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First of all welcome. You are a temporary staff to report directly to Capt. Helge Oliversen, Owner’s Representative
Wilh Wilhelmsen ASA, as his technical assistant where your duties include but not limited to:

 In-charge for all NSA Cadetship Products reception as future crew for our manned fleet.
 In-charge for NSA Application to Diana Wilhelmsen Management Fleet.
 Research regarding the status and make a study for the Global Cadet and Competence Program (On-going,
Very High Priority!)
 Update the Data Sheet for NSA and Non-NSA “TOP-4”/ Management Level Officers.
 Perform a recruitment task as you need to recruit officers/crew as per advised by Sir Nelson and for his
assessment after most especially to for Management Level Officers/ TOP 4.

Your work schedule is every Monday-Friday 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM (non-flexible). Payment exclude holidays and
overtime and it is normally settled on the 10th and 25th of the month. Please ask Ms. Tess Dino, HR Manager for more


Computer Login Details:

USERNAME: Oliva.Reyes
PASSWORD: Password1651!

EMAIL and FACEBOOK Accounts:

FB : diana.wilhelmsen

For the passwords, please ask Ms. Anna Salas, Senior Crewing Officer, Diana Wilhelmsen Management.


You are the technical assistant of Capt. Helge Oliversen. To assist him in his task as the new Manager for
Cadets for the Wilhelmsen fleet is your main task. All other tasks are secondary.

You are hereby tasked to finish the Global Cadet and Competence Program. Most of it are done and just
check the outline of what is not. You can also notice red print in the saved file indicating it is not finished.
Furthermore, the outline is written in the logbook for your reference. The highlighted texts are the ones you
need to fill up.

As you open and check the file found in Deskstop- Diana Wilhelmsen Staff- Cadet Project, you can see it is a
thesis type/ book type report. The sources you need most especially in the Competence Development can be
found in the following:


Type in the URL BOX:


Password : 123456

Find in “Manuals” tab

Try to use your creativity and research skills. Anyways you are not an NSA Product for nothing.

Complete the project ASAP and send updates to Capt. Helge from time to time. He will also meet you if he
needs changes or another idea pops up. Wish you well.

 Secondary but important task:

I already accounted the NSA Cadets and Alumni since batch 1. The summarize file can be found in the same
folder as the other files Deskstop- Diana Wilhelmsen Staff.
Open the Wilhelmsen Graduates as per NSA data file and update/fill it similar as below:

 Part of your role as an assistant, you will assist NSA Applicants aspiring to be in WSBMI most especially Diana
Wilhelmsen. There are two ways of application by applicants the online application (applicants emailing)
and the personal application (applicants going to office personally).


This is done through email, Capt. Heldge will send an email to dianawilhelmsenphilippines@ and
will message ‘’add to DSS’’.Open the Willhelmsen Global Application Form and get the informations fill it in
NSA Officers DSS found in the Deskstop- Diana Wilhelmsen Staff- DSS. Update the Date and follow the
markings inside the file. Highlight your added new added file with yellow and delete highlight of those 1
week lapse.

Every Friday before your end shift, you need to send a copy of the DSS files as shown below, in preparation
for the Monday’s Operational Meeting.
This is done personally.
Step1 : Give applicants the Wilhelmsen Global Application Form (Diana Wilhelmsen Staff folder, Desktop)
Step2 :Refer the applicant to Ms. Precy in the recruitment section for CES and APRO.
Step3 :Refer to Sir Helge for interview.
Step4 :Make a soft copy of the application papers including the interview sheet and make a pdf copy
Step5 :Print a hardcopy of the complete documents and file in the Resume and CV folder.
Step 6 :Send a zip file copy to Capt. Heldge, CC to Sir Nelson and Ms. Ann. Save a copy in the Resume folder
inside the Diana Wilhelmsen staff folder.

 Diana Wilhelmsen Facebook is one of the administrators of Wilhelmsen Crewing Philippines Facebook
Page. The said Wilhelmsen Facebook Page posts job hirings, it is where you will take your part in helping to
respond from comments and messages received. Same tasks follow in the Diana Wilhelmsen FB and Page.
Observe the responses of the recruitment team including the Recruitment Manager, Capt. Helge himself, the
Crew Managers or the GM to get an idea.

 FB DSS for Top 4 officers Potential Candidates.

With the growing fleet of bulk vessels and more DIANA bulk vessels coming. Wilhelmsen needs to establish
top 4 Officers. Please take part in looking for their top 4.

Ways in looking for top 4.

Wilhelmsen Crewing Facebook Page

Go over the recent posts of Capt Heldge or Sir Nelson.If found out that an officer fits the requirement for
DIANA bulk fleet, try to ask for their personal info.

Also go over to the MESSAGES. BE CREATIVE!

Seaman’s Jobsite.

Go over the recent posts of Seaman’s jobsite fb page. If found out that an officer fits the requirement for
DIANA bulk fleet, try to ask for their personal info. BE CREATIVE!
 Priority first the GCCP before anything else. Make a time plan and your job will be smooth.
 For further instructions and tasks to the applicants please ask Capt. Helge.
 If you have further questions, email me at

All the best,


Technical Staff, DWM