.
(c) Head (d) Toes (a) Bow (b) Hull
(c) Plane (d) Stem
22. The basic parts of computers are:
(a) CPU + ALU + Monitor 32. Which country is the originator of the
(b) CPU + Mouse + Monitor high speed "Bullet Train"?
(c) CPU + Mouse + Keyboard + Monitor (a) United States
(d) CPU + BLU (b) China
(c) Japan
23. A name or number used to identify a (d) Russia
storage location is called ________________.
(a) A byte (b) A record 33. Hovercraft was invented by which
(c) An address (d) All of above country?
(a) America (b) Japan
24. The earth’s shape is ____________. (c) China (d) England
(a) Square (b) Rectangle
(c) Round (d) Triangle 34. With the help of our ____________, we can
say whether a thing is hot or cold.
25. Letters, numbers and symbols found on a (a) Nose (b) Heart
keyboard are called ________. (c) Skin (d) Ear
(a) Icon (b) Keys
(c) Screen (d) Menu 35. World’s first underground railway was
built in?
26. Where do we get cotton from? (a) New York (b) Japan
(a) Plants (b) Sheep (c) London (d) Canada
(c) Insects (d) Rats

36. Which is the main circuit board in a 46. Where do the hippopotamus stay the
computer? whole day?
(a) Decoder (b) Amplifier (a) In water (b) On land
(c) Compiler (d) Mother board (c) On a tree (d) None of these

37. ____________ help us bend our hands. 47. While learning to drive, you must
(a) Elbows (b) Knees (a) Display “L” plates at all the time
(c) Ears (d) Toes (b) Display “P” plates all the time
(c) Not wear helmet
38. When the sun rises, it is ____________. (d) None of these
(a) Morning (b) Evening
(c) Noon (d) Night 48. The small hole on our belly is called as
39. After Kolkata, which city in India started (a) Hole (b) Bellybutton
a metro railway? (c) Hook (d) Stomach ache
(a) New Delhi (b) Mumbai
(c) Bangalore (d) Hyderabad 49. What type of clothes do we wear in
40. A spider makes a ____________. (a) Woollen (b) Cotton
(a) Hive (b) Nest (c) Silk (d) None of these
(c) Cage (d) Web
50. A personal computer referred as
41. Which animal has black and white (a) PC (b) PerCo
stripes on its body? (c) PeCO (d) My Computer
(a) Tiger (b) Lion
(c) Zebra (d) Wolf 51. Plants make their own ____________.
(a) Food (b) Clothes
42. What should one wear while riding a (c) House (d) Bed
(a) Hat (b) Shoes 52. A spider makes a ____________.
(c) Watch (d) Helmet (a) Hive (b) Nest
(c) Cage (d) Web
43. The ____________ is the blinking line that
lets you know where you are on the 53. What helps birds to fly?
screen. (a) Beak (b) Wings
(a) Icon (b) Cursor (c) Legs (d) Arms
(c) Pointer (d) Mouse
54. Computer understands all letters,
44. Which of the following is not a natural numbers, symbols, lines, colours and any
source of water? information in this format.
(a) River (b) Rain (a) Units (b) Singular code
(c) Ocean (d) None of these (c) Double code (d) Binary code

45. Which of these can you NOT ride over 55. Uncovered food has ____________ in it.
the snow with? (a) Germs (b) Ants
(a) Sledge (b) Snowmobiles (c) Water (d) Air
(c) Skis (d) Roller blades
56. What should we carry when we go out in
the rain?
(a) Umbrella (b) Sweater
(c) Socks (d) Shorts

57. ____________ flies around the lamp.

(a) Moth (b) Butterfly
(c) Mosquito (d) Housefly

58. Keyboard command to take print is

(a) Shift + P (b) Alt + P
(c) Control + P (d) Capital P

59. What do people like to drink in summer?

(a) Coffee (b) Juice
(c) Tea (d) Soup

60. Which animal feeds on dead animals?

(a) Elephant (b) Vultures
(c) Rhinoceros (d) All of these