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This is an image of students presenting to a

community member at the LINK Project. The

community member approached the students
and the students initiated their presentations
about the social issue of their choice. They
students shared information, action items, and
ideas about aiding the social issue and
answered questions from the community
This is an image of students
preparing to present and share their
social issues research with
community members. Both students
represent the general education
setting and the special education
setting. Students discussed LGBTQ
rights and climate change.
This is an image of students sharing their
presentations with community members next to
their peers from other schools. The students
shared their passions for LGBTQ+ rights and
climate change.
In this image, a student describes the
current debates surrounding climate
change and how they affect his
community. The student shown is a
non-reader, non-writer and used Google
Voice to complete his research and
create a presentation.
This is an image of two
students I support in the
general education setting. The
students completed the 7th
grade project about the
parallels between The Black
Plague and current disease