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Date: January 11, 2018

To: Br. Rey Allan B. Balderosa, Sc

By: Mario M. Bello, Jr.
Re: Reflection Paper 2-The Possible Rewards of Doing What is Right Old and New
Testaments Perspectives on Ethics

1. What was his ethical challenge?

The ethical challenge of Noah is whether or not to compromise with the practices of
the corrupt world he was living in. During his time, the people of the world had turned away
from God and did as they please. This has made the people immoral and had caused God to
turn away His face on them. In circumstances such as this, it is really very hard to live a life
pleasing to God because it means that you will go against where many are heading to.

2. What was his ethical action?

Noah maintained His faith and did as what God had commanded. This is certainly
very inconvenient on the part of Noah because being different will always entail criticisms,
mockery and sometimes assault to one’s person. However, as the Scripture told, Noah was
able to maintain His belief in God, obey God’s commandments and live a life according to
God’s standard though far different from others around him. He kept himself focused on the
will and promises of God, he lived a righteous life, and led his family to do the same.

3. What was his temptation?

His temptation was to doubt God’s promise. God promised Noah something that is
far beyond human comprehension. The circumstances around him back then are not
confirming with what God told him. This was coupled by the pressure he had been receiving
from the people in his community. It was much easier back then to let go of God’s promises
and conform to the patterns of his world.

4. What was the cost of his doing what was right?

By doing what was right, Noah was alienated from his community. He was
considered oddly different. The problem with being considered different is that it is always
coupled with discrimination, false judgment against your acts and sometimes assault to one’s

5. What was the reward of doing what was right?

His right attitude towards God and His promises led to the salvation of humanity.
This part of the Bible shows how God was deeply disappointed of how his creation rebelled
against him. This was a direct contempt to God and he needs no approval nor is God liable
to anyone of whatever judgment he gives humanity. The act of Noah however pleased God.
Noah was able to show God that humanity has hope and it allowed God to reconsider his
decision. He gave Noah the mechanism to give humanity and all living creatures the
opportunity to live and start over again.

In the latter part of Noah’s story, the Lord also made a covenant with Noah and the
humanity that what had happened will never be repeated. And this is all due to one man’s
act of obedience.