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Subject : English Language

Date : 2nd July 2017

Class : Standard 2

Type of Class : Mixed Ability

Time : 08.50 - 09.50

Attendance : 15

Theme : World of Self, Family and Friends

Unit/Topic : Unit 11/ Looking Good

Focused Skill : Language arts

Integrated Skill : Listening and speaking

Content Standard : 4.3 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils
will be able to plan, organize and produce creative works
for enjoyment.

Learning Standard : 4.3.1 Able to produce simple creative works with

guidance based on:

c) stories

Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

1. State their name, hobby and ambition verbally

2. Draw a figure and clothes that they prefer
3. Label the drawing with correct names of types of

Educational Emphases : HOTS, multiple intelligence, contextual learning

Moral Value : Confidence

Teaching Aids : pictures of different type of clothes, story of Amirah goes
to a beach

WHOLE CLASS 1. Teacher introduces Rationale:

ACTIVITY herself with appropriate - To create
greeting and gestures. curiosity among
Example of 2. Pupils listen attentively pupils.
questions: to teacher’s introduction - To get to know
- What is my of herself. the pupils.
name? 3. Teacher asks pupils Multiple Intelligence:
- Where I am questions to test their - Verbal Linguistic
Set Induction
from? memory. Thinking Process:
(± 5 minutes)
Suggested 4. Pupils answer teacher’s - Remembering
answer: questions verbally.
- Teacher
- From

WHOLE CLASS 1. Teacher writes on the Rationale:

ACTIVITY whiteboard on the - To engage the
information needed to pupils’ attention to
Information that be included while the information
(± 20 minutes) delivered.
needs to be introducing themselves
- To enhance
included while in front of the class
pupils’ speaking
introducing 2. Teacher gives
oneself: examples on how to
- Name introduce oneself in Multiple Intelligence:
- Hobby front of the class. - Verbal Linguistic
- Ambition 3. Pupils are given 7 Thinking process:
minutes to make - Adapting
preparation. HOTS:
4. Pupils introduce - Adaptation
themselves with Moral value:
guidance from the - confidence
WHOLE CLASS Rationale:
ACTIVITY 1. Teacher shows pictures - To expose the
of different type of pupils with new
Pupils match the clothes. knowledge
selected pictures 2. Teacher asks the Teaching Aids:
of clothes with names of the clothes - Pictures of
their respected 3. Pupils analyse the places
names pictures shown and Multiple Intelligence:
open up their textbook - Visual-spatial
Question: and search for the - Verbal linguistic
- What is this clothes’ names. Teaching aids:
(± 10 minutes)
(refer to 4. Pupils answers - Pictures of
respective teacher’s question different types of
clothes)? verbally. clothes.
Suggested 5. Teacher listens to (Appendix A)
answer: pupils’ pronunciation Thinking Process:
- It is and does corrections - Analysing
a………. when needed. HOTS:
(depends - Analysis
on the type
of clothes)

1. Each pupil is given with - Pupils with nice
(± 20 minutes)
an A4 paper. and correctly
WHOLE CLASS 2. Teacher tells a short labeled drawing
ACTIVITY story entitled, Amirah receive extrinsic

goes to a beach. awards.

3. Teacher gives Rationale:

- To arouse their
interest in English.
a. Pupils draw a picture of
- To test on their
a boy or a girl wearing
application of the
any types of clothes and
knowledge that
label the names of the they have learnt.
clothes. Thinking Process:
4. Pupils complete the - Applying
activity. Multiple Intelligence:
- Verbal linguistic
- Visual spatial
Teaching Aids:
- Story of Amirah
goes to a beach
(Appendix B)

1. Teacher evaluates Rationale:

Closure WHOLE CLASS pupils’ drawing and - To evaluate
(± 5 minutes) ACTIVITY asks them to explain pupils’ work
their drawing. Multiple Intelligence:
- Verbal linguistic

Amirah like to go to a beach. She

likes to wear a pair of shorts and a
yellow shirt when she goes to the
beach. She also wears a pair of flip-
flops. She wears a big red hat to the
beach. She is feeling happy when she
goes to the beach.