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Sketches in Magick
by 7.223
Dedicated to all dissidents that fought for something right,
free and just
Operating System Earth 4
Combinatorics and Planetary Pathways 8
Seeds of a Beginning 12
Pneumatism and Hydranomy of the Spirit 14
Mindset and Principles 16
Consciousness, or the Spirit of Individuation 22
Fates and Mixing: Worlds, Metempsychoses and Transmigration 25
Eidokration 26
Daimons and Being 29
Psy(i)chomorphos and Mind Circuitry Daimons (processes) 31
Formula I and II 35
Semiotics of Magic: Substasis-Hypostasis 36
Impasse of Uncommunicability 39
The Orphic Ritualistic Glass Bead Game 43
The Stones of Li 46
Uran in Taurus: Ceremony and Ritual 48
Catalogue of mind abuse and mind hacks phenomena in bioinfocyberelectro-
magnetic environment 51
The Old Man 58
Operating System Earth

Let us think for a while about our planet as an operating system with various modules and functional
layers that appeared, formed and evolved since billions, millions, hundreds of thousands of years.

4.7 billion years ago Earth started to form in the Solar System around a star that is moving on one of the
galactic wings, remote from the center of the Milky Way that is localized in the depth of the Sagittarius-B

Another world-system amongst countless other world-systems. Penetrating space with Hubble deep-
space telescope, hundreds of thousands of galaxies are revealed. Let us assume that the star just like any
other planet in the Solar System, and every moon has its own operating system which we may define
inasmuch as scientific, physical and astronomical knowledge allows us to.

Information fields which are a hypothetical database, virtually conjured with our minds are later meas-
ured and fixed by laws that we define by delineating statistics of behavior of these systems. Similar to
mathematics – it is statistics of phenomena that are described by laws. It is not a complete knowledge but
it is the building blocks and foundations of our reality, universe of discourse.

Borrowing from negative theology, it is an apophatic knowledge, discovered by the impulse of what we
don’t know, for leaving all the certainties behind, we know that we know nothing indeed, yet containing
the Socratic irony: “we must write and speak about things that are impossible to write or speak about”.
That applies to metaphysics, and to science as it is nowadays, reformed through countless of paradigms.

Back to the operating systems: they co-arise in historicity and cycles. Determined, a-deterministic, se-
quential, interrupted, cyclical, linear, a-linear, defined by probability, chance, anomaly, set and temporar-
ily fixed by what is ordered, definite, certain. There are co-dependent in co-ordinates of being. The Sun-
Earth connectivity, the Moon-Earth connectivity are an example of such a system of fixed references,
observed over time, defined – for example – through their magnetospheric properties. The Sun-Galaxy
connectivity may be also defined by the relation of the stellar magnetosphere. Proportions arise.

Let us apply other interpretative system to the base modern science that is done, re-engineering, un-
dusting ancient doctrines to update them now. Moving back to, e.g. neoplatonic scientific metaphysical
theology, a Chaldean one, let us imagine that we add another defining layer, i.e. celestial, non-apparent,

To understand that let us phase some concepts and construct and ideograph in our minds that will en-
able us to understand this system. To detach ourselves from the regular reality we need to feel awe – the
same awe we sometimes feel when observing a starlit sky at night. That is giving us some distance, our
bodies are surrounded by air, our mass and the mass of air belittles us. Most likely people that are skydiv-
ing feel both the freedom and the mass of air surrounding them in such a way, when they jump for the
first time.

Now let us expand it into total cosmic space, in imagination. That may be done mentally, but it is rather
rare that we truly feel it. The first feeling is alienation, then we succumb to unity, or feel despair, awe joins
unity. Then we go back to ourselves. It is alchemy, first we separate then we melt everything into oneness.
Sewing the invisible wound. Now let us think about the star, the closest one that we know. We set every-
thing in proportion. The Chinese defined forces of heavens, their force, their might as regulative forces..

It would be enough to relate to it as a proportion of forces.

Psychological layer of the modern human might utilize a typically Mandean mistake in which it is add-
ing a valuation of the phenomenological world “good-evil”, or “mind-spirit”, “darkness-light”, however
maybe such conceptual duality is in-built in our recognition – but let us leave these speculations, assum-
ing that these layers are imaged only instrumentally, having essences, diverse, or inter-penetrating ones,
so in some cases – harmonious.

Arriving thus with intellect in the world of ideas through notions, analogies, proportions, golden mean
we may imagine that Sun as a Deity, does not matter whether through projections we add it male or
female attributes, whether androgynous or hermaphroditic – depending on the civilizations, is it seen
from a religious level, or a symbolic one. Your perception and belief is your decision, explore.

At the level of phenomena, it is a star with all its discovered physical attributes, thermonuclear reactions,
plasma, 12-year pole shift cycle etc. On the level of symbols it is the visible Helios (instrumental name),
on the meta-physical level, undergoing hypostasis it is an Aion, or a Mighty celestial Deity operating on
levels of powers that furnish the stars with their force.

Now the poetry. Similarly on the level of symbols and magical hypostasis all that is born of the solar
fire has its own life – thus in bestiaries and mythologies phoenixes, dragons, seraphs, elementals etc.
arose. Taking into consideration these two perceptive shifts, from the phenomenal world to the numinal
one we link vertical and horizontal approaches, linking it through two hermetic crosses constituting a
sphere; Operating system Sun-Aion and operating system Aion-Teletarchs-Aions in the poetry of the
robes of the mother of the stars Nyx-Neith in Egypto-Hellenic beliefs defined by laws of Tefnut-Ma’at
that constitute variegated being of deep laws. In Hindi belief-systems the clustering of the world-systems
was governed by Cakravartins.

It is hard to imagine such worlds, and sustain the perceptions of them. Perhaps superficial, but necessary
for theurgic, magical, semiotic work. when our mind is continuously lowered to the regular perception
of reality, necessary though, to carve out time, space and reality within its universe of discourse. Let us
assume further that in the world of Aions there no time nor space.

Any point of time and phenomenal space in the „cave of shadows” is seen and accessible. Any point as-
cending from the Plato’s cave joins the numinous a-phenomenal becomes timeless and spaceless. From
a soteriological perspective it is a shift from the world of phenomena to the numena. It is an individu-
ational passage of every consciousness. Returning to the world of phenomena – stars are separated by
light years, parsecs, greater galactic distances, in the world of numena, diving into the outer rims of the
Milky Way galaxy may take miliseconds beyond-the-beyond.

Now back to Earth. Operating system Earth has its geological properties, it formed from elements, hav-
ing their own electro-magnetic radiation properties, in their “simplicity” and molecular configurations,
they are the stuff of the visible environment; Earthly geomagnetic field appeared 3,7 billion years ago.
First wave of life, viruses, bacteria started photosynthesizing and filled the atmosphere with oxygen. First
layer of life that diversifies, mutates, develops, evolves, adapts, perishes, continues. Waves of diversified
life appear and disappear in the biosphere, nature works through entropy, biological negentropy within
its confines, like living organisms – it pulsates, lives.

Orphic Hymns [25] XXV. TO THE EARTH [GAIA]

The Fumigation from every kind of Seed, except Beans and Aromatics.
O Goddess, Earth, of Gods and men the source, endu’d with fertile, all destroying force;
All-parent, bounding, whose prolific pow’rs, produce a store of beauteous fruits and flow’rs,
All-various maid, th’ eternal world’s strong base immortal, blessed, crown’d with ev’ry grace;
From whose wide womb, as from an endless root, fruits, many-form’d, mature and grateful shoot.
Deep bosom’d, blessed, pleas’d with grassy plains, sweet to the smell, and with prolific rains.
All flow’ry dæmon, centre of the world, around thy orb, the beauteous stars are hurl’d
With rapid whirl, eternal and divine, whose frames with matchless skill and wisdom shine.
Come, blessed Goddess, listen to my pray’r, and make increase of fruits thy constant care;
With fertile Seasons [Horai] in thy train, draw near, and with propitious mind thy suppliant hear.

With life arising, a micro-operating system is in place with its own layers, mysteries, explored, un-discov-
ered by formal science. In fact it is difficult to understand something through itself, a human being may
not understand himself perfectly as a whole, one cannot measure “a consciousness through a conscious-
ness”, we may merely isolate fragments in a cognitive mini-lab, their aspects – we cannot understand the
wholeness of nature being its subject from the perspective of nature, as long as we are animals. What is
the purpose of conjuring refined set of psychically projected concepts, creating infinite representation of
these by procuring and creating streams of information, where we seek answers in mere virtualities, in
tokens. The way to find oneself might be much simpler, but of course – we won’t know much, but like in
Herman Hesse’s Glass Bead Game, we will touch the right sounds, images, move the right feeling, con-
jure concept and philosophy knowing that it is a token to be disbanded, once its solved – it’s no longer
necessary, we move on!

Life is entwined with environment in which it grown, the same environment is entwined with life. Con-
tinents drifted apart, joined, new land masses, oceanic masses appeared, diversifying life further, the
branching out of evolutionary threads, the nearing and faring of these threads; DNA protein sequencing
are as diverse as living being, through mutation and replication it modifies itself, through chance and
layout there are adaptive corrections, genetic “errors”. No organism is perfectly adapted to its environ-
ment, it is “approximated” to adaptation, that guarantees diversity.

From the point of view phylogenetically modern human was genetically arrested at the level of Homo
Erectus, yet his and hers capacity to self-consciousness, self-awareness makes a sick animal out of it –
that attempts to find a method to find itself. First ape-like creature appeared in South America 16 million
years ago. In Africa, 120 000 years ago we found a mtDNA haplogroup remnant – common to all humans
today, the other female haplogroup lines died out.

From an occult perspective, these operating systems are not isolated, adding a greater layer to the world-
systems, in search of astralistic configurations of eerie worlds, to discover the tendencies and aspirations,
an attempt to find the “cosmic will, expression, action”, one, or more, to realize it on Earth or within one-
self. To find sense and purpose. Faraway and closer words, invisible worlds living in operating systems of
other “phenomenally dead” planets and moons, “phenomenally alive” worlds of other systems.

Early human civilizations with a cosmographic instinct drawn territories and maps of cosmos, perceiv-
ing a certain order. Homo Sapiens Sapiens, receiving an inheritance of ontogenesis, phylogeny, and rare

chance of relating himself, herself to ponder “whence, why, whereto?” appeared in a pre-existing world.
First apeman that reflected in himself may have been terrified, perhaps sad; We are no different today;
That is an individuated realization.

It attempted to create layers of life, visible, invisible, far and remote, to relate to it, understand them,
mastering fear – to a certain extent – and fire. It went through chtonic, animalistic, totemistic cults, solar
cults, nearing a strange, terrifying, essentional definition of the Divine, numinous. It captured what it
could in imagining notions, magical techniques, techniques of Deities, giving them names, learning the
magic of the world and preserving it in rituals, ceremonies – interpreting forces and powers that did not
emerge ab nihilo.

When homo symbolicus started creating, participating in rituals, ceremonies of various traditions it had
no scientific approach, in the domain of mystical participation in nature, in shamanic worlds, axis mun-
di, when it started organizing cults ‘approaching’ an act within confines of a cosmography, cosmogony,
measuring and understanding fragments of various parts of cosmos through reflection.

When it became homo magicus in apotheosis of himself – consciously exercising ritual acts, enchanting
the world, itself, moving across uncharted territories, creating maps – invoking and receiving assistance
from ‘Elder Races’ – terminology of Iamblchus of Chalcis in De Mysteriis, of Gods, Goddesses, count-
less worlds of invisible-visible beings, in a new understanding of scientific theology, religion was wed
to science because they were one, hand pointed downwards to nature and science below, hand pointed
upwards to the unknowable, full of awe above; Philosophy was the love of wisdom. Philosophical magic
was a way to pitch to hypostasis, re-deification and express this, unhindered, as a catalyst, below.

Between East and West of human civilizations, between the dawn and dusk – beliefs, religions, formal-
ized magical techniques, ceremonies, psionic, instinctual, desired, building, reforming, ruining, disman-
tling. New layers of post-morte existence in the Operating System Earth, Solar System, it’s planets and

We are virtualizing a world, closing ourselves in circular cages, freeing oneself from one and falling into
others. Liberating ourselves from mental prisons, we fall into pneumatic ones, now to liberate ourselves
from pneumatic ones, we need not fall into mental prisons again, and by an upward drive sustain it
with focus, lightly, determined; Every new conceptual invention created a virtuality that could be used
to free oneself, or to dominate and enslave: afflictions and antidotes. Current man-made technological
layer – interlacing with pre-existing world serves a similar function too. Depending on our competence
in “servicing our creations, ourselves and the world” – we can do more, but for an instance captured by
the illusions, enslaved by the subject of our attention, we become mere slaves; When we are enslaved by
the creations of others – we become a slave, when we purposefully intend to enslave others – we are mere
slave-masters, being ourselves enslaved by our property of slaves, – that never frees.

Combinatorics and Planetary Pathways

If anyone would use combinatorics to calculate the number of possible coloring in-between planets and
all possible rays in-between the traditional Seven and the Astronomical Ten (we can include the Eris
planet beyond the Oort belt to make it even more complex), then we arrive at an extremely complex
number of possible rays and pathways in the Solar System in-between all the planets, the Sun and the
moon. It’s not accounting for the sequences of rays, the significance of planetary distances nor their
magnitude, but is a “general” look on all possibilities, regardless of angular data. From these numbers
gates and pathways may be extracted and generalized as a “flux density field of possible interaction”.

Choosing 7 items out of 7 items with repetition.

Order of the selected items is not important.
(n + m – 1)! / ((n – 1)! * m!) = 1716

Thus 1716 possible rays and pathways.

If we calculate rays betwen Saturn and the Sun we arrive at (1716/7)2, thus there are 490.285714286
gateways in-between these luminaries

Of which calculating angular aspects, there 490.3/36 (360/10) in Conjunct in range of 1 to 13,6 path-

Of which calculating angular aspects, there 490.3/36 (360/120) in Trine 4 pathways

If we calculate rays in-between Saturn, Moon and Earth we arrive at (1716/7)3, thus there are
735.428571429 gateways in-between these luminaries

Choosing 10 items out of 10 items with repetition.

Order of the selected items is not important.
(n + m – 1)! / ((n – 1)! * m!) = 92378

Thus 92378 possible rays and pathways

What follows: Even if we assume that there are 1716 configurations in-between this schemata, thus
this much rays, we arrive at the problem of stratification, octaves thus possible dimensions multiply at
fast rates. Moreover, we encounter infinite progression if we calculate in-between star-clusters, galax-
ies with their own configurations. Because we are encountering order in the universe, undoubtedly,
these infinite configurations need to be limited by certain laws. Sequitur, all dimensions and all rays
do not penetrate each other, some may intersect, some may be kept apart. We can further distribute
history and geneaology of events on the phenomenological scale that are diverse encountering an old
Athanasius Kircher problem, or how to reconcile diversity with order and unity? This is a question
of entropic topology, that at the “bottom” and “top” entropy is always zero, absolutely ordered and
unitary or absolute nothingness. Because the world is never in such a state these are the states “ex-
cluded” from the phenomenological universe, or non-states. It either posits an arguement that this is
the only universe, or that there is an external force to the phenomenological universe. If this universe
is in a certain state of enthropy of order and not chaos it posits either self-renewal at the point of 0
or 1 when it reaches the absolute conditions of the a-numenal universe, or it would not exist, or ex-
ist absolutely in self-consumption. Information is infinite, it is enough to think of an infinite library,
a problem touched upon by some, it is because two self-referential and inter-referential states (TAO)
may reproduce themselves infinitely, but inasmuch as a type of order may be reproduced through in-
finite number of tokens, there are “ghosts” of phenomena, a madman’s dream, or an infinite dreamer’s
play-thing. Upon energy events, phenomena we can splash as much paint as we want to, but they re-
main as they are. Yet energy events may appear in infinite configurations, unless we introduce a single
concept: all states, momenta, loops, references describe every other state from the smallest of events to
the topologically largest one – we may thus mine for laws that aggregate the infinite events, informa-
tion etc. into greater self-referential loops, and thus Platonize, “geometrize” events in which no matter
how much information we extract from every possible angle it is always compatible with some law.

Seeds of a Beginning

A seed does not become a tree easily. Alchemy of the spirit without toil, confrontation, decisions, nature
is not formed, refined, sculpted. It is a repetition of human activities and archetypes and tokens within. It
is all the love, hate, combat, inner workings, whichever the projection of our genii and nature, the totality
of one’s being that one contains within and keeps at bay. It puts pressure on him and her to transform and
change in tension with referenced directions.

This is the scaffold, structure, and skeletal frame: Direction, values, principles, merits should be under-
stood to be in concordance with Reason, Logic, Harmony and Proportion according to time and age, as
the latter should be discovered.

Reaching for ancient laws, henceforth crystallizing Intellect that requires experience and reference to
fuse with judgment, decision, assessment, consequence, foresight and is tied with flourishing maturity
in the Philosophical Sun.

The arsenal of these must be either observed, or read, absorbed and applied, tested as having merit,
value, and greatness in life and consequence for the whole – this breadth of one’s responsible freedom
delineated by that of others.

“No one forges giants without the idea of them”; “No one reaches for cruelty without the idea of it”, like-
wise, “no one reaches for inner greatness” without the idea of it, an inspiration – vision.

What does not arise in a mind or heart, rarely gives a mature harvest of the spirit. Thus, highly developed
intellect, and instillment of principles that are coupled with reason in-between intellect and principles is
the peri to kalon.

Love of beauty, love of justice, love of freedom seems to naturally emerge from human beings. Propor-
tion is the rounding in accord with nature, humaneness is found with inner sight, and furnished with

In situations when human beings are truly deprived of it, when they are enslaved, when they are sur-
rounded by ruins within and without. Furthermore, when they are continuously punished or treated
unjustly, or whether they perceive this injustice elsewhere – they make decisions and forge stances. Like-
wise, recognizing apparitions presented as essence procures a longing that is only complete in honest

If one is enslaved, and feels a portend of freedom, knowing it is true, one craves for freedom. When one
is detested, and honestly feels love towards another person, he knows it is love. When one is treated un-
justly, and a honest force freely rewards him for injustice, he knows it is a true force, and that justice is
being done.

When one wants to recognize true qualities, let us start from the deprived person: what is such a person
lacking most, apart from food and shelter? And then we should ask ourselves what is it that we have that
such a person does not. We might have a false image of deprivation too, when one that lacks in our eyes,
is not deprived, and we see ourselves not deprived, are more deprived than the other person.

For the true deprivation, and true fulfillment is found both in complete honesty with ourselves and the

world, then the world is honest with us. Any notion of falsehood, perceived, or unacknowledged may be
a mere mask, an apparition that we “live by”. How is thus honesty developed. It is by removing the masks,
both from ourselves and the world, questioning ourselves and attempting to pierce through the illusions.

If by chance we detect falsehoods and contradictions and see through more and more games that we hu-
mans play, and sometimes – the metaphysical worlds, we de-mask the world. It stands un-masked, and
any mask that it is putting on us and on itself is a mere trifle repetition. If we preserve the memory and
realization that is conducive to truth.

But do we tear “all masks down” to stand alone with the alone?

It is a question about objective truth, or truth about Divinity, which according both to Neoplatonic phi-
losophers and XVth century Nicholas of Cusa is unavailable to human minds, it may be approximated
in proportion.

Yet it is not an approximation in proportion that is detached from the world, or a mere surface of greater
things. It is a proportion that is a key to balanced and rounded of what a human mind may achieve to
communicate with other worlds and re-deify itself and become re-deified in accordance. Every key to
communicate with other worlds and work magick or Theurgy effectively is a form of a carved out pro-
portion, or a memorized intuitive formula that makes us look through the keyhole, not into the whole,
which is negatively known, through learned ignorance, but into a figment of the other worlds, that we
may interpret according to what we are capable of and afterwards work with them.

Pneumatism and Hydranomy of the Spirit

Autonomy and freedom from conditioned automatism is the birth of free will. It is re-remembering of
past structures of subject-object division, bridging and incorporating them into a whole and developing
further structures from the autonomous viewpoint.

It starts with synthesis. A breakthrough – the subject:object division is bridged and transcended. Com-
parisons and tensions between present condition and normative situation while ‘rejecting contradictions
through solutions’ are wed in proportion. As if a dynamism between Ego, Super Ego and connected
aspirations would resolve in another position.

Diurnal society represents what is apparent, what appears to be. It is contrasted with nocturnal under-
currents or depth sociology. These threads of chtonic, telluric meta-narrations, combined with grand
meta-narrations of the whole, inter-weaved with sociology of ignorance and knowledge is in continuous
tension. It brings forth new material to re-work, absorb, contemplate, understand and act upon.

Between these worlds, accumulation of solved contradictions and merged dualities over time leads to
the rectification of an autonomous conscious center of command. It is a form of a genii or a meta-aware-
ness. It works like a feedback loop of inductive-deductive cognitive-behavioral processes, that becomes
rounded and completed – preferentially in harmony or even distribution in one’s character and mind. It
is imbued with all too many unpredictable factors that renders enough space for aesthetics and beauty
to arise throughout the process.

Solved contradictions are giving critical insight into many otherwise unknowable dynamisms and
emerge in critical, well-discerning thought, it is a form of cognitive training. Merged dualities give a
cluster of intuitive, independent judgments, decision, assessments. Combined with self-observation and
observation of surroundings they are a form of deconditioning from the alienation of subject:object
dependence. In assessment of subject:object or any type of dualism we come to rely on the inner Other;
Transcendent Third.

It is a superposition and falcon’s sight observation of ourselves as if we would be detached and hovering
above our ordinary bodily selves. It is the birth of a star. Sometimes the falcon descends and merges with
our self and automatic responses, sometimes it breaks free and sees everything with a greater sight. This
falcon is the spirit of individuated consciousness. Upon which we don’t identify with self-hood, body,
thoughts, mental detritus, emotions but with the falcon: the rectified spirit.

This operation relies on intellectual, cognitive and affective transposition of inner millieu or ezo-sphere
and noo-sphere configurations. That is achieved through continuous pressure, tensions, meditation, suf-
fering and overcoming, confrontations and decisions. These are psychic and pneumatic operations that
are done partially by choice, fate, infliction, yet in majority decided consciously. It is resembling the birth
pangs of a snake, shedding the veils and membranes, until it is a fully developed spirit. Here, human na-
ture in elevated re-deified aspect of a godhead is defined in aspects of its refinement; not continuous, but
momentary – like satori of one’s raptures, longings, fantasies, visions, vistas etc.

In line with the Mithraic Axiom: ‘Harmony in Tension of Opposites, Movement Upwards’. In a dual
world we are the alchemist and the alembic. Tao or harmony of opposites is not found without the mold-
ing of tensions. If there is no pressure, there is no counter-movement to find the lose ends and harness
them into strength. De is a gift from Heavens, in ascent towards the spheres that is equipping, fortifying

us and assisting us on the path. Without confrontation within us we may not know nor understand the
molding and unfolding of our individuated genii, nor do we know what to sculpt further. Clearing the
worldly dust away from perception, we see clearly.

There are three methods, all equally important, and some intersecting. That is done either through life
and expressing it, sculpting in it, perfecting and rounding oneself. That is done through spiritual prac-
tice, meditation, contemplation, initiations, ceremonies and rites, when the mind is still you get to know
yourself and train yourself. That is done in true confrontation, when you make decisions and discover
what you’re made of. What you take from it, a learning, or a punishment is up to perception, vista and
insights. These who cannot penetrate deep within themselves, will not interpret the oracles of the world
properly, lacking wisdom of discernment.

It leads to perceptive transposition of early consciousness that carries mental-affective imprints, habits
and conditionings, memories, perceptions etc. That undergoes change and becomes composed of multi-
ple leaps in its essence that is a seal upon it, and a seal upon the spirit of consciousness.

This spirit of consciousness is defined as the history of localized focused awareness. It is lensed by mem-
ories, experiences, perceptions, decisions (autonomous perceptual judgments of action and its move-
ments) and feelings in configuration of knowledge. In that gnoseology is a dynamism depending on
knowledge: constellations of data, information in reshuffling and varied relation to each other. It is lo-
calized in-between the eye-brows, and is felt as a strong, thriving sphere of light. Upon death, this in-
dividuated spirit-consciousness folds and acts further, possibly through vehicles that let it express it in

Mindset and Principles

Anyone engaged in any form of craft or art does not become anything of a practitioner if they don’t prac-
tice. Practice of life does not start with learning how to live, often we don’t know how to live, deeply and
meaninfully yet practice it out of necessity.

Every art, skill, science, craft requires such an approach. Holy paths of high magic, or personal one, any
form of volitional negotiation or imposition upon reality; getting to know oneself is a special type of

We cannot force anyone to step upon it, indeed it is the most barricaded and fortified path against which
there are more advices not to. It is the most conscious choice that one might ever make, it needs to be
fought for, sustained, memorized, developed, balanced and rounded.

One learns to master life and magic, without the mastery of life of oneself, no one will master the latter,
but will quickly turn into a puppet of one’s own mind, emotions, projections.

Not only that – such practitioner will invite openly influences that will abuse an untrained mind and fix
it in delusion or ignorance. It will prevent any development by abusing one’s mind, emotions, and projec-
tions, untrained in sensing obstacles, illusions, deceptions, schemes and will easily become a victim first
of oneself, and then of everything else.

Ultimately turning into a mocking stock of every aspiration and ideal that one lived for – reversed. It
happened to me, as it continuously does, but I do not rest at laurels, nor do I freeze reality as something

Never take anything for granted, and despite the discouraging and reverting factors that at one point
throw us into despair of failure, on the other mock us, or bar our progress both by their nature, or pur-

If we are ready to build tough minds, oft insensitive to things that most people break under. That per-
formed under continuous tension and strain, multiply our intelligence by constant training, see situ-
ations and penetrate into the depth of their setting and character at an instant, whereas other people
would see only the surface. We turn the nocturnal to diurnal, the hidden to the revealed, the murky to
the obvious.

Develop principles and standards to keep ourselves steadfast on the path, despite temporary deformities
of the mind, sense and affect, and sacrifice most things that other people live by and love – the path is
open. It is not to scare anyone away, but it is neither to invite anyone promising them anything beyond
of what they are capable of. There are no promises.

In fact this work in majority is about how to aspire to be a decent human being, as we explore various
techniques, and learn to master them and impress, or evoke the Deities selflessly. To let the focus flow
through us in continuity of this divine impulse – elan vital of the co-smos within chaosphere, and chao-
smos in co-smos.

Given that we know nothing about magical phenomena, but we are equipped with regular human knowl-
edge upon which we rely, when encountering an anomaly we notice an instance of it: unknown. The in-

stance might be disbelieved but it is noticed and sealed in memory under good conditions.

If more anomalies arise, we may induce a small structure with several nodes, e.g. “law of attraction” by
three instances or examples. We may choose to reject the theory as a whole and either rely on belief in
coincidence, or at best – synchronicity – which relegates it to magic anyway. If we have more events to
falsify the structure, we have a solid law with a solid structure with three nodes or example.

Then we apply what is known, or the episteme acquired earlier, and our cognition to compare how they
might work together. Assuming some very weak law that we observe, in a sea of other laws, unknown
to us.

We either project the knowledge of this law on every other law without understanding them, or we sus-
pend judgment and discern that there are different laws at play, because the one we have is insufficient at
explaining it and sometimes insufficient to understand even that law itself.

It is like astronomy in an attempt to find another planet, because the calculations don’t fit. Therefore,
we observe and isolate other events in the same way. Having two or more inductive laws, we may try
to deduce the general frame and trigger top-down reasoning. Whenever this is insufficient we induce
new laws, and build an upper structure that explains more events in an approximation to what we know

After a while we have a mutually proportional set of laws, episteme, cognition that explain situations,
hence we may properly set ourselves in a relation to them, or establish cognitive-behavioral reaction
through training. By observing instances that start to work we are not static, applying the mind and spir-
itual prowess to creative solutions we start to engage in the tested frameworks and simulate the outcomes
or actively work.

Mental rivers and topographies of noetics.

Let us define mental continuum. It is a river of mental events and phenomena that are occurring on the
conscious and unconscious level of cognitive-affective awareness.

It may be running silently, but may stir most extreme states of agitation, it may be running like a rampag-
ing river, but may be effectuating a silent, humble thought.

Many people are letting this mental river take over their thoughts, actions, emotions, delineated by the
conditioned responses taken from society, mentors and peers, in-between there is uniqueness of re-
sponse, the space of one’s personal breath. Focus here! The beginning of self-observation and introspec-
tion, reminiscence and contemplation make us aware of this mental continuum more and more as we
look within, we deepen it, and excavate things that are making us more and more conscious.

We get to know ourselves – not the conditioned image of ourselves that we cherish, that too has to be
known, but our responses, judgment, assessment, thought, rationalizations are taken under scrutiny.
We become our own analysands and psychotherapists in understanding of the Western thought, and we
practice intellectual yoga by Eastern understanding.

For each mental action we ask ‘what is the reason?’, ‘where are its roots?’, ‘is it complex or simple?’, ‘why
am I thinking this now?’, then we orient ourselves towards the future ‘what are the consequences of these

thoughts, where do they go, based on what we know about our minds?’, and then we move to the past
‘where did they begun, how may we improve e.g. wrong foundations, misplaced beliefs, toxic condi-
tioned responses?’

Eric Kandel won a Nobel Prize in the year 2000 by proving that learning changes the neurons, therefore
to some extent we may adjust the neurological wiring both by psychotherapy, yoga, psychonautics and
various experiments and practices once so common in the mystical traditions around the world.

When we learn about ourselves, we temporarily suspend the “rationalization and nihilation screening”
which is a defensive mechanism of the mind to preserve its organizational entropy. Persuading and
enchanting such structures brings dangers, because the declustered complex (affect-image) releases psy-
chic energy that has to be reinvested into new structures, ideally by learning we acquire desired struc-
tures that are not yet invested with psychic energy, and when old clustered complexes are deconstructed,
the energy swiftly moves into a new cognitive pocket. This process is half-conscious, and may go wrong,
e.g. the energy may be reinvested into a different cognitive topology of the given phenotype;

Developing such introspection is a habit, and is not in any sense robotic. At times we are better, and more
brilliant, in another blunted and incapacitated, numb.

The other goal is to develop discipline. Thus in brilliant mental setting we put it to use, and in numb
times we may commit remaining resources to other things, or to sustenance of the process of mental
hygiene – equally important.

The best training that could be recommended is meditation, or silencing the mind. The other one is con-
frontation and decision based on our judgments and values.

Inasmuch as the former orders thought the latter strongly imprints habits and behaviors over time. All
this is not happening in a void, our reason decided what is beneficent and what is superficial, counter-
productive, or even toxic and poisonous.

We may at times be fixed in poisonous states, and our focus and awareness can’t release itself from such
a bondage. When we are absorbed by a state our mind identifies with it, and even seeks affirmation or
pleasure from it. Some people, for example take suffering or pain for their natural state, while being in
it they reject it, but then they consciously seek it. Arguments that this is not a desired state of being are
not reaching them, until they solve it within by contrast and observation. It is interesting that will never
guide by opposition or contradiction but by penetrating the others mind and guiding it towards own
solutions with a suspended judgment and a lot of patience and empathy.

This is merely an example of one state of being in which the mind is completely absorbed in a carved out
state of its totality, and takes it for all that there is. To know we need a reference of what is healthy and
most of us have some common sense in this regard.

However, what is intuited but not known is less effective than training. Over years of practice, I’ve picked
the model of Buddhist kleshas, or afflictions to explain the variety of their mutations and strands in the
modern world. Afterward I’ve isolated virtues and ethos (Via Romana, in majority, Confucian ideas, and
Egyptian idea of Ma’at as law) that I found most useful in furnishing my work, as well as the counter-
virtues or vices, that started working against me and against my endeavors; These are merely a model
developed by a modern person. We cherish our own dynamisms that are personal, but it is noteworthy

to be at least aware of them.


If we don’t counteract poisons in our mental stream we might become a hopeless victim of the develop-
ing delusion, or vice, creating an object-subject tension. But counteraction should not create opposition
or more tension, but a middle way in solving the slight or major disturbance. How it is done varies from
mind to mind.

I never understood the ‘letting go’ part – repeated as a mantra everywhere – one can let everything
through, but if one does not chase the thieves of delusion, anger, wrath, ignorance away that arise during
life within, within one’s mind and rarely ever during meditation, he or she will eventually succumb to

That is why often meditation was advised as a remedy to counter the pollutants in life, by conscious
mental effort to tame the incessant monkey of the jumping mind, and if any opposition is encountered in
sense that an external nature is mixing with our or purposefully ruining practice – to double the efforts
whenever possible. Difference between rigor and mindless drill is often confused, the former makes the
mind shrewd, tough and intelligent, the later stiff, dry, and debilitated and may become non-discerning
and cruel.

It was – I think – always a question of discipline supported by inner truth. In worst cases we may start
recognizing the pollutants as regular in our mental continuum, thus not even recognizing them as some-
thing opposed to development and realization. Then as soon as this is recognized, one needs to to catch
the thief by the throat and throw him out.

I would argue that:

Ad. 1: If we simply observe the arising delusion we might be swept in, with poisons developing, if we
counteract we create opposite tension, making psychological space for it to fill it later; Perhaps the meth-
od is to find higher grounds in mental state (as if climbing a mountain), and then neutralizing the poi-
sons with light effort by analysis of causes and conditions and supporting the analysis with scriptural
thought and “good speech, good thought, good action”; If the thoughts are polluted, the speech is pol-
luted, is the speech is polluted so is action, it works the other way around: good action improves thought
and speech by synchronizing them.

Ad. 2 Dissolving mental habits is difficult if they are long-lasting, clusters of these are difficult to imme-
diately cut through (although it happens sometimes) one has to find not the opposition and be stranded
in duality but something akin to trancendent Third, that neutralizes both; Between love an hatred, for
example, one finds a paternal and a maternal mind towards beings that feel both releasing oneself from
the duality.

Society reinforces the view of self-hood and calls it individuality, although it is a mere repetition of the
movements of social conditioning;

It also reinforces self-grasping creating an illusory cocoon and reifying it as something real.

From the perspective of the golden ages, modern societies follow well-entrenched illusions within il-

lusions, contradicting wisdom, principles, insights and laws of ancient thought-systems that lend the
contrast when understood properly. It is rarely perceived by these who have no contrasts to see.

One way to deal with that is to develop authenticity, and retain a self-hood that we can use as a puppet
on the scene, otherwise we would have to refrain from all social interaction.

As long as we command the puppet of self-hood, and are well-aware of its illusory nature, not grasping
at it, we can play the theater and further practice.

If we are pushed into the attachment to the self-hood by the illusion, because the projected societal im-
age is a bombardment of the fragile untied Self and containing it back in the cocoon, we might at first
feel encircled, but then it let’s go. “Self-grasping is the root of all evil”, in essence if we develop a notion of
emptiness, everything goes through the air. The mind may entangle itself with base things at a different
level, but only inasmuch as it believes in the absolute reality of the things it is subjected to – it becomes
enslaved by it.

The other part is the danger of developing an elitist view, or air of superiority and inflation. When we
separate ourselves from the rest, who cherish self-hood and grasping at self at a societal level, in fact – it
is promoted and is the business-as-usual, that’s why people are so easily manipulated, finding it natural.
Or even worse – doing so blindly and not knowing otherwise, we may risk self-attachment through ag-
grandizement and separate yourself into an even worse condition. This is a path either to alienation and
arrogance, or megalomania and obsession.

Balancing between the masks and puppets of self-hoods (or self-hood) and attempt to be liberated from
them is a rather difficult game, but it is doable. There is no need to escape society, it is a question of de-
veloping a strong self-hood that deals with society on one hand but detaching it as if non-existent when
necessary on the other.

Guiding principles

We are working within a system of references, how this system of references with more static and mal-
leable elements comes about is a question in-between experience, knowledge, perception and discern-
ment, judgments and decisions. We shape this system of references through active, critical participation
in our life in relation to the world. Then we observe the world in relation to life. We use our reason, feel-
ing and Intellect to sieve the good parts from the bad, superficial or unnecessary parts, we observe the
greater phenomena at large. We penetrate the world of humans, societies, worlds visible and invisible, we
establish the foundations upon which we build a whole road-map. Then we decide how and when to act,
react, become still, progress and withdraw. We look above the present world, behind its history, above it
and into the future – there a vision is born. A vision is always normative, it is moved by desire, dreams
and aims. At the same time we are cartographers and cosmographers of these worlds, we chart the un-
charted to the best of possibilities. We thread the paths that were walked before, and map the unmapped
to the best of our knowledge. By observing these worlds in movement we fix a point of reference, and
think deeply over what is of use, then establish groundworks. Reason seeks solutions based on what we
know, Intellect mediates in between higher worlds, Reason and the animal mind; In the same way we
furnish our inner mental territory, our affective and cognitive habits and solutions, the way we react to
a field of phenomena.

Mapping the territory:

We are inseparable from the world and the illusion of being separate from other people is raising conse-
quences over the majority in the longer run; Thus foreseeing the general consequences that seeking self-
interest is a suicidal mission in the longer run, as it damaged the fabric of human trust and co-operation;

Suffering and pain of others is not a thing to be taken lightly, dehumanization and separation from feel-
ing does not disengage the Intellect from recognizing these factors. Suffering may be overcome through
training. One does not refuse to recognize the unity of the aforementioned common understanding;

Recognizing contrasts that are insoluble one does not agree on a given state of affairs, and one does not
lay in ignorance knowing the constellations of contrasts that call slavery freedom and suffering happi-
ness; One attempts to solve them within and without; Domain of ignorance is that of separation and
oblivion to the “unknown knowns” that are accustomed to and taken for regular, whereas they are outra-
geous. These contrasts are seeking solutions, whenever we may find them – we apply them;

A stout heart is a companion of its master, thoughts that go astray should be dominated, and directed
towards the desired state; What is strong should not be disregarding weakness, what is astute sh ould
overcome the state of others, what is resilient should overcome the movement of opponents, not to be-
come alike.

Consciousness, or the Spirit of Individuation

The outer circle: Feeling, Reasoning, Intellecting, Cogitating

Feeling: Defined as emotive-affective interpretation of the cosmic ideational process on the human level,
reverberating with an honest transparency; It is known by a human taken with agonizing despair, it is
known in ecstasy, it is understood in subtle inspiration and longing, it is well-known in parity of sympa-
thy or love, it is known in wrath and compassion;

Reasoning: Defined as a formal process of interpreting ordered, patterned phenomena, and construing
hypothesis, intuiting solutions, or receiving notions; It is this function of the mind that takes raw infor-
mation and transposes them into something more equivalenced; It is hypostasized later by Intellect and
bridged between meta-physical level and that of cognitive processes;

Intellecting: Defined as combining metaphysical threads and weaving ideas and feeling on a hypostatic
level; The point of meeting between reasoning, feeling and intellecting is a henosis, whereas the Intellect
is a point of received notions, and a point of projected reflections.

Cogitating: Defined as creative being in thought, individuating. Weaving a separate thread to contribute
to a plural unity. Ability to know, to understand, to undergo synthesis, to transform, to process, to create,
to mix, to do science, to do art; It is the undercurrent of Intellecting and Reasoning.

Inner Circle: Memory, Beliefs, Perception, Idea, Focus, Observing, Will, Imagination, Knowledge, Self-

Memory: Impressions received through senses, faculties of regular and additional senses, as well as im-
agined processes that left a seal on one’s mental continuum, may be retrieved or is irretrievable; It is a
constitutive process of individual memory that leaves an impression on consciousness;

Beliefs: Architectures of meanings and myths we live by, that constitute a framework of our worldview.
They are based either on socializing or on personal observations; Lenses and foundations through which
we see the world. They are supporting convictions and they carve out a model of reality that is our inner
millieu and microcosm; Belief-systems are vehicles of individuation and practice, they may be supported
by realization, or drowned in delusion. They are an approximation of what is, and certainties about the
world that keep our reality-picture together.

Perception: The way we perceive things from a given mental setting, the instrument of imagination,
senses, memory, cognition that allows us to look at things from a different perspective. Optic filters of
the mind; Different angles of view.

Idea: A resolution cross-sectioning all other aspects of outer and inner circle; The solved tension, re-
arranging of information and clusters of feeling and reasoning, to produce a new sprout; Imagine a
dynamic nod-network that is branching out in new directions, an idea is a dynamic rearranging of this
complex network in which a new branch is born from the whole (Inasmuch leaves are to thoughts, like
ideas are to new branches in a tree). The point when a human idea (microcosm) meets the branching out
of the cosmic, numinous ideasas they entwine – the mediating aspect is the notion;

Focus: Attention that is lensed at a particular thought, object, or a general object, view, scattered or
pointed; Concentration is the time-span that we can contribute to one or more subjects of Focus. If Fo-
cus is the laser-point, concentration is the strenght and time-span of its sustenance.

Observing: Detecting the changes and shifts of phenomenal kind in the area of one’s concern, immedi-
ate environment, and the general image of the world that is furnished by the information one acquired;

Will: Movement of desire, imagination, that is conscious; Expressing personal projection of the move-
ment of the libidinal desire, or open to the astralistic influences, expressing an objective movement of
idea through personal will and projection. When that of the movement of astralistic idea entwines with
that of the movement of desire, or craving of the personal projections they become analogous and alike.

Imagination: The way sense and idea in motion becomes a creative impulse; The capacity to re-arrange
ideas and sense to create a new branch of idea; Inasmuch as thoughts are the leaves of the mind, the ideas
are the branches of the mind,while the trunk is made of one’s genii, character and nature, one’s nuclear
core that is defined through relation of personal individuated values, variables, parameters and attributes
to the world and inner Self, that are innermost and most intimate ours.

Knowledge: A library of imprints upon the memory from various sources, the content of every other
structure; Dry knowledge is a mere wax imprint,living or experienced knowledge is a way in which it is
applied and practiced, just like a dry idea is nothing more than a cognitive exercise, while a living one is
the gist of our life, passion, tranquility, it is elan vital of our live-hood.

Self-Reflection: An ability to relate the other to the self and the self to other, qualitative shift between self-
recognition in a world, that is an impulse of individuation, as if a little laboratory in which we observe
and introspect our being, to harmonize it work on it, a truly alchemical work. Is it not what spiritual al-
chemists attempted to achieve – to reach a psychological breakthrough by observing an external process
and internalizing it in the psyche and Nous?

Fates and Mixing: Worlds, Metempsychoses and Transmigration

Co-dependent co-arising; The frictions and tensions of the karmic vasanas shot throughout existence
and being. Cut through these ties, set yourself still and free. If you think fates, think of ties that are ani-
mating an indvidual mind and heart, if you think mind and heart, think of ties of memories, experience,
perceptions, beliefs, these hard to remove, painful, and these lighter that are harmonious; In our power
is the force of relation to these things, as if spirit of consciousness would be beyond fates, but in accord
with Heimarmene; Re-relation, re-constellation of the stance towards and the vistas of within. It is ef-
fectively being born into a pre-existent reality, amassing ties and freedoms of everything we encounter;


A little boy was born of two parents.

The father was an anthropologist, with a fixed ancestral egregore and his soul was rather of positive,
intelligent and friendly disposition. The family egregore was composed of all the collective mind, heart
and soul-hybrid of this lineage in variety and mutation, and as it dispersed in the past the most active
parts were the recent ones.

That of the great grandfather who was a sailor, and a cabaret dancer who was his wife, a cheerful, outgo-
ing, a bit degenerated lady.

The father had toughness and resilience and friendly disposition towards people. As the boy developed
both within acquiring a mixed soul from them, the family egregore started influencing him. A bit like
submersed in a cloud-computing server with a brand new mixed-soul to work with.

His father, after he passed away, left a shade-soul behind, although he was born into a higher world too,
the shade was somehow linked with the higher spirit. He took care of the boy.

His mother died at war, and parts of her stayed as an avenging dead, with a sorrowful, watchful, painful
starve-like disposition, if we may describe it in such a way.

The mother was a polish language professor with a different ancenstal egregore, she came from a long
line of impoverished nobility intelligentsia, of which half were shade-vamphyrs carrying an ancestral
curse, the other part Protestants with one sorcerer engaged in witchcraft.

They were rather well-disposed towards the mother and the newborn; The little boy was also a small
Hindi serpent-deity, that after 800 years have passed, was pulled into the womb of the mother.

The genes mixed in-between the mother and father ones, the soul-mixing, the mixing with the serpent-
deity, and thus started to grow and develop in the embryo. That would define the expression of his being
and bodily for, perhaps some talents and skills that he could develop.

In this setting he was born; He had some enemies already; The jealous rival-family that was hurt by the
family of his mother, the serpent-deity gathered some negative ties throughout 800 years of its exist-
ence – in relation to human affairs, but he also had protection too, and was not identified by any of his
enemies yet;

It was up to his life and fates, decisions, training, education, chances what he would be, whether he would
ever be aware of this setting, or live his life as a regular boy, youth, adolescent, adult, old man, with his
“happiness, woes and worries”, or whether he would step on the path – was up to him.


Each day I read press, I am glad that I think critically, in an educated, discerning manner about the nar-
rations that are served. I’ve switched the TV off at the age of 14, never to turn it on again, I’m 31 of age
now. With a degree in politics, and a keen volition for self-education in whatever discipline I’m fond
off to explore more. It is not a quest for knowledge, rather synthesis of knowledge, reason, intellect and
spirit, better understanding of meanders of existence.

I’ve been tried by many misfortunes in life, that made me reflect, ponder, find solutions to many miser-
able situations that would break another into suicide – although I do admit – I had one attempt – or a
nervous breakdown.

I was forced first to survive, then to think.

The voice of reason made me avoid plenty of mishaps in the societal contracts deals. Stripped to despair,
I found consolation in the wisdom of the ancients, reading them with a fresh, respectful, vigorous and a
humble look – and I found it clear, concise and accessible;

It made me move further, fortify, expand and re-focus. If I may say: the spirits of the ancients assisted on
my way out of the most debilitating, agonizing sickness.

Yet I was stranded in no man’s land in-between the much adored ideas and the vast expanse of a cata-
strophic world; The contrasts were heart-breaking.

If we’d default our world against the traditions of the ancients, make their text breathe, not as an aca-
demic enterprise, but as living knowledge, it would make the paper bleed and cry in woe and despair,
maybe to still oneself in a wise resolution.

Now, it requires some strength to go on, astute resilience, not to tear the robes and yell to stars on high
what the hell has happened to us all. And that to, I have felt, a breaking pain, that does not know which
way to turn, so it turns into within and grows at first into a burning flame, then it solidifies, and strength-
ens, it acts.

It then may die and blacken, but not necessarily. The greatest of enterprises may turn to the evil when
poisoned or corrupted, the greatest of nature’s turn to wrong and evil when they are corrupted with
poisons – wrote Jamblich of Chalcis – caught off guard, too confident, or arrogant in their enterprises.

The poison tends to spread through the veins, heart and mind, and once it enters the heart and mind, it
may be only arrested when one puts himself into senses, it is hard to uproot it, better not to allow it to
enter, but lady chance does allow such sudden changes.

Then we grow tense, focused, melancholic, heavy. One thing I know that if you take a young man and
make him live through torment, he grows quickly old, push him further, he becomes a really naughty,
cruel, innocent child in a young man’s body. Not childish. Childishly old, Saturnine lead and Mercurial

quicksilver, Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, ready to laugh at a fallen leaf, to murder, to save an ant from being
smashed, to bring great enterprises, and to strip giants into pieces, to shake them down to the ground. A
madman. May it refine the lead into gold, and quicksilver into air, the golden-winged ones.

Buddhists were excellent psychologists, they enumerated the pollutants, the poisons as selfishness, or
self-attachment, which is attachment to anything as property, becoming a slave to it, pulled on strings
like a puppet. Then ignorance, which is lack of knowledge, but also realization, sociology of ignorance
nowadays deals with political segmentation and distribution of knowledge, the original term meant
however the lack of solid grounding in self-evident realizations and moral and ethical training, in tradi-
tions that bound organic human societies together. And let us be fair, there are things that all humans
share in common, undeniably. Delusion is nowadays appropriated by psychiatry, the original meaning
was the opposite of realization, it is that which ensnares with illusion, that with offers empty things
that enslave us, again turning us into puppets of overgrown bubbles of concepts, values that are empty
in themselves. Then envy, which is nothing else than willing to possess an illusion of the other, placing
value of parity and disparity on it. The last is anger, which has its foundation in ignorance and delusion,
as well as attachment. These vices, as listed by Buddhists are the building-blocks of evil, perpetuating

Now Stop;

Imagine that all the technology, institutions, social services would be taken away.

The only think we have is what humans have in their heads, their societal links, their approaches to one-
self and others, the beliefs about themselves and the world that furnish their heads. What would be the
effectuant of such an event? Ernst Junger wrote that the last of people would not go back to the primitive,
the strands of narrations of their generations would not adapt even to the environment, homo sapiens
became a domesticated animal and fall for any swindle now, and would become a swindle of nature later
– a zombie; There is a tribe in Northern Uganda called the Ik that perfectly illustrates the decay of socie-
ties that had a higher level of organization earlier; Villages are non-existent anymore, people join into
couples for an arrangement to reproduce to chase the vultures and predators away, various age groups
steal from each other, the previous tribal names are meaningless, they move around pointlessly, aim-

Master Kong, Confucius, the Book of Changes which he commented and consulted stated that societies
are based on strong, free, principled people that belong to a hierarchy and order out of their own accord,
they fit in out of their natural predisposition. Their mobility too, was assured; The order was safeguarded
by li – a concept denoting both tradition, and religious reverence, devotion to the Heavens of which
dragon was the symbol; In Pymander from Corpus Hermetica it was written: First the Gods, then the
world, then the people, it somehow interlocked in harmony. The Via Romana enlisted around ten per-
sonal and ten public virtues which one had to fulfill, or aspire to as a Roman citizen. These may seem like
antiques in the modern times, but when it seen through experience, when it feels despair with a fresh
breath it becomes a standard, a cherished principle. It is within human beings, it is merely un-learned,
one cannot experience things one was barred from feeling and experiencing, one cannot go beyond the
level of one’s own understanding when dealing with concept, ideas, and people whom he cannot pen-
etrate with understanding relying on one’s own experience, assessment, good judgment, discernment
etc. It is stripping the layers of societal conditioning to nothing, learning to walk within the mind, heart
and soul once again, when at first alienated, we grow strong and look towards the Creative once again,
the generating ideas, the Deities, the merging of idea with subject, like little gods that chart new maps

and cosmographies, reburying the pages and bridging the ancient roads, both on an intellectual level,
and climbing the Jacob’s ladder. Humanity was thieved of its freedom to cognize what it has lost.

The appropriation of language.

Discussions over dignity, freedom, justice, love, friendship and alike seem like stuff for philosophers, but
it is apparent to a man who lost freedom and dignity that he lacks it, that he feels injustice, it is apparent
to people that loved that it may be treated as the greatest happiness or an affliction of torment – depend-
ing on fortunes. These things are to be felt, they may be defined, or using reason – described to guide.
Yet, these words were appropriated, words were taken for things, essences themselves, and thus that or
another thing is called freedom, that it is not, and that and this was called justice and it is not, continu-
ous substitutions work insofar as a person does not experience it, it is not “brought open into the day-
light” are an exposed lie, a secret, a conspiracy when it loses its power over the man or woman that was
captured in illusions of surrogates; If you seek an idea, never lose it, explore it, if you long – you are on
the right path. Only these who settled for what they think they found bury themselves before they really
started. It is better to carry these things within, if we may not expose them without as governed by time
and circumstance; If not out of the desire of metaphysics, beyond the Platonic Cave, then for the mere
dignity and humaneness that is almost like an act of dissidence and rebellion in the modern day.

Daimons and Being


Greek daimon “deity, divine power; lesser god; guiding spirit, tutelary deity” (sometimes including
souls of the dead); “one’s genius, lot, or fortune;” from PIE *dai-mon- “divider, provider” (of fortunes or
destinies), from root *da- “to divide.”

Online Etymology Dictionary

The geneaology of invisible worlds does not appear out of nowhere. All life on Earth, including the invis-
ible life has a history.

The ancients, according to the elements divided the daimons into that of Air, Water, Fire and Earth, if we
further divide these into the Bardo Thodol (Tibetan Book of the Dead) scales, or the spectrum of worlds,
both of the invisible “darkness and light” – as in infrared and ultraviolet – we appear at a vast richness of
worlds. Let us not understand think that we can detect these worlds with electromagnetic spectrometeres
– unless manifestation is willful – yet second sight detects them as if using a full-frequency spectrometer.
Not all worlds are visible, sometimes there are mere glimpses, sometimes full-out manifestations, rarely
does it last longer then some minutes, sometimes seconds, sometimes these are mere flashes. Learning
to interact is a wholly different thing.

Attempting to map this world even with Second sight is rather messy and one might drown in taxono-
mies and bestiaries, simply ‘multiplying beings beyond necessity’ rather then focus on one’s own devel-
opment with due respect towards all worlds. Variegated dimensions we are dealing with great and weird
richness of realms that are completely different than that of our human race. Remembering that ‘dai-
mons’ to ancient Hellenes were of superior Ka (soul) to that of humans, just like deified mortals, heroes,
angels, and Deities, were superior to humans and manifold daimons. Plutarch wrote that ‘good daimons’
became Deities, even considering Isis and Osiris as good daimons that became mighty Deities, he also
suggested that daimons willing evil, or troublesome to others were brought back to order and returned to
nature. In other ways, they assumed their natural position, not going beyond it and not affecting others
in a negative way.

Iamblich openly warned againts openly inviting daemonic inspiration, as this natures mixing with hu-
mans may give a volatile effect. One may deal with an innocent forest spirit (daimon) that is benevolent
and becomes a friend, not even wanting to violate our mind, heart or souls, or a weirder malevolent spirit
of a dead person, appearing as a shadow that imprisoned in suffering, inspires same-like things when
taking possession of a person.

Whether the Solar phoenixes of the air-fire element within the heavenly realm of the Sun, or Earth-Air
night fliers that appear as gargoyles, whether Venusian spirits that in concord with their nature, if human
in origin and heavenly act throughout the elements of Earth and inspire subtle grace and love in humans
of pure type, or that of Venusian weird and ancient focused worlds that may inspire wholly different

What is a poor magi to do? In perfect sense one accommodates these spirits which are of human origin,
and nobly drawn, with elevated composure, heavenly, calls and asks for protections of Deities, to develop
his own nature, individuate and join the others under Providence (E Pluribus Unum) of the masks of the

living universe and the great veil of the Star Mother.

How did they come about? One would need to understand that all life on Earth has an occult back-
ground, and invisible in regular conditions manifold souls of different specialized functionality, depend-
ing on the specie and lineage of the animal, that is usually catalogued in evolutionary biology. The me-
tempsychosis of souls, animal and humans and their transmigration, as well as being born into many
such invisible worlds seems like a sacred chaos.

But animals and humans are not the only ones, by the law of mutual sympathy, mixing, relation, procrea-
tion, analogy – new types emerge; When a human being leaves his suffering to a tree, he reflects his mask
and imprints his pain upon it.

I’ve seen trees that were full of such masks, sometimes wondering whether it is the dead that seek shelter
in them and grow as one into the bark and roots. Thus when a soul of an animal takes a body of a human
by attraction or mixes, one acquires character and nature of that animal, whether an air daimon acquired
the body of a human, his character and nature mixed gives a different effect of understanding his nature,
and a subjective perspective anda different feeling of totality of oneself, inasmuch as the other entity may
experience to an extent portending to its nature, human perception of things.

From standard viewpoint, one is rarely deciding which world he or she is born into, before and after this
existence, although many traditions attempted to master both a re-birth into a desirable world, or even
– whenever possible – complete liberation from the phenomenal world, and becoming a non-returner
(as in Buddhism), for in this world nothing is eternal and permanent, everything is change and cycle.

Of course, this view that is representative of Ancient and Middle Age magick is still valid in many cases,
as the worlds evolved with human beings, sometimes through imitation of humans, most unfortunately,
sometimes inspiring them to good sometimes to the evil – in the eye of a human being.

Psy(i)chomorphos and Mind Circuitry Daimons (processes)

Psychomorphic circuitry are energoneural traces/implants/blocks on the physical brain, and the neuro-
logical, biopsychological, and cognitive-behavioral and cognitive-emotive layers.

These may be implanted either via radionics, psychotronics, by other active agents from the other side,
various entities (which often remain hidden in the process) most of them are malicious and may lead
to mental maladies and disorders, some may further our own work, if they are understood as an ‘aug-
mentation’ if they don’t merge or inflate or override the whole image of the psyche, selfhood, Self and

They may be differentiated, in real environment into:

Trigger-point habits (either developed by regular cognitive-behavioral conditioning, shrapnel of past

psychic warfare, consciously shaped by will surpassing cognitive-behavioral aspect, or purposefully
planted) – the vasanas (or streams of tainted energies) are funelled into their activation;

Circuitry-egregores, chains or sequences “locked” around neural activities, when activated psychic ar-
eas are “frozen an remembered as in brain and mind-mapping technologies” falsely cueing a psychic
response or incitement to mental activity; Or “pasted” from other minds, that resolves differently with
different minds (minds are not equal, topology and cognitive phenotypes resolve in varied ways)

For example:

I) When someone practiced a mental defense/attack, an entity “remembers the neural-energetic setting”
and installs a mesh or an energy-implant; These may be activated by the entitiy, or accidentally, by a
sequence of someone’s psychic setting vs. circumstances (it may be triggered “out of the blue” by short-
circuiting, or wrong association, messy psi-chology)

II) A circuit-egregore of “see and attack” with visualization and energy is planted; Entity detecting and
accessing this psychic circuit-egregore will activate it and attempt to merge focus of the person with the
programme, to execute it; The person concerned with these, if aware and self-conscious on the declared
and subliminal level may: (depending on the mind-frame, other entities, reinforced psychic structures)

a) Block it and disarm it

b) Let it through, consciously (setback against psychic setting and enviro) or unwillingly (override)
c) Sustain it (psychic setting and enviro)
d) Attempt to destroy the circuit-egregore and reinvest the psychic energy elsewhere (as in building one’s
own circuit-egregore’s) – self-molding is preferable, or inviting these higher entities that may clear the
negative aspects of energo-neural implants and circuitry, later swipe and re-invest their own cuts and
polishes for the better.

These things are subject under the consciousness, and they may be analyzed and detected externally as in
“models of action”; Mind-body emotion-cognition should not be reduced to these “prisons of thoughts”,
and harassment, focus should expand and transpose itself onto greater, broader grounds. They are ap-
parent only when they are “focus driven, when focus is reduced to them with shrinking perspective” the
mind retuns to itself, they are “surface circuits” or declared executables;

In fact all psychoteraphy (therapeion) attempts to fix these, while amending and ejecting any superficial
entities that may destroy the homeo-stasis, as well as attempting to teach how to direct, strenghten, and
further a human being towards his potential, happiness, fulfillent, and greatness.

Street Magick and Survival

“Magic, is a science of the dynamic relationships which exist between subjective consciousness and ob-
jective phenomena”

– Anonymous, Meditations on the Tarot, p.421

Things that drove us insane in the past, are they not our strengths today? Survival in the modern en-
vironment, among social contracts and plays, political games and visions, magical, astral, mental,
psychotronic,psychic constellations, ties and transactions requires mindfulness, vigilance, conscien-
tiousness in all thought, action, and speech, without growing paranoid in cicrumstances that would
send another psychotic and confine to his or hers delusions, thus rendered incapacitated in any magical
enterprise, dispatched to the embrace of prison, psychiatry, or lifeless defeat.

During the years, gifted with extraordinary seeing (clairvoyance or second sight) hearing (clairaudi-
ence), and feeling (clairsentience), equipped with form magnetoreceptivity (feeling the form of any as-
tral phenomena), electroreceptivity (hyperconductivity of sense to electric phenomena) as additional
senses, I’ve observed and felt a plethora of phenomena in which magick may be practically used in the
streets – indeed under certain circumstances it is necessary to survive another day.

The street is a place in which magick may be most creatively used, there is no time for planned ceremo-
nies, no time for fasting and deep meditations, one has to act and react in a spontaneous, instant manner.
Preparation for anything and everything in a wild, wild hunt, whether as the targeted kill, or a predator,
or a resting meditor, switching places according to swiftness, with an open mind is the key to survival
without going mad, hurt, or dead, or without making others hurt, or dead. All these things were learned
during 10 years of experience in several cities, mainly Warsaw, Poland to which I’ve returned from Ed-
inburgh in 2012.

This is merely an outline framed into a sketch. As the majority of events are never to be reiterated save for
the living experience, and rarely stick to memory as seals other than learned reactive mechanisms, they
cannot be taught, but they have to be learned within. However, writing them down is a useful revealing
to these who are lost in the wild without guidance.

Ultimately the worst daytime nightmare is merely a manifestation of forms of the void – if one grasps
them as separate entities, one becomes filled with terror and fear, if they are looked at as equal phenom-
ena, in a detached manner, they become our friends furthering our development and toughening us up.
Nightmare needs to be become the mode of thinking – then we become a part of it, rendering the maca-
bre empty of content and thus incapable of holding us in check. Then we develop beauty as an essential
part of our longing. Hence, it is no longer capable to incite the slightest emotion in us – that does not
mean becoming emotionless, but on so many levels it helps is to become detached and immovable in face
of situations that might drive other people mad, scared, fearful or delusional.

The noisier the environment, the faster we learn to focus under pressure, switching of and on the senses;

The yogins had the ability to control their sense-consciousness, and manipulating all their aggregates
(senses and mind) to one’s command, ‘they could think what they wanted to, whenever they wanted to’
with no disruption in the mental continuum, neither from within nor without.

Public transport is an excellent place to train both meditation, then meditation in a quiet place is all the
more successful and at ease, and to train defensive techniques against the psychic mess other people
carry with them, making the mind resilient. Whatever we may, we pull into a tool for mastery, and thus
subvert the victim mindset to an acting mindset. Things don’t happen to us, we are within a co-arising
co-dependent network of events, that we steer towards an aim – either redirecting their flow, or utiliz-
ing them for a given inner aim – achieving patience, resilience, strong volition, taming emotions, to
be of use in ceremonial magick when we get our hands to work. Human beings have the ability to act
consciously, and the broader their awareness of this scene, the more consciously they live. Volition is
nothing more then a desire traveling from vision to vision, yet non-action and stillness is also a form of
a volition, whereas focus and concentration folds back into the lotus of our consciousness. These two
stances require tension, one is from-to, the latter is within-in-within, the first is an action, the latter is
an action of stillness. The degree of these may be bridged (as in still action, in meditation and stillness
we conjure a plane-scape and act magically), or transcended, neither-action nor-stillness, in which we
render ourselves void through phasing (against motion of things), and step by step we achieve it, or
through merging (as in Buddhist mediators) and voiding-transcending (going beyond in non-action
and non-stillness). All these states are difficult to describe, but when they are felt and experienced they
are apparent.

Every place has its ‘genius loci’, or the genius of the place, with its own character and the way it influences
the minds, it is the sum of all beings, energies, and domains that are resident, and under certain circum-
stances may influence human beings – there are entities with limited area of action, locked in one place
only, there are these which have a greater range of operation, there are beings assigned to a given place,
and cannot go beyond their zone of influence, and there are these that are boundless, and may move
extra-territorially from place to place.


Whenever one is under the influence of a given entity, one needs to find another entity resonating with
the domain of the former one, or a superordinate entity with a capacity to remove the former, or contain
it, and enter into conversation to check the negative or undesired effects of the first. Some dimensions
may not see each other, thus one has to find a correct inter-resonating domain. Depending on the skill
and granted effective executive power from a given domain, protective or offensive magic may be used,
one has to decide which is most effective. It has to be noted, however, that offensive magic may be used
both by us via an entity against us, or an external entity may re-focus damaging curses or offensives
randomly against random or its own targets, as well as re-direct from one target to another (we want to
attack a violent entity, for example, but the offensive is re-directed and hits our ally), we attempt to track
and target a flying entity, and upon launching an attack, another entity disarms the attack and hits a hu-
man being.

Now, a human being, as long as one understands how things work, and accumulates both know-how,
experience, and applied skill, has a marvelous adaptation capacity – it is a developmental skill. If one is
given the tools to defeat horrors, one defeats horrors, if one is left in the blind, and acts out of fear – one
is defeated by one’s own fear. The intensity of every situation depends on the number of actors actively
influencing us.

Note, there is a 99% chance that people around you have not a clue what is happening around, any action
assuming that someone knows is being at risk of prompting unnecessary and confusing action. Often
unaware people are used by the ‘other side’ to attack us mentally, or use gestures to communicate with
us, or simply are driven to us for that or another purpose. Example: a young woman sitting in front of
me was possessed by a lesser entity, which manifested as a half-rotten face with black eyes, it was not
aware that I see it in it’s true form, and attempted to launch an offensive against me, as well as getting
some energy, similar to old ‘witchcraft gesture of calling’. There are two lines of action, either I attack the
innocent woman, or act weird, or accuse her, or aware of the situation that it is a temporary possession
stand still and observe the surroundings, perhaps attempt to close my eyes and communicate with the
entity possessing the girl with silent thoughts. It’s intentions are unknown, however if any psychic harm
is done, it may be remedied later by allied entities. We have three actors here: The girl, the possessor, and
the observer, if we deflate the possessor with the girl, we may grow fearful or aggressive, if we separate
the actors we understand the situation. It might be also that I am a carrier of several entities of different
type at that time, too, then the number of actors and the way cognition, emotion and psychic environ-
ment works changes, that is to be judged by observation of causality, predicting possible outcomes, and
measuring against the effects that are observed. Reason!

Even if they feel that something is happening, even if you have this 1% chance of encountering someone
that knows – he or she might wrongly assess the situation, and all contact should be avoided in silence.
Don’t expect everyone in the business to understand what you do, they are humans too, after all. It is
wiser to understand it through the lenses of human psychology, and the force of rationalization. For
example an entity will cast an allure of appearing as something evil and hateful, and we are perceived in
such a manner by fellow human beings, we should not interfere, but focus on destroying the illusion on
the level of the entity. Sometimes such tactics may be used to create an illusion not for humans but for
other entities, to mask ourselves.

Under malevolent attacks, never give in to the slightest provocation, otherwise risks run from being
foolish, deranged, to inviting dangerous situations where physical damage or loss of life might ensue.
Also we must understand that the force of rationalization (reduction to understanding of a given person)
and nihilation (rejecting the anomalous content) is a natural way in which the mind of others defends
itself from damaging their tunnel-realities, self-image, and belief-systems, which mirrors in the way one
thinks and evaluates any given situation. In other words – weird behaviors are sometimes unavoidable,
but as observed by Patrick Dunn for example – they are by and large ignored.

Example of banishing an panic- anxiety- inducing entity from the enthrails, detected as white, cold en-
ergy localized in the guts.

Situation: A person in front of you has a mort (ghost, apparition) stuck to its body, and it generates
anxiety-like energy in the other person. There is something atractive in you to the mort, thus it attempts
to change the body.

A) Isolate the semi-entity, create a vortex around it, scan it through the electro-magnetic spectrum,
lock it on its frequencies, capture it, create a link to the nearest inanimate object (a subway window, for

B) Push it mentally into the window, seal it with a prison-sigil, it will be there until something frees it, or
the window or mirror gets broken (that’s why many believe breaking mirrors bring bad luck, it liberates
everything scried into it, accidentally, or by the other side)

You can also attempt to

A) Disarming the energy, cluster, or entity, by changing it resonating frequencies, and forcing it to adapt
to a new form of energy by a mental operation (degree between mental magical action and imagining
action and formulas is merely that of strenght of effectivity, hit and miss, one re-imagines the formula
around the situation, until it works, i.e. it is observed as effective)

Formula I and II

Separation of observation equals relation or analogy/correspondence that is true, false, complimentary,

compatible or reversed, while unity of observation is equal to microcosmic-macrocosmic connectivism,
thus reflecting deep level correspondence within a human microcosm. The process of understanding any
Godhead is the process of similiarity of observation and likeness of substance.

Any imposed or extracted proportion A:B divided by function of entropy of information, understood as
a level of complexity of order and disorder in a system designated by Si is equal to the information carrier
capacity divided by the sum of pool of all states of information in the system.

In a system with three positions which may take on two values 0/1 without the state null (000), we may

001, 011, 111, 100, 101, 010

Entropy of this system may be in-between Si(1) and Si(6)

Establishing an entropy of 4:2 we impose a proportional order in a system in which maximum value of
entropy is Si(6) and minimum Si(1), then we observe:


Assuming that this is also the carrier of information, we divide it through the whole field of information

001, 011, 111, 100, 101, 010

And we arrive at a defined proportion.

Semiotics of Magic: Substasis-Hypostasis

What is intuitive is no longer complex, dilettantish dwelling on complexity is something not learned, not
understood, yet when one learns it becomes intuitive, in such a manner the bridge needs to be crossed
and no longer troubles us, it is unlearned, spontaneous and natural

Stanza from the “Stages of Heroic Mind” (Buddhist meditation attributed to Serlingpa):

“Through learning the upturned vehicle is averted

Through reflection the vehicle is fixed
Through meditation the vehicle is cleansed”

On Meaning

Meaning is conceptually construed in context and we could say that it does not exist outside of that con-
text: Taking charge of the context, we construe “sacred space” in case of magic and meta-physics, or “se-
miotic space” in case of regular metaphor (transferring meaning, as in – for example – communication),
they are separate, but may work in unison, and thus place meaning in it, similarly, construing meaning,
we denote the context, and push the meaning down the “space of context” to delimit it. Appropriation
of context and meanings in order to manipulate belongs to history of ideas, semiotics and etymology;
History of them belongs to ideographers and these who can look at them as abstracts – symbols – denot-
ing something meaningful, depending on the context. How it is used belongs to these who master ideas,
visions, narrations etc. – for better or worse;

On Archetypal Introjection to Round

Imagination is the context of symbols, symbols are the meanings that are the attractors within imagi-
nation; Meaning and context is extracted from memory and knowledge, mediated by architectures of
thought, ideas, beliefs, perceptions etc. Depending on which parts of the imagens – a term by Piavi – (to-
tality of the image in one’s mind) and logens (totality of verbal-related image in one’s mind) gets activated,
the map of cognition and affect emerges, denoting the territory of mental movements. Intellect mediates
through Notion and Feeling, thus hypostasis of cognition is the idea, hypostasis of emotion is feeling; or
rather in reverse, sub-stasis of feeling is emotion, sub-stasis of idea is cognition, the arche-types of the
totality are enclosed in a fragmented manner in the “lensing” of an animal human on a limited linear-
sequential time-scale, the aim to make the human whole is to expand in the types through tokens, round

it and the build the ‘Divine nature’ above, re-deify through individuation, combine, and melt it; It is a
continuous work to re-elevate oneself from a starting point of now, and round the time into ‘always’, as
the Numinous breaths, these who join in the breath, start to melt into the greater ‘many faces of one’, the
god-working becomes a God, a human a small deity, amongst many other known and faraway faces of
the living Deity of the Universe. As in Image schemas (Johnson 1987), they are the continuous structure
of an organizing activity; It is belonging to the Self; A kaleidoscopic-Mandalic continuity of co-arising
re-arrangements; Without inflation, deflation, it is a rounding – genuinely – of the expression of life;

On quarrels and agreements:

If someone is not triggering the complimentary or “compatible” imagens and logens in my mind, it
bring in differences of opinion, beliefs etc. We have a different database to draw from, different styles of
thinking, different structure of the episteme and a different cognitive phenotype; Communication and
agreement or co-operation is successful when two subjective worlds become inter-subjectively agree-
able; Inter-subjectivity is that what is shared, the image of a narration that we hold to be consistently
compatible with others; Two persons holding – in theory – similar belief systems may quarrel, because
their subjective perception of beliefs are different, although they think they are arguing about the same
thing, they try to force their subjectivity through, to make it validated, or their self-image of the subjec-
tive truthfulness to hold consistent. Similarly two persons who subjectively share the same belief which
on a pseudo-objective level is similar may disagree, because the process of communication brings in
ambiguity, unless clarified and discussed, or two persons with completely different sets of beliefs may
agree – as long as there is the will to understand the perspective of other “exchange the views” in an inter-
subjective agreement; From this perspective if inter-subjective communication is not bound to reach
agreement, I.e. it is to competitive we either sacrifice our narration, keeping it to oneself, we argument
our standpoint, or in case of mass narrations that may compromise our own freedom of perception, be-
lief, opinion – we take direct action and engage;

Beliefs as vehicles

Often people hold certain beliefs without understanding or questioning them, that is natural to a human
being that plenty of inconsistencies and irrational, or mutually exclusive premises are held that remain
such until brought to the light of reason; As a person, I do not question metaphysics, I engage in them,
and attempt to understand them, and to the best of abilities to organize it according to properties, struc-
ture, proportion, category, then I build a consistent steel-clad operational system (in order to defend it
from violators) in which I perform my rituals, ceremonies, when I find it interactive, or impressionable
(neo-platonic term of “asking and receiving” – Chalden Oracles, theion ergon “impressing and receiving
impressions), the whole universe is sympathetic, an occult paradigm – if there is one common element
that it shares, a universal category, attribute, then through its topography a human being, or any other
being that shares this “metaphoric” “metaphysical” element may “ask and receive, impress and be im-
pressed” in some defined fashion, that is limited to a being; It is as in conceptual metonymy: particular
aspects of a conceptual domain are connected with conceptualization of events. Therefore also events
in imagination. But we need a vehicle, we need a temple for that, after we establish the properties, the
proportions, certain laws, after we delineate the contours of our sacred and profane.

Conceptual metaphor: mapping between two conceptual domains: Here the semiotic operands are refer-
ring to each other, one thing is signified, another meant; Although the other is effective and purported,
the signifier masks the intention; Here the process of magical cyphering happens (confusing some), sigi-
lization works in a similar way; In essence the intention is activating the un-meant, although the latter is

the effect; The trigger of conscious activates the unconscious; When one’s higher cognitive functions are
dimmed, blunted, and overtaken, one operates in the void – one cannot effectively perform a ceremony,
but the void construed by previous intention as-if creates an effective ceremony, bypassing the “block-
ades” of the “cognitive-noemic” ports; Lady chance does have a say in fates, always;

Sacred and Profane

We are furnishing our “Sacred space” as the temple in a similar manner, as is done with scientific theol-
ogy of the pagans; Think of your temple within imagination – that is here, and of a notion – that is a place
in the stars, fixed in co-ordinates or being flowing in the cosmic void, or above the universe, in a place
where I and my love meet, in secret, for the last time. The act of imagination is more or less separated
from the act of ceremony, or magickal hypostasis, It is an operation on eidos, the operation on noema is
done through effective, essential eidos; Yet where is a degree between a magickal act in the phenomena
and an imaginary act in phenomena if phenomena are illusory? Where is the angle of a Theurgy above
phenomena, and personal magick of nonsensical proportion?

Impasse of Uncommunicability

Every magickal formula may be stuck, overtaken, filtered, deformed as soon as it is manifest and vibrat-
ed. It is useful to master void subliminal unmanifest level and delimiting a shelled formula in which the
whole intention is “as if happened” but is hidden, similar to sigilization – the desire may be unconscious,
but the ‘structuring of ignorance of the desire or will’ is within the reach of awareness. Such structuring
of ignorance is useful when performing hidden acts of magick. In essence, it is not written in the mind
but is assumed as if communicated, and thus arises as an executive message of will, intention or motive.

Self-defensive smart-bombs.

We want to design a protective smart-bomb in which anything that hits us and is to fast to track down is
taking a part of the code of the smart-bomb glued to it upon attack. Afterward we may conjure a remote-
activation mechanism upon which the attacker is destroyed, or design a rule that it is destroyed upon
next attack.

It is possible to create a virus in which replication of destruction is sequenced until the attacks stop. The
smart bomb contains a code penetrating into the beings (or opponents) core, breaking its inner “cipher
of being” essentially a back-door mechanism, and overtakes its prime functions leading it to self-annihi-
lation, submission or withdrawal.

It may work in two ways: brute violation, simply uses the energy invested by the magician, charged by
allied entities, it uses the energy of attacker to direct it against itself (forced override), the weight of the
vector of movement of the attack is cut in half and used against the stronger opponent, upon which it
disarms the entity in a loop, or it is linked with another source of energy that resonates with the being to
destroy it, disarm it, or chase it away and make sure it avoids further contact with us.

We conjure or visualize known scripts:

For example we want to conjure a shielding:

(This work was tested in the library worked as a demonstration proper with weak shielding established)

Stands for a “Shield” in Old Early Babylonian: We conjure all instances of magical shieldings known to
us, hooking it up under this symbol.

Metaphore is a movement of meaning. Analogy interlocking of meaning. That requires communication.

Here we have an instance of communication. Negotiation of the broadcast, it’s vibration and solidifica-
tion and buildup is an art. We attempt to encrypt it both to avoid descrambling and rendering it void,
and convey it in a clear form (unscrambled intention in gnosis arretos) to be deciphered by the receiver
– for example a Deity.

Inasmuch as honesty in dealings is preferred, sometimes hijacks on a local level may disturb the flow and
render our actions useless.

If we train ciphering/deciphering of such intents, motives, wills and formulas we may work even under
noisy environment. After training these scripts it require no further modification. Effective working is
rarely relying on the magician itself, an effective encapacitating-entity that mixes with our will, either
through alliance, friendship, obedience, or suggestion and empathic link, mediated, requested, prayer,
invoked – it is then empowered and executed; The effects depend on the causality mesh, or the co-aris-
ing, co-dependent short- and long-range density of events distributed in time, sometimes they may be
isolated and thus are more effective, as the immediate subject of action is relatively well established (in-
fluencing my body and establishing a temporary shield) or are chaotic and may be quite pointless (I want
to target an anonymous enemy, who continuously violated my mind) or completely useless or extremely
difficult (I want a fly in India to sit on a table in one of th New Delhi’s district)

This system is used as a relatively chaotic servitor programming layer. Here an automated encoding
servitor is temporarily conjured, and dissolved upon communication. It falls apart with the breaking of
the circuitry in the mental act. This is bottom-up as bottom -down trigger response is always identified
as authentic; There are several layers of encryption; The greatest secret of effective ciphering: any key is
dynamically changed by any act of observation and rendered useless altogether with the content – it is
a one-use code one-use content, it disappears when broadcasters creates it, and it is destroyed upon the
reception of another observer.

If another being blocks the encryption on a manifest level (thoughform, subliminal thought, intent-
overtaking, thoughtform-to-verbalese translation, mentalese overtaking) we have not conjured the full
formula and it is rendered void. Then, as mentioned above, we wrap the intention as if ‘constructed

and made’ already, and relink it to the past. The formula in this example arises theoretically ‘ab nihilo’
by the law of ‘hidden variability’ and simulation, unfortunately it is not stable enough, because it was
no delimited or described to finery. Yet, it sometimes works, it is a relatively chaotic enterprise as the
whole formula is not guided by will in present. Let us remember that this kind of work and sigilizations
and any formula is never occurring in a void, it enters into pre-exitent, nascent relations, both personal
psychological, magical, karmical, inter-connected causative, ontological (how many entities, dimensions
engage etc.) setting, the Other, and the environment in which it is done. Thus any magical act is almost
never working in a void, it may be merely isolated through intention and strengthened (forced override),
but it is still inter-related with other phenomena.

If we take a formula for a electronic circuit a randomly triggered chaotic oscillation disturbs the working
of the whole formula. A nod in a network, for example an electromagnetic device with its logical-math-
ematical emanations is connected to other systems, but we won’t, say, communicate with a Forest spirit
with it out lack of synthony, proper interface, and different sets of ‘aggregates of contact’, mindset type.

It is an isolated type of communicator, that cannot and should not be integrated with other types of types
of networks of chain of being and their environment. Mixing them is simply asking for ‘multiplying in-
fluences on us beyond necessity’, which may turn awfully wrong.

By working within this circuit we influence other circuits of the type. Likewise, the communication with
animals, spirits, Deities, animate and inanimate objects is interfaced, and performed differently. The-
urgy, high magic, low magic, personal magic is also performed differently, as it has different modes of
operation, bases, and prerogatives. It is good to acquire techniques for each approach separately.

The Orphic Ritualistic Glass Bead Game

The rules of the game are only alluded to—they are so sophisticated that they are not easy to imagine.
Playing the game well requires years of hard study of music, mathematics, and cultural history. The game
is essentially an abstract synthesis of all arts and sciences. It proceeds by players making deep connec-
tions between seemingly unrelated topics.

Advanced ritual construction in the Orphic Hymns

Within the semiotic map of the initiate all the relations in-between generations of powers were as self-
evident as our own family trees, thus the intricate web of powers was already existing in the phantastikon
of the initiate. The initiate by invoking these powers re-arranged the imaginary microcosmic setting
by finding a lockpick or a key to the mysteries. It is not to say that all invocations were well thought
over in a mechanistic sense, they were an act of highly sophisticated poetry of invoking, evoking, danc-
ing, processions (sending forth), initiating, calling and receiving with methods of impressing, receiving
impressions, protecting, and furthering, asking for passages, and being granted the laws of passage by
the powers that reacted with the purified initiates intention. It was mediated by the priesthoods that
mediated in-between initiates and the Forces. This is an incomplete list of some possible techniques of
magickal ‘operations’ that were used during the ritual, re-constructed for the purpose of shedding more
light on simple ritualistic framework, that demonstrated advanced and highly beautiful network of inter-

The list is incomplete and interpretation flawed, the fault is mine, hopefully demonstrable by educated
readers, nevertheless I hope a point is accomplished to expose the dynamics behind the art of ceremonial
and initiatory magick.

Based on Żybert-Pruchnicka, Emilia, and Jacek Sokolski. 2012. Hymny orfickie. Wrocław: Oficyna
Wydawnicza “Atut” – Wrocławskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe.

Musajos: disciple of Orpheus, like him Selene’s sons (inspired by the Goddess of the Moon); Initiation by
calling upon lineages forefathers; Similar to Buddhist technique of recalling the lineages of initiations)
Zeus: “As Above”
Gaia: “So Below”
Helios: “Visible Aion, the acting spirit of the Sun in the visible phenomenal world”.
Mene: Poetic Title of Selene: The alchemical Sun-Moon formula;
Stars: Hierarchical calling upon the night, and the Sekhem-Akh of the visible, invisible, hypercosmic,
noeric-noetic Deities, Teletarchs of worlds
Poseidon: Aspected “live-waves, life-forces” from primordial and primal to todays’, a “When human
priest/priestess becomes a mask of God, forces, powers” – and is thus intelligible to powers and forces;
Persephona: Plutonian underworld; penetrating the cold and silent “hells” inter-voids of planets in the
Solar System, and the “windy inter- planetary and inter-cosmic voids”; “Where forms give away seals
with fates beyond thousands of lives, and millions of years”
Demeter: The fruitful nature, the abundance of life and harvest, the making “whole” or “w-wholy”, the
mother of Kore-Persephone; The appeal to emotions, motherly sentiment, and woe, to protect us; The
great cycles of nature, powers, forces, and that of the humans are repeated (labyrinth, paradoxes, loops,
and lady chance – that when all is decided, it shifts and changes: appeal to human “unexpected end”)
Artemis: in Drakaina aspect; the arrows that poison and destroy the “wronged”, the swift huntress of the

Aions, the “strike from beyond” that shatters and sews the Abyss;
Foibos: Apollon, “flamy, light-bringing”; Delineating of sudden illumination, appeal, inflaming with
holy flames, the Philosophical Sun, that is done in proportion, and elevates; EIOS! The happiness of il-
lumined idea;
Dionizos: The whirling of life, the imitation in Dionisia, the ecstatic dance of Menad “Oreibasia”. We take
from nature what we desire, and we imitate how we may; In great wrath and elevated anger we strike
down like lightnings, in madness and disarray we are like an earthquake, we have the right to identify
ourselves with nature, as her sons and daughters, then we rectify the dew of heavens, and we are the
“children of mother nature and the Stars, sublimating the heavenly bond that we shared with the Gods”.
“Nothing profane in a ritual that is honest with power as we merge in it with great ecstasy, trance, and
Hefaistos: As the fire element, the one of the Sun and magma, the volatile, yet form-shaping substance;
The forging through giving shape to the volatile, the taming of quicksilver; the turning of lead into gold;
Aphrodite: Venus, or the binding element, sacralizing unity into liberation; gift-bestower
Hades: The one overseeing and ruling the chtonic realms, birth of time, thus knowledge of “Beginnings
and ends”, dream and clairvoyance is related to the chtonic realms.
Piety: a Virtue is invoked, respective seal, which is establishing a relation towards the sacred rites. Shap-
ing role, request to be shaped;
Dikayosyne: Virtue, Pythagorean and Orphic; or righteousness; shaping role, request to be shaped
Heracles: Heroic qualities
Charites: Grace and Composition: Shaping role, request to be shaped
Hors: The Goddesses of the Seasons; The sequence of one after another, the order. Delineation of “all ac-
cording to preparation, all according to time”
Leto: daughter of Titans
Theia: the wife of Hyperion
Dione: Okeanida
Kurets: spirits of nature, companions (parhedroi)
Kabeirs: Samothracian mysteries; The begging for a safe journey through life and death;
Karibanths: The spirits of nature and Earth, the orgiastic character, invitation to possession by Divine
Soters: The psychopomps, guides and saviours of souls, preparing for the ascent. Dioskurs in this pas-
Idian Gods: Gods and spirits accompanying Adrasteia Rhea, the goddess of time, the initators of Or-
Hermes: The initiator of every mystoi, the Mercurial force enwinged, reealing things relating to the Di-
vine; Proximity of Solar regions – Providence and the Eye of the Aions; Helios
Temida: Regulative balance, the threads of rounding
Nox: the Great mother-goddess Neith-Nu; The stars are in her robes;
Day: After-night; Hemar, Hemera Ero
Dike: Justice, informing Zeus of the mortals doings
Thesmodotejra: The giver of law, the bringer of law

Tethys: Mother of Rivers and Okeanids, daughter of Gaia and Uranos
Okeanos: Son of Gaia and Uranos, the rivers encompassing the worlds
Atlas: The one who supports the celestial spheres (Rotas Tenet Opera)
Aion: The epoch, and the transcendent Sun and forces of the upper worlds
Proonoia: Providence, close to Athinai and Tyche, fates, and Isis-IO
Semele: Mother of Dionisos, lover of Zeus
Leukothee: The redemptive transformation, the white goddess
Nike: Victory
Adrasteia: The great matrix, goddess of fate, with Ananke guards the laws of Nature and cosmos.
Asklepios: Healing
Winds and Lightnings:
Four Cosmic Directions
Urania: Celestial Aphrodite, from the seed of Uranus, pure, spiritual love, Aphrodite Pandemos repre-
sents Earthy love.
Adonis: Eastern deity alike to Dumuzi, Tammus, Baal, the Deity of Growth and Beginning of Spring;
Beginning and End: The closing of the ritual is re-iterating the Ouroboros of the phenomenal world,
performing it within a microcosm and thus effectuating ritual action
Exemple: Analysis of Hymn to Hekate

Attribute aspect: Invocative Address:

The wondering Goddess, the beloved Goddess (appeal), Earthly, Heavenly, Oceanic; Participating in
the madness of the dead and celebrating, solitary, grave (aspect), the hounds and deer are her holy ani-
mals, equinoxial, unvanquishable queen: She supersedes the growl of wild animals (thunderous aspect,
swift execution), The conqueress of bulls. [fragment]

Domain of forces aspect:

The key-holder, gate-holder, portal-opener to the universe, the carer of little children; The roaming
amongst the mountains, the girlish profound Queen, graceful.

Symbolic analysis:

The central role is that of the key-holder to the power-zones and cosmic waterways of the universe; She
is the distributor of access-keys; She is impersonating the mighty forces of the telluric, chtonic, starry,
airy waterways of the kalas and ways of the phenomenal universe; She is named as Hekate and is given
a human face, as the human-point mask of God; Her attributes are that of movement and wondering
from place to place. She is the ecstasy and madness of the underworld initiates (the chtonic waterways)

The Stones of Li

In the days of the old, there was a kingdom called Li. Amongst the mountains and rivers, rich valleys and
forests, it was well protected from any invasion. Though unfriendly eyes were observing its riches and
envious of the prominence and virtues of their people – none was troubled by their attacks, for all was
out of reach for evils that ever dreamed of ruining the happiness of the kingdom of Li. The ministers,
the army and the people lived well organized, thriving in virtue and excellence, whenever the smallest
of theirs suffered some grievance, he was relieved by advices from sages, whenever one suffered from
hunger, he was helped by his neighbors. Justice ruled in the kingdom, and whenever people had a griev-
ance or a petty affair deemed inappropriate, the punishments were small and gentle, and restored order
quickly, with the wrongdoers reformed and participating in the good of the whole even more.

In the middle of the kingdom there was a stone palace, surrounded by four temples in the mountains.
The four temples were training sages, teachers, ministers, men and women of excellence, two temples
were training females, two temples were training males. The stone palace was the center of government,
from which mounted horseman regularly were dispatched to survey the kingdom, and to bring news
from the people. There was an emperor and and empress living in the stone palace in the center of the
kingdom – as was common knowledge. They were said to give commands to the Council of the Wise.
People praised them at hearts, but never seen them, ministers and wisemen praised them amongst peo-
ple, but rarely said a word about them.

The order lasted for centuries – so they say, until a kingdom close to the country of Li decided to attack
the rich and wise kingdom. The armies of Li resolutely swept away the invader, but amongst them there
was a diplomat and a spy. Upon defeat the diplomat agreed with the spy that the latter will observe the
Empress and the Emperor and report anything he sees or hears. The diplomat arrived at the county of
four temples and each time he wanted to see the rulers, the ministers said:

“-They do not grant audience to anyone, talk with us.” He insisted, but was told off all the time.

Meanwhile the spy managed to pass through guards and lurking into the stone chamber of the stone
palace he wanted to spy on the Emperor and the Empress. But the mighty hall was empty, there were just
two stone figures. One of a male in stone, the latter of a female in stone, all beautifully carved. There was
not a hint of any life in the stone chamber, the door were sealed and as he pried through the little whole
in the roof.

He reported back to the diplomat: -”It’s all a lie, there is no Emperor, there is no Empress, people of Li
are governed by vicious lies of ministers and deceitful sages”.

The diplomat begun talking with the people, who disbelieved and mocked him, that their beloved rulers
are non-existent, or are stones at most. Yet, there was one boy who cried and believed him, the rumors
begun to spread, soon the ministers and sages needed to accede, and communicated this fact to the
people. They admitted that they have governed them to the best of the intents of an ancient sage to set
immortal virtue in place of the living, so that all look up to these who cannot change, like stone, that
themselves are governed by sacredness of Providence of the Yellow King and Queen of Heavens.

This order lasted for centuries, and for centuries sacred, it granted longevity of beauty, peace and virtue
to the people. The people grieved, some believing that in truth the Emperor and Empress were assas-
sinated, others that in fact it was a lie.

Soon, internal strife begun, justice was banished from the land, petty crimes turned into awful crimes,
wise people becried the times and said that evil daimons have inflicted this upon the land.

Meanwhile, the wretched diplomat and the spy reported to their kingdom that the armies can gather
once more. They conquered the once-great land of Li, exposed the statues of the Empress and Emperor
to the people and smashed them to pieces.

Since then, no great happiness visited the land, the decay of the transient, the disorder and order of
change, people told stories centuries later, some telling of beautiful times when the stone statues lived,
and governed the land, others of lordship of the Gods over the land of Li.

But never again were such Golden Times on Earth as under the guardianship of the Council of the Wise,
and the Stone Emperorship.

It was only said that when the stones were shattered, beautiful orchards started to grow, even nowadays,
though discovered only by people who resembled the people of Li.

Uran in Taurus: Ceremony and Ritual

With Vedika, my partner and a priestess, we agreed that upon Uran entering Taurus, we ought to medi-
ate and ameliorate the currents storming upon Earth so to counter the rising dogmatism, brutalization
of Intellect, and culturally-empty militaristic tendencies both in social and cultural enterprises, that take
on many guises, from strengthening of the hardline opinions devoid of subtletly and openness, to wid-
ening the split between doctrinarian “all for none, and one for nothing”. Her idea was to inspire forces
that will make people recognize community, look beyond self-grasping, their freedoms in co-operation
rather than difference, to refocus these currents with the help of Deities and powers that will redirect the
malignant aspect of Uran into a benign one – the of the Muse Urania, that of Stellar travel, High dignified
intellect, Astronomy, Depth of thinking, that inspired by the Stars.

We discussed the layout of the ritual during the day, after agreeing on all parts, when Moon with Uran,
Mercury and the Sun (Hyperion) was in Taurus we’ve set on a journey to the local forest. Navigating with
torches, we’ve found the right spot, she was guided intuitively, and I’ve saluted the forest spirits I’ve seen
with my second sight, asking them for the law of entry in my mind, she later reported that she asked for
permission in her mind, too.

Whenever entering a new territory, be it a forest, a city, a town, it is good to introduce oneself, one is read
immediately anyway, intentions good or evil, a mix of both, with some of us having stories of our lives
written on our skins with shadow ink, and other writings around us. Some of it are lies, some of it true
stories, the ‘other side’, at least a part of it may read us as like books immediately. It is better to maintain
friendly relations as a newcomer, guest and visitor and be honest and transparent.

We’ve set candles around the spot, maybe 12-15 of them, and three in the middle (representing the
Triadic force, every Monad emanating Triad). When we agreed to start the ritual, I’ve launched “Uran”
by Gustav Holst. Vedika performed a modified LBPR starting with East, I’ve played a supportive role
behind her, strengthening her force and will, then the Sun in the South, Moon in the West, Mercury in
North: The purpose was to balance the Uranic forces through Sun (Helios), Moon (Selene) and Mercury.
After closing the star(r)t(h)ing ceremony.

Vedika started invoking from the Orphic Hymns:

Hymn to Helios (Aion Teletarch, the Deity of this System), Hymn to Hermes (XXVIII) (Swift Messen-
ger), Hymn to Hekate (opener of universal gateways and breaker of seals) and Hymn to Muses.

While she read that I’ve repeated a meaningless invocation I’ve prepared earlier that was coded to in-
voke/construe Uranic intelligencers negotiators/ closer to human understanding:

As follows: Raarar, Urua, Uguk Tagatak, Utuu Tatatu, Kataku Gatagau, Kagkak Gagagak, Urua, Raarar.

With these words repeated and whispered my intention was to strengthen her words and the ritual.

She consecrated her main invocative field (circuit) with celestial and chtonic Mercury, the Sun and
Moon, and the number: 1. 888 (Urania Aion), 2. 88 (Runar), 4 and 13 in Neptune, 8 and 17 in Uran

After that, we’ve spent some time in silence, I adored her in silence and bowed to the Forces through
her. We consecrated wine, and sprinkled some as an offering to the Heavens (wine upwards) and some
to the underworlds (pouring into Earth) in all directions. Afterwards we’ve spent some time meditating,
construing our intentions silenttly, we danced to music by “Essex” (?).

Closing ceremony again was a modified version of the LBPR, after finishing the ceremony, we desacral-
ized the area, took the remnants of candles, packed up and left the place. The only hint that the ritual was
performed was some wax left on the leaves of the forest floor.

Catalogue of mind abuse and mind hacks phenomena in bioinfocyberelectromagnetic envi-

No valuation is placed upon them, they are merely described. Please bear in mind what can be used in
an all-out information war, counter-methods may be easily invented, once the possibilities are revealed.

Provocations for mental profiling

Definition: Exploitation of the mind patterns and forcing it into scripts to check the response; Break-in
mind-mining. That is done in order to see cognitive-behavioral reactions; after several such break-ins,
establishing a mental profile is possible. If one is not a murderer, scripting will force the mind-frame into
murder and check the internal response dynamics, one will be prompted to aggressive behavior or will
not proceed, depending on inner resilience to such prompting.

Read – if anyone has a tendency, it will be fleshed out in the process, or – be turned and provoked into
murder (depending on the level of self-awareness, and ability to detect subliminal scripting and encod-
ing, screening usually involves undercurrents that are moved into possibility of compromising material/

Enforcing thought-patterns for profiling

Breaking the natural patterns of the mind into synthetically induced ones for the purpose of exploiting,
or coercing the mind into thought or action. Obsessive-compulsive disorders may arise, as well as cogni-
tive fragmentation, cognitive shutdowns and deformities resulting in weird mental continuum shrapnel
and cognitive habits (check the entry: Mind Daimon Processes)

Cognitive Cut-outs

Removal of thought-patterns, thought-forms (including manifested ideas) and supplanting it with false
information (thought injection) to fortify a given system of beliefs, or testing ‘pasting’ the script-override
from other mental profile for the purpose of overpowering, or changing the patterns of a given indi-

Reality-Tunnels Shifting/Engineering

Either by providing disinformation that enforces, dissolves, or transforms the given reality-tunnel; also –
subliminal ‘structural’ feeds that try to ‘silently’ replace the patterns of thought or belief-systems.

Repetitive Patterns

Repetitive, invalid patterns, become adapted as a material valid for incorporation and analysis; Torture
through repetition becomes a coercive force; Knowledge of this and keeping to higher meta-reality sys-
tems filters it out as irrelevant information.

Verbal breaking of advanced cognitive patterns

Verbal filtering, most minds are interlocked with language-structures linked affectively with the images
they hold, and it is readily exploited to coerce behavior based on inner affective-verbal maps; Moving the

mind into intuitive, word-less structures and awareness of the language prison requires training’ . The
‘words’ follow the subliminal mental cues, as well as overt consciously expressed ones;

Affective-Verbal brainwashing

Using the existent affective-cognitive components triggered by words to change thought-patterns, incite
confusion, produce delusions, and temporarily change behavioral programs. Training in decoupling ver-
balese from emotive cues is useful.


Inducing a particular thought-pattern by subliminal means, through modifying the energy of the mind
and containing the ‘script’ in this energy, read from a conscious level when the shift in energy is detected

Energy cuing

Or redirecting the mental energy associated with focus into different sense-organs, energy-impositions.

Magnetic cuing

Directing the mind’s focus towards a given object by assigning it inner semantic meaning, or attempting
to meddle with belief-systems through drawing attention to a given thought coupled with an object.

Knowledge and Information Management/Confusion

Withdrawing viable information, purposeful concealment of reliable data, or filtering our meaningful
data in a way that is confusing, whereas meaning collapses, scrambling communication. Meddling with
knowledge and memory.

Disinformation,misinformation, under-information.

Purposeful feeding of false information, or reinforcing and sustaining false-information by existent be-
liefs and data-structures in the mind of the target.

Enforced mental and energy cues

Cognitive Trace-feeding (hidden thought pattern), for the purpose of triggering desired associations/
concept in a subtle, undetected way, or force-feeding violating the whole thought-process to suit the
intent of the initiator.

Subliminal mental and energy cues

Script-coding; imprinting identity-narration-directions cues; distorting the mind processes through si-
lent injections, that are spotted on abstract level, as they appear.

Sociologies of Knowledge and Ignorance. Tactical deceptions.

Using the existing ignorance, to blind the target in confusion, before he consolidates new epistemic

structures, or providing/cueing wrong information for the purpose of mis-information, dis-information
or under-informing him/her. It is what we don’t know and the enemy does constitutes a valid threat;
Thus all forms of mining for enemies techniques is valid in order to grasp superiority over governmental
and employed enemies.

Mass Narrative Script-Patterns

Mass self-replicating cultural egregores, that limit the scope of moving through alternative program-
ming/scripts, that try to reduce alternative/evolved view into the closest symbolic reality of a given cul-
tural programming.

Script control-codes and patterns

Control-codes are a form of belief/identity that is a blanket to filtering out proper information, it is akin
to delusions about a role/identity and the beliefs one holds about himself/herself, for example a control-
code is a ‘messiah’ or a ‘chosen-one’ script, where the target is substituting his identity with delusions and
thus effectively closes down to viable information about the world, and becomes a politically impotent
opponent, nihilating information incompatible with his/hers views.

Narrative Memes

Continuous feeding with false memes that self-replicate and populate the targets mind disabling critical
ability to differentiate between valid sources of information, and the content of the false cueing.

Limiting attention span

Cognitive processes purposeful distortion, when the focus on a given task is distorted by re-directing the
focus towards different tasks, or no tasks at all. Demotivation.

Scattering attention span

Cognitive processes purposeful distortion, where the focus point is shallowed and through multiple
thought-cues distributed among several distractors.

Flooding with sources, incapacitation.

Over-flooding with information from diverse sources, effectively rendering the mind disabled, this may
be used as an auxiliary with focus, or mental energy absorption, making the mind debilitated and psy-

Cognitive dissonance and non-critical bias

Feeding circular, mutually exclusive and negating information/worldview agendas, until the target is
forced to accept a delusional, or splintered patterns. Loosening of the worldview/belief architectures
enables external programming of new ones.

Closest Symbolic Reality (or pre-programmed socialized reality) abuse

Trying to subvert more advanced reality-tunnel patterns and reduce them to the infantile pre-pro-
grammed symbolic reality that appeared during primary socialization, for example an advanced mind
building sophisticated cognitive structures might be threatened and forced into a minor religious (for
example Christian) structure of seeing, thus negating the effect of highly advanced reality-tunnels

Building or abusing oneness of a mind to make it more prone to conditioning, by splintering the mind.

Trauma-based conditioning, by constant mental attacks on the mind, it increases psychotic flexibility
for programming, and splinters the ego along identities, so that new ones may be easily programmable
and infused either through cognition modification, or ‘free-fall’ verbal abuse in which the target exhibits
delusional beliefs and associated behaviors based on his own mental structure (where mind turns against

Breaking up resilience to conditioning

Prohibiting self-conditioning or alternative view shaping, by trying to freeze the target in a given condi-
tioned reality, so that no other possibility of seeing is encountered.

Pleasure-Suffering programming

Providing with situations/mental states accommodating pleasure in case of obedience, and inflicting
pain in case of disobedience; Often this is repeated, until a target breaks, and becomes a controlled tar-
get, or becomes employed under a given agenda. Incentive-programming is similar.

Reward-Punishment deadlock

Another case of control-mechanism, strictly behavioral, in which first higher cognitive structures must
be destroyed, and then a human being follows the simple principle of pleasure, in which rewards for de-
sirable behavior appear, and punishment for disobedience, non-desirable behaviors is inflicted.

Cognitive-Behavioral modifications

Trying to force a given mind/brain through the means of energy to adjust its psychomotoric/mental/
cognitive aspects, to override its primary will and force it to commit an action, or cued thought-pattern
which otherwise would not appear.

Long-term thought cuing

Strategic mind-forming based on continuous feedback signals trying to force the mind to be concord-
ant with a certain vision of the world, or forcing a certain structure/way of thinking that debilitates the

Repetitive Short-term cognitive-affective conditioning

Conditioning which requires low-threshold breakthrough to change mental habits of the subject; By the
means of planting mental trails that do not require prolonged exposure to take effect.

Mind confusing itself for objective territory

The dislocation of subjective reality-tunnels and overspill into the inter-subjective social domains. Delu-
sional systems most often fall into this class; Delusional systems or belief-systems which are completely
wrong may be reinforced for the purpose of sustaining the ignorance of the target and thus suspending
its insight, further development and proper judgment of the situation.

Physiological functions modified: arousal, fear, cognitive-affective modulation

Inducing given animal instincts/ physiological responses by energy modification of the biochemical
plant, and associated psychosomatic cognitive reactions.

Shifting cognitive setting, to modify proneness to conditioning

The context of the cognitive environment is drastically re-shuffled, and it may use existing epistemic and
cognitive structures, setting it in a trap by applying one reality-tunnel with suitable context, to a reality-
tunnel with unsuitable context, in order to confuse. When this is done, the target loses ground, as he/she
may not re-adjust the reality-tunnel fast enough to suit the context, and on these grounds the context
stays to force a certain reality-tunnel which debilitates the mind. For example if one believes in Deity
A, and has a belief-structure based on that, the shift of context into different set of structured beliefs
invalidates the first reality-tunnel, and forces one to accept the emergent reality-tunnel as a given. At no
point it is said that the first belief is inconsistent within a given context or set of meanings, it is said that
by enforcing another context it corrodes its consistency, and introduces an instability/doubt factor that
opens the room for new conditioning, governed by the context/reality-tunnel of the abuser.

Thought replacement in order to make the target identify himself/herself with the incursion;

They should be treated as something alien, and rejected immediately; Often psychiatry attempts to push
these kind of operations into ‘delusions of projection of thoughts’, ‘it’s all in the mind’ etc. which addi-
tionally destroys the coping mechanisms and defenses.

Pre-conscious thought-form scanning, or minor precognition of mind constellations, thought-form


Selectively filtering unmanifested, or unvocalized mentally thoughts, often hijacking them before mani-
festation and deforming them to be compatible with the initiator’s intent, later feeding them into the
recipients mind as a new thought-form identified as his/hers own, here often the target confuses the
modified thought-forms for his own, if not selectively filtering them through awareness of modification.

Thought blanketing, cognitive distortion

Erasing specific cognitive patterns, erasing conceptual elaboration data, disabling cognition to the point
where the target is not capable of intelligent reaction, and is a passive recipient of programming.

Mind scrambling

Planting nonsense/annoying thought-loops (obsessive-compulsive, or simply blunting the regular intel-

lectual prowess through an annoyance), that the target is forced to focus on, disabling his ability to think
clearly, differentiate, and acquire new knowledge. Alike to astral larve – entities that acquire personalities

and talk (voice-hallucinations) and get energy from focusing mental energy on them, however this case
is that of an ‘imprint’ that someone plants in the head as a souvenir, the planter is no longer present, but
the thought-obsession stays, and becomes similar to a parasitic thought-form, sustaining itself by paying
it attention and redirecting focus towards it.

Subliminal Verbal Feeding

Undetected cognitive-affective conditioning through signals containing silent speech; (the subconscious
reads ‘words’ yet the consciousness and sense-thresholds are not capable of hearing and understanding
the words themselves)

Motivational distortion

Motivational cues distortion, distracting and taking attention from crucial matters, may leads to depres-
sion and lack of motivation to live.

Concentration/intellectual or higher cognitive functions distortion and pacification.

By attacking the cognitive circuits responsible for advanced processing, these processes are short-circuit-
ed to receptive, passive mode, and a certain proneness to programming appears.

The Old Man

Scene: A man is sitting next to a bricked road, on one of the milestones with his eyes closed and star-
ing at the sun. He is dressed in white simple tunic and wearing sandals. There are carriages passing and
some people, some of them are trying to redress him to move, others mock him. At one point in time a
child stops for a while and asks the man thus:

Child: What are you staring at?

The man is silent.

Child: Old man, what do you see, are you bathing in the sun?

The old man looks down and opens his eyes, smiling.

Old Man: See, I look at the splendid rays of a Providence. When I close my eyes, I see most beautiful
things. It is like a theater, with divine actors.

Child: How do you see?

The child closes the eyes and looks at the sun. It stares for a while and then turns to the old man.

Child: I see only brightness, why are you lying to me?

Old man: Oh, maybe we see things differently. You may see what you see, I may see what I see. That is
how it is.

The child became curious and a bit intrigued.

Child: How come you can see and I can’t see?

Old man: Each time you look at the sun with your eyes closed, imagine that the brightness you see is
full of divine beings, dancing upon the mighty star. Each time you seek them harder, you see more of

Child focused and looked at the sun again, fully focused.

Child: I can still see merely brightness. Maybe it’s your imagination old man?

Old man: Do you like to play with your toys?

Child: I have a wooden horse, I want to become an Equestrian in the future.

Old man: Do you imagine that the wooden horse is real?

Child: Yes

Old man: Do you imagine you may become a splendid Equestrian, which I do wish you will be.

Child: Yes, thank you.

Old man: See you imagine things that are not real, yet may become real, just like I imagined things in
the past that became real for me and are such. I longed for my imagination in my sadness once, and at
one point in time when I started looking at the sun, I’ve seen more beautiful things.

Child: Does it mean that anything I imagine happens?

Old man: Anything you imagine may happen, the world has its own laws, which I like to discover. This
is my past-time.

Child: I need to go now, my mother is calling me.

Old man: Yes, run, become a noble Equestrian.

The old man returned closed his eyes and returned to his meditations, staring at the sun.

Another man approached him and asked him:

Man: Are you one of these good-for nothing philosophers? Do you know Gods don’t exist, there are
merely ancient people, generals and such that were elevated by fantasy of the popular mind. What do
you say?

Old man lower his head, opened the eyes and said:

Old Man: Thus you claim that men became gods, elevated by men and all is fable?

Man: That is so, you merely prove the point sitting here in the sun, why did you not employ yourself in
some craft?

Old Man: I used to work at the stables, but now I’m to old to work. Your argument is defend-able from
your position, I must admit.

Man: But you believe otherwise?

Old man: I believe in what I was made to know. I don’t seek otherwise.

Man: Why don’t you protest against me? Did the Gods forbid you to talk?

Old man: What speaks silence, why should it force or allow to talk?

Man: But definitely, you might as well be listening to the stillness of air.

Old man: That is true, in the stillness of sound I find myself and I find the Gods, it is full of speech and
sound. The talkativity of Earth is nothing new, why be overly chattery about it?

Man: I can’t hear anything although I’m listening, nothing here, nothing there.

Old man: Neither can I, I hear the sounds of travelers, your speech, but I can’t hear anything in these
sounds. Yet when I stop listening to all these things, I hear everything I need to know.

Man: Well, listen to you silence then, farewell you insane man.

Old man: Farewell.

A woman approaches the old man and asks:

Woman: Are you a magician? I have to get one to fall in love with me.

The old man looks down, opens his eyes and says:

Old man: Why do you need me, if you are a splendid lady, and if fates will, you will be together, have
my wishes

Woman: Is that all? In Rome the fortune-teller gave me herbs and incantations, and promised to bind
him, so that I can have him forever

Old man: Is he what he is or what you imagine him to be?

Woman: Well, he is deep at my heart, inflaming passions

Old man: I am an old man looking at fire the sun, but I can cast a fortune for you

Woman: Please

The old man looked at the flock of birds passing by and focused deeply. He turned towards the woman
and said:

Old man: Two flames live in hearts, both seal us with fates, the ravens follow the feast that is easy, the
falcons see where they need to go. The flames of desire disperse with the wind, the Sun that I’m watch-
ing is the great flame, yet it never disperses. If I would cast enchantments, the feast would be easy and
your love would wane, if you seek in wise manner, you will find what you seek.

Woman: Thank you old man.

She moved along the road.