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Course Outline History 1 (First Semester AY: 2014-2015)

Mindanao State University

General Santos City


Instructor: Mrs. Hannee S. Badilles Semester/AY: First/


Course No. And Title: History 1 – History of the Philippines / Soc. Sci. 2 – Philippine History and

Course Description: A comprehensive review of the socio-economic, political, cultural and historical
development of the Philippines from the ancient times to the present. Emphasis is laid on the relevant
and recurring issues in Philippine history and studies the serious problems that confront the country.

Credits: 3

Hours/Weeks: 54 hours/ 18 weeks

Pre-requisite: None

Course Objectives:

1. Acquire knowledge about the experiences of Filipino people in the past from pre-history to 1898.

2. Provide preliminary survey of issues in the 20th and 21st Century and critically analyze its impact on
the socio-economic, political and cultural development of the Philippines at present and amidst global
3. Grasp the importance of strategic location of the Philippines and understand its role in the history of
the Filipino people.

4. Inculcate among the students certain values such as patriotism and nationalism.

5. Develop intellectual skills, such as comprehension, analysis, interpretation and evaluation of facts and
information of Philippine history through oral defense.

Course Outline; (This outline may be revised and adjusted as the course progresses.)




June 2/3

Orientation/ Introduction of the Course

Research: Philippines’ Unhistorical Data

June 5/6

I. Understanding History

*History and Pre-History

*History as a Social Science and Its Relation to Other Fields of Discipline

*Sources of Historical Data

*Historical Method (External and Internal Criticism)

*Importance of Studying Philippine History

*Issues and Challenges in Philippine History

1. Familiarization of Philippine Political Map

2. Research about LCI and theories on racial origins

June 9/10 – June 12/13

II. Philippines: Setting

*Philippines in the 21st Century: Facts and Figures

*Structure of Philippine Government

*Present Social and Economic Situation

*Population, Religion, Culture and Ideology

*The Philippines Constitution

* Filipino Traits and Values

*Theories of Philippines’ Origin

*Derivation of Archipelago’s Name

*Geography and Resources

*Theories on the Origin of Filipinos

* Stages of Cultural Development

* LCI (Laguna Copperplate Inscription)

QUIZ # 1

June 16/17
QUIZ #2 Philippine Map

June 19/20 – Aug 7/8

III. Pre-Colonial Philippine Society

IV. Contact With Foreign People

V. The Spanish Era I

* Prelude to the Voyages of “Discovery”

*Magellan Expedition

* Sequels of Magellan Expedition

*The Founding of Manila

VI. The Spanish Era II

*Developments in Spain and Europe: Political and Economic Impact on the Philippines

*Philippine Society Under Spanish Control

*More Europeans in the Island

VII. Resistance Against Spanish Rule

VIII. Campaign for Reforms

IX. The Katipunan

X. The Philippine Revolution: 1st Phase

XI. The Philippine Revolution: 2nd Phase

XII. Malolos Republic

XIII. Filipino-American Hostilities

Reporting (10 Groups)

Grading (50 points):

Oral – 20%

Visual Aides/Method: 20%

Attendance – 10%

Reading of Articles:

1. “Manila, Melaku, Maluku – Remembering the Triangular World of Southeast Asia” by Eric Casiño

2. Article: “Crusade or Commerce” by

W. H. Scott

3. Andres Bonifacio and the 1896 Revolution by Guerrero,

Aug 11/12


Aug 14/15


Aug 18/19
Distribution of Mastery of Topics

* American Period: 1898 - 1935

* American Legacy

* Self-Government of the Philippines:1935 - 1946

* Japanese Occupation: 1941 – 1945

* Liberation of the Philippines

*Third Republic of the Philippines: Roxas, Quirino and Magsaysay Administration

*Third Republic of the Philippines: Garcia, Macapagal and Marcos Administration

*Martial Law (1972-1986) and EDSA Revolution 1986

*Third Republic of the Philippines: Aquino, Ramos and Estrada Administration

*Third Republic of the Philippines: Arroyo and Aquino Administration

Topic Defense

(Hand-outs will be given)

Grading (40 points)

Mastery – 20 points

Oral/Behavior – 10 points

Attendance – 10 points

Mastery Topic Defense will begin on August 21/22, 2014 .

Note: Attendance is a must.

Aug 21/22 – October 2/3

Mastery Topic Defense

October 6/7


October 9/10

Submission of Reflection Paper

* Copies of articles and handouts are available on-hand and can be photocopied or it can be access
online. Open my blog site For articles click the page Midterm History 1
and for topic defense click the page Pre-Final Mastery Topic Defense in History 1.

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