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João Garcia

Cybersecurity Analyst | TI & Operation Transformation

Process & Continuous Improvement


Cybersecurity & Network Analyst Jan 2015 - Ongoing Courage & Mindset
Putted a lot of effort in a engineer/technical
Portugal Telecom Lisbon, Portugal career instead of sport

Incident detection and handling; Acknowledgment

Intrusion monitoring and Forensics analysis; Invited to be part of a strategic team to
SIEM content creation and security architecture; develop the Oi,SA telecommunication business
Vulnerabilities Remediation;
Customer Service Provisioning and operational improvement.
Tools: ArcSight/AlienVault/Anubis/Allot/Arbor/SourceFire/HP Service STRENGTHS
Hard-Working Motivator Volunteer

IT & Management Consultant Jul 2013 - Dec 2014 Communicator Ambitious Determined

Oi Telecom, SA Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Data Analysis Business Optimization
Internal consulting for the Head of Operations and board of directors. Focuses
on structural and transformation projects: Process & KPIs Information Security
Field Force optimization – Implementation of Click Software tool for fixed line
services (phone, internet and TV) for over than 30K field engineers;
Systems integration (OE,CRM,...);
Optimization of processes for all Brazilian regions;
Engineering/Core Network implementation teams increased their productivity
by 25%;
Team management and coaching - Sharing of best practices. English

Enterprise Solutions Controller Fev 2013 - Jul 2013

Portugal Telecom Lisbon, Portugal

Increase of responsibilities with the development of a new area inside of the
Enterprise Projects Department. Some of the main activities were:
Promote the creation of KPIs and reports to the head of Enterprise sector;
Implementation of processes involving all Enterprise departments;
Enterprise Customers Feedback with personal interviews, promotion of
reports and quick solver actions operational team for problems reported. M.S. in Information Sys. & Technology
Main goals achieved in a stagnant market: Universidade da Beira Interior
Decrease of projects implementation time by 32%.
2009 - 2010
Increased of the implemented projects per month by 40%.
5-Y, Computer & Electronic Engineer
Universidade da Beira Interior
MGMT & Operations Analyst Aug 2010 - Jan 2013 2002 - 2008

Portugal Telecom Lisbon, Portugal

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) – EC Council
Started as Trainee, working at the Infrastructure and Operations Department
Self-paced Exam candidate
(DOI), focused on operational optimization and development. Some of the 2017 (Goal)
main activities:
Internal consulting for the head of operations and the board of directors;
 ITIL Foundation V3 (2017)
Tableau development with Field Force KPIs of the service providers focuses
on the residential services (around10K engineers);  Web App Security Fundamentals
Responsible for the weekly coordination of continuous improvement meetings
with service provider’s directors (internal/external);  Injection Flaws
Report analysis of FF KPIs (weekly vision), comparison between internal
 Corporate Cybersecurity Management (2017)
workforce and external service providers. Data supported by Customer
Relationship Management Systems (CRM); Order Entry and Field Force  Foundations of IT Security: Core Concepts (2016)
systems (BI);
Supported by Lean Six Sigma methodology on the identification of gaps in  Cybersecurity and Its Ten Domains (2016)
operational processes and proposed actions of improvement (field force audit
 ICND1 - Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices
scheme; improved customers complaint ratios and failure rates).
Development of tools for workforce productivity improvement (flyers and (2012)
handbook with installation and maintenance operational instruction, and
participated in the creation of mobile applications;  Green Belt, Lean Six Sigma (2001)
Coordination of field force teams on business to business projects.