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# 13: 11-3-06

Acts 3: The Lame Man - A Picture of the Nation Israel

Lame Man Unregenerate Israel

Lame from the womb In rebellion since birthed out of Egypt (Deut

Never walked Refused to walk with God (Ps 78:10, Is


Impotent (Acts 4:9) A people laden with iniquity; no soundness in

them (Is 1:4-6)

Had to be carried Carried from the womb (Is 46:3-4); by the Law
(Gal 3:24-25)

Enslaved by affliction Slaves of sin and death (Is 42:6-7, Lam 1:14)

Laid at the gate of the temple Could not enter in because of unbelief (Heb 3:19)

Not permitted to enter temple Held back by religion of Judaism (Is 29:13-24)

Begging alms Spiritual beggars (Is 42:22-24)

At the bronze gate Under judgment (Jer 1:16)

Needed to be made whole Need to believe as a nation (Ps 72:12-14)

Restored Man Regenerate Israel

Looked on Peter and John Look upon the One whom they have pierced (Zech

Taken by the right hand Helped by their Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel (Is

Lifted up Israel established as head of nations (Ps 47, Is 2:2-3)

Received strength; made whole Restoration and Regeneration of Israel (Is 35:1-7)


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# 13: 11-3-06

their lot at
the end of
the days

Leaped Lame leap as a hart (Is 35:6)

Praised God Garment of Praise (Is 61:3)

Walked The Way of Holiness; the redeemed walk

there (Is 35:8-10)

Entered the temple Worship the LORD in the holy mount of Zion (Is