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Ramayan​is a great Indian epic which shows the life of Lord Ram. Ever wondered how Ramayan
would be in this era, I mean how Ramayan would be if it had the current technologies. What if
technology development took place in the Ramayan era?? How Ramayana would be if it had
such technology development?? Seems interesting???? Wanna know the MODERN

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The Kingdom of Ayodhya, known for its wealth and powerful military is now flooded by happiness all over. Every nuke and
corner of the city is filled with happiness. The grand city of Ayodhya is awaiting the birthday celebrations of their princes. The
family arranged for a vishnu puja.

"Make sure all the priests are invited. No one should be missed."

"Ji Maharaj, we sent e-mail to all the priests and also to others".

"And did the LED screens was placed in the important streets of Ayodhya to make ordinary people watch the function in case of
their absence in the palace??"

"Ji Maharaj!!! It is done."

"Did the reliance company's owner accepted to send the jio simcards to ayodhya??"

"Maharaj the delivery is on the way now. It will reach Ayodhya before evening. And everything is ready. So no need of worrying."

Answered Sumantra calmly to Dhashrath's questions.

Suddenly Dhasrath's phone beeps.

"Raj guru Vashisht" Dashrath murmurs and attends the call with great reverence.

" I hope all the preparations are finished. I will be arriving to Ayodhya in the evening." Said guru Vashisht on the other side of the
mobile .

"Ji gurudev, ya all the preparations are over. I will be waiting for your presence here. Arrive asap." Dashrath answered.

Dhashrath left the sabha.

"Sumitra!!! Sumitra!!!" There entered Maharani Kaushalya.

"Didi!!! I was waiting for you. Really I am totally confused about what dress I had to choose for our Ram. I have chosen for the
rest three. But for Ram I am confused Didi. Help me to choose one." Pleaded Sumitra in one breathe, scrolling through Myntra

"Don't worry Sumitra. I will help you." Came Kaikeyi with a broad smile in her face.

"This dress will be perfect for him. What's your opinion??" Asked Kaikeyi, at last selecting a suitable one for Ram.

"Great selection Kaikeyi." Kaushalya applauded.

Sumitra nodded in agreement.

Dresses for the princes are ordered in Myntra app.

"Han.. I think you all are finished with the preparations." Entered Dashrath.

"Hmm maharaj. And we even selected dresses for our cute little princes." Said Kaushalya with great smile covering her lips.

"Here is our selection. See and tell me how is it??" Questioned Sumitra showing him the mobile .

"Lovely selection!!!" Exclaimed Dashrath on scrolling the mobile .

It was morning now. The sun rays made Ayodhya to look even more beautiful. Everyone got ready. The four princes was
dressed lovely. And the puja was started. All the rituals in the puja has been recorded in the camera which enabled every praja
to see it in the LED screen. Because of the preparations of the king, every praja got things more than their satisfaction. All the
rituals are done and so the puja got over. Maharaj Dashrath supplied jio sim and some clothes and ornaments to the praja in the
occasion of the four princes birthday. The day ended with happy faces all over Ayodhya.


Few years later:-

It is night in Ayodhya. All the four princes was sleeping peacefully. Suddenly a sound comes
The sound frightened everyone. All the four princes woke up due to the fearfull sound. They got off from their bed and
happened to see the sound was from Shatrughan's mobile. Just a airtel message. All the three of them glares Shatrughan in

"Don't you have sense???" Lakshman asked fuming in anger.

"Can't yoy even select a soft notification tone for your mobile??? What kinda sound it is???" Asked Bharath, very much

Shatrughan just sees them with a innocent face.

"Just leave it guys. He will never do this again. Am I right brother???" Asked Ram saving Shatrughnan.

Shatrughnan nodded his head in approval.

"Ok its late now. Come we can continue our sleep." Bharath said yawning.

Within a second the young Shatrughnan headed towards his bed.

"First change that worst ring tone and then you can come to sleep my little bro." Said Lakshman annoyed due to the tone.

Shatrughnan changed that immediately.

"I think all your arguments are over. Its already late. So it is good to go to bed now." Said Ram seeing the bed.

All the four brothers got a peaceful sleep.

Its morning. The sun is shining in its own way.

Kaikeyi entered the room and happened to see the four brothers sleeping still. She decides to wake them up.

"Wake up kids. Its time now."

Every one wakes.

I hope you kids had a peaceful night" Entered Kaushalya and Sumitra.

"Peaceful night...." murmurs Lakshman thinking of the past night incident and began to explain to his mothers.

All of them laughed on hearing that.

Ok all of them get ready and your father will be waiting for you in the court said Kaushalya and left the room.

All of them got ready. The four brothers entered the sabha.

What they heard gave a bit shocking to them.

"Is it necessary to send them to the gurukul??" Asked Dashrath, worried.

"Yaa Maharaj. It is the correct age for them to learn everything." Said guru Vashisht firmly.

"Why they can't learn here itself ah?? It is impossible for me to get separated from them." Said Dashrath controlling his emotions.

"It is the tradition of raghukul to send them to the ashram for their studies. And you have to follow it Maharaj." Answered

Dashrath nodded.

All these things were noticed by the kids. Their face become sad.
The three Queens entered the sabha.

"Pitaji, why we have to go to gurukul??" Asked Bharath.

"Putra, it is necessary for every Rajkumar to know archery and ved shashtras. So you have to start your studies in gurukul."
Answered Daahrath.

"But pitaji,I know archery very well. I am the winner always in that one. So I don't have any necessary to go there." Interrupted
Shatrughan, innocently.

"Hmm ya pitaji, I am the one who correctly answers all the difficult questions. So I don't have any concern going there." Said
Lakshman firmly in his statement.

Dashrath is confused by their statement.

"I can't get what you say my sons." Said Dashrath.

"Nothing pitaji. He is pointing out this archery game in his mobile. And Lakshman is talking about his stats in the quiz game in the
mobile." Answered Ram showing the mobile to his father.

All began to laugh at the twins innocent act.

"Dear putron, it is just a game. Game is not at all related to real life. So you are going to gurukul to learn everything. And don't
worry you have more than one year for that. Now we are leaving to Mithila to attend a Shiv puja there. So you guys don't worry
about that matter and start getting ready to leave Mithila." Announced Dashrath with a happy face.


Dashrath along with Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan started to Mithila.

In Mithila:-
"Hey Urmi wake up. It's already late. I don't know how long you will sleep. Rakshashi better wake up by urself or I will just pour
water now on your face." frowned Mandavi.

"Ahhhhhh......." Urmila woke up with a long yawn. "Didi, its soo early now. Why you wake me up soo early???" Asked Urmila ,
still trying to control her sleep.

"Hmmm... Early??? Don't you remember that today we have a puja in the gauri temple. And it is not at all late now dear. If you
decide to use your mobile like this all the night, this will be your condition" Said Sita, a bit annoyed.

"And we three got ready. Please now get ready soon and come." Said Mandavi.

"Sitaaa.. come here dear" Sunaina called.

"Coming ma" answered Sita, sweetly.

"Ok.. Me and Mandavi will leave to temple now. Kirti will be with you. Get ready soon. Take Kirti along with you when you leave.
Is it okay Kirti???" Asked Siya.
Innocent Kirti just nodded her head in agreement.

They two left.

After sometime, Dashrath and his four sons arrived Mithila.

Janak and Sunaina welcome them wholeheartedly. The puja is going to start. But still the sisters didn't arrive.

Janak and Dhashrath engaged in a chat whereas Ram is interested in hearing them. Sita and Mandavi was helping Sunaina in
puja arrangements. Suddenly Ram turns and find his brothers were missing. Ram is shocked to know this. Then he leaves from
there without informing. He started to search them all over.

In the back yard of the temple, there is a beautiful garden.

Lakshman and Shatrughnan was playing with a ball there. Bharat was interestingly capturing the pictures of the garden which
may help to do his painting.

Suddenly Urmila who came to temple to attend the Puja, entered the garden along with Kirti.

"*Doonnggg*" , Urmila got hit by a ball and phone in her hand is dropped. Her phone screen got damaged. She slowly raised her
head and saw Lakshman standing with a expressionless face.

Urmila got super angry. " Don't you have eyes?? Can't you even see I am coming??? You hitted my head harder. Its soo painful.
And you just damaged my phone which is equal to my life. How dare you do this??" Shouted Urmila at the peak of her anger.

"Why are you shouting like a Rakshashi??? Why, can't you see I am playing here??? Its your mistake to come in between. Then
you are yelling at me. ." Frowned Lakshman, as a reply to Urmila.

Kirti giggled on hearing the name Rakshashi from Lakshman.

Urmila gave a deadly stare to her little sister.

"And I didn't broke your life.. ah your phone. It is you who dropped it. And it is meaning less to shout at me." Came another reply
from him.

"I dropped It because of you. And you are saying that my words are meaningless.." replied angry Urmila.

Shatrughnan thought to call Ram. So he went to Ram and told all the happenings. Ram headed towards the garden. Whereas

Kirti also went to Sita and told her the same. She also headed towards the garden.

"Lakshman" came Ram's voice.

"Bhai..yaaa.." Lakshman stammered on seeing Ram.

"Urmila" called Sita.

"Di.. Di.." now Urmila stammered.

"Sorry Princess of Mithila for his behavior." Asked Ram softly.

"Ask sorry to her sister Lakshman" said Ram.

"But.. bhaiya..." Lakshman hesitated.

"Sorry Princess." Said Lakshman.

"Noo.. he didn't do any wrong. Its our mistake only. So please forgive." Said Sita calmly

"Urmila ask sorry to him." Said Sita. "Sorry" replied Urmila.

"Its time for the Puja. Come let's go." Said Sita.

"Ya.. come Lakshman. We have to leave." Insisted Ram.

Atlast the argument got over and Sita assured her sister that she will buy her a new mobile.

Urmila became happy on hearing this.

Sita along with her sisters and Ram along with his brothers left for puja.

The puja started. Sita done all the rituals under the guidance of Janak and Rishi Yagyavalkya. After sometimes the puja got
over. So after having the lunch Dashrath along with his four sons started to Ayodhya.


It is early dawn. The three Princes woke up. Ram, Bharat, and Lakshman came out of their room with a sleepy face. They
straightaway went to their mother's room.

"Hmm... putron good morning. " said Kaushalya, after seeing them.

"Did u three slept well???" Asked Kaikeyi.

"Where is Shatrughnan?" Asked Sumitra.

"Ya mom, we slept well." Said Ram.

"And that naughty boy is still sleeping like anything." Interfered Lakshman with a cute pout.

"I don't know how much he will play in the night, that too mid night in his tablet. It will be better if you just throw his tablet in the
river or atleast just burn it in fire." Complained Bharat.

"Maaa...", there came the naughty twin, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"Hmm sleeping giant... woke up sooo early..??" Asked Sumitra caressing Shatrughnan's head.

Shatrughnan just hugged her.

"I heard that you are playing games whole night." Said Kaikeyi.

" No ma.. noo.. I play only for sometime,Not the whole night and I know who would have said you." Saying so he turned towards
his twin.

"Shatrughnan!!! He didn't do that and its not the time for your fights. Get ready first." Said Kaushalya.

The four princes had bath and got ready. Three matas served breakfast to them. All of them ate but not Shatrughnan. He wanted
to get feeded.

So Kaushalya said," you two go to sabha taking them. I will feed him and come with him in a while.

So everyone left for sabha.

There Dashrath with tears brimming in his eyes announces that "All the four Princes of Raghukul will leave for gurudev Vashist's
ashram to do their Shikshas. And will return after completing their Shikshas."

The three brothers was shocked hearing this and the queens too. After announcing this Dashrath left the sabha. The three
brothers straightly gone to Shatrughnan.

Here Shatrughnan was busy licking his hands after eating his favourite rotis.

Innocent Lakshman came to Shatrughnan in anger and said,"This is all because of you."

Shatrughnan rolled his eys in confusion.

"What?? What I have done??" Asked Shatrughnan.

"You woke sooo early na. So father decided to send us four gurukul. No we are going to leave Ayodhya. This is because of you."
Said Bharat.

"Gurukul???.. No I am not going to leave ayodhya. I don't want to go there. I will never go there. I want to be here only." Said
Shatrughnan in one breathe.

Ram was totally lost in his thoughts.

"Me also. I never said that I am going to leave. I will be here only" added Lakshman.

"Same with me. We can be here itself. No need of going there. We brothers will live here itself, in ayodhya itself." Said Bharat.

"Noo.. this is not a right decision brothers. We have to obey our father's order. He will think only good for us. We have to respect
his decision. All his decisions will be for our welfare. So we have to leave and get him out of this difficult situation. He too don't
want us to leave. But it is the tradition of Raghukul to learn in ashram which has to be followed. " said Ram with tears in his eyes.

"Ya.. are saying correct. Our father will feel guilty if we ignore to go there. " Said Bharat.

"Hmmm.. we have to obey our father's order. We have to make him feel proud. So I accept your decision bhaiya.." said


In the Ashram:-

"Ok brothers, this is the first day of our Gurukul. So please behave well and respect everyone. And in no means you shouldn't
disobey Guru Vashisht." Adviced Ram, heading towards a place.

" Sure bhaiya. We will always do as you wish." Answered the three in chorus.

"But can I know where we are going now??" Questioned Lakshman.

"It is important to bath first before attending our classes bro." Answered Bharat.

"Oh, ya." Lakshman managed the situation.

Finally they came to a river.

"Arreeyy!!!! Waahh!!! Such a big bathroom." Exclaimed Shatrughnan.

Ram and Bharat laughs after hearing this.

Lakshman hits Shatrughnan's head by his hand and answered, " Hey fool, this is not at all a bathroom as you think. Its a river
and you have to know that ashrams doesn't have any bathrooms."

"Ohh, I see." Replied the young twin.

"And it is more than enough to give a mere explanation. Wanna know why you hitted me." Asked Shatrughnan by rubbing his

"Ok, its not the time for your silly fights. Come we can bath here." Announced Ram.

"Wait a minute bhaiya. I left my dress in our hut. I'll go and get it first." Said Lakshman.

Saying so he left.

"Ok, we can bath now." Said Bharat.

So Bharat and Ram went down inside the river.

Here Shatrughnan is busy operating his phone.

"Hey, what a creature you are?? You will always take your phone with you ah?? And even in the time of bathing you will never
keep your phone aside ah??" Asked Bharat to Shatrughnan.

But Shatrughnan is too busy to hear this.

"Shatrughana, it is not good to operate your phone always. Its time for bathing. So keep it aside and bath." Advised Ram calmly.

"Sure bhaiya. Wait for one minute. I will take a selfie and join I'll you." There came a reply.

The two just decides that it is impossible to change him.

"Oohh!!! Still he didn't bath ah... ok.. now my sweet twin will get an unexpected gift from me." Thinks Lakshman after seeing his
twin busy with phone.

Thinking so he just pulled him harder which makes Shatrughnan to fall on the river, totally wet.

By god's grace he dropped his phone on the floor thereby causing only less damages.

Lakshman laughed out loud after doing this. Shatrughnan slowly rised from that river and gives him a deadly stare. Seeing this
his laughter multiplied. Even Bharat couldn't control his laughs.

Ram just gave a angry stare to his beloved Lakshman, which makes his laugh vanish in a second.

"It will be better if you bath now. Otherwise you have to face your own consequences." Said Ram.
Lakshman just obeyed his words.

After bathing the four made them ready to attend the classes.

Still Shatrughnan is waiting for a right time to punish his twin.

Atlast the class starts. Many students are there along with the four brothers. Vashisht said that today's topic is Human Values.


The four Princess of Mithila was seen running all the way through the Palace screaming joyously which is accompanied with
their sweet giggles.

They ran through the garden of Mithila where they decided to play Hide & Seek.

Sita is the catcher and the remaining three decided to hide.

"I will hide here" said Mandavi, as she decided to hide a behind a big bush.

The other two just continue to search for a better place.

"Wow, atlast I got a place. I will hide here. And I am sure Sita Didi will never find me here." Said Kirti showing a big box like tin
which is suitable for her size inside the palace.

"Ahh.. a nice and suitable place for you kirti. Hope the guards here will never misplace or transfer this tin thinking that there is no
one inside." Urmila giggled.

Kirti just stared her angrily.

" I got a place to hide, but you don't even found a place to hide. I am sure you will never going to get a better place." Replied

Saying so she got inside the big tin.

Urmila just ignores her and enters into the Palace.

She just walked through the corridor to find a place. There she came across the room where Shiv Dhanush was kept. She
decided to hide there. She gone inside and hid behind a cupboard.

"99 and 100. Ahh.. I am finished. Now I am gonna find where you guys are." Screams Sita in excitement as she finishes her

She walks through the garden. After some time she finds Mandvi's drape behind a tree and gets there and caught her

Mandavi just shrugs and decides to help her sister in finding the other two.

Then they two enters the palace.

"Hmmm.. I think Sita didi will not find me. Waah.. then I am going to be the winner." Kirti murmurs excitedly inside.

"Ahh!!! Take this tin. It should be transferred from this place now. Lift it." Kirti heard voice of some men nearby.

Suddenly she felt a jerk. She felt like she was floating now.

Heyyy!!! I am inside.. I am inside... stop this... leave me... I will get down.." Shouted Kirti as knowing that Urmi's prediction came
true now.

Sita and Mandavi who just arrived there giggled seeing each other.

The tin was landed safely and Kirti just jumped out in relief.

She just stared the soldiers angrily with a cute pout.

"Kirti we found you" yelled the duo.

Kirti stands rubbing her head in hesitation.

The two laughs on seeing her.

The only one left now is Urmila.

She they headed up to find her.

"Waahh!!! This room looks so different from others. The very big and mighty Shiv Dhanush is kept here under the feet of Lord
Mahadev. This room just gives me a calm feeling mixed with devotion. I am sure no one will find me here. Sita Didi would have
found out everyone. I should be in this palce itself and shouldn't get caught." Urmila murmers to herself.

"Heyy!!! What is this??? I have not seen this before. And why it is residing near the Shiv Dhanush???" Yells Urmila on seeing a
small box like stuff, covered with a silky cloth.

She gets off from the cupboard and nears Shiv Dhanush.

She just bows down on seeing the Dhanush and unwrapped the cloth.

To her surprise she saw a big ipad of a very different company,which she doesn't even know its existence.

She has not seen such a beautiful and elegant ipad before. It just attracted her so much.

She slowly took that in her hand and tries to switch it on. But all her efforts gone in vein.

She just holds the ipad with confusion. She tried harder and harder but couldn't succeed in it.

"I think the battery would have drained.So only it is not switching on. I'll just charge it. Then I can use it." Thought Urmila.

She left to her room to charge the ipad.When she picks up the charger to plug in, she hears her sisters screaming her name.

"Didi, Didi, I am here." Replied Urmila to those screamings.

"What are you doing here??" Yelled Mandavi.

"I am searching for you so long but you are here, simply sitting." Came Sita along with Kirti.

When the three entered, the scenario they saw made them to show mixed emotions.

"Wow!!! ipad.. ipad !!!" Rushes Kirti to Urmila.

The other two followed her in joy.

"Hey Urmi,from where did u get this??" Asked Mandavi.

"In the room where Shiv Dhanush is kept." Replied Urmila.

"In the Puja room??" Asked Sita, astonished.

Urmila just nodded a yes.

"Didi, give to me. I want to paly in this." Pleaded Kirti.

"Wait for some time Kirti. It doesn't even switched on. You can play after." Answered Urmila.

"Not switched on?? Give it to me, I'll try." Mandavi extends her hand.

She tried the same and fails to do so.

Kirti also said the same and also ended up losing.

"Hand it over to me. I'll give a try" said Sita. While Urmila forwards her hand to give it to Sita, they all heard a stern voice.

"Putriyon", the voice calls out.

All of them turns to the side, the voice came from.

All happens to see Janak standing there.

The four sisters rushes to him.

Urmila shows him the ipad .

Janak is shocked to see it in her hands.

He suddenly gets it from her. He just stare them with a confused look.

"From where did u got this from??" Questions Janak.

"Near Shiv Dhanush." Replied Urmila.

"Pitaji, I have not seen it before. How it got there papa??" Asked Sita.

"Yeah papa, even it's company name seems different. Where it came from??" Questions Mandavi.

"I tried to switch it on many time, but all my efforts gone in vein. Even Mandavi Didi and Kirti couldn't do that." Explained Urmila.

But Janak was lost in his own thoughts.He remained calm.

"Papa.. what happened??" The four yells chorously.

"Nothing Putriyon." He answers.

"Please answer our questions papa." Pleaded Sita.

Janak just took a look at ipad and smiled seeing Sita. "All your questions will be answered, but not now. You are too young to
know these all. You will surely get to know these truths when time passes. So now you and continue your play." Answers Janak

The sisters, as understanding his answer, nodded their head and continued their play.

Janak just stares that with a confused look which made him a bit worrier.

From where did the ipad came from?? Why the girls can't switch it on?? What is the reason for Janak's worry???

AUTHOR'S NOTE: So guys, I hope it is not boring. Sorry for this short chapter. And do guess the answers for the above
questions. And don't forget to vote and comment. Thank you!!!!


Moon light adorned the streets of Mithila. Janak finishing all his court affairs enters the room. He took the iPad in his hands
which lied in his bed. Tears formed in his eyes when he remenisces the past days which is impossible to forget.

The barren land of Mithila is experiencing all kinds of struggles due to lack of rain. The green fields which gives out healthy crops
is now lying dead, infertile. The whole Mithila is now undergoing famine. Janak tried every possible ways to overcome this
famine, to save his people. The allied Kingdom extended their helping hand by providing the necessary things. Only way left to
make the land fertile again is, Janak should Plough the land and do yangya. And the Plough should be made of pure gold.The
Plough was made and Janak with a ray of hope ploughed the land. While doing so he got struck in the middle. So he decided to
dig and see what is there inside. He saw a small box covered by a cloth in the bottom of the land. He took it and to his surprise
there was a baby girl inside. Janak was astonished to see a baby inside the land. Slowly he took her in his arms with great care
mixed with love and affection. The baby cried out which made the sky emotional that it bursts out with tears of rain all over. She
brought Mithila back, alive, with her arrival. She was a blessing to Mithila, for she came with all her fortunes to make the land
fertile again. Janak and Sunaina was overwhelmed on her arrival. They named her Sita, for she is born from the land which is
ploughed by the furrow named Seet. She was named as Janaki, for she is the dearest daughter of King Janak. She was named
as Vaidehi, for she is the blessing for the land of Videha. She was named as Maithili, for she is a miracle for the entire country
Mithila. She was named as Bhumija, for she is born out of the womb of the mother earth, herself.

After a while, a soldier rushed inside the Palace with a square shape box in his hands. He addressed King Janak and Rishi
Yagyavalkya and said that it was found near the place where Sita was born. Janak took that from his hand and opens to see a
iPad inside. Both Janak and Yagyavalkya was surprised to see that. " I think it has a connection with the journey of her life. So
keep it secret and safe." Said Yagyavalkya. Janak approved that it is entangled with the life of the divine baby girl and so he
decided to keep it safe. He tried to switch it on several times in several ways. But he failed over and over again. It implied that it
was destinated to be operated by the one with divinity.

Thus the history of the birth of his baby girl and the arrival of the iPad covered his mind. He was lost in his own world untill the
tingling sound of her anklets disturbed his flow of thoughts.

"Pitashree.." Siya came running, smile adorning her lips.

Janak rubbing his wet eyes embraced Siya in his arms.

She noticed the iPad in her father's couch, the same iPad she saw before.

Her eyes gleamed in joy.


"What are you hiding from me Didi?" Questioned Urmila, as she sensed some Suspicion.

"I will never tell to you, my dear rakshashi." Mandavi replied, hiding the stuff in her hand.

"Urmila, first make you ready dear and have your breakfast. Its time now." The call of her mother made her to leave the place.

"Thank god. I hope Urmi hadn't seen the lehanga in my hand. My Sweet sissy, this is for you. Tomorrow is your birthday. So I
brought you this lehanga and thought to embroid it in my own hand. I didn't want to break the suspense. So I hid it from you."
The thoughts of Mandavi made her lips to curve a smile. She continued her work thinking so.

The bright sun beams adorned the city and also made its way to their chamber, pressing Sita's face which made her to adjust in
her bed.

She woke up suddenly and murmered "Urmi's birthday".

She got down from her bed and woke up Madavi and Kirt silently.

Urmila was in a sound sleep to be aware of the happenings around.

Time passed...

Kirti stormed in the Chamber only to see Urmila was still asleep.

Kirti was too bored and made several weird sounds to wake Urmila but she doesn't even bothered about that.

The games in the mobile failed to keep her cheerful.

"I am feeling bored without Urmi didi. But she's sleeping. If I disturb her she will scold me for sure. What I can do now?? I am
bored of playing this game again and again.." Her thoughts kept her busy untill the gift of Sita made its appearance in her eyes.

Sita kept her neatly packed gift in the table near their bed.

Her eyes widened as her naughty prank took over her mind.

She took advantage of Urmi's deep sleep.

She sat in the bed near Urmi and opened the paint box and took the brush in her hand.

She dipped the bush in green colour and started working her plan.

Some minutes later...

"Ahh...Wow!!! I have made an amazing art for my Urmi didi, that too in her face. Ohoo.. my hands are ugly. What I can do now??
Hmm..there is a cloth nearby. I'll clean my hands with this." Saying so she rubbed her hand on the new lehanga which Mandavi
brought for Urmila.

"Kirti... what are you doing here??" Came Mandavi.

"Didi.. see her I have painted this on Urmi didi's face." Showed Kirti, proudly, smile playing in her lips.

Mandavi tried to control her giggle, in which she failed.

"I'll also help you dear. Give me the brush" said Mandavi in between her laughs, decided to help the little one in her art work.

"Wow, cutie... Now you are looking so beautiful dear." Whispered Mandavi after her half an hour struggle.

"I am finished with my work. Kirti tell me where and how you cleaned your hands" asked Mandavi on finishing her art work on
Urmi's face.

"How strange is this. She doesn't even felt disturbed while we are scribbling in her face. She is really in a deep slumber, I think

so." Thought Mandavi.

"Didi.. I cleaned my hands using this cloth. You can also use this." Said Kirti handing over the lehanga.

"Ohh.. Thank you dear." Replied Mandavi while cleaning her hands.