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UNIT I PROPERTIES OF Every engineer is concerned In this unit discussed about the As per annauniversity
MATTER: with the elastic properties of elastic properties of materials and syllbus all the contents
Elasticity – Stress-strain material available to him. other elasticity related material in this unit are fully
diagram and its uses - Whether his product is a properties .In this book clearly covered .
factors affecting elastic bridge, a power plant or an discussed about various factors
modulus and tensile automobile, he must have a affecting elasticity and bending
strength – torsional stress good knowledge of the elastic moment of a beam. The rigidity
and deformations – twisting properties of the materials he modulus of a torsional pendulum
couple - torsion pendulum: proposes to use. This will and its moment of inertia were
theory and enable him to predict the calculated with step by step
MATERIAL SCIENCE experiment - bending of behaviour of the materials mathematical
DHANAM beams - bending moment – under the action of deforming expression.Numerical problems
PUBLICATIONS No.18, cantilever: theory and forces. were solved clearly with units.
EC6009 ADVANCED 3rd, Main Road, experiment – uniform
1 COMPUTER Dhandeeswaram Nagar, and non-uniform bending:
ARCHITECTURE Velachery, Chennai - theory and experiment - I-
600042 Phone: 044 shaped girders - stress due
22435540 Mobile: to bending in
9940641496 beams.
UNIT II WAVES AND The vibrations or oscillations In this unit various types of wave As per annauniversity
FIBER OPTICS: of any system constitutes one motion and simple harmonic syllbus all the contents
Oscillatory motion – forced of the most important fields generation and examples were in this unit are fully
and damped oscillations: of study in engineering discussed. In this book the basic covered .
differential equation and its physics. Examples of such principle of Laser and various
solution – plane
oscillations are pendulum of a types of lasers and its applications
progressive waves – wave
equation. Lasers : population clock, loaded spring and LC were clearly discussed with
of energy levels, Einstein’s A circuit. The knowledge about suitable block diagram. Optical
and B the resonant behaviour of fibers principle and types and
coefficients derivation – mechanical and electrical applications also discussed neatly
resonant cavity, optical systems is very much with suitable diagram. discussed
amplification (qualitative) – essential for all engineers. about the elastic properties of
Semiconductor lasers: materials and other elasticity
homojunction and related materi
2 heterojunction – Fiber optics:
principle, numerical aperture
and acceptance
angle - types of optical fibres
(material, refractive index,
mode) – losses associated
with optical
fibers - fibre optic sensors:
pressure and displacement.

UNIT III THERMAL The study of thermal physics In this unit various types of heat As per annauniversity
PHYSICS: is important because of its energy and thermal expansion of syllbus all the contents
Transfer of heat energy – applications in various fields solids and thermal conductivity of in this unit are fully
thermal expansion of solids of engineering in heat mass a bad and good conductors of a covered .
and liquids – expansion transfer system and fluid materials were discussed with
joints - bimetallic mechanics. suitable diagrams.Applications of
strips - thermal conduction, solarwater heater and refrigerator
convection and radiation – clearly explained in this book.
heat conductions in solids –
conductivity - Forbe’s and
Lee’s disc method: theory
3 and experiment -
conduction through
compound media (series
and parallel) – thermal
insulation – applications:
heat exchangers,
refrigerators, ovens and
solar water heaters
UNIT IV QUANTUM The study of quantum The black body radiations of As per annauniversity
PHYSICS: mechanics is important for plancks hyposis theory step by syllbus all the contents
Black body radiation – various types of black body step mathematical expression in this unit are fully
Planck’s theory (derivation) radiations and schrodinger clearly explained in this book. covered .
– Compton effect: theory time dependent wave The mathematical expression for
and experimental equations and independent schroedinger time dependent
verification – wave particle wave equations wave equation and independent
duality – electron wave equations are clearly
diffraction – concept of explained with step by step
wave function and its derivations with abbreviations.
significance –
4 Schrödinger’s wave
equation – time
independent and time
dependent equations –
particle in a one-
dimensional rigid box –
tunnelling (qualitative) -
scanning tunnelling

The study of crystal physics The various types of crystal As per annauniversity
is very important in various structures and its applications syllbus all the contents
engineering fields were clearly mentioned. The in this unit are fully
applications. The various parameters of various crystal covered .
UNIT V CRYSTAL types of crystal growth structures were also calculated.
PHYSICS: techniques and its The crystal growth techniques and
Single crystalline, experimental applications are its diagrams clearly sketched
polycrystalline and in currently used in and explained.
amorphous materials – engineering industries.
single crystals: unit cell,
systems, Bravais lattices,
directions and planes in a
crystal, Miller indices –
inter-planar distances
- coordination number and
packing factor for SC,
diamond structures -
crystal imperfections: point
defects, line defects –
Burger vectors, stacking
faults – role of
imperfections in plastic
deformation - growth of
single crystals: solution and
melt growth

. Dr.S.Kumaresan Dr.Nagendran
Asst. Prof. Asst. Prof.
Physics HOD