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Finding Emptiness

We're no longer happy nor excited,

gloating in the misery, of despair.
we remain at stationary like a poison,
love is not enough, love is not enough.

We're running out of recourse,

there is no middle ground nor end
in demarcation or valediction.
Yet we stay bonded with each other.

Aren't we going to do something?

Are we really just terrified of solitary?
Coward! Run to the path of despair.
Valiant! Walk to the path of the unknown.

Stop seeking for all the answers,

face uncertainty, don't be afraid!
Let something be a mysterious riddle,
the best moments are spontaneous.

Glamorously you won't see it coming!

The discolored yesterday ceases to exist.
You're changing, recognize your growth,
don't let yourself grow a part.

The labyrinth, will no longer deceive you,

it will no longer manipulate you.
The sunny memories exist, don't let it storm...
don't walk away a part, be whole.

© Christian Kerven Baclig Salazar