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Dark Cycle Interrupted - No Flowers - Marijuana problems

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 All, Environmental stresses, Growing, Plant Care Guides  14 May 2014
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copy  It is a well-known fact that
 We guarantee 100% In this article we will discuss: marijuana plants use light as
energy. Light schedules play a
huge role in determining the
Bergman's Vegetative vs. flowering stage
stage of life of your plants.
Harvesting Tips Flowering problems and solutions
Marijuana plants will not begin
producing buds until the
flowering stage. During the
vegetative stage, your plant is just a baby, so it is only growing leaves and
stems with no buds. Read the article to find out why your plants aren’t
flowering.[19.02.2017 21:38:05]
Dark Cycle Interrupted - No Flowers - Marijuana problems

Marijuana Grow Vegetative vs. flowering stage

Beginner Guides
Seeds, soil and
Sexing, cloning and
Smoking, hash and
Sprout, grow and

Indoor Guides
Special organs inside leaf cells called Chloroplasts secure the red and blue light
The basics
from the visible spectrum of light and use those to start photosynthesis. During
The grow room
photosynthesis, plants take certain elements from air and water to produce
The grow
The harvest
sugar while also releasing oxygen.

A marijuana plant growing outdoors will do just fine in lots of sunlight and begins
Outdoor Guides
Plant care
flowing in the fall. But when it comes to big, compact indica buds, the plants

Seeds and growsite grown indoors require about 40 watts of HPS or MH light per square foot.
The grow However, sativa buds require around 60 watts. In the first stages of growth, you
The harvest can use both the HPS and MH lamps. You will need to change the light
schedule for indoor growing to get your plants to start flowering.
Plant Care Guides
Nutrients There’s no way around this process!
Diseases Fluorescent light are fine for the vegetative state and the flowering period. When
Environmental your plant is in the vegetative state, you will use cool, white fluorescent lights
and when it reaches the flowering state, use warm, white fluorescent lamps.
Control and treatment
HPS light is good for generating flowers when the plant is in the flowering
Medical Guides
About medical
Back to top
Adverse effects of
Medicinal uses Flowering problems and solutions
Obtain medical
marijuana[19.02.2017 21:38:05]
Dark Cycle Interrupted - No Flowers - Marijuana problems

Forcing your plant to flower

If you shifted the light schedule to 12 hours of darkness/ 12 hours of light and a
few weeks have passed with no flowering, there are 3 possible causes. Either
your grow rooms has some light leaks, the lights were on for too long or the
light may have been on at the time there was supposed to be darkness.

Do your best to stick to the proper light cycle. If you need to go into the garden
Latest Marijuana
during the dark time, use a green light.
Fluorescent burn the leaves
If you are using fluorescent lights to grow, then it is necessary that your plant
To Solve the Cartel
Problem, Not stays at least a few inches away from the lights. So long as this rarely occurs
Cannabis, is The Top little harm will be done. If you experience light burn frequently, you can wrap a
Priority of Trump and
Sessions wire barrier around the tube to makes sure the leaves never touch the light.

Platinum Girl Scout

Cookies What if the darkness or light cycle is disrupted?
US Drug Enforcement Darkness Cycle: Let’s say the lights were accidentally left on for a full day, then
Association Finally
this won’t be  too much of a problem. Now, if the lights are on for a few days
Removes Incorrect
Information Regarding consecutively at the beginning of the flowering period, you may notice your
Cannabis from Its plant returning back to the vegetative stage. Your plants are not as damaged by
Official Website
too much light when they get close to being fully developed.
Back to the Past –
Washington State Bill
Introduced by When the light schedule is thrown off, get it back on track quickly to avoid
Representative Brad
further problems.
Klippert Could Repeal
Marijuana Legalization
Bill if Passed Light Cycle: When the lights are off for a day or two, you will notice the buds are
Agent Orange maturing faster and that is okay. Just turn then on again and carry on with your
Skywalker regular schedule until they are fully matured.[19.02.2017 21:38:05]
Dark Cycle Interrupted - No Flowers - Marijuana problems

Also interesting Both Cycles: So, if the light are turned on and off intermittently your buds will
become scrawny and could potentially become hermaphrodites. Check out our
articles on hermaphrodite plants to learn more.

If you need to, just use a timer to make sure the light schedule is constant.

No flowers on indoor plants

Platinum Girl So, your indoor plants are not flowering? Offering your plants 12 hours of
Scout Cookies
darkness a day without disruption for 5 days will producing flowering.
Depending on the seeds you use, you may need continue this cycle for longer.
It is important that this schedule if followed exactly the same each day. It’s best
to have a timer for your lights to prevent unexpected mistakes.

Remember, to make sure your plant thrives during the flowering stage you need

Agent Orange
to adhere to the light schedule. Proper lighting is essential to your plants health.
Too many mishaps with the light cycle could result in damage to your plants.

Thanks for reading. Please leave comments or questions below and don’t forget
to download my free grow bible



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Dark Cycle Interrupted - No Flowers - Marijuana problems

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27 thoughts on “What To Do When Your Marijuana Plants Won’t

By jacque on 19 October 2013

I enjoyed your answers to the light cycle disruption. Plants will continue to
or bud as soon as the problem is addressed but there will definatly be
damage recovery time,and lots of “h”. My timer we forward two hours to
fourteen hours for several days now…maybe a week. Plants are at the
end of week three.Have just noticed the problem in the flower.(smaller
than usual at week three) I have five weeks left. What are my chances of
recovery? Reply

By Charley on 5 December 2015

I’m going into my 4th month . My plant are beautiful 3-4 feet tall. They are
all the same height. It’s getting very crowded in my grow tent and they still
all look the same. I’ve looked at the pictures on line to try to determine the
sex of the plants but they aren’t displaying any signs nor any differences
among them. I’m ready to get them from the vegetative stage

into the flowering stage., I’ve changed out the build to a 600 watt super
HPS with higher red spectrum. I am moving the plants back to 12 hours
on 12 hours off intervals. But how do I determine the sex? When will they
show signs to help me determine the sex? And can I push them into
flowering before I determine the sex? Help help help! Reply[19.02.2017 21:38:05]
Dark Cycle Interrupted - No Flowers - Marijuana problems

By tyler on 22 May 2016

Just wait to see if the two pistils start to emerge at the nodes, or it will
have the bananna looking pods which would be the males. Ive never seen
it take more than two weeks after beginning the 12/12 cycle to show their
sex. Good luck Reply

By Larry smith on 17 March 2016

My timer has little depressers and somehow a few of them got pushed
down in turn causing the lights to come on for a couple hrs during the
12hrs of dark not sure how long this has been going on but been fighting
plant problems (yellowing faded leaves) I thought it was bug,root,or ph.
Problem is have had issues for a good 3 weeks n one of my plants I
thought should have been done by now is not they have developed nice
dense buds but now look like they are dying I fixed the 12 n 12 thing so
on proper light schedule am I waiting my time are these plants ruined?Reply

By sanesaint420 on 2 January 2014

you shouldnt have a problem just keep that 12 an 12 going i go 12 an a
half dark 11an a half light dont feed her the last two weeks give her some
sweetner like blackstrapmolasas you can find a lot of good stuff at they have ph perfect now works great and its
cheap sanesaint420 im out goodluck Reply

By ebee on 18 May 2014

tomatoes plants started out slow cause of no nutrients until about 4wks in[19.02.2017 21:38:05]
Dark Cycle Interrupted - No Flowers - Marijuana problems

when should I start flowering? Reply

By Jason Kaye on 11 February 2015

Outdoor over 4 months 12 and 12 for 2 weeks flowering everywhere can i
get away with keeping outside now all the time 24 hrs a day or will it re
veg Reply

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By Matthew on 12 August 2015

If my plants are outside, and I turn on the outside light when its dark. Will
those light disturb the bidding process? They are just standard lights.Reply

By latewood on 14 August 2015

Any time you disturb the dark period of photo synthesis; You can expect
potential issues. Reply

By Paul Malczewski on 24 October 2015

During the summer months, I was fine having my lights on at night. 9.00
pm to on, 9.00 am to 9.00 pm off. It kept the grow tents temperature
manageable. I’m wondering if it would be an issue now to reverse the
schedule in the middle of my grow. Even though I have green lights to
work in the tents its still much easier to see and work under the grow light
lighting for me. I don’t have any temperature issue’s now that its winter
months and would like to be able to see and work during the day with the
grow lights lit. Would it harm my plants to switch the lighting 180 degree’s
in the middle of flowering? On during the day and off at night? Reply[19.02.2017 21:38:05]
Dark Cycle Interrupted - No Flowers - Marijuana problems

By latewood.ILGM on 27 October 2015

Paul Malczewski
I suggest you enjoy the lower temps provided by fall/winter, in order to
grow in an easier to deal with environment. Keep your photo period on the
same schedule. Maybe grow some Blueberry, and attempt to chill it in
flower to see the “Blue” Reply

By tank on 24 November 2015

Is it ok to interrupt an indoor grow at night/ dark period with a white led
flashlight or headlamp Reply

By latewood.ILGM on 27 November 2015

Hey Tank, “my Pitbull’s name” lol
It is never advisable to interrupt the dark cycle with an intense white light.
Green filtered light is the only light advisable to use in the dark photo
period in order to examine the plants. Reply

By Kevin Wall on 27 November 2015

I’m just starting out and just bought a killer hydroponics machine and now
have put one plant in already seems to be doing fine. Oh by the way I’m
in nakonratchasima, Thailand ( for people that don’t really know Thailand
that’s Korat). Well I am having trouble with getting my seedlings sprouting
up I’m a novice beginner so any help that anyone can offer would greatly
be appreciated.

Thank you for that.

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

Kevin Matthew Wall Reply

By latewood.ILGM on 27 November 2015

Well Kevin,
I am not sure what you are asking for. I see that mention problems with
seedlings, but that is rather vague. I suggest you download and read our
Free Grow Bible. It has all the info you need to get started.
Then, You should join our support forum. Search and read 5 or 6 topics on[19.02.2017 21:38:05]
Dark Cycle Interrupted - No Flowers - Marijuana problems

starting seeds, propagation, etc. We will be glad to guide you from start to
finish at ILGM Support.
Happy Thanksgiving to you also. Sorry it is the day after. Peace Reply

By Calvin on 22 January 2016

Ive got a 400 watt sodium halide light Im using to veg. Do i need to change
my light for flowering?? Reply

By latewood.ILGM on 23 January 2016

We use Metal Halide for Veg cycle, and switch to High Pressure Sodium
for Bloom cycle. Not sure what is sodium Halide. I have both type lights.
Recently I have invested in Digital Switchable ballasts, and all you do is
switch the lamp/bulb when you induce flowering.
Join our forum where we have links to many different lighting options, and
a whole bunch of helpful members to address all your grow issues. Reply

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By graham on 24 April 2016

hi , new grower just poking about for clues and refreshingly have had luck
today , stumbling upon your page on this thing , am philistine and not
keen on change have only just accepted typing for a bloke ,how long
people had computers readily available ? i have grown weed for over
30yrs on and off , now thankfully people believe cannabis has helped
slow down those dirty fucking cunt cancer bastards and beat the dfccb
given the green fingered ability to help ease pain for others satisfied my
selfish nature for now . Reply

By Mr. M - Vancouver on 24 June 2016

I have 2 GG#1 plants from feminized seed in large pots in ~3rd week of
budding, outdoors, with the plants in a homemade patio darkroom, which I
open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.. My question is….how much will it hurt
the plants if we commit to our camping trip for 3 nights. Basically 12-12[19.02.2017 21:38:05]
Dark Cycle Interrupted - No Flowers - Marijuana problems

will be interrupted to 17 hours light and 7 hours dark for those 3 days.
Should I cancel the trip? Reply

By gladiator on 25 June 2016

I started my plants from seed. I took them outside to be in the sun all but
one is in veggie stage. one of them is flowering and its only seven inches
tall full of flowers, I let it get 12hrs of light outside then I take it indoors for
12 hrs of darkness, what should I be doing help me out my first time. Reply

By Acy first grow on 14 September 2016

My plants won’t flower I’ve done the 24 hr darkness and I’m on 12/12 my
babies are 2 1/2 months old please help Reply

By latewood.ILGM on 15 September 2016

It takes 10-20 days after changing light photo period to 12/12 in order to
induce flowering. You should never grow plants under a 24/0 photo
period. Plants use the same minerals as humans to grow, and as humans
do; PLants also need 6-8 hours of rest everyday.
Best advice I can give you: Join our support forum and learn how to grow
guided by our many knowledgeable members and expert staff. Reply

By CharlieTool on 2 October 2016

I started 12-12 on my hydro grow 4 days ago. The girls just started their
dark period by timer within the past 30 minutes. I have diagnosed nitrogen
toxicity and now want to flush Girl 2. Which is worse- waiting 12 hours to
change out her nutes- or turning on lights and changing her nutes now,
then getting her back into darkness. Her sister Girl 1 (who is doing fine)
will also get exposed to light. I don’t have a green light right now. Reply

By latewood.ILGM on 4 October 2016

If you cannot change out solution in dark, you have to wait, or risk
exposing all plants to[19.02.2017 21:38:05]
Dark Cycle Interrupted - No Flowers - Marijuana problems

the dark period interruption. Not sure why you did not see this when lights
are on…

If you really have a Nitrogen toxicity, then perhaps you will just want to
run plain water ph’d at 5.8 for a couple days. After that; Mix a full strength
solution and watch the new growth for continued issues. If new growth is
fine, all is fine Reply

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Dark Cycle Interrupted - No Flowers - Marijuana problems

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