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1. Fill in the correct form of `to be´.
a. It ___ a donkey. It ___not a horse.
b. It ___ very hot today. It ___ not very comfortable.
c. I ___ Peter. I ___ not Paul.
d. She ___ Miss Lee. She ___ a teacher.
e. He ___ my father. He ___ a doctor. He ___ not a lawyer.
f. You ___ a stranger. You ___ not my friend.
g. We ___ in the same class, but we ___ not on the same team.
2. Complete with a/an
a. ___________ apple e. ___________dog
b. ___________golden watch f. ___________house
c. ___________car g. ___________engineer
d. ___________umbrella h. ___________bird
3. Add the capital letters
my name is anna. i’m fourteen years old. i’m french. My favourite
subject is geography but i’m not good at history. My best friend is
susan. She is 15. She is from poland. She likes history, and she is
excellent at p. e too.

4. Circle the correct Word

a. Is She/She’s Australian?
b. Paul and Steve is/are best Friends
c. Are they/They’re in the football team.
d. We isn’t/aren’t from Ireland.
5. Complete the questions with Who, What, Where or How
a. ________________________’s your favourite sport?
b. ________________________’s Roberta from? Italy
c. ________________________’s your favourite teacher? Miss
d. ___________________ are you? Not bad.
e. ________________________’s the time? It’s half past six.
f. ________________year are you in? Year 7.
g. __________________’s your surname? Smith.
h. __________________old is Mark? Eleven.
6. What’s the time?

a. _____________________________

b. _____________________________

c. _____________________________

d. _____________________________

e. _____________________________
7. Complete with the country or nationality.
a. Marie is from_________________ (French/France)
b. Katherine and Lucy are ______________________
c. Luke is from ______________________(USA/American)
d. Chen is ___________________________(China/Chinese)
e. Miguel is from _______________________________
8. Circle the correct words
a. Tom has got/have got three sisters.
b. Miguel and Maria hasn’t got/have got a cat
c. Tommy has got/have got blue eyes.
d. We has got/hae got 30 cd’s.
9. Write the plural of the following nouns
a. Baby e. Shelv
b. Child f. Watch
c. Box g. Brother
d. Ear h. Foot
i. Fish l. Family
j. Woman m. Scarf
k. Mouse
10.Write about your best friend
a. My Best friend’s name is ……. He’s/She’s ….(age). He’s/She’s
got…. (appearance). He’s good at ………….but
……(subjects/sports). His/Her favourite……. Is (Singer/actor)
He’s/She’s got…. (pet)…
11.Look at John’s family tree and complete

a. Ned is John’s___________________
b. Edward and Wendy are Walter’s______________
c. Kate is Fred’s________________________
d. Diana is July’s __________________
e. Harold is John’s ___________________
f. Walter, Edith, Ned and Dot are the