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Lumbers to be used shall be of Apitong, Tanguile, Malugay or others pecified in the plan. All
lumbers shall be well seasoned, thoroughly dry and free from large, loose, or unsound knots, cracks, and
other imperfections impairing its strength, durability or appearance. Exposed or concealed lumber shall
be treated with so lignum. For fastening, use 5/8” diam. M. bolts as specified in the plan to attain
maximum rigidity of lumber framing.

All interior ceilings, shall be ¼” ordinary plywood on 2”X2” ceiling joist or others specified in the
plan. Outside ceiling eaves shall be ¼” marine plywood or other specified in the plan, with air vents
covered with aluminium screen.

All interior door shall be flush type using ¼” ordinary plywood. Exterior doors and toilet door
shall be flush type having ¼” marine plywood on one side facing outside and inside of toilet respectively.
All interior doors and backdoors shall be equipped with cylindrical locksets, with additional barrel bolt
for backdoor. Front doors shall be equipped with high grade heavy duty security lock or dead lock. Use 3
pcs. Of 3”X3” loose pin hinges for each door.

All windows shall be provided with wooded jalousies on wooden frames, each set provided with
pull handle.


Execute rough carpentry in best workmen-like manner. Erect framings true-to-line, levelled
according to dimensions, squared, aligned, plumed, well- spliced and adequately braced.

Millworks shall be accurately milled to details, sanded smooth, plumbed, true-to-line and level.



Roofing sheets shall be corrugated GI gauge 26, while Flashings and ridge rolls shall be gauge 26
plan GI sheets.


Layout the roofing sheets in manner that the side overlap faces away from the prevailing wind.
Provide not less than 12” end lap and not less than 1 ½ corrugation on side laps. Secure roofing sheets
to purlins using umbrella nail or umbrella wire, applying vulcaseal before driving it through.


Sewer line shall be 4” diam. PVC pipes with fittings and connections specified in the plan.

Water line shall be ½” diam. GI pipes schedule 40 with fittings and connections also specified in
the plan.

Toilet bowl shall be “Diamond” Brand.


Install plumbing fixture free and easy access for cleaning and as indicated in the drawing all
joints air and water-tight using PVC solvent for PVC and Teflon tape for GI