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Mary Elaine B.


According to Jamie Corkhill, a 15 yrs old, Teaching herself in Calculus and Probability Theory

A function is merely a “machine” that generates some output in correlation to a given input.
So, if f(x)=2x+1f(x)=2x+1, then, f(3)=7f(3)=7.
Understanding this behavior is essential to recognizing the variety of input\output
correlations in the real world. Again, all a function does is provide a mathematical way to
model or represent a situation where a certain input will give a certain output.
Here are a few examples:

 Circumference of a Circle - A circle’s circumference is a function of it’s diameter. I

might represent this as C(d)=dπC(d)=dπ. Alternatively, C(r)=2π⋅rC(r)=2π⋅r.

 A Shadow - The length of person’s shadow along the floor is a function of their

 Driving a Car - When driving a car, your location is a function of time. You
see, Quantum Physics notwithstanding, you can’t be in two places at once.
Therefore, the vehicle’s position is a function of time.

 Temperature - Based on a variety of inputs, or factors, we get a certain

temperature. So, temperature is a function of various variables. (By variables, I
mean different variables in the environment.)

 Money - The amount of money you have is a function of the time spent earning it.

Now, from a more mathematical stand point, here are two functions which provide actual,
real world data used by professionals.
 Height of a Person - Forensic scientists can determine the height of a person based
on the length of their femur. Here is one such
function: h(f)=2.47f+54.10h(f)=2.47f+54.10, ±3.72±3.72cm. Where ff is the
length of the femur bone.

 Position - The distance an object travels as a function of time is given

by s(t)=12at2+v0t+y0s(t)=12at2+v0t+y0, where aa is the acceleration due to
gravity (−9.81−9.81m/s22, or -3232 feet per second), v0v0 is the initial velocity,
and y0y0 is the initial height.