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You May Be Eligible If:

 Have been
diagnosed with a Clinical
sexual disorder Neuroelectrophysiology &
 Are a Forensics 1145 Carling Avenue Cognitive Research
Ottawa, ON K1Z 7K4 Laboratory
 Between the ages of
Phone: 613-722-6521 ext. 6490
3rd Floor – Rm. 3128

If you are interested in participating,

please contact us by email or phone!

Courtney Lord (Research Assistant)
By conducting this study we
hope to gain a better
Why Are We Doing This Study?
understanding of differences in
People with sexual disorders often
brain activity and sexuality so
respond differently to types of sexual
that we can develop new and
stimuli than others. We are conducting an
effective treatments for those
EEG study to try and observe the
with certain types of sexual differences in electrical brain activity
disorders. between individuals diagnosed with a
What is an EEG? sexual disorder as they view images of
An electroencephalogram or EEG is a different types of sexual stimuli.
recording of the electrical activity in a
person’s brain. By placing electrode Your Role as a Participant
sensors on the scalp, we are able to
record this activity while participants  Attend one 2 hour session
 Fill out paper and pencil What Are We Doing?
complete computerized tasks to find out
questionnaires We are recruiting participants to examine
what kind of activity happens in different
 Complete computerized tasks while the differences between individuals
parts of the brain when people complete
undergoing an EEG recording diagnosed with a sexual disorder and
different tasks.
those without. Individuals will view
computer generated images while
undergoing an EEG recording.