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Imagine a car that blurs the line between beauty and functionality.
Where style and spaciousness coexist in perfect harmony. Where
there’s room for everything except compromise. We imagined such
a car. And we call it the New ŠKODA Superb.

Sculpted by a new, more emotional, design language, the Superb is

an instant conversation starter. As well as being incredibly
spacious it’s the most comfortable way to stretch not just your
legs but your ambitions too – perfect for family and business alike.
And being a ŠKODA, this car showcases our finest Simply Clever
thinking, like the virtual pedal for hands-free access to the luggage

This car represents 120 years of forward-thinking, a commitment

to making cars that are as much a joy to drive now as they were
back when we started.  Because instead of looking back on our
eventful history, we use it as an inspiration to look ahead.

That’s Simply Clever. That’s ŠKODA.

Chief Designer Jozef Kabaň on the origins of the Superb’s new emotive
design language, and how it balances show-stopping aesthetics with
ŠKODA’s functional principles.

“Being our flagship, the Superb is a trailblazer for the future of our
company. So we dug deep into our rich heritage, and were inspired by past
ŠKODAs that were design pioneers of their time.

This led to the birth of a new design language of sharp, precise, angular
lines that make the car both dynamic and eloquent at once. But it
wouldn’t be a ŠKODA if it weren’t functional. So we’ve stretched the inner
dimensions to create a remarkably generous and comfortable interior,
along with fitting more Simply Clever features than ever before.

I hope drivers get as much pleasure from driving it as I did designing it.”

The Superb’s design invites you not just to look, but to look closer.
The signature angular contours and sharp dynamic lines reflect
how the beauty of the whole is revealed in its exciting details.
The result is a rousing display of precision and purpose.

The interaction between convex and concave forms on the rear of the car creates a striking interplay of surface light. The perfectly balanced proportions, the large
Speaking of light, the LED technology combined with crystalline elements in the distinctive C-shaped rear lights further glass areas and the headlamps sweeping around
adds to the feeling of poised elegance. the sides lend the car’s profile an extraordinary
visual presence and emotional appeal.
The imposing lines of the bonnet are complemented by the
profiled contours of the headlamps and the equally crisp front fog
lamps - their design paying homage to Czech glass-making.

The Superb will open up new vistas with the electronically-adjustable panoramic sunroof, which will expand the feeling of space.

The sleek sharp contours of the external side-view mirrors with integrated indicators The style quotient of the car is underlined by the decorative door-sill strips with
whip up a sporty look, while the large mirror ensures total functionality. the Superb inscription. A clear nod to the car’s overall blend of form and function.
Lights can inspire as much as they can illuminate. Borrowing from Czech crystal
glass-making heritage, the lights of the new Superb are the most magnificent eyes
ever to have lit up the road.

The intricately-detailed headlights draw inspiration Crystalline elements also appear in the ‘inactive’ area of the
from and celebrate the renowned Bohemian integrated taillights. And the reverse and flasher lamps, plus
glass-cutting skills. the LED part of the fog lights, are hidden behind ‘gems’, making
the Superb’s lighting signature even more distinctive.

The Bi-Xenon headlamps include decorative cut

crystal high beam lamps. Illuminated ‘eyelashes’
also feature in the high-spec headlamps.


If you thought the exteriors were impressive, wait until you step inside. Leather seats of the most exquisite quality
await you. And more legroom than your legs could ever wish for. In fact, just getting comfortable in the new Superb is a
journey in itself.

Make your space more cosy and comfortable with soft, harmonious ambient lights that run along
the inside of the car, setting the perfect mood for any journey.

Warm white ambient lighting Green ambient lighting Blue ambient lighting
There’s a place for everything, even in your car. The new Superb features a multitude of
compartments, pockets and holders, keeping your elegant interior tidy, and your belongings
safe from loss, breakage or spillage.

The rear seat centre armrest is integrated with

twin cup holders and storage

The spacious Jumbo Box storage compartment is housed in the front This angled foot rest at the rear attached to the textile
armrest. You can store your electronic items safely inside or cool it to floor mats makes long trips even more comfortable.
keep your snacks fresh. A dual drinks holder can also be found on the
centre console. The "Easy Open" bottle holder has an anti-slip design
which allows the driver to open the bottle with just one hand.

The storage compartment in the dashboard on the front passenger

side can also be cooled, when the air conditioning is on.
With a capacity of 625 litres, stretched to 1,760 litres with the rear seat backrests
folded down, the new Superb is at the top of its class in space. But maximising space
is nothing without maximising practicality. That’s why we added Simply Clever
solutions that make handling luggage even easier.

Foldable hooks, located on the sides

of the luggage compartment, make
shopping items easier to transport
and more secure.

How do you open the luggage compartment when your hands

aren’t free? Just swipe your foot underneath and it will open,
magically. The virtual pedal enables contact-free access and is
The electrically-controlled 5th door opens and closes automatically available exclusively with the electrically-controlled 5th door and
without you having to touch it – especially handy in unfavourable weather. KESSY (Keyless Entry, Start and exit System).
You may also adjust the upper door position to suit your needs.

You can communicate, work or entertain yourself with ease on board the new Superb.

The radio with a 6.5" colour touchscreen display features AM and FM

tuners, USB/Aux-in connection, Apple connectivity, SD card slot and
Bluetooth. It comes with SmartLink system as standard. Perfect sound
quality is guaranteed by four front and four rear speakers.

With the SmartLink system (ŠKODA Connectivity bundle supporting

MirrorLink®, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) the radio enables the
driver to safely use the phone while driving. All installed applications
that are certified as safe for vehicles are compatible with
MirrorLink®, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.*

The Canton Sound System offered on the

Laurin & Klement version has twelve speakers,
including a central speaker and a subwoofer
in the luggage compartment.

*Visit our website for usage terms and compatibility information for SmartLink.
If the design of the Superb teased you from the outside, a closer look under the bonnet
will set your pulse racing. The new generation of engines offers outstanding comfort
without compromising on performance or the environment. With an assortment of
engines to choose from, there’s one just right for you.

Depending on the engine version, the car can

be equipped with either an automatic 6-speed or
7-speed DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox).

The new generation 1.8 TSI petrol engine packs an impressive 132kW punch, and is significantly lighter than its predecessor.
The 2.0 TDI diesel engine yields 130kW of pure performance, with no compromise on fuel consumption.

Loaded with thoughtful features, the new Superb will indulge you in absolute
comfort, whether it’s staying relaxed during the longest journey or being
entertained on-the-go.

With 3-zone Climatronic air-conditioning, which

is available in the Laurin & Klement variant, you
can set different temperatures for the driver,
front and rear passengers. It’s also fitted with
a humidity sensor, which reduces windscreen

The KESSY (Keyless Entry, Start and Exit

System) enables keyless starting and
switching off of the engine through a
Start/Stop button on the steering column.
The multifunctional steering wheel wrapped in leather and adorned with chrome elements
puts sheer driving pleasure at your fingertips. The 3-spoke steering wheel has controls
for radio, phone and gear shifts.

Image for representation purposes only.

External side-view mirrors retract automatically
once you lock the car, which you’ll especially
appreciate when parking on packed city streets.
The mirrors also feature automatic dimming
and memory functions.

The electronically-adjustable driver seat with

built-in memory can store three different seat
positions and external side-view mirrors.
The Boarding Spots, designed to illuminate the entry area, are located on the
external side-view mirrors and on the underside of the front and rear doors. It
helps you, for example, to avoid puddles in the dark.

The new Superb puts a host of assistant systems
at your service, offering unmatched convenience
and safety in unforeseen situations.

The Multi-Collision Brake system makes use of the Electronic Stability Control
(ESC). If the driver's or front passenger's airbag is activated, the system starts
braking to prevent further uncontrolled movement of the vehicle and thus
reduce the likelihood of further collisions.

The Superb is fitted, as standard, with an electro-mechanical parking brake,

which has replaced the original mechanical handbrake.

The headlamps include the AFS (Adaptive Frontlight System) function for optimum
illumination of the road and its surroundings. As the geometry of the low beam is Enjoy easier parking with the rear-view camera located on the
variable, the headlamps are able to respond to speed changes, as well as to various handle of the 5 th door. It monitors the space behind the car and
light and weather conditions (fog, rain). The available modes include City, Inter-city, indicates the driving lanes, based on the vehicle width.
Motorway and, as a special mode, Rain. The AFS system includes headlamp swivelling
and cornering functions (both low and high beams) and dynamic headlamp inclination

Image for representation purposes only.

While we don’t recommend leaving anything to chance, you may certainly rely on the new Superb. In potentially
dangerous situations, where the driver cannot actively influence the outcome, the car’s passive safety elements
take over. Like the airbags. Your car is equipped with eight airbags for all round protection.

While the driver airbag is enclosed in the steering wheel, the passenger airbag is located in the dashboard. The front and rear side
airbags protect the pelvis and chest of the driver and other passengers in the event of a side collision. Upon activation, head
airbags create a wall, which protects the front and rear occupants against head injury.

Image for representation purposes only.
The Laurin & Klement equipment version represents a perfect combination of high-class
and high-tech. It is the epitome of beauty, originality, safety and maximum comfort.

The 3-spoke multifunctional leather steering wheel with chrome elements allows you to
control the radio and telephone. The gear knob carries the Laurin & Klement logo. The
standard equipment also includes the radio with SmartLink, Canton Sound System,
The exclusive interior comes in an elegant Stone Beige perforated leather with ambient interior lighting and plenty more such features.
Piano Black décor. The front seats are electrically adjustable and the driver’s
seat is also equipped with memory function.
The original Laurin & Klement badge on both front mudguards is
a reminder of the founders of our company, over a century ago, in
Mladá Boleslav.

The Laurin & Klement logo embossed in the leather

seat backrests is another stamp of exclusivity.

With the Boss Button, the front passenger

seat position can be electrically controlled
from the rear seat for your added
convenience and comfort.

An ornate Laurin & Klement motif further enhances the lavish look You can find door sill strips in the front as well as rear. In the front
of the Piano Black Décor on the dashboard. they feature the original Laurin & Klement inscription




Candy White Magnetic Brown Metallic

Black Magic Pearl Effect Business Grey Metallic

Your new Superb will share and support your lifestyle. Thanks to thoughtful ŠKODA Genuine Accessories you
can customise your car according to your needs and deeds.

USB Connection Cable - Waste Bin Front Mud Flaps

Apple/Mini/Micro USB

Rear Bumper Protective Foil Double Sided Boot Mat (Textile/Plastic)

Rear Boot Netting System Smart Holder- Multimedia Holder (Head Rest With Adaptor & Arm Rest)

Rubber Mat Over Tunnel Rubber Mat (Front & Rear) Universal Fixing Element


DESIGN Braking
Wheels HHC (Hill Hold Control)  

Alloy wheels 17inch, Helios 

- ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)  

Alloy wheels 17inch, Stratos - 

EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution)  

Exterior Chrome Package MBA (Mechanical Brake Assistant)  

Chrome surround for radiator grille  

HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assistant)  

Chrome trim around lower air dam in front bumper  

MKB (Multi collision brake)  

Chrome side window frames  

Prefill (hydraulic braking system readiness)  

Interior Chrome Package Electromechanical parking brake (rear axle) with Auto Hold  

Function (both front and rear axle)

Chrome front and rear door sill trims with 'Superb' inscription 
Chrome front and rear door sill trims with 'Laurin & Klement' - 

inscription ASR (Anti Slip Regulation)  

Chrome frame on air conditioning vents, radio, air conditioning  

EDS (Electronic Differential Lock)  

controls, gear-shift console, headlight switch, and information

TCS (Traction Control System)  
display screen on rear centre console
Chrome interior door handles  

ESC (Electronic Stability Control)  

Chrome ring on instrument cluster dials  

Park Distance Control

Chrome trim on steering wheel  

Parktronic sensors at front and rear  

Interior Décor
Parktronic speaker at front and rear  
Dark Brushed décor 
Rear view camera with display on central infotainment system  
Piano Black décor with ambient lighting and 'Laurin & Klement' - 

inscription Airbags
Leather Dual front airbags  

Stone Beige leather upholstery 

- Side airbags at front  

Stone Beige perforated leather upholstery with 'Laurin & Klement' - 

Side airbags at rear  

Curtain airbags at front and rear  

Colour Coding
Occupant Restraint
Body Color - Bumpers, external mirrors, door handles  
Active front head restraints  

Occupant detection system for front passenger seat  

SAFETY with seatbelt warning light
Driver seatbelt warning light  

Bi-Xenon headlights with decorative cut crystal elements  

Height-adjustable three-point seatbelts at front  
including illuminated "eyelashes"
Three three-point seatbelts at rear  
AFS (Adaptive Frontlight System) with automatic headlight levelling  

and curve light assistant Height adjustable head restraints at front  

Retractable headlight washers  

Three height adjustable head restraints at rear  

Front fog lights with corner function  

Two Isofix child-seat preparations on outer rear seats  

LED Daytime Running Lights  

Undercarriage Protection
LED taillights with crystalline elements  
Underbody protective cover  

Warning indicators on front door  

Rough road package  

Warning indicators on rear doors - 

Rear fog light  
Acoustic warning signal for overrun speed  

Visibility Fuel supply cut-off in a crash  

Automatically dimming interior and external rear view mirror  

Pedestrian protection  

External mirror defogger with timer  

Door-open indicator  

Rear windscreen defogger with timer  

Dual-tone warning horn  

Child-proof rear window and door locking  


Driver Assist - Fatigue Detection - 

SD/MMC data card reader  

High level third brake LED light  

Tyre Pressure
Emergency triangle in the luggage compartment  
TPM (Tyre Pressure Monitoring) - 

Climate Control
SECURITY Climatronic - automatic air conditioning with electronic  

regulation of cabin temperature

Electronic Theft Deterrence
3-Zone Climatronic - temperature control on rear centre console - 
Anti-theft alarm with interior motion sensors and tilt sensor  

Anti-theft alarm with backup power source   Dual-zone Climatronic 

Adjustable rear air conditioning vents  
Engine immobiliser with floating code system  

Rear air conditioning vents under front seats  

Security code for central infotainment system  

Automatic air circulation, including AQS (Air Quality Sensor)  

Remote Operation
Odour filter and pollen filter  

Remote control with key, two  

Air conditioned front seats - 

Remote control locking and unlocking of doors and boot lid  

Remote control opening and closing of windows  

Stone beige leather seat upholstery 

Remote control opening and closing of boot lid - 

Stone beige perforated leather seat upholstery - 

Remote control closing of door mirrors  

Leather wrapped steering wheel  

Remote control closing of electric sunroof  

Leather wrapped gear-shift selector  

KESSY - Keyless Entry, Start and exit System with  

engine start/stop button Rear Screens

More Roll-up sun visors for rear windows  

Central locking controls on on the front centre console   Roll-up sun visors for rear windscreen  

COMFORT 2 ŠKODA umbrellas with one-touch operation  

Sunroof Footrest
Panoramic Electric sunroof with bounce-back system   Textile floor mats with Lounge Step  

Seats External Mirrors

12-way electrically adjustable driver seat   Electrically adjustable, heated and foldable external mirrors  

12-way electrically adjustable front passenger seat -  Auto dimming external mirrors  

Driver seat with three programmable memory functions   Three programmable memory settings  

Expanded shoulder support for front seats   Auto-tilt on reverse gear selection  

Height adjustment for driver and front passenger seat   Windows

Electric adjustment lumbar support for driver seat   Front and rear electrically adjustable windows  

Electric adjustment lumbar support for front passenger seat -  One-touch operation  

Height adjustable front centre armrest   Bounce-back system  

Rear seat centre armrest  

Entertainment CONVENIENCE
ŠKODA audio player with touchscreen controls   Virtual Boot Lid Release Pedal - 

6.5 LCD TFT colour display   Electrically controlled opening and closing of 5th door - 

Eight speakers 
- Telephone Pre-Installation
Canton Sound System - 12 speakers (610 W) -  GSM telephone preparation with Bluetooth®  

Audio controls on steering wheel   Telephone controls on multi-function steering wheel  

SmartLink - smartphone mirroring of certified functions/   Bluetooth® audio streaming  

applications on Infotainment display Simultaneous operation of Hands Free Profile (HFP)  

AUX-IN / USB / iPod connectivity   and Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
Voice command control  

Gear-shift Operation Two foldable hooks in luggage compartment  

Gear-shift controls on steering wheel (for automatic transmission)  

Six load anchoring points in luggage compartment  

Information Display Rear seat centre armrest with through-loading  

Central infotainment system   60:40 split and completely folding rear seat backrest  

MaxiDOT – multi function display (MFD) of Travelling time, 

- Passenger Compartment
Immediate consumption, Average consumption,
Storage compartment under the front passenger seat  
Travel distance before refuelling, Distance travelled,
Average speed, Speed, Warning speed Front glovebox with cooling and illumination  

Color MaxiDOT Board computer - 

Jumbo box – storage compartment under  

Gear change indicator (for manual transmission)   front centre armrest with tablet holder, illumination and cooling
Personal Comfort Settings Rear centre armrest with storage compartment  

Electronic setup for MFD, Convenience, Lights and vision, Storage compartments in the front and rear doors  

Time, Winter tyres, Language, Units, Assistant, Easy opening bottle holder in front centre console  
Alternate speed display, Tourist light, Service interval  

Cup holder front with lamella cover  

Boss Button - 

Cup holder rear, foldable with adjustable grips  

Electronic Driving Aid
Storage compartment under steering wheel with card holder  
Cruise control  

Storage compartments in the front and rear centre console  

Automatic front wiper system with rain sensor  

Net storage on passenger side of front centre console  

Drive Mode Select - 

Storage pockets on backrests of front seats  

Exterior Illumination More

Light Assistant – coming home and leaving home lights  
Coat hook on rear roof handles  

Boarding spot lamps  

Ticket holder on A pillar  

Interior Illumination Retaining strip on front sun visors  

Colour programmable interior ambient lighting - 

Removable rear parcel shelf  

Diffused footwell lighting  

Reading spot lamps at the front and rear  

Automatic illumination of vanity mirrors  

Illumination of cabin storage spaces including front glovebox,  

compartment in centre console and Jumbo box under

front centre armrest
Illumination of luggage compartment with two boot lamps  

Electrical Power Outlets

Two 12V power sockets in centre console (front and rear)  

12V power socket in luggage compartment  

Two foldable roof handles, at front and rear  

Lights-on acoustic signal  

Rear mud flaps  

Umbrella Holder
Wet case in both front doors for ŠKODA umbrella (2 units)  

Luggage Compartment
625 litres luggage compartment space  

1760 litres of total luggage space with rear seatbacks folded   

Standard equipment
Storage compartments with cover in luggage compartment   - Not available

Engine TSI TSI (A) TDI CR (A)

Turbocharged diesel engine, turbocharger with self-aligning
Engine type Turbocharged petrol engine, in-line, liquid cooling system, blades, in-line, liquid cooling system, high-pressure direct
direct injection, 16V DOHC, transverse in front injection system, 16V DOHC, transverse in front
Cylinders 4 4
Displacement [cm3] 1798 1968
Max. power/revs [kW(PS) at rpm] 132(180)/4000-6200 132(180)/5100-6200 130(177)/3600-4000
Max. torque/revs [Nm at rpm] 320/1450-3900 250/1250-5000 350/1500–3500
Fuel consumption - rule 115 of CMVR [kmpl]* 14.12 14.67 18.19
Wheel drive Front wheel drive

Manual 6-speed Automatic 7-speed, DSG, with Automatic 6-speed, DSG, with
fully synchronized Tiptronic manual gear changing Tiptronic manual gear changing

Front axle McPherson suspension with lower triangular links and torsion stabilizer
Rear axle Multi-element axle, with one longitudinal and three transverse links, with torsion stabilizer
Braking system Hydraulic dual-diagonal circuit braking system vacuum assisted with Dual Rate system
Brake – front Disc brakes with inner cooling, with single/piston floating caliper
Brake – rear Disc brakes
Steering system Direct rack and pinion steering with electro mechanic power steering
Wheels 6.5Jx17" (Style), 7J×17" (L&K)
Tyres 215/55 R17
Length [mm] 4861
Width [mm] 1864
Height [mm] 1483
Wheel base [mm] 2841
Ground clearance [mm] 164 149
Storage capacity [l] 625
Storage capacity with rear seatback folded down [l] 1760
Kerb weight [kg] 1494 1540 1565
Gross weight [kg] 2010 2030 2060
Tank capacity [l] 66
Turning circle diameter [m] 11.1
*As per ARAI


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Specifications given differ from model to model. Accessories shown may not be part of standard equipment. Always insist on genuine ŠKODA Auto parts and accessories available at authorised sales and service centres nationwide. The information relating
to colours, prices, construction, technical details and equipment was valid at the time of issuance and these are subject to changes without any prior notice. For latest information please contact your nearest authorised ŠKODA dealer. All disputes are
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