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Arctic Technology and Sustainable Solutions, F 2016

Afbindingsforløb for mortar

A Principle

DS / EN 196-3 + A1 3.edition

B Special apparatus

Vicatronic, see Figure 1. The

plastic tub Rubber ring Glass

Shape into Vicatronic


Figure 1: Vicatronic
Arctic Technology and Sustainable Solutions, F 2016

Figure 2: Left: 1. plastic tub, to form Vicatronic 2., 3. and 4. The rubber ring glass. Right: installation - plastic tub with rubber ring,
glass and shape to Vicattronic.

C Security

Always wear safety shoes and coat in the foundry.

D Performance

1. Calibration of the vicatronic 1

- Place the array as shown in Figure 2 of Vicatronicen.

- Settings on Vicatronic
island Instrument
island Needle kalibration
island Calibrate to 0 mm (the needle on the platen)
island Confirm

island Calibrate to 40mm (carefully remove the needle to the top of the mold to
island Confirm

2. Mortar Test

- Mix the desired mortar mix mixed meaning. Manual Mixing the mortar.
- Place the mold on the glass and fill with mortar. The top is trimmed with a

1 In some cases, vicatronic not calibrated with the above table. If so calibrated against Vicatronics base plate. By processing result is the first
0-point measurement, and this measurement subtracted from all subsequent measurements.
Arctic Technology and Sustainable Solutions, F 2016

- Lie rubber ring in plastic tub
- Place the glass sheet to the shape of the mortar mixture on the rubber ring, as in Figure 2, the right.

- Set plastic tub into the Vicatronicen, gently pull the needle up. BEWARE OF NEEDLE - it breaks
- Fill the water in the plastic tub, so that it reaches over the mold with mortar sample.

3. Start
- Settings on Vicatronic
island execution

island Kind of test: EN 196-3-2005

island Strat test

island The test runs for the following day

4. Print the results

Print directly from Vicatronic paper:

- Settings on Vicatronic
island File test

island S of printing

island Partial

island >> on the page to get all the paper after printing

E Data processing

Printouts from Vicatronic paper

First Create a scatter plot with time [min] (l [ms]) on the x-axis and the penetration
[Mm] (PEN. [Mm]) on the y-ash.
2nd Initial and final setting time can be read meaning. DS / EN 196-3.

F Waste management

The sample is removed from the mold and thrown into the container for the hardened concrete.