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BOE Examination Test Papers-2016

Paper-2 (Boiler Engineering-2)
Date : 01.05.2016 Time : 01.30hrs. Max. Marks :100
Note : All the questions are compulsory. Each question has equal marks.
Q.1 : (a) What are the advantages & disadvantages of regenerative air heater over recuperative air heater.[8]
(b) Match the Form related to Boilers : [9]
(i) Form VI [A] Memorandum of Inspection or Registration book
(ii) Form V [B] Inspecting Authority’s Certificate of Inspection during construction (Reg.4-c)
(iii) Form III [C] Constructor’s certificate of Manufacture and Test (Reg. 4-d)
(iv) Form IIIB (D) Certificate of Manufacture and Test for steam pipes
(v) Form IIIA [E] Certificate of Manufacture and test for tubes
(vi) Form IIIC [F] Certificate of Manufacture and Test of boiler mounting and fittings
(vii) Form IV [G] Steel Marker’s certificate of Manufacture and results of test (Reg. 4-c and 4-f)
(viii) Form II [H] Provisional order under section 9 of the Indian Boilers Act, 1923 (Reg. 381-c)
(ix) Form I [I] Certificate for use of a boiler (Reg. 389)
(c) Match the Form related to Economizers : [8]
(i) Form VIII [A] Inspecting Authority’s Certificate of Inspection under construction (Reg.510-c)
(ii) Form VII [B] Constructor’s Certificate of Manufacture and Test (Reg.501-D)
(iii) Form XI [C] Memorandum of inspection of registration book (Reg. 528)
(iv) Form X [D] Provisional order under the Indian Boilers Act (Reg. 526-C)
(v) Form IX [E] Certificate for the use of an Economizer (Reg. 530)
(vi) Form XIV [F] Record of welder’s qualification / requalification tests
(vii) Form XIII [G] Qualified boiler welder’s certificate
(viii) Form XII [H] Steam pipes and connecting fittings
Q.2 : Write the answer of any 5 questions. [5x5=25]
(i) What do you meant by Natural, Forced & Assist Circulation.
(ii) What are the advantages of CFBC boiler over BFB(Bubbling Fluidized bed).
(iii) Discuss about FSS(Flame Safety System).
(iv) Comparison between water tube & fire tube boiler.
(v) Write the factors affecting ESP performance & What are the tripping of ESP.
(vi) Explain the procedure of annual inspection of boiler for renewal of certificate as per Indian Boiler
Regulation (IBR).
(vii) Explain how do you conclude that economizer tube leak and detail the procedure for attending it as a
boiler operation engineer
Q.3 : Write the short notes on any 5 questions. [5x5=25]
(i) Stress corrosion cracking. (ii) Short term over heat.
(iii) Boiler purging. (iv) Importance of soot blowing.
(v) DMW (Dissimilar metal weld). (vi) HGI & Turn down ratio.
(vii) Safety Valve blowdown.
Q.4 : Answer any 5 questions. [5x5=25]
(i) Explain the working principle of ball mill & bowl mill. Explain factors affect mill performance.
(ii) Explain why deposit control in boilers is of paramount importance.
(iii) Explain the working of circulating fluidized bed combustion boiler with the help a schematic diagram.
(iv) What are the control limit of feed water, boiler water and steam for a high pressure/ temperature boiler
feeding steam to turbine.
(v) List out some important field instruments used at boiler along with its purpose.
(vi) Efficiency of a 300TPH coal fired boiler is 84%. Calculate quantity of coal required per day if the boiler runs
in full load. Consider feed water temperature 140*C and GCV of coal 3600 Kcal/kg and enthalpy of final
superheated steam is 803 Kcal/Kg.
(vii) What is meant by Corrosion and Erosion?.
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