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Research Protocol

Research Topic: Use Technological Tools in Teaching in Saint James Academy

Proponent: _______________________
Research Problem: The topic of my study will be the use of technological tools in teaching.
Rationale: This study needs to be conducted because much has been written about the effectiveness of the use of
technological tools like smart televisions to improve the way of teaching of schools here in the Philippines
Research Problem Purpose statement: The purpose of this study was to prove the importance of adding technology tools into a
and Questions teacher's instruction method In Saint James Academy
Research Questions:
Central/ general: What are the effects of the use of technological tools to learners?
1. How does the attitude of students improve when technology is used in the classroom?
2. What benefits are there to students when technology is integrated into the classroom?

It is very interesting to study this topic to prove that technology is effective and make changes in students'
grades, motivation, attitude, and attendance, schools must be prepared for technology use in the
classroom. Leaders must develop a model of implementation that includes a shared vision among
teachers and administrators and includes entire school community involvement. They must also offer
consistent and specific training for staff, time during the school day for the training, and time for the staff to
communicate and share with peers for technology to be an effective tool in the classroom curriculum.
The setting: Saint James Academy
Participants: Purposively sampled students
Data Collection Technique: individual survey
Methods Plans for analysis: Thematic content analysis
Ethical Issues Issues on confidentiality and consent will be less since the subjects are co-workers of the researcher in the institute.

LED TV Per Classroom : Php 12 000.00

Resources HDMI Cable (3 Meters): Php 450 .00

Data collection began at the start of a new

grading period and concluded at the end of the same grading period. The data collection dates were selected
because an entire grading period gave the researcher enough time to collect ample data. In addition, the
collection date at the end of the grading period was chosen because the information and
experience were fresh in the minds of the sample groups. The researcher compared and analyzed
the data, and data analysis indicated whether students' motivation improves when a teacher adds
technology tools into the classroom curriculum, regardless of whether the students are average,
inclusion, or gifted students. Answers to the instruments were placed on an Excel spreadsheet
and then compared by the researcher who then published the results to the students and teachers
Time scale who took the survey.