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Katherine Wilson 010 DELTA Lesson Plan LBA 2- Language Skills 13/10/05


Introduction To set the context, Discuss other methods of meeting new people? OHT Meaning
activate schemata and Brainstorm in pairs (2 min.). Whole group feedback. t-s 4
elicit if students know s-s
about “speed dating”
Prediction Task To motivate through Students work in small groups to complete their charts Charts Meaning 4
arousing interest and about single people and dating options in London. s-s
predicting content of text

Text Selection To enable students to Students choose one of three texts to read. Texts s 2
deepen their motivation
through an element of
choice in what they read
Reading 1 To get gist Students read their selected text and check if the Skills 5
comprehension of text by dating concept is similar to what they expected. work –
checking predictions Meaning
Feedback in pairs To lower affective filter by Students pair up with someone who has read the Meaning 10
working on text in pairs same text, and summarize the main idea of this s-s
thereby building method of dating orally.
Reading 2 To deepen Students re-read and mark with ticks, crosses or Skills 12
comprehension of text, question marks, the points they agree or disagree with. work –
by re-reading and They then decide if they would be willing to try this or reading
evaluating this method of recommend it to a friend. for detail
dating Meaning
Feedback in small To explain what they Students cross group and work with student(s) who Meaning 10
groups have understood, and read a different text. They tell them what this method s-s
evaluate the text through of dating involves and decide if they would be willing to
giving a personal try it.
Lexical Focus To develop lexical Students work with someone who has read the same Form & 8
awareness of text and examine it for collocations and fixed Meaning
collocations (esp. expressions. They identify other words which collocate s-s
verb/noun) and (semi) and try to establish the meaning from context.
fixed expressions: form &

Katherine Wilson 010 DELTA Lesson Plan LBA 2- Language Skills 13/10/05

Lexical To enable students to Cross-group and do a jigsaw collocation exercise. Worksheet Form 5
development share their new s-s
knowledge of key lexis
from their texts
Pair work - To provide an opportunity Pairs each choose five phrases from the texts and try Form & 5
discussion for students to get new to use them to discuss a new innovative dating idea Meaning
language into circulation that could be launched in London; or think of another s-s
method they’ve heard of.
Feedback and To gather negative Whole class feedback- with reformulation of emerging Meaning 10 +/-
reformulation evidence from use of language as appropriate. & Form
new language and t-s
enable students to share
their ideas
60 min