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Ahmad Bilal Hashim

H # 206 Lal Pir Power Company Muzaffar Garh(Pak)

Mobile: +92-3330659865

Career Objective:

I am focused on building a successful career in I&C engineering. I have deliberately looked for and found
work experience in this area so I know that, the fast paced, results-orientated environment will give me
the challenge I thrive on. I am a strong relationship builder, resilient and motivated by success.

Bachelor of Electronic Engineering (2006-10)

Work Experience:

Assistant Manager Technical (I&C)

National Power Parks Management Company Lahore Pakistan
Project : 1230 MW CCPP RLNG 2GT’s (GE 9HA.01) + 2 HRSG’s (GE ALSTOM Triple Pressure) +1 ST ( GE
Duration : 14th May 2016 to Present

Responsibilities and Accountabilities are,

 Working with owner team of world most efficient plant Haveli CCPP, finalized the design of power
complex in design review meetings in China.
 Execution of 1230 MW CCPP Haveli Bahadur Shah District Jhang with in time frame Single Cycle
Operation GE 9 HA * 2 (382*2 MW) in April 2017 and combine cycle operation December 2017.
 Hands on experience on control systems Mark VIe & Mark VIeS for GE 9HA Gas turbines , Emerson
ovation DCS for HRSG , BOP Areas , Alspha for steam turbine and Alen Bradely PLC’s.
 Commissioned the Gas compressors , Gas reducing station , water bath heaters , fuel oil station, air
compressors , water treatment plant , hydrogen generation station , UPS System and electrical
auxiliary systems.
 Finalizing the operational philosophy for power complex , punch list for EPC , Coordination with EPC
and consultants for the plant execution in time frame meeting the standards of automation for
of art plant.
I&C Engineer
Experience in Automation Engineering (DCS, PLC, RTU, HMI & Instrumentation). Hands-on experience in
Maintenance, troubleshooting and commissioning of Control Systems and Instrumentation.
Worked in DOOSAN Heavy Industries & Construction, Qurayyah CCPP Project-C 4600 MW (15GT+5ST)
As I&C Engineer (Maintenance & Commissioning)

Project : Qurayyah CCPP project -C, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.(Open Cycle to Combine Cycle
Client : Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).
EPC : Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction.
Position : Instrumentation & Control Engineer.
Duration : December 2012 to 25th March 2016.

Professional Skills:

 Hands on experience in General Electric (GE) Mark VI, Mark VIe DCS (Configuration, Modbus
Interface& HMI) and Different Brands of PLC Allen Bradley (Control Logix, Micro Logix) & relay logic.
 Hands on experience in General Electric 7FA Gas Turbine and D11 Steam turbines.
 To maintain Plant DCS-Mark-Vie and all the control systems by making periodic backups/images,
software and hardware updates etc.
 To Ensure that all maintenance tasks and procedures are updated as per OEM recommendations,
site conditions and in compliance with regulatory requirements.
 Supervision of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of Plant I&C Systems.
 Planning and Execution of I&C maintenance activities in planned and forced outages
 Troubleshooting and RCA of major or recurring failures (such as equipment defects, operational
upsets and process anomalies).
 Manage and conduct periodic/scheduled overhauls and required maintenance in accordance with
the recommendations of the equipment manufacturers.
 Prepare periodic reports, analyze data, and make recommendations for improving plant operations
and solving maintenance-related problem
 Checking DCS hardware as per drawing and preparing readiness for SAT (Site Acceptance Test).
 Dry function test of the logic and DCS system for the process sequences.
 Determining DCS Engineering problems during function test and proposed technical solutions.
 Implementing changes to DCS system as per process requirements.
 Having experience with 3500 series Bentley-Nevada vibration monitoring system.
 Familiar with various loop diagrams as Control Loop diagrams, Logic diagrams, Process flow diagrams
And P & I diagrams.
 Have in-depth exposure to the following instrumentation Configuration of Control Valve, Motor
Operated valves, Pressure, Flow, Level, Differential pressure and Temperature transmitter
(Rosemount, Yokogawa and Flow serve, Auma) and analyzers.
 CCI Bypass hydraulic valves (Smart Tank Controllers), Diverter Damper Interlocks and maintenance.
 Commissioning and Loop checking of HART devices and foundation field bus.
 During installation, commissioning and commercial phase of plant I supervised all site activities like
testing and commissioning of HRSG,BOP and Steam Turbine related to I&C field under supervision
of Qurryah CCPP Project Manager.
 The site activities include control signals I/O testing from field instrument to DCS/TCP, calibration of
field instruments, tested and simulated critical path of control loops, verification of control logic,
wiring diagrams and walk down of PI&D’s, checking of safeties (Alarms& Tripping) and interlocks of
critical parameters.
 Supervised and monitored the functional and operational tests of various equipment’s in order to
get the equipment’s ready to first start up
 Involved in the startup activities, RTR (Reliability Run Test) and Performance test.
 Function test to the client and making amendments according to requirement.
 Reading the Master Schematic Diagrams and Single Line Diagrams.
 Knowledge, implementation and certification of ISO standards (9001, 14001 & 18001) for quality,
environment and safety.
 Clearing the punch point list relating to I&C by owner.
 Ensure completion of all documentation, Sign off and acceptance of all compliant documentation in
accordance with the project handover procedure.
 Co-ordination with client (SEC), Consultant (LI) subcontractors & vendors (GE & Siemens) for project
related issues.
 Having a sound knowledge of Plant startup, shut down procedures and Automatic plant startup
sequence (APS).

Jr. I&C Engineer

Aug 2012 to Nov. 2012
O&M for CCPP, Foundation Power Company 175 MW Sindh (Pak)
Responsibilities and Accountabilities are,
 Handling Configuration, Control & Maintenance of Ovation Expert Control System (Emerson Process
Management) for the control of 64 MW Fuji electric Steam Turbine.
 Handling Control & Maintenance of Honeywell Experion control system.
 Troubleshooting and configuration of Modbus/Serial Communication between different DCSs, PLCs .
 Design, modification and implementation of control logic as per requirement of Plant process.
 Configuration and maintenance of Emerson Flow computers to handle Gas properties used for the Gas
 Configuration and maintenance of Bentley Nevada System for online vibration monitoring of GE Gas
 Calibration, maintenance & loop testing of the field instrumentation (Transmitters, Valves, Switches,
PID controllers, Analyzers etc).
 Calibration of Level, Pressure, Flow & Temperature Transmitter (Rosemount, Autrol).
 Configuration & Maintenance of PH, Conductivity & Turbidity Analyzers (Rosemount, ABB).
 Handling of Spare Parts for DCS and filed instruments.
 Maintenance Management MP2 software for handling of Plants Equipment, Inventory and Work orders
 Analyze and investigate the failure and trips of complex.
 Spare management and identification, purchase follow ups and vendor co-ordination for first time
 Bring the O&M procedures and protocols, on continuous basis, in line with the Company guidelines,
Industrial good practices and lessons learnt.
 Knowledge, implementation and certification of ISO standards (9001, 14001 & 18001) for quality,
Environment and safety.
 Budgeting, yearly plans and Fixed cost analysis.

I&C Engineer
Jan 2011 to July 2012

Responsibilities and Accountabilities are,

Hands on experience of MITSUBISHI DIASYS NETMATION DCS and Allen Bradley PLC’s

Supervision and planning of routine, preventive and shutdown maintenance jobs of

 DCS & PLC’s.

 Routine I&C activities, fault diagnosis, troubleshooting and maintenance.
 Smart transmitters of pressure, temperature, flow and level.
 Control Loops (Electronic, Pneumatic, hydraulic) and controllers.
 Control valves, I/P converters, Valve Positioners, Air regulators.
 Gas and Liquid analyzers (O2, pH, conductivity,silica,CEMS etc).
 Fire Alarm System NFS 320 NOTIFIER by Honeywell.
 Emergency shutdown System (B/T Protection).
 Vibration system by Bentley Nevada 3500 and Shinkawa.
 Worked on Mainsaver 10.2 (CMMS) for warehouse and maintenance activities.
 Preparation of maintenance procedures for Instrumentation and Control Systems.
 Budgeting (O&M and CAPEX), outage management, Inventory control, tracking, retrofitting, suggesting
and encouraging the different modifications and projects for performance improvement.
 Troubleshooting and RCA of major or recurring failures (such as equipment defects, operational upsets
and process anomalies)
 Bring the O&M procedures and protocols, on continuous basis, in line with the Company guidelines.
 Support the performance engineer in establishing and executing plant performance improvement
 During my stay in Lal Pir I played my role in
 Restored all hardware of PLC5/30 (Repairing work, programming, loop testing etc.) after flood at Lal
Pir thermal power plant.
 Worked on RS Logix and RSview 32 to restore the PLCs and HMI system after flood.
 Fully involved in up gradation of existing PLC system to control Logix in BOP.
 Completed the project of Air Heater and Soot blower new PLC Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 including ladder
logic, wiring and loop testing.
 New logic creation, routine maintenance and periodic backups.
 Replacement and commissioning Of CEMS for both units.
 Manage existing logic, object data base and I/O listing.
 To Manage Historical data, parameter tuning, I/O forcing, trend data settings, controlling the work
space manager and making installations on the operating stations.
 Successfully completed the project of installation of Siemens PLC on Air Heater.
 Turbine supervisory system during major overhaul.
 Turbine valve governing system (DEH tuning), Turbine & Boiler interlock testing.
 Commissioning and installation of Bentley Nevada 3500 vibration system for Steam turbine.
 Department Budget Preparation & Stewardship (Expense Budget and CAPEX)
 Knowledge of MOC, Job safety analysis (JSA), PTW procedure and Safety compliance to all relevant
Safety Procedures and controls.
 To conduct periodic safety audits and ensure compliance of HSE guidelines
 Knowledge, implementation and certification of ISO standards (9001, 14001 & 18001) for quality,
environment and safety.


 Three days training course on RSLogix 5000, Factory Talk View SE & Redundancy of Control Logix
conducted by AVANCEON .
 Three days training course on Continuous Emission Monitoring System by FRONEY
CORPORATION USA at Lal Pir Power Plant.
 Five days training on Instrumentation & Controls Fundamentals by OMS Pakistan.

Professional Membership:
Registered Engineer by Pakistan Engineering Council at ELECTRO/14638

Personal Profile:

Father’s Name : Kanwar Muhammad Abid

Date of Birth : 17th March, 1989
Nationality : Pakistan
Marital Status : Unmarried
CNIC No : 32303-0781322-5
Passport No : B8341209
Skype ID : ahmad.bilal5


I hereby declare that all information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.