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Flowchart for Identifying Parts of Speech

Is it a person,
NO place, thing, or YES

Is it an action? Is it Is it a word like

something you can
NO do? YES NO he, she, it, those YES
that stands in for
another word?

Helping Pronoun
Verb Noun

Proper common
Does it describe or
modify another word? YES
Does it describe a
person, place, thing, YES
NO Adjective
or idea? (noun)

A, an, the
Is it an expression
of emotion, like YES
oh, yikes!, well, or
ah? Does it describe an
action or another YES
NO describing word? (verb,
Interjection adjective, or adverb)

Does it describe the
position of a noun or
its relationship to
another word? Is it a YES Preposition May end with ly; tells how,
word like in, around, when, where, or to what
to, inside? degree

NO Does it connect two ideas

with a FANBOYS word or a
YES Conjunction
pair like either/or, both/and,
not only/but also?

FANBOYS = for, and, NO English I

nor, but, or, yet, so Garvoille
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