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Aleph-Bet “Yod” y

Building Block “Yod” y
• “Yod” y is the smallest letter in the Aleph Bet
and is suspended in mid air between the lines.
• “Yod” y is also referred to as the “atom” of the
Consonants, or “building block” for all the
letters - the first “dot” which starts a letter and
the last “dot” which ends a letter.
• YHVH used words as part of the Creation
process and the “yod” y represents the “point
of energy” capturing these words in written
Building Block “Yod” y
• “Yod” y represents the “spark” or “Spiritual Energy” which
directly flow from the presence of YHVH.
• “Yod” y was at the “beginning” and the “end,” starting
each letter and completing each letter, representing the
“power” and “energy” behind YHVH’s creative words.
Heb 1:1-3 Elohim, Who at various times and in various ways spoke in time
past to the fathers by the prophets, 2 has in these last days spoken to us by
His Son, whom He has appointed Heir of all things, through Whom also He
made the worlds; 3 who being the brightness of His Glory and the express
image of His person, and upholding all things by the Word of His Power.
• The “Yod” y is connected to Messiah Y’shua Who is the Word of YHVH, through
Whom all things came into being, and through Whom all things are sustained.
• Y’shua the Messiah is the Arm “Zer-o’-ah” ivrz, Who extends through His Hand
“Yod” (Spirit), making the “Arm” and the “hand” One.
Building Block “Yod” y
• The word “Yod” dvy represents the Creation process.
• Creation starts with a “dot” y or “spark” that comes from
YHVH (His Hand)
• The “Vav” v comes down, reaching into the physical, to start
the creation process (Messiah / Word).
• Thereafter, the “Dalet” d moves from left to the right and then down, creating
the “Horizontal” and “Lower Realms.”
• Dalet is the “Doorway” that leads man back to the Higher Realm, from the “Lower
Realm” of death as well as the “Horizontal Realm” of the Physical, back to the
• This Doorway allows man to access the “Vav” v (Messiah), Who is the Mediator
between the Lower Realms and the Hand and Presence of YHVH (Yod y).
Personal “Yod” y
When you add a “yod” y at the end of a word it makes it
personal, ie. “melek” ;lm or ‘King’ becomes “melek-ee”
yklm or ‘My King’.
• The “yod” y symbolize the ‘hand’ that reach out to take
possession and make it ‘your own’. y
• It is no longer ‘the King’ but ‘my King,’ indicating a
relationship and interaction.
➢ “Yod” represents YHVH’s Spirit Who makes your relationship with the King (Y’shua)
and the Father possible and personal.
➢ Reaching out your hand show that you take possession of something which applies to
sin as well.
➢ Man reached out and took possession of the fruit of the forbidden tree, manifesting
its fruit that resulted in the fallen nature of humanity..
Hand of Man “Yad” dy
HAND is the word “yad” dy , which means :
1st found in Scripture:
Gen 3:22 And YHVH Elohim said, Behold, the man
is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and
now, lest he put forth his hand, H3027 and take also of
the Tree of Life, and eat, and live for ever:
• This was after Man ate from the Tree of Duality, the Tree of Knowledge that carry the
Fruit which created the System of Babylon (mixing Good and Evil).
• Man’s ‘hand’ “yod” y that reached out, made this fruit personal, made it their own,
allowing its fruit to manifest in them.
• YHVH had to ‘stretch out His Hand’ towards Man to reverse this effect the “evil fruit”
manifested in Humanity.
Hand of YHVH “Yad” dy
“…put forth” is the word “shalach” xls which means:
• The “hand” or “yad” y is never on its own, it is linked to
the “Arm” or “action.”
• Arm or “Zer-o’-ah” ivrz is associated with the “Right Arm of YHVH, Who is Y’shua
the Messiah, Who extends from the Father, making them One or “Echad.” The “Mind”
(YHVH) controls the actions of the Hand through the extended Arm.
➢ Your Actions (hands) reflects what is in your “Mind.” The question is, “do you have the
Mind of Messiah,” that is the Father’s will?
Arm of YHVH “Zeroah” ivrz
Arm “Zer-o’-ah” ivrz first used in Scripture:
Gen 49:24 But his bow abode in strength, and the arms
(zeroah) H2220 of his hands (yad) y were made strong by the hands
(yad) of the Mighty Elohim of Jacob; from thence is the Shepherd,
the Stone of Israel.
• This is the prophecy spoken over Joseph by his father Jacob. Joseph’s life revealed Y’shua
prophetically, Who is the Shepherd (Savior) and Stone (Judgement) of Israel (Righteous people
of Elohim).
Arm or “Zer-o’-ah” ivrz comes from the root word “zarah” irz, which means:
➢ All of these symbols relates back to the Messiah and His Bride [Eph 5:25-27, Rev 19:7-9], the
Sower and the Ground [Matt 13:1-23].
➢ Joseph depicts the scattered people who are returning under the Banner of Y’shua the
Messiah, the Shepherd Who leads His flock back to the House of Israel.
Seed of YHVH “Zarah” irz
Seed “Zarah” irz is first used in Scripture:
Gen 1:11 And Elohim said, Let the Earth bring forth grass, the
herb yielding seed H2232, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after
his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.
Female Male
• This was Day 3 of Creation, where YHVH separated the Land from the Waters and
created Trees, Herbs and Grass which yielded seed “zarah”.
• Trees have fruit with internal seed (female) where grass and herbs have external seed
• YHVH use the concept of external “male seed” (Word) to influence and change the
internal nature or “female seed” of man, which were corrupted when Man took hold
of the fruit of good and evil (fallen nature).
➢ Messiah Y’shua is the ARM or the Sower (Groom / male), sowing His seed to
impregnate the Bride / Man, so that Man’s “fruit” will change and look like Him.
Stretched out Hand “Shalach Yad”
“…put forth” is the word “shalach” xls which means:

• The “stretched out hand” or “shalach yad” caused

Man to sin, that lead to death. [Gen 3:22]
• YHVH “shalach” (send out) Man from the Garden to till
the ground. [Gen 3:23] – Consequence matches Action.
• YHVH will use the same action, “shalach yad” or stretched out hand, to smite Egypt to
liberate and restore Man back unto Him [Exo 3:20].
• Most plagues were activated by Moses stretching out his hand, “shalach yad“.
• YHVH told Moses to stretch out his hand and the waters of the Red Sea parted [Exo 7:19]
• We are not to ‘stretch out the hand’ against YHVH’s Anointed because it will lead to dire
consequences [1Sam 26:23]
• YHVH will ‘stretch out His Hand’ against His enemies and His Right Hand will save you
[Psa 138:7]. -> The same hand that destroys also saves (“yasah” isy and “Yeshua”)
Stretched out Hand “Shalach Yad”
“…put forth” is the word “shalach” xls which means:

➢ The “stretched out hand” or “shalach yad” dy xls represents the

‘hand of Man’ which caused sin to enter the world. Man reached out
his hand (yod) and made the Fruit of the Forbidden Tree their own
and receiving it’s “benefits” which lead to curses and destruction.
➢ The “stretched out hand” or “shalach yad” also represents YHVH’s
Hand, specifically the Hand that destroys His enemies, as well as the
Hand that offers Salvation and Restoration.
➢ Lastly, “shalach yad” or “stretched out hand” represents your hand,
reaching out to His Hand of Salvation, making Him ‘My Salvation,’
“yasaee” yisy – symbolized by the “yod” y (your hand) on the left
and His Hand, “yod” y, on the right yisy
Stretched out Hand “Shalach Yad”
➢ Salvation, “yasah” isy, is not passive, you have to do something. It
depends on your action reaching out to His Hand of Salvation, “yod” y
making it ‘My Salvation’ yisy
➢ My Salvation, “yasah-ee” yisy, change to “sha-ah” his, when you
remove the two “yods”. The letter “hey” h added at the end makes it
feminine, which is a ‘gift’ to the Bride. “Hey” h also means light,
truth, revelation and is the sound of breath, representing YHVH’s
➢ “Sha-ah” his means: * TO HAVE RESPECT * TO INSPECT * TO CONSIDER
➢ CONCLUTION: My Salvation has to do with respecting and regarding “The
Hand” Who Saves (Y’shua). This allows Him to consider and “inspect” you.
In this process He points out flaws so that you can turn away from them
and be ‘spared’ or Saved by His Hand of Salvation.
Hand on the Heel “Yad” dy
• It was the “hand” that took the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.
• YHVH removed Man from the “Tree of Life” so that the “defiled hand”
would not “defile” the Tree of Life,” to avoide the consequence of
everlasting condemnation in a fallen state.
• Surely the Tree of Life can “destroy“ the “tree of death”. No, YHVH kept
them separated and chose another way to deal with this problem. He
chose man to be part of the solution and is symbolized by the “hand
grabbing the foot,” from which this “salvation” or Savior will come:
Gen 25:26 And after that came his brother out, and his hand (yawd) took hold on Esau's
heel (aqav); and his name was called Jacob (Ya-aqov): and Isaac was threescore years old
when she bare them.
The“hand” y grabbed the “heel” bqi, using the same symbolism found in the verse where YHVH
spoke a curse over the Serpent (Tet), after man ate from the Tree of Duality (Tet).
Gen 3:15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, And between your seed and
her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise (shuph) him on the heel
Hand on the Heel “Yad” dy
• The solution (hand grabbing the heel) of the problem (hand
grabbing fruit) indicate that the “heel” will eliminate the
consequence of the “fruit”.
• Heel or “aqav” bqi is linked to Ya-aqov bqiy (Jacob) by
adding a “yod” y – (hand of salvation on the heel – lower part –
fallen man). This “heel” will be crushed if not elevated (saved).
• Ya-aqov became Israel, who became the people YHVH whom He chose to “carry His
seed” (Yod y) into this world and bring Salvation (yasah isy)
• When you “grab onto this “Seed” or “hand,” it becomes “yasa-ee” yisy - My Salvation.
• The prophetic fulfilment of the Serpent bruising the Seed of the Woman’s heel would
be fulfilled years later through the ‘Seed of Ya-aqov’ (Y’shua), bruised for our iniquity.
• By doing this, Y’shua bruised the head of the Serpent (tet) destroying the effect of sin.
Isa 53:5 But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.
10 : Completion of Restoration
Gematria of “Yod” y is 10 and is associated with the following words and meanings:
‫“ – בזא‬bazah“ - to divide, to cut through
‫“ – אהד‬ahad” – united
‫“ – אט‬at“ – gentleness
‫“ – גאה‬gobah“ - high, exalted
➢ “Yod” (10) reveals the concept of dividing and then unifying, which is the final
step of Man’s Creation/Restoration.
➢ This is a gentle process, the restoration of Man to a higher state, to an exalted
state above the Fallen World of Duality, restoring Man to the Spiritual World of
➢ The number 10 means Completion of the Restoration Process, the essence of
Shalom – (The Completion of the Building Process)
Gematria of “Yad” dy
The Gematria of “Yad” dy is 14 (10 + 4) and is associated with the
following words and meanings:

‫“ – אטד‬aw-tawd” - thorn
‫“ – בזה‬ba-zah” - scorned, despised
‫“ – גוה‬ga-vah” – to lift up, pride
‫“ – דבח‬debach“ – to sacrifice
‫“ – דוד‬dode” – Also “David” – Beloved, love
➢ The “Hand of YHVH” is associated with YHVH love for this World, that He gave His
Beloved Son as a Sacrifice, scorned and despised, lifted up, symbolizing sin and pride
(Serpent - Tet), wearing a crown of thorns that gave Him the authority as the King of
Kings, the Beloved Savior.
➢ 10 means Completion and 4 means the Work of Messiah.
Spirit of YHVH “Yod” y
“Yod” is one of the 4 letters that represents YHVH’s Spirit.

1. Yod y – Invisible Hand of YHVH – YHVH’s Spirit our Helper.

2. Gimel g – (Camel) YHVH’s Spirit Who give us Strength and Truth
carry us through difficult times.
3. Shin s – Fire, Purification, Holiness: Holy Spirit
4. Hey h – Sound of breath “ruach,” Light a& Truth: Spirit of
“Yod” y and Shavuot
• Just like the hand cannot be removed from the Arm and the Mind, so can the ivrz
“yod” y not be removed from the “Shin, Hey and Gimel,” representing
YHVH’s Spirit with all its attributes.
• The “Yod” is the panicle and Completion of the Work of Messiah (10 + 4) and
after the “ARM” brought Salvation, the “HAND” do the detail work in those
“saved people” through the used of the “Shin s, Hey h and Gimel g”
attributes of His Spirit.
• “Yod” means hand and you have Two Hands and each Hand has 5 fingers.
• YHVH gave man Two Tablets, with 5 Commandments on each Tablet to direct
and govern your actions and your hands.
• The Tablets represents the “letter” and the Hands (yod,) represents the Spirit
Who directs our actions.
y y
• Both these symbolized through the two events that happened on Shavuot –
the receiving of the Commandments and the receiving of His Spirit – The g h s
Tablets represents the “ARM of Messiah” , ivrz and the Hands yy represents
His Death and His Spirit, establishing and allowing “My Salvation” yisy. yisy
Aleph-Bet “Yod” y
• “Yod” y represents the hand of YHVH, working through His Spirit, connected to the Right
Arm, “Zer-o’-ah” ivrz , Who is Messiah Y’shua ivsy. (yasah with inserted “vav” – you)
• “Yad” dy (14) represents the ‘Hand of Messiah’ y, reaching out to humanity, so that they
can enter through the Door d that leads to ‘My Salvation’ “yasa-ee” yisy, making the
Work of Messiah (4) Complete (10).
• “Yod” y (10) represents the Creation Process that happens in each one of us, the
separation of things of the Fruit of Evil and the unification with the Fruit of Goodness and
ultimately with YHVH.
• “Yod” y represents the hand that reach out and make something your own and make it
personal, bearing the fruit of whatever you take hold off. It makes “the King – Melak”
;lm, “My King – Melek-ee” yklm
• “Yod” y represents the Hand of YHVH reaching down into our World of Duality, to restore
us to the World of “Echad” (Unity). To be Saved, to be Restored, you need to grab hold of
the Hand of YHVH yisy.