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March 2015


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31 / 72 / Lauren Cohan
photographed by Tom
The must-have tools for DIY beauty POSTURE director: Jacqueline Azria.
The key to getting better ZZZs Hair: Christine Symonds
50 /
for Ecotools/The Wall
Group. Makeup: Ashleigh
Get lean like Pacha Ibiza’s performers
112 / Louer for Kate Somerville/
The Magnet Agency.
with our exclusive workout LIFE STYLIST Manicure: Hannah Lee/
Stop hiding your light: Own your
Crews inc. For Lauren’s
61 /

greatness for instant happiness
look, try Maybelline New
York Dream Wonder Fluid
All you need to know for a fit and
healthy pregnancy
99 / Touch Foundation,
Maybelline New York The
Nudes Palette, Maybelline
BAGGAGE New York Volum’ Express
42 / Don’t let an ex drag your love life
The Falsies Big Eyes in
A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND Rebel Black, Maybelline
Cute animals and wicked accessories New York Face Studio
—what more could you ask for? 83 /
Master Glaze Glisten Blush
Stick in Coral Sheen, and
SLIM BODY/FAT WALLET Maybelline New York Baby
93 / Eat well and lose weight for just
Dhs150 a week with our life-changing
Lips in Pink Punch. 1.State
sweater, Seafolly bathing
Zombie killer and all-round cool girl, suit, Innamorato bracelet,
our cover star Lauren Cohan is one David Yurman necklace.
seriously badass fitspo.

4 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Beauty + Style Food Now
27 / 91 /

Meet the new generation of sun Burgers and fries—but not as you
protectors know ’em

34 / 92 /


awesome on-trend Get smooth, radiant skin from TOGETHER
accessories really are head to toe Blueberry + Cardamom
a girl’s best friends
37 /

Go wild with animal print rebooted
Life + Love
38 /
97 /

Outfit sorted? Now nail the jacket!
comedian Wonho Chung

40 / 98 /


Turn heads at the Dubai World Seven marathons across seven
Cup with our flirty fashion picks continents in seven days

41 / 102 /


Brighten up your gym kit with Fighting back against the anger
these fruity shades epidemic

106 /


Our editor takes on the
wilderness with Bear Grylls
47 / Survival Academy
Make yoga work for your goals 111 /

60 /
15 MINUTE WORKOUT Hautletic founder Priya Bhatia
Grab a resistance band for a lower
body-honing blast
114 /


...on tech gear
Getting to know the world’s
fastest man, the one and only
Usain Bolt

59 /


Trilby Langdon fights back against
chronic fatigue

Healthy Dose 8 ASK WOMEN’S HEALTH How to make
sure you’re burning enough cals, plus
other need-to-know answers 10 ASK THE
75 / GUY NEXT DOOR With founder of hapi,
Paul Frangie 13 SCOOP! Breakthroughs in
CUTTING LOOSE health, fitness, and more 36 BEAUTY SPY
Super-fit singer and dancer Kiesza Glow-getting facials 58 FITNESS SPY
spills her food and fitness secrets Mixed Martial Arts 82 YOUR BODY ON...
jealousy 90 FOOD SPY Dinner and a show
110 THIS MONTH We’ve got your social
calendar covered 113 WHERE TO BUY
Plus: Tech Talk

MARCH 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 5

The pursuit of happiness IF YOU HAVE…

Last month, I read an article about how we can 1 MINUTE

intentionally design a happier life. It said that, Feeling disgruntled with
according to a professor at the London School of your guy after his late
Economics (who also happens to be one of the boys’ night out? Breathe,
world’s leading happiness scholars), when it and analyse the situation
before lashing out—it could
comes to assessing how happy we are—or not— be more your issue, not his.
most people are actually way worse at being able "Ditch Your Relationship
to do that than we realise. Apparently, finding a Baggage," p.99
balance between what our brains are telling us
makes us happy, and what we actually feel, isn’t 5 MINUTES
always as straightforward as it sounds… such as Pop outdoors and soak
up a bit of sun—the dose
getting a dream job that comes with a heinous
of vitamin D isn’t just good
commute, or getting engaged when you’re not for your health, it can also
quite ready to move in with your partner yet. improve your temper.
It theorised that we sometimes think so much "Seeing Red," p.102
about what makes us happy, we can lose sight of

what actually feels good day to day. 10 MINUTES
The first step in remedying that, it said? To Give yourself the best
start paying attention to what actually makes us at-home manicure you’ve
happy, and then actively try and change your life ever had by following our
DIY beauty tips—all you
to incorporate more of whatever it is that makes you feel so great. In the need are the right tools
pa few years, I’ve come to realise that a permanent state of happiness is a and a bit of direction for
m one that, should I spend my whole life trying to chase it, will salon-worthy results. “Do
p make me wind up, ironically, unhappy. You see, I believe that Try This At Home" p.31
w the occasional lows, there can’t be any highs—and while it isn’t
a easy to deal with those lows, it does make us appreciate all of the 15 MINUTES
moments of precious, genuine happiness that little bit more. Research Pick up a mini resistance
us! band and try this easy,
versary to
Happy anniawesome year. backs me up on this theory: A study published in Social Psychological quick, four-step workout
It’s been an and Personality Science found that people who had been exposed to routine that you can do
ad events and hardships had an elevated capacity for savouring life’s pretty much anywhere, for
pleasures (no matter how big or small). In short, yes, having a bad day may feel awful at the time, a tight, toned lower body.
"Pack A Bandmate," p.60
but it can also help to make a good day feel even better. Maybe this is why so many of us love to pit
ourselves against something tough—overcoming a challenge not only makes us appreciate the good
stuff that little bit more afterwards, it can also leave us more confident and sure of ourselves. Just 30 MINUTES
ask our cover star Lauren Cohan (p.93), or any of my companions from my recently-completed trip Grab our handy shopping
to the Bear Grylls Survival Academy (p.106). Another challenge that has had its fair share of highs list, head to the grocery
store, and buy what’s on
and lows? Bringing you a year of Women’s Health Middle East. Sure, my team and I have had more it: It’ll set up you for a
late nights in the past 12 months than we can count, but there is nothing that can beat the sheer joy week’s worth of healthy,
of holding each finished issue in our hands, hoping that you guys will. So here’s to our anniversary affordable dinners. "Slim
issue, and another amazing year ahead—let’s make it one where we continue to appreciate all of the Body, Fat Wallet," p.83
little things that make us smile. Have a great month, and we’ll see you in April!

Editor-in-Chief @WomensHealthME

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram!


6 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
You At Your Best

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Staff Photographers Aasiya Jagadeesh, Ausra M.D., PH.D, M.A. DERRYN BROWN General Practitioner, Clinical Dietitian at
Cardiologist and Director Personal Trainer at Gynaecologist and Women’s Dr. Sulaiman al Habib
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ASK WOMEN’S HEALTH / We have the answers!

Got the
can keep you
on track

I always
feel hungrier
on the days
I exercise!
How can I
make sure
I’m burning
off enough
—Tala, Abu Dhabi
This is something I hear a lot!
The best way to make sure you
are burning enough calories
or not eating too many is to
assess your weight on a weekly
basis (not daily, as there will
be natural fluctuations). Make
sure you weigh yourself at the
same time every week—for
example, 7am every Sunday
before breakfast—and with
no clothes on. If you weigh
yourself after seven days and
the scale has gone up, then you
know you have consumed more
calories than your body needed.
If the weight on the scale has
dropped, this means you have
consumed fewer calories than
your body needed, which is
what you want if you’re aiming
for weight loss. You can also
calculate your Basal Metabolic
Rate (BMR) using an online
calculator, which tells you how
many calories your body burns
when resting, then compare
that with how many calories
you’re eating.
—Derryn Brown, Personal Trainer

My hair always seems to

look lank and oily by the
end of the day! What can I

do to keep it looking fresh
and voluminous?
—Kayla, Dubai
If you have lank hair, you
probably have fine hair,
meaning that the diameter of
each of your individual hairs is
thin. This shouldn’t be
confused with having thin
hair: People with fine hair
actually have more hairs per
square centimetre than other
hair types. So why would
having more hair mean less
body? It’s because each hair
has its own oil gland, so the
more hairs you have, the more
oil your scalp produces. The
excess of oils on your scalp can
also cause greasy-looking hair. Let your S.O.
There are two main causes of know he can
an excessively oily scalp: count on you
Either your scalp’s sebum when he’s
glands are producing too much feeling blue
oil (which could be down to
genetics or hormones) or,
more commonly, you are You could also benefit from visit a hospital immediately. and psychological therapy
simply not washing your hair using a daily scalp toner to —Dr. Shereen Habib, Gynaecologist will be critical to restoring his
frequently enough. No matter help soak up excess sebum. mental wellbeing. Finally, make
the cause, the cure is the same: —Dr. Mike Ryan, Trichologist My husband has sure you take time for your
Wash your hair daily! Contrary been diagnosed with own self-care as it can be very
to popular belief, daily Is toxic shock syndrome depression. How can I emotionally draining to see
shampooing does not cause still a risk with tampons? support him? your spouse depressed.
your scalp to produce more oil. —Sharon, Dubai —Sara, Sharjah —Dr. Tara Wyne, Clinical Psychologist
However, using a shampoo or Toxic shock syndrome is a Above all, your husband
conditioner that is too heavy serious illness caused by will need your empathy and Should I aim for a
for your hair type can weigh toxins from bacteria entering compassion. It’s important to particular calorie deficit if
your hair down at the roots the blood stream and recognise that you cannot “fix” I want to lose weight?
and give the impression of damaging organs. The bacteria him or make his depression —Maya, Kuwait
greasy hair, so choose that most commonly cause go away, but you can make Generally, to lose 1kg—the max
according to your hair texture. this are Staphylococcus aureus a huge difference by simply recommended weekly weight
(staph), which can live being with him both when loss—you need a caloric deficit
normally on the skin without he’s going through dark times of 7,000 cal a week. The best
causing problems, and Group and also when he’s feeling way to achieve this deficit is to
HOW SAFE A Streptococcus bacteria hopeful. A diagnosis means combine exercise and diet. If
IS IT? (strep). Often the bacteria he is consistently suffering you are purely dieting, your
SHAPEWEAR enters the blood stream from lowered mood and all body goes into starvation, your
If it’s in your correct size, it’s through infected wounds, but the activities of daily life metabolic rate will decrease

fine to wear on occasion, tampons can occasionally be a that you take for granted, and you will not only lose body
says Steven Lamm, M.D., a cause as they allow the your husband is finding fat but also muscle. Muscles
medical director at NYU
bacteria to flourish and enter incredibly challenging. He naturally enhance your resting
Langone Medical Center,
U.S. But if it’s too small or
the blood stream through the will need you to be accepting metabolic rate and will
tight (you feel as if you can’t vaginal walls. The tampons of his limitations but also therefore help you lose or
eat or breathe), it can sold these days are far less encouraging and supportive of maintain your weight. I
increase abdominal likely to cause it than in the him when he is trying to cope. recommend decreasing your
pressure and restrict lung past, but leaving a tampon in A combination of psychosocial caloric intake by 500 kcal on
and diaphragm function, for longer than the activities (any activity where the days that you are working
which can cause acid reflux.
recommended time can your husband is interacting out (if you are doing 60 to 90
Buy the next size up and
wait a week before wearing
increase the risk. If you within a social environment), minutes of exercise) and to eat
it again. experience high fever, rash, meaningful activity (anything 1,200 kcal on the days that you
confusion or muscle ache after related to accomplishment or don’t exercise.
using a tampon then you must purpose), physical exercise —Sonja Belgard, Personal Trainer

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 9
Ask the Guy Next Door
Cosy Paul Frangie
Pubs Paul is a Chef and TV Personality. He is the
founder of hapi - a lifestyle consultancy
specialising in health and wellbeing. For more
information visit

Urban Bar & Kitchen

If you’re keen for a pub-style
ambiance but are also craving a
modern environment, ubk is your
perfect answer: Hitting the ideal
note between contemporary
A guy friend told
me I come across as
unapproachable. How do
a mile away, and usually stay
well clear of any women who
make themselves
unapproachable in this way.

I’m paranoid about my

boyfriend’s attractive
female coworkers, who
he’s friends with but I
barely know. Should I be?
he steps over the line and
you find out he has been
unfaithful, he’s not good
enough for you.

Lately, my husband has

been making comments
about my weight and
telling me I need to lose
some. How do I let him
and traditional, this bar-slash- know it’s really hurtful?
I fix that? – Cassie, Dubai
pub serves up a wicked bangers
– Hannah, Abu Dhabi – Blair, Ras Al Khaimah
and mash (not to mention does There’s no reason to be. Men
the occasional hearty BBQ with It depends what he means by like confident women— You need to be straight with
an Aussie influence). Call 04 438 “unapproachable.” A lot of being paranoid will give him him: The next time he
0000 for more information. the time, I find women put a sense of your insecurity. By makes a comment about
up a barrier towards guys, just playing it cool and not your weight, just tell him
perhaps as a result of a bad taking any notice of his close he’s hurting your feelings.
experience like a break up, or friendship with them, you’ll However, I suspect he isn’t
someone having cheated on show him you’re confident saying it to hurt you on
them in the past. They’ll hide and he’ll respect you more purpose. It’s more than
behind this barrier for the for that. You could also try likely he’s saying it because
fear of being hurt by any new and get to know them better, he cares about you and
man who tries to approach if that would make you more wants you to take care of
them. Men can see this from comfortable. Either way, if your body and become
McGettigans healthier. Perhaps it’s the
Beloved for its lively atmosphere, way he is saying it, and he
delicious and hearty pub grub could rephrase it. On the
and the live sports shows that it Are you other hand, try to reflect
constantly plays, McGettigans approachable, internally and understand
has become something of a or you scaring why him voicing his
Dubai institution, whether it’s guys off ? concerns about your weight
their Jumeirah Lakes Towers or is hurting your feelings.
DWTC location you’re headed
to. You might even be lucky
My guy is fiercely
competitive with me
enough to catch a live music about our careers. Is
performance on the terrace. Visit there a way to get him to stop the comparisons?
– Elif, Oman
It could be that he feels
threatened by you, that he
feels inspired by you, or just
that he is very competitive
by nature. If it annoys you,
or makes you feel
uncomfortable, then just
tell him, and ask him to stop
Fibber Magees

doing it. He might not even

With its wooden beams, quirkily be aware that he’s acting this
mismatched chairs and TV way. In that case, a good
screens showing rugby 24/7, place to start would be by
entering “Fibbers” is legit like asking him why he feels the
stumbling into cosy pub in need to compare your
Ireland. Plus it does one of the careers. It could also reveal
best fry-ups in Dubai, hands an underlying issue that
down. Call 04 332 2400 needs to be dealt with.

10 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
ZPump Fusion

COMING MARCH 10, 2015. ZPump

© 2015 Reebok International Limited. All Rights Reserved.

The Latest
News on Health,
Beauty, and


The US Food and Drug
Administration is
requiring makers of
popular sleeping pills to
halve their
recommended doses
for women. Alarming
new research shows
that users of sleep aids
often have blood levels
of the active ingredient
zolpidem high enough
the next morning to
impair activities
such as driving. If you

take a nighttime
med, ask your doctor
whether you should
lower your dose.




Allergy Care
The latest
medical gizmo
approved by the
U.S. FDA: Auvi-Q,
a voice-guided
Rx epinephrine
injection. It’s Sounds of two different
used to treat frequencies that signal
life-threatening the brain to create a soothing
allergic reactions, sensation. A new study
such as
found that listening to music
to food (which with a 400 Hz frequency in
sends 30,000 one ear and 410 Hz in the other
people to the (though you can’t hear
emergency room the difference) encourages the
every year in the brain to produce a 10 Hz
U.S., according beat, reducing anxiety and
to the FDA). “The blood pressure. Test the effect
calm voice can with the iBrainWave
help guide you SE Binaural Beats & White
through giving
Noise app.
yourself the shot Source: Chiang Mai University, Thailand
in a moment
when you’re
highly stressed
and probably WHAT IS IT?
pretty ill,” says
Leana Wen, M.D., pre·tox \ pree'-toks \ n. Cleaning up your diet before an event when you know
an emergency you’re going to binge on unhealthy foods. Overeating can decrease metabolic function,
physician at but stimulating your metabolism three to five days beforehand can balance out this
Harvard Medical
School. effect. Each day, trim 500 calories, eat six to eight small meals, and cut out trans fats,
added sugars and soda. Then enjoy your celebratory splurge!
Source: Franci Cohen, personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and exercise physiologist

You’ve likely heard of fat talk (“Ugh,
my thighs are so big”). Now there’s
another kind of chitchat: Old talk.
In a study of women ages 18 and older,
66 percent engaged in old talk with
statements such as “Look at these
wrinkles!” reports the Journal of
Eating Disorders. The problem? These
comments are associated with a
greater degree of body

dissatisfaction. And they reinforce the

idea that when it comes to female
attractiveness, younger is better, says PERCENTAGE OF AMERICAN DOCTORS
Trinity University, U.S. So think twice WITH INFORMATION SUCH AS FAMILY MEDICAL
Source: Accenture Doctors Survey

14 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015


Forgive your partner when he annoys
you? Not so fast. Getting mad—instead
of brushing off your hurt feelings—can
strengthen your relationship in the long
term, according to a series of studies
in the Personality and Social Psychology
Bulletin. “Forgiving can feel good in
the moment, but spouses who suffered
in silence experienced continued bad
behaviour from their partners, whereas She’s not one
openly upset partners saw their mates to hide
shape up,” says study author James K. her feelings.
McNulty, Ph.D., an associate professor
of psychology at Florida State University.

Music service Spotify found
its users were 40 percent
THIS JUST IN more likely to be turned
on by songs than by
50 Shades of another’s touch or feel.
Green Best at getting them
In bed, you’re in the mood? See below
probably thinking for the complete list:
about racier things The Top 5/ Any song
than how to be 10 Tracks performed by
more eco-friendly, to Set the Barry White
but simply swapping
out your standard
Mood 6/ “Let’s Get
It On,”
cotton sheets for 1/ Any song
Marvin Gaye
organic ones can help from the
the environment. Dirty 7/ “Unchained
According to the Dancing Melody,”
National Agricultural sound track The Righteous
Statistics Service, Brothers
about 45 million 2/ “Sexual
Healing,” 8/ “My Heart
pounds of Will Go On,”
chemicals—which Marvin Gaye
Celine Dion
can get into the water 3/ “Ravel: 9/ “Je T’Aime…

and air—are used to Boléro,”

grow the commonly Moi Non
London Plus,” Serge
used upland cotton.
Symphony Gainsbourg
One brand to
10-SECOND KISS. COUPLES KISSING AT LEAST NINE TIMES A DAY HAVE BEEN organic cotton sheets 4/ “Take My Always Love
( Breath Away,” You,” Whitney
Source: Medical News Today Berlin Houston

16 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

A tight
a good


Fit Disposition
Research suggests
that extroverted,
people also have
a higher aerobic
capacity, meaning
they can go harder
for a longer
Carbs sometimes get a bad rap,
but truth is, they’re key to
workout performance. As you
move, your body transforms
carbs into glycogen, stored
energy that powers your
movements. Use the chart at
right to find out how much
you should consume and when,
based on your activity level,


period of time. It NEED*
carb counts of common foods.
could help explain Sources: IDEA Fitness Journal;
Journal of Sports Sciences LIGHT 200 to No need to fuel up before or during
why these same Low intensity 340 grams short workouts. Spread your
traits are linked and less carbs throughout the day to avoid
than an hour blood-sugar dips and surges.
to better health and
a day
longer life, note
researchers in MEDIUM 340 to Eat one to four hours before your
Steady and 476 grams workout. Avoid whole grains
the journal PLOS up to an an hour before your workout to
ONE. Quiet types hour a day prevent stomach issues.
have equal potential

HEAVY 408 to Take in 30 to 60 grams per hour

but may need Moderate to 680 grams during workouts lasting longer
to focus on their high intensity than an hour. Afterward, consume
and one to a four-to-one mix of protein and
attitude toward three hours carbs—such as eight ounces of
exercise, not just the Large a day chocolate milk—as soon as possible
Oatmeal to repair your muscles and
workout itself, Cookie: replenish your glycogen stores.
say study authors. 56 GRAMS
* Values are based on a 150 -pound woman.

18 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

Take your workout to the next
level with Jabra’s incredible
new Sport Pulse Wireless
earbuds and their Sport Life

Combine leg-pumping
tracks with words of
inspiration to hit that PB

EVER WONDERED IF YOUR WORKOUTS COULD technology measures heart rate from the inner
become simpler? If the bulky heart rate monitor ear to deliver clinical accuracy.
strapped to your chest, the fitness band on your Now you can focus on your workout without
wrist, and the corded set of earbuds in your ears distraction, knowing the Sport Pulse Wireless
could just be replaced by a single integrated earbuds are built to take a pounding. Tested to
solution? Well, it’s now been made possible with the extreme, they are sweat- and storm-proof,
the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless. so there’s no excuse for missing a training
It’s time to take your workout routine to the session. Ergonomic Audio Response ScienceTM
next level, and this all-in-one training solution technology ensures a secure, comfortable
is a world first, combining an in-ear biometric fit that’s lightweight in a compact (and cute)
heart rate monitor, immersive Dolby® sound design to keep you focused on your training.
and real-time voice coaching, to inspire you Personalised audio coaching provides feedback
to achieve the impossible—and it’s this sort of on your workout every step of the way, letting
technology that has seen the product named an you control your music and training with a
honoree at the 2015 CES Innovation Awards. single app.
Training smartly makes more sense than just Jabra’s intelligent Sport Life App ensures you
going for a run, or hitting the gym or barre class get the most out of your Sport Pulse Wireless
at every opportunity—after all, working to the earbuds by helping you to plan, track and
right intensity level is the best way to get the evaluate your workout. Test your fitness level
results you crave. By using a heart rate monitor, and aerobic capacity, adjust your heart rate zone
you can make sure you’re not over- or under- optimise your training, and set goals based
to optim
training, and that each workout is optimised d on distance, time or calories burned; all
to meet your fitness goals; making you while listening to your favorite tunes.
stronger, fitter and more toned. The The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless is
next generation of heart rate monitoring priced at Dhs799 and is available at


hair bb cream \ hair bee-bee kreem \ n. A 10-in-one that THIS JUST IN PLANT
strengthens, adds shine, prevents frizz…and so on. “It’s amazing for Mist PERKS
medium to thick hair that needs more control,” says Ruben Colon, Universe
And now, for a true
a hairstylist at Sally Hershberger Downtown in New York City. Try Practically cream of the crop:
Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Crème (from Dhs30, at drugstores). every skin- A pair of studies
care product from the University of
you used Colorado Cancer
to apply with Center found that
your fingers silibinin, an extract
can now be from milk thistle,
spritzed on. protects against
Two summer- UV-induced ageing
perfect picks: and skin cancer.
for body When researchers
hydration, pretreated skin
Vaseline Spray cells with the extract,
& Go the rate at which
UV-damaged cells
died off increased—
Aloe Fresh
meaning they couldn’t
(from Dhs50,
go on to cause cancer.
at drugstores); Apply a silibinin-
for a dose of containing cream in
antioxidants, the morning, before
Murad your sunscreen,
Essential-C to up its ante. Try
Toner Cellex-C G.L.A. Extra
(Dhs110, Moist Cream (Dhs275,

Going for a dip? Prevent the so-not-cute
(and rather scary) raccoon look with
these new smudge-proof eye finds:
Aqualillies for Blinc Mascara Anastasia
Tarte Amazonian Amplified Beverly Hills
Clay Waterproof (Dhs96, Amazon Brow Genius
Liner in Black .com). Water- Waterproof Kit
Dhs88, Amazon. resistant “tubes” for Brows
com). Consider it form a virtual (Dhs83, 04 425
a coat of armour scuba suit 00 11). Mix the
for lash lines: around each powder with the
Once its lash, preventing gel—it contains
waterproof water from waterproof
Splash polymers set (in permeating. silicone resins
without about 20 secs), to seal in colour—
the it won’t budge. then brush on.


Source: Mintel

20 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015


Source: The Journal of Nutrition


HOT Colour Me
TOMATO Eat on the bright
side: In a study,
Yes, the organic tomatoes people with more
at your farmers’ market carotenoids (a group
of antioxidants
might be smaller than found in vividly
conventional ones. hued plants) in their
blood were more
But they’re also likely likely to have an
to pack more nutrients, optimistic attitude.
It’s not yet
including 55 percent more known whether
vitamin C and 139 percent antioxidants
improve your
more phenolic content— outlook or optimists
compounds that have been just tend to have
healthier diets, says
shown to help fight diseases Julia Boehm, Ph.D.
such as cancer, reports In the meantime,
keeping your plate
Learn the journal PLOS ONE. half full of red,
how to
pick a
One theory is that the yellow, orange,
and dark-green
winner. plants produce higher levels produce can’t hurt.
of phytochemicals when
stressed (which occurs
when they aren’t protected
by pesticides), making their
fruit more nutrient-dense.


bliss point \ blis point \ n. A term food companies use to describe the
precise amount of ingredients—often sweeteners—that maximise the appeal
of a food product so that people will crave it, buy it, and consume it.
Source: Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, by Michael Moss

22 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Liv is the world’s first brand solely dedicated to the female riders. Since its founding in 2008,
Liv has committed to develop specially-designed bikes and gear exclusively for women, and
provide welcoming retail to meet the needs of all female riders. We believe every woman can
discover the possibilities within herself through cycling. “Liv Beyond.” is the spirit of our
brand that encourages women to ride and find something beyond their everyday lives,
gain the confidence and become a better version of themselves. Liv will continually
provide the trend-leading products and touching services to make every woman
fall in love with cycling.

To learn more about Liv, Please visit

Liv Cycling UAE

Giant/Liv Bicycles available at: LIV Al Wasl Box Park, Jumeirah ADVENTURE HQ Times Square (Dubai), Dalma Mall (Abu Dhabi)
GALAXY SPORTS (Qatar) GO SPORT The Dubai Mall (Dubai), Abu Dhabi Mall, Bawabat Mall (Abu Dhabi), Doha City Centre (Qatar), Villagio Mall (Qatar), Muscat Grand Mall
(Oman) MODELL’S SPORTING GOODS Mirdif City Centre (Dubai), Mall of the Emirates (Dubai), Ibn Battuta Mall (Dubai) RIDE BIKE SHOP Mirdif City Centre (Dubai), Sheikh
Zayed Road (Dubai), Al Seef Mall (Abu Dhabi - opening soon) SPORTS DIRECT Khalidiya Mall (Abu Dhabi), World Trade Centre (Abu Dhabi), Wahat Hili Mall (Al Ain)

Distributed by

Source: American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition

Bite-Size to
FIGHT OFF Downsize
New research shows that
CRAVINGS small portions of snack
foods quell cravings as well
Olive oil may help put as larger ones do. Study
participants received either
the brakes on your a few bites of chocolate,
appetite. Study participants pie, or chips, or a serving
five to 10 times larger.
who ate yoghurt laced Afterward, both groups saw
with olive oil had higher the same drop in hunger.
“Our stomachs are poor at
levels of serotonin, a counting unless we’re
hormone associated with really hungry,” says Brian
Wansink, Ph.D., director of
fullness, compared with the Food and Brand Lab
those whose yoghurt Add-Ons Add Up at Cornell University, US.
“All we remember is that we
was plain or spiked with Even if you avoid the obvious
had the snack we wanted.”

topping traps (hello, fried
other fats instead, reports wontons), pile all of these onto Divvy out a single portion of
a tempting treat, and if
research from Technische your otherwise healthy
salad and you’ll add more you’re itching for more,
Universität München than 600 calories. wait 15 minutes and then
see if you still want it.
in Germany. Olive oil Dried
contains compounds ⅓ cup = ¼ cup =
that “may slow glucose 123 calories 99 calories

absorption, which can Sunflower French

keep you feeling fuller Seeds
⅛ cup = ¼ cup =
longer,” says study coauthor 102 calories 286 calories

Malte Rubach, Ph.D.


su·per·tast·er \ soo'-per-tey-ster \ n. A person sensitive to bitter

flavours who may be at increased risk for cancer. This palate quirk, when
coupled with a sweet tooth, leads people to shun some veggies and favour
desserts. To disguise strong-tasting greens, blend into smoothies and sauces.

24 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Women's Health Ad FEB2015.pdf 1 2/18/15 5:08 PM





style + beauty
No More
Excuses!If you’ve tried

every reason
under the sun to

get out of wearing

sunscreen (you
know who you
are), your risk-
taking time is up:
A new generation
of protectors
makes it easier
than ever to battle
harmful rays.
By Karina G iglio


Beauty Buzz


Since 2012, Jennifer

Aniston’s life has taken
some positive turns.
One you may have
missed: The former sun
worshipper now
reportedly uses SPF 60
during those frequent
jaunts to Cabo, choosing
to get her famous golden
glow from spray tans
Unfortunately, too
few women are doing the
same. About 90 percent
of the 2 million new
cases of nonmelanoma
skin cancer diagnosed
in the U.S. each year
are caused by the sun,
yet 34 percent of
women still never
EXCUSE: No-excuses fix: To keep the sensitive areas,” explains
use sunscreen.
Let us guess why: “It’s “It burns my pain out of your protection Robert Friedman, M.D.,
and keep your skin irritation- a dermatologic oncologist
too greasy.” Or maybe “it skin.” free, avoid those main culprits and clinical professor of
stings.” Or perhaps “the A drink after work may take and choose a formula with dermatology at the NYU
dog ate it”? Sorry, but the sting out of an awful a less-irritating chemical School of Medicine.
we’ve heard it all meeting with the boss, but stabiliser (like octocrylene)
before—and we’re here alcohol does the opposite for or one that’s considered a
to tell you that new your skin. Too bad many physical block and zinc-based.
textures, advanced sunscreens are loaded with “Zinc sits on top of the skin One to try:
ingredients, and genius the stuff. They may also rather than being absorbed Boat Natural
contain octinoxate (a into the skin, and it’s so Reflect
technology solve the Lotion SPF
cinnamon-based ingredient), mild that it’s the major 50+, from
faults of old-school PABA, and oxybenzone, which component in diaper-rash Dhs42
sunscreens. Allow us can cause allergic reactions creams, which are gentle
to introduce your new like rashes. Not pretty. enough to put on a baby’s most
sun-blocking BFFs.
28 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
“My makeup “It runs into
has SPF in it.” my eyes when
Unless you’re performing I work out.”
Kabuki on the beach, chances Sure, it can happen—but not
are you aren’t wearing with every form of sunscreen.
enough foundation or powder
to stay safe. “Even if you’re No-excuses fix: Wax on! A
relying on a tinted mineral waxy stick has polymers that
powder with SPF, it will not latch onto the skin so that
give you enough coverage your sun protection stays put,
unless you apply at least 10 even through major sweat
times the normal amount,” sessions. Sweep the stick over
says Francesca Fusco, M.D., your skin, applying a thin coat
an assistant clinical professor onto your entire face. Then
of dermatology at the Mount rub it in to make sure you’re
Sinai School of Medicine. completely covered. Or
“Judging by my patients, smooth on your regular facial
those who rely only on sunscreen lotion, then use the
the SPF in their makeup stick block just around your
always have areas that are eyes (including eyelids, brow
missing coverage.” bones, and under-eye areas):
The waxiness will form a
No-excuses fix: Get good barrier so the lotion doesn’t EXCUSE: skin red and inflamed,” says
coverage—of both sunscreen drip below your brows and “It makes my Kathy Fields, M.D., an
and makeup—with a tinted
sunscreen. It’s like a tinted
get into your eyes. Bonus: A
waxy stick is also great for
acne or rosacea assistant clinical professor of
dermatology at the University
moisturiser but with higher covering small spots like lips,
worse.” of California at San Francisco.
SPF and ingredients to help ears, and even your hair part. Rich oil-based creams can
fade dark spots. trap dirt and sweat on the No-excuses fix: For you, less
skin—and cause pimples. truly is more. The shorter the
And while chemicals like ingredient list, the fewer

avobenzone don’t actually potentially irritating fillers

One to try:
Burt’s Bees
cause breakouts, they the product likely contains.
One to try: Baby Bee can aggravate existing acne, On the definitely-avoid list?
SkinCeuticals SPF 30
UV Defense Sunscreen rosacea, and redness by Oil, fragrance, and chemical
SPF 50, Stick, from “creating a heat reaction on sunscreens. Mineral blocks
Dhs118, skin Dhs36 the skin, which causes blood such as zinc and titanium, on
vessels to dilate and makes the other hand, can actually
help: By reflecting heat energy
off the skin, they minimise
redness. Find them in a gel
formula and your skin will feel
What’s Your Skin Cancer Risk? even cooler. Finally, be sure
More reason to do regular checks of your skin: Melanoma rates in young women have the product is labeled
skyrocketed. A Mayo Clinic study finds they’ve increased eightfold between 1970 and noncomedogenic, which
2009. (Show a derm any new or changing moles.) These factors raise your risk:
means the company tested
HIGH- don’t clog pores, according
If your mother, Just one in Indoor tanners— Pale women have
father, siblings, childhood or both past and less melanin, the
ALTITUDE to Fields.
or children have adolescence more present—are skin’s natural sun
Tropical climates
had a melanoma, than doubles 74 percent more protection. Those
expose you
your risk is 50 your chances likely to develop with baby-blue
to strong UV
percent greater of developing melanoma than or green eyes
radiation year-
than the average melanoma later in those who have are also more
round. As for One to try:
person’s. If more life. And even five never used a prone to skin MD Solar
altitude, for every
distant relatives— mild sunburns tanning bed. cancer, especially Sciences SPF
1,000 feet above 30+ Mineral
like grandparents over the course of They also have ocular and eyelid
sea level, you Screen
or cousins—have your life can also a 69 percent melanomas,
increase your UV Gel, Dhs92
been diagnosed, double the risk. increased risk for than women mdsolar
exposure by
your risk goes up, early-onset basal with deep-
4 to 5 percent.
but not as much. cell carcinoma. brown irises.

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 29
Beauty Buzz

EXCUSE: is walking around with

“The chemicals sunscreen-induced cancer, but
the sun is recognised by the
in sunscreen FDA as a known carcinogen,”
are worse for says Fields. “Skin cancer is the
me than sun number one cancer out there,
more than breast cancer
damage is.” and colon cancer combined.”
There’s been a lot of scary
buzz that two common No-excuses fix: Still stressed?
sunscreen ingredients— Ease your mind with a
oxybenzone (a UV blocker) broad-spectrum potion that’s
and retinyl palmitate (an all natural. ■
antioxidant that keeps
formulas effective longer)—
cause hormone disturbances
and may increase your cancer
One to try:
risk. But the research was Josie Maran
performed on rats exposed to Argan Sun
exceptionally high doses, for Body SPF
and it has no connection to 30+, Dhs90,
humans, says Fields. “No one


Can I reuse last year’s sunscreen?
No, ma’am. Sunscreen has an expiration date of
about a year and should be thrown away at the
end of the season. If it starts to separate or change
textures sooner, toss it, says Fusco.
Do you really need sunscreen if you have dark skin?
It’s true that more skin pigment = more melanin =
more natural protection, but people with dark skin
are still at risk for skin cancer. And it’s often deadlier
because it’s hidden in places like hands and feet and
not diagnosed until it’s in a serious stage.
Is it OK to get a little base tan when I’m pasty?
Any sun exposure damages and ages the skin, so
even a hint of colour means you’re creating wrinkles,

sagging, and cell injury that could lead to skin cancer.
If I wear a hat, can I forgo sunscreen on my face?
EXCUSE: The broadest brim can’t shade all parts of your face.
papers), which absorb your “The UV rays that reflect up from the sand and water
“It feels gloppy skin’s natural oils and help keep wind up on your face,” says Friedman. “And any sun
your complexion matte you see coming through the hat when you hold it
and greasy.” throughout the day. Also great up is hitting your hair and scalp.” The best lids have
The oils that assist in sun are new “watery” sunscreens— a tight weave made of UV-infused fabric (UPF, or
ultraviolet protection factor). Try Scrunchie UPF 50+
protection can be heavy and superthin potions that dry to by Wallaroo Hat Company (Dhs140,
slick, and they get thicker a matte finish and feel as if you
Do I really have to reapply every two hours?
as you go up the SPF scale, have nothing on. They’re
Yep. Your body’s thermostat keeps you cool by
says Fields. Check the label the ones marked fluid or liquid. creating moisture on the skin, and that dilutes
to ensure a less-sticky feel: sunscreen and causes it to evaporate, explains
“Products with the ingredients Friedman. It takes only a couple of minutes to
octyl stearate or polyglyceryl reapply, but the ramifications last forever. “Women
tend to be greasier,” says Fusco. One to try:
spend so much time and money to look younger, but
Neutrogena they don’t realise that the best anti-ageing serum is
Ultra Sheer sunscreen,” says Fields. Make reapplication a breeze
No-excuses fix: The important Dry-Touch with a mess-free spray. Try L’Oréal Paris Sublime Sun
stuff you want to see on the SPF 45, from SPF 30 Crystal Clear Mist (from Dhs37).
label? Silica, kaolin clay, or Dhs170
zincidone (also used in blotting

30 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Beauty Buzz

Fringe Trim
Want a new fringe?
See a pro. But for little
trims, wouldn’t it be
so much more
convenient to do
them at home?
Why it used to be a
DIY don’t: If your
fingers are unsteady
or crooked—highly
likely—you risk an
uneven cut. “It can
be hard even for
hairdressers to hold
their fingers straight!”
says Nathaniel
Hawkins, a hairstylist
in New York City.
In with the new: The
Bango Hair Cutting
Kit (Dhs59, Amazon)
comes with a long
clip that holds your
fringe as you cut,
making it easier to lop
off an even amount
from both sides. Plus,
the notches give
you slightly choppy,
sexy bangs.
Just do it! STEP 1:
DIVIDE... Start with
dry hair. Comb fringe
downward, then
clip the rest of your

Do Try This hair back behind

your ears.

at Home!
Place your fringe
inside the Bango clip.
Slide it down so
A new generation of handy tools is letting you that a centimetre of
conquer treatments once reserved for those hair is sticking out
with a beauty-school diploma. of the bottom. “Dust

only your tips—

Get ready to become your you can cut more
very own pro. later if needed,”
B y Jill Pe rc i a says Hawkins. Using
the kit’s scissors, cut
vertically into each
notch. Release.


Beauty Buzz

THE TREATMENT In with the new: The solution. Gheorghiu

Cuticle Sally Hansen Double likes Deborah
Grooming Ended Groomer (from Lippmann Cuticle
Dhs26) is safe, but it’s Remover (Dhs73
“Nails look healthiest
not just any old deborahlippmann
when you see the true
stainless-steel cuticle .com). STEP 3: TAKE IT
shape of the nail bed.
pusher. “One side is OFF. Wait two to three
To do that, the cuticles
metal and curved; the minutes, then use the
need to be cleaned
other has a sharper sharp end of the tool
up,” says Ana-Maria
edge than cuticle to delicately scrape
Gheorghiu, a New York pushers of the past, so
off the cuticle. Repeat
City manicurist. it’s more precise at this process every
Why it used to be a removing the cuticles two weeks on
DIY don’t: A sharp from your nails,” unpainted nails.
cuticle snipper can be says Gheorghiu.
dangerous. “A tiny cut Just do it! STEP 1: PREP.
can lead to a big Gently push back the
infection if you aren’t cuticles using the
careful and don’t tool’s curved edge.
disinfect right away,” STEP 2: SOFTEN UP.
says Gheorghiu. Brush the base of each
Not cute. Or fun. nail with removing
THE TREATMENT your nails. A smooth,
Gel Manicure clean surface helps the
Call it the Rolls-Royce strips adhere properly.
of the nail world: A gel STEP 2: SELECT YOUR
Ombré Hair Highlights manicure looks luxe, SIZE. “Avoid going too
“An ombré kit is perfect for brightening your thanks to the high- big. Strips shouldn’t
lengths or ends for spring and summer,” says shine finish and ability touch the cuticles
Marko Tomassetti, a colourist at the Sally to go weeks with nary or skin, since this can
Hershberger Downtown salon in New York City. a chip. lead to peeling,”
Why it used to be a DIY don’t: Until now, says New York City
Why it used to be a
no highlighting kit provided the tools or manicurist Tracylee,
DIY don’t: Well, it’s
who works with Sally
instructions for doing the technique at home. simple: The only way to
Hansen. STEP 3: PREP
In with the new: L’Oréal Paris Féria Wild Ombré get gelled in the past
(from Dhs40) makes colour matching simple: was at a nail salon, for
the strips between
Blondes, brunettes, and redheads each achieve upwards of Dhs140.
your palms to soften
a lighter shade of their current hue. The wide In with the new: The them, then unpeel the
brush gives you good control over placement, Sally Hansen InstaGel first strip. Starting at
and the easy-peasy instructions have details for Strips Starter Kit (from the nail base, lay the
both subtle and bold looks. Dhs110, Amazon)—an strip smoothly,
Just do it! STEP: 1 GET PAINTING. Squeeze an at-home gel system— pressing the edges
inch-wide strip of the mixture onto the brush. uses the same LED down with the kit’s
Starting midway between your roots and ends, curing technology as wooden stick.
lightly brush it onto a one-inch-wide section many salon versions File off any excess.
of hair; increase the pressure near the bottom. and bestows the STEP 4: SET. Apply the
Repeat on as many random sections as you’d same two weeks of clear topcoat (also a
like (no need to make both sides symmetrical!). glossy colour. gel formula), then cure
STEP 2: WATCH THE CLOCK. After 15 minutes, add Just do it! STEP 1: CLEAN under the LED light for
more of the mixture to your ends for another YOUR SLATE. Remove 30 seconds. Repeat on
15 to 20 minutes. Rinse, shampoo, and condition. any polish and wash the rest of your nails.

a professional laser the hair’s pigments, which tells you how
Laser Hair service if you use they work best on long to target each
Removal them correctly and people with light to area. When time’s up,
Lasers use light consistently,” says medium skin and dark move the device half
energy to destroy hair Tina Alster, M.D., hair. The Tria comes an inch. STEP 2: KEEP
follicles. Wanna be director of the equipped with a IT UP. Hair follicles have
fuzz-free forever? Washington Institute skin-tone sensor for a great capacity to
Why it used to be a of Dermatologic safety—if skin doesn’t re-form, so you have to
DIY don’t: The original Laser Surgery. Alster meet the colour criteria, hit them often. “It’s safe
at-home iterations

recommends a US it won’t even fire. to lase a few times a

were either ineffective FDA-cleared handheld Just do it! STEP 1: LASE week for three months
or dangerous. device like the Tria AWAY. Place the laser’s to see maximum
In with the new: “The Hair Removal Laser tip along the treatment results,” says Alster.
new at-home systems 4X (Dhs2,750). area. The device comes Then maintain by lasing
work almost as well as Because lasers target with a pulse counter, once a month. 

32 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Chef Adrian Richardson and nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin
bring their distinctive styles of cooking to the screen for a food
showdown. From Adrian’s love of meat and full-flavoured
food creations to Zoe's passion for healthy ingredients, each
dish will challenge viewers to decide what’s good for them.
For more recipes, tune in to GOOD CHEF BAD CHEF,
Sundays to Thursdays 11:30 AM KSA
Ingredients: Method:
Salsa Ingredients: Put in a large bowl all of the salsa ingredients and
2 mangoes, peeled, finely chopped gently toss, leave to marinate for 15-20 minutes.
1 corn cob, husks removed and cooked
1 small Spanish onion, finely chopped In another bowl combine the coriander, rice flour,
1 avocado, finely chopped
1/2 a lime, juiced sea salt , cumin and mix. Place each fillet of fish
2 tsp. lime zest in the coriander mix and cover with the mixture,
1 tbsp. EVO oil shake off any excess flour.
1/2 tsp. ground cumin
1 garlic clove, crushed Place the fish in a pre-heated frying pan, on a
2 tbsp. chives medium heat, and a little olive oil and cook for
Coriander fish ingredients: 2-3 minutes each side.
650g flathead fish fillets, skinned, pin-boned
1/4 cup coriander leaves, finely chopped Serve the fish with a generous spoonful of
2 tsp. Murray Rive sea salt the mango salsa.
1 tsp. black pepper, group
1/4 cup of rice flour
Coriander Fish with Mango Salsa 2 tbsp. EVO oil for cooking
1 tsp. cumin
Got pesky brown spots?
2/ SHOW- OFF SPOT: Topical brighteners like
Upper Back SkinCeuticals Phloretin
Whether from hair- CF (Dhs570, skinceuticals
product residue or rubbing .com), applied once in the
against a gym mat, this morning, can fade them.
hard-to-reach area is But the easiest way to
ground zero for back acne. enhance shoulders (and
Prevent breakouts by using hide discolouration) is with
a shower gel with salicylic a little fake colour. Makeup
acid daily (like Neutrogena artist Emily Kate Warren
Body Clear Body Wash, prefers quick-dry foams
from Dhs27, drugstores) like St. Tropez Self Tan
and gently exfoliating the Bronzing Mousse (Dhs172,
area a few times a week at Sisters Beauty Lounge).
with a mildly abrasive mitt Apply a touch extra on the
or a Clarisonic Plus Sonic top of your shoulders, where
Skin Cleansing Brush the sun hits naturally, then
with Extension Handle blend down your arms.
(brush, Dhs826, and
handle, Dhs92).
Need to bring out the
big guns? For more acute 5/ SHOW- OFF SPOT:
acne, spa back facials Side Waist
(such as Turkuaz Spa’s If, despite a virtuous diet
Cashmere V-Back, and loads of crunches, you
Dhs450) can deep-clean still have love handles, rub

pores, while doctor’s-office ’em daily with a caffeine-

lasers like the Isolaz and algae-laced firming
(about Dhs1,285 per cream like Lierac Paris

session) can reduce Body-Slim Stomach & Waist

redness and flatten (Dhs190,
blemishes, says New York Then do a little IRL
City dermatologist Photoshop with
Francesca Fusco, M.D. highlighter: After
exfoliating in the
shower, swipe on
bronzing lotion that
has some shimmer,
Midriff which will cling to
Two reasons women with and accentuate
rock-solid abs still cover angular parts of the
them up: “Stretch marks and torso like your pelvic
tiny red dots called cherry bone and ribs; try Body Bling
angiomas,” says Fusco. (Dhs200, at Tips & Toes). 
To minimise newish
stretch marks (the
purple kind), rub on
a product like Bio-Oil WHAT ARE THOSE BUMPS?!
(Dhs45, at Boots)
We’ve all dealt with irksome skin nubs—here’s
before bed (the blend how to lose two of the most common types.
of vitamins E and A
reduces redness and SPOT IT: Small red or white SPOT IT: Itchy red bumps that
hydrates skin); once the bumps on arms, thighs, or butt, appear on your hands, arms,
caused by the buildup of keratin, or back of legs, usually when
marks whiten, you’ll need
(a skin protein) in hair follicles. It skin is dry or you’re stressed
a Fraxel laser treatment
kinda looks like chicken skin. TREAT IT: Anti-itch creams (such 
(Dhs5,500, depending TREAT IT: A daily exfoliant as Sarna, Itch-X, and Aurstat
on the size). Cherry containing glycolic or lactic acid Hydrogel) and oral antihistamines
angiomas can be (as in DermaDoctor KP Duty, help. Serious cases may need
zapped with an electric Dhs169, prescribed corticosteroids.
needle-like tool (about
Dhs900 for a dozen).

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 35
Beauty Spy

Go For The Glow

The Treatment
The Plaisir d’Aromes facial
at The White Room;

What It Promises
An aromatic and relaxing
facial that leaves skin fresh,
rejuvenated and detoxed in
less than an hour; Dhs295.

Our Experience
After a month involving
two long-haul flights to and
from the thick of a bitingly
cold winter, and a weekend
of trekking, climbing and
camping under the harsh
desert sun prior to that, my
skin was a little worse for
the wear. I was in desperate
need of a treatment to help
my wan, tired visage perk
up again, and this was just
what the doctor ordered.
The spa’s minimal white
decor was calming, without
lulling me into the over-
The Treatment: carefully to my concerns: My thirsty faces like mine. After a drowsy zen of a full-on spa
The Forlle’d Organic Platinum skin tends towards dryness and facial massage, the therapist feeling—just the way a busy
facial at Al Barari’s Heart & I suffer uneven pigmentation, applied a gel mask and gave me girl like me likes it! In just
Soul spa; with particularly pronounced a relaxing shoulder and scalp under an hour, my skin was

dark circles under my eyes—all massage. Once the mask came cleansed, exfoliated, purged
What It Promises: problems the Platinum facial off, I received another dose of (thanks to a very painless
A 60-minute pigmentation targets. After using brushes to serum containing eggshell extraction), massaged and
treatment to even out skintone apply two rounds of an oil, and membrane, to strengthen the intensely hydrated. Later
and leave skin looking radiant then a water-based cleanser skin, plus Forlle’d’s cult dark that day (and for the next
and youthful; Dhs750. (containing self-foaming circle-banishing eye cream and few days), my friends had
organic products so as not to a highly nourishing lip gel. remarked on how radiant
Our Experience: strip the skin), my therapist Afterwards, my skin looked my skin looked—it had a
Any visit to Al Barari is a treat massaged my face with Forlle’d plump, fresh and far less visible glow, was noticeably
for the soul. To describe it as a Hyalogy Platinum serum to blotchy—as though I’d slapped decongested and my pores
hidden gem sounds cliché, but “ionise” my skin, preparing it to on a great CC cream. looked tighter too. I now
that’s exactly what it is: Set receive products as effectively want to book one in after
among ponds shaded by as possible. The Forlle’d range The Verdict: every future flight I take!
sweeping palms and lush flora, is made using low-molecular Though it would require a few
it’s hard to believe that the nanotechnology, enabling the treatments to see a long-lasting The Verdict
beating heart of Dubai is just a ingredients to penetrate deep impact on pigmentation, the Effective and affordable,
few miles away. The in-house into the dermis rather than instant results were convincing. this should be a smart
spa, high-ceilinged and flooded simply sitting on the skin’s Plus, just spending a few hours woman’s go-to when it’s
with sunlight, is a sanctuary of surface. It’s also packed with at this gorgeous spa is, in itself, time for a glowy skincare
calm. My therapist listened hyaluronic acid to quench enough to leave you glowing! pick-me-up treatment.

36 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Fashion Feed


Animal Magic
Go wild and release your inner animal with
Bird Ring, H&M,

cheeky creatures on statement jewellery and

Feathered Ear Cuff,
classic prints reworked in fierce colours. BCBG Max Azria,
Welcome to the jungle... Dhs240.

Cropped Zebra
Trousers, House
of Holland at

Earrings, Feverish
at ValleyDez,
Dhs2,500. Flamingo Necklace,
Fringed Horse Head Shourouk at
Sweater, Dina Zaki at BySymphony,
Studio 8, Dhs600. Dhs3,030.

Snake Print Block

Heels, Dune, Dhs499.

Compact in White
Tiger, Chantecaille at
Bloomingdale’s Dubai,

Stiletto Boots, Gaudi,

Snake Print Flip
Flops, Havaianas
at The Dollhouse

Burnished Snake
Print Handbag, L.K.
Bennett, Dhs2,800.
Mini Dress,
Keepsake The
Label at Sivvi,

Fluoro Snake
Print Stilettos,
Stilettos, Steve Madden,
Christian Dhs499.

Leopard Panel Handbag, Vincci, Slouchy Snake Print Bag, Loewe, POA.

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 37
••• SHOP your SHAPE •••

Not just for defence against the desert
breeze, your jacket can make or break
your look. Style out the last days of
spring in these cute cover-ups

Cool, cape-shaped longline jackets flatter your torso and score you serious
style points. Cape Jacket, Dhs3,000, Mochi. Lace Trim T Shirt, Dhs178, Myne
at Sivvi. White Jeans, Dhs175, Stradivarius. Bag, Dhs3,125, Stella McCartney
at TheLuxuryCloset. Heels, Dhs340, Aldo. Bracelets, from a selection at
Charles & Keith.

Hot details up top help balance your shape while a
cropped fit hits your waist at its slimmest point. Suede
Biker Jacket, Dhs4,475, Diesel. Floral Dress, Dhs890,
Jigsaw. Heels, Dhs179, H&M. Bag, POA, Marc By Marc
Jacobs. Earrings, Dhs39, Parfois. Color Boost Lip
Crayon, Dhs63, Bourjois.

Opt for tailored cuts with
nipped-in waists to showcase
your bangin’ curves.
Metal Cuff Blazer, Dhs730;
Top, Dhs300, both Guess
Jeans. Faux Leather Trousers,
Dhs338, Finders Keepers at
Sivvi. Handbag, Dhs1,100,
Vince Camuto. Heels,
Dhs1,950, Pinko. Nail Polish
in The Chateau, Dhs65,
Lauren B at ValleyDez.

38 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Fashion Feed

Don’t drown your figure in oversized shapes or boxy cuts: Opt for a fitted
jacket with dainty details that hit your waist. Belted Jacket, Dhs3,412,
Maison Martin Margiela at Net-A-Porter. Lace Top, Dhs295, Bebe. Black
Skinny Jeans, Dhs120, Stradivarius. Embroidered Bag, Dhs995, Damai at
Boom & Mellow. Heeled Boots, Dhs395, Steve Madden. ColorBurst Balm in
Provocateur, Dhs61, Revlon.

You’re one of the lucky few who can truly nail the bomber jacket trend, so throw one on over
a form-fitting skirt to flaunt your lean legs. Bomber Jacket, Dhs1,904, House Of Nomad.
Top, Dhs39; Skirt, Dhs95, both New Look. Boots, Dhs999, Jigsaw. Backpack, Dhs249, Call It
Spring. Sunglasses, Dhs50, Aldo. Lipstick in #401, Dhs75, Inglot.

A sophisticated longline blazer in soft fabric will keep your sleek
silhouette in proportion. Longline Blazer, Dhs1,214, J. Crew at Net-A-
Porter. Lace Trim Vest, Dhs228, Whitney Eve at Sivvi. Skinny Jeans,
Dhs240, Topshop. Handbag, Dhs4,860, Aigner. Heels, Dhs3,590,
Christian Louboutin. Lip Crayon in Crime, Dhs135, Lipstick Queen at
Bloomingdale’s Dubai.
March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 39
Fashion Feed

Race Day Ditch the dresses and rock some

separates to show off toned, taut
abs in style. Mochi at, Dhs600.

Ready Add a street

touch with
We’d place bets that you’ll set hearts minimalist
bling. H&M, Dhs49.
alight at this year’s Dubai World Cup
thanks to these glamorous picks

detail with an
box clutch. The
Closet Company at
Draw eyes to your ea
rs Studio 8, Dhs300.
with these cool cuffs.
POR, Noor Fares at S*uce Rocks.

Top off your

y lookk with a
n-pink fascinator.
pretty-in fasscinator.
M k & Spencer,
Marks S Dh 185

This hot pink

bag is the
ultimate arm
candy. H&M,

Bedazzled shoes to
make Cinderella

proud. Giuseppe Zanotti
at TheLuxuryCloset,

Gowns don’t come more

“stat than this. Oscar De
Ren at TheLuxuryCloset, Dhs6,815.
La Renta Set your best
foot forward
in these killer
heels. Christian
Louboutin, Dhs3,490

N a fan of
This headband
will have your
headgear sorted.
H&M, Dhs69.

40 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Fitness Looks

Fruit Stand out on your

paddleboard in a bold
rashguard. Orelbar Brown at

Net-A-Porter, Dhs734.

Juice up your gym style with zingy Let your

racket bag do
shades of orange, lemon and lime, plus the talking!
pops of berry purple Monreal London
at Net-A-Porter,

Wear this sunrise-shade

vest to your morning yoga
sesh. Lorna Jane, Dhs275.

Add some zing to your

underthings! Panache at TKD,
Now you can wear your
pina colada mocktail to the
swim-up bar. Billabong, Dhs350.

These capris totally count

as one of your five-a-day.
Zara Terez at yApparel, Dhs299.

Be the Put a spring in your step

brightest with these breathable tech
jogger on the trainers. Geox, POA.
block in these
acid shorts.
Reebok, Dhs125.

Keep time in

style with a
candy coloured
watch. Swatch at
Hour Choice, Dhs320.

Smoke the competition in

these scorching trainers.
Adidas, Dhs425.

This citrus carry-all looks These sweet, stylish and

juicy enough to eat. Kipling, super-flattering capris are a
Dhs499. must. Lucas Hugh, Dhs903.

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 41
A Girl's
Best Friend Neon Nights
Kick things up a notch
on your next ladies
night with a fluoro flair.

Orange Handbag,
Dhs1,420, Patrizia Pepe.
Neon Green Skull Clutch,
Dhs5,980; Neon Pink Skull
Clutch, Dhs4,920, both
Philipp Plein. Necklace,
Dhs2,935, Shourouk at
Sophie's Closet.

A hot new accessory or a beloved pet

have one thing in common: They may
be small, but they can pack a powerful
punch whether it’s by transforming
your wardrobe or making each day
that little bit brighter. We got a few of
our fave girls’ BFFs to show us the
must-haves trends of the season.

Gold Rush
Keep things elegant
with tones of rose gold
(Bonus: It looks great
with every skin
colour), classic cuffs
and bangles, and bold
statement jewels.

Stilettos, Dhs2,070, Stuart

Weitzman. Silver Arabic
Letter Bangles, Dhs1,600
each, Bil Arabi. Silver Cuff,
Dhs890; "Kiss Me" Bangle,
Dhs440, both Kate Spade.
Necklace, Dhs6,950, Ciner
at Sophie's Closet.

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 43

Ooze with attitude by

tossing on a pair of
look-at-me sunnies,
for UV sun protection
and wow-factor.

Black Oversized
Sunglasses, Dhs1,625;
Brown Aviators, Dhs1,755;
Retro Winged Sunglasses,
Dhs1,755; Tortoiseshell
Oversized Sunglasses,
Dhs1,650, all Tom Ford.
Black Studded Sunglasses,
Dhs2,475, Prada.

44 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / February 2015
Hark back to the 50's
and channel a fun,
Yi-Hwa says: feel “Since
with I’m
curvy with a small pieces
waist, I’ve
in blackgravitated
always and more
feminine cuts. During the
week I wearSunglasses,
a lot of dresses
Dhs2,475, Prada. Tiger
and heels, while on the
Head Pearl Bracelet,
Dhs850; LeopardI liveHead
in denim
Bangle, or mini-skirts
Dhs1,450, both with a
cosy sweater
Kenneth Jay Lane onattop. I like
to emulateCloset. Panther
without beingDhs2,500,
Necklace, too fussy, and
Ciner at Sophie's Closet.
I love edgy accessories.
Handbag, Dhs2,850,
I prefer not to wear too
much makeup and usually
stick to my trademark
cat-eye flick of black liquid
liner, and maybe a bright
pop of colour on the lips.
My hair is naturally wavy so
I usually just spritz in salt
spray and leave it as it is, or
I’ll straighten it when I want
to feel more sleek and

Style icon: Olivia Palermo.

The transformation: “Aside

from a questionable goth
phase as a teenager, I’ve
never thought I could pull
off a full-on rock chick look.
Black is my favourite colour,
I have seven tattoos (and
counting!) and I’ll wear rock
’n’ roll elements separately—
like a band tee, leather
clothing and a wrist or ear
cuff, for instance—but
putting them together
always made me feel like a
kid playing dress-up.
Maybe it’s because I’m not
comfortable wearing much
makeup or doing crazy
things to my hair, and the
outfits don’t seem to look
right without that, but
people are always less
surprised to hear that I
love house music than
when I say I also love
rock and heavy metal!”

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 45
Pastel Princess
Bring out your feminine side in girly
shades of pink and glittery accents.

Glittery Sandals, Dhs320, Mibo at The

Sandal Souq. Studded Clutch, Dhs1,580,
Patrizia Pepe. Sunglasses, Dhs1,110, Miu Miu.
Necklace, Dhs2,500, Ciner For Sophie at
Sophie's Closet.

With thanks to Jellybean the rabbit/The

Hanna family; Leila the cat/Patrick and
Kazumi Littlejohn; Fergus the dog/Robert
Wagensveld; Geoffrey the pug/Chorcha
Harper and Glen Kershaw; Evie the cat/
Zahirah Variawa and Andrew Marty.

46 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

style that

goals and
finding the

Begin here.
session or a

your fitness

your mood.
can be either

to fulfillment:

By Sarah Miller
special kind of
Going through
a flow of poses

torture. The key

a spiritual sweat

Your Way
Best Body

Yoga is kind of like hooking up. (And not just Fast Flows If you can’t stand the heat,
because of the interesting positions.) In the yoga world, classes look for vinyasa-based classes,
abound for women (and men) which move through
For a practice rooted in simplicity, it has looking to move quickly, slim sequences at various speeds
become a tad bit complicated…and intimidating. down, and maybe fast-forward but focus more on your body
There are a jillion types, ranging from specific through most of the chants position. So instead of just
(like Bikram and Jivamukti) to general (like flow and meditations. Classes in calling out poses, your teacher
and restorative). “With the increasing number this group—which tend to have will actively adjust you and
of choices in the yoga world, new students could names like Dynamic Flow stress different cues (like
definitely be overwhelmed,” admits Desiree and Power Yoga—are heavy on “inner thighs back and wide”
Rumbaugh, a yoga instructor in California. speedy sequences, keep the or “active hands and feet”).
music modern (think Adele The reason some teachers
But also like getting busy, the endless options and Prince remixes, not Enya), are so hands-on: It can often
mean you never have to settle for a lacklustre and take more creative be hard to understand which
session or the same variety every week. After all, liberties with their poses way to bend or twist by just
sometimes you want it fast, other times slow, and sequences. listening to verbal cues. This
sometimes with a lot of talking, sometimes you Some of the boom on this way, teachers are able to
want silence. We help you find the right practice end of the spectrum can place you in exactly the right
for your mood so you walk away satisfied. be considered good for those position so you know how
who want to add yoga into it’s supposed to feel. (If you
their routine but crave prefer not to be physically
an equivalent to the sweat- adjusted, you can always tell
drenched endorphin rush that them before the class starts.)
they get from their cardio- While still focusing on
kickboxing class. mindful meditation,
If you love the heart- instructors also zero in on
pumping, muscle-building helping you understand why
benefits but want something certain poses are difficult
more traditional, Bikram and finding individual
may be more your style. solutions, says Rumbaugh—
It always flows through the one reason alignment-focused
same 26 postures every vinyasa sessions are great
class—but in a steaming-hot for beginners. (But Rumbaugh
studio (upwards of 105 cautions: Plenty of classes
degrees!). It should be noted don’t focus as much on
that “hot yoga” is not alignment instruction,
synonymous with Bikram. so beginners should check
Other heated varieties are with the instructor.)
typically a bit cooler and take Look for names like
more freedom with the poses. Anusara-inspired yoga and
(Some people say they are vinyasa yoga, and keep in mind
a cheap imitation of that with alignment-based
Bikram, while others say classes, feeling comfortable
they’re a passable alternative. with the instructor is key.
You decide.)

Fast-moving, flow-based
yoga is super popular, but if you
have back pain, it may not be for
you, says Victoria McColm, editor

Seriously Zen Yoga Book. “If they’re not
Of course, yoga is not only committed and prepared, they Think about how dirty
concerned with what your are advised to practice more your house would be if you
body is doing. Mental and reapply.” (Many yoga didn’t take out the trash.
strength and serenity are certifications merely require a Your mind is no different, say
just as fundamental. credit card.) So breathe easy: yoga experts. If you don’t
A great example: Ashtanga Even if you have no clue what clear negative thoughts and
yoga, one of the godfathers of you’re doing, your teacher will.
That sense of ease is a yogi’s
invite mental clarity, your
the yoga world. Also called
Mysore style (for the city in main goal and the reason
head just fills up with junk.
India where it began), it is meditation is so crucial to the
serious—like, six days a week, practice. “Meditation is to
early morning, in a quiet room the mind what exercise is to the SAFETY
serious. Often, a teacher will body,” says Jai Dev Singh of
walk you through a series, with Nevada City, California, who
set “asanas” (a.k.a. postures) teaches Kundalini yoga, which NAMASTE
that remain mostly the same focuses on building spiritual LATER
from day to day. The whole strength. “If you don’t exercise Just because
it’s not touch
practice is about breath, your body, what results can football doesn’t
movement, and discipline, you expect? You can’t expect mean you can’t
says Kathryn Budig, author of an extraordinary shift in your get hurt during
your yoga practice.
Women’s Health Big Book of mind without meditation.” Here, how to
Yoga. Yes, you build muscle Kundalini makes it a big part avoid injuries.
and burn calories, but the real of the show—as in, up to 11 Test the Teacher
reward comes from the minutes of it at the end of each If you have a
previous or
dedication and consistency class. Your thighs may not current injury, you
this practice requires. (In other burn, but you’ll feel a whole shouldn’t take a
words, people looking to new type of high. ■ class with a teacher
who doesn’t have
do yoga two or three times a at least 500
week need not apply.) hours of training,
But when you’re new, being says Victoria
McColm, editor of
surrounded by Ashtanga PreventYogaInjury
regulars can be intimidating. .com. (Yes, it’s OK
Beginners can find comfort in to just ask them.)
the alignment-based Iyengar Don’t Be a Hero
Remember to
style, not because it’s easy, but strike a balance
because it’s taught in levels. between effort
Students work their way up and ease. Teachers
won’t judge you
through careful, focused for resting or for
instruction. “Iyengar assesses skipping a difficult
its teachers before they can be pose. Just keep
showing up
trained,” says Bobby Clennell, and you’ll keep
author of The Woman’s improving.
Watch Yourself
In the end, you’re
responsible for
your own health
and safety. This
isn’t a race, and it’s
your job to listen
to your body.

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 49
Get-Fit Tricks

Jaw-dropping, otherwordly and seriously

impressive, Pacha Ibiza Dubai's dinner shows are a
sight to behold. We talk to three of their key
performers to find out what it’s really like to be a
show-stopper at the iconic venue, and how they
maintain those incredible bodies.

50 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Marjolie Nantel,
32, Aerialist and
Marjolie may appear to have an entirely
boneless body but, she insists, she’s just
always been really flexible—“Which makes
1 1) Standing on your
left leg, raise your
right knee to the side
as high as possible,
then wrap your right
hand around the
my job a lot easier!” She began ballet at
the age of three but got into contortion 2) Use your hand to
when, aged 12, she met a dance teacher help straighten your
who’d worked with the famous Cirque du leg away from your
Soleil. Fast forward a couple of decades and body and continue
Marjolie, originally from Canada, now has to lift it, while
four years of experience performing with the straight, as high as
Cirque on her CV. possible. Depending
on how far you get,
While she describes Cirque du Soleil as one
of the most physically demanding periods
of her life, performing at Pacha—where
she moves from contortion on the floor to
airborne displays using the silks—is much
more “intimate.” “I love being able to break
through the fourth wall,” she says; “There’s
2 you may wish to
switch and use your
left hand for support.
Be warned: It’ll take
some time to get it as
high as Marjolie!

no boundary between you and the audience

and you really need to feed off their energy.”
Depending on the vibe of the night, she’ll
perform as one of many different characters. 1) Lying on your
“If it’s a crazy night or it’s someone’s birthday, front with your upper
I might be a fluffy cat with big, wild hair. If it’s body raised, use your
quieter or full of couples, I’ll do something right hand to bring
calmer and classier, like perform as a strange, your left foot as close
moving mannequin.” as possible to your
head, bending from
your back as well as
And as for keeping in shape, stretching is
your hips.
the name of the game—as you might have

guessed. “I’ll do a lot of deep stretches and
handstands before I go on stage,” she says. 2) With practice,
“Other than that, I generally rely on my work you’ll be able to
to keep me fit—I think of myself as an artist bring your foot
before an athlete!” down towards your
shoulder, using
your right foot for

1 3 1&2) From a
standing position,
stretch your arms
out and back,

keeping your
shoulders open.

3) Place your
palms on the floor,
your fingers facing
towards your toes.

2 3) Try lowering your

chest to the floor as
far as possible.

P H OTO G R A P H Y B Y R A J E S H R AG H AV A N D E T H A N M A N N March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 51

Get-Fit Tricks

52 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Natasha Morgan, 27,
Podium Go-Go Dancer
Originally from the UK, Natasha trained as a
dancer, mastering everything from ballet and
1) Lie on your left
side with your left
arm stretched
above your head
tap to jazz and contemporary. Before jetting and your left leg
into Dubai to join The Fridge’s performers bent at 90 degrees
at Pacha Ibiza, she was in a LA on a seriously for support. Then
cool mentorship programme with Dana slowly raise your
Foglia, the choreographer for none other right leg, bending
from the hip.

than Beyoncé herself. “I never thought I’d
get in but I sent off a video audition anyway
and got it!” Natasha smiles. “It was such an 2) Slowly lower
amazing experience, dancing and learning your right leg while
with Dana’s own company.” keeping it straight
until your foot is
Now you’ll see Natasha most nights at Pacha hovering just above
Ibiza Dubai where, she says, her number one the floor. You should
priority is to “make people feel happy and feel this in your
welcome, and create a party atmosphere,” hip abductors and
whether that’s greeting guests on the door in glutes. After a full set,
switch to lying on
one of her many fabulous outfits, performing
your right side.
on the podium or getting the dancing going
from the stage. It’s a physically demanding
job, with performers typically working from

8:30pm to 3am on weekend nights, but, she
says, the most crucial requirement is to have
a tonne of energy since, “It’s your job to give
off happy vibes all night.” 1) Take a pair of

dumbbells and sit
And once work stops, Natasha is still on the with your legs bent
go—she and her boyfriend, who is also a and feet raised from
dancer at Pacha—have been known to hit the the floor. Keeping
gym at 4am after leaving the venue. “I never your core tight, your
do cardio at the gym,” she says, “because I get back straight and
enough of that through dancing.” Instead, your shoulders back,
she focuses on a weight-lifting regime with twist to the side.
plenty of leg work and, of course, crunches to
maintain those insane abs. 2) Twist to the
other side, keeping
your core tensed and
bottom still on the
floor. This will work
your abs.
1) Stand with a
dumbbell held in
each hand.

2) Step back with

your left leg.

3) Lower your left

knee until your shin is
perpendicular to the
floor and bend your
right knee, without
letting it come
1 2 3
beyond your toes.
Step back and then
switch legs.

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 53
Get-Fit Tricks


54 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Melissa James, 28,
Dance Captain
Melissa took up tap dancing aged seven, after
watching Singin’ In The Rain and falling in
1 1) Get into a pushup
position with your
hands shoulder-
width apart and
tummy tight.

love with Gene Kelly. “Then I just fell in love

with dance and took up every style I could,” 2) Lower yourself
into a push while

she says. After training in musical theatre in
her native Sydney—yup, she can sing and act, extending your right
too!—her passion took her all over the world. knee towards your
Before coming to Dubai, she was performing right elbow, working
your abs. Return to
in her “dream show” Chicago, working under
a pushup position
the direction of Gary Chryst who, she says, is and then repeat with
“pretty much the reincarnation of Bob Fosse. your left leg.
That was a definitely a career highlight.”

At Pacha, she’ll lead the dance troupe in seven

numbers a night, plus perform three aerial
shows, where she swings from a hoop —often
holding on with just one hand—suspended
above the floor. As you can imagine, that
demands a lot of strength! “I do conditioning

workouts at least every other day,” says
Melissa. “I focus on bar work, such as hanging
ab raises, which is great conditioning for 1) Holding two
aerial performing—it really builds your core dumbbells, stand
and shoulders. I don’t touch weights anymore with your hands at
shoulder height and
as my body weight is all I need.”
with your right leg
slightly back.
For her cardio, she turns to the Insanity

workout series: “I have to keep challenging
my body since it adapts to the show routines 2) Simultaneously
quickly, and Insanity is great because it raise the dumbbells
combines HIIT cardio with plyometrics and above your head
really pushes me to the max, even in a short while lifting your
time period. If I’m going to work out, I’d right leg back behind
rather work out hard or not at all.” you, keeping your
leg straight and
squeezing your
Diet, she says, is very important. She aims to
glutes, which is
eat four small meals a day, every four hours,
where you'll feel
to keep her energy up and her metabolism this move. After
firing, and opts for clean foods—lean protein, completing a full set,
colourful salads (salmon and avocado is switch to your lifting
her absolute fave), good carbs, and fruit for your left leg.
natural sugar. “Our costumes are a great
incentive to stay in shape,” she laughs. “Our
abs, arms and legs are all on display so I want
to make sure I’ve got a six pack to show off!”
1) Sit on your right

1 2 buttock with your

legs straight out and
one hand on the floor
for support.

2) Raise your legs,

while keeping the
straight, and bring
your left elbow
towards them to
perform a crunch.

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 55
Celebrity Exclusive

Lightning Bolt
He’s an Olympic champion, a world record
breaker, and the face of PUMA’s groundbreaking
new running shoe: We sat down for a quick chat
with the fastest man in the world, the one and only
Usain Bolt. B y Yi-Hwa Hann a

With a personal best of 9.58 seconds in the 100 got to get fit so you’ve just got to run! But when it friends, so I see him and I watch these guys
metres category, Usain Bolt can proudly say he’s comes to track and field, mentally, when you warming up—and they’re about to run 10,000
had the world’s fastest ever run. Not only has he have to compete against somebody, it’s really metres and they’re warming up for 30 metres
smashed several world records, he’s even beaten tough. You’ve got to be mentally strong. So I just running and running in circles, and it’s just
his own previous world records. And thanks to think definitely it is [important] when it comes ridiculous! I’m always amazed by that.
his undeniable charisma, genuinely likeable to competition but if it’s just for recreational
personality and good-natured attitude, the sport then it’s not so much. During relays, how do you keep your
seemingly unbeatable Jamaican sprinter boasts team’s spirits and energy levels up?
a massive horde of fans all over the world for What usually goes through your For me it’s always so great because everyone
more than just his many awe-inspiring sporting mind right before a race? enjoys relays, because all the pressure is off.
achievements—as a public figure, the aptly- I try not to think about the race itself, just Because we have some great athletes on the team
named Bolt is a truly inspirational figure when it random things—what I’m going to have for —me, Asafa, Blake—we know what we’re all
comes to never giving up on your goals, reaching dinner, video games, just any random stuff that I capable of. So we’re never worried about if we’re
exceptional heights—even if at first, they might plan to do. I’ll [think of ] a new playlist! going to do well, it’s always about laughing and
seem impossible—and always keeping it real joking around and we just talk about random
(even while being the highest paid athlete ever in stuff and always make fun of other people! We’re
How do you deal with failure?
track and field). It’s little wonder, then, that always close to the Trinidadian team and they
One thing my coach taught me when I just
when PUMA was ready to create their most always make the final, so we always banter
started is that you have to learn to lose before
energised running shoe to date—a product that’s against each other—who’s going to go head to
you can learn to win—so I take every losing
been nine years in the making and that’s set to head—and it’s always fun. So for me, the

experience as a [learning] experience. So for me,

change the face of running footwear technology experience with the team is just wonderful, just
when I lose, all I do is recap: What did I do wrong,
—Usain was the first person they called. We to be around the guys, to compete with them and
what do I need to be better. I take it as a learning
caught up with the superstar athlete at the shoe’s chill with them, just the experience. That’s
experience, then make it into a positive thing.
launch in New York City in February to find out always one of my favourite moments in every
how he stays motivated, how we can improve our championship, just hanging out with the guys.
How does it make you feel when you
own running game, and what the deal is with all
of those chicken nuggets.
see other athletes run? Some people say, “My body isn’t
I appreciate everything, especially distance
running. What amazes me is how they warm up
built for running; I’m not the right
Some people say running is, in large shape and I’ll never be fast”—but you
—they run as much as they run, if they run the
part, a mind game—do you agree? track, when they’re warming up—the long have scoliosis and it clearly hasn’t
I think competition is a mind game, but if you’re distance runners. Me and Mo Farah, we’re good stopped you! Do you think someone’s
just going into something for fitness, you’ve just

56 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
natural build could prevent them your energy for the running then?
from ever being a great runner? Exactly! [Laughs.] IGNITE YOUR RUN
As my motto goes, I think anything is possible.
I don’t think people should set themselves You’re also great at cricket and Boasting technology that’s been nine
limitations for doing something like that— football. Are there any other sports years in the making, PUMA’s new
nobody thought I would be fast because I was too that you’re really bad or good at? IGNITE running shoe is its most
tall. They thought I would be limited. But I did energised yet. The key to its standout
I can’t play golf—I don’t have the patience. I
it—for me, it’s about if you want it. It’s all about performance? Innovative foam
can’t play tennis [either]. Table tennis not so
what you want in life, because a lot of people go technology that’s been designed to
much—I’m ok. I’m really good at badminton. I
out there and when they fail, they just give up. It maximise energy return to keep you
can play volleyball pretty well too!
just takes work. If I was like that, I would have running longer. “EVA foam has been in
probably stopped, because when I started out I the sports industry market for the past
What do you look for in a life partner 20-25 years. But we asked ourselves,
was always getting injuries because of my or a relationship?
scoliosis—it took me a while to figure out that
‘What’s next? EVA is lightweight, but if
It’s all about the honesty, ambition, and just you increase the energy return, you’re
this was my main problem, and this was why I someone that you can laugh with. And that’s going to lose cushioning. How can we
was always getting injured. So if I’d stopped when one of my biggest things—someone that you get both together—what can replace
I was getting injured all the time, then you can always laugh with about anything and it?’” says Kohei Hagio, PUMA’s Global
probably wouldn’t have seen the greatness! everything. And hot—she has to be hot! Head of Running Training Footwear.
[Laughs.] For me it’s all about determination.
Thus the IGNITE foam—proprietary
It’s always about figuring out a way [and asking
We’ve heard about the chicken foam that provides responsive
yourself ]: ‘How can I be better? How can I get
nuggets—do you have any other cushioning, optimal rebound and
this done?’—because where there’s a problem,
guilty food pleasures? comfort—was born. Tucked in
there’s always a solution. That’s the key. each shoe’s heel is ForEverFoam,
Not really! I like wings—chicken wings, like
KFC—but that’s really it. But I’m not allowed to a compound used heavily in the
Does it get harder for you to train as automotive industry that’s new to this
right now… I haven’t had wings in so long! I’m
you become older? trying to eat better, and have a better diet, market and the reason behind the shoe’s
No, that’s one thing I always keep saying to long-lasting durability. “Training every
because my coach says we need to cut down on
myself—you’re tough, but…watching all the day is pretty tough,” said Usain Bolt. “I
that, so I’m much more focused on trying to eat
athletes compete, and doing as well as they were start out with a running shoe to warm
properly now.
doing at their prime, gives me motivation. My up before going into a spike, and I need
coach keeps saying, ‘Listen—you’re going to do a shoe that is comfortable and keeps
Have you incorporated any other
great, you’ve just got to work hard. You’re not old, my energy up. I love IGNITE for that,
I don’t know why you keep telling yourself that!’ changes to your diet? and can feel it make a real difference.
A lot of athletes go on for years, even after they’ve I eat a lot of vegetables now, which is weird for It’s a pretty good looking shoe as well.”
passed the [typical] age of being great—but they me! It’s good—I haven’t really changed much, Once the technology was in place, it was
still compete at high levels. I’m 28 now, I’m at a but I don’t eat a lot of fast food now and I eat a time to work on the design. Inspired by
great age, so all I have to do is just put the work in lot more vegetables. I also don’t eat late at night the new brand philosophy of Forever
and I’ll be great. I’m not worried, I know I can. anymore—if I’m hungry I’ll eat fruits. Faster, they looked to nature for
something that represented the visual
Is there a part of training that you Any sauce with your nuggets? aspect of energy: A comet. “From the
Hot sauce! Barbeque sauce. colours, to the lines and materials of
really like?
[Laughs] Starts—everybody likes starts days! the shoe, we brought that to life. The
Otherwise no! Some people say that you’re a real- idea of sparks and energy, [even on]
life superhero—if you could pick any the sidewall—it’s all about speed and
superpower (that doesn’t involve energy. This shoe has its own colour
What would be your top three tips for
speed!), what would it be? palette that isn’t on any other shoe for
the average person who is trying to this season,” says PUMA Footwear
improve their running? Oh, not speed-related? Come on! Ok, [I’d be
like] Nightcrawler. I love how he can disappear Designer Jacob Garcia. Working with
Do it a lot more than once a week! Get the Usain Bolt on the new shoe, it was only
IGNITE shoe [Laughs]. Just enjoy it, really. and just reappear anywhere.
logical for the design to take inspiration
from one of the fastest moving objects
You’re the fastest man in the world— So, teleportation then?
in the universe, he explained. And the
Yeah, teleportation! That would be really cool.
what are you result? A shoe that’s made to harness
really slow at energy and improve performance for
doing? serious and casual runners and novices
Everything else! It’s alike, and all in one beautiful package.
not even a joke—I’m Available in-store at all PUMA retailers
really lazy and from March 10th for Dhs530.
laid-back, so I’m very
chilled out about
everything else. I don’t

really do anything else

fast—it’s just running.
People always ask me
how that’s possible,
but I walk slow, I talk

So you save all of

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 57
Fitness Spy

Fighting Fit
The Workout:
MMA training at MMA
Fitness Center;

What It Promises
Group MMA training
combined with a cardio and
conditioning workout.

Our Experience
I’ll get one thing straight
now: This is not an MMA-
based workout class, this
is real training in a true
down-and-dirty, hard-as-
nails boxing gym. Most of
the men (and they were,
bar one other woman,
men) are competing, and
some are even professional
fighters. Despite that, I
felt welcomed and not at
all embarrassed at being a
complete beginner. While
the gym offers one-on-
one training to members
hoping to compete, you
The Workout chance to try out some striking who, by now, felt more like could certainly learn
The MMA class at FitRepublik; and grappling techniques opponents. MMA might look the basics by regularly under the watchful eye of Alex like a free-for-all but, believe attending this class. There’s
Nacfur, former coach to many me, there’s a whole lot of no shadow sparring here:
What It Promises of Brazil’s top fighters. After an coordination involved—at I was taught how to strike,
A combination of cardio, intense warm-up, which saw us times I felt like I was taking a floor and arm lock my
strength conditioning and doing backwards bear crawls, dance class, trying to opponent. As well as slowly
MMA skills coaching. we started learning some remember which knee to land learning techniques,we
moves, niftily disguised as a on, when to bring my other leg also got a great workout:
Our Experience great cardio workout. And, boy, around, push my partner with The second half of the class
When FitRepublik opened this did it work us out—think my chest and grab her thigh. included gruelling—and
year, I was intrigued to see that dropping to your knees and After running through routines strangely amusing—group

it had a whole MMA zone. I’ve jumping straight into a deep at a heart-pumping pace, we exercises like leapfrogging
long been a fan of Mixed squat, or leaping from a crunch finished off with a core workout over the rest of the class,
Martial Arts—a full contact into a high kick. We also focusing on fast twitch muscle and jogging and squatting
combat sport incorporating learned some grappling fibres that left my abs burning, with a partner on our backs.
kicks, punches, knee and elbow techniques, for which I’d in the best possible way. I left dripping with sweat
jabs, plus both stand-up and recommend bringing a and grinning ear to ear.
floor grappling from various girlfriend along as there’s a lot The Verdict
martial art forms—but I’ve of shoving your arm between A punishing and totally The Verdict
never given it a go myself. your partner’s legs! Then the satisfying workout that If you want to really learn
Unlike many boxing- and gloves went on and we went provides intense cardio, all- to fight (or just get as
kickboxing-based workouts, through striking and grappling over conditioning, and teaches ripped and fit as a fighter),
this class does give you the routines with our partners you some basic MMA skills.  this class will get you there. 

58 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
“I’m fitter
now than I
was at 20”
Trilby Langdon blames her weight
gain on a case of “skinny brain”. “I
was really skinny as a teenager,”
she says. “I kept on eating whatever
Q You Lose, You Win

Is it safe to carry on
working out while
I’m on a juice detox?
—Clare, Dubai
I wanted because I’d gotten used to
Detox programmes vary,
having a great metabolism.” Then, but generally if you are
two years ago while living in India, juicing for a few days I
Trilby, now 39, contracted the wouldn’t recommend
mosquito-borne chikungunya virus. intense exercise as it
“It really knocked me and I ended requires fuel and salts. If
up suffering post viral chronic you deprive yourself of
fatigue for 8 months after I’d them, you’re likely to see
lower performance and
recovered from the virus,” she says. BEFORE
may even increase your
“I wasn’t super-fit to begin with, 76KG risk of a drop in blood
and now I couldn’t get off the AFTER pressure and sugar, plus
couch—my muscles turned to flab.” 68KG the lack of protein will
make it harder to recover
The Change and build muscle. The
In July 2013, Trilby and her family best approach is to
moved to Dubai: “I looked in the continue with mild
mirror and was suddenly shocked
at how much weight I’d put on.” So
Is it true that fasted
she took up running—“So slowly at cardio helps to burn
first that you could have walked breasts.” She also builds her life marathon. “Even before the chronic more calories?
past me!”—and went on a 30-day around staying fit. “When I plan my fatigue, I’d sort of talked myself out
—Liz, Sharjah
nutritional cleanse, learning to eat week, I make sure I have something of being fit again,” she says. “I
If you’re running the same
more often, increase her protein active scheduled for every day. didn’t really believe I deserved to
distance at the same
intake in the form of shakes, and Even before I work out business be healthy and in great shape—but speed, you’ll use the exact
cutting caffeine, alcohol and bad appointments or who I’m catching I’m fitter now than I was at 20.” same amount of energy
sugars. “It had such a profound up with, I put my exercise in first.” as you would at any time
effect on me,” she says. “After Trilby’s Tips of the day. It may be true
having fatigue for so long, it was The Reward > Grab And Go: I always have that fasted cardio burns
amazing to suddenly feel great. “Not having any energy while I was pre-prepared food ready to grab more fat if the workout is
suffering from chronic fatigue when I get back from working out. long enough, but
generally during a
The Lifestyle scared me witless,” says Trilby. > Make It A Date: Whether it’s a
workout we depend on
Trilby continues to keep her diet as “Getting that back has been the trainer or a group exercise class, the sugar stored in the
clean as possible: “I make a lot of biggest reward.” She’s learned to having someone you’re accountable muscles, not the blood.
healthy food to keep in my fridge treat food as “fuel” for her body to will make you turn up to work out. It’s only when the
for when I’m hungry, because that’s and has gone from barely being > Set A Deadline: Having goals, like workout is long enough to
when I tend to make bad able to run to having several 10k my half marathon, to work towards need replenishment from

decisions—lots of brown rice races under her belt, and is about to has really kept not just my fitness the blood that eating
salads, a few pre-cooked chicken run the Ras Al Khaimah half but my diet on track. patterns become more
influential. However, it’s
true that the feeling of
being light when you run

smart picks on an empty stomach can

help some people
perform better, which
leads to better weight
Refresh with a This zingy fruit salad, dressed We love rehydrating loss results.
Raw Juice filled to with mango and yoghurt with coconut water
the brim with sobert, puffed black and Go Coco is some
carrots, tomatoes rice and fresh mint, of the tastiest
and other fresh will keep you around—plus, unlike Ammar Sabbah
Head of Strength
fruit and veg. going til lunch. many, it’s sugar-free. Conditioning and Nutrition
Dhs22, Wagamama. Dhs37, Tom&Serg. Dhs10, supermarkets. Education at FitRepublik.

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 59
Get-Fit Tricks

Glute Bridge a

Loop a mini band above your knees and lie faceup on

MINUTE the floor, knees bent and the soles of your feet turned
toward each other (a). Raise your hips so your body

WORKOUT forms a straight line from knees to shoulders, then drive

your knees outward (b). Pause for up to three seconds,

then return to start. That’s one rep. Do eight to 12.


Get a tight, toned
lower body with this
travel-friendly tool.

What is about the size of your 2

iPhone and cheaper than your Lateral
morning latte, and can sculpt Shuffle
sexy stems and a firmer butt?
The answer: a mini
resistance band. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder
If you’ve never used one,
width, knees bent and a mini band looped around
you’re not alone. Resistance
your ankles (a). Step your left foot out to the left (b),
bands have gained props
followed by your right, keeping tension on the band
for being portable, affordable,
and your feet pointed forward. Take 10 steps, then
and superefficient, but their
mini-me version has received switch directions and repeat on the other side.
less attention. Utilising this
tool, however, can increase the

impact of traditional lower- b
body strength moves, says
Jim Smith, performance
specialist and owner of Diesel
Strength & Conditioning. It
can also keep you off the
sidelines: A new study found 3
that using the band during
squats helps remind you
to push your knees out, which
can prevent injuries such as
strains and tears to your Start with a mini band positioned just above your knees
knee’s ligaments (like your and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart (a). Push
ACL). your hips back and bend your knees to lower your body
Complete this workout as far as you can, driving your knees outward against the
from Smith as two a band’s resistance (b). Pause, then slowly push back up
supersets: Perform b
to the starting position. That’s one rep. Do 15 to 20.
all the reps of the first
move, immediately
continuing to the
second. Rest for up to
60 seconds and repeat
for a total of four a
sets. Perform the third and
fourth exercises
and repeat this pattern,
completing a total of three 4
sets. Knee Raise
—Caitlin Carlson

Are You In?

Take the WHME 15-minute challenge! b
Position a mini band around the toes of your sneakers and under your soles
and stand with your feet hip-width apart, hands on your hips (a). Lift your
left foot off the ground to bring your knee up to hip level, keeping the band
Squeeze in an extra workout while tuning in to your
fave shows over the next month. Hit the floor for
around your sneaker and your foot parallel to the floor (b). Pause, then
15 minutes of ab work, butt lifts, or stretching. return to start and repeat on the right side. That’s one rep. Do 10 to 12.
Share the idea (or pics!) on social media, and tag
@WomensHealthME in the post.


Maternity Bonus

Have the
Baby, Keep
The Body
From what to eat (or rather, what not to
eat), how you can stay on top of your
fitness game without hurting your new
arrival, and what to wear when you’re
navigating a changing body shape, to
unpredictable side-effects, and how to
handle your social environment when
babies enter the discussion, being
pregnant can be tough in more ways
than one. Out bonus guide is here to
help you navigate the sometimes murky
waters of a healthy, growing bump.
The latest research and news on pregnancy that you need to know now


We all know that
smoking is bad for you (NOT SO)
and that the risks are
seriously exacerbated for
both you and your baby if
you do it when you’re According to researchers at
pregnant—but if you’ve the Mount Sinai Medical
just planned to only quit Center, infants whose mums
the habit while you were
with-child, experts claim
were exposed to phthalates
that if you decide to pick —a group of chemicals that
it up again while you’re are used to make plastics
breastfeeding, you could more flexible and harder to
be putting him or her at
risk for long-term health
break—during pregnancy
problems such as obesity, might have a risk of infertility
hypothyroidism, later in life. Phtlhalates can
diabetes and be found in anything from
cardiovascular disease
later in life. Why not use
vinyl flooring and adhesives
the nine months of to detergents and even some
pregnancy as your personal-care products such
chance to finally break as hairsprays, so to be on the
the habit for good,
putting both you and
safe side, we’d check labels
your future sprog’s of items carefully and try and
health in a better place? stick to natural ingredients
wherever possible.

Source: US Council for Responsible Nutrition

Call The Careem


According to a new study, pregnant women who are in their second
trimester are more likely to be in a car accident than those who
aren’t expecting. The study suggests that this may be in large part
responsible to “pregnancy brain,” the foggy mindset many women
experience as their pregnancy progresses due to associations with
fatigue, nausea, insomnia, anxiety and distraction. Our suggestion?
Revel in the excuse to call up a Careem or Uber until bubba arrives.

62 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Maternity Bonus

fish is, how clean the mental retardation and

establishment is, and what blindness in a foetus, and
preparation methods they’ve according to the American
used, the raw fish could contain Journal of Epidemiology, 85
illness-inducing parasites. percent of pregnant women
When you’re expecting, the are at risk of contracting it. If
risk to both you and your you’ve got a hankering for
unborn baby is heightened. If meat, just make sure that you
you must satisfy a craving, stick keep it separate from other
to sushi rolls that involve only items in your grocery cart or
cooked ingredients and wait refrigerator, be vigilant about
until you’re no longer pregnant properly cleaning any tools
to indulge in the raw options— that you use to prepare it, and
and even afterwards, always make sure that it’s properly
make sure you’re enjoying it cooked, with the internal

Food from a reliable, trustworthy

and safe source!
temperature of the meat
reaching at least 71˚C.

Hazards Fish Processed Meats:

Certain types of fish, such as Giving up beloved breakfast
swordfish, king mackerel, foods such as sausages and
tilefish and shark, are high in bacon (not to mention other

Ahead mercury—exposing your bun

in the oven (or even young
kids) to this can have a negative
impact on their developing
processed meats such as jerky
or luncheon and deli meats)
can be tough regardless of
whether you’re doing it
Seafood, non-pasteurised cheese, caffeine… figuring nervous system, not to because you’re pregnant or
out what is and isn’t ok to eat during your pregnancy mention mercury poisoning. If simply for nutritional health
can be a minefield. We’re here to help you figure out you’re craving seafood, you’re reasons, but processed meats
how much truth there is to the rumour mill of what better off sticking to low- are typically high in nitrates
mercury options such as (not to mention sodium and
should, and shouldn’t, be on your plate.
salmon, trout, freshwater saturated fats), additives that
Eggs perch, skate, squid, monkfish, have been linked to heart
can still grow and thrive in the
We all know that eating raw canned light tuna, or crab. disease, brain tumours and
cold (which is why cooking
eggs can make you wind up diabetes. Studies on the subject
and pasteurisation eliminates
with salmonella, but while Caffeine are still ongoing—and often
the risk, by helping to kill it
we’re unlikely to suck them We know, the idea of giving up conflicting—but to be on the
off ). The bacterium has been
down straight out of the shell, your daily cup of Joe for nine safe side, we’d suggest limiting
linked to premature labour,
there are a lot of foods out months can be too much to your consumption during your
delivery of a low-birth-weight
there that we forget contain bear—and the research out pregnancy.
baby, miscarriage, or even
minimally or uncooked eggs as infant death, in the first there can be confusing, with
an ingredient, leaving us open conflicting reports as to exactly Fresh Produce
trimester—and later on, it
to fever, vomiting or diarrhoea, how harmful caffeine can be to Like uncooked meats,
could lead to problems with
all of which can harm your your baby. Fortunately, a unwashed (or improperly
the foetus such as mental
baby too. Stick to completely majority of respected studies washed) fruits and vegetables
retardation, paralysis,
cooked eggs and experts claim have shown that in moderate can also contain toxoplasma,
seizures, blindness, and more.
you should be fine. Foods to amounts, it’s ok. As long as meaning they can be just as
Soft cheeses such as brie,
watch out for include: Caesar you’re not going over a risky as uncooked meat. The
feta and gorgonzola are often
salad dressing, eggnog, raw maximum of 300 milligrams a parasite can also be found in
made with unpasteurised

cookie dough, any type of day—about two to three water, dust and soil, so make
milk, so if you’re going to
soft-cooked eggs, mayonnaise, 8-ounce cups of coffee (Note: sure to keep everything from
eat them, just be sure to
tiramisu, mousse, Hollandaise A Tall Starbucks coffee is 12oz, your hands to your cutting
check that the ones you’ve
sauce, and carbonara sauce. while a Venti is 16oz)—experts boards and knives very clean
chosen have been made with
claim you should be fine. (with soap and hot water),
pasteurised milk instead.
Unpasteurised Dairy wash your produce very
Unpasteurised cheeses and Fresh Meats thoroughly and, if you’re still
milk can contain listeria, a Raw, rare or undercooked meat uncertain, peel them before
One of the more obvious items
type of bacteria that’s often can contain toxoplasma, a eating them. Otherwise, eating
on the list, sushi involving raw
found in refrigerated, ready- parasite that can cause plenty of fresh, safely-prepared
fish can be risky whether you’re
to-eat foods. Unlike many toxoplasmosis. The illness can fruit and veg during pregnancy
pregnant or not since,
other types of germs, listeria potentially cause hearing loss, is important for your health.
depending on how fresh the

MARCH 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 63
Maternity Bonus

••• SHOP your SHAPE ••• Wear with a long top and
no one will ever know

Whether you’re expecting or just
these are maternity jeans.
Smitten, Dhs450.

welcomed a newborn into the world,

comfort is key—but that doesn’t have
to mean sacrificing your style

Flaunt your bum mp in

an empire line maxi
dress. Seafolly at Sivvi,

An on-point poncho
will accomodate
your growing bump.
Stradivarius, Dhs175.
Stradivarius Dhs175

This clever cut grows with

your baby. mothercare, POA.

This beautiful bra

features a cunningly
disguised nursing
clip. TKD Lingerie, Dhs270.

A kaftan cut belted

above the bump is the
ultimate in elegance.
Issa at BySymphony,

Who said nursing

bras couldn’t be sexy?
Stella McCartney at N
Porter, Dhs549

Nifty shapewear to
shrink your tummy
post-pregnancy. Belly
Bandit at K-Lynn, Dhs365.

Celebrate the new love of your life

Comfy but cute flats are with a super-special charm bracelet.
Pandora, POR.
aan expecting mum’s best
ffriend. Clarks, Dhs495.

64 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Maternity Bonus

Work It Out
Just because you’re y
p g (or
( have a
newborn or tiny tot in tow)
doesn’t mean you have to
ggive up youry workout
reg gime—try y one off th
ool cclasses
lasses ccreated
reated with
p mothers in
m ind ttoo k
eep your
your ((and
y our bbaby’s)
aby’ss) fittness
ness iin
n ttip
op condition
cond dition
Abu Dhabi Golf Club
Held in the shallow end of a pool, Abu Dhabi
Golf Club’s aqua-natal classes are a relaxing
environment in which expectant mothers can
focus on breathing techniques and movements
that, thanks to the buoyancy of the water, feel
light and easy (not to mention gentle on the
joints) for an hour. There’s even a midwife
among the club’s instructors, and you can even
take them if you can’t swim. Dhs100 per class;
call 02 558 8990.

Physique 57
The beloved barre workout is a cult favourite
with many a fitness fan from New York to
Dubai, but fortunately for soon-to-be mums,
you don’t need to stop if you’re expecting—
not only can the regular classes be adapted to
the needs of your pregnancy status (just let
the instructors know at the start of the class so
they can tweak your individual workout
accordingly and keep an eye on you), they now
even offer dedicated prenatal classes too, with
workout variations designed to suit every
trimester. From Dhs125 for a class; visit www.

Fit 4 Two
Specialising in pre- and post-natal fitness, this
series of classes is available in both Dubai and
Abu Dhabi. It offers mums-to-be the chance to
do everything from improving posture and
stamina to correcting muscular imbalances
and getting in some cardiovascular exercise,
and once you’ve had the baby, there are also
Stroller Fitness classes that let you work out
with your new arrival in tow. It’s also a great
way to meet other mums. From Dhs75 for a
class; visit


Pure Fitness
Run by mums—and busy working mums, too
—it’s no wonder that the women behind Pure
Fitness really get it when it comes to pre- and
post-natal fitness needs. Their ever-popular
BuggEFit classes enable you to work out with
your little one, even using the pram as a tool
—while their specialist Mum and Baby Workout
Classes (which take place in central locations
all over town throughout the week for your
convenience) sees you able to take your kids to
class, with toys provided for them to play with
while you get your fit on. From Dhs60 per
class; visit

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 65
Maternity Bonus

What to
Expect When
You’re Not
You know you don’t want a kid, but everyone and
her mother (and likely, your mother) is second-
guessing your choice. Here’s how to stay sane.
B y Car r i e Anto n

Not to be taken
Jessi Lail, 22, in a relationship,
First comes love, then comes marriage… Well, you know graduate student
the rest. The playground rhyme sums up a long-standing
social norm: It’s only natural for young, coupled-up gals “I’ve known that I don’t want
to pop out a baby or two. A large percentage of modern to have children since I was a
women beg to differ. Nearly one in five females now ends kid myself. Recently, I shared
her childbearing years sans kids, versus one in 10 in the my choice with an older
woman. For the rest of our
1970s. More often than not, that decision is met with some
conversation I was barraged
form of confusion, disbelief, or patronising indulgence with phrases like ‘Everyone
by others, creating a tricky situation for those who are says that when they’re young’
kidless by choice. Learn how to deal, without appearing and ‘Oh, I know you will
defensive or succumbing to an emotional fallout. change your mind one day.’”

66 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
What you might want to say:
You’re not divorced yet? I'm sure
you’ll change your mind one day. how you feel about having
What you should say: Sure, offspring. If you suspect
nothing is ever set in stone, but unfinished emotional business
I know my decision is firm. is at play, you might benefit
What you might wonder: Wait, What you might want to say:
be right to bring a child into the from talking about it with
what if I do change my mind—and Then I better start looking for the
world if that’s only what you want a therapist, says Walfish.
it’s too late? wrong guy.
and not what I want.
What you should say: At this
What you might wonder: Am I EXPECT:
“If you have thought long and point, the right person for me
letting down my family? Everyone to think
hard and the prospect of won’t want children either.
remaining childless feels right
you’re infertile What you might wonder:
It may feel that way at first, but Susan Lacke, 29, in a relationship What if I meet The One, but he
for you, it’s unlikely you will it’s better to disappoint them really wants to start a family?
change your mind,” says Laura than half-heartedly have
Scott, author of Two Is Enough: “When I say kids aren’t in the
kids—a potentially much more cards, I get pitying looks. “The right guy for you is the
A Couple’s Guide to Living serious letdown. If you feel man who is on the same page
Childless by Choice. Still, it’s People think I mean I can’t
yourself wavering, Scott have children.” as you regarding kids,” says
normal to revisit big life suggests asking yourself, Who Scott. If you’re sure of your
decisions from time to time. is influencing this decision? decision, your ideal mate won’t
What you might want to say: My
In fact, it may lead to better If the answer is everyone but uterus is perfect, thanks! try to sway you; if he seems
choices, says Hamilton you, it’s time to ignore familial What you should say: We know determined to change your
Beazley, Ph.D., author of No pressure or ask your kin to we are all the family we need. mind, turn and run.
Regrets: A Ten-Step Program once and for all butt out. What you might wonder: Is my
for Living in the Present and body even capable of having kids? EXPECT:
Leaving the Past Behind. EXPECT: To be labelled as
“The more a woman can People to think that If you’re 100 percent sure success-obsessed
squarely face the ramifications you hate kids you don’t want rug rats, testing Raquel Castillo, 24, married,
of not having children and Melissa Bacelar, 33, married, your fertility status isn’t media director
confirm that, for her, the gains animal behaviourist imperative. (True, infertility
would outweigh the losses, can be a symptom of certain “I’ve gotten used to people
the more likely she is to avoid “When I tell people I don’t medical conditions such as confusing the fact that I
later regret,” he says. In other want children, they endometriosis, but it is not, in am career driven and don’t
words, use other people’s doubt immediately assume I don’t and of itself, a harmful health want kids with my being
as a springboard to come to like children. The truth is condition.) “Remember that shallow and money hungry.”
terms with any uncertainties that I love kids. But at the end unnecessary testing is, well,
you may be feeling. (Regardless of the day, I want to spend my unnecessary,” says preventive What you might want to say:
of your final decision, living free time with my husband.” medicine expert Yael Varnado, At least my job won’t shove me
an  active, healthy life now M.D., of Washington, D.C. in a nursing home!
helps keep your body in top What you might want to say: “Digging for problems can What you should say: My
condition for any eventuality.) Not all children. Just yours. be costly—to your wallet and work is what makes me happy.
What you should say: It’s not your physical and mental There’s nothing wrong with that.
about loving or hating kids. health.” If you think you might What you might wonder:
EXPECT: Am I using my career as a crutch?
It’s about wanting to bring one one day change your mind
Guilt trips
into the world. I just don’t. about being child-free, talk to
Lauren Hefner, 30, married, First, take a serious look
What you might wonder: Deep your gynaecologist.
photographer at your weekly schedule and
down, do I really hate them?
personal goals: Are the vast
“My family not so subtly Not everyone was made to EXPECT: majority of your waking hours
tries to guilt me all the time be a mum—or to love infants “Mr. Right will change and energy taken up by work?
by reminding me and (or toddlers, tweens, or your mind.” Do you routinely brush off
my husband that since we’re adolescents, for that matter). Sandy Han, 29, single, publicist plans with friends and family
both only children, we’re Not being super-enthusiastic in favour of more time spent
the only hope for continuing about tots certainly doesn’t “Some of my friends tell me, at the office? It’s possible that
the family lines.” make you a bad person; neither ‘Of course you wouldn’t “the ambitious pursuit of a
does being unsure about want children at this point… career can stem from running
What you might want to say: but when you finally meet away from—rather than
making such an enormous
If you’re that desperate, you the right guy you will.’”
lifelong commitment, toward—making important
can look into adoption!
says Fran Walfish, Psy.D., life decisions,” says Walfish.

What you should say: It wouldn’t

a psychotherapist in Beverly If that sounds suspiciously
Hills and the author of The familiar, it’s time to be
Self-Aware Parent. That brutally honest with yourself.
said, you could be dealing A fulfilling job should be
with unresolved issues from just that—rewarding—not
your own childhood that a distraction from having to
are subconsciously directing answer big life questions. ■

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 67
Maternity Bonus

WHME Advisory
Board member,
personal trainer,
fitness model and
Lorna Jane
Ambassador Derryn
Brown is a new mum to
a 9-month-old
baby girl

Meet the
MILFS: Everyone from our favourite
Mums In Love mummy celebrities to the
next-door-neighbour has
proven that getting back into
With Fitness shape after you’ve had a baby
can be done: All it takes is a
little determination and some
smart techniques. We speak to
some Dubai mums who got
back their sizzling figures in
record time—and find out how.

During my pregnancy, I
continued with my regular
barre-based workouts at
Dubai’s Physique 57—it’s not
high-impact anyway and the
instructors were great as they
helped me modify the moves
and showed me how to work
out safely. They now even have
special pre- and post-natal
classes! I also went to pilates-
based physiotherapy three
times a week, which felt more
like a workout than physio, and
it really helped ease my back
pain. On top of that, I aimed
two walk two hours a day and
used a fitbit to keep me
motivated to hit my goal. It
took a lot of willpower but I
was very conscious of what I
was eating as I didn’t want to
gain too much weight, so I
significantly reduced my sugar
consumption, stopped
drinking sodas, juices and

coffee, cut out fried foods

and made sure to eat
lots of fresh fruits and Founder of
vegetables and take fishfayce
vitamins on a daily photography
basis. If I had sugar and new mum to
cravings, I’d have a a 5-month-old
piece of dark baby boy
chocolate or fruit. I had
a pretty smooth delivery
and I believe being active and
eating healthily played a big
part in this—you have to train
like you would for a marathon!
Once the baby was born, I
stuck with the healthy diet,
upped my Physique 57 classes
to five a week, and within a
month I was seeing significant
changes in my body: I was able
to fit into my pre-pregnancy
tops and jeans again. I’m
continuing to work hard and, if
anything, I actually think I’ll
be in better shape than before I
was pregnant.

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 69
Maternity Bonus

trainer, physio,
and mum of
guidelines from the American never needed to twins! same as before my
SONJA College of Sports Medicine— diet. However, my three kids—just more
BELGARD although after 32 weeks it was
impossible to run, so I
second pregnancy was
with twins, so I wasn’t allowed
tired but super happy!
Working out during pregnancy
switched to using the bike and to run or lift weights at all. I kept me sane and healthy. It
crosstrainer and swimming. I stuck to swimming, biking and made me feel good about
Before my first pregnancy, I put on 10kg, of which eight using the crosstrainer but I felt myself, and helped me sleep
was running 20 km five times a were gone two weeks after the much less fit after the delivery and eat better. I’d advise other
week, working out with heavy birth—it’s true that when you and had to build up my weight women not to believe the myth
weights, and instructing aqua put on the recommended training and running from that pregnancy ruins your
aerobics, spinning and boxing. weight it pretty much all scratch. These days I have a looks—but also to give your
Once I was pregnant, I kept my comes off with the baby. The scar from my C-section and my body time to get back to
workout regime pretty much remaining 2kg I lost quickly tummy skin is a little less tight, normality, and acknowledge
the same—after consulting the through breast-feeding and but other than that I look the the amazing job it’s just done!

70 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

Dalia: Getting my pre-

pregnancy body back after my
second child (now four months
old) was easier than the first,
because I was much more
conscious of working out and
watching what I ate to make it
easier to bounce back—plus I
was running around like a
maniac after my three-year-
old toddler, which is the best
workout! Being pregnant does
not mean you should eat for
two; I carried on eating
roughly my usual portions but
with a little bit extra to keep
me at a healthy weight for my
baby. It’s only been four
months but I’m almost back to
my pre-pregnancy weight.
My body has changed a
Sisters and bit but I honestly
owners of think it’s a beautiful
Socialistisa thing: I feel a little
Boutique with 3 more womanly and
kids between that’s great.
Lama: I was never a
very health conscious

person before but now my

daughter, Sofia (who is five
months old), has inspired me
to be a healthier person and be
as clean, fit, and organic as I
can be. I tried to eat as
healthily as possible during my
pregnancy—although I have a
major sweet tooth and did
allow myself to cheat on
occasion—and I walked
regularly on the treadmill and
swam at least once a week.
Pushing myself to exercise
helped me feel more in control
of my pregnancy, and I was
able to shed all of the weight
within a couple of months. I
have a new appreciation for my
body—it’s astonishing what it
can do in nine months—and
I’m learning to embrace and
love everything about it.

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 71
Healthy Dose

Most women have trouble

scoring between the sheets—
scoring ample shut-eye, that
is. Nearly 80 percent have
problems sleeping at least a
few times a month, and
23 percent have issues almost
every night, according to an
exclusive Women’s Health
survey. What’s worse, per the
US National Sleep Foundation,
half of all women regularly
wake up feeling unrefreshed,
which can strain the body,
muddle the mind, and increase
risks for ailments such as
diabetes and depression.
What’s to blame? Not just
too-few hours in the sack.
The way you lie down is
a major factor in the quality of
your slumber. Snoozing in
the wrong position can cause
muscle cramping, impair
circulation, and leave you
hurting come the a.m. And
for the millions of women
with preexisting aches (such
as a sore back), a bad sleep
pose can spark a vicious cycle:
It can exacerbate pain, which
can lead to insomnia, which
can lead to more health
woes, which can lead to even
more sleepless nights.
Now for the help: It’s
relatively easy to switch up
your mattress stance.
Read on to score better sleep,
starting tonight.

Your Sleep

Snoozing soundly is imperative

for your health—and the trick is
getting into the ideal position.
By Malia Jacobson

72 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Lie on your left side
“Because of where our organs
are situated, sleeping on the
left puts less pressure on the IF YOU HAVE…
lower oesophageal sphincter,” Sinus Pain
says sleep specialist Priyanka Lie on your side, propped up
Yadav, D.O., of the Sleep for Anytime you’re congested—
Life Center in Hillsborough, be it from allergies, a sinus
New Jersey. (That sphincter is infection, or a plain old
the hatch that food passes cold—avoid snoozing on
through on its way to the gut. your back. Doing so means
When it’s stressed, burning your mouth can fall open
stomach acid can creep back during the night, drying out
up, irritating your throat.) what’s stuffed you up
Lie on your left side with (hardened mucus can keep
your arms resting comfortably you congested, says
in front of you. Bend your Rosenberg). Instead, lie on
knees and curl your legs semi-fetal your side with an extra
slightly toward your upper * pillow under your head and let
body into a semi-fetal gravity help with drainage.
position. If you have really Don’t forget that when your
bad heartburn, roll onto your head is up high, your arms
back and use a few pillows to will need extra support, so hug
prop up your chest and head. a pillow. Arrange your legs
Or raise the head of your bed in a comfy, slightly bent pose.
by up to six inches by slipping
bricks under your bed frame.

Back Pain
Lie on your side, with your
legs supported
Some 40 percent of women
suffer spinal issues, according
to The Clinical Journal of Pain,
and many of those originate—
or get worse—between the
sheets, because a wonky sleep IF YOU HAVE…
pose can throw off spinal Shoulder Pain
alignment for hours, says Lie on your side, in a “hug” pose
Robert S. Rosenberg, D.O., Shoulder pain has many culprits (a heavy
medical director of the Sleep handbag, slouching), but chief among them is
Disorders Centers of Prescott a thorny side-sleeping position. Yep, sleeping on
Valley and Flagstaff, Arizona. your side can both cause and alleviate shoulder
The key is to keep your pain. It’s all in the particulars, says Rosenberg.
spine in a neutral, naturally Many women make the mistake of tucking
curved position. Lie on your their bottom arm under their head, which
side and put a slight bend in strains the brachial plexus, a network of nerves
your knees, stacking your hips that controls the shoulder, arm, and hand.
in a straight line (letting your “It’s like sleeping with a 10-pound weight on
top hip flop forward will rotate your arm, and it pinches the nerves,” he says.
your lumbar spine, fuelling First, keep off your sore side. Lie on your
more pain). Place a firm pillow pain-free side with your legs slightly bent.
or two in between your knees Extend your bottom arm straight out in front
so that your legs are propped of you, then bring it in, using both arms to
about hip-width apart. Your hug a pillow to your chest. As with back pain,
arms can relax out in front of avoid flopping your top leg forward (to help
you. If this feels funny at first, alignment, place a pillow between your thighs).
don’t give up. Sleeping with If both shoulders are aching, switch to a back
extra padding takes practice. pose and keep your arms relaxed at your sides.

I L LU S TR ATI O N S BY H EN RY O BA S I March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 73

Healthy Dose

Lie on your back
Weird but true: When
you’re moody, bloated, and
crampy, avoid curling up
in a ball in bed—or passing An Achy Jaw
Lie on your back, faceup
out on your stomach.
Nighttime teeth-grinding, or bruxism, is a
Lying on your side lets gravity
genetic condition that affects about 8 percent
tug on already-tender breast
of adults. It has been linked to stress, anxiety,
ligaments (ouch!); lying
and sleep disorders; it also does a painful
facedown puts excess weight
number on your teeth and jaw—and can even
and pressure on your uterus,
change the shape of your face! If you suspect
causing irritation and more
you grind at night, lie on your back and face
cramping, says Rosenberg.
the ceiling. This allows the lower jaw to fall
Get your best PMS shut-eye
into a natural position and the facial muscles
on your back. Place a pillow
to relax, says Carolyn Taggart-Burns, D.D.S.,
under your knees to keep your
of the Academy of General Dentistry. “I tell my
lower spine from arching
patients to sleep on their back with their lips
too much, which could amp
closed but teeth open,” she says. To lower your
up soreness in the lower back.
chances of turning your head, try to keep
Keep your arms neutral at
your arms straight at your sides (people often
your sides. (If you’re still sore,
subconsciously turn toward a bent arm).
try putting another pillow
under your knees for even
more lower-body support.)
A Stiff Neck
Lie on your back
Those pancake-flat pillows you’ve had since
college aren’t doing your neck any favours.
(Ditto for those extra-puffy numbers you found
on sale.) A pillow that puts your noggin on
an upward or downward slope can compress
the cervical spine, strain neck muscles, and
cause soreness—especially if you’re lying on
your stomach or side, says Laelle Martin, D.C.,
a chiropractor in Tacoma, Washington.
Most people with neck pain benefit from
sleeping on their back with their neck in a
neutral (read: straight) position, which
involves finding a pillow that supports that
Sore Hips alignment. Keep your arms relaxed and
Lie on your back
by your sides; don’t let them sneak up behind
Around 15 percent of women
your head. If you know your neck pain stems
have bursitis, also known as
from something like a herniated disk, ask your
“runner’s hip,” a painful
doctor about skipping a pillow altogether and
condition that stems from
sleeping with your head flat on the mattress,
inflammation of the hip joint.
which can help straighten the neck. ■
Ouch-all-night bursitis can
make z’s seem impossible, but
there is a solution: Get off
your side. “Sleeping on your
injured side is the last thing raised about halfway to most problematic pose:
you want to do,” says Yadav.
Side-lying poses put undue
NO PAIN? your chest. Place a pillow
between your knees to
Though 22% of women
favour stomach sleeping, it
pressure on your hips, pushing Lie on your side. relieve any pressure on can twist the shoulders and
them into the mattress. your back. Your arms are in wrench the cervical spine,
Lucky you! Keep your
front of you, slightly bent at says Rosenberg. Smooshing
Dozing on your back gives ache-free streak going
the elbows. If this feels your face into a pillow all
your hips a break from by adopting a semi-fetal uncomfortable, it’s OK to night can also crease the
the near-constant stress of position: Sleep on one side stick with what works for skin, accelerating wrinkles
walking and sitting all day. If it with your legs bent and you—just try to avoid the and aggravating acne.
feels good, prop a pillow under
your knees for added support.

74 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Celebrity Exclusive

With a background
involving everything from
jazz and ballet to military
training, Canadian musician
Kiesza knows a thing or two
about how to keep her
energy levels soaring
B y Yi-Hwa Hann a

To watch Kiesza Rae Ellestad perform is a little

bit like being hypnotised: Not only does her
unique style of dancing keep viewers captivated,
her electrifying voice and seemingly endless
wells of energy are contagious. It’s little wonder
that she’s a brilliant dancer—with a background
in tap and jazz dance performance, she also
trained as a ballerina and has served in the Royal
Canadian Navy. It was there that she discovered
her true knack for singing and, by 2014, she was
globally recognised as the breakout star of the
summer. We sat down with the 26-year-old
powerhouse after her recent performance at
RedFest DXB to find out what keeps her smiling.

How do you like to keep fit?

Capoeira! It’s amazing because it works out the
whole body and it gives you this community that collection, I really like the black and white pair,
What’s your favourite healthy food?
you get to work out with. I also find it works out and the mint green pair.
I love sashimi and raw fish, and I’m such a salad
your mind, too, because there’s a lot of strategy
person. I eat tons of vegetables. I’m very healthy!
involved in doing it, so I’ve been practising that
Would you ever see yourself maybe
for a couple of years now. Nothing has gotten me
in better shape as quickly as capoeira. Do you have any favourite artists or designing a collaboration line with
songs at the moment? them, or a line of your own?
I’m a huge fan of Bruno Mars and Uptown Funk Yeah, I already have so many Reebok shoe design
Would you ever want to maybe create
that Mark Ronson did with him—I’ve been ideas, I’m just waiting! [Laughs] If they want me
your own workout based on your
waiting for funk to come back, and I’ve wanted to to design shoes, I’m ready to go!
unique dance routines? maybe even do some funk myself, and they’re
Oh for sure, it’s such a workout! Even with the
totally bringing it back. I really respect that. What would be your dream city to
[jerky moves], there are certain moves that if
Funk is just really happy music—it makes you so perform in?
you do them for more than 10 seconds you’re
happy to hear it, you can also dance along, and I don’t like to say that one city is better than
sweating. That would be really fun!
you also get a live band with it. another, because I like going and performing in
Why do you love dancing so much? different places and experiencing different
It’s just fun—I always wondered, ‘Why is dancing
We’ve noticed that you rocked a few audiences. But I’ve always wanted to experience
pairs of shoes from the new Reebok Japan. I don’t know why, but I just feel like it

fun, why do we enjoy it, sticking our arms out to

the beat’—but it just is! People love rhythm and I Classics range during this trip—the would be a huge culture shock, and I’m all for
just like having fun every day, so adding dance to collection seems to be very much in completely new experiences. But Dubai is
every day is always a bonus for me. line with your retro style aesthetic! someplace I’ve actually always wanted to visit, so
What did you enjoy about working the fact that I [was here] is amazing.
What did you think of Arabic food? with them, and do you have any
I’ve really noticed the flavour here—there’s way favourite pairs from this line? Kiesza is a long-time “Friend of Reebok.” The
more flavour in the food here than in many other I don’t have any direct affiliation with them, but I new Reebok Classics shoe collection—including
places that I go. I love it, it’s amazing. just love them by default—it’s Reebok! From this Kiesza’s favourites—starts from Dhs425.

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 75
There’s something a little bit different about
The National Health Insurance Company –
Daman. The region’s leading specialised
health insurer, it provides comprehensive
health insurance solutions to more than 2.4
million members in the UAE. Over the years,
it’s been the partner of choice for a number of
the country’s most prominent organisations
and multinational companies in various
industries including oil and gas, aerospace,
energy, construction, investments and media
—and it’s also backed by the reliable support
of the Abu Dhabi Government. But it’s not
just its impressive range of health insurance
plans for both individuals and organsations
—or even the fact that members enjoy access
to the largest healthcare providers’ network
in the UAE and an extensive international
network of over 45 countries—that makes it
stand out. It’s that it’s a true pioneer, and so
much more than a health care insurance
company: Daman is determined to be a
partner in every part of your life.
Committed to driving innovation through
a combination of state-of-the-art technology
and healthcare-related expertise offered by a
highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce,
Daman’s Health Support services are second
to none. In addition to a 24/7 customer call
centre, an unmatched and diverse range of
online services, and a whole host of disease
and case management programmes, the
company is also committed to making sure
your life is healthier from the inside out. The
company’s ActiveLife arm has not just seen,
but actually helped spark a shift in the
movement of the UAE as a whole. From
triathlons, swimming festivals and runs to
obstacle courses and cycling courses, you
name it and Daman has been involved with it
—in an impressively short span of time, the
company has been omnipresent in the
country’s health and fitness movement, and
on every level, appealing to both athletes and
fitness enthusiasts to beginners alike, thanks
to their unique approach. On a mission to
transform the way we think about healthcare
—and self-care—in the Middle East, they’re
the expert voice, supportive shoulder,
encouraging best friend, and trusted
resource in helping you live your best
possible life.

76 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

From The Inside Out to make more controlled

According to a recent study, decisions when it comes to
more than 66 percent of men healthier food choices.
and 60 percent of women in
the UAE are overweight or Eat Clean.
obese. The problem is a heavy The concept of eating clean
burden on the Middle East as a has been redefined so many
whole, and with it can come a times in the past couple of
range of other health years that the lines are
problems, including diabetes, becoming increasingly blurred
cardiovascular disease, stroke, as to what is and isn’t “clean”
high blood pressure, stress on —so just remember, keep it
your joints, bone problems, simple, and keep it real. Always
and breathing problems such try and choose real foods such
as sleep apnea—which in some as fresh fruits and vegetables;
cases can even be fatal—to try to avoid items containing
name just a few. Clearly, we high levels of sugar, salt,
need to do something about it preservatives and additives;
—and Daman is on the case. opt for whole grain foods such
While the UAE has seen a as oats, whole wheat, brown
major shift in its eating habits rice, whole rye and barley, and
over the past couple of years, seek out fresh meat and dairy
with not only an increasing products that are low in fat,
number of healthy eateries, vitamin-D fortified and grown
grocery stores and farmers without the use of antibiotics
markets having opened their or hormones. And remember,
doors, but also more and more don’t fear fat: Healthy fats
existing establishments such as extra virgin olive oil
adding a selection of more and coconut oil should always
health-conscious items to be on your list!
their menu. Being healthy—
and eating healthy—is fast Read The Labels.
becoming the hottest trend of Thanks to the trend factor of
the decade, and with a growing the healthy food movement,
number of people realising food packaging nowadays can
what an enormous difference be misleading. Learning how
opting for a healthy diet can to read and understand food
make in not just your weight that can be utilised at your history, but as our bodies go labels can help you make
and health status but also your local supermarket: into starvation mode, it only healthier choices. Nutrients to
emotions and mood, it’s never makes sense that in an effort to look out for include fibre,
been more important to Be organised. conserve (and obtain) as much vitamin A, calcium and iron,
remember that embracing a Proper preparation is the key energy as it can before you can while those to avoid include
lifestyle of wellness often to not only staying on track, find sustenance again. Go fat, saturated fat and sodium
begins in the kitchen. but also staying within a feeling satiated, however, and —and avoid trans fats at all
First things first: It’s all budget. If you have a list in you’re more likely to stick to costs. And don’t forget to check
about the ingredients. While front of you, you’ll be less the healthy choices and be able the expiration date!
there are now a selection of likely to stray and be distracted
boutique healthy and by unnecessary or unhealthy
speciality product grocery foods, not to mention spend
stores mushrooming across less on impulse buys. Bonus:
the United Arab Emirates, It’ll also save you time in the
such sources can wind up store, meaning you can use
being expensive, especially that extra 30 minutes saved to
when you’re trying to feed a hit the gym instead.
family and make a life-long
commitment. If you’re looking Don’t Shop Hungry.
to seek out healthy food Research from Cornell
choices, just remember to keep University has shown that
it simple and focus on people who haven’t eaten for
ingredients and quality, and several hours are more likely
thanks to Daman’s tips, it can to choose high-calorie foods.
be easy as four simple steps Blame our evolutionary

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 77

78 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

Helping Hands
Diabetes, obesity, heart
disease—the UAE faces its own
set of key healthcare problems,
but Daman is there to provide
support, solutions and
preventative approaches for
them all. Their unique Health
Support services offers and
manages a range of special
programmes designed to take
as much of the burden out of
your recovery and treatment
as possible, providing support
and advice on issues including
maternity management,
oncology and chronic
conditions such as diabetes,
asthma and rheumatology.
With so many residents in
the UAE living an expatriate
lifestyle, this means often,
patients undergoing health
issues are displaced from their
families abroad with little to which helps women through circle. As a result, whether behaviour change; nutrition;
no support system around pregnancy and the weeks you’re a first-time mother, a and obesity reduction.
them. Whether you need afterwards. With more than undergoing chemotherapy or Daman helps to tackle these
someone to hold your hand, 5,000 participants to date, it trying to manage a life with problems by working with
give you advice, or simply help sees Daman members assigned diabetes, you’ll always have various organisations to come
you feel like you’re not going a personal coordinator to support by your side. up with unique programmes
through it alone, studies have provide regular support designed to suit their needs,
shown that a touch of alongside the physician. This Corporate Engagement employing a number of clever
optimism and a more positive pro-active support is ongoing It’s not just in the personal techniques including a
outlook can help you actively and present in every stage of sphere that Daman has been technological, social and
improve a negative situation, the condition and treatment making waves with long-term investment aspect.
or at least deal with it better. plan, and it also gives healthcare—their corporate Whether it’s building in a
It’s this very philosophy that physicians, nurses and case wellness programmes are just bootcamp that comes directly
inspired the concept of coordinators to develop a as innovative. A UAE-centric to the company on a regular
Daman’s unique programme unique relationship with their survey conducted by MEED on basis; helping provide
to combat this right here in the patients, with a chance to behalf of Daman found that employees with wearable
Middle East. Realising that witness the positive changes in more than 52% of companies technology that’ll help keep
disease management and case their lives over time. “We turn surveyed provide some kind of them ever-conscious about
management could add a lot of their fear into optimism, their corporate health and wellness their health status; creating a
value to the company’s ignorance into knowledge. programme, with employee social element to help keep
existing insurance plans— Doctors [are] so busy most of wellness being cited as the people not only motivated but
particularly when adapted to the time, [the] women ask us main driver behind providing a actually excited about
the local culture—the Health questions about how this programme, closely followed committing themselves to their
Support services programme disease changes them – not by stress reduction. The healthy lifestyle; and following
was born. necessarily physically, but survey also found that thanks up with employees with
their life,” explained Sheila to such programmes, 63% of excellent incentives for full
Comprehensive Assistance Marie, a nurse and case organisations reported completion of programmes —
Thanks to this initiative, coordinator within Daman’s improvements in employee and keeping it up afterwards—
Daman now boasts a health Health Support Breast Cancer health. Their most important Daman’s corporate health and
support service that sees Case Management goals, ranked in order of wellness initiatives are an
patients receive professional Programme. The fact that importance? Health and impressive effort in changing
counsel on six life-changing Daman’s experts are strangers wellbeing; stress reduction; people’s mind-set, both inside
diseases: Diabetes, Asthma, can, in a way, help patients feel reducing preventable diseases; and outside the workplace.
Breast Cancer, Cervical more comfortable with asking engagement; health and safety
Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, their most intimate questions, education; health promotion; To learn more about the Health
and Colorectal Cancer. They with less pressure placed on education and awareness; Support Services or Corporate
also run a maternity them for fear of judgment or reducing business costs; Health and Wellness Initiatives,
management programme, invasiveness from their social smoking cessation; driving visit

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 79

Life In Motion Daman was a

Aside from its Health Support proud sponsor
programmes, Daman is so of Men’s Health
dedicated to proactively Urbanathlon
making the country a better,
healthier place they also host
and sponsor a variety of fun,
active events for the
community through their
Activelife programme.
Whatever your fitness level or
interest, there’s bound to be
one that catches your interest
—here are some of the
can’t-miss programmes the
company has proudly been
involved in…

A key programme for women
in the ActiveLife programme,
GoYas is a weekly women-only
fitness evening. Held every
Wednesday evening from
6-9pm, the programme
encourages women to stay fit
and healthy by offering private
women-only fitness activities
on Yas Marina Circuit’s iconic
F1 track. While entry is free—
allowing participants
unlimited access to walking,
cycling and cycling—a minimal
fee of Dhs50 will get you into
unlimited fitness classes
including Zumba, yoga, boot partnership with Daman, TrainDubai is set to transform needed.” The launch event was
camp, Pilates and Box Fit. If challenging competitors to set Wednesday nights at the Dubai hosted by Dame Kelly Holmes,
that isn’t enough, there’s also new personal standards for Autodrome with its unique the Double Gold Medal
free nutrition and health what is meant to be fit, in an blend of exercises suitable for Olympic Champion. The event
testing for those who want it, exhilarating, unique and all athletic abilities and saw families, professional
and since this is a programme unforgettable environment. physical health awareness. athletes and relative
designed with women in mind, Finishers were proud to Dr. Sven Rohte, Daman’s Chief newcomers to the sport
there’s even a staffed children’s receive a medal of completion, Commercial Officer, said: “We transform the Autodrome into
playground for children under while winners had the chance are proud to spread our a fun bustling circuit.
12—so busy mums can get their to compete in a USA-based Activelife philosophy of a TrainDubai evenings are free
exercise in too. Visit www. version of the competition healthy lifestyle across the and open to the public every with a free trip to do so. The UAE and reach a wider Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm.
GoYas.aspx for more details. 2015 edition promises to be audience. TrainDubai
bigger, better and grittier—the promotes healthy living and The Color Run
Men’s Health Middle only question is, are you tough wellness for the entire family, Described as “The Happiest
East’s Urbanathlon enough? as well as athletes and 5K on the Planet,” Daman’s
With 18 obstacles set over a attendees of different abilities. Activelife programme brought
10km course at Yas Marina TrainDubai Participants can take part in a the world-famous Color Run™
Circuit, Men’s Health Middle Thanks to the enormous variety of ways; on a bike, by to the UAE in December 2013.
East’s first ever Urbanathlon success of the TrainYAS walking or by running at their The Dubai edition of the run
took place in October 2014 to a evenings at Abu Dhabi’s Ys own pace with all entrants sold out of its 8,500 spots well
sell-out list of participants. Marina Circuit (which take being able to benefit from our before the race, with Color
The event—which the Men’s place every Tuesday evening), trained Daman team who will Runners representing 15
Health brand runs in 25 cities this year, Daman launched be on hand to assess their different countries. While the
across 6 continents—was held TrainDubai at Dubai physical fitness and provide event is particularly popular
in the Middle East in Autodrome. Part of ActiveLife, tips and guidance where among women—69% of the

80 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Daman helped
find Women’s
Health’s Next
Fitness Star,
Heba Abdel

Dubai demographic was are now a firm fixture on the presentation ability, style and community triathlon, it’s staged
female, with most between the country’s events circuit. For charisma to their fitness and completely on the Formula 1
ages of 25-33—it was a family more details, visit www. health routines. The five Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand
affair that everyone was finalists were then profiled in a Prix circuit, and even began with
welcome to, regardless of age, following issue of the a pasta party the night before to
physical ability or gender. The Women’s Health magazine, after which they provide participants with the
Dubai edition took place at the Middle East’s The took part in a series of exciting change to get pumped for the
Dubai Autodrome, and Next Fitness Star events. For the final round, the event and a chance to obtain
finished off with an exciting The first of its kind in the public voted for their favourite their race briefing and race pack
celebration party that was a region, The Next Fitness Star star online, following which collections with a difference.
kaleidoscope of fun, festive is a campaign by Women’s the winner had the chance to Running from 11:30am to 7pm,
colour. One of the event’s most Health Middle East to find the star in their own workout DVD, race day saw participants—which
unique aspects is that it’s UAE’s ultimate fitness talent, distributed with a winter issue included both adults and
untimed, and rather than for which Daman is a key of Women’s Health Middle children – run, swim and cycle
being a race to see who’s sponsor. Open to any member East, along with an exclusive their way to the finish line in a
fastest, it’s more of a of the public, entrants spread and interview. Stay triumphant celebration of their
celebration of having fun with submitted an audition tape via tuned for details of the efforts. To learn more, visit www.
friends, family and loved ones the dedicated website, after competition’s 2015 edition at
while enjoying an active which five finalists were fitness/fitness-activities/triyas.
lifestyle—all with a riot of selected by an expert panel of
colour, of course. Following hand-picked judges—one of TriYAS Want to learn more about the
the success of the Dubai which was Andrew Phillips, This sold-out event took place exciting programmes that
edition in December 2013, the Daman’s Marketing and last month, on February 20th, ActiveLife hosts or is involved
capital got its taste with the Customer Experience with its 2015 edition being its with throughout the year? Visit
first The Color Run Abu Dhabi Management Director—based 5th annual occurrence. The the or check out
in March 2014, and the events on everything from their UAE’s largest and coolest

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 81
Healthy Dose

Why the
monster grips
you hard
above swell to the point of
obsession, à la Fatal
Attraction. You might act
We’re probably all irrationally (freaking if he
hardwired for jealousy; ogles an actress) or
even babies and dogs feel fanatically (creepily
it. Not to be confused checking up on him).
with envy, which is about
coveting what someone The Body Blow
else has (e.g., a fab Once you’re green-
house), jealousy is about eyed, you might have
protecting what’s trouble seeing anything
yours—or what you think else—quite literally. A
is yours. It frequently study found that women
involves a me-you-her in the throes of jealousy
romantic triangle and had trouble spotting
often crops up at the start obvious objects. The
of a relationship. greater their jealousy, the
harder time they had.
The Mind Game (Note to self: No driving
It might not be a while jealous!)
“jealousy centre,” but
Jealousy might also
scientists suspect the

kick-start the body’s
brain’s left frontal cortex,
stress response. Enter
which deals in emotions
an overflow of stress
like shame, is involved.

hormones, spiked blood
Another key player is pressure, and an
your noggin’s dopamine increased heart rate.
system; it regulates the
chemical associated with The End Results
happiness or reward. Except for any delusion,
these reactions could be…
Spurred by the good for you. Researchers
above are the three types believe that jealousy
of jealousy: evolved in humans to
· Reactive jealousy motivate people to
happens after your mate protect the unions that
has actually deceived you. would help them survive.
You know he strayed and (Hence, jealousy is often
feel PO’ed, anxious, or followed by aggression.)
sad. (Ditto if, for example,
you caught your BFF out In other words, jealousy
with a fun new friend.) is an innate part of life
and no cause for
· Suspicious jealousy rears
its head when you see embarrassment. Studies
him flirting with someone show that couples who
else or if you start to get just a little green-eyed
doubt his commitment. from time to time tend to
Cue feelings of insecurity have long, rich unions.
and distrust. —Laura Beil
· Delusional jealousy takes
over when either of the

82 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Somehow, scoring a
“budget meal” doesn’t
sound quite as
appealing as snagging a
“style steal” on, say, a sexy
pair of heels. Besides, when
it comes to buying quality
food that’s both delicious
and nutritious, you have to
pay top dollar, right?
Turns out that’s not true,
and WH is here to prove
it. This section is brimming
with mouthwatering recipes
that will help trim your body
and boost your health.
Prepare to tighten your
belt—in more ways than


March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 83
Life Stylist

cook once
eat for the week
Your weekday schedule
and your budget have a
lot in common: It’s tough
to squeeze more out of
either of ’em. Lucky for you,
about Dhs150 worth of
groceries scores you new
healthy, delicious dinners
for five straight nights.
Another bargain: You’ll spend
less than 30 minutes
a day in the kitchen.
Photographs by Con Poulos

84 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
slim body fat wallet

Prep time: 10 minutes Prep time: None
Cooking time: 2 hours Cooking time: 20 minutes
10 minutes (plus 15 minutes
resting time) ¾ cup low-sodium
chicken broth
3 kg roasting chicken ¾ cup 1% milk
½ tsp salt ½ cup water
½ tsp garlic powder ½ cup uncooked polenta
¼ tsp ground black
1. Bring chicken broth,
milk, and water to a boil in
½ lemon, quartered a medium saucepan.
4 cloves garlic, peeled
2. Add polenta, mix well,
and split in half
and reduce heat so polenta
1. Preheat oven to 230°C. is barely bubbling.
Season the inside and 3. Continue cooking,
outside of chicken with salt, stirring continuously, for
garlic powder, and pepper. 10 to 15 minutes or until
Squeeze the juice from polenta is tender and no
all lemon pieces into the longer grainy.
cavity. Stuff cavity with PER SERVING: 177 cal, 1 g fat
garlic cloves and lemon (<1 g sat), 32 g carbs, 77 mg
pieces, then place chicken, sodium, 2 g fibre, 7 g protein
breast side up, on a rack in
a large roasting pan. MUSHROOM RAGOUT
2. Roast chicken at 230°C Prep time: 10 minutes
for 10 minutes, then reduce Cooking time: 15 minutes
heat to 175°C and continue
roasting for 2 hours or 2 tsp virgin olive oil
until a meat thermometer ½ cup chopped
inserted at the inner thigh Vidalia onion
reaches 74°C. 1 clove garlic, minced
3. Remove chicken from 3 cups sliced white
oven and let it rest for mushrooms
15 minutes before slicing. 1 pinch salt
Cut 6 small slices of breast 1 pinch pepper
meat, remove skin, and 1 pinch dried thyme
serve (3 slices per person).
½ cup low-sodium
After remaining chicken has
chicken broth
cooled, remove and discard
the skin, then wrap the 1 tsp Worcestershire
meat and refrigerate until
needed for other recipes. 1 Tbsp tomato paste
PER SERVING: 141 cal, 3 g fat 1. Heat olive oil in a large
(1 g sat), <1 g carbs, 159 mg sauté pan over medium-low
sodium, 0 g fibre, 26 g protein
heat. Add onion and sauté
for 3 minutes. Add garlic
and sauté for 1 minute. Add
mushrooms and continue
cooking until softened,
about 5 to 6 minutes.
2. Season with salt, pepper,
and thyme. Add chicken
broth, Worcestershire Cost per serving:
sauce, and tomato paste.
Mix well to combine.
3. Reduce heat to low and
AED 20
(All recipes serve two.)
simmer for 5 minutes. Serve
over creamy polenta.
PER SERVING: 95 cal, 5 g fat
(<1 g sat), 10 g carbs, 180 mg
sodium, 2 g fibre, 5 g protein

March 2015 / WOMEN’S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 85

Life Stylist

SALAD ½ cup cannellini beans,
Prep time: 15 minutes rinsed and drained
Cooking time: 10 minutes ¼ cucumber, thinly
1 small whole-wheat
pita pocket, cut into 4 thin slices Vidalia Cost per serving:
Nonstick cooking
spray, preferably
¼ red bell pepper,
thinly sliced
AED 10
olive oil ¼ yellow bell pepper,
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice thinly sliced
1 Tbsp white 1. Spray pita with cooking
wine vinegar spray. Toast in a 200°C
¼ tsp sugar oven for 8 to 10 minutes,
¼ tsp Dijon mustard until golden. Set aside.
1 large pinch lemon zest 2. Whisk lemon juice,
vinegar, sugar, mustard,
1½ Tbsp virgin olive oil
and lemon zest together in
1 pinch ground black a small bowl. Add olive oil
pepper and pepper; whisk well to
1 cup diced cooked combine. Set aside.
skinless white-meat
chicken 3. Place remaining
ingredients in a medium
2 cups shredded salad bowl and toss with
Bibb lettuce
dressing. Crumble toasted
1 medium tomato, pita into large chips. Add to
cut into eighths salad, toss well, and serve.
PER SERVING: 356 cal, 14 g fat
(2 g sat), 30 g carbs, 416 mg
sodium, 7 g fibre, 30 g protein

86 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 8 minutes
2 tsp peanut or
canola oil
½ cup chopped
Vidalia onion
1½ cloves garlic, minced
1½ tsp minced
½ cup water chestnuts,
drained and chopped
1 cup diced cooked
skinless dark-meat
2 Tbsp low-sodium
chicken broth
1 Tbsp low-sodium
soy sauce
2 Tbsp rice wine vinegar
1 pinch ground
black pepper
2 cups cooked
brown rice

2 scallions, thinly sliced

4 Bibb lettuce leaves,
1 tsp black sesame
1. Heat oil in a large sauté
pan over medium-low heat.
Add onion and sauté for
3 minutes. Reduce heat to
low. Add garlic and ginger-
root and sauté for 1 minute.
Add water chestnuts and
cook 1 more minute.
2. Add chicken, broth, soy
sauce, vinegar, and pepper;
stir well. Add rice and cook
for 3 minutes. Remove from
heat and stir in scallions.
Cost per serving:
3. Divide chicken mixture
equally among lettuce
leaves. Sprinkle with
sesame seeds and serve.
PER SERVING: 420 cal, 14 g fat
(3 g sat), 48 g carbs, 371 mg
sodium, 4 g fibre, 24 g protein

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 87

Life Stylist

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
1 Tbsp pine nuts
2 tsp virgin olive oil
½ cup chopped Vidalia
¾ cup low-sodium
chicken broth
½ cup dry whole-wheat
¼ tsp salt
½ tsp curry powder
1 pinch cinnamon
¼ cup tart dried
cherries, chopped
1 cup diced cooked
skinless dark-meat
2 scallions, thinly sliced
1. Toast pine nuts in a 205°C
oven for 2 minutes. Set
aside and allow to cool.
2. Heat olive oil in a medium
saucepan over medium-low
heat. Add onion and sauté
for 2 minutes. Add broth
to saucepan and bring to a
boil. Remove from heat.
3. Add couscous, salt, curry
powder, cinnamon, and
cherries. Stir well. Cover
and steam for 10 minutes.
4. While couscous mixture
is steaming, heat chicken
in the microwave for 30
seconds on 50 percent
power until just warmed.
Fluff cooked couscous
Cost per serving: with a fork. Add chicken,
scallions, and toasted pine
AED 7 nuts; toss well.
PER SERVING: 454 cal, 14 g fat
(3 g sat), 56 g carbs, 334 mg
sodium, 12 g fibre, 28 g protein

shop once, cook all week! canned goods

Garlic powder
Curry powder
Bring this list to the store to snag all the 2 cans low-sodium Cinnamon
ingredients you need for these five fab meals. chicken broth Virgin olive oil
(14½ oz each) f ro z e n fo o d s
1 cucumber 1 can tomato paste Peanut or canola oil
dairy section 1 bag frozen Nonstick cooking
1 red bell pepper (6 oz) corn kernels
produce a rea 1% milk spray
1 yellow bell pepper 1 can water
1 lemon Goat cheese chestnuts (8 oz) miscellaneous Worcestershire
1 head garlic 1 bunch coriander sauce
Shredded Monterey 1 can cannellini Black sesame seeds
2 large Vidalia butcher Jack cheese beans (15½ oz) Pine nuts Low-sodium soy
onions department sauce
pasta and grain bakery Tart dried cherries
1 package white 1 roasting chicken Rice wine vinegar
mushrooms (14 oz) (7 lbs) section Whole-wheat White wine vinegar
from your
1 small piece fresh Uncooked polenta pita bread pa nt r y Sugar
gingerroot Brown rice 6-inch corn tortillas Salt Dijon mustard
1 bunch scallions Whole-wheat Ground black
1 head Bibb lettuce couscous pepper
1 medium tomato Dried thyme

88 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

Cost per serving:

AED 10

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
1½ oz goat cheese,
softened to room
2 Tbsp shredded
Monterey Jack cheese
½ tsp virgin olive oil
¼ cup chopped
Vidalia onion
½ cup frozen corn
kernels, thawed
1 pinch ground
black pepper
½ cup diced cooked
skinless white-meat
1 Tbsp chopped
fresh coriander
4 six-inch corn tortillas
Nonstick cooking
spray, preferably
olive oil
1. Combine cheeses in a
small bowl. Set aside.
2. Heat olive oil in a medium
sauté pan over medium-low
heat. Add onion and sauté
for 2 minutes. Add corn and
pepper; sauté for 1 minute.
Add chicken and sauté for
1 minute. Remove from
heat, then stir in coriander.
3. Divide cheese mixture
and spread over 2 tortillas.
Layer each tortilla with half
the chicken mixture and top
with remaining tortillas.
4. Spray a large frying
pan or griddle with cooking
spray. Warm quesadillas
over medium heat for 5 to 6
minutes, flipping halfway.
PER SERVING: 361 cal, 14 g fat
(6 g sat), 38 g carbs, 340 mg
sodium, 3 g fibre, 21 g protein

Tried making
these meals?
> Share some photos
of your results on
Instagram, tagging

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 89
Food Spy

Dinner Theatre
The Place
Al Hadheerah at Bab Al
Shams; 04 809 6100.

What It Promises
Desert dining with
authentic Arabic food and
a show, from Dhs425.

Our Experience
Don’t be too quick to write
off Al Hadheerah as a
tourist attraction only. Yes,
it’s popular with tourists,
but it’s also a magical way
to experience a too-oft
hidden side of Emirati
culture. Set deep in the
desert, with open fire pits
and a market-style buffet,
the restaurant serves
Arabic cuisine from
Moroccan to Lebanese, but
the main draw for me was
the chance to try Emirati
food: Meltingly tender
lamb cooked for six hours
underground, veal
The Place on the star attraction, the stage. mango and truffle chimichurri harees—a slightly
The Act Dubai; 04 355 1116. The Act’s dinner shows open at and tender, rich, oven-roasted disconcerting “meat
8:30pm, and even the way your duck breast set atop a gentle porridge”—and delicious
What it promises meal is timed will be perfectly bed of coriander rice with a hint desserts like luqeymat (aka
Tasty Peruvian food served up staged. First, you’ll get a taste of of orange sauce for zing setting the Khaleeji doughnut)
to a themed dinner show (that the starters, from juicy ceviche up camp on our tastebuds long and khabeesa, a kind of
changes every several weeks) to flakey empanadas that burst into the night. Meanwhile, the caramelised semolina.
every Monday, Tuesday and with flavour. Whether you’re a show itself was a visual and While we ate under the

Wednesday, from Dhs320. fan of quinoa or not, to miss out aural feast. The current Rocker stars, we watched dancers
on dishes that boast the stuff Girlz show saw performers act, from across the region,
Our Experience here would be tragic: From the sing and dance their way across from the whirling skirts of
The moment you step into The eggplant carpaccio—light and the stage (and the restaurant, the tanoura to a belly
Act, you’ll know you’ve already punctuated with crispy quinoa, not to mention aerial hoops) dancer unnervingly keen
entered a world of whimsical dressed in fresh coriander aioli while enthralling the audience on audience participation.
fancy—even the reception area and a sharp white balsamic with an exciting tale of heart- Along a sand dune behind
that the dedicated lifts take you reduction—to the beetroot break, friendship, courage and the stage, men fighting on
up to boasts outlandish décor, salad, a moreish blend pulled absolutely rocking redemption. horseback and a caravan of
with the entire room dressed together with soft goat cheese, camels and sheep told the
like it’s upside down. Up the cashew nuts and blood orange The Verdict story of desert tribe life.
winding staircase you’ll find a dressing, the toasted quinoa’s Stunning surrounds, delicious
dramatic yet cosy venue filled firecracker-worthy texture had cuisine and ever-changing The Verdict
with touches of velvet, opulent my date and I reeling in delight. entertainment that never fails Should be on the bucket list
colour and bold chandeliers, Mains didn’t disappoint, with a to charm should make this a for everyone who calls the
with the entire room focused grilled wagyu rib eye doused in regular on your date night rota. U.A.E. home.

90 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
Scale Down


Burger and Fries

Each month your favourite dishes get a
healthy and delectable do-over with
tips from Keri Glassman, R.D. A meat-free
twist on spring’s
top cookout staple.

Every burger needs

a sidekick. Get 1½ cups cooked
the crispiness you crave brown rice
without the grease. 2 Tbsp chipotle
seasoning, divided
1 can black beans
(15 oz), drained
A creamy slice and rinsed
of mozz provides 2 zucchini, cut into
a nice hit sticks
of calcium 4 tsp olive oil, divided
and protein. 1 white onion, sliced
2 cups sliced white
2 whole-wheat buns,
4 slices fresh
Preheat oven to 204°C.
Line a baking sheet with
parchment paper and
coat with spray. In a food
processor, blend rice,
1 tablespoon seasoning,
and beans for 1 minute.
Form into 4 patties,
sprinkle with salt, and
place on half of the
baking sheet. In a bowl,
coat zucchini sticks in 2

teaspoons olive oil and


remaining seasoning.
A WINNING COMBO Place on the other half
of the sheet and bake 15
Together, rice and beans form a complete
minutes. Rotate pan, flip
protein, which means they contain all patties and zucchini, and
the amino acids your body needs—just bake 15 minutes more.
like a beef patty, but with tons of fibre Meanwhile, sauté onions
Just by avoiding a deep fryer, you with 1 teaspoon olive

and a fraction of the fat.

win with these crunchy baked bites. oil until caramelised,
But there’s more: Zucchini is full about 20 minutes. Then
of vitamins and antioxidants, and its sauté mushrooms in
Onions are one of the best sources of high fibre and water content will help remaining 1 teaspoon
quercetin, a chemical that may help you feel fuller longer. oil for 5 minutes. When
fight heart disease and cancer; done, top each half-bun
mushrooms, a top antioxidant source THE PAYOFF with a burger, a slice of
(research has ranked them up there Compared with this makeover, cheese, and ¼ of onions
and mushrooms. Serve
with carrots and green beans), may even a burger and fries from a restaurant
zucchini on the side.
help bolster your immune system. could cost you more than four times
MAKES 4 SERVINGS Per serving:
Cooked in heart-healthy olive oil, they the calories, seven times the fat, 390 cal, 9 g fat, 60 g carbs, 210 mg
sodium, 14 g fibre, 19 g protein,
are a seriously nutritious set of toppers. and—ready?—10 times the sodium.

P H OTO G R A P H S BY B R I A N K EN N EDY March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 91

Eat Smart

Tastes Better Together

fruit, with an
accent: Cardamom
is a sophisticated
spice common
in Indian
and Scandinavian

Blue Sp
Pecan Salad
1 egg white
½ cup pecans
½ tsp ground cardamom
1 tsp orange zest
1 cup blueberry juice
2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 Tbsp fresh orange juice
1 tsp minced shallot
½ tsp minced garlic
½ tsp Dijon mustard
Pinch of salt and pepper
8 cups arugula
½ cup fresh blueberries
57 g reduced-fat blue cheese,
> Preheat oven to 160°C. In
a bowl, beat egg white with a
fork until frothy. Coat pecans in
egg white, drain, and combine 2. Muffins: In a bowl, combine
with cardamom and orange 1 cup flour, ¼ cup ground flaxseed,
zest. Bake pecans on a sheet ¾ tsp baking powder, ½ tsp
for 15 to 20 minutes, then ground cardamom, ¼ tsp baking
break up pecans and set aside. soda, a pinch of salt, and zest of
> Meanwhile, warm blueberry half an orange. In another bowl,
juice in a saucepan over combine 1 egg, ¼ cup each honey,
medium-high heat until kefir, and applesauce, and ½ tsp
reduced to about 2 Tbsp vanilla. Combine wet and dry
(about 15 minutes). Remove ingredients. Fold in ¾ cup frozen
from heat. In a bowl, whisk Three More blueberries. Fill six muffin-tin cups
balsamic vinegar with orange Delicious Recipes and bake at 180°C for 25 minutes.
juice, shallot, garlic, Dijon 1. Berry salmon: Sauté 1 minced 3. Cooler: In a saucepan, mash 1
mustard, and salt and pepper. shallot and 1 minced garlic clove in cup blueberries and cook over
Whisk in blueberry reduction. canola oil for 2 minutes. Deglaze medium heat until bubbly. Remove
> Divide arugula among the pan with ¼ cup water. Add from heat; add 1 cup dry gin

four plates. Sprinkle toasted 1 cup blueberries, 1 Tbsp red wine (optional). Cool, strain, and chill.
pecans, blueberries, and vinegar, 1 tsp lime juice, ¼ tsp each Over medium heat, dissolve ¼ cup
blue cheese on top, then ground cardamom, coriander, sugar in ¼ cup water. Add ½ Tbsp
drizzle with berry vinaigrette. ginger, and salt, and ⅛ tsp cayenne cardamom pods. Cool, strain, and
MAKES 4 SERVINGS Per serving: pepper. Simmer until thick, chill. In a jar with ice, shake 57g
200 cal, 12 g fat (2.5 g sat), 17 g carbs, crushing half the berries, about spiced syrup, and 4 tsp lemon
330 mg sodium, 3 g fibre, 7 g protein 10 minutes. Season and grill 4 juice. Pour into glasses, then
salmon fillets; serve with sauce. garnish with lemon wedges.

92 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015 PH OTOG R APHS BY LE VI B ROWN

life + love


How to
She plays a zombie fighter on
The Walking Dead, but Lauren Cohan
is killing it in the real world, too. Follow
her lead to conquer new challenges,
roll with unexpected chaos, and
slay whatever comes your way.
By Denene Millner


Cover Exclusive

2 3


Keeping up with the long Lauren’s been a foodie
Serenbe—a 1,000-acre community specially days on The Walking Dead basically since birth: Her
designed to promote organic farming and sustainable set requires Lauren to be mum, dad, and stepdad all
living in Georgia’s Chattahoochee Hills—is, in many fit. While you might not cook, and her brother’s a

ways, idyllic. have to run through the professional chef. Today,
Idyllic or creepy, that is: With isolated dirt woods, fall to the ground, she eats clean to keep up
roads, sprawling grass fields, and rolling hills that and cry over someone’s her energy levels. (She’s
disembowelled body like actually working on her
belie what’s just around the corner, it’s the perfect she so often does, staying own health-conscious
backdrop for AMC’s zombie hit The Walking Dead, in shape helps you feel cookbook right now.) “I
now in its fifth season. Suspend reality for even a ready for anything—even am nowhere without my
nanosecond and it’s not hard to imagine cannibal if you’re just running smoothie in the morning,”
corpses tumbling from the shadows, just looking errands, running after a she says. “I feel like they
to turn you into a human flesh burger. 2-year-old, or running from invented the wheel and
meeting to meeting. “I feel then they invented the

like the most important Vitamix. It is magical.”
It was Lauren Cohan, who thing is stretching,” says After that, “I just eat
plays weapon-wielding Maggie S U RV I VA L S K I L L : Lauren. She aims to fish and vegetables, fish
walk at least 10,000 steps and vegetables, fish and
Greene on Dead—the number
one show on television among ADAPT a day; she also loves
Pilates and barre classes.
vegetables. Really, if
you don’t eat too much
the 18-to-49 set—who chose
this location for her WH
interview. The actress, 33, also
FAST “I’m not going to be
jacked—that’s not my
and you keep moving
and you’re happy, you’re
It’s a Darwinian-esque physical makeup,” she probably going to be
suggested Rollerblading, zip- concept as important in
lining, and a gardening class. says. “But it’s just about exactly where your body
an apocalypse as in less being strong.” wants you to be.”
Though a simple meal (so she dramatically trying times.
could focus on the convo at Lauren faced change
hand) made the final cut, all of early on, when her family
Lauren’s ideas could easily packed up their New
have come from the fictional Jersey home and moved
Maggie, in a “let’s go kick some to England (which explains
undead booty and keep living her British accent, so Stayin’ Alive
off the land” kind of way. different from Maggie’s Despite the tongue-in-cheek zombie-preparedness plan
Lauren certainly shares soft drawl). At first, she on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
some of that spirit. But as wasn’t thrilled—what website, a dawn of the dead is unlikely. Their tips (and
she excitedly chats about these) still work if you’re stuck in a less-sci-fi 911 situation.
angsty teen would be?—
everything from meditation but she grew to love her GET WARM. No kindling? Use BUILD YOUR OWN TOOLS. Make
to alkaline water to keeping new country. “I’m grateful a match and cotton balls a spear by rubbing the end of
her digestive system moving— to my parents for instilling covered in hand sanitiser or a tree branch into a sharp point.
in service of which, she giggles, in us this adaptability,” petroleum jelly to start a fire.
DINE WISELY. Eating the
“I’m doing Kegel exercises she says. “It was an ASSEMBLE A TEAM. There wrong foraged food could kill
right now!”—it becomes awesome adventure.” really is safety in numbers. you, but dandelions, acorns,
obvious that this long, lean, Today, she relishes Ideally, join forces with a hunter, walnuts, and crickets are usually
fresh-faced beauty is way heading solo to foreign a forager, and/or a doctor. safe. Bon appétit! —Emily Pifer
more hippie chick than lands or seeking thrills Sources: Steve Lancia, E.M.T., founder of Northcamp Wilderness
Maggie the Badass. “I haven’t close to home (she splits Survival School in Riverside, Connecticut; Pascal Baudar,
a wild-food expert and a self-reliance instructor in Los Angeles
experienced the trauma that her time between Atlanta,
Maggie has,” she says. London, and L.A.). For a
Still, her personal quest friend’s recent birthday,
to stay happy, healthy, and she decided they should
fearless—however granola her do something that scared
methods—reveals a lot about them. Enter zip-lining.
how to overcome the slings “If I’ve never done it, I’m
and arrows of daily life, if not going to learn the most.
the end of the world. Listen in I’m going to go somewhere
as she shares the survival skills crazy and be out of my
she relies on off the set. comfort zone.”
94 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
If I’ve never
done it, I’m going
to learn the most.
I’m going to go
somewhere crazy
and be out of my
comfort zone.

PH OTOG R APH ER CR EDIT March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 95

Cover Exclusive


As a naturally slim teen,
Lauren was teased for
being underweight. When
people did compliment her
looks, she was so sensitive
about her body image that
she couldn’t appreciate

the props. Lauren’s stepdad

set her straight, telling her,
“I want you to practice just
saying thank you. Simply
accept that somebody else
said something nice to you.”
That clicked with her.
“When I’m doubting myself,
my friend Amy says, ‘Don’t
talk about my friend like
that.’ I love that.” It’s a
concept that’s paid off in
Hollywood, too. “You
gotta get out of bed in the
morning,” Lauren notes.
“If I had no ego, would I be
in an industry this public?”


“I started meditation when
I was 17,” Lauren says.
“I’m just trying to be in the
moment.” And watching
her as she goes about
her day, it’s clear she walks
the talk. She greets
everyone with a big smile.
Hugs are in abundance.
She’s an attentive listener
and an astute observer.
Simply put, Lauren is a
nice person. There is a
method to her mildness.
“It’s a simple goal. Just
treat people the way you
want to be treated. Be Save Your Skin
kind all the time.” Don’t get She may roll in mud on set (take a glance right), but Lauren’s offscreen skin
it twisted: She knows this
is spotless. Her glow comes courtesy of Dermalogica Precleanse—which

takes work. But, she says,

preps pores to better absorb facial wash—and Biologique Recherche
“When you can be that,
cleansing milk. She lathers her bod with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile
then you have more ability
to expect that from other Liquid Soap. “It really wakes you up!” she says. “It’s great at night to get
people. What you reflect, the dirt off.” Above all else? Drink lots of water: “I can’t stress it enough.”
you receive.” ■

96 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015
What Men Think

Wonho Chung,
33, Arabic-speaking Korean comic.
For a list of his upcoming shows
around the world,

What’s the first thing you
notice about a woman?
It’s always a mixture of looks and
What’s your idea of
personality, for me: A nice smile the perfect date?
goes a long way, or beautiful I like dates that are full
eyes—and if she has a great days—maybe meet in
personality and sense of humour the afternoon, then go
too, that’s a winner. watch a show or head
to a museum, enjoy a
beautiful dinner, then
go for a long walk at a
You’re fluent in Arabic
(and speak four other park or the beach, for
languages!)—are there any instance. It gives you
skills that you find really the chance to really
attractive in a woman? get to know each other
I like someone who doesn’t properly and find out
adhere to the status quo—I find it very if you truly click.
inspiring when someone has done things - Yi-Hwa Hanna
that are quite different, or that I can learn
from, be it cooking, other languages, or
musical skills, such as singing or playing
an instrument.
Fast Talk
> Blonde,

What do you think is the secret to brunette or
a successful relationship? redhead?
Understanding and compromise— Brunette.
everyone says that, but I don’t think > Stay in or go
a lot of people apply it. You also need
If it’s with the
to keep things exciting in every right person,
aspect—surprise your partner once anywhere!
in a while, and make sure there’s > Ideal super-
constant fun and changes, in a way power?
where you can grow together. To read her mind
—women are a
> Makeup or au

As a professional funny guy, naturale?
how important is it to you that
a woman has a good sense of
humour? > Desert-island
It is important that she
A partner, a
understands my humour—she laptop with WiFi
doesn’t need to be a comedian or anything, but (with a never-

mainly she just needs to be light-hearted and ending battery!)

have a strong sense of fun. I’m silly 24/7, and and a nice bed
with a mosquito
when I’m with someone I like to show her off net. Can I bring
to people so they can see what a wonderful girl a Four Seasons
I have by my side. hotel along?

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 97
Lived to Tell


777 MARATHON Running one marathon is tough
enough on the body and the brain, so
CHALLENGE imagine running seven marathons in
seven days, across seven continents...

In 2011, I met Maria building up from there, plus

Conceicao, founder of the I started working out with a
Maria Cristina Foundation, personal trainer to increase
a Dubai-based charity that my strength.
helps underprivileged The Challenge itself was
children in Dhaka, a mind blowing experience—
Bangladesh. I’ve been I feel like I’ve gone time
fortunate to have a stable traveling with a group of
family life and have never strangers! We became a
gone without but, as my own family, helping each other
three daughters grew up, to get through it, right down
something inside me made me to the silliest things like
feel like I had to give back to reminding each other what
the many children in need. So day it was, or whether we’d had
right there and then, I decided a bath or a shower in the last
to raise awareness for the hotel we stayed at. I have the
foundation by walking seven fondest memories of the white
marathons across the seven beds and incredible pizza at
Emirates in seven days, and our New York hotel, mainly
Maria decided to join me. We because I was totally famished
raised a lot of money and I still and mentally drained from
smile when I remember that our back-to-back marathons
time and what we did for the done in 18 hours in Paris and
children. Tunis. Every time you finish a
Then, in August 2014, race, you remove your running
Maria asked if I would like to gear, pack your bag and go
do the 777 Challenge—seven straight to the airport, then try
marathons across seven and get some rest in the plane
continents in seven days. I was seat. We did four marathons
blown away! It was totally out and travelled across four
of my comfort zone—I’d never continents before we could To learn more about the
run before, only done speed finally sleep properly in a bed. Maria Cristina Foundation,
walking; I’d have to take time At times we were all tired, visit their website at
away from my family, and I’d frustrated, in pain, or even
have to cope with increasing tearful, but I feel so privileged
jet lag and the stiffness as the to have had the chance to run
marathons went on. But I all over the world. The most

thought of all the kids in need fulfilling marathon for me was and very steep, slippery hills, a penguin on the island of
and knew that I couldn’t live the seventh and last, on King plus your muscles struggle penguins!
with the feeling if I didn’t even George Island in Antarctica. and feel boiling by contrast It was a fantastic
try to help. So I began training, It was the most gruelling run in temperatures well below experience running the 777
starting with 5 km runs and as I had to deal with ice, rocks, freezing. But I actually saw Challenge for the Maria
penguins and, when a cartilage Cristina Foundation. I’m so
problem in my knees flared happy to see the things that
It was a mind blowing up and I could hardly run, an
experienced marathoner told
my body could accomplish
even at the age of 49, plus
experience—I feel like I’ve gone me to run with my feet facing I’ve made so many new
time travelling with a group outwards. It immediately
made a difference—and I
friends. The advice and
encouragement they gave me
of strangers! was basically running like is something I’ll never forget.

98 W O M E N ' S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

love + life

Unload Your
Learn how to stop dragging old
love issues into a new relationship.
By Sheila Monaghan /

Life and Love

e Even if you’re over your

ex, your romantic history
has a funny (in a sick sort of
way) tendency of creeping
into life with your new
partner.“The relationships
we invest in the most,
regardless of how long we
were in them or how long
ago they happened, are the
ones that have the biggest
impact on us,” says Terri
Orbuch, Ph.D., a research
professor at the Institute
for Social Research at
the University of Michigan
and author of 5 Simple
Steps toTakeYour Marriage
from Good to Great.“And if
things went awry in those
relationships, we often carry
the anger or insecurity into
our subsequent romances.”
So how do you prevent Check
the past from coming back yourself
to haunt you? Claim your before
baggagebycomingcleanto you
your current mate (sparing wreck
him the dirty details,
of course). According to
a study published in the
Journal of Experimental
Social Psychology, people BAGGAGE psychotherapist in New York partner is lying. You may end
experienced a heightened Your Partner City. People who were up jumping down his throat and
sense of intimacy after Cheated on You cheated on in the past may accusing him of things he didn’t
revealing personal info, Almost anything your guy find themselves setting do, which may understandably
such as their ex-related does that’s not completely traps and checking on their infuriate him and ultimately
straightforward will evoke new partner, asking them threaten your union, says
issues, and felt more valued feelings of distrust, explains questions they know the psychologist Christie Hartman,
andsupported.Forgeahead JoAnn Magdoff, Ph.D., a answers to, and assuming their Ph.D., author of It’s Not Him,
by following this advice.

100 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015


It’s You: The Truth You May Not carry such powerful meaning altogether, says Orbuch. SINGLE
Want but Need to Hear. and weight—and because a > Unload it: Know that your LADIES
> Unload it: Make it clear romantic partner sees you ex’s slams were much more
that while your trust issues without your clothes on— about him than you. “Anyone
Whether you’ve had to ditch
have nothing to do with him, criticism within the context who insults or criticises a a dude, been ditched yourself,
you equate his vagueness of intimacy can be particularly partner in this way is massively or just waved goodbye to your
with being lied to. “Tell him damaging, explains Thomas insecure and is making a honey for an evening with the
that because of your past, you Bradbury, Ph.D., codirector desperate attempt to cover up gals, there’s no substitute for a
solid girls’ night out. Here are
assume the worst when he’s of the Relationship Institute a deep sense of inferiority,” says some great picks:
unclear,” says Magdoff, and that at the University of California Hartman. Translation: He may
keeping you in the loop and at Los Angeles. “Even the not have thought those things No. 5 Lounge & Bar
being specific will go a long way most confident people can about you but felt compelled to If you’re looking for a
sophisticated affair, look no
toward helping you feel more feel a painful twinge if an cut you down to prop himself further than this glam terrace
connected and secure. This will intimate partner criticises up. To make sure you take your at The Ritz Carlton Dubai.
translate into more happiness their appearance. These new guy’s loving words to heart, On Wednesday nights from
for you both. comments can cut you to stop yourself from dismissing 8-10pm, ladies get two free
glasses of bubbly along
the core,” he says. If a past his praise and affection. with a plate of sushi while
BAGGAGE partner made disparaging “There’s only one way to handle Latin-inspired tunes play in the
Your Last Guy Had remarks about your weight, a compliment: Say thank you, background; 04 372 2323.
a Bad Temper you may feel uncomfortable and mean it,” says Hartman.
The Observatory
Anyone who’s dated a yeller eating in front of your new “After a while, the kind words Watching your waistline
and screamer is going to man or showing off your will sink in.” but still craving a night out?
want to avoid confrontation body, which may cause you This is your answer: Every
in a subsequent relationship to avoid any kind of intimacy BAGGAGE Monday from 8-11pm, this
guilt-free ladies night sees the
because they’re scared of a You Dated a Partyer Dubai Marriot Harbour Hotel
nasty fight breaking out. But Because your last boyfriend institution treat gals with three
anger is a necessary emotion, left you high and dry to booze complimentary concoctions of
less than 150 kcal each, while
and both parties need to be TAKE A it up with his buddies, you
there are also healthy canapés
able to express it appropriately. LOAD OFF may become clingy, bossy, or (at no more than 50 kcal each)
“Instead of understanding that Dumping your baggage prone to nagging your new to nibble on; 04 319 4795.
conflict is an important part can actually improve your guy—in other words, a pretty
health too. “A stressful Poolside Blue Vibe
of all relationships, someone relationship can have
big buzzkill. You could even
Four free bevvies by the
who had an angry partner harmful consequences become a teetotaler, choosing pool, along with a 50%
might see disagreements as a such as sleep problems, to avoid parties and any social

discounted menu of moreish

sign the relationship is headed depression, high blood scenario where alcohol is American- and Asian-inspired
pressure, ulcers, anxiety, bites is what you’ll find at
for trouble,” says Orbuch. difficulty with memory, involved because of your ex and
the Blue Vibe Ladies Night
> Unload it: Accept your and trouble focusing,” his habits, says Orbuch. at Grand Hyatt Dubai’s
anger—and his. “What’s says neuropsychiatrist > Unload it: Before you bust

recently revamped Poolside

important is how you disagree, Louann Brizendine, M.D., out the at-home Breathalyzer, Restaurant, Wednesdays from
author of The Female 7-11pm; 04 317 2221.
not whether you disagree,” says Brain and The Male Brain. take a moment to analyse the
Orbuch. Rather than recoiling (High levels of the stress situation rationally. How many Sho Cho’s Skinny
or biting your tongue during a hormone cortisol and the times did he go out this week? Wednesdays
disagreement, step back and fight-or-flight hormone Two? And where was he the With two-for-one skinny
epinephrine contribute drinks (at 100 calories or less
take a break. Sweat away the to the symptoms.) other nights? With you? Sounds
each), good deep house tunes
anger (and clear your head) Severing your ties with like a guy who has his priorities and heaps of style, this ladies
on a run, or agree to take a a toxic ex is the first straight. night at Sho Cho at Dubai
10-minute walk around the step toward reducing your And remind yourself that a Marine Beach Resport and
body’s stress reaction, Spa has proven to be a hit so
block and then regroup. This but it’s also critical not to person who likes to go out and
far. Every Wednesday from
will defuse some of the hostility, carry these stressors party with his friends doesn’t 7pm-12am; 04 346 1111.
giving you a more comfortable into your next romance. necessarily have a problem,
environment to air your The good news is that says Magdoff. In fact, it’s totally Cointreau Fizz Night
once you’ve ditched the Tucked away in the heart
grievances. guy and unloaded the normal behaviour, provided
of DIFC, award-winning
baggage, all the medical it doesn’t happen all the time restaurant Gaucho has
BAGGAGE issues stemming from and he’s not coming home and partnered with Cointreau to
Your Ex Criticised the experience will likely passing out on the bathroom launch an all-new Fizz Night
subside, says Brizendine. every alternate Wednesday.
Your Looks However, they could come floor on a regular basis. ■
The exclusive evenings see
It’s easy to understand how right back if you get Gaucho’s terrace transformed
someone who was called ugly into another unhealthy into a fizz garden, with an
or fat-assed by an ex might union, so recognise How Did You Shed outdoor bar and live DJ.
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romantic relationships com/WomensHealthME mini-bites; 04 422 7898.

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 101

Life Skills

Holding down the horn

for a good minute because
someone’s cut in front of you
at the roundabout. Breathing
fire when your phone won’t
connect to WiFi. Firing off an
angry Tweet after the barista
misspells the name on your
Starbucks cup (hashtagging
it #firstworldproblems).
Letting rip at the guy on the
phone because your takeaway
is two minutes late.
How many times have
you watched a friend do the
above? How many times
have you done it yourself?
These days, it seems that
rage is all the rage. In the
U.K., a recent survey found
that 64 percent of people
believe Brits are getting
angrier, and 28 percent are
concerned about their own
levels of anger. Meanwhile,
in the U.S., a 2013 USA Today
survey reported 60 percent of
Americans regularly feeling
angry or irritable—a 10
percent surge from the figures
just two years before—while
a Harvard Medical School
study found that nearly two-
thirds of teens admitted to
having anger attacks that
ended in threats of violence
or even actual harm to people
and property. Not even our

Seeing Red? toys are safe: In a study of

3,655 LEGO figures produced
between 1975 and 2010, Dr.
Christoph Bartneck at the
With an anger epidemic University Of Canterbury,
sweeping the globe, it's time New Zealand, found that the
this generation of hotheads number of happy faces has
learned to keep our cool. been on the decrease since the
1990s, giving way to a trend

By Hannah Bass for angry expressions and

themes “increasingly based
on conflicts”.
It seems we’re in the midst
of an anger epidemic—but
why, and why should we be
worried? Dr. Sandi Mann,

102 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

psychology lecturer at
the University of Central
Lancashire, U.K., and author
of Manage Your Anger, calls
our rage an “evolutionary
relic”. “All emotions had
evolutionary benefits,” she
says. “Even anger, which
seems like such a negative
emotion, was there to help
us survive. If we didn't get
angry when someone stole
our resources, we would die.
We had to get angry enough
to fight for shelter and food.”
You know the feeling of being
“hangry” —when you’re so
hungry you feel irritable
and angry? There’s an
evolutionary reason for that:
Hunger raises our serotonin
levels which, back in our
cavewoman days, would have
provided us with the energy trainer at LifeWorks Dubai, their expectations are not met
and impetus to forage or hunt We’re more agrees: “Patience is a skill or they encounter difficulties
for food. The problem is,
nowadays, food is just a phone
volatile that needs to be practised,”
she says. “We don’t practise
that they hadn’t envisioned.
“The U.A.E. is also home
call or trip to the supermarket than we patience anymore because to many highly skilled
away, and, if you’re privileged
enough to live in a society
used to be, we live in a world of instant
gratification. If we’re hungry,
professionals, both locals
and expats, so there’s a dense
like ours, there’s no need to with higher we order a take-out; if we population of people with
physically fight for resources.
“I’ve argued that we don’t
expectations want entertainment, it’s the
push of a button away; if we
high expectations and a
necessity for convenience due
have anything to get angry of what we’re have a headache, we swallow to busy lives and long working
about anymore,” says Dr.
Mann, “but we still have this
entitled to, a pill; we can even have our
bodies surgically reshaped—if
hours,” Addison adds. “It is
also home to many different
evolutionary hangover in our and lower you don’t want to patiently nationalities, for many of
brains that predisposes us to
get angry, so we misfire at the
tolerance lose weight by eating less and
exercising more, you can have
which English [or Arabic] is
not their first language, and
small stuff instead.” for things a tummy tuck!” this seems to be a difficult
Dr. Mann strongly believes
that, as a society, we are
going While much of the
research into this growing
hurdle for some people to
overcome. For example, I
getting angrier. “The first wrong. anger epidemic has been heard a gentleman on the
reason is that we’re all more conducted in the western telephone yesterday ordering
stressed, and stress has a world, anyone who’s battled a takeaway. Within a matter of
very close relationship with Sheikh Zayed Road on a seconds he was outraged that
anger,” she says. “The other accept that. We even see it as a Thursday evening can testify he wasn’t being understood
reason is that we have higher violation of our rights if we get that it’s as much of a problem and had to keep on repeating
expectations of what we’re given food that’s not perfect in the Gulf—if not even more himself. It was alarming how
entitled to, and because of or we have to wait in a traffic so. “The U.A.E. has a huge quickly his tone changed.”
that we have lower tolerance jam or there’s a queue in the expat population,” says Ross Van Heerden adds that,
for things going wrong. Those supermarket and they won't Addison, psychotherapist and “The mere fact that many
two factors combined mean open another till.” counsellor at Camali Clinic of us are living away from
we’re a lot more volatile She puts this down to the and member of WHME’s our known environment
than we used to be. It’s the “immediacy” of our culture: Advisory Board. “Those and support systems is, in
‘customer is always right “We’re living not just in that relocate here may see it itself, a stressful situation
attitude’—whereas in the past an Internet culture but a as an idealistic and perfect that makes us more prone to
we might have just shrugged broadband, WiFi one. We place—indeed, it presents respond impulsively to the
our shoulders and seen it expect a fast connection to as a very convenient place imperfections we face.”
as a fact of life when things everything constantly and we to live but, like anywhere So why should we be wary
went wrong or took longer feel affronted if we don’t get in the world, it still has of flying off the handle?
than we’d have liked, now that.” El-Marie van Heerden, improvements to make—so Well, apart from the obvious
we feel that we don’t have to a personal development they become frustrated when unpleasantness for our

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 103

friends and family (not to ulcers, and even heart attacks
mention the poor waiters and and strokes.”
shop assistants who so often The key to managing
bear the brunt of our rage), it’s your anger and avoiding the
also harmful to our physical potential health hazards, says
health. “When you’re angry Dr. Mann, lies in managing
your heart rate rises and your expectations and
stress hormones increase,” altering your perspective.
says Dr. Carol Smylie, family “The people who have what
medicine specialist and I call an ‘angry personality’
WHME Advisory Board tend also to be the people who
member. “The constant flood don’t construct their day to
of stress hormones associated take into account the little
with recurrent unmanaged things that often go wrong,”
anger can eventually harm she says. “They expect to get
the body. Explosive anger may to that meeting on time and
be harmful as the hormones they don’t expect to get stuck
it triggers can damage the in traffic, whereas someone
lining of the blood vessels. else might build in time for
Essentially, when you that and therefore be less
experience anger, your body frustrated by it.
starts preparing for a fight. “As a quick fix,” she adds,
Your muscles get tense, the “try to put your anger in
gut slows down and digestion perspective by thinking: In
stops. This response can lead five years’ time, how much
to a number of symptoms will this have affected my life?
such as headaches, insomnia, Sometimes, it might have
anxiety, depression, high a real impact and then it’s
blood pressure, skin problems worth getting angry about.
such as eczema, stomach But if it’s someone cutting in
front of you in the car, what’s
the benefit to you? Indeed,
Curb Your Rage the costs of getting angry are
El-Marie van Heerden’s tips actually huge—even just in
for managing anger: terms of the stress to your
body. In these cases, there’s
Identify your personal triggers very little to be gained by
for anger and frustration. allowing yourself to fly into Quit
a rage—remind yourself that tearing
Spot the symptoms, such as your hair
ultimately you’re not losing
over thinking, irrational fears, out over
out, not winning.”
absolutist thoughts. the small
Ross Addison recommends
employing breathing
Reduce stress by managing
your time, eating well-balanced techniques when something’s
food and getting enough sleep. irking you. “Controlled
breathing has been shown
Talk! Vent your frustration in a to be effective in keeping the fidgety. Understand the don’t allow it.”
socially acceptable manner. mind and body appropriately thoughts you have when you However, as with most
regulated,” he says. “If your start to get angry, such as things in life, it’s a case of
Know your goals—what do breathing is under control thinking that you have to be everyting in moderation:
you want from life? then the situation may assertive or, alternatively, Dr. Mann warns that there
become easier to manage.” go on the defensive. Once are also risks to becoming
De-stress by taking up a new In the longer term, he points you can spot these signs, you too Zenned out. “We’re not
hobby, especially if it’s exercise to the benefits of Cognitive have a much greater chance designed to be chronically
to release ‘happy hormones’.
Behavioural Therapy of intervening and reducing angry,” she says. “We’re
techniques: “Identify the your anger before it becomes designed to be angry only

Take time out to laugh!

Laughter releases endorphins,
initial symptoms that present unmanageable.” Ultimately, occasionally, when it’s useful
the body’s natural pain killer. when you’re starting to feel says van Heerden, “Being to us, which is why chronic
angry. These might include mindful of the fact that we anger can be very detrimental
Get out in the sun for at least increased heart rate, hot always have a choice in how to your physical health. Nor
10-15 minutes a day to get your flushes, feeling tense, getting we respond to challenging are we designed to suppress
fill of vitamin D. a tight chest, clenching your situations, is empowering. anger, so we do need to find
fists, or becoming rigid or No one can frustrate us if we healthy outlets for it. It

104 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

motivation and helping
Knowing people to achieve goals.”
Dr. Wyne says that,
we always managed properly, anger can
have a help improve relationships
with ourselves as well as with
choice in others. “Using anger as a
how we clarifying emotion can lead
to you finding resolutions to
respond to problems,” she explains. “It’s
challenging an alerting emotion, a social
signal to let you and other
situations is people know that something
empowering. needs to change. Feeling
depressed or unhappy are
No one can often not strong enough
frustrate us emotions to rev your internal
motor and instigate change,
if we don’t whereas anger is noted as
allow it. an emotion that gets you
there. It can help you to
change your self-concept
and your behaviour. If you’re
about the real stuff, like war mindful of anger and use it
and injustice. We might get in a constructive way, it can
indignant, but we’re more actually help to increase your
likely to get angry about self-control.”
someone cutting in front of us To master your anger,
in the car than what’s going on she says, you need to focus
in the world.” on, “What you desire as an
Not only is anger an outcome—crucially, what you
important force on societal want to change in yourself.
level, it can be used Typically, when we’re angry
positively on an individual we externalise it—‘I need that
basis, says Dr. Tara Wyne, car out of the way, I need this
clinical psychologist at The situation to change, and then
Lighthouse Arabia. “There’s I won’t be angry anymore.’
a lot of research to show that But if you want to use anger
anger can be useful,” she says. constructively, you have to
“Often that’s glossed over look at what you can change
because we’re so focused on in your own behaviour or
anger instigating violence attitudes. Ask yourself how
and making people lose you can shift from frustration
judgement. However, it can be to creating something
hugely influential in creating positive.” ■

releases a lot of adrenaline

in your body, so go for a walk,
go for a run, do some boxing, caused by aggressive tailgating not to rise to others’ road rage:
and release that energy in a
The Deadliest and resulted in 22 deaths and 16 “Aggressive drivers may infuriate
positive way.”
Form of Anger? life-threatening injuries. you, but retaliating with similar
She adds that anger can One of the most obvious outlets Omran Abdullah, media tactics is dangerous. Take a
for anger in Gulf region has to be officer for Dubai Traffic Police, passive approach in dealing with
be, “A very positive emotion road rage. We’ve all experienced told Emirates 24/7: “Aggressive road rage.” The RTA encourages
if it’s channelled properly it, and the stats are shocking: driving and road rage has a drivers to maintain the same,
and appropriately, without In 2011, Dubai Traffic Police negative effect on the roads safe speed, stay in their own
aggression. Great things received a whopping 13,244 of the Emirates as it instigates lane, and even gradually
reports of aggressive driving or confusion and concern among slow down to combat other
have happened because of
road rage. And last month Abu drivers. [It is] also considered the drivers tailgating, speeding or
anger—look at someone like Dhabi Police announced that 227 main cause of deathly incidents aggressively switching lanes.
Martin Luther King. He was traffic accidents last year—that’s on the road.” When you’re on the road, there’s
angry and he achieved great 12 percent of the total road Dubai’s Roads and Transport no choice but to keep cool—the
and important things because accidents for the Emirate—were Authority (RTA) advises drivers alternative could cost your life.
of that. The problem is that
most people don’t get angry

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 105

Life and Love

Girl vs.Wild
Do you have what it takes to survive
in the wilderness? Our intrepid writer
headed into the mountains of
Musandam, to take on the Middle
East edition of the Bear Grylls
Survival Academy and find out…
By Yi-Hwa Hanna


The beads of sweat began to swell on my
forehead, and I could feel them about to run
down and tickle the side of my neck. They were
an unwelcome distraction. My backpack’s straps holes, and abseiled—also for skills in self-rescue. A concept
were loose, making it swing precariously back the first time in my life—with created by the world’s most
several bits of tree branch, a recognisable face of survival
and forth as I cursed loudly. half-melted water bottle and a and adventure, the academy
I was in the midst of trying to the first time I had been crusty old abandoned flip-flop launched its first ever Middle
pull myself across a rope suspended mid-air—my past stuck into various pockets, and East edition of the globally
suspended over Wadi Hilti in conquests include one of the it was quite understandable popular courses this February.
Oman, hanging upside down world’s highest zip lines at why I was feeling the strain. Each course is designed
like a squirrel (though in that Puerto Rico’s Toro Verde It was my second day of the around its unique terrain,
precise moment, I felt more Park—but it was the first time Bear Grylls Survival Academy, which is why the academy
like a misplaced sloth) as I I’d ever done any sort of rock a course designed to put you to partners with a leading local
tried desperately to reach the climbing. Add to that the fact the test by throwing you into adventure company to run it—
other side—a move that I that I’d just run through a wadi the wild unknown, along with in this region, that’s Absolute
later learned was called a (with a fully-loaded backpack a crack team of highly trained Adventure, an award-winning
Tyrolean traverse. It wasn’t on), crawled through several experts to teach you essential adventure tour organiser that

106 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

idea, Luke explained, was to ritual of preparing a meal
teach us the basics during the bringing us closer together
first day, so that we could put despite the fact that at the start
them into practice on day two. of that day, most of us had been
Our curriculum for the day strangers. By the time our food
was based around the PRWF, had begun to cook, any sense of
or “Please Remember What’s awkwardness had dissipated,
First,” acronym: Protection, the camaraderie evident.
Rescue, Water and Food. By As our meal bubbled away
the time we were ready to set merrily over the fire, we set off
up camp for the evening, I had to search for scorpions. Night
learned how to seek out an fell quickly, with the last rays
appropriate shelter (and when of sunlight clinging tightly to
it was ideal to look for one), the mountaintops as the
how to use a knife to either shadows settled in, like they
whittle a stick into a tool or were being chased by a sooty
create wood shavings that beast swelling into valley
would act as ideal kindling for below. It was pitch-dark by
a fire, how to handle the basics 7pm, and we gathered around
of various first-aid rescue the campfire like moths to a
scenarios, how to purify water, flame, mopping our bowls
how to source drinkable water clean with eager fingers before
from your environs, how to tie finally relaxing, satiated, after
five different types of knots a long yet rewarding day. As we
(and what each type is best swapped stories around the
used for), and had eaten an campfire, it became clear that I
unidentified and rather wasn’t alone in my constant
does everything from diving situation where all of your unappetising-looking piece of desire to test myself. “It’s our
and kayaking to mountain home comforts are stripped meat in the name of survival. natural instinct, to try and
biking and trekking, with away shows you what you’re By around 5pm, we set out to survive,” said Chris. “Gutting a
outposts set up in the UAE, really made of, right? Getting gather firewood. Chris taught fish, learning how to cook over
Oman and beyond. It’s the there was the easy part—a us several different ways to a fire—they’re basic skills that
instructors from Absolute mere two-hour drive from start a fire from scratch, and I you can take home with you. I
Adventure who have worked Dubai, I soon found myself at was fascinated to discover that think many people nowadays
with the academy to design the Adventure Centre, a anything from steel wool and a are losing touch with that sort
this particular course—after traditional Omani-style villa battery, to cotton wool, and of thing, and we just want to
all, they know the local terrain just moments from the beach. even a packet of Doritos could get back to our roots. Even
inside out—and who were, by After a round of introductions, come in handy in creating one. those who think something
all accounts, responsible for I realised I had way over- While we, sadly, didn’t have like this is out of their depth
my tricky predicament. packed and hastily stashed my access to much edible wildlife would discover that anybody
I had arrived in Dibba the surplus items in the boot of my —alas, capturing and killing a can light a fire, or build a
morning before, trying my best car—and once my new friends goat wasn’t an option lest we shelter—they just need the
to hide a strange combination had all arrived (trips typically risked a hot-blooded dispute right tools and instructions.”
of trepidation and excitement. include about twelve people, with a local villager, many of Dave agreed: “It’s not just the
After all, I’d seen the videos of plus two or three instructors) whom still live in the area—our macho element that appeals—
Bear Grylls online (a word of it was go-time. We crammed instructors had brought along it’s the challenge aspect as
warning: If you find a YouTube our packs with the provided kit some ice-packed fresh fish, well. Many people love pitting
clip of anything involving Bear and were off to the wadi. which Dave promptly showed themselves against something
Grylls and the skinning or Day one began with a trek us how to gut and cook for tough, and there’s immense
eating of raw animal parts, around the area. Our guides— dinner. Our group quickly fell satisfaction in knowing that if
proceed with caution—or at Chris, Dave and Luke—eased into a comfortable rhythm, the [the worst] ever did happen,
least don’t watch it at lunch us in with tips on how to climb
time), not to mention watched safely, without putting either
his sensational show, Man vs. ourselves or others at risk. By
Wild. But as someone who has the time we’d clambered up
often questioned whether or and across several hundred
not I would survive a zombie metres—and down again—
apocalypse or The Hunger repeatedly, we were well-
Games, I couldn’t wait to test versed on how to choose a
myself and see if I really had smarter route. Only pausing
what it takes to survive. After for breaks in shaded areas to
all, despite knowing I was a continue our survival lessons
tough cookie, being placed in a while catching our breath, the

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 107

Life and Love

that you might have the skills The next morning I awoke at should we complete our
to survive. It also has a massive sunrise, feeling surprisingly mission. Everything from dry
impact on people’s confidence fresh despite the fact that I’d and wispy cast-off shrubbery
and self-esteem,” he said. shivered my way through the to old bits of plastic, tossed car
As my eyes adjusted to the night thanks to a rapid drop in tyres and the odd discarded
darkness, I marvelled at how temperature from the harsh flip-flop left over by a wayward
bright the moon was, bathing heat of the daylight hours. We villager or hiker was fair game,
the entire valley in a silvery scrambled to pack up camp, and I stuffed as many items as I
glow. In the crepuscular light, scarfing down a simple yet could find into my backpack
the sky looked almost pink. hearty bowl of oatmeal before along the way. The instructors
One by one, my companions spreading the charcoal from had also left items scattered
began to retreat for some our fire across our cheeks, to along our route to see if we’d surface, I was ready to take a
well-earned shut-eye, until help keep the sun out of our pick up on what they’d taught quick break, but there was no
there were just three of us left. eyes. From then on out, it was a us the day before about key stopping—it was the moment
When I finally headed to my race back to civilisation—Dave tools that could come in handy of truth for our first-aid rescue
makeshift bed—a sleeping bag got our hearts pumping with in a genuine survival situation skills. Chris’s walkie talkie
spread out atop a patch of some bootcamp-style drills of —embarrassingly, I’d almost crackled with Luke’s voice
ground I’d cleared of rocks and push-ups, squats and leg lifts entirely missed the length of claiming an SOS injury in the
checked rather carefully for with our loaded backpacks and old rope Dave had coiled by his ravine, and we raced through
scorpions—and wrapped my climbing gear on, before we feet until one of my teammates the wadi—knocking my knee
face in my keffiyeh for an extra made our way out of the valley. pointed it out. As we climbed rather painfully on the way—
layer of protection from any We’d been asked to keep our to the top of a large boulder, before pelting down the road
creepy crawlies, I felt a world eyes open for items we could my heart caught in my throat to find our desperate victim.
away from my bustling life in use in a rescue fire along the —Chris was standing at the top Sprawled out with (faux) blood
the city. The peace and quiet, way—an entirely different type holding a series of ropes, and sprayed around him, Luke was
punctuated only by the than the one we’d cooked our the only way to my destination laid out on the ground feigning
occasional hooting of a pesky dinner on, this one was to burn was by lowering myself down. a broken bone. We spread out,
owl, was like music to my with opaque smoke to alert the I’d never tried abseiling before, each of us taking on a different
stressed-out ears and it was team that would be coming to and there I was about to go in role—two of us fetching wood
just what the doctor ordered. claim us at the end of the day, for my first time with a fully- for splints, another two pulling
crammed backpack on, that out spare t-shirts and jumpers
began to feel heavier by the to make a makeshift stretcher
minute. The rock was slippery, using trekking poles, another
but slowly but surely I found person giving him some water,
my footing and discovered that another keeping our victim
not only was it a lot easier than awake and talking, while the
what I’d anticipated, this was others cleaned and bandaged
fun. By the time I was about six his wound. We gingerly but
metres down, my arms began quickly lifted him onto the


to ache, but the cheering from stretcher and rushed him over
my companions encouraged to the roadside, where a
me, and before I knew it I was theoretical rescue vehicle
back on the ground and ready could have reached him easily.
to boulder-hop my way to our It was then time for the most
next challenge: weaselling. challenging test: the Tyrolean
This, I knew I could do—being traverse. A mild fear of heights
relatively petite and just over had my insides squirming as I
five feet tall, I happily tossed heard that we were to cross
off my pack and victoriously from one boulder to another,
climbed through a gap that across a distance of about 25
looked far too small for my metres, suspended upside
head let alone my entire body, down. I knew the longer I
only briefly getting stuck waited, the more I’d psych
thanks to the ropes and gear myself out, so I dragged my
still wrapped around my hips. quivering limbs up the rock
Next up was a via ferrata style and tried not to look at how far
traverse, a crab-like sideways down the ground was as Chris
clamber across some boulders talked me into the right way to
that required me to become push myself off and get across.
really good at hooking and My backpack had started to
unhooking my carabiners feel like a mound of lead, and I
really quickly. By the time I’d was mentally kicking myself
made my way down to a flat for not having tightened the

108 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

Survival School 101
Here are the top 10 tips
we learned—and always
remember, PRWF!
1. Cotton wool, Vaseline
and a flint and steel can
be some of the handiest
tools you have, to start a
fire or purify water.
2. A knife is more than
just a weapon: Use it to
make a tool, as a stake or
hammer, or to build
shelter and start a fire.
3. When purifying water,
patience pays: Some of
the best methods might
straps. My arms were on fire, traverse to the rock below, waft out, our sense of triumph take a little while longer.
as I told myself to just keep where three of my companions was incomparable. I wrapped But when you’re truly
putting one hand in front of had already begun to set up our my keffiyeh around my face to desperate, any water is
the other. I knew that looking rescue fire. It was time for protect my eyes and mouth better than no water!
back and seeing how far I still business—the end was, quite from stinging and choking as I Bear Grylls hasn’t just
drunk his own urine for
had to go would crush my literally, in sight. I whipped out stoked the flames, as the team
fun, you know.
remaining resolve, despite a a flint and steel, and got to finally began to gather. It was
work. Unfortunately, we didn’t time for our rescue, all of our 4. Don’t throw away your
sneaking suspicion I wasn’t
trash hastily—you never
even halfway yet. “It’s the last have the luxury of the cotton soot and grime-covered faces know what could come
big hurdle, just suck it up and wool, Vaseline or steel wool grinning from ear to ear. in handy later.
do it,” I told myself, gritting my and battery that we’d used to On the drive back, I was 5. When rock climbing,
teeth as I heaved my flailing start the fire the night before. surprised to realise I wasn’t don’t forget to look up:
body over with one final push, “The keffiyeh!” someone ready to head home just yet. A permanent foot gaze is
regretting those extra slices of shouted—it was an inspired The course had been a brilliant more common and risky
pizza I’d had a few days before. idea, and as we put our heads taster of what it was like to test than most of us realise.
At last, a hard surface pushed together we realised that using my ability to survive, and while 6. When scoping out
into my back, and I knew I’d a knife to cut off a corner of the I was looking forward to a hot terrain, get as high as
finally made contact with the scarf, dousing it in lip balm (I shower and a change of clothes possible for a good view.
other boulder as I gratefully knew I’d taken it for a reason!), (not to mention desperately 7. Stuck for food? Watch
swung around and grabbed and nestling it in the kindling eager to brush my teeth), I was out for what the wildlife
Dave’s outstretched forearm to was our best bet. Twenty tries happier than I’d been in weeks. around you is doing—if
they’re not eating or
pull myself up. Feeling a little later, our fire was lit, and we A trying couple of months had drinking it, it could be
bit like a human jelly, I grinned tossed our paraphernalia on seen me arrive in Dibba feeling because it’s poisonous.
with a delirious sense of pride top. As the thick curls of black, like a stressed-out shell of a 8. Always try and keep a
as Luke showed me the simple toxic-looking smoke began to person, doubting my inner and rope on you—like a knife,
physical strength, and here I it has countless uses,
was just 24 hours later feeling from acting as a pulley, a
not only like I’d been gone for tourniquet or a climbing

Kit List weeks, but also with a renewed

affirmation of the fact that I
tool, to helping to trap
food and build shelter.
Brought along or Provided by the Bear was made of tougher stuff than 9. Don’t be silly just for
wore myself: Grylls Survival I’d ever realised. I couldn’t the sake of trying to be
• A lightweight, long- Academy: a hero or wanting to act
wait to come back and see how macho—if you can find
sleeved, UV-protective • A 30 litre rucksack
wicking trekking shirt • A head torch
much further I could go. Oh, an easier way to survive,
• Light but tough • A sleeping bag and if that zombie apocalypse take it. There’s no point
trekking trousers • A mess kit containing a ever hits? Come and find me, in making things harder
• A sports bra small plastic bowl with a because I’m your girl. ■ when that energy could
• Clean underwear! lid, one Ziploc bag be saved or better used
• Sunglasses containing one serving of elsewhere.
The Bear Grylls Survival
• Clean socks oats, and a spoon 10. Keep your spirits up
Academy starts from $551 per
• Sturdy all-terrain shoes • A keffiyeh —a sense of humour can
• A warm fleece/jumper • A Gerber Bear Grylls person for an adult course, and
be a survival tool in itself
• Spare contact lenses Series survival knife $678 per one adult and one when you’re on the brink
• Hand sanitiser • A 3-litre CamelBak child for a family course, from of losing your will (or
• Lip balm hydration pack filled with October through April in your mind). After all, any
• High factor sun cream clean drinking water Dibba, Oman. To learn more or survival challenge is, in
to book a spot, visit BearGrylls large part, also mental.

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 109

This Month

We’ve got your social calendar covered

Color Run Returns!

It’s hands down the happiest race on the run
calendar and it’s coming back to Abu Dhabi! Yup,
the Color Run, presented by Daman’s ActiveLife, is Golf With The
bursting onto Yas Marina Circuit on 27 March. You Girls
know the drill: Turn up wearing white, run a cool 5 Why not try learning a new
km and leave showered in rainbow paint and glitter. sport with your mates instead
Entry costs Dhs140; register at of hitting your usual ladies’
night? Dubai Creek Golf and
Yacht Club is now offering
group women’s lessons in
the evening—perfect for
relaxing and catching up after
work. Don’t worry if you’re
Roberto’s Goes a complete beginner as the
Gluten-Free club’s pros will be on hand to
coach you through an eight-
Great news for the growing week course of lessons. To
gluten-free brigade: Roberto’s, book, call 04 205 4666 or email
our favourite DIFC dining
institution, is now offering
gluten-free options. And
it’s not just a half-hearted LE
subsection added onto the RELAIS D
Your New Lunch Spot menu—all their bread, gnocchi L’ENTRE E
You already know we’re big fans of Tom&Serg at Women’s and pasta dishes can now be Cult Parisi
an st
Relais de l’ eak restau
Health, the Al Quoz café that won us over with its chilled out ordered with a gluten-free E rant Le
vibe and wholesome food (not to mention the almond milk substitute that tastes just as landed in D ntrecôte has at last
ubai, in a b
on the Bou eau
lattes). But Tom&Serg might have a contender for our hearts— delicious as the original, so levard. Try tiful spot
and bellies—as the eponymous owners are launching a new café you can enjoy all your fave sauce” once the “secret
and you’ll
at the Burj Al Salam this month. The Sum Of Us is made up of Italian foods and still take care totally hoo be
three elements: A coffee roastery, a sourdough bakery and a of your body. Visit; ked.
gourmet café. We haven’t been so excited about a new eatery to make a reservation call
opening in a long, long time. Visit 04 386 0066.


Take your yoga practice to

new heights by exploring
the world of AcroYoga, a
blend of yoga, acrobatics
and Thai massage. Dubai’s
Phoenix Rising is hosting
two of the world’s leading
AcroYoga teachers over
27-31 March for an intensive
course of workshops on In Season
training acrobatically with Avocado: Try blending one of
a partner, flying transitions these fibre and monosaturated
and inversions, and massage fatty acid bombs into a
techniques. Dhs2,700 for five smoothie for a creamy texture
days (day rates also available). with heart health benefits.
To book call 055 552 0135.

110 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

Letter To My Younger Self

‘ Have no regrets—
your choices make
you who you are
Dear Priya,
Don’t you wish you had done
this earlier? Nope, or it would
have never happened. That is
exactly what you are going to
say in 12 years with no regret,
knowing that you are who you
are because of everything you
are going to do in the next
decade. And that FOMO you
have? Gone. Not because you
have grown up and are older and
boring. You’re actually going to
have more fun than ever.
That job you just started at
MAC Cosmetics, it’s a lot of
hard work, but you’re having
fun and learning so much. It’s
not going to change for the next
10 years. The people you meet,
the places you get to travel to
and the lessons you will learn
just set you up for the next
adventure. When the chance to Priya Bhatia is the
look after the India market founder of Hautletic
comes up, it’s a scary move but —where fitness meets
you make it. Those years will be couture. Learn more
among the most professionally at
rewarding you have so far. Then
it hits you; you need to make a
change. You aren’t sleeping actually SLEEPING 9 HOURS day (and even wear at night!) Rapid Fire
well, aren’t eating well, and it’s A NIGHT. You have never felt and when the name finally > Current fave workout?
killing your confidence. Every so energised and not once do comes to you, its starts. You Strongman circuits (in
time you try and get healthy, it you get lonely: you bought a have found something that a sick way!), along with
just doesn’t work. The hard Kindle to celebrate resigning! excited you as much as makeup my first love, tennis.
decision you make of resigning, When you get back to Dubai, did. It’s not easy starting your > Fave healthy snack?
which a few months prior there is a slight fear that you’ll own business, but you make Poliquin Espresso
flavoured Greens
seemed to push you into panic lose focus, but don’t worry, that sure that you are just as much a blended with ice (I don't
mode, will come pretty easily. doesn’t happen. Thankfully, priority as the work. You will eat nearly as many
Cue operation Reform & you are surrounded by a super get better at managing time, veggies as I should!)
Rehab. You decide it’s time to supportive family and great forgoing social events to make > Current fave song?
disappear to start this new friends. This is now a lifestyle sure you’re rested enough for Anything by George
journey with no distractions shift and you love being active. that morning workout (you still Ezra right now, his voice
is phenomenal.
(lets face it, you can get It’s not a chore: You crave it and hate mornings). You will be
> Last thing you did that

distracted pretty easily if you you are making better choices. healthier and more confident. made you happy?
want to). Thanks to expert One day it will dawn on you. When you’re finally one day A really exciting business
friends around you, you will You live in workout clothes, it’s asked if you wished you had agreement, unfortunate-
find yourself in Sydney for 7 more comfortable and you look done this earlier, you’ll answer ly I can’t say too much
weeks (Bondi to be exact, pure better. So begins the endless ‘no.’ You needed everything to about this yet but it will
happiness). Working out twice research on technical workout happen the way it did. be announced soon.
a day, eating prepped meals and clothes that you can live in all Love, Priya

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 111

Life Stylist

Own Your
We all have special talents. Not so
1 sure? Learn how to pinpoint what makes 3
Stop looking you exceptional—and why you owe it Zoom in on what you
outside yourself. to yourself to shine as brightly as you can. truly love to do—
Our culture places and make time to
By Gabrielle Ber nstein actually do it.
a huge emphasis
on external success: Maybe you love
the perfect job or to paint but haven’t
wedding or weight. picked up a brush
But this totally in a while. Or you’re
blocks your inner really into music
awareness and can but you listen to the
injure your self- same albums for
esteem. A powerful months on end. Not
way to focus your sure what inspires
attention inward is to you? Well, simply pay
meditate. For one attention to what you
minute a day, breathe do effortlessly. What
in for five seconds, do you do when you’re
hold your breath by yourself, just
for five seconds, then because you love it?
exhale for five What do others
seconds. Over time, compliment you on? It
your inner voice will could be as simple
start chatting you up. as styling your BFF
before a big date.
2 Your talent exists—
Be more real. you just have to learn
Embracing your how to see it.
quirks is hard—not
conforming takes 4
guts! But hear Step into the
this: There’s nothing spotlight.
cooler, sexier, or Share your talents
greater than your real with others. Paint
personality. Identify something for a pal or
moments when You probably don’t make a habit of talking about your post your rockin’
you’re not being fabulousness. We’ve been taught that even the Spotify playlist to
authentic (perhaps smallest amount of boasting is egomaniacal. And Facebook. Pass
in the elevator sometimes the more we achieve, the more along the things that
with coworkers?) and negative reactions we receive (think scoring a big make you happy—
go out of your way promotion at work only to become the new target of office it’s not arrogant. Show
to be more you. gossip). Both of these things lead us to downplay friends, family, and
our greatest gifts. Worse still is when we don’t even realise coworkers what
we have talent to begin with. But hitting the makes your heart
dimmer switch on your specialness makes the world beat faster. When they
a duller, darker place for all of us. Instead, praise you, accept
Bernstein it with a simple,
is the New York follow these four steps to unearthing your unique
Times best-selling heartfelt “thank
potential and letting it loose!
author of May you.” (Don’t demur.
Cause Miracles: A Never demur!)
40-Day Guidebook
of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change Remember, shine
and Unlimited Happiness. bright, always!

112 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015 I L L U S T R AT I O N B Y K A G A N M C L E O D


Kate Spade
04 325 3518
Dar Al Shifa Hospital Call It Spring Miu Miu With its state-of-the-art 04 339 8961 at technology, Clarisonic has
Derryn Brown Charles & Keith Patrizia Pepe 04 339 9533 made waves in the world
Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Christian Louboutin Philipp Plein
04 339 8262
of beauty. Now, its sleek
Center 04 325 3935 Diesel Prada and beautiful design has
Dubai Hair Doctor at
Sophie’s Closet
been kicked up a notch Guess Jeans
Health Bay Polyclinic with the limited edition
04 252 4511 H&M Stuart Weitzman
German Heart Centre 04 501 6645
Year Of The Goat
04 362 4797 House Of Nomad The Sandal Souq collection, featuring a
Health Psychology UAE Inglot Tom Ford
gorgeous print design
Ignite Wellness at all major optical stores that’ll ensure it looks just Jigsaw
Mafraq Hospital Abu Dhabi 04 339 8644 CIRCUS ACT as good on your Marc By Marc Jacobs PAGE 50 bathroom counter as your healthy,
Platform 3 Fitness 04 339 8781 Pacha Ibiza Dubai Mochi gorgeous skin. The kit comes with a
The Change Initiative The Fridge matching charger, sample refreshing gel
800 824 Net-A-Porter
The Lighthouse Arabia
cleanser and the famous sensitive brush
04 380 9298 New Look LIGHTNING BOLT head. Clarisonic Aria Year Of The Goat
Well Woman Clinic PAGE 56
04 332 7117 Parfois Puma
04 434 3167
PAGE 34 04 339 9416 FITNESS SPY Got The Juice
Clarisonic Revlon PAGE 58 Not all juicers are at FitRepublik
Boots Sivvi 04 556 1800 created equal: Thanks MMA Fitness Center to this one’s extra-wide
Sisters Beauty Lounge Steve Madden 04 367 5077 04 325 3052 feeding tube, it’s easy
Tips & Toes Stradivarius YOU LOSE, YOU WIN to pop whole fruits and 04 434 3198 PAGE 59
Turkuaz Spa The Luxury Closet FitRepublik vegetables into this
one—which means it
Victoria’s Secret Topshop
04 419 0263 04 339 9689 helps you avoid un-
necessary oxidation
BEAUTY SPY 04 324 2883
PAGE 36 Vince Camuto caused by having to cut produce, and
MATERNITY helps create an end result that reportedly
04 388 6030
The White Room RACE DAY READY PAGE 64 allows your body to absorb about four
04 422 8997 BySymphony
times more nutrition than by eating whole
Christian Louboutin
HAVING A MOMENT 04 325 3935 Clarks fruits. In other words, it’s not only easier to
K-Lynn use, it’ll produce juices that retain more of
BCBG Max Azria
04 434 0627 Marks & Spencer the good stuff too. It also has a smart cap
Bloomingdale’s Dubai mothercare and the world’s strongest brushless motor.
04 350 5333 04 419 0337
S*uce Rocks
Net-A-Porter And bonus: The pretty red shade will look
Studio 8 fabulous on your kitchen counter too.
Christian Louboutin Pandora
04 325 3935 TheLuxuryCloset Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer, Dhs1,650,
Dune Sivvi available at Tavola.
04 339 8786
Gaudi Smitten
04 434 0617
H&M Stradivarius
04 434 3198
TKD Lingerie
Snap To It
L.K. Bennett Billabong A camera that
Loewe Geox looks as good as
04 325 3754 CUTTING LOOSE
04 339 8197 the pictures it
Sivvi PAGE 75
Hour Choice 04 330 8730
RedFestDXB takes and fits
Steve Madden
Kipling easily into your handbag is pretty much
04 325 3052 Reebok Dubai Mall
04 339 8590
04 434 0606
Studio 8 Lorna Jane gold dust for a night out, and the new

The Dollhouse FOOD SPY Fujifilm X30 is just that. Not only does it
Lucas Hugh
Al Hadheerah at Bab Al Shams
boast a cute retro aesthetic, the super-
ValleyDez Net-A-Porter
04 324 2883 Desert Resort & Spa short lag time means it’s quick to snap
Vincci Reebok babalshams
both pictures and video, high specs
04 434 3155 The Act Dubai including a 12mp sensor and screen tilts
TKD Lingerie
SHOP YOUR SHAPE mean quality stays high, and its film
PAGE 38 yApparel
TECH TALK simulation even allows youto choose
PAGE 113
04 434 1333
Grand Stores Digital between 11 different Fuji flims, enough to
Aldo A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND PAGE 42 fill filter fans with glee.
Bloomingdale’s Dubai Bil Arabi Fujifilm X30 Digital Camera, Dhs2,199,
04 350 5333
Boom & Mellow Braccialini
Tavola available at Grand Stores Digital.
www. 04 339 8400

March 2015 / W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T 113


Power up your gadget game!

Gizmos for every part of your life
Put your device on a
virtual leash.
Stick these adhesive
dots to your 3
tablet and camera,
then download INTELLIGENT
a smartphone app DESIGN
to locate their The Nokia Lumia
whereabouts via a
4 1020 phone’s first-of-
radar screen. Dhs184
its-kind 41-megapixel
for two,
camera means you can
HIPKEY zoom in more closely,
If you plop your phone focus more crisply,
down at the checkout 1 2 3 4 and blow up your
counter and walk SATECHI USB BRAUN FACE UMBRA ISPOON JAWBONE MINI selfies to give to your
out the door, an alarm PORTABLE A world first, this nifty If you keep your JAMBOX man for his viewing
on your keychain HUMIDIFIER tool gives you both recipes on your tablet The pocket-size
Combat dry air by pore-deep cleansing and prop it up speaker (that comes
pleasure, should you
lets you know you’ve so desire (FYI, your
attaching this mini as well as gentle, high stoveside, this in nine colours) links
left it behind. machine to almost precision facial wirelessly to your
spoon-stylus (one current camera phone
Dhs330, any water bottle, then epilation, leaving your on either end) lets phone, tablet, or
is probably only
plugging it into your skin smooth and clear you stir then scroll, computer to play saved
BIKN 13 megapixels).

computer or car’s USB at the flip of a switch. smear- and stress-free. or streaming music.
Snap the “smart case” port.Dhs110, Dhs395, Dhs26, Dhs661, Dhs735,
onto your cell and clip
your other valuables
with corresponding
colourful tags so you
can page misplaced
QUICK TIP: Hack-proof password
items from your
phone (or vice versa).
It’s the network of Web
+ + =
servers that stores data
on the Internet rather
than on your phone or orangerobotcupcake
computer. It’s accessible
“Look for an inside joke or a phrase that would make sense only
anywhere there’s Internet
to you,” says Bridget Carey, senior editor at “For
service, so you won’t
example, I am drinking orange juice and have a robot toy on my
face a crisis if your desk, and someone brought cupcakes today, so it could be
machine crashes. orangerobotcupcake. It’s harder to crack because it’s long, and
the mental image will make it easier to recall than a random string.”

114 W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H M I D D L E E A S T / March 2015

The heart
hearrt is our will - the power
b hi d ourr d
behind desire
i to dod another
rep or ru
n another
h rmmile.
Th heart
The h arrt is
he i our engine
i - it it drives
d ives
dri s
our blood
blo d and d fuels
f l our mu muscles.
l s
2X U ccompression
ompr pressi
ession tec
hn olo
suppor rts the
h heart
h rt and
and d shapes
how wew recover, train and perform.
It’s about heart not hype.



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