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4.6 List of Instructions

A list of pages with description of each instruction is shown below. They are listed in the order of presumed usage
(1) Instructions related to movement control
Command Explanation

Page 154, "MOV(Move)" Joint interpolation

Page 160, "MVS(Move S)" Linear interpolation

Page 157, "MVR(Move R)" Circular interpolation

Page 158, "MVR2(Move R2)" Circular interpolation 2

Page 159, "MVR3(Move R 3)" Circular interpolation 3

Page 156, "MVC(Move C)" Circular interpolation

Page 155, "MVA(Move Arch)" Arch motion interpolation

Page 167, "OVRD(Override)" Overall speed specification

Page 179, "SPD(Speed)" Speed specification during linear or circular interpolation movement

Page 150, "JOVRD(J Override)" Speed specification during joint interpolation movement

Page 124, "CNT (Continuous)" Continuous path mode specification

Page 110, "ACCEL (Accelerate)" Acceleration/deceleration rate specification

Page 116, "CMP JNT(Comp Joint) " Specification of compliance in the JOINT coordinate system

Page 118, "CMP POS(Composition Posture)" Specification of compliance in the XYZ coordinate system

Page 120, "CMP TOOL(Composition Tool)" Specification of compliance in the TOOL coordinate system

Page 122, "CMP OFF(Composition OFF)" Compliance setting invalid

Page 123, "CMPG(Composition Gain)" Compliance gain specification

Page 162, "OADL(Optimal Acceleration)" Optimum acceleration/deceleration rate specification

Page 153, "LOADSET(Load Set)" Hand's optional condition specification

Page 169, "PREC(Precision)" High accuracy mode specification

Page 181, "TORQ(Torque)" Torque specification of each axis

Page 151, "JRC(Joint Roll Change)" Enables multiple rotation of the tip axis

Page 140, "FINE(Fine)" Robot's positioning range specification

Page 177, "SERVO(Servo)" Servo motor power ON/OFF

Page 184, "WTH(With)" Addition instruction of movement instruction

Page 185, "WTHIF(With If)" Additional conditional instruction of movement instruction

(2) Instructions related to program control

Command Explanation

Page 175, "RELM(Release Mechanism)" Comment(')

Page 148, "IF…THEN…ELSE…ENDIF(If Then Else)" Conditional branching

Page 176, "SELECT CASE" Enables multiple branching

Page 145, "GOTO(Go To)" Jump

Page 144, "GOSUB (RETURN) (Go Subroutine)" Subroutine jump

Page 173, "RESET ERR(Reset Error)" Resets an error (use of default is not allowed)

Page 113, "CALLP(Call P)" Program call

Page 142, "FPRM(FPRM) " Program call argument definition

Page 137, "DLY(Delay)" Timer

Page 146, "HLT(Halt)" Suspends a program

List of Instructions 4-105


Command Explanation

Page 139, "END(End)" End a program

Page 164, "ON… GOSUB(ON Go Subroutine)" Subroutine jump according to the value

Page 165, "ON…GOTO(On Go To)" Jump according to the value

Page 141, "FOR - NEXT (For-next)" Repeat

Page 183, "WHILE-WEND(While End)" Conditional repeat

Page 166, "OPEN(Open)" Opens a file or communication line

Page 170, "PRINT(Print)" Outputs data

Page 149, "INPUT(Input)" Inputs data

Page 114, "CLOSE(Close)" Closes a file or communication line

Page 125, "COM ON/COM OFF/COM STOP(Communication ON/OFF/STOP)" Enables, disables or pauses communication interrupt

Page 163, "ON COM GOSUB(ON Communication Go Subroutine)" Communication interrupt subroutine jump

Page 147, "HOPEN / HCLOSE(Hand Open/Hand Close)" Hand's open/close

Page 138, "ERROR(error)" User error

Page 178, "SKIP(Skip)" Skip while moving

Page 182, "WAIT(Wait)" Waiting for conditions

Page 115, "CLR(Clear)" Signal clear

(3) Definition instructions

Command Explanation
Page 136, "DIM(Dim)" Array variable declaration
Page 130, "DEF PLT(Define pallet)" Pallet declaration
Page 168, "PLT(Pallet)" Pallet position calculation
Page 126, "DEF ACT(Define act)" Interrupt definition
Page 111, "ACT(Act)" Starts or ends interrupt monitoring
Page 133, "DEF JNT(Define Joint)" Joint type position variable definition
Page 134, "DEF POS(Define Position)" XYZ type position variable definition
Page 131, "DEF INTE/DEF FLOAT/DEF DOUBLE (Define Integer/ Integer or real number variable definition
Page 135, "DEF CHAR(Define Character)" Character variable definition
Page 132, "DEF IO(Define IO)" Signal variable definition
Page 129, "DEF FN(Define function)" User function definition
Page 180, "TOOL(Tool)" Hand length setting
Page 112, "BASE(Base)" Robot base position setting

(4) Multi-task related

Command Explanation
Page 187, "XLOAD(X Load)" Loads a program to another task slot
Page 189, "XRUN (X Run)" Execute the program in another task slot
Page 190, "XSTP(X Stop)" Stop the program in another task slot
Page 188, "XRST(X Reset)" Resets the program in another task slot being suspended
Page 186, "XCLR(X Clear)" Cancels the loading of the program from the specified task slot
Page 189, "XRUN (X Run)" Obtains mechanical control right
Page 189, "XRUN (X Run)" Releases mechanical control right
Page 171, "PRIORITY(Priority)" Changes the task slot priority
Page 175, "RELM(Release Mechanism)" Resets an error (use of default is not allowed)

4-106 List of Instructions