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NX9637 Newcastle Business School

Informed Consent Form for research participants COMPLETED EXAMPLE

Research Project Title of Study “Does a Footballer need the same Leadership
Skills to become a Football Team Manager?”

Person(s) conducting the research David Ali Beckham

Programme of study BSc Business and Management


Description of the broad nature of On-line questionnaires will be issued by email to

the research playing staff at Newcastle City Football Club using
a stratified sampling approach to select
participants. 40 questionnaires will be distributed
along with 2 focus group discussions involving a
random selection of 5 participants in each.
Description of the involvement An anonymous questionnaire (quantitative) will be
expected of participants including used to collect information from playing staff
the broad nature of questions to be regarding Leadership skills they feel re required to
answered or events to be be successful. Secondly an interview (qualitative)
observed or activities to be will be held with focus groups to discuss
undertaken, and the expected time Leadership skills.

Description of how the data you All questionnaires will be stored on the University
provide will be securely stored secure server and only used for data analysis.
and/or destroyed upon completion Once the project is completed the questionnaires
of the project. will be deleted. The focus group interviews will be
recorded on a dictation machine (locked away with
the questionnaires) and deleted upon the
completion of the project.

Information obtained in this study, including this consent form, will be kept strictly confidential (i.e.
will not be passed to others) and anonymous (i.e. individuals and organisations will not be
identified unless this is expressly excluded in the details given above).

Data obtained through this research may be reproduced and published in a variety of forms and
for a variety of audiences related to the broad nature of the research detailed above. It will not be
used for purposes other than those outlined above without your permission.
Participation is entirely voluntary and participants may withdraw at any time.
By signing this consent form, you are indicating that you fully understand the above
information and agree to participate in this study on the basis of the above

Participant’s signature Date

Student’s signature Date

Please keep one copy of this form for your own records