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# 18: 6-6-18

Joseph: A Type of Jesus, Prince and Savior

Joseph Jesus
Add Thou, Jehovah Jehovah is Salvation
Bringing many sons unto glory (Heb 2:10) He shall save His people from their sins (Mt 1:21)

Given birthright forfeited by Reuben through Second man succeeds where the first man failed: in His
his sin (1 Chr 5:1) obedience (Rm 5:19)

Obedient son of Jacob He did no sin (1 Pet 2:22); He knew no sin

(2 Cor 5:21); In Him was no sin (1 Jn 3:5)

Beloved son of Jacob Beloved son of the Father (Mt 3:17)

Coat of the heir of Jacob Appointed heir of all things (Heb 1:2)

Had dreams of ruling over brethren The Prophet of Israel (Acts 3:20-23); the Messiah
(Mat 26:63-64)

Hated by his brothers His own did not receive Him (Jn 1:11); they hated Him
without a cause (Jn 15:25)

Conspired against him to slay him Rulers took counsel together to put Jesus to death
(Jn 11:53)

Seized him, stripped him, cast him Arrested, beaten, stripped, crucified (Jn 18-19)
into a pit

Brothers ate bread while Joseph was in anguish, Jesus suffered on the cross, crying out in anguish
crying out to them (Gen 42:21) (Mk 15:34); Jews ate the Passover while Jesus died
(Jn 19:30-31)

Sold to Midianite merchantmen for 20 pieces Betrayed by Judas Iscariot for 30 pieces of silver -
of silver - the price of a young male slave the price of a mature male slave (Mt 26:15)

Bound and taken down into Egypt; purchased Bound and taken to the Gentiles; brought to Pontius
by Potiphar Pilate (Mt 27:27:2)

Potiphar’s wife attempted to seduce Joseph; Devil tried to tempt Jesus into an unholy alliance
falsely accused Joseph before Potiphar (Mt 4:1-11); falsely accused Jesus through rulers
before Pontius Pilate (Lk 23:1-2)

Potiphar coerced into condemning Joseph Pilate coerced into condemning Jesus to death (Jn
to prison 19:12-16)
# 18: 6-6-18

Joseph Jesus
Butler and baker also condemned to prison; Two thieves crucified on either side of Jesus; Jesus
they dreamed, and Joseph interpreted; butler prophesied salvation for repentant thief (Lk 23:39-43);
restored, baker destroyed unrepentant thief to be destroyed in Second Death

Pharaoh sent for Joseph in prison, to interpret Father exalted Jesus out of death, to realize His
his dreams sovereign plans (Acts 2:23-24)

Joseph hastily brought out of prison; shaved Jesus resurrected from the dead in a body of glory
and changed his raiment (Lk 24:6-7,12, 36-39)

Joseph brought out of prison Jesus raised out from among the dead (Eph 1:10)

Pharaoh exalts Joseph; only in the throne Jesus exalted to the right hand of the Father (Col 3:1);
is Pharaoh greater than Joseph Son subject to Father alone (1 Cor 15:28)

Given vestments and trappings of authority All power given Him in heaven and in earth (Mt 28:18)
and power

Given Asenath, Egyptian bride; Given Gentile bride - the church (Eph 5:22-32);
positioned in priestly caste Jesus is our High Priest (Heb 8:1)

Two sons in Egypt; Manasseh (forget my toil Israel set aside; fruitfulness through Gentile bride
and my father=s house) and Ephraim (fruitful in (Rm 10:11-32)
the land of my affliction)

Seven-year severe famine Seven-year Tribulation (Dan 9:27)

Egypt saved by Joseph’s bread World saved by Jesus - the Bread of Life (Jn 6:35)

Brothers come to Egypt for bread; Joseph Israel repents, receives Jesus as their Messiah, and
brings them to repentance; he reveals himself submits to Him as their Lord (Zech 12:10, Ps 118:22)
to them; they receive him as their lord.

Joseph buys cattle, land, people; delivers them Jesus - Prince and Savior - redeemer of the world
to Pharaoh, who cares for them (Rm 3:21-24, Rev 5:9); God will be all in all
(1 Cor 15:24-28)