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Visa to Thailand can be applied at the Embassy

Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. — 12.30 a.m. Applicant must apply for visa in person or through reliable agent and
applicant may be required to be interviewed if necessary by consular officer.

2. Application form must be accompanied by: -

2.1 Two 4.5 c.m x 3.5 c.m. photographs (taken within 6 months)
2.2 Passport of at least 6 month validity with a page for visa with photocopy (s) of applicant’s details page
including an endorsement page
2.3 Air tickets including out-going ticket from Thailand with photocopy (s)
(not applicable to educational or working purpose)
2.4 Letter from applicant’s company
2.5 Personal financial statement
(i.e: passbook or fixed deposit certificate with photocopies updated last 6 months)
2.6 Document checklist form

2.7 Transit Tourist Non-Immigrant

 Should have
 Interview and  Interview and show
Visa for the country
show relevant relevant documents on
of destination
documents on request.
stamped on
request Letter from applicant’s
passport unless
company to guarantee
there is no Embassy
the purpose of travel.
for visa application
Invitation letter or
in Colombo
correspondence from
company in Thailand
2.8 Other documents which may be requested by the consular officer of the Embassy.

3. To save time in the process of issuing a visa, application and checklist forms may be collected from the Embassy free of
charge every working day from 2.00 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.

4. Visa fee
3.1 Non-Immigrant visa 10,000 Rs.
3.2 Tourist visa 5,900 Rs.
3.3 Transit visa 5,000 Rs.
3.4 Visa fee once paid is not refundable

5. Since 1 February 2016, visa issuance will take 5 working days (after the day of submission). Collection time is
2.00 p.m. – 3.30 p.m. every working day. Receipt must be presented to the Embassy staff by applicant or representative
together with ID card.

6. It is advisable that all visa applicants must possess a minimum amount of money while entering Thailand according to the
type of visa as follows.

1. Transit Visa
Individual: Thai or foreign currency equivalent to 10,000 baht (US$ 350)
Family: Thai or foreign currency equivalent to 20,000 baht (US$ 700)

2. Tourist Visa/Non-Immigrant Visa

Individual: Thai or foreign currency equivalent to 20,000 baht (US$ 700)
Family: Thai or foreign currency equivalent to 40,000 baht (US$ 1,400)

Those who fail to show the required amount of money to the Immigration Officers, if asked, may be refused entry to the country.