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Thailand: Detergent in 2010: Highlighting innovation, >6% growth forecast (Cleaning Co...

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Thailand: Detergent in 2010: Highlighting

innovation, >6% growth forecast
Cleaning Compound market in Thailand

Industry news Financial Times Jan 21, 2010

Section: Business News - Due to the fact that the Thai detergent market
has become saturated amid complicated and continuous changes in
consumer behavior, producers have to adjust their strategies, by inventing
new innovations based on environmentally-friendly technologies to
differentiate their products from rivals. In 2010, it is expected that the Thai
detergent market will see more intense competition in continuation from
2009 when a market value of THB13 billion was achieved, growing 6-7
«Amazing database of market
Kasikorn Research Center (KResearch) expects that Thai detergent research reports and industry
products in 2010 will have a market value of around THB14 billion on news, I can't work without it
continuous growth of at least 6 percent. Because this product category is in
the government's price control list, producers will have to avoid price anymore»
Vincent B. VP Marketing
competition and attempt to highlight their products in other ways, such as Leading soda company
highlighting innovation. Although there are many detergent formulas
available in the market, basic formulas are the most common which have
been used as a substitute for other special formulas. Hence, price
competition tends not to bear fruit. Innovation, as it seems, could be a
factor that might be used to help expand turnover.
In addition, due to AFTA and ACFTA pacts that became effective January
1, increased opportunities now exist for our cleaning product and surfactant
market expansion. It is expected that the trade value of this category within
ASEAN will account for more than 50 percent of our entire trade value in
cleaning products and surfactants. In addition, it is expected that they will
see continuous growth. In 2010, the export value to the ASEAN market will
likely grow over 30 percent (versus the 30.6 percent growth YoY in 2009).
Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are urged to adjust innovations, make
production planning, improve raw material and packaging management, as
well as updated marketing strategies and logistics to maintain their market
shares. They should increase marketing channels by introducing new
products, researching changing consumer behavior and regulations,
standardizing product quality as well as studying the different tariff
collections and regulations of each importing country for the most
appropriate production and marketing plans.
(Kasikorn Research Center: 20 January 2010)

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Thailand: Detergent in 2010: Highlighting innovation, >6% growth forecast (Cleaning Co... Page 2 of 3

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