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Business Science Cluster

First Semester
A.Y. 2018-2019

Course Code :
Course Title : Managerial Economics
Units : 3
Pre-requisite : None
Instructor : Angelo P. Nueva
Email Address :
Consultation Period : Mon/Wed 1:00PM-2:30PM


This course deals with the application of economic principles, models and methodologies in management
decisions within the organizations. It includes the topics managerial economics, supply and demand, consumer
analysis, production and cost decisions, market structure and pricing strategies.


On the completion of this course, the student is expected to have the following skills.

LO1: Critical and Analytical thinking

1a. Analyze and evaluate reports, proposals, and concept papers
1b. Enhance analytical skills through application of theories in solving real-life economic situations
1c. Explain the concepts, approaches, and techniques of fundamentals of economics

LO2: Communication and Teamwork

2a.Convey ideas clearly in English both orally and written
2b.Apply the principles of the different forms of communication
2c.Understand the concepts and principles of good interpersonal relations
2d Participate actively in business associations and comply with their policies and obligation.
2e Demonstrate leadership qualities, civic-mindedness, and responsible citizenship

LO3: Personal and Social Responsibility Skills

3a.Demonstrate the values of fairness, transparency, accountability, hard work, honesty, patience, diligence,
innovativeness, risk-taking, and strong working ethics
3b. Perform high quality work.
3c. Practice self assessment to improve oneself


RC CORE VALUES At the end of the course, the following are expected to be realized:

Love of God and neighbor Students are committed to pray in order and use their technical skills for
the benefit of others specially the poor.

Patriotism Students are encouraged to bring honor to their country wherever their
career may lead them to.

Integrity Students are displaying honesty at all times especially with regard to the
making of their assignments and answering their quizzes and major exams.

Excellence Students inculcated the value of constant practice in order to master their
knowledge in economics.
Final Output

As a requirement, the students will be conducting an analysis about the topics discussed throughout the
course.The students will be divided into groups with four members each and shall work as a team for the whole
semester. The paper will be submitted on or before final examinations and the presentation will be scheduled three
days thereafter.

Rubrics for Assessment: Research Report (50%)

CONTENT Contains all the Contains most Contains basic Contains few 16
(x 4)
components of a components of a components of a components of a
research project research project research project research study
including proper including good including fair including minimal
gathering and data gathering method of data data gathering,
extensive and logical procedure, gathering, presentation, and
data presentation, and presentation, and presentation, and analysis.
analysis. analysis. analysis.
ORGANIZATION The study is logically The research The study is The study tries to
(x 2)
and creatively plainly organized acceptable with organize ideas. The 8
arranged. The and the reader ideas plainly sequence and
sequence and details can go over the organized. The details presented
presented can be fully text smoothly. The sequence and can be hardly
and easily understood. sequence and details presented understood.
details presented can be fairly
can be adequately understood.
MECHANICS Exemplary sentence Good choice of Fair and suitable Minimal choice of
(x 2)
construction and words and choice of words vocabulary and 8
choice of vocabulary. sentence and sentence basic sentence
All entries used construction. Most construction. Some structure. Few
correct spelling and of the entries use of the entries use entries use correct
grammar. correct spelling correct spelling and spelling and
and grammar. grammar. grammar.

FORMAT Follows the proposed A few minor Several deviances Major and multiple
(x 2)
proposal structure, deviances from from the proposed deviances from the 8
format, layout, and the proposed structure, format, proposed structure,
style. structure, format, layout, and style. format, layout, and
layout, and style. style.


Description of the criteria:

The paper must contain necessary information that is needed by specific users chosen as the target
market by the students.

Data and information must be well presented thereby highlighting the attractiveness of the system

Words and sentences must be constructed appropriately

The overall paper must conform to the minimum structure, format, layout and style requirements

Rubrics for Assessment: Report Presentation (50%)

PHYSICAL Physical For the most part, Physical Physical 4
(x 1)
appearance is physical appearance is appearance is
completely appearance is somewhat inappropriate for the
appropriate for the appropriate for the inappropriate for occasion and the
occasion and the occasion and the the occasion and audience.
audience. audience. the audience.
GESTURES Actively engages the Usually engages Occasionally Neglects to engage
(x 1)
audience by making the audience by engages the the audience 4
and maintaining eye making and audience by because rarely
contact and using maintaining eye making and makes and
movement (facial contact and using maintaining eye maintains eye
expressions, movement (facial contact and using contact or uses
posture, gestures) to expressions, movement (facial movement (facial
focus attention and posture, gestures) expressions, expressions,
interest to focus attention posture, gestures) posture, gestures) to
and interest to focus attention focus attention and
and interest interest
COMMUNICATION Speaking clearly; Speaking clearly; Speaking is Speaking is unclear- 8
Appropriate use of Minimal mistakes unclear- lapses in very difficult to
(x 2)
sentence structure in sentence sentence structure understand
and grammar. structure and and grammar. message of what is
grammar. being said.
COMPLETENESS Thoroughly explains Majority of pints Several key points Incomplete; several 12
all points. covered in depth, glossed over. key points omitted.
(x 3) some glossed Hard to understand
over. work and/or results.
RESPONDING TO Respond accurately Respond to most Respond to some Having difficulty 12
(x 3)
and appropriately to questions questions responding clearly
all the questions and accurately and accurately and and accurately to
comments. appropriately. appropriately. the questions. Not
responding at all.
Description of Criteria:

Physical Appearance:
The students must present themselves appropriately all throughout the presentation

The students must apply applicable gestures during the presentation

Communication Skills:
The students must speak fluently in English in the course of the presentation and while answering

Completeness of Presentation:
The students must be able to explain and present the necessary parts of the paper

Responding to Questions:
The students must show positive outcome and knowledge regarding the topic being presented

Grading System

 Recitation/ Behavior 10%

 Assignments/ Seatwork 20%
 Quizzes 30%
 Major Examination 40%
Total Term grade 100%

COURSE GRADE= (Prelim x 0.3) + (Midterm x 0.3) + (Finals x 0.3) + (Final Output Grade x 0 .10)

SUBJECT GRADE 98 95 92 89 86 83 80 77 75
To To To To To To To To To BELOW 75
100 97 94 91 88 85 82 79 76
GRADE 1.0 1.25 1.50 1.75 2.0 2.25 2.50 2.75 3.0 5.0
Learning Plan
Topics Specific Learning Session Target Learning Learning
Outcomes Outcomes Activities
Orientation Acquaint the students in this 1 3a,3b,2a,2b,2c,2e Lecture-discussion
course and integrate future
subjects related to the course
Chapter 1 Introduction Discuss basic principle of 2 1c, 3a,3b,2a,2b,2c,2e Lecture
to Managerial managerial economics, its Discussion
Economics proponents and their Exercises
importance in the field
Chapter 2 Optimization Discuss the different 3 1a,1c, 3a,3b,2a,2b,2c,2e Lecture
techniques and New management tools Discussion
management tools Exercises
Case Analysis
Quiz 4 1d,3c

Chapter 3 Demand Determine the elements of 4 1c,3a,3b,2a,2b,2c,2e Lecture

Theory demand and supply and their Discussion
importance in the economy Exercises

Chapter 4 Demand Compute and interpret the 5 1c,3a,3b,2a,2b,2c,2e Lecture

Estimation demand Discussion
Chapter 5 Demand Discuss the importance of 5 Lecture
forecasting demand forecasting 1c,3a,3b,2a,2b,2c,2e Discussion
Chapter 6 Production Differentiate long run and 8 1c,3a,3b,2a,2b,2c,2e Lecture
Theory and Estimation short run effects of production Discussion
Chapter 7 Cost Theory Discuss and classify different 9 1c,3a,3b,2a,2b,2c,2e Lecture
and Estimation market structures Discussion
Chapter 8 Cost analysis Compute and interpret GDP, 10 1c,3a,3b,2a,2b,2c,2e Lecture
GNP and other economic Discussion
measures Exercises
Quiz 11 1d,3c

Chapter 9 Market Discuss the different market 13 1b, 1c,3a,3b,2a,2b,2c,2e Lecture

Structure structure Discussion
Chapter 10 oligopoly Discuss the strategic 14 1c,3a,3b,2a,2b,2c,2e Lecture
and strategic behavior behavior and oligopoly Discussion
Quiz 15 1d,3c
16 1c,3a,3b,2a,2b,2c,2e Lecture
Chapter 11 Pricing Define the contributory Discussion
practices factors of pricing practices Exercises
Educational tour 17
 By the end of the course, the students are expected submit their written output
 The date of submission will be on or before 16th session, 2 weeks before the final examination
 Late submission will have deductions on final output grade
[1] Fair et al. (2013).Principles of Economics. 10th Edition. New York: Prentice Hall
[2] Mandel, M. (2012). Economics: the Basics. 2nd Edition. New York: MacGraw-Hill
[3] Silon, E. (2009). Manual for Economics with Work Exercises. Philippines: Rex Bookstore
[4] Guzman, J. (2010). Principles of Economics. 2nd edition. Mandaluyong City: Academic Pub. Co.
[5] Dominic Salvatore (2011). Managerial Economics in a Global Economy
[6] Froeb, McCann, Ward, Shor,(2014) Managerial Economics, 3rd edition. Cengage Learning

Course Policies

1. The students are expected to be in the room at the schedule time. Five (5) minutes grace period will be given
for late comers.
2. Students are allowed 11hrs of absences inclusive of tardiness. Excessive absences shall merit the grade of
5.00. Absence due to hospitalization maybe an exception but such situation needs the consent and approval
of the Dean.
3. Assignment/ seatwork/ project must be submitted on the date given. Late submission will not be accepted
except for those with valid reason.
4. Always prepare a pen and clean sheet of paper so as to avoid disturbing your classmates.
5. Proper behavior is highly expected inside the classroom i.e. by paying attention to the discussions and
activities and showing respect to your professor and classmates.
6. Ask permission politely before you leave the classroom.
7. Cell phones should be turned off or put in silent mode during class hours.
8. Be sure to secure a copy of the handouts for classroom discussions and activities.
9. Quizzes and Major Examinations shall be given on the scheduled session. Special quizzes shall be given to
student with justifiable excuse/s. the student shall ask the teacher for special quiz 2 days after his/her being
absent. There will be scheduled date for those students who are not able to take major examinations.

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