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Continuing Education Requirements in Maryland

Each time you renew your license you will be required to meet continuing education requirements, and you
will pay a renewal fee when you submit your renewal application to the Commission. You can renew your
license online or via hard copy.
Continuing education courses can be taken as in-classroom instruction or distance learning (online). Your
coursework should be documented with a certificate of completion from the school that shows the courses
and course hours you took.

Requirement Residential Salesperson or

Residential Broker
Associate Broker
CE Course Hours per 15 15
2-year Licensing
Courses Required  Three (3) hours in Maryland  Three (3) hours in Maryland
Real Estate Commission Real Estate Commission
Agency-Residential Agency-Residential
 One and one-half (1.5) hours  One and one-half (1.5) hours
in Fair Housing in Fair Housing
 Three (3) hours in Legislative  Three (3) hours in Legislative
Updates Updates
 Three (3) hours in Maryland  Three (3) hours in Maryland
Code of Ethics Code of Ethics
 Three (3) hours in Maryland
Real Estate Commission
Required Supervision

Elective Courses The remaining four and one-half The remaining one and one-half
hours of the 15 required may be hours of the 15 required may be
in electives covering Real Estate in electives covering Real Estate
related subjects, but not related subjects.
duplicates of the required

What happens if I don’t complete my required CE in time?

You cannot renew your license until you have satisfied the continuing education requirements. Your license
will expire. You need to pay attention to when your renewal date is approaching, and make sure to get the
CE completed, pay your renewal fee and submit your renewal application in time. Although the
Commission will send a renewal reminder to you, it is your responsibility to complete these requirements by
the appropriate date whether or not you receive the renewal reminder.

How do I reactivate an inactive license?

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You can reactivate your inactive license at any time before it expires by becoming affiliated with a broker,
sending the broker’s affiliation commitment, along with a $50 reactivation fee, to the Commission as a
request for reactivation.
You can renew your inactive license by meeting the same continuing education, application, and fee
requirements. Renewing an inactive license does not make it active; only affiliation with a broker can do
that. If you don’t renew your inactive license, it will expire three years after the date that it became inactive.

Can I reinstate an expired license?

Yes. If your license expired due to non-renewal and it is within 3 years of the last valid expiration date, you
can reinstate it (meaning that you don’t need to complete all the requirements for licensure again to get a
new license). To reinstate, you need to complete all the currently applicable continuing education
requirements for renewal, pay any past due renewal fees, and pay a reinstatement fee of $150.
If you don’t reinstate your license within that 3 year period, you’ll have to complete the pre-licensing
education and exam requirements again.

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