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1. Which of the following takes the complete decimal number and represent it in binary?

A. BCD C. Excess-3 Code

B. Gray Code D. Straight binary code
2. Which of the following process is used to soften fully a work hardened steel?
A. Tempering C. Normalizing
B. Hardness D. Annealing
3. Which of the following is not a factor to be considered when you choose the tempering
temperature of a tool?
A. Hardness
B. Ductility
C. Strength
D. Stiffness
4. Which of the following holds data and processing instruction temporarily until the CPU needs it?
B. Control Unit
C. Main memory
D. Coprocessor chips
5. When more than one spring or resisting member shares the load the relative stiffness is the?
A. modulus of elasticity
B. normal stress
C. stiffness
D. rigidity
6. What refers to the time with which a disk can find data being sought?
A. Access time
B. Data rate time
C. Transfer time
D. Enter time
7. What prefix steel identification means it is made in an electric furnace?
A. E
B. H
C. X
D. B
8. What mechanical property of a material which is a time dependent strain under stress?
A. Elongation
B. Elasticity
C. Creep
D. Rupture
9. What is the smallest changeable data unit?
A. bit
B. byte
C. nibble
D. world
10. What is the process of heating hardened steel to any temperature below the lower critical
temperature followed by any desired rate of cooling?
A. Normalizing
B. Spheroidizing
C. Carburizing
D. Tempering
11. What is the octal equivalent of the decimal number 22168?
A. 2168
B. 2126
C. 2122
D. 2148
12. What is the most undesirable of all element commonly found in steel?
A. Sulfur
B. Phosphorus
C. Silicon
D. Manganese
13. What is the most common type of digital IC package?
B. Metal type
14. What is the generic name of class of polymer which is commercially known as “nylon”?
A. Polycetals
B. Polyamide
C. Cellulose
D. Polyester
15. What is the chief ore of zinc?
A. Cassiterite
B. Bauxite
C. Sphalerite
D. Ilmanite
16. What is the advantage of quenching hardening?
A. Improved strength
B. Hardness
C. Wear characteristic
D. all if the choices
17. What is impurity in steel can cause “red shortness” which means the steel becomes unworkable
at high temperature?
A. Sulfur
B. Silicon
C. Manganese
D. Phosphorus
18. Under which type of loading fatigue occur?
A. Static load
B. Plane Load
C. High Load
D. Repeated load