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Book List

The ABC’s of Empowered Teams – Building Blocks for Success

By Mark Towers
Sub: Breaking the ice. How to improve your on the spot communication skills

A Behavioral Theory of Labor Negations

By Walton & McKersie
Sub: Bargaining. Strategies. Tactics. Integrative

The Accounting Cycle

By Jay Jacquet/William Miller
Sub: Basic Record keeping systems. Ledger & journal. Adjusting & Closing Entries.

Action Guide For Healthy Eating (Pamphlet)

By National Cancer Institute
Sub: Health

Americans with Disabilities Act (Binder book) (2)

By Carney/Bullard

An Introduction To Collective Bargaining & Industrial Relations

By Harry C. Katz & Thomas A. Kochan
Sub: Framework for analyzing collective bargaining & industrial relations. Historical
revolution. Legal regulation of unions. Strategies & structures.

Appraising Performance Appraisal

By Harvard Business Review

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

By Shirley Poertner & Karen Massetti Miller
Sub: Giving & receiving feedback.

The Art of Taking Minutes

By Delores Dochterman
Sub: Minutes explained thoroughly.

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

By Shirley Poertner & Karen Massetti Miller
Sub: Giving & receiving feedback.

The Art Of Working With People (Binder)

By Fred Pryor Seminars
Sub: Enhance your interpersonal skills & achieve better results w/all kinds of people.

ASPA Professional Development (Binder)

By American Society for Personnel Administration
Sub: Issues in compensation management.

Assert Yourself
By Lisa Contini
Sub: Developing power-packed communication skills to make your points clearly,
confidently, and persuasively

Assertiveness: Get What You Want Without Being Pushy (Notebook)

By Communication Series
Sub: Be seen as a capable, confident & professional. Learn to stop, go & yield without
getting run over. Gain others’ respect using positive assertion.

Assertiveness – The Fine Art of Expressing Yourself Without Coming on Too Strong
(Magazine) By National Institute of Business Management, Inc.

Be Yourself, A Guide To Self Development (Magazine)

By Christina Henry
Sub: Professionalism. Assumptions. Communication. The Secretary as a 2nd Class Citizen.

Business as Usual - The Handbook for Managing & Supervisory Organizational Change
By Price Pritchett, Ph.D., Ron Pound, Ph.D.
Sub: Restructuring. Acquiring. Merging. Downsizing.

Business Etiquette and Professionalism

By M. Kay Dupont
Sub: Impeccable work behavior. Meeting people. Telephone etiquette. Correspondence.

Business Writing for Busy People

By Philip R. Thiebert
Sub: Better Memos. Stronger letters. More effective reports. Convincing proposals.

The Can-Do Manager

By Tess Kirby
Sub: How to get your employees to take risks, take action and get things done.

Career Tracking 26 Success Shortcuts to the Top

By Jimmy Calano & Jeff Salzman
Sub: Initiate & make things happen. Be a more powerful communicator. Be seen in the best
light by bosses & coworkers.
The Closing of the American Mind
By Allan Bloom
Sub: How higher education has failed democracy & impoverished the souls of today’s

Community First aid & Safety

By American Red Cross
Sub: What To Do…

The Cycles of American History

By Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
Sub: A historians reflection on the past & the future of the American experiment. Theory of
America. Foreign Policy & American character.

Complete Guide to Employing Persons With Disabilities

By Henry McCarthy
Sub: Regulations. Strategies. Resources.

Contemporary Problems in Personnel

By Pearlman, Schmidt, Hamner
Sub: Personnel decisions. Legal constraints. Selection methods. Interviews. Management.

Damn Good Resume Guide

By Yana Parker
Sub: A crash course in resume writing.

Danger in the Comfort Zone – From Boardroom to Mailroom

By Judith M. Bardwick
Sub: How to break the entitlement habit. People put in “facetime” They show up for work
and think that’s good enough, many even believe that’s good enough.

Defining the Manager's Job

By Max S. Wortman, Jr. & Joann Sperling
Sub: A manual of position descriptions. Organization & design of a program.

Developing Self-Esteem
By Connie Palladino, Ph.D.
Sub: A positive guide for personal success.

Dictionary of Word Origins

By Joseph T. Shipley

Dislocated Workers in Oregon (Magazine)

By Oregon Dept. of Community Colleges and Workforce Development
Sub: Unemployment insurance. Special services. Keeping your home. Help with Bills
Do Compensation Policies Matter?
By Ronald G. Ehrenberg

Dynamic Communication Skills For Women (Notebook)

By Communication Series
Sub: Conquer fears & beliefs that hold you back. Present a polished, professional image.
Make what you say be understood.

Eat to Win
By Robert Haas
Sub: The sports nutrition bible. The secret to achieving peak performance.

The Economic Analysis of UNIONS New Approaches and Evidence

By Barry T. Hirsch & John T. Addison
Sub: Union goals. Monopoly- Competitive & collective Voice Unions. Growth, Bargaining
& Strikes. Effects. Performance. Productivity. Profitability.

Editing your Newsletter

By Mark Beach

Effect of Foremen on Safety in Construction

By Nancy Samelson
Sub: Measuring safety & productivity. Myths & facts about accidents.

Effective Delegation Skills

By Bruce B. Tepper
Sub: Overcoming obstacles. Choosing the right tasks. Delegating the right people

Effective Interviewing (A Guide for Managers)

By John D. Drake
Sub: Problems. Evaluating. Recruiting. Checklists.

Effective Meeting Skills

By Robert B. Maddux
Sub: A practical guide for more productive meetings.

Effective Performance Appraisals (2)

By Robert B. Maddux
Sub: A practical guide for more productive & positive performance appraisals.

Employee Relations Law Journal (Winter 1990/1991)

Sub: International enforcement. Strike replacement legislation. Rulemaking in healthcare
industry. Private sector drug testing. Drug possession. Employment litigation.

Employee’s Guide to Using Independent Contractors

By Tim Stalnaker
Sub: Advantages. Risks. Organization. Classification Issue. Tactics. Strategies.

Exploring Personality Styles

By Michael Dobson
Sub: A guide for better understanding yourself & your colleagues.

Extraviewing Innovative Ways to Hire the Best

By Arthur Bell
Sub: A must have for hiring the best people.

Faster, Easier, Cheaper – A Quick Guide to Secretarial Efficiency (Magazine)

By Susan Shrader
Sub: Organizing. Phone etiquette. Transcribing. Proofreading. Record management.

The Female Advantage – Women’s Ways of Leadership

By Sally Helgesen
Sub: Feminine principles. Diary studies. Leadership.

Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

By William Droms
Sub: All the basics of finance & accounting you need to know.

First Aid and Personal Safety

By American Red Cross
Sub: First Aid

Fit or Fat? A New Way To Health & Fitness

By Covert Bailey
Sub: Diets do not work. Overweight vs. Overfat.

Fitness Through Pleasure

By Porter Shimer
Sub: A guide to superior health for people who like to have a good time.

Flexible Benefits – What’s Best for You? (Pamphlet, Mag.)

By Richard E. Johnson
Sub: Spending habits. Worksheet for income & expenses. Understanding. Types of benefits.

Fundamentals of Employee Benefit Programs

By ERBI (Employee Benefit Research Institute)
Sub: Social security. Health insurance. Retirement planning. IRA’s. 401(k) plans. Childcare.
Education assistance. Health care cost control. Life insurance. Survivor benefits.
Getting Ready to Negotiate
By Roger Fisher/Danny Ertel
Sub: Identify relevant parties. Clarify interests. Probe for underlying interests. Alternative.
Legitimacy. Communication. Relationship.

Getting Things Done (Notebook)

By Kristine C. Brewer
Sub: An achievers guide to time management.

Getting Things Done (Notebook)

By Productivity Series
Sub: Accomplish more in less time. Increase your promotability through a proper delegation.
Add hours of stress free time to each day.

Getting to YES
By Roger Fisher & William Ury
Sub: Negotiating agreement without giving in.

Going the Distance – The Portland Marathon

By Nadine Wooley
Sub: Charts & Maps. Stories & Pictures.

Good Intentions Aside - A Manager's Guide to Resolving Ethical Problems

By Laura L. Nash
Sub: Business ethics. Leadership. Bargaining. Efficiency. Expediency.

Grammatical Man
By Jeremy Campbell
Sub: Information. Entropy. Language & life – Establishing the theory of info and how the
brain puts it all together.

The Gregg Reference Manual (Spiral Notebook)

(Goes with Instructor’s Guide & Comprehensive Worksheets)
By William A. Sabin

The Gregg Reference Manual- Instructor’s Guide

By William Sabin

The Gregg Reference Manual - Compressive Worksheets

By William Sabin

Group Behavior & Situational Leadership (Binder)

By Donald Carew & Eunice Parisi-Carew

Guide to E-Mail & the Internet in the Workplace

By Susan E. Gindin
Sub: The internets effect on the workplace. Workplace law.

Handbook Of Training and Development For The Public Sector

By Wart, Cayer & Cook
Sub: Understanding human resource. Designing effective training & development programs.

Hard Optimism
By Price Pritchett, Ph.D.
Sub: Developing deep strengths for managing uncertainty, opportunity, adversity & change.

Health & Safety Guidelines – For Video Display (Magazine)

By Dept of Consumer & Business Services

Help for Oregon Workers (Pamphlet)

By Oregon Human Resources
Sub: Programs for workers who have lost their jobs because of layoffs or closures.

High-Velocity Culture Change (A Handbook for Managers)

By Price Pritchett & Ron Pound
Sub: Don’t let the existing culture dictate your approach. Focus on the future.

Hiring Winners
By Richard J. Pinsker
Sub: Profile. Interview. Evaluate 1 3-Step Formula for Success.

Hope Health Newsletters (Binder)

By Hope Monthly Newsletters
Sub: Good newsletters about health issues.

How to Be Happier in the Job You Sometimes Can’t Stand

By Ross West
Sub: Ten easy steps to finding immediate satisfaction at work.

How To Conduct Win-Win Performance Appraisals (Notebook)

By Leadership Series
Sub: Create a more positive & productive work environment. Use appraisals to motivate. Get
employees to “buy in” to needed improvements.

How to Develop a Salary Program (Binder)

By Borgman Association
Sub: Development

How to Handle Sexual Harassment Complaints (Pamphlet)

By Susan Webb
Sub: Sexual Harassment

How to Improve Performance Through Appraisal and Coaching

By Donald Kirkpatrick
Sub: Performance. Appraisal. Coaching.

How to Interview and Hire the Right People (Magazine)

By Stephen Carline
Sub: Interviewing

How to Invest $50 - $5,000

By Nancy Dunnan
Sub: The small investor’s step by step dollar by dollar plan for low risk high return investing.

How to Reduce Employee Absenteesim (Binder)

By Joseph W.R. Lawson
Sub: Cure Tardiness and Build Employee Morale.

How to Take the Fog Out of Writing (Little Handbook) (3)

By Robert Gunning & Douglas Mueller
Sub: Writing Effectively.

How to Write an Effective Resume

By Bobbi Linkemer
Sub: How to capture your skills & experience on paper. How to know what employers are
looking for. Model resume’s that really work. Tips on format, style, appearance &

Human Resource Management in Local Government – An Essential Guide

Sub: Planning & paying for work done. Recruiting for a high-performance work force.

HR Executive Special Reports – Employee Privacy Rights & Wrongs (Magazine)

By Philip Dickinson, Atty
Sub: Focused Reports On Critical Legal Issues Facing Human Resource Professionals.

HR Executive Special Reports – How To Avoid The HR Hazards Of Your Electronic Workplace
By Anne H. Williams, Atty
Sub: Legal Issues With Privacy, Piracy, Phones & PC’s.
HR Executive Special Reports - A Legal Guide to Successful Hiring (Magazine)
By Margaret Akers
Sub: Advertising. Application & Interview. Background Checks. Testing. Contract Concerns.

HR Executive Special Reports – Ten Commandments for Avoiding Religious Harassment &
Discrimination Claims
By Anne Williams
Sub: Focused Reports On Critical Legal Issues Facing Human Resource Professionals.

Human Resource Selection

By Robert D. Gatewood/Hubert S. Field
Sub: Training. Recruitment. Development steps. Legal issues. Foundations of measurement
for HR Selection. Job analysis.

By Lee Iacocca
Sub: An Autobiography

Improving Workplace Performance Through Coaching

By Karen Lawson
Sub: Performance

In Search of Excellence
By Thomas J. Peters & Robert Waterman, Jr.
Sub: Lessons from America’s best-run companies. Business management.

Interpersonal Conflict
By Joyce Hocker, William Wilmot
Sub: Assumptions. Limiting perspectives. Importance of goals. Power. Conflict. Tactics &
styles. Assessment. Bargaining negotiation.

Interview Guide (Booklet)

By International Personnel Management Assoc.

It’s OK to Ask’em toWork and Other Essential Maxims for Smart Managers
By Frank McNair
Sub: Vision & planning. Motivation. Expectations. Coaching. Feedback & performance
management. Rewards & consequences. Self management.

Job Finder’s Guide (Pamphlet)

By State of Oregon
Sub: Source for finding a job.
Knock Your Socks Off Answers (2)
By Kristin Anderson & Ron Zemke
Sub: Solving Customer Nightmares. Soothing Nightmare Customers.

Knock’em Dead (1991)

By Martin Yate
Sub: The ultimate job seekers handbook w/great answers to over 200 tough interview

Knock'em Dead (1997)

By Martin Yate
Sub: The ultimate job seekers handbook w/great answers to over 200 tough interview

Leadership and the Quest for Integrity

By Badaracco & Ellsworth
Sub: Philosophies. Dilemmas & integrity of leadership.

Learning To Laugh At Work

By Robert McGraw (Skill Path)
Sub: The power of humor in the workplace.

Les Schwab Pride in Performance – Keep it Going!

By Les Schwab
Sub: An autobiography

Life is an Attitude
By Ron Heagy
Sub: A tragedy turns to triumph. A true story.

Making a Difference (Binder)


Making Change Work for You

By Richard S. Deems
Sub: How to Handle Organizational Change.

Making Sense of Life’s Changes Transitions

By William Bridges
Sub: Strategies for coping w/the difficult, painful & confusing times in your life.

The Management Control Function (2)

By Robert Anthony
Sub: Framework & Strategy- Influence of Corp. Structure & Culture of Mgmt Control
Systems. Programming. Budget Preparation. Reporting & evaluation.

Managers as Leaders (Binder)

By Harvard Business Review - Special Collection

Managers in the Middle (Binder)

By Harvard Business Review - Special Collection

Managing Emotions (Magazine)

By Skillpath Seminars
Sub: Get rid of guilt. Hot buttons. Peace of mind.

Managing Human Assets

By Beer, Spector, Lawrence, Mills & Walton
Sub: Conceptual overview human resource. Employee influence. Reward systems.

Managing Incompetence
By William P. Anthony
Sub: Unmask incompetence. How to work w/people. Avoiding intimidation. Use power w/o
abusing it. Fighting & beating Bureaucracy.

Managing Projects and Programs

By Norman R. Augustine
Sub: Growth. Pitfalls. Risky projects. Audits & capitol projects. Capital risk. Organizing.

Managing with People in Mind (Binder)

By Harvard Business Review - Special Collection

Managing your Safety Manager (Magazine)

By Charles V. Culbertson, CSP
Sub: Safety budget. Hiring a competent safety manager. Working relationships.

Measuring ROI in the Public Sector (IPMA)

By Jack Phillips
Sub: Developing a credible ROI process. Competency development. Tax relief & community
investment. Planning. Policies. Procedures. Programming.

Medical Screening of Workers

By Mark A. Rothstein
Sub: Occupational medicine. Medical assessment. Genetic screening. Occupational safety &
Health Act. Rehabilitation & State Handicap Act. National Labor Relations Act.
Workers Comp & Common Law.

The Mental Athlete

By Kay Portert, Ph.D./Judy Foster
Sub: Identify your negative patterns. Set realistic goals. Learn relaxation. Concentration

Model County Programs

Sub: For managing our counties.

Motivation in the Workplace – Inspiring Your Employees

By Lydia Banks
Sub: Motivation. Inspiration.

A New Attitude
By Productivity Series
Sub: Recognize & Eliminate self-defeating attitudes. Overcome fear of success.

New Strategies for Public Pay – Rethinking Government Compensation Programs

By Howard Risher, Charles H. Fay
Sub: Salary structures. Job classification. Support system. Evaluation. Rewarding skills.
Competency based pay. Executive salary management. Merit pay.

The New Supervisor Skills for Success

By Bruce B. Tepper
Sub: Leadership. Decision making. Managing your time. Communicating praise. criticism &
conflict. Delegating work.

A New Vision for Supervision (Binder)

By Gossard Pyron Associates, Inc.
Sub: Supervision

96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire

By Paul Falcone
Sub: Identify high-performance job candidates. Probe beyond superficial answers. Spot “red
flags” indicating evasions of untruths.

Object-Oriented Technology: A Manager’s Guide

By David A. Taylor
Sub: Software crisis. Data bases. Risks & Benefits. Future of software.

The One-Minute Communicator

By Howard Baker, Jr.
Sub: Tips, techniques & observations. Good effective communication is a learned skill.
The One-Minute Manager (2)
By Blanchard & Johnson
Sub: The quickest way to increase your own prosperity.

1001 Ways to Energize Employees

By Bob Nelson
Sub: Thank God it’s Monday! Empowerment. Self directed teams. Continuous improvement.
Inspiring personal initiative & risk.

1001 Ways to Reward Employees

By Bob Nelson
Sub: Money isn’t everything. Low cost ideas. Proven strategies. Achievement awards.
Contests. Time off. Case studies. Praise.

Oregon Government Standards and Practices Laws (1993) (Magazine) (3)

By Oregon Government
Sub: A Guide for Public Officials.

Organizational Behavior
By James Bowditch & Anthony Buono
Sub: Management. Research process. Motivation. Perception. Communication. Leadership.

Pay for Performance

By National Research Council
Sub: Evaluating. Performance. Appraisal. Merit Pay.

By Tom DeMarco/Timothy Lister
Sub: Productive projects & teams. Managing the human resource. The office environment.
The right people. Growing productive teams. It’s supposed to be fun!

Perestroika for America

By George C. Lodge
Sub: Restructuring business. Government relations for world competitiveness.

Personal Performance Contracts

By Robert Fritz
Sub: The key to job success.

A Place Called Douglas County

By Board of Commissioners
Sub: 1987 – Everything you need to know about Douglas County.

Power and Influence-Beyond Formal Authority

By John P. Kotter
Sub: Changing nature of managerial & professional work. The relational context of work.
Cycle of leadership. Implications.

Powerful Leadership Skills For Women (Notebook)

By Leadership Series
Sub: Deal authoritatively w/difficult people & tough situations. Develop clear, effective
goals & plans. Position yourself firmly on the management team.

Process Mastering
By Ray W. Wilson & Paul Harsin
Sub: How to establish & document the best known way to do a job. Managements role.
Tricks, Traps & Alligators.

Public Policy Toward Labor

By Robert Evans, Jr.
Sub: Public Policy & public interest. Law. Legislative history & theory. Bargaining.
Employer pressure. Union pressure. Individual rights.

Punished by Rewards
By Alfie Kohn
Sub: The trouble with gold stars, Incentive plans, A’s, Praise & other bribes.

Putting Anger To Work For You

By Ruth & Joel Schroeder (Skill Path)
Sub: Dealing with anger. Plan to cope. Reframing. Dealing with anger of others.

Privatization of Government: The Delivery of Public Goods & Services by Private Means
By Marvin Levine
Sub: Types of privatization & effects. Advantages. Disadvantages. Impact on public
employment. Response of organized labor. Legal issues & relevant cases.

Public Sector Compensation

By Howard Risher, Ph.D. & Cary E. Randow, CCP
Sub: An overview of present practices & emerging trends.

Quality Interviewing
By Robert B. Maddux
Sub: Planning. Conducting. Evaluating. Reviewing. Suggestions.

Readings on Compensation
Sub: Federal pay reform. Locality pay. Effects on performance. Merit pay. Gainsharing.
Employee benefits.

Reality-Centered People Management

By Erwin S. Stanton
Sub: Key to Improve Productivity. Behavioral & motivational theories. Recapitulation.

Recognition Refined: Building Self-Esteem at Work

By Roger L. Hale, Rita F. Machling
Sub: Self Esteem

Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting & Orienting New Employees

By Diane Arthur
Sub: Familiarization w/details of a job. Recruitment sources. Preparing for interview.

Relevance Lost
By H. Thomas Johnson, Robert S. Kaplan
Sub: The rise & fall of management accounting.

Relevance Regained
By H. Thomas Johnson, Robert S. Kaplan
Sub: Relevance lost in top-down control. Relevance regained by bottom-up empowerment.

The Resume (Pamphlet)

By State of Oregon
Sub: Advertise your professional qualifications.

The Resume Catalog: 200 Damn Good Examples

By Yana Parker
Sub: The art of resume writing.

Resumes that Knock'em Dead

By Martin John Yate
Sub: Every resume in this book produced a real job.

Risk Management Manual Guide (Binder)

By David Warren
Sub: Personnel. Insurance. Safety. Fire protection. Security. Disaster planning. Contracts.

Risk Management: Practical Ideas & Applications (Magazine)

By Edward W. Siver
Sub: Assets. Income. Liability. Loss Control. Loss Finance.

Saying “No” To Negativity

By Zoie Kaye (Skill Path)
Sub: How to manage negativity in yourself, your boss & your co-workers.

The Secrets of a Dynamic Subordinate (4)

By William Crockett
Sub: A success handbook for managers. Qualities, loyalty, honesty, trust, performance &
personality. Accepting that the boss owns the job.

The Seasons of a Man’s Life

By Daniel Levinson
Sub: From birth to death, everything you need to know about a man’s life.

Self-Directed Work Teams

By Orsburn, Moran, Musselwhite & Zenger
Sub: Increase in productivity & product quality, work more efficiently & compete more

Self-Esteem: The Power To Be Your Best

By 60 Minute Training Series
Sub: Gain confidence & self-assurance by developing high self-esteem.

Service Contracting
Sub: A Local Government Guide. Management issues. Organizing. Planning the bid
document. Scope of work. Evaluation. Negotiating. Preparing. Protests. Monitoring.

Service is Our Business (Binder)

By Colleen Hoss
Sub: Good public relations. Responsibility. Purpose. Communication. Dealing w/difficult

Shaping Corporate Culture (An Employee Handbook)

By Price Pritchett
Sub: The mission critical approach to culture integration and culture change.

The Soul of a New Machine

By Tracy Kidder
Sub: Brings to life not only how computers work & the technology required to devise one,
but also the human drama.

Staffing the Public Service

By Albert P. Maslow
Sub: Expectations. Perspectives. Behavioral science. Legal context. Measurement function.
Staffing system. Assessment standards & methods.

Standards For Law Enforcement Agencies (Binder)

Law Enforcement Accreditation

Staying Well (2)

By Blue Cross & Blue Shield
Sub: Wellness. Nutrition. Physical fitness. Reducing stress. Lifestyle. Staying well.
Step Forward - Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (2)
By Susan Webb
Sub: What you need to Know. History. Understanding. How to handle. FAQ.

Strategy Implementation Structure, Systems & Process

By Galbraith & Kazanjian
Sub: Managerial strategies.

The Stress of Organizational Change (Magazine)

By Price Pritchett & Ron Pound
Sub: Mistakes people make & how to take steps to survive.

Style Guide (Book w/CD)

By Franklin Covey
Sub: Reference book, How to… letters, memo’s resumes, minutes, design, graphics, speech

The Supervisors Handbook (Notebook)

By Leadership Series
Sub: Build a productive, motivated team. Become an efficient, effective leader. Delegate the
right project to the right person.

Take Care of Yourself

By Donald Vickery, James Fries
Sub: A consumers guide to medical care.

Taking Care of Your Child

By Pantell, Fries, Vicery
Sub: A parents guide to medical care.

Task Force on Gender Fairness

By Oregon Supreme Court/Oregon State Bar
Sub: Intersectionality. Judicial administration. Domestic relations cases, criminal law &
juvenile justice, interactions between lawyers. Legal education. Opportunities in the
legal profession.

Techniques of Effective Telephone Communication (Notebook)

By Communication Series
Sub: Build a positive telephone image. Disarm angry callers & make them customers for life.
Make your telephone your most powerful business tool.

Telephone skills form A to Z

By Nancy J. Friedman
Sub: Everything you need to know about telephone etiquette.

The Ten Most Costly Mistakes Mangers Make in Handling Sex Discrimination (Book +
By The Carter Institute
Sub: Denial. Resistance. Labeling. Misunderstanding feminism.

The Three Boxes of Life and How to Get Out of Them

By Richard N. Bolles
Sub: An intro to life & work planning.

There is a Better Way to Manage

By Hugh A. McLean
Sub: Quest for the perfect management system. Set up Achievement motivation.

Tips for Finding the Right Job (pamphlet) (2)

By U.S. Department of Labor

The Triachic Mind

By Robert Sternberg
Sub: Mental self management. Theory of human intelligence. Clinical reasoning.

Video Display Terminal Training & Reference Manual (Pamphlet)

By Douglas County

What Color is Your Parachute? (1977, 1991, & 1998)

By Richard Nelson Bolles
Sub: A practical manual for job hunters & career changers.

What You Should Know About Stress, Diet & Exercise Now
By The Research Institute of America, Inc.
Sub: The Ria Guide to Feeling Good.

Who Moved my Cheese?

By Spencer Johnson, M.D.
Sub: How to deal with change so you can enjoy less stress & more success in your work and
your life.

Winning Hiring Game

By Edward C. Andler
Sub: Smart interviewing & effective reference checking are vital. The Candidates advantage.
Regain control. Legal questions. Handling candidates.
A Woman’s Guide to Personal Finance
Sub: Set Investment Objectives. Build good credit. Build a portfolio. Allocate assets.

Working Well Managing for Health & High Performance

By Marjorie Blanchard & Mark Tager
Sub: People who feel good about themselves produce good results.

You - The Supervisor – Discussion Leader’s Guide (Binder)

By Richard Guyon and Dr. William Jones
Sub: Worker & Supervisor Planning & Scheduling. Interviewing & selecting. Orientation &

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