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Using the Right Words for Writing your Cover

Letter and Resume
Circle or highlight personal characteristics and positive/action that reflect you. The word list below
will be the most valuable tool you’ll need for your cover letter and resume.

Management/Administration Skills:
Planning, Organizing, Problem solving, Time management, Setting standards, Accomplished, Executed, Analyzed,
Delegated, Administrated, Advised, Conducted, Established, Reviewed, Incorporated, Coordinated, Investigative,
Researching, Evaluating, Negotiating, Designed, Conceptualized, Prioritized, Facilitated, Initiated, Activated, Flexibility,
Adaptability, Scheduling, Recruiting, Inventive, Produced, Consolidated, Reorganized, Implemented, Devised, Adjusted,
Chaired, Directed

Communication Skills:
Reasoning, Organizing, Defining, Writing/Editing, Listening, Explaining, Arbitrated, Translated, Reading, Lectured,
Stipulated, Correct use of the English Language Taught, Formulated, Educated, Corresponded, Mediated, Influenced,
Interpreted, Public speaking, Good sense of timing, Enlisted, Authored, Collaborated, Moderated, Motivated

Computer Skills:
Microsoft Word, Power Point, Access, Excel, Internet, Java Script, HTML, Microsoft Outlook, Publisher, Adobe Acrobat,
Word processing, Database, Spreadsheets, Web design

Service Skills:
Counseling, Guiding, Listening, Community resources, Assessed, Educated, Rehabilitated, Assisted, Served, Referred,
Diagnosed, Guided, Program planning/development, Work responsibility, Work independently, Work
evenings/weekends, Coached, Demonstrated, Referred, Clarified, Represented

Retail/Financial Sales Skills:

Contacting, Persuading, Marketing, Human relations, Financing, Budgeting, Advertising, Promoting sales, Determining
values, Appraised, Researched, Balanced, Forecasted, Audited, Calculating, Prepared, Analyzing, Projecting, Record
keeping, Fun raising, Investment principles, Accounting procedure, Calculating, Book keeping, Financial concepts,
Estimating and bidding

Interpersonal Skills:
Assertive, Adaptable, Confident, Dependable, Motivated, Trustworthy, Demonstrate empathy, Relate well to others,
Cooperative, Develop rapport, Tactful, Listening, Reflective, Work well with others.

Creative Skills:
Acted, Developed, Artistic talent, Innovative, Designed, Inventive, Created, Performed, Presented, Remodeled, Color
coordinated, Painting/Drawing. Revitalized, Illustrated, Shaped, Founded, Originated, Conceptualized