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Unit 1
Review(Simple present)

Unit 2
To be (Simple Past)

Unit 3
There to be (Simple Past) / Personal pronouns (review)


Unit 4
Simple Past tense (regular verbs) / What / When / Why

Unit 5
Simple Past tense (irregular verbs)

Unit 6
Simple past tense (irregular verbs) who


Unit 7
Past continuous tense / While

Unit 8
Simple past and past continuous / when / who / what / where / what time

Unit 9
Tag questions


Unit 10
Degrees of comparison: more ... than, the most ..., less ... than, the least ...,
as ... as, not so ... as / which

Unit 11
Degrees of comparison: -er, -est

Unit 12
Some, any / Plural of nouns (review) / verb tenses (review)


Unit 1

I) Read the text 1 and mark T (True) or F(False)(1,0 each)


His name is Michael. He is from England. He is thirty-five years old. He is a doctor. He
is married with Jane. He has green eyes and blond hair. He works in a big hospital. Jane is
thirty-six years old and she is a lawyer. She has blue eyes and blond hair.
They have three children. They were born in Scotland. Mike is eight, Kate is nine and
Jackson is eleven years old. They study at Cambridge school. They are excellent students.

1) Michael is 35 years old ( )

2) The couple has 3 children ( )
3) Michael works in an office ( )
4) Mike is 8 years old ( )
5) Michael’s wife is a doctor ( )
6) Kate is 10 years old ( )
7) Jackson is English ( )
8) They aren’t excellent students ( )

II)Reread the text 1 and answer the questions in Portuguese: (1,0 each)

1) Onde Mike nasceu?

2) Qual é a idade de Michael?
3) Onde eles estudam?
4)Qual é a profissão de Michael?
5)Quais as características físicas de Jane ?

I)Leia o texto abaixo e responda às questões propostas em Português (1,0 each)

My name is Akemi. My mother is an elegant woman .Her name is Keiko. She is from
Tokyo and She is an architect. My brother is Kenji. Kenji is a good student. My father is
Hideo and he is from Japan. He is an electrical engineer. I think he is very intelligent.
My parents are Japanese ,but my brother and I are American. My parents moved from
Japan to the USA 10 years ago.We live in San Francisco.
My grandparents’ house is in Kyoto . They are Midori and Fukui. My father has a big
family .He has four sisters and two brothers.
My mother’s family lives in Tokyo .Her mother is Tomie and her father is Takashi .My
mother is an only child .
GOES, Ana & GONTOW, Cris .In @ction ( Book 5).S.P,FTD,2005 p.33

1) Onde Akemi mora ?

2) Quem é o pai de Akemi ?
3) Quem é a mãe de Akemi ?
4) Qual é a profissão do pai de Akemi ?
5)” She is an architect”.A palavra SHE se refere a(o)
6) Qual é a nacionalidade da mãe de Akemi?

Caetano Veloso

After thirty years, Caetano Veloso is still one of Brazil’s most important musicians. He mixes
rock with the music of the Bahia region. Bahia is a state of Brazil that is strongly influenced by
African culture. Caetano Veloso is an excellent songwriter and poet. He says of his song, “I make my
records like a painter paints his canvas.”
New Interchange 1A – Student’s Book. Jack C. Richards, Jonathan Hull and Susan Proctor.
Cambridge, p. 25.

1)Qual é o ritmo musical mencionado no texto?


2) Onde Caetano nasceu?(Where was Caetano born? )

3)”I make my records like a painter paints his canvas”.A palavra “ I ” se refere a quem?
4)Transcreva do texto as palavras cognatas
5) Transcreva do texto 10 palavras e traduza-as

I) Read the text and answer the questions in Portuguese: (1,0 each)
Her name is Andrea Sachs . She is a journalist. She is twenty-three years old. She lives
with Nate, her boyfriend . He works at a restaurant. They are in love . Andy decides to work
at Runway where she meets Miranda. She is a chief-editor . Miranda is arrogant and
Emily is the first secretary. She learns Andy how to work at the office. Emily wants to
go to Paris with Miranda. She is an apple polisher but Miranda offers the opportunity for
Andy and accepts to go to Paris . Emily has a car accident and she stays in a hospital .
Nigel is a graphic designer. He is intelligent and ambitious. He wants to be a chief-
editor at Runway but Miranda chooses Jacqueline. She is a French journalist .
(Based on the movie The Devil Wears Prada)

1) Qual é a idade de Andrea ?

2) Onde Andy trabalha?
3)Quem é o namorado de Andy?
4) Qual é a profissão de Nigel?
5) Onde Nate trabalha?

1) chooses: escolhe 6) apple polisher: puxa-saco 11)with: com
2) boyfriend: namorado 7)how: como 12)work: trabalhar
3) she:ela 8)accepts: aceita 13)lives: mora
4)wants: quer 9)but: mas 14)leans: aprende
5)go:ir 10)ambitious: ambicioso 15)office: escritório

Unit 2
I) Read the text and answer the questions in Portuguese: (1,0 each)
Monday, November 29th, 2004
Dear Mariana,
I had outstanding moments in the last four nights. I went to Parafolia and it was really
fantastic. It took place at Aldeia Cabana, in Belém, and there were lots of beautiful people, but the
best was to see my favorite artists and bands, you know, Mahrco Monteiro,Timbalada and,
principally, Ivete Sangalo, who I’m crazy about.
I went to block Kalango with some friends from school and my new boyfriend Laércio, yes, I
have broken with Neto, to say the truth, he broke with me. Tânia, who’s my best friend, is fell in love
with Chiclete com Banana, so she went to the block Nana Banana.
Laércio and I took lots of autographs and photos from many of the famous artists. I’m look
forward to show them to you when you come back.
Write soon!

1) Quem escreveu este texto?

2)” It was really fantastic”. A palavra IT se refere a(o)...
3) Qual foi o bloco que Lívia desfilou?
4) Quem é Laércio?
5)”he broke with me”. A palavra HE se refere a(o)
6) Quem é Tânia?
7) Qual a personagem que desfilou no Bloco Nana Banana?



Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii in 1967 ,but she went back to Australia when she
was four years old. Her parents had strong opinions about almost everything. Every day
used to start with physical exercises for Nicole and her younger sister. At meals, the
conversation was usually political .As a girl ,Nicole loved ballet ,and she took classes in dance
and drama .
She was a striking teenager -very tall ,with pale skin and red hair .Soon she was one
of the youngest actresses at Sydney’s Philip Street Theater. She got her first big acting
opportunity as a sixteen-year-old in the Australian television movie Bush Christmas. She
made her first American movie in 1989 .In the same year ,Nicole met Tom Cruise when the
two of them were working in Days of Thumber. They married in 1990.
LETHABY, Carol & MATTE ,Margarita .Skyline 3.Thailand.Macmillan,2001 p.22

I)Read the text above and answer the questions in Portuguese: (1,0 each)
1) Quando Nicole Kidman casou ?
2) Quais as características físicas de Nicole ?
3) Qual é a nacionalidade de Nicole Kidman ?
4) O que é “Bush Christmas” ?Explique
5) Em que ano a família de Nicole Kidman retornou à Austrália ?
6)Transcreva do texto três frases que estão no Simple Past
7) “They married in 1990”. A palavra THEY se refere a(o)_____________________


1) Read the text and answer the questions in Portuguese: (1,0 each)
LOUIS PASTEUR – A French chemist and microbiologist
When Louis Pasteur was nine years old ,he rushed into his house and cried to his
mother , “ Mom ,a mad dog bit my friend Henri, and now a doctor is burning the bites with
hot irons .Poor Henri ! Why is the doctor burning him ? “
“ The doctor is trying to save his life .If your friend catches rabies ,nobody is going to
cure him , “ explained Louis’ s mother .
Henri was already infected with the fatal disease and died some days later .Louis
Pasteur never forgot it and promised to himself , “ I’m going to study a lot , and in the
future I’m going to help people like my friend Henri .”
Louis Pasteur studied chemistry and became one of the most famous scientists in the
world .His discovery that most infectious diseases are caused by germs is one of the most
important in medical history .
These are some of Pasteur’s phenomenal contributions to medicine :
- He established the basic rules of sterilization which minimized hospital infections .
- Pasteur found that rabies was transmitted by viruses .As a result ,he developed
techniques to vaccinate dogs against rabies ,and to treat humans bitten by rabid dogs
- Pasteur developed “ pasteurization” ,a process by which microbes in perishable food
products are destroyed by using heat .
GOES, Ana & GONTOW, Cris .In @ction ( Book 7) .S.P,FTD,2005 p.28

1) O que aconteceu na vida de Louis Pasteur quando ele estava com 9 anos de idade ?
2) Quem era o amigo de Pasteur ?
3) “Nobody is going to cure him ...” A palavra Him se refere a(o)
4) Qual a nacionalidade de Pasteur ?
5) Cite uma das contribuições de Pasteur à medicina ?
6)Transcreva duas frases que estão no Simple Past

1)was: era
2))established: estabeleceu
3)these: estas
4)developed: desenvolveu
5)diseases: doentes

Unit 4


Last Saturday, Vinícius invited his friend Julia to his house. She arrived there at 4 o’clock p.m.
and then they started to watch a movie. Vinícius prepared two sandwiches sand a got a bottle of
orange juice.They were watching Elite Squad with Wagner Moura, André Ramiro and Caio
Junqueira.This movie is very good because it talks about corruption in the Brazilian police.After
the film, Julia talks to his friend about the movie. They discussed about violence, drugs and
By edfran
I) Leia o texto acima e elabore 4 perguntas em Português:(Utilize o seu caderno)

II)Change the text in the Past tense:


David stays in bed until about 10:00 ............................................................

a.m. and then he plays soccer in the ............................................................
morning. ..........................................

He watches films at home in the ............................................................

afternoon. ...............................................

He studies a little bit in the evening. ............................................................


At night he dances at a dance club. ............................................................



Martin Luther King Junior was born on 15 January,1929,in Atlanta, Georgia. His father
was a church minister, and his mother was a teacher. At school he was a very clever
student, and he went to university in 1944,when he was only fifteen He became a Doctor of
Philosophy in1955,and accepted a job as a minister of an Alabama church.
Like all black people in the southern states, Dr. King grew up in a world of
discrimination, segregation and injustice. In the 1950s, many schools were for white children
only. They did not admit black children . Black people could not eat in the same restaurants,
d rink at the same water fountains ,or sit on the same bus seats as white people.
All that began to change in 1956,when Dr. King led the civil rights movement in a
peace boycott of the buses in Montgomery, Alabama .Non –violent protest against racial
discrimination spread all over the USA. There was a lot of resistance from the authorities .The
police arrested Dr. King more than thirty times during the 1950s.
In 1964,aged thirty-five, Dr. King won the Nobel Peace Prize . In the same year,
President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act ,which declared racial discrimination to
be illegal .Then, four years later, while he was visiting Memphis, Tennessee, a gunman shot Dr
King through the head .The nation mourned.
He was only thirty-nine years old when he died, but his achievements were
considerable. In 1986 the government declared a national holiday in his honour. Now, on the
third Monday of every January, the people of the United States officially commemorate the
life and work of this American hero.
WHITNEY, Norman and Others. Dream Team( Book 3).China,Oxford,2002p.25

1) When was he born ?(Quando ele nasceu? )


2) Where was he born ? (Onde ele nasceu?)

3) How old was Dr . King when he died?(Qual era a idade dele quando ele faleceu?)
4) What was King’s mother profession? (Quem era a mãe dele?)
5) How was Martin assassinated ?(Como ele foi assassinado?)
6) How many times was Dr . king arrested ?(Quantas vezes ele foi preso?)
7) How old was King when he graduated in Philosophy ?(Qual era a idade dele Quando ele se
graduou em filosofia?)
8) Where did he die ?(Onde ele morreu?)
9)What happened in 1986 ?(O que aconteceu em 1986?)
10) When did he win the Nobel Peace Prize ?(Quando ele ganhou o prêmio Nobel da Paz?)
11)Selecione 20 palavras do texto e traduza-as no seu caderno

Unit 5
Simple Past Tense

I) GRAMMAR: Many verbs have irregular past simple form. See the examples below:

cut – cut write – wrote buy – bought be – was/were go – went take – took
do – did make – made get – got speak – spoke have – had feel - felt

Negatives: He did not work on his car all day

Oh,Débora and I didn’t go for a drive in the country on Saturday.

INTERROGATIVES: Did Gilson work on his car all day ?

Yes, He did / No, He didn’t

Did Débora and Rosa drive to the lake and had a picnic?
Yes, They did / No, They didn’t

Did you go to the lake yesterday?

Yes, I did / No, I didn’t

1) Read the conversation below and underline the irregular verbs. Then practice the conversation
with a partner.

Gilson: So, what did you do this weekend, Rosa?

Rosa: Oh, Débora and I went for a drive in the country on
Gilson: That sounds nice. Where did you go?
Rosa: We drove to the lake and had a picnic. We had a great time!
How about you? Did you do anything special?
Gilson: Not really. I just worked on my car all day.
Rosa: That old thing! Why don’t you just buy a new one?
Gilson: But then what would I do every weekend?

2)Reread the text 1 and answer the questions:

1) Quais os personagens do texto?

2) Transcreva do texto duas frases que estão no Simple Past(English)
3) “Oh, Débora and I went for a drive in the country on Saturday.” A palavra “ I ”
se refere a qual personagem?
4) Transcreva do texto duas palavras cognatas(Palavras que se assemelham com a Língua
Portuguesa na escrita e têm o mesmo significado na Língua Materna.(English)
5)O que Gilson fez o dia todo?(Portuguese)
6)”Why don’t you buy a new one?” . A palavra sublinhada se refere a(o)_________


I) Choose the correct answer for the questions below:


1 Did the children enjoy themselves?

a. Yes, he did.
b. No, it was very good.
c. Yes, they did.

2 What time did you wake up?

a. I woke up at 5:00.
b. No, I didn’t.
c. Yes,I went to sleep at midnight.

3 Who made the meal?

a. It’s a delicious.
b. No, I didn’t.
c. I made it myself.

4) Did you go to the beach last Saturday?

a. No, she doesn’t.

b. No, I went to my cousin’s house.
c. Yes, he did.


Dear Luiza,

How’s my big sister? I tried to call you on your birthday but you weren’t home.Did Bento take you
out to dinner? Or did you go out with Ezequiel? Mom and Dad sent you a birthday present yesterday.
Guess what! My boyfriend bought me a watch last week. It’s beautiful! We went to Prainha’s for
dinner and the food was delicious. Oh, Luiza, I think he’s the most wonderful guy!
My friend Hellen moved to Maracanã and I miss her a lot. She decided to accept a job in hospital
there. Oh – the Nilson Chaves concert was excellent! He sang “Sabor açai” – my favorite song! Well,
that’s all for now. Happy birthday” Love,

Adapted from Zoom – Student’s Book 3. Simon Brewster and others. Macmillan, p. 89.

1)Que tipo de texto você está lendo?

2) O que o pai de Sandra enviou para a Luiza?
3) Onde Hellen decidiu trabalhar?
4) Com quem Sandra está se comunicando e por quê?
5) “He’s the most wonderful guy”.A palavra HE se refere a(o)__________________

6) Transcreva do texto três frases que estão no simple past

Unit 6
Simple past tense



Belém celebrated with light, colors, sound e magic, at the end of November, in 2004, the
tenth edition of its Parafolia, The Aldeia Cabana, event’s place, was crowded of thousands of carnival
reveler. Sacred Monsters of carnival such as Ivete Sangalo, Bel, Durval, Daniela Mercury e Ricardo
Chaves, among others, drove the carnival revelers to crash themselves dancing along the four nights
of the event.


The first edition of Parafolia took place in 1995, during the summer vacation, in “Mosqueiro”
Island, 60 kilometers far from Belém. In that year participated just the carnival block Brother, pulled
by Mahrco Monteiro over the two nights along the cost from Ariramba to Farol. About two thousand
carnival revelers rocked the première of the event.
“Mosqueiro” Island also hosted Parafolia in 1996, when was registered the greatest number of
people of the event – more than one million. The “baianas” bands Eva, Timbalada, Gerasamba e
Olodum guaranteed the joy leading the carnival blocks “Pirô” and “Kalango”.
In 1997, 1998 and 1999, now in Belém, on 1º de Dezembro Avenue(today João Paulo II
Avenue), the main attractions were the carnival blocks: “A Barca”, led by the bands Cheiro de Amor
and Pimenta Nativa; the block Crocodilo that in 1998 joined Daniela Mercury, Timbalada and É o
Tchan. In 1999, Ivete Sangalo, who was ever in “Mosqueiro” Island in 1996 with Eva Band, made her
debut on solo career. She shared the lead of blocks with Fruta Quente Band during the four nights of
the event.
In 2000, Parafolia changed its stage to the Cultural Space Aldeia Cabana, built exclusively for
serving events of big size. Since then, many carnival blocks came up and joined to the party –
CocoBambu, Cerveja & Cia., Guardachuva, Tucumã, Tchan, Arrumadinho, Kalango Kids and so on;
the brightest stars of the carnival also gave a special brightness and contributed to the event
become the biggest what it is today: the biggest out-of-time carnival of the North and Northeast of
Adapted from Amazon View. Ano VIII, edição 66, pp.25-8.

1) Who: quem
2)To sing: cantar ; p.t . Sang(cantou)
3)Tenth: décima(o)
4)was: foi
5) With: com
6) To Make: fazer p.t.made(fez)

I) Answer the questions.

1) Who sang in the tenth edition of Parafolia?

2) Who was Ivete Sangalo with in “Mosqueiro” Island in 1996?

3) Who led the block A Barca?

4)Who made a debut on solo career?

5) Who came up to the party in 2000?

6)Who gave a special brightness to event?

7) Who become the biggest out-of-time carnival of the North and Northeast of Brazil?

2) Use the past simple forms in the box to complete the description of Lívia’s Saturday.

ate got up was saw were

cost bought went


1 I ________ at 10 o’clock a.m.

2 I ________ breakfast at Tânia’s house.
3 It _______ delicious!
4 Then I ________ to Laércio’s Department Store and I ________ new sunglasses.
5 They ________ very expensive.
6 They _______ R$ 79,90.
7 In the evening I ________ to Parafolia.
8 Oh, yes, I _______ my favorite artists and bands there.

Unit 7
Past continuous tense / While



2) Read the text below and find out why it’s called A Walk through Time.

A Walk Through Time

This is a story that Laura Jean Daniels, from Dearborn, Michigan,
told to the local newspaper in May 1973.

W hile I was walking home from work very old-fashioned clothes, and they were
late one night, I had a very strange naturally in love; I could see the look of love on
experience. I was walking along, the woman’s face.
looking up at the moon and enjoying the Instead of while I was standing there,
evening, when suddenly I looked down, and watching them, a small dog ran through the
everything familiar just vanished! Everything – gate toward me, barking wildly. The man in the
the houses, the automobiles, the lampposts, the garden looked up and called to the dog to stop
garbage bins, and the fences, even the streets – barking. I realized that he couldn’t see me, and
was gone! Even the sidewalk was gone, and yet I could smell the flowers and feel the gate
somehow I was walking down a brick path. beneath my hand – and the dog had obviously
There were no houses on either side of sensed that I was there.
me, just trees and bushes, but several hundred While I was trying to make up my mind
feet before me I could see a thatched-roof what to do, I turned to look back the way I had
cottage. The moon was still high up in the sky, just come, and there was my street again! Even
but now there was a scent of roses and then, I could still feel the garden gate under my
honeysuckle in the air. Obviously, I was a little hand. But when I turned for another look at the
frightened, but I kept walking toward the cottage, it was gone, and I was standing in the
cottage. When I got closer, I noticed a young middle of my own block, just a few doors from
couple sitting in the garden. They were wearing my own home. The cottage, the lovers, and the
small dog were all gone.
In Move Up – Pre-Intermediate – Student’s Book B, Simon Greenall, Macmillan, pp. 32 and 33.

II) GRAMMAR: Past continuous/While

You form the past continuous with was/were + present participle (verb + -ing).
I was walking down a brick path.
They were wearing very old-fashioned clothes.

You use past continuous to talk about something that was in progress at a specific time in the
What were you doing at nine o’clock yesterday morning?
I was going to work.


You can use while + past continuous to talk about something that was in progress at the time
something else happened or interrupted it. You need a comma at the end of the while clause.
While I was standing there, a small dog ran through the gate toward me.

You can also put the while clause at the end of the sentence. You don’t need a comma.
A small dog ran through the gate toward me while I was standing there.
1) Write full answers to these questions:

1 What happened while Laura was walking home one night?

2 What did she see while she was walking along the brick path?
3 What happened while she was watching the young couple?
4 What happened while she was trying to make up her mind what to do?

Unit 8
Simple past and past continuous / when / who / what / where / what time
1) Work in groups of three. Read and practice the conversation below:

I was waiting for the bus

Leno: Did you see what happen, Ana?

Ana: Yes, I did. I was waiting to cross Main Street. The bicycle was turning right, and the car
couldn’t stop. The car caused the accident.
What about you, Fátima? Did you see it?
Leno: Yes, I did. I was standing outside the movie theater. The car was passing the bicycle, but
Fátima: the truck was running very fast. It didn’t slow down. It was the truck’s fault!

2) Work in groups of three. Read and practice this interview:

3) Read the report in the Evening News. There are six factual mistakes. Can you find them?

Coloque uma figura com C. PRESTES AV. ACCIDENT

uma pessoa lendo um Car, truck, cycle damaged. Lamppost
jornal. destroyed.

At 8:30 this morning there was an accident at the corner of Presidente

Getúlio Vargas Av. and Carlos Prestes Av.
There were no serious injuries, but there was a severe damage to a truck,
a car and a bicycle. The car hit a municipal lamppost. Fátima Lima, who
was standing outside the bank, said it was the bicycle’s fault. But Ana
Souza, who was waiting to cross the street, said the truck caused the

4) Rewrite the Evening News report with the correct information.



I)Read and check the correct alternative:

GRAMMAR: Some / Any

Some : Algum ; alguns; algumas: Usado em frases afirmativas.

There is some juice in the pot

There are some books in the library

Any : Algum;alguns;algumas: Usado em frases interrogativas e negativas.

Do you need any sugar ?

There aren`t any books in the basket

Some também é usado na interrogativa, quando se oferece alguma coisa ou se espera uma
resposta positiva.

Would you like some tea ?

Can I have some ice cream, ,Mom ?

IV) Complete the gaps with some or any:

1)Do you have ___________book ?

2) I`m not going to buy __________ bananas today.
3)There wasn`t __________bread for breakfast.
4)Do you need __________help ?
5)Would you like _________biscuits ?


Regular plural
Ball : balls
Apple : apples
Boy: boys
Family: families
Bus: buses
Box: boxes
Church: churches
Tomato: tomatoes

Irregular plural
Man: men
Woman: women
Foot: feet
Child: children
Knife: knives
Leaf: leaves
Sheep: sheep
Mouse: mice

V) Give the plural form:

1) mosquito _____________
2) policeman_______________
3) kiss____________


4) potato_____________
5) strawberry_____________
6) sheep _________________
7) stove__________________

GRAMMAR : Verb tenses - Review

Simple present: ação habitual,fato
That kid washes the car every morning
Present continuous: ação que está acontecendo agora
The teacher is teaching literature at this moment
Past continuous: ação acontecendo no passado.
She was writing a letter at 5 o`clock
Simple past : ação passada , já completada
Jeane ate bread yesterday
Future with going to : ação que vai acontecer num futuro próximo.
They are going to travel to Santarém next month

VI)Complete the sentences with the correct tense:

1) They _____________(buy)a cat yesterday

2) The boys ________________(visit) their friends tomorrow.
3) - Does Mr. Álvaro ______________(teach) English ? - Yes, he does
4) We ________________(walk) to the club yesterday
5) My brother ______________(play)soccer when I arrived


AMOS, Eduardo and others. New Our Way( Book 3).S.P,Moderna,2002

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MARQUES, Amadeu. Dicionário . Inglês -Português / Português – Inglês.S.P,Ática,2004

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PARAONDE . Edição 9 . Ano 3 . julho /agosto / setembro de 2002

ROQUE, Carlos. História Geral de Belém e do Grão-Pará( Atualização de