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Generic/ Trade Dosage/ Classification Indication Contraindicati Side Effects Nursing

name frequency on Responsibilities

Adult: PO Antiasthmatic Should be Eclampsia and Fine skeletal Salbutamol is a
Acute & COPD taken on an severe pre- muscle tremor direct-acting
bronchospasm Peparations/Dr empty eclampsia; intra- especially sympathomimetic
2-4 mg (up to 8 ugs Acting on uterine infection, with β-adrenergic
stomach. hands,
mg) 3-4 the uterus. intra-uterine activity and
(Take 1 hr foetal death,
tachycardia, selective action
Extended before or 2 hr antepartum palpitations, on β2 receptors,
release 8 mg after meals.) haemorrhage, muscle producing
twice daily. IV placenta praevia cramps, bronchodilating
Severe and cord headache, effects. It also
bronchospasm compression, paradoxical decreases
250 mcg via inj threatened bronchospasm, uterine
or infusion. miscarriage, angioedema, contractility.
Higher doses cardiac disease. urticaria, Onset:
may be used in hypotension Inhalation: 5-15
respiratory min; oral: 30 min.
and collapse.
failure. Duration:
Potentially Inhalation: 3-6 hr;
premature Fatal: oral: 8 hr;
labour Arrest of Potentially modified-release
preterm labor serious preparation: 12
between 24 and hypokalaemia hr.
33 wk of after large Absorption:
gestation: Initial: doses. Readily absorbed
10 mcg/min via from the GI tract.
infusion, Metabolism:
increase rate Hepatic and in
gradually at 10 the gut wall.
min intervals Excretion: Via
until there is the urine as
response; then metabolites and
increase slowly unchanged drug.
until contractions Some excretion
cease. Maintain in the faeces.
rate for 1 hr after
have stopped,
then gradually
reduce rate by
50% at 6 hrly