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Welcome to Science WARS!

Evolution, has brung us along

Chemistry-Bio-Physics- All the other fields out there are so All species singing one song
Mathematical basic

But which field is best? Yeah, I’m the central science

Keep your eye on me

PHYSICS: I’ll get you charged

If you want to learn about the world I
must say

I understand the force and energy If you need me, call me up on I am the purest field of study you can
Quantum mechanics and relativity Avogadro's Number
Immune to misinterpretation
My field is pure and they rely on me If you leave me, take a titrant
The blueprint of creation
I see the universe like nobody Shove it up your acid buffer
The backbone of all things science

You may have made fun of me in high Dopamine and serotonin

school No bias, just constant augmentation
Will keep you good and happy
For being awkward and following the In your mind, and observation
So get your flask and your glass all
set up No gadgets, just your logic and your
Now I’ve got laser (WOW, That’s time
And begin to understand the world!
really cool)

May the mass times acceleration be

you BIO:

Atoms-Entropy-Dark Matter- Within me you’ll find life’s beauty
String Theory
In genetics and ecology
Together we will find the answers to
Symbiosis and not division
Unless it’s mitosis or the study of
With physics-bio-chemistry-and
If you want to feel a bond
We can...SCIENCE!
Then I can give you a good reaction Even if you don’t pass, at least you’ll
enjoy my class!
The elements that make up life

Are my essence, are my satisfaction