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61 VP

ARLANXEO is a leading supplier of NBR powder pro­ducts

Baymod® N Standard
for the PVC modification. Baymod® N XL 33.61 VP is here XL 33.61 VP NBR powder
the first choice and offers improved color stability and
­extrusion properties compared to standard products.

The fine powder form of Baymod® N XL 33.61 VP enables

Extruded PVC-compound:
a very homogeneous mix with PVC and other compounds With Baymod N XL 33.61 VP | With standard NBR powder
ingredients by classical dry-blending, before extrusion.

Another important advantage of Baymod® N XL 33.61 VP

Improved hot air stability over time
is to add flexibility and elasticity to final part, especially
requested in sealing.
PVC Compound with Baymod N XL 33.61 VP
The pre-crosslinked structure of Baymod  N XL 33.61 VP

brings form stability which results in outstanding extrusion


Baymod® N XL 33.61 VP’s development assures a good PVC Compound with standard NBR powder
color stability to the PVC compounds.

Typical applications for Baymod® N XL 33.61 VP are ­cables,

boots, window gaskets, foils, profiles, oil & fuel hoses…
Free flowable white fine powder
Color stability (whiteness) over time
Enables transparent applications
Lower extraction on exposure to oils, fuels and greases
Improved impact resistance and low temperature ­
Excellent hydrolytic stability
Creates elasticity in PVC and enhances mechanical
Lower compression set
Reduced abrasion and wear
Smooth extrusion surface
Rubber touch
Less fogging & reduced possible development of odors
Food contact applications (EU 10/2011)

Elasticity ensures effective sealing of PVC window gaskets

Baymod N XL 33.61 VP
Ground NBR Powder
Mooney (1+4)100°C = 55 MU
ACN Content = 33%
Average Particle Size = 0,4mm
Baymod ®
N XL 33.61 VP ensures long-lasting flexibility to cables Partitioning agent = PVC
and pipes even in contact with oil or grease
Partitioning agent content = 9%

Trial product:
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