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Republic of the Philippines



No. _0.(_-'----__
Series of 2014

For All Heads of Offices/Units, DARCO

All Regional Directors
All Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officers

From The Undersecretary, FPAO and Chair, CMT

Subject Clarifications on the Status of Temporary and Contractual Personnel

Date 03 January 2014

As a general rule under Executive Order (EO) 366 and as provided for under DBM Circular
Letter No. 2013-5 dated 22 July 2013, services of personnel hired on a
temporary/casual/contractual basis should not go beyond one month after the approval of
the Department's Rationalization Plan (RP). Affected temporary and contractual personnel
if Qualified are entitled to avail of the retirement/separation package under EO 366 within
one month upon approval of the RP.

The Rationalization Plan of DAR was approved on 01 August 2013. However, in view of
the need for the services of these contractual and temporary personnel, while the
Department is undergoing the process of RP Implementation and in consonance with the
letter of DBM dated 29 August 2013, the appointment of these personnel were extended
up to November 2013.

In order to clarify all related issues regarding the renewal of contractual and temporary
personnel, the following guidelines are hereby reiterated:

1. Those who retired under EO 366 were allowed to sign a Job Order Contract for the
month of December 2013, however, the effectivity of their retirement should not
go beyond 30 August 2013 consistent with the approved RP, thus their services will
no longer be renewed in 2014 (ref: DBM Letter dated 29 August 2013).

2. Those who are recommended for placement (as validated by the CMT) will be
renewed subject to CSC rules and regulations, until February 2014 or until
the NOSCA is released by DBM whichever comes earlier (ref: DAR Memo 413 dated
26 November 2013).
3. Those who are recommended for placement but not yet validated by the CMT will
likewise be renewed subject to CSC rules and regulations, until February 2014 or
until the NaSCA is released by DBM whichever comes earlier.

4. Those who were not placed in the ISP but did not opt to retire were hired as
contract of service (COS) personnel in December 2013 upon the recommendation of
the head of office/unit (Region and Province) or the Sector Head (DARCO) subject to
the approval of PARa II/Regional Director for field units and the Undersecretary for
FPAO for Central Office (ref: DAR Memo 413 dated 26 November 2013).

For 2014, these personnel may be renewed to a non- extendible period of three
months starting January 2014 until March 2014. This is to allow the said personnel
to apply to vacant positions in the second round of placement under the DAR RP. To
effect the extension, an official request with justifi~ation by the concerned Head of
Office is advised to be sent to the Office ofthe Undersecretary for FPAO on or before
27 December 2013 (ref: DAR Memo 447 dated 23 December 2013).

It is emphasized that there will be no more renewal of services for these personnel
after March 2014, hence, those who will not be placed are advised to seek
employment outside DAR.

Please note further that starting April 2014, hiring of Contract of Service personnel
shall only be limited to those linked to a project with specific time frame and
outputs. Directors whose offices were not provided with a Driver position in the
new structure shall be entitled one Driver under COS status. Assistant Secretaries
and Undersecretaries shall be entitled to one Driver, and one Confidential Staff
equivalent to the highest Executive Assistant position in that Office.

Relative to thiS, the Administrative Service, the Financial and Management Service and
the Support to Operations Division in the field offices are directed to facilitate the
processing of the retirement package and incentives, including terminal leave of all those
contractual and temporary personnel who retired under EO 366.

Please be gUided accordingly.