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Harvard Referencing Quick Guide

Harvard referencing can vary in format. This guide provides examples based on the style in the book Cite
Them Right. Check with your tutor and/or module handbook for further guidance on the referencing
requirements for your assignments. Remember to add page number(s) to your in-text citation where
necessary (see full Harvard guide).
Type Reference example In-text citation
Book or ebook McCabe, J. (2004) Feminist film studies: writing the woman (McCabe, 2004)
(with one into cinema. London: Wallflower. or to reference a
author) specific page:
(McCabe, 2004, p.
Source with two Bazalgette, L., Rahilly, T. and Trevelyan, G. (2015) (Bazalgette,
to three authors Achieving emotional wellbeing for looked after children: a Rahilly and
whole system approach. Available at: Trevelyan, 2015)
after-children.pdf (Accessed: 20 January 2017).
Source with four Macaro, E. , Nakatani, V., Hayashi, V. and Khabbazbashi, N. (Macaro et al.,
or more authors (2014) ‘Exploring the value of bilingual language assistants with 2014)
Japanese English as a foreign language learners’, Language
Learning Journal, 42(1), pp. 41-54.
Edited book Ferguson, S. (ed.) (2016) Race, gender, sexuality, and social (Ferguson,
class: dimensions of inequality and identity. 2nd edn. 2016)
Thousand Oaks, California: Sage.
Book with Pears, R. and Shields, G. (2016) Cite them right: the (Pears and
later edition essential referencing guide. 10th revised & expanded Shields, 2016)
edn. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
Book chapter Foster, N. (2011) ‘The act/art of assessing: critical appraisal (Foster, 2011, p.
and its relevance in public health’, in Aceijas, C. (ed.) 60)
Assessing evidence to improve population health and
wellbeing. Exeter: Learning Matters, pp. 54–68.
Book chapter or Thompson, N. (2013) ‘Appraisal and performance (Thompson,
extract in management’, in People management. Basingstoke: Palgrave 2013)
WebLearn Macmillan, pp. 65- 74. MN4002: Fundamentals of
Management. Available at:
(Accessed: 10 December 2013).
Translated book Barthes, R. (1994) The semiotic challenge. Translated by (Barthes, 1994)
Richard Howard. Berkeley: University of California Press.
Journal article – Cairns, T. (2000) ‘For the sake of informality’, Adults Learning, (Cairns, 2000)
print or 12(3), pp. 16–18.
Journal article Alexander, C. (2004) ‘Imagining the Asian gang: ethnicity, (Alexander, 2004)
with DOI masculinity and youth after “the riots”’, Critical Social Policy,
24(4), pp. 526–549. doi: 10.1177/0261018304046675.

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Newspaper article Cree, V. (2013) ‘What is the role of social work in 'moral (Cree, 2013)
print or electronic
– panics'?’, The Guardian, 6 December.
Online thesis or Massey, A. (2015) Experiences of Older Undergraduate (Massey, 2015)
dissertation Students in Higher Education: Constructions of Age and
Gender. PhD thesis. London Metropolitan University.
Available at:
(Accessed: 28 September 2017).
Market Mintel (2010) ‘Luxury holidays - UK - June 2010’. Available (Mintel, 2010)
research at: (Accessed: 13 July

Company or Business Source Complete (2017) 'Marks and Spencer (Business

country report Group plc. MarketLine Company Profile'. Available at: Source
from a database (Accessed: 28 September Complete,
(e.g. Business Source 2017). 2017)

Academic poster Dickerson, I and Spencer, J. (2014) Patient safety culture: the (Dickerson and
online influence of leadership, change and structural reorganisation Spencer, 2014)
in a mental health trust [Academic Poster]. Available at:
presentations/ (Accessed: 6 October 2017).
Withers, C. (2015) Equality and inclusive practice: an (Withers, 2015)
Lecture overview [Lecture to Early Childhood Studies Year 1],
SE4001: Challenging Inequalities. London Metropolitan
University. 2 October.
Online lecture, Peterson, M. (2014) Radical Resistance & Moral Panics (Perterson, 2013)
presentation, [Presentation]. Available at:
or webinar
36670374 (Accessed: 6 October 2017).
PowerPoint Smith, K. (2013) ‘New social movements’ [PowerPoint (Smith, 2013)
presentation presentation]. SS6055: Political Sociology. Available at:
in WebLearn (Accessed: 10 December

Published Joseph Rowntree Foundation (2016) UK poverty: causes, costs (Joseph

report from and solutions. Available at: Rowntree
a reputable poverty-causes-costs-and-solutions (Accessed: 6 November Foundation,
website 2017). 2016)

Government Department for Education (2015) Special educational needs (Department for
Departmental and disability code of practice: 0 to 25 years. Available at: Education,
publication online 2015)
uary_2015.pdf (Accessed: 6 October 2017).
Act of Children and Families Act 2014, c. 6. Available at: (Children and
Parliament Families Act 2014)
cted (Accessed: 8 December 2016).

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Law report (Social 'R v. Dunlop' (2006) Court of Appeal (Criminal Division), case 'R v. Dunlop'
Professions & 1354. LexisLibrary. Available at: (2006)
Social Sciences) (Accessed: 24 May 2017).

Book Secker, J. and Coonan, E. (eds.) (2013) Rethinking Secker and

illustration/diagram/ information literacy: a practical framework for supporting Coonan,
logo/table/ learning. London: Facet publishing, p. xii, fig. 2013, p. xxii)
Online illustration/ Thornqvist, J. (2013) Lampa [Illustration]. Available (Thornqvist,
diagram/logo/table at: (Accessed: 6 2013)
/graph October 2017).
Medical image e.g. The vasculature of the brain (2017). Available at: (The vasculature of
Visible Body (Accessed: 6 October the brain, 2017)
Blog Killen, C. (2017 Three key ways to build staff digital
(Killen, 2017)
capabilities and confidence, JISC blog, 26 September.

Available at: (Accessed: 6

October 2017).
Facebook Greenpeace (2014) Greenpeace UK [Facebook] 9 September. (Greenpeace,
Available at: 2014)
(Accessed: 9 September 2014).

Instagram bobandrobertasmith (2017) bobandrobertasmith. (bobandrob-

Available at: ertasmith, 2017)
(Accessed: 6 October 2017).
Twitter Obama, B. (2014) [Twitter] 16 August. Available at: (Obama, 2014) (Accessed: 9 September
Film /movie Super 8 (2011) Directed by J.J. Abrams [Film]. Los (Super 8, 2011).
Angeles: Paramount Pictures.
DVD or Blu-ray Citizen Kane (2003) Directed by Orson Welles [DVD]. (Citizen Kane,
London: Universal Pictures. 2003).
YouTube The Khan Academy (2009) Introduction to the atom. Available (The Khan
at: (Accessed: 9 September Academy, 2009)

Television /Radio Newsnight Special: Brexit Britain: One Month In (2016) BBC2, (Newsnight Special:
programme 23 July. Brexit Britain one
month in, 2016)
Television/Radio Drama: a cut above (2015) BBC Radio 4, 21 May. Available at: (Drama: a cut
programme on above, 2015)
the internet e.g. FCBC9E (Accessed 6 October 2017).
BoB or

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