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Contractor: SEPCO III Contact


Project Manager or MR.DONG Contact Number 0573034948

Supervisor: & Email:
Person completing the TAMOOR SARWAR Contact Number 0596478152
SWMS: & Email:

Position: HSE SUPV (LEAD) Reviewed By:

(Technical / Senior Person)

Date Prepared: 22/6/2018 Review Date:


What is the Scope of the Lifting of GGH basket in unit#2


Who else was consulted / ROMCO HSE Dep & ROMCO Maintenance Dept.
involved in preparing this SEPCOIII Site Engineer
SWMS? (Internal or external Senior

What high risk work activities Lifting, removal of baskets& work at height
are covered by this SWMS?

References: Legislation,
Codes of Practice, and SOPs.

Other equipment involved in Chain block, synthetic web sling

the scope of work:

RC/HSE/SP-008/FM-013 Rev.00 Rev. Date 28 Aug 2017 Page 1 of 3

Contractor Company
Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Logo to be fixed here

What high risk license Trained Employees, Certified Scaffolders, Third Party Certificate of Lifting Gears
classes will be required to do
the work? e.g. 3rd Party
Certification, training
certificates etc.

Identify each task in Specify the hazards What are the risks to health Describe your control measures, list as many as Who is responsible
order you have identified and safety? possible for implementing and
monitoring controls?
Trapping Various personnel injuries (PPE) should be worn i.e. gloves, safety footwear. SEPCOIII
Preparation All protruding objects should be highlighted with
Protruding Objects warning tape. SUPV

Personnel and Injury Use only green tagged scaffold maintain 3 point
Using scaffold platform object falling contact while ascending descending make sure
for access 100% tie off at platform.
Failure of chain Personnel injury and damage Lifting plan, authorized workers and certification
Usage of chain block block to material of chain block, suitable and strong anchoring
point for chain block, existing bracing will be used
as an anchoring point after inspection of ROMCO
HSE & maintenance dept. Activity will be done in
presence of certified Rigger. Never use fabricated
and homemade tools.
Falling objects, Personnel injury, falling Document which shows the Exact load of basket
Removal of basket openings hazard is attached with PTW.workers will tie off there
harness using synthetic web sling with
bracing(anchorage point).openings will be closed
with scaffolding planks where ever its required.
Trapping, falling, sharp Personnel injury and damage Use ALL PPE’s,Random baskets will be removed
Stacking of baskets edges to material from GGH.all removed baskets will be stocked
on existing baskets and scaffold planks will be
under the baskets.
Falling, material Hand and foot injury After finishing of lining work these baskets will be
Reinstallation of damage reinstalled at their positions and same safe
baskets Risk of trapping practice will be continued.

RC/HSE/SP-008/FM-013 Rev.00 Rev. Date 28 Aug 2017 Page 2 of 3

Contractor Company
Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Logo to be fixed here

This SWMS has been developed in consultation and has been read, understood, and signed by all workers undertaking the scope of works.

Name: Job Title / Designation Signature & Date:

Reviewed & Approved by NOMAC HSE: Revision Number:

(Name & Signature) Date:
(This section will be filled by ROMCO HSE)

RC/HSE/SP-008/FM-013 Rev.00 Rev. Date 28 Aug 2017 Page 3 of 3