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Life's Times Up

We are all invited to the Funeral. Not like Friends and Family
who sometimes forget to share Their time with you. You have a
good friend in time. What did you think it meant? That's the
problem, we don't look into it.

For example, when I just wrote the word 'meant'; what did you
see? I “see” (Me-Ant) as in “suppose” to be. The one chosen
and that's all I “see”. “The ALL” is The ALMIGHTY and that
exist in → “ME” , the Exit.

So, what is a Friend? What do you see? I see, the Fri(Fry). I

“see” The <END>. Times Up. That's why I'm always seeing
things like (ti)-mes up.

Now, do you remember what I wrote once before about as

people we don't breathe and that “Life” is the air and the air is
The Almighty coming into you. It is your diaphragm that
pushes the air back out. You don't breathe, that's simply The
Almighty coming into you body Temple.

Soon, [and soon is now] as Time is Up. Who's next?

Hell is Up. Fry day.
I'm not Arguing with you anymore.